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(generated from captions) always look if positives, on she didn't go on her money moon. We wedding photos didn't turn out and had beer spilled down the front, her they had to get a juke box cafe. She Initialising listener on channel 3

with Ann Sanders. This is Seven Morning News VOICEOVER: Melbourne jeweller. stolen from an exclusive And a million-dollar diamond ring to farewell a slain brother. As Rebels converge on Canberra six times, six shots. Bang, bang, bang, bang - in Sydney's bikies war. as a second son is targeted a mother's despair This morning - This program is captioned live. by Red Bee Media Australia Supertext captions nine. News with Ann Sanders. Back from champions. Stand by for the Morning listers. And the bog snorkeling are checking out animations's A is the case. Tomorrow on the show we are can only get better. I hope it two and a half hours a day, things Morning Show, it is what we do for Morning Show, it is what we do for always look if positives, on the

Hello. Welcome to Seven News. The bikie brother of the man bashed to death at Sydney Airport has been gunned down overnight. was shot at up to six times Hell's Angels member Peter Zervas at a unit block in Lakemba. is at the scene in Lakemba. Seven crime reporter Robert Ovadia Good morning. What happened there, Rob?

It seems that Peter Zervas, 32

It seems that Peter Zervas, 32 years

old is a very lucky home. He arrived

alternate his home at about 11. old is a very lucky home. He arrived

alternate his home at about 11.30

last night. He was ambushed by at

least one gunmen, up to 8 shots were

fired. We saw his car peppered with

bullets. He was struck a number of

times, none of those bullets that struck times, none of those bullets that

struck him gave him life threatening

under an injuries. He was sent to hospital

under an extraordinary police

of the riot squat because they were under an extraordinary police guard

concerned about any trouble that

could break out but a very very

lucky man. Neighbours here are very

scared. Yet another part of Sydney

that has been scarred by the

violence we have seen in that war.

morning.. We spoke to a few of them this morning. We spoke to a few of them this

six times, six shots. Bang, bang, bang, bang - You were scared? Of course, I was scared.

very quick. It was loud and it was very sudden,

And then the police came was just locked down tight and everything and it was pretty scary. and detectives everywhere do police have any leads? If the victim's not talking,

They have a few to go with at the

moment. There is plenty of forensic

evidence to work with, lots of blood

that we saw before, presumably

that we saw before, presumably from

Peter Zervas. Lots of glass, so

plenty of forensic evidence, witness

accounts as well, a 175 centimetre

man with black hair to his collar

and very must cue Kewell or was seen

running away with a dark hood and

jeans. Also a white car travelling

east just behind me, almost collided

with what is thought to be the gun

that person man as well and police are urging

that person to come forward. At the

moment, in terms of the victims, the

question is who would want to shoot

and kill a Hell's Angels bikie? At

the moment, there is a long list of

people who could want to do that,

the notorious comes to mind in this

gang war. It could be something

completely and something isolate

Anthony Zervas are still at large. Rob, suspects in the death of mind. Todd that. Police have a very opened

are police wondering who's next? Now, Peter Zervas has been shot,

Yes, they are concerned because the

problem is they just don't know.

Anthony Zervas targeted about 8 days

ago now at Sydney airport, bashed to death in

death in front of mums and dads and

kids, Peter, ebs skaiping a hail of

gunfire and there have been

gunfire and there have been drive

buy shootings that we have seen, and

shots that have been bombed as well

and extraordinary escalation. At the

moment, police are fairly aware of and extraordinary escalation. At the

who hates who but they can't be

everywhere, 24 hours a day, today in

court there will be another man, court there will be another

believed to be a man in relation to

the Sydney airport attack as well.

We have got several gangs involved

and for police very very difficult

to guess when and where the next

from Lakemba, thank you. Robert Ovadia reporting attack happens.

will today push ahead with new laws, And the New South Wales Government cracking down on bikie gangs.

But legal experts doubt

to stop the violence. the legislation will be tough enough The latest shooting comes told Seven's 'Sunday Night' program just after a bikie insider between warring bikie gangs any peace is a way off yet. of a truce at some point Well, there'll be some sort but it's not gonna happen soon. isn't waiting to see. The New South Wales Government

will be presented to Cabinet, Later today, tough new laws from mixing together. effectively banning bikies in outlaw bikie gang activity Have this message for those involved

it's finished. that your days are up, doubt the legislation But civil libertarians will stamp-out violence. I think it's almost a smokescreen

to enforce the existing laws. for the Government's inability Police in Canberra are on alert in the capital with hundreds of Rebel bikies

to farewell a slain member today. and fellow Rebel Gregory Carrigan Richard Roberts of Chisholm last Tuesday. were shot dead in the suburb been in Canberra over the weekend Many bikies had already motorcycle and tattoo show. for an annual are in chaos this morning Sydney and Brisbane airports walked off the job. after baggage handlers There are long delays

international and domestic terminals at both cities' try to check in bags. as relief staff Many flights are on hold. of last week's bikie brawl Workers are protesting in the wake

in Sydney. Qantas is treating their concern They say "with contempt". about security issues today's strike The airline has labelled and hypocritical" "unlawful, unwarranted and says it won't respond to threats.

security video will show Melbourne police are hoping with a million-dollar diamond ring how a thief made off of an exclusive city jewellers. from the front window Reporter Laurel Irving is at the store.

The most surprising thing about this

robbery is just how bowled it was.

It was a Sunday afternoon, there

were lots of people at a tram stop just metres

just metres away. There were staff

just metres away. There were staff

still inside the store because it

was just after closing. The thief

has walked up to the windows,

smashed it and taken off smashed it and taken off with this

ring. It was a very simple, elegant,

9 car at diamond ring made by the

jewellery store just a few months

ago. It was obviously very large and

the jewellery star staff and police

are both wondering what the athlete

plans to do with it

plans to do with it because it will

be very difficult to sell. In the

words of the manager, he wants it

back. And he wants the thief caught.

Here is a little bit of what he had

to say this morning. We

to say this morning. We are

horrified, very shocked and we are

all very upset by it. For someone to

come in and do this sort of thing,

is just so disgusting. So yeah, we

are just appaled. Hardy Brothers

specialises in finally crafted

handmade jewellery with.

handmade jewellery with. With a

stone of that quality, our best

stone of that quality, our best designers worked on that piece. A

lost people are wondering how a

piece of jewellery this valuable

could be stolen so easily from the

store. The store won't talk about

its security, but it does say that

displaying your product is part of

the business. There's no point

having beautiful pieces if no-one

can see them. Obviously though

security will be reviewed after

yesterday's robbery. Anne.

yesterday's robbery. Anne..

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd will talk economics with his British counterpart Gordon Brown today ahead of Thursday's G20 summit with world leaders. Reporter Mark Riley is with the PM in London. Kevin Rudd's flown here to London for the meeting of G20 leaders

and he is flying high in the polls. In fact, any higher and he would be off into thin air. The Nielsen poll in Fairfax newspapers shows the Prime Minister's approval rating at 74% -

that is just 1% short of Bob Hawke's all-time popularity record of 75% set in 1984. While Mr Rudd's popularity is skyrocketing, Malcolm Turnbull's is nosediving. The Opposition Leader's approval rating has dropped 8 points to 43 and his disapproval has jumped 12 points to 47, making him more unpopular than popular.

And Labor now has a thumping 58-42 two-party preferred lead. Now, Mr Rudd appeared on British television overnight, talking down expectations of the meeting

producing an international agreement although he was talking up the prospects of a substantial agreement from this week's G20 meeting.

When else in modern economic history have global economies coordinated and cooperated

across such a vast array of policy instruments? It hasn't happened. And it's traditional for Australian prime ministers to be asked by British interviewers about the Republic. Kevin Rudd was again today. Here's his answer. Look, Australia will become a republic and the debate comes and goes. But the big priorities now are the ones we've been talking about this morning which is the global economy. Is it a top priority issue? No! (LAUGHTER)

Sounding definite there - Australia WILL become a Republic just not in the near future. Mr Rudd will visit the Queen in the next couple of days and perhaps further explain that answer before the G20 meeting later in the week. Back to you. The High Court will soon begin hearing a challenge to the legality of the Government's $900 cash bonus to taxpayers. Political reporter Damien Smith is at the court in Canberra

to hear the case.

Yes, Anne, the High Court doesn't

hear any case unless it throws up a

really interesting question of law.

That buy itself means that Brian

Pape has at least an outside chance

of single handedly scrapping Kevin Rudd's 7.

Rudd's 7.7 billion dollar tax bonus

payments. Now, why is he doing it?

Well, simply put, Brian, this legal

academic from the university of new

England says the tax

England says the tax bonus is

against the constitution. He says

that 250 dollars to which he is

going to be entitled as a part of

this tax bonus is a gift. It's not a

law about tax at all. Therefore, the

government simply can't give away

money under the constitution. Now,

the government's lawyers of course

say that he is wrong but just on the

off chance that he is right, they

say that the court can only rule that his $

that his $250 is invalid. Of course,

Mr Pape says if the law is wrong for me, then it's

me, then it's wrong for

me, then it's wrong for everybody

and anybody who gets the tax bonus,

well they are going to have to pay

it back. The hearing before all 7

justices of the High Court starts

just after two o'clock, this

afternoon, it's scheduled to stretch

into tomorrow. The Treasury

department has put on hold the

printing of any of these cheques,

pending the outcome of this case.

Ordinarily, the highways of

Ordinarily, the highways of the High

Court pass by most people but I

think it's fair to say on this

occasion, with so much money at

teack, millions of Australians are

hanging on the outcome. Back to you, Anne. Next in Seven News - we'll check the markets and Madonna tells media to mind their own business as she arrives in Malawi to adopt a daughter.

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Welcome back. You're watching Seven's Morning News. A fire which engulfed a Sydney shoe factory is expected to burn all day.

The blaze at St Peters is now under control but is still burning inside. About 35 firefighters are battling the flames. They're waiting for demolition equipment to arrive before they can venture inside the building's blackened walls. It's not yet known how the fire started. Pop star Madonna has returned to the African country Malawi to adopt another child.

But human rights campaigners are accusing the pop star

of flouting the law. She says it's none of their business.

Madonna arrived in Malawi by private

jet this afternoon and hit the

ground running. Her party swept

ground running. Her party swept out of the airport in blacked out cars,

just 2 hours laters she was working.

At a public meeting she was given a

briefing on the progress of a school

she is building, listening intently

but not giving out much information

when I asked her about the

controversial reason behind this

trip, the plans to adopt a daughter,

a sister for her daughter who was at

her side. How does it feel to be

back in Malawi? Amazing Can you tell

us why you are adopting again,

Madonna? No. Can you understand

people's reservations about it

seriously in No, none of their

business. None of their business she

said but whether she likes it or

not, her plans to adopt 4-year-old

mercy James have become the subject

of massive public debate. People

believe her, David's adopted son

from mall or which has gone to a

better life and most have no problem

with her doing the same begin Once

she adopts a another child, it's

better that the child has to come

back here so he is not away from his

culture. But it's a good idea to

adept sfl Yeah, a good idea. She is

adopting another child yeah, But not

everyone is as sympathetic, there

are those who believe no matter the

circumstances, Malawi's children

should be helped here in Malawi. The

court will begin court will begin hearing the case tomorrow.. court will begin hearing the case tomorrow.

To finance now Global Head of Economics at Westpac. and joining me is Bill Evans, Good morning, Bill. How has our market responded on Friday? to the surprise fall on Wall Street

After a very strong week, Wall

Street ended with a negative and the

financial component was down by 5% financial component was down by 5%.

It seems to be the way that

determine financial index moves tends to

determine how far Australia moves.

However, we are only down is.

However, we are only down is.2% and

our financial index was flat. The

resources component was down 2.

resources component was down 2.25%, resources component was down 2.25%

big fall from BHP, other falls from Woodside

Woodside and Newcrest. Bill, we some important economic data out Woodside and Newcrest. Bill, we have

this week. What are you expecting?

Well, we are going to get a lot of

February data which of course is the

in September, Red started slashing interest rates

in September, so the build up of

those rate cuts should be start

goesing to reflect in the February

numbers. We saw this morning, that

new home sales were up 3.

new home sales were up 3.9% which is

a welcome response to the lower

rates. We will be getting credit

numbers this week. We will be

getting building approval numbers,

building approvals so far this year

are down 28% so we would be looking

for a better result there. We are in

fact looking for a 5% jump and of

course, we will also get course, we will also get retail

sales for February. Bear in mind

they were boosted in December and

January with the government pay out

in early December. We would expect a

bit of a pull back there by 1%

bit of a pull back there by 1%. The

momentum in the economy in February

will be very world judged this week

and that will be important,

particularly from the perspective of

interest rates, bear in mind the Red

is meeting again next week, I don't

again. expect them to be cutting rates

again. Thank you very much for your

pre view.. pre view.

most talented actors Some of the television industry's Logie nominations in Sydney. have turned out for this year's Kate Ritchie and Jessica Marais Stars including walked the red carpet at Fox Studios morning breakfast event. for the special

Channel 7's 'Packed to the Rafters'

11 nominations. took out an impressive

is up for the coveted Gold Logie The show's Rebecca Gibney and Most Outstanding Female Actress. she's been nominated for the award. It's the seventh time I said it the first time I found out about this, I wouldn't actually be up here without any of this cast. The mini-series 'Underbelly' also features heavily in the list of nominees,

while 'Home and Away's Dean Geyer is up for Best New Male Talent. Next in Seven News - the latest in sport as the Brawn team celebrates their historic win at the Australian Grand Prix.

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is tested and tested. Target underwear It's dunked...and squeezed... ..and thwacked... ..and snapped... they won't ever get in a twist, make sure even if you do. to wear and wear Target underwear is quality tested and wear and wear and wear and wear and wear... SONG: # Just be happy # Na, na, na, na, na! # Twenty20 series against Australia South Africa has won the after comfortably accounting for the tourists this morning in Centurion. The Aussies were never in the hunt during the chase and came up 17 runs short despite a positive start from David Warner and Michael Clarke. Warner blazed his way to a quick-fire 20 but when he was clean bowled by Albie Morkel, a top-order batting collapse. it sparked three balls later Ricky Ponting departed his skipper back to the pavilion and Michael Clarke also followed by Proteas' skipper Johan Botha. after getting tied down the ground running in 2009, The Western Bulldogs have hit thumping Fremantle at Subiaco Oval. The final margin was 63 points were far from disgraced but a host of Dockers rookies preliminary finalists. against last year's booted a 50m set shot Number three draft pick Steven Hill in senior football with his first kick the Bulldogs proved too skilful. but in the end,

It's a lovely way to kick. Why not?

When you can kick it like that, go

with it, We really set ourselves for

this, we have got 2 trips to this, we have got 2 trips to Perth in

in the first four weeks, we knew if

we could get off to a good start, it

would hold us to for the zone. The Dockers rallied in the third term to close the gap to 16 points but the Dogs stepped up a gear in the final quarter,

kicking 8 goals to cruise home. Sharks star Trent Barrett has been cleared of a serious neck injury in yesterday's loss to the Dragons. after being stretchered off as he attempted a tackle Barrett's neck twisted awkwardly as early as next week. but he could be back on the field no structural damage. Subsequent scans showed

Round 3 of the NRL wraps up tonight

taking on Penrith at Brookvale Oval. with reigning premiers Manly for the shock inclusion The Sea Eagles are bracing of Panthers youngster Wade Graham chase their first win of the season. as both teams has created history Fledgling F1 team Brawn GP leading home Rubens Barrichiello with Jenson Button Australian Grand Prix. in an incident-packed Reigning champion Lewis Hamilton was promoted to third after Jarno Trulli was penalised for overtaking during a safety car period. Aussie Mark Webber's hopes evaporated on the opening lap but it was no fault of his own. COMMENTATOR: So, it was Barrichello getting in to the side of Mark Webber. It's one of the most frustrating and probably...not embarrassing

but I just felt so disappointed. to finish 13th Webber eventually got going again were on Button and Barrichello but all eyes from the F1 wilderness. who completed an amazing return on their first race appearance! Brawn GP are winners The V8s had a classic battle who continued Ford's dominance and it was Craig Lowndes of the manufacturer's challenge.

on Seven's Morning News. Stay with me here with all the weather details I'll be back after this break.

the national weather forecast. Time now to check showers today. Brisbane can expect Sydney, a few showers. Canberra, fine. Cloud clearing in Melbourne. Mainly fine in Hobart. Adelaide, Perth, fine. Afternoon showers in Darwin.

And that's Seven News to now. We'll keep you up to date throughout the day and in our bulletins at 4:30 and tonight at 6:00. Thanks for your company. I'm Ann Sanders. by Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions


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