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This program is captioned live. Tonight - driving high - of roadside drug tests. truckies to be the first targets Daytime services slashed

for the morning rush hour. as more buses are brought in And left to their own devices, by their mother all night. the Sydney kids abandoned and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson

Good evening. Also tonight - more scalped Ashes tickets. Cricket Australia to cancel hundreds

a woman from her sinking car. And the desperate effort to save But first this evening - get behind the wheel high on drugs. the end of the road for drivers who in NSW. Random testing is about to begin such as rave parties Police targeting high-risk events

along with busy trucking routes.

A sign of things to come - a drug test. police and politicians simulate

ecstasy and cannabis. Drivers randomly screened for speed, The tests becoming compulsory in a fatal crash. when a driver is involved reckless and dangerous behaviour. Above all, to crack down on this

their hit list. And police are already drawing up industry particularly, We'll be targeting the heavy vehicle that people might be driving but also where intelligence suggests in their system. with the presence of these drugs

and rave parties. That means nightclubs within four to six hours of use. The drugs able to be detected But the move comes at a price -

of a licence renewal. up to $2 extra on the cost This is about road safety. in the future, So when you renew your licence onto your licence there'll be a small fee added to support this program. in Victoria for more than a year, Random testing's been under way

one infamous false positive reading. where teething problems included 5,500 drug tests in the first year, The Government is predicting and the penalties will be tough - and/or 9 months jail fines of up to $2,200 and unlimited loss of licence.

The RTA claims drugs are a factor of fatal accidents, in up to a quarter drug-testing bus State-wide, but the system relies on just one

to describe the move as a stunt. prompting the Opposition So that big holiday bus - as they move around NSW, bit like the Griswalds - see this drug-testing taking place. will be the only location that you by the end of the year. Police expecting testing to begin Paul Mullins, Ten News. longer waiting times Bus passengers can expect

of off-peak services slashed. with hundreds more rush hour buses, Instead, there'll be but there are fears back into their cars. the changes could force some people that will disappear during the day. Just one of the 500 off-peak services will be axed between 9:30 and 2:30, The 272 from Chatswood to the city not enough people are using it. because the Government says and prudent It's absolutely responsible

to look at those services for bus companies like Sydney Buses where people need them most. and put the services and evening peaks That means during morning

to match demand. when services will increase passengers won't lose out - The Transport Minister says on the affected routes. other services will still operate will mean longer waiting times Many, though, fear the changes during the day and on weekends. the off-peak period You shouldn't have to starve

in order to add to the peak period. to be encouraging people The reality is we ought they want to travel at whatever time of the day and sample public transport. to get out of their cars Others say it sets a precedent. the less patronage you've got The more you cut services, for cutting more services. and the more justification you have Instead of cutting services,

we should be increasing them public transport advocates say every 10 minutes. to the point where there's a bus more drivers out of their cars. That, they say, would encourage in Sydney's west, North Shore The slashing of services and southern suburbs in the east. follows recent similar cuts If we want more patronage, services, not worse ones. we've got to provide better

they want buses on the roads Ridiculous - Government saying

and people not using their cars. off the road for? What are they taking buses

start in 10 days. The timetable changes

Eddy Meyer, Ten News. in court today A series of bizarre outbursts from a man convicted of rape. He now faces sentencing a teenage girl and her mother. for using drugs to prey on his victims though a dating service. 39-year-old Arthur Fairwell found who has a 13-year-old daughter, He contacted a 50-year-old woman drugged them both, went to their home, then raped the girl. to six charges Fairwell pleaded guilty of the pair. relating to the assault and drugging the outbursts began. When brought in for sentencing today, Fairwell's lawyer said In his submission,

of mental illness, his client had a history obsessive compulsive disorder including and paranoid schizophrenia. He became obsessed with the idea

of Black Sabbath. that he was Ozzy Osbourne

it was a planned attack The crown prosecutor told the court in spite of Fairwell's mental state. Police seized Fairwell's computer, discovering he'd searched websites on the date rape drug Rohypnol. with information doctors had formed the opinion The judge told the court

putting on a performance. the accused was deliberately Fairwell then yelled out, "My mind forces me to do things. you would kill yourself." "If you had my mind for one second

his mental state continued, As questions surrounding Fairwell again lashed out. next Thursday. Fairwell will be sentenced Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News. A chilling new warning tonight about a terror attack on Australia. Experts say we're going through a classic build-up period and they say the obvious landmarks won't be targeted. They are frightening images - training videos from militant groups showing examples of terror attacks. Two American security experts have used the vision to shock industry insiders into realising just how serious the threat is to Australia.

Allahu Akbah! Professor Robert Pape says the Bali and Jakarta bombings show we're now going through a similar build-up to that experienced by the US ahead of 9/11, where Americans were attacked on foreign soil. With that pattern and consistency of year after year Australians being targeted by suicide attack,

Australia needs to be worried. He says Australia is in the sights of suicide bombers because of our involvement in Iraq, Afghanistan and East Timor. Australia, unfortunately, is facing an unholy alliance between al-Qa'ida and the JI, each of whom is motivated by their own anger about different Australian military deployments.

Former US Navy intelligence officer Malcolm Nance says our icons like the Harbour Bridge and Opera House won't be the targets. Those are huge assets that require a lot of resources, but you have transportation resources like buses, light rail, the ferries, and all of those are things that people use every day. And aside from our transport system, it's our tallest buildings

that are causing the terrorism analysts greatest concern.

You're absolutely on the radar. Al-Qa'ida has members who are Australian nationals. Frank Coletta, Ten News. A Sydney mother is facing charges of neglect after her 5-year-old son was found wandering the streets after midnight.

The boy's brother and sister had also been left home alone. Police remove three children, a girl aged three and her brothers just five and eight.

They'd been left home alone. The alarm was raised when a passing motorist noticed one of the boys standing on the side of the road around 1am. He'd wandered several hundred metres from home, crossing under a train line.

He was spotted outside a row of shops, telling the couple who picked him up he was looking for his mum. I just ran over to him, picked him up, put him on my side here, gave him a kiss on the cheek. Mate, I was nearly in tears myself. They asked him where was his mother? Watching the football at the pub.

It took police 1.5 hours to work out where he lived, driving through the streets of Guildford until he recognised his home. There police found his brother and sister. Tracking down their mother took several hours. She turned up at the police station around 5am. I suppose any area at 12:30am in the morning for a 5-year-old child

would have some concerns. The future of the three children now rests with the Department of Community Services. Welfare officers have interviewed the mother and they'll now decide if she'll face charges of neglect. The couple just thankful they found the boy

before a paedophile or kidnapper could strike. He came with me, so he would have went with them. Poor thing, he doesn't know. Evan Batten, Ten News. Police are investigating the suspicious death of a baby in Sydney's south-west. The child, born to a methadone-dependent mother, was sent home only to die two weeks later when re-admitted to Campbelltown Hospital. The Opposition says the Government ignored its own guidelines by not informing DOCS the baby was in the care of a mother with a drug problem. Hundreds of cricket fans are facing disappointment with the cancellation of Ashes Test tickets sold illegally by scalpers.

Cricket Australia has already nullified 1,100 tickets. A further 200 remain under question.

Most were purchased over the Internet.

Where people purchased tickets at a premium, they're in breach of the terms and conditions, and we will, where appropriate, cancel those tickets. Cricket Australia says it's just trying to protect ordinary fans of the game.

Tim Webster with a look ahead to sport, and is Sydney soccer about to lose its biggest drawcard? Yes, Dwight Yorke could be about to leave us. Yorke didn't fly to Melbourne for this weekend's A-League, waiting for news of whether a transfer deal has been done with English club Sunderland. We'll have that later. Also, Lleyton Hewitt was moving freely as he powered his way into the second round of the US Open. We'll hear from him and Nicole Pratt, who also survived the opening round. Also coming up, a strange game of wet soccer. A western Sydney ecstasy bust lands three people in court - that's next. Also, what a farce - a magistrate slams the Government for telling Jack Thomas he can't contact Osama bin Laden. And history up in smoke - firebugs blamed for a spectacular building blaze.

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This program is captioned live. More than $250,000 worth of ecstasy has been seized

during raids on homes in Sydney's west. Police searched three properties as part of a 2-month investigation into the commercial supply of drugs in the western suburbs. More than 5,000 pills were removed and 3 people were charged. A magistrate has slammed the Federal Government for including Osama Bin Laden on a list of people Jack Thomas is forbidden to contact. The freed terror suspect remains under curfew as he continues to fight an unprecedented control order. Taking the bins out is a welcome task after maximum security, yet a control order imposed last weekend means Jack Thomas isn't a free man. You know, I'd love to invite you all in and stuff but lawyers have told me that I've got to ask you to please respect the family's privacy. His lawyers attempting to lift the first anti-terror control order,

which they say is offensive. Mr Thomas must report to police, heed a curfew and is forbidden from contacting 50 listed people.

A federal magistrate told the Government solicitor that including Osama bin Laden on the list was farcical. However, the Government's lawyer defended the al-Qa'ida leader's inclusion, as it's alleged he'd met with Mr Thomas three times and:

The list also contains 13 people either known to be dead or in custody at Guantanamo Bay. Despite the dressing-down, the Government stands by its order. Let me make it clear, separately from this case, that my Government strongly supports the control-order system. Mr Thomas yesterday admitted he'd wanted to leave Afghanistan before the war on terror,

but was stranded there after the Twin Tower attacks. The interim control order will continue at least until the hearing returns on the Federal Magistrates Court on an ominous day for Jack Thomas - September 11. Kate McGrath, Ten News. Rugby league star Sonny Bill Williams has been fined for a series of speeding tickets despite claiming he wasn't the driver. The Bulldogs forward had managed to accumulate seven speeding tickets

between June 2004 and January last year but claimed a friend was driving the car. However, a deal with the RTA has seen Sonny Bill plead guilty to two of the infringements with a court ordering him to pay a $330 fine. There are calls tonight for an overhaul of the way dangerous prisoners are granted parole. It follows a mother's battle to stop her son's killer being released.

Shirley McHugh stopped her son's killer being released from jail this week by discovering evidence of his poor prison record. Paul Hart denied parole after it was revealed he had 21 offences on his internal prison record, including violence. Hart killed Shirley's son, Simon McHugh, in 1992,

brutally bashing the Newcastle businessman to death before throwing him in a dam to drown.

He's a murderer. Would you like him living next door to you? She says parole is granted far too easily

and the families of crime victims are given a raw deal. It doesn't matter where a victim goes, the system is biased against them. Even the parole board hearing is very formidable. Concerns about the parole system follows the release of child killer John Lewthwaite and allegations that he was caught in the sandhills at Cronulla

engaging in lewd acts with other men. Killers and other offenders are getting out of jail far too early. The Government says parole should remain in the hands of the Parole Authority and the Serious Offenders Review Council. But critics say the whole system of paroling prisoners is flawed and needs extensive reform. Victims groups say parole should not be granted unless a prisoner

has undertaken rehabilitation courses. So if they're sex offenders, or if they are a person who has been driven by drugs and alcohol and they've done nothing to address that issue, what happens when they get out? They reoffend and we have more victims. John Hill, Ten News. A protest today against job cuts at Westpac. Staff rallied outside the Westpac Service Centre, calling on management to abandon plans to outsource 485 jobs to India. They describe Westpac's cost-cutting measures as cold-hearted following Westpac's 2005 record profit of $2.8 billion. In the first instance, of course, it's the worker who loses, but ultimately it's the customer of the company involved who loses because the controls are lost, security of information are lost. The final decision will be made in a fortnight. A spectacular blaze has ripped through an historic building in country Victoria. But firefighters managed to prevent the flames spreading to heritage-listed parts of the complex. Century-old timber provided the perfect fuel for the flames to quickly spread. The blaze engulfing the laundry area of St Aidans orphanage

even before fire crews arrived. A patrolling police car was driving up the road

and saw a lot of smoke. They assumed a fire was occurring and called the fire brigade. The flames were so fierce, they could be seen as a glow in the night sky up to 15km away. It took hold just before 9:00 last night - little could be done to prevent the structure from collapsing. At one stage, a nearby school was threatened. The only problem that was faced then

was a possible collapse of brick walls. Simply getting enough water was one challenge - We've done a lot of fire prevention work

over the last couple of years in removing any fuel or materials from the actual buildings that could have fuelled the fire or made things worse. About $300,000 worth of damage was inflicted, but this section of the property was already earmarked for demolition. Nicole Strahan, Ten News.

Check of the weather. Hasn't anyone

told you winter is over? You know what, it almost

what, it almost is and so is spring.

The last day of winter today.

Spring, over that rise. Look at it.

Blue sky coming to your place. It

will feel like summer tomorrow,

being honest with you. 24 in the

city and 26 in the west. You'll

have a sweatathon up on a Friday.

Glorious conditions till Father's

Day. Rainfall, Day. Rainfall, 81 millimetres is

the average for August. We did 86.

Five observe. Unfortunately the

catchment well below again. It

catchment well below again. It didn't do us much good. Let's have

a look at your wonderful weather

a look at your wonderful weather

photo at the top of Australia. That

is sabrilliant shot by Chris

Wallace taken at Long Jetty in NSW.

That photo is of a That photo is of a long jetty in

NSW. Terrific stuff. A brilliant

sunset there. Love your work. If

you have one like it: OK.

Skywatch next. And we blast it to

ya. Not bad-looking day. Patchy

blue skies. Scattered grey clouds and

and that was about all she wrote.

and that was about all she wrote. Currently 19 degrees. Pollution

Currently 19 degrees. Pollution levels on your television now: on a

Thursday night, with the snow

report from Thredbo, and people

that haven't been down during the

that haven't been down during the season say the snow bad. Have a

look, that's the Basin, plenty of

look, that's the Basin, plenty of

white stuff still available. A full

ski report on your television when

I see you again in around about 10. a sister-in-law - A newsreader caught out sledging

next. hear her embarrassing on-air gaffe, Ad run down - on a British police officer. the bizarre attack

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Let's checken the traffic now with

Vic. Problems outs at Granville

tonight? Yes. A 3-car smash. The

accident has been cleared but as we

zoom down, both directions of

Parramatta Road very heavy. Most of

this traffic trying to head out

ford Church Street and eventually

get to the shops tonight. get to the shops tonight. Father's

Day on Sunday. Everyone racing to

the shops. If you know of anyone

heading on Parramatta Road towards

Parramatta, it's best they avoid

this and go Victoria Road. We'll

bring you another update soon. has been put to the test The pistol that killed Jake Kovco investigating his death. by the inquiry Inquiry members travelled to the Holsworthy Army range near Sydney to fire the 9mm Browning, in the ADF. which continues to be standard issue

to discover The investigation has been trying on Private Kovco's pistol how another soldier's DNA was found after the shooting. Some witnesses have claimed with the weapon they saw him acting carelessly shortly before his death. in Dili, There's been a mass jailbreak commander among the escapees. with the former military police

Peacekeepers and local police the 57 fugitives, are trying to track down group of visitors caused a diversion. who walked out of the prison while a it's a matter of concern. It is more than disappointing, to make any judgments It's a bit too early for me as to how this happened, investigated. but it is being very carefully is among those missing. Rebel leader Major Alfredo Reinado

earlier this year. He's facing charges over violence a female police officer A motorbike rider who ran over has been jailed for four years. to break up a fight outside a pub The policewoman was trying when she fell to the ground. caught the moment Security camera vision out of nowhere a motorbike rider appeared and ran straight over the constable. that he was drunk. A jury rejected the biker's excuse she only survived The policewoman believes

because she was wearing body armour. She hasn't returned to work. caught gossiping about her family An American news presenter has been live on national television! her microphone was still on She didn't realise when she went to the ladies was making a speech. while President Bush to the President's speech When CNN crossed live from New Orleans, took a toilet break, newsreader Kyra Phillips was also being broadcast live. unaware every word she said her girl talk across America, Her open microphone transmitted drowning out the President.

about her sister-in-law. Then she says what she really thinks Before she could say any more, telling her: a CNN employee rushes in,

An Emmy Award-winning presenter, was quickly back on air. Kyra Phillips

CNN re-ran the President's speech in a written statement, and later apologised but the damage was done. with three kids. My brother's married His wife's a control freak. this year. That should be a nice Thanksgiving There's no word to her sister-in-law. on whether Ms Phillips has spoken

Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. In the United States, in his Hollywood home aged 90. Veteran actor Glenn Ford has died after suffering a series of strokes. He'd been out of the public eye in more than 100 films The Canadian-born actor featured that began in 1939. during a 5-decade career with Rita Hayworth He starred in six films on television in the '70s and '80s. and played supporting roles

by the Westpoint collapse, Another blow for investors stung that's next.

Also, river rescue - trapped in her sinking car. the desperate effort to save a woman And an American king of comedy with the Wiggles. on his desire to do a road movie

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This program is captioned live. In Sydney, when news breaks... a maximum 20 years jail. REPORTER: Lodhi handed ..we're there. or killed. Thankfully nobody was injured time to put you in the picture. Ten's News at 5:00 - Top stories this news hour - of neglect a Sydney mother is facing charges

wandering the streets after midnight. after her 5-year-old son was found had also been left home alone. The boy's brother and sister are being slashed Hundreds of off-peak bus services to provide more buses for the morning peak hour. Opponents fear the changes will force some people back into their cars. And NSW is following Victoria's lead,

introducing random roadside drug testing by the end of the year.

Police will target high-risk events such as rave parties along with busy trucking routes. Investors of collapsed property empire Westpoint have been left seething after revelations that the head of the group has negotiated living expenses of around $4,000 a week. Norm Carey, whose assets have been frozen, claimed he needed the money

to pay his rent, housekeeping and food costs. He can do what the pensioners do -

he can go to the Salvation Army places, he can buy baked beans and do what other people do that haven't got money. The money is being paid by receivers while corporate watchdog ASIC investigates Westpoint's dealings. A minor buying spree has pushed up the share market.

$1.36 the average price of regular unleaded petrol in Sydney tonight -

that's up 6 cents in one day.

Seen as high as $1.43

and as low as $1.25 at Arncliffe, Penrith and Guildford. An incredible escape in the United States - a woman rescued from her rapidly sinking car. The nail-biting drama claimed to be a miracle. On her way home from work Charlene de Herrera's worst fear became a terrifying reality.

Unable to swim, she was trapped, terrified, in her sinking car. She did the only thing she could - she called her brother on her mobile phone and watched the murky water of the Colorado River rise. Those who saw it soon realised Charlene couldn't help herself and they frantically raced to her aid. I was pounding away

and she had her hands against the glass and she was terrified. They were working against an unforgiving deadline, and quickly running out of time. Eventually down it went. The 4-wheel drive completely submerged. But still they didn't give up. For me, to feel her actually grasp my arm was a real shock. And then the second time she grasped my arm

I knew right then that I could get her out. Eventually she surfaced.

As her saviours calmed her, little did they know the rescue was about to become even more incredible. When the car was towed out of the river every door and window was shut tight.

Nobody knows what happened under that murky water, just how she managed to escape. There was something there.

I can't explain it but something happened for her to be able to be alive today, for me to be able to pull her out. Amanda McLeay, Ten News. Hollywood funny guy Will Ferrell is heading down-under. The comedian's promoting his new film, which pokes fun at motorsport. Will Ferrell's latest parody takes on NASCAR,

is only outrated by football. a sport which, in the US, This is not good. Yep, I'm flying through the air. Sacha Baron Cohen, Co-starring 'Ali G's The Ballad of Ricky Bobby' 'Talledega Nights: sped to the top the US box office. if you ain't first, you're last. I live and die by one motto - Ferrell thinks Aussies will like it of some Americans. because it pokes fun at the arrogance the world know Well, we're just trying to let

that America's the best. of Australian comedies... The top US comic says he's a huge fan You're terrible, Muriel. would have done a better job ..and joked that Russell Crowe in the lead role of Ricky Bobby. He's a hell of an actor. his bitch. Yeah, he would have made me As father to a toddler, a road movie with The Wiggles. Ferrell says his real desire is to do

with The Wiggles. That's the story. I'm going to go on the road and it gets ugly. And we end up in New Zealand, Who wakes up Jeff? I can't say. his new L.A. neighbour Heath Ledger. He's yet to bump into in my backyard But I did find a boomerang just littered everywhere. and a lot of Foster's cans and Melbourne Ferrell will be in Sydney to promote the film next month.

the trouble of signing off. The 'Anchorman' star saved me Channel Ten News with Rahni... What's your last name? That's right. Sadler. ..with Rahni Sadler.

Let's take a look at the weather.

I'm glad to see you surrounded by

the white stuff. I hope it stays I'm glad to see you surrounded by

there for me this weekend. I'm

looking forward to you coming down

here this weekend Y. can't believe

here this weekend Y. can't believe

my luck it's you coming and not Ron.

Isn't that a wonderful thing? Live

from Thredbo. The top of Australia.

The sunset over that way is

actually across Victoria. It's

beautiful as you can see, lots of

white stuff around. As far as the

weekend is concerned, if you're

coming down, we look like warm

north-westerly winds. Not the best

cold scenario. A few showers but the

cold air coming in Monday and

Tuesday and dropping a bit of snow.

Let's have a look at the resort

softening report. At Thredbo, firm and fast,

softening mid-morning. 12 lifts

operating. Looking sensational on

sunset. Perisher Blue:

What about that day, coming to

your place tomorrow, the first day

of spring looking like the first

day of summer. 24-26 degrees and

glorious. Let's have a look at the

temperatures. map of NSW. Quickly for you, top

As we throw back to the dev, Deb,

get in the car tonight -- Deb, get

in the car tonight. Did you know he

was going to be there the same

time? It will be fun. Are you sure? Sport is next. are angry tonight. Tim, some of Souths' greatest players are affronted Yes, some of the game's biggest names for life membership. at being forced to re-apply

its biggest drawcard. Plus, why Sydney soccer could lose into the second round Also, Lleyton Hewitt blasts his way at the US Open.

where its OK to take a dive. And the only soccer match

a Father's Day gift? So, you looking for All the help you need. Father's Day at Mitre 10.

This program is captioned live. NRL coaching speculation - After another day of intense has been forced to deny Adrian Lam's manager replace Ricky Stuart at the Roosters. the Sharks assistant coach is set to was back at work today, Meanwhile, South Sydney's Shaun McRae less than 24 hours after being told will be his last as coach. this weekend's game Normally the NRL's most talkative coach,

Shaun McRae, with little to say. How have you taken it? Are you shattered? I haven't slept very well. No Comment.

and a good afternoon. I wish you a good morning

I need to get on with my job. happy for most of the session. The dumped coach looking anything but All in all a dog of a day, a new role at the club. as we weighs up whether to accept McRae retiring from training early

Erskineville Oval grandstand. for some quiet time in the old

Arthur Kitinas, Including one-time caretaker coach grade coaches in the last five years. the Rabbitohs have sacked four first also dumped mid-contract. Craig Coleman and Paul Langmack because he's a coach I feel for Bomber but it's a team sport haven't got the results and I suppose if you that's expected something had to happen. I suppose at the end of the day McRae not the only unhappy Bunny - by new Souths management life members are angry at being told to hang on to their membership. to fill out forms I spoke to a couple of the boys and put it in the garbage tin. and they did what I did

his life membership. The club legend upset he may lose If that's the way it's going, won't be recognised, where our life membership in the face. I think it's a real slap coach Jason Taylor in 2007. Sattler tipping a tough time for new

And in a surprise comeback, cleared to play tomorrow night Cowboys halfback Jonathon Thurston against the Eels. to his Tri-Nations chances. His return from injury a boost

Adam Hawse, Ten News. Dwight Yorke, The A-League's star attraction, is on the verge of leaving Sydney FC with English side Sunderland. for a lucrative deal frantic last-minute negotiations Yorke is caught up in Melbourne with the rest of the team and failed to make the trip to

with the Victory. for Saturday night's blockbuster We'd all like him to stay.

all the players and the fans. He's got such respect from Europe's transfer window closes, And with just hours before its $5 million bid Liverpool is preparing to revise for Socceroos defender Lucas Neill,

is reportedly the target while Harry Kewell of a $12 million bid from Tottenham.

the Swans have been boosted Just over a week out from the fnals,

re-signed for another three years. by the news Tadhg Kennelly has will be the last for the Irishman, The contract, though, at the end of the 2009 Season. who will return to the Emerald Isle and the phone bill was a bit high, A lot of conversations to home reasons I did get my mum out here, but I think that was one of the

was obviously to sit down and negatives in staying. and just iron out the positives serious consideration Kennelly was giving to returning to Ireland at the end of this season

after his father, Tim, passed away suddenly last year. The dashing defender will also be allowed to spend three months with his family in Ireland at the end of each season. As skies cleared over the Big Apple. both Lleyton Hewitt and Nicole Pratt through to the second round. It wasn't all good news - Mark Phillippoussis was beaten by Spaniard Rafael Nadal, but Hewitt completed his rain-delayed match against Albert Montanes in style. As skies cleared over the Big Apple, Hewitt was happy to help organisers clear the backlog, claiming the first set 7-5 before wiping Montanes off the court. COMMENTATOR: Aggressive hitting from Hewitt. The 2001 champion showing no outward signs of a knee injury as he wrapped up the match in just over two hours. Excellent movement from Hewitt. If this was any other tournament, I wouldn't have even tried to play.

I sort of tried to rush it a bit to play the US Open. Wild card Mark Philippoussis threw everything at world number two Rafael Nadal in their first-ever on-court meeting. Well controlled. Well done. But it still wasn't enough, as the 1998 finalist was shown the first round exit door by the French Open champion.

Oh, quite incredible. Nadal's main rival, world number one Roger Federer, coasted through his opening match against Taipei's Jimmy Wang. Qualifying as a lucky loser, veteran Nicole Pratt backed up her best Wimbledon performance to beat Venezuelan Milagros Sequera. The last two months have been unbelievable for me, so I'm just trying to capitalise on that. New York now eagerly awaits the showman showdown

between the retiring Andre Agassi and Cypriot Marcos Baghdatis. Mark Chester, Ten News. Netball grand finalists the Sydney Swifts are attempting to go through a major Australian competition undefeated, a feat not achieved since rugby league greats St George some 47 years ago. The grand final breakfast didn't provide an opportunity for Sydney to face off with the Thunderbirds - only their non-playing captain attended.

Despite beating their rivals three times this year, the Swifts are wary. We had a similar year last year. We broke all sorts of records for winning games in a row. We had a great team, we had every reason to be confident, then we got pumped by Melbourne Phoenix in the grand final by 17 goals, so that's still pretty fresh in our memory and we don't want that to happen again. A superstitious Ellis wouldn't touch the trophy, a tradition Thunderbirds co-captain Peta Scholtz exploited.

Controversial cricket umpire Darrell Hair

Now to a soccer game and, more importantly, encouraged. where diving is allowed,

of Bourton-on-the-Water The English village with its annual soccer splash. lives up to its name that dates back to the 19th century. It's a traditional game including the fans. Everyone ends up soaked, No shortage of players - on tap in the area. apparently there's plenty of talent

on what's happening And Sports Tonight will have more and Harry Kewell. with Dwight Yorke, Lucas Neill

Let's take a look at the traffic

now with Vic. An accident on James

Rouse Drive. Right opposite the

race course. The left hand lane is

blocked. There are up to five cars

involved. You can just see a tow

truck picking up the last of the

cars. But as we ban the traffic

camera back a bit, this is really

ugly for traffic drying to get

toward the -- trying to get toward

the forbgs mur. We mentioned before, getting

getting out of the city. A bit of a

nightmare vithaw Gore Hill freeway.

A busy one for a Thursday. Thursday

night shopping. Thank you, Tim. the latest weather details next. Tim Bailey has the world's most famous food fight. Then, they're at it again at

And tasty. Give us something big. Get to know KFC's New Works Burger. sauce, grilled onion, rasher bacon, Breast fillet chicken, tangy tomato tomato and double cheese. KFC's New Works Burger.

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So go on. Be greedy. value-packed sedan and hatch Because Australia's go from $18,990 driveaway. Go for more.

Time for all the weather details.

Tim, we've had calls this evening,

people disappointed. I explained to

them being the end of winter,

no-one wore their ugh boots tonight.

Frplgt you got the name wrong again.

It's the ughometer. How many ughs

out of Ten this weekend. One last

time. Thank you for all your hard

work. Everyone involved. It's a big

production. 5 out of 10. God bless

you for putting up with me, Lis.

Off the top of Thredbo. That's the

roof of a little hut I'll go in to

rather shortly. That's Victoria

over there with the sun setting.

The Basin on the left at Thredbo. A

really important day on Thredbo. It

was Memorial Cup day. I don't need

explain that much more other than

it was a race to honour those who

were no longer with us. The winner

of this cup, 140 went

of this cup, 140 went in this and

the winner is and he doesn't know,

Don Sullivan. Ladies and gentlemen,

he does not know. He's a friend of

mine. He normally is behind the

camera. We've had to suck him in

the whole afternoon. Have a look at

him. That is yours, my friend.

Thanks, mate. Thanks for the fine

pictures you've brought us. Nothing

more important to the people at

Thredbo than the Memorial Cup.

You've got it in your fine hands. Thredbo than the Memorial Cup.

Do something with your hair and

exit that way. Thanks, mate. What Do something with your hair and

have we got, folks? The last day of

winter. We wave goodbye and look

how light it is at the top of

Australia. Tomorrow, spring time

and you'll know all about time. 26

and you'll know all about time. 26 out west and 24 in the city. Fabulous. Let's Fabulous. Let's get into your backyard right now:

Cloud building over eastern

in Queensland and north-eastern NSW,

in unstable easterly winds is

causing heavy rain. A ridge will

clear showers from north-east NSW

while a trough will maintain rain

over eastern Queensland. The

business of the umbrella, pre --

predicted precipitation. Rain areas

for tropical eastern Queensland.

Showers for South-East Queensland

and southern Western Australia.

Late showers for South Australia,

Victoria and Tasmania. I guess,

we've got to talk about we've got to talk about Father's

Day. It looks like being around

about 23 degrees. And a clearing

shower and a pretty good day for

Dad's day. Tomorrow, 24-26, 25 on

Saturday. Here comes spring. Let's

go interstate:

That's it

That's it from me. The last snow

report for the year from Network That's it from me. The last snow

Ten. Thanks for having us at your

place. Goodbye from the top of

Australia. It does look very nice.

painting the town red in Spain. Aussie backpackers have been I can't wait to be there.

They were among 40,000 revellers the annual tomato-throwing festival who descended on determined to get messy and 100,000kg of tomatoes. with wine, beer Hey, I'm from Australia - Sydney. and it's really cool. I came from Barcelona today on a bus and hurting people. I love throwing tomatoes best thing I've ever done, yeah. It was fantastic excellent - in the '40s It's believed the festival started a stall full of tomatoes. when brawling teenagers overturned I'm Ron Wilson. That's the news at 5:00. Thanks for your company. And I'm Deborah Knight. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions Goodnight.