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This program is captioned live. Tonight - home to face justice - extradited from Lebanon. a Sydney drive-by shooting suspect Stopping offenders in their tracks - with a stun gun. plans to arm every police officer And breaking down in tears -

pleads for witnesses. the sister of a Bondi bashing victim and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. specialist clinics set up Also tonight, the growing ice epidemic. to deal with at the breakfast of champions. And the NRL's top two square off a fugitive who allegedly threatened But first tonight - into the Harbour Bridge to fly a plane has appeared in court. Saleh Jamal, facing trial on Lakemba police station, over a shooting attack on a hunger strike. is now claiming to be from Lebanon, Saleh Jamal was extradited in police custody the fugitive once again after skipping bail in 2004. Until today, one of Australia's most wanted men. 31-year-old Jamal had been was caught in traffic, As the police convoy transporting him Middle Eastern Organised Crime Squad. he joked with officers from the to Islam, Then, displaying his devotion Jamal kissed the Koran to his forehead. and held the Muslim holy book several firearms charges Jamal is facing over his alleged involvement of a Sydney police station in the 1998 drive-by shooting peppered with bullet holes. that left the building he was part of a gang Court papers allege cocaine dealer Danny Karam, led by slain Kings Cross who was shot in December 1998. of malicious wounding Jamal also faces charges Les Elias, who was shot in the leg. over the alleged kneecapping of Jamal's father, Mahmoud, when his son fled lost $150,000 in bail money but still loves him. He is completely, in my eyes,

he's not guilty. from what I know of him, he admired Osama bin Laden, While in jail, Jamal told reporters today's court appearance, but, following Jamal's lawyer denied claims of a terror offence. his client had been convicted That's not true. committed for trial Jamal has already been and for malicious wounding on the weapons charges and now he's back in custody. before the end of the year. Those cases are due to start has now begun a hunger strike. Jamal's lawyer says his clinet John Hill, Ten News. is in strife Police Minister Carl Scully in State Parliament. over a demonstration of TASER guns The Upper House President claiming on weapons in the building. he flouted a ban MAN SCREAMS IN PAIN the Police Minister in hot water - This is the media stunt that's landed

of controversial TASER guns a demonstration on the wrong side of the law. designed to be used on people appears to have been breaking rules, Ironically, it's the Minister who the use of weapons in Parliament. namely those that prohibit Meredith Burgmann, unimpressed. The Upper House President, and it is totally inappropriate It was a demonstration of a weapon

in the Parliamentary precinct. for it to happen

or any other building in Sydney. It can happen at any other room off the criticism. In Parliament, Carl Scully laughed to use the weapon He said permission had been received and the head of security. from the Speaker by security This morning he was challenged before the media conference but not detained. to properly consider I think it is important

non-lethal force. where police might have available Police want the weapon as an option high on drugs like ice. when confronted by armed people a serious threat to police This is where people are posing or other members of the community. Total immobilisation. Oh, it was quite excruciating. is expected within 12 months. A final decision on the TASER guns

to the minister A decision on what will happen can be expected much sooner. from sanctions Mostly, we try to keep away at it in terms of contempt. but certainly we will be looking Paul Mullins, Ten News. over a hit and run A man's been charged south of Woollongong. which killed a 16-year-old girl Ashleigh Harriss died in hospital as she crossed a road near Dapto after being run down

two weeks ago. a youth group meeting with friends. She was on her way back from this morning over the incident. Police arrested a 34-year-old man on a string of charges, He'll face court tomorrow including drink-driving. hospital bungle Accusations of another that almost killed a toddler. Hornsby Hospital is investigating of Velcro lodged in his throat. how staff failed to notice a piece

Happy and healthy now, has already had a scary brush 11-month-old Finlay Summerhayse with the health system.

last Friday vomiting blood He was sent to Hornsby Hospital but was sent home with antibiotics. A short time later, he turned blue. what I went through. I never want a mother to go through every five minutes, I'm still seeing, his face turning blue. out of my head. I cannot get that image

by ambulance, On the way back to hospital a piece of Velcro the toddler coughed up he'd swallowed at a day care centre. detected that? Why couldn't they have that can't speak. You know, like, he's a little kid

more resources They really, really need to put into that emergency department. their son was sent home too quickly Finlay's parents say were so overworked because the emergency department in clearing the waiting room. and staff were more interested will take several weeks, An investigation by the hospital

the parents. but it's already contacted are very distressed Obviously the parents about the care that he received.

for their concern. We've apologised to them it's just the latest example The Opposition claims across the State. of the failure of public health I think it just makes the point again that Morris Iemma hasn't transferred resources from the bloated bureaucracy through to the front line. Even though the family lives just a short drive away, they've completely lost faith in their local hospital. I won't take him back there again, never. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. Millions have tuned in to see Steve Irwin's widow, Terri, give her first interview on US television. The often emotional and revealing special

also featured exclusive video of the Croc Hunter. They're never-before-seen images of some of Steve Irwin's last precious moments. I'm going to practise my American accent. My crikey! I mean, oh, golly, gee. Terri Irwin released the home videos to coincide with her first American interview since her husband's death. Steve

thought he it's OK to play in

the rain and splash in mud pud

skplz let the kids get dirty. The 42-year-old described the moment she found out Steve was gone... I looked out the window, I thought, "Oh, the children. "He wouldn't have wanted to leave the children." ..and how she broke the news to Bindi. She cried and cried and cried, and I said, "We're still a family. Daddy still loves you. "We have to stay together and stay through this. But we will not be victims of this grief. We will be wildlife warriors like Steve Irwin. Baby Bob responded with a screwdriver. And he said, "I'm fixing the motorbike

"so Daddy can drive it in heaven." Terri also shared this video of Steve's last crocodile hunt, three days before his death. What a good boy. What a good kisser. Terri believes her husband isn't really gone because his spirit will live on forever. Well, I'm Mrs Steve Irwin and I have a lot to live up to. In the US, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. Swans fans are proving just how passionate they are - making a very early start for a grand final breakfast in Sydney. MPs also catching finals fever, wearing red and white in Parliament today. They may have been in a pub before most people were awake, but Sydney Swans fans couldn't care less. Go, Swannies! These diehards holding their own Grand Final breakfast, all broadcast on Sydney radio. There's nothing more Australian

than dressing up in a footy jersey and having a beer at 5:45am. Some sent along to give their better half a little relief

from red and white fever. She's not a football follower, and she thinks it should have been disclosed in a pre-nup arrangement that in fact I did like football. Most supporters can't get into the MCG this Saturday, but Swans veterans Jason Ball and Matthew Nicks may have found a way. Matt and I work in the hamburger stands behind the back. It was the only way we could actually get tickets. I'm the grill man and Nicksy's the checkout chick - only way we could get in. Swans mania also taking over State Parliament - the chamber filled with red and white MPs. The Swans flag is now flying high above the harbour, and if Sydney wins it will stay there till Tuesday. If Sydney can make it two in a row on Saturday, there'll be another Swans flag fluttering high, but that one will be deep in enemy territory - it will adorn WA's Parliament House in Perth. The Premier confident he'll win the Grand Final bet with his WA counterpart. The Swans flag will be flying above the WA Parliament on Monday. Former Swan now publican Harry McAsey just as confident of a Sydney double premiership. I think the Swans are gonna win by three goals. James Boyce, Ten News.

And Leigh Diffey, with a look ahead to sport. And the NRL Grand Finalists faced off over breakfast? Yes, and for Sydney fans the brekky was a chance to get a taste of this year's big game. But the Melbourne Storm didn't hang around long,

flying straight back home after the function.

Why Brisbane decided to stay on, shortly. And we'll also cross live to the airport as the Swans head off to Melbourne, and there's some breaking news. New clinics to help the State's growing number of ice addicts. That's next. Also tonight, breaking down in tears - the sister of a Bondi bashing victim pleads for witnesses. And times have changed - Margaret Whitlam backs away about Janette Howard. from her controversial comments

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This program is captioned live. An emotional appeal from the sister of an Irish tourist bashed and left for dead outside a Bondi pub.

She was so distressed someone else had to deliver her plea for public help to catch her brother's attackers. Jet-lagged and distraught, Trish Counihan has spent the last three days at her brother's side as he lies in an induced coma, clinging to life after a fight outside a Bondi hotel. She flew to Sydney from Ireland on Monday to try to help police track down those responsible. Sorry. This is what she wanted to say. The incident has created great stress and pain on our family. Our parents are elderly and they would find it difficult to take the long trip to Sydney. Witnesses say the attack was savage - up to three men punching John Counihan to the ground, then kicking his head. Their friends and girlfriends were trying to break it up

and then the guy went down and they started stomping on his head. It was a brutal attack, and something that we want to send a very clear message to the community that we will not accept. Police are still looking for three men who had been playing snooker at the Royal Hotel. And he has what has been described to us as a tribal tattoo on his left upper arm

and a tribal tattoo on his right leg.

I would just like to say that if anyone saw anything in relation to the assault on JP, please come forward. Evan Batten, Ten News. A courtroom showdown between former footballer Ian Roberts and the man he believes murdered his young friend. The league star accusing Frederick Rix of smearing his name

to divert attention from himself. Ian Roberts has no doubt who killed his 17-year-old friend and today he made sure the Coroner's Court heard it. Pointing directly at Frederick George Rix, he said: It was the start of a feisty showdown between Roberts and Rix, who is personally cross-examining the former footballer. Rix tried to use the moment to serve a defamation suit on the witness for $10 million. But the Coroner told him she would not tolerate intimidation tactics in her court. She also called on security to be on standby to take Rix into custody

if he didn't stop grandstanding.

Rix repeatedly called Roberts a pathological liar and accused him of making up his claim that he had sexually assaulted him 25 years ago. Rix denies seeing Mr Roberts as a patient in 1981. But he claims he'll never forget treating him for a groin injury

eight years later. He claims Mr Roberst was dressed only in red underpants and was built like a Greek god. Mr Roberts angrily dismissed the account as nothing more than a sick joke. Throughout the hearing, Mr Rix has made serious allegations about Mr Robert's relationship with Arron Light, claiming the teenager was handed around high-profile businessmen for sex.

But today he was at a loss to back any of his claims. Mr Roberts said he didn't care how much mud Rix slung at him, he wouldn't stop testifying against him. The case continues. Amber Muir, Ten News. Australia's first clinics to treat methamphetamine addicts will open next month in New South Wales. As the ice epidemic worsens,

experts say a substitution drug, like methadone, may be needed. Sydney is the 'ice' capital of Australia, and with the popularity of most methamphetamines rising rapidly... The Government will be establishing, for the first time on a pilot basis, two methamphetamines clinics. One will be at Sydney's St Vincent Hospital, the other in Newcastle. 50 beds in total, for the treatment and detoxification of speed, ice and ecstasy users.

Today really heralds the beginning of a war on drugs in Australia. Amphetamines are the most commonly used illicit drug in Australia after cannabis. Almost 10% of Australians have tried some form of the drug and 70,000 are regular users of ice. Speaking at Australia's first conference addressing the amphetamine problem, American professor Ernie Druker warned against a strict zero tolerance strategy. Every dollar that's spent on arrest and incarceration of drug users is one less dollar to be spent on their treatment. Like developing a safer substitution drug for recovering amphetamine addicts - the way methadone works for heroin users.

I think before long it'll be in the public place.

Richard Smith knows - for most of his life he's been involved with drugs in one way or another.

I used drugs for 17 years, predominantly heroin and then quite a lot of speed. I got clean in 1985 and went back and studied and now I work in the treatment area. He welcomes the new clinics, which should be up and running within a month. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. A 92-year-old woman has been taken to hospital suffering meningococcal disease.

Health officials say the patient from Pennant Hills is responding well to treatment. Several people who've been in close contact with the woman have been treated with antibiotics as a precaution. Margaret Whitlam has made a backdown of sorts after her scathing attack on Janette Howard. Mrs Whitlam told her biographer Mrs Howard was useless, humourless and silly. She now says the comments were made several years ago. At the time I thought she was.

You know, we all change, we all grow up and grow into jobs, don't we? Mrs Whitlam stopped short of apologising for the remarks but she can't remember attacking the Howards for their public hand-holding, saying she and Gough still do that,

and they've been married a lot longer.


of the weather now. Tim a bit

grey around Sydney. I'm starting to get worried about get worried about the weekend.

Leave that to me. I've got it all

organised. What do you mean a bit

grey. A bit of high cloud will give

you that but that was a glorious

spring day. Not too hot. A bit of

blue sky. A light easterly breeze

and 22 degrees. What have we got

for you - 26 to 28 as we get warm

and in form. Fridays, don't you

love them? They're on our love them? They're on our doorstep

real soon. Saturday we're going

down to Melbourne and we'll be at

the MCG, SCG, that's wishful

thinking, we'll broadcast to you

live tomorrow night the news from

Federation Square in Melbourne with

all the red and white of the super

Swannies. Your weather photographs

are great. They're coming up later.

And the cloud Ron was talking about was early in the was early in the piece. It cleared

I can tell you because I'm a

trusted weatherman, around about

1:30 today. It is 20 degrees. And

tomorrow a warm one. I'll see you

in around about 10. Sydney streets swamped - next, motorists cop a peak-hour drenching. And space surgery -

doctors perform an operation in zero gravity.

How was school? I dunno. I dunno. What are these? the only one with layer upon layer of Oreo chocolate wafer and cream in a rich choc coating. Oh, yeah. These are good. I know.

Time for a check of the traffic

from the helicopter. We have Jo over the M4 over the M4 tonight. What's the

problem? What isn't the problem on

the M4 tonight? Plenty of traffic

streaming through the tolls and it

only gets worse as you head west

due to an accident that happened at

the northern road earlier this

afternoon. Plenty of trav trying to

get home to the west and plenty of traffic

traffic heading to Parramatta to go

shopping. I'll have more for you at 5:50pm.

An unusual hazard for city workers today,

with a burst water main at a busy intersection. The pipe erupted during peak hour this morning, showering water down on traffic and workmen in Sussex Street. It took more than 90 minutes to turn the water off, leaving 100 properties high and dry. It's understood contractors working on a footpath may have ruptured the main.

A major milestone in the construction of the Epping to Chatswood rail line.

The Premier today overseeing the last pour of concrete for the trackbed. New names for the subway-type stations were also announced today, including North Ryde, Macquarie University and Macquarie Park. The first train is expected to run on the new system by mid-2008. Another siege at an American high school has ended in tragedy - a gunman killing a teenage girl before turning the weapon on himself.

As gunfire rang out, a Code White was declared at two schools. He sent me a text that said "Hey there is a gun hijacking in our school right now." More than 800 students were evacuated and shuttled to safety as distraught parents waited, praying their child was safe. Haven't heard any word, like all the other parents, as far as his situation. Inside the high school, the gunman took six teenage girls hostage in a classroom, where it's claimed he sexually abused them. He'd walked into the school just before lunch firing his handgun, warning students he had a bomb and was going to blow the place up. I don't know why he wanted to do this. Four girls were set free, but two, including 16-year-old Emily Keys, were kept as human shields. When police moved in, fearing he was about to detonate a bomb, he shot her. She died in hospital. Her friend escaped.

That is carrying the student that was critically wounded. He broke off negotiations. He would not talk to the negotiator anymore. So, I think we were afraid for the worst

and we had to do what we had to do. It ended with the gunman taking his own life. There was no bomb. It was initially reported he may have been a parent at the school, but police say they are also investigating claims

that his wife may have worked there and this may have been the result of a domestic dispute. Adding to the trauma, the deadly siege played out just 70km from where the Columbine school massacre occurred seven years ago.

In the US, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. A team of French doctors has made medical history, proving surgery in space is possible. They've carried out the first ever operation on a human in zero gravity. Taking surgery to new heights - thousands of metres above Earth, a team of French doctors prepares to make medical history, performing the first operation in zero gravity. Patient Philippe Sanchot is strapped to the table. He's about to have a benign cyst cut from his arm, going under the knife as if he were in outer space. To achieve weightlessness, the plane performs a series of loops like a rollercoaster,

climbing sharply then suddenly diving to the ground. The manoeuvre gives a 20-second window of zero gravity. It was during these periods over a space of three hours that doctors carried out this groundbreaking experiment. The medical team had to be strapped to the floor

to stop floating away.

The patient was chosen because he's a keen bungy jumper and is used to dramatic gravitational shifts.

The operation itself was a little more tricky, with surgeons having to deal with floating bits of flesh and eager observers hovering from every angle. But it allowed doctors to perfect their techniques so they could one day be used on the International Space Station. The surgeon says everything went perfectly well. As for the patient, he described the experience as bizarre.

Richard Davies, Ten News. Former 'Baywatch' star David Hasselhoff is embroiled in an embarrassing family drama. 'The Hoff' admits calling police and suggesting his 14-year-old daughter tried to commit suicide, but now he says that's rubbish. I don't even know what happened. All I heard was my daughter called and said, "Hayley cut herself," and it turned out to be a cat. So I called the paramedics and it's gone all over the world,

and Hayley said, "Thanks a lot, Dad." The actor's ex-wife claims Hasselfhoff exaggerated the situation to make her look like a bad mother. The States go head to head in a bidding war for skilled workers, that story next. Also, a boost for breast cancer patients - a life-saving drug about to become cheaper. And beating the wine glut -

how some struggling grape growers are surviving the slump. FUNKY MUSIC

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TransMOBILE - it's blue.

This program is captioned live.

Top stories this newshour - an emotional appeal from the sister of an Irish tourist

bashed and left for dead outside a Bondi pub. Trish Counihan was so distressed

someone else had to deliver her plea for public help to catch her brother John's attackers. Police Minister Carl Scully is in strife over a demonstration of TASER stun guns in State Parliament. The Upper House President claiming he flouted a ban on weapons in the building. And a fugitive who allegedly threatened to fly a plane into the Harbour Bridge has appeared in court. Saleh Jamal, facing trial over a shooting attack on Lakemba police station, is now claiming to be on a hunger strike. Taxpayers are set to pay for the skills shortage as a bidding war for public servants erupts. The States are also trying to steal private workers from each other. A daylight raid on east coast workers. Hi. Come to Perth. The West Australian Government's brash new recruitment campaign hit the streets of Melbourne today, although the sales pitch could do with some tweaking. Would you go and work in WA? I don't know yet because I haven't been to Perth at all. The roadshow will hit Sydney tomorrow, as WA struggles to cope with an economy the government says is growing faster than China's.

We need more people for our workforce. We have got record low unemployment, we have got record infrastructure programs going on. We need more skilled people. He's also taken out ads in the local papers,

although, if the Victorian Premier was threatened by the competition, he wasn't showing it. And the reality is, when you look at the quality of life we have in Victoria and the skills we have attained, Victoria is one of the best places in Australia to live.

The skills shortage is also about to cost Australian taxpayers big money. As competition is now hotting up for good public servants, large pay rises will follow. Certainly governments are in the position that many employers are -

that if they want to attract and retain the best staff, they're going to have to pay more. Nurses are so much in demand they can virtually name their price. Public service accountants are in a similar position. The Prime Minister knows public wages are on the rise. We have to keep public service wages competitive, reasonably competitive. Laurel Irving, Ten News.

After yesterday's surge, we've had a softer day on the Australian share market.

Some good news tonight for breast cancer patients - they'll no longer have to make an agonising decision over a brutally expensive drug.

The life-saving medicine will now be subsidised by Canberra. Marianne Vorster has survived the fight of her life - a 5-year battle with cancer, a war she won thanks, largely, to Taxotere. For me it was a wonder drug. The cancer was already in my lymph nodes. The mum of four was give the drug as part of a clinical trial. If not, she would have had to find at least $30,000 for the treatment.

If you haven't got the money what do you do? Medical oncologist Dr Nicole McCarthy has seen the heartache when patients have had to make that choice - pay for a cancer drug or risk dying. Oh, it is an enormously difficult situation for women when we have drugs that aren't be funded that we know may increase their chances of being cured.

Taxotere allows women with early stages of breast cancer a better chance to beat the killer disease. Hopefully this will translate into increased cure rates for women with early stage breast cancer. It will be available for women whose cancer has already moved to the lymph nodes,

and a more aggressive form of the disease, HER2-positive. The only problem with the drug is serious side effects -

nausea, anaemia and the increased risk of infection - but 90% of sufferers recently surveyed said it's all worth it for the chance of a cure. The latest listing, along with Herceptin, which is also now free on PBS, gives the 11,000 women diagnosed each year a fighting chance. Chances were not that good of surviving - and here I am.

Lexy Haimilton-Smith, Ten News. The current wine glut means prices are at record lows - great for consumers, but a disaster for vineyards. However, some of the State's wineries are beating the slump by concentrating on the top end of the market. We may have a reputation as big wine drinkers, but Australians just can't keep up with what the industry's producing. The grape glut has hit wineries hard, forcing many out of the market

and others to take desperate measures.

Like most hard times, it makes people weed out the stuff that's not successful and forces them to progress, often with ideas they've had for quite a long time. Facing an oversupply of chardonnay, Mudgee growers David and Jane Lowe took the tough decision to rip out their vines, replacing them with less popular varieties, like the Californian Zinfandel.

Their decision paid off, winning them new markets and a coveted world trophy. Having some technical background is vital,

but also developing your own style is really important as well,

because if you're going to make wine, you really have to be showing why we're different from anybody else. Concentrating on the premium market is paying off for Mudgee. The recent sale of the Poet's Corner vineyard to the billionaire Oatley family has buoyed the local industry. We think the possibilities here are just amazing, just enormous.

We really like the area, we like the soils, we like the climate, we like the feeling, the beauty of the area. Visiting the Logan winery, it's hard to believe the industry's going through a slump - it's just spent $1 million redeveloping the cellar door to reflect its funky image. The industry will come out of this downturn

and that's through people buying wine,

which will continue happening. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News.

Weather check now with Tim Bailey

who likes a nice drop of red.

Golden and glorious this afternoon.

What a gig I've got. Wandering

around Sydney finding these

picturesque locations to bring you

the weather. A bit of detail with

it too. What's the wind doing? Around about

Around about 13 kilometres out of

the east. Temperature, 20 degrees.

It's a cheap shirt a bad haircut

and anyone can do it. Give me

something hard to do. It's fabulous.

26 to 28 degrees tomorrow. A

glorious day for Friday.

The desk has never looked better.

The bustling Leigh joins the team.

He's very good. He's here. Sport is next. and one of the Swans stars stays behind for the time being. Yes, the wife of one of the key players has gone into labour. More shortly.

Plus, the NRL Grand Finalists square off over breakfast. And Aussie umpire Darrell Hair in the spotlight again at one of cricket's biggest inquiries.


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This program is captioned live. The Swans are about to head to Melbourne for their Grand Final showdown with the West Coast Eagles. Neil Cordy is at the airport. Neil, the big news is the Swans are one short. Yes, they

Yes, they are. That man is ruckman

Darren Jolly who is that bedside of

his wife who went into labour this afternoon. His team-mates arrived

here at the airport about half an

hour ago delighted for the happy

couple but also pleased that birth

will happen today or tonight,

rather than on Saturday afternoon

or Saturday morning. Here was Paul

Ros's reaction to the news. Well,

the other play rbsz it doesn't

affect anyone at all. For Darren

it's a great thrill, the birth of

your child is fantastic. I would

think going into a grand final he

couldn't be feeling better. It's

been an exciting end to what has

been a pretty quiet week for the

Swans here in Sydney. That's all

about to change when they arrive in

the AFL mecca, that is Melbourne,

in a couple of hours from now. And

Leo Barry said they have to be

aware of the hype. It definitely does play on you a little bit. Having experienced that last year,

personally and, I think, as a team, we all understand the pressure and being able to try to relax as much as you can, because you don't want to play the game before you've already got out there. The Swans fullback has learned his own lessons in dealing with media attention

after he took one of the great marks of AFL history. COMMENTATOR: One last role of the dice for the Eagles. Leo Barry, you star! It's certainly one of those moments. I mean, you'll get asked about it in 20 years time. Barry says he isn't asked about the mark every day of his life, but it is certainly close. It's always good to play well and have a major feature in a winning premiership, and hopefully either myself or one of my team-mates can do the same this weekend. The Swans taking confidence from their ability

to perform in the close ones and they're expecting another on Saturday. I expect it's going to come down to probably the last 10 minutes,

becuse I think our last five games against West Coast Eagles have, so you'd be silly not to think that. In Perth, the Eagles headed set off for the Grand final riding a massive wave of support. I think there's more this time, anyway, a bit more excitement than last year, which is good, and hopefully they'll make lots of noise on Grand Final day.

No changes to the Swans' line-up

and Darren is expected to join his

team-mates tomorrow later in

Melbourne but will probably miss

Melbourne but will probably miss the grand final parade. Remembering

the big one is exclusively on Ten. Despite Melbourne being favourites to win Sunday night's grand final, rugby league's longest-serving chief executive, the Eels' Denis Fitzgerald, says they're still to prove they deserve to be in the NRL.

A friendly chat with Melbourne counterpart Brian Waldron

at today's grand final breakfast not stopping Fitzgerald questioning the Storm's future. But this will be a chance to prove me wrong. So if they can't grow their crowds, grow their corporate support, and grow the number of players playing the game in Victoria generally, well, then I think I'll be right and there might not be a future for rugby league in Melbourne.

Sunday a mere stepping stone for the Storm. Certainly this gives us a chance to get Billy on the back page and get Greg and Kingy and the boys, the heroes of the game, out in the marketplace. So it's a long haul but we'll get there. And only kind words for Melbourne's long-time nemesis. Facing off for the last time, the travel arrangements of both teams chewed over. Melbourne flying home, Brisbane sticking around. So that's one thing I want to eliminate from their minds come Sunday, that they don't think I'm not at my best today because I've been too much around airports. I know Wayne's point about sitting around airports but it's only half the time to Melbourne for us. Storm sensation Greg Inglis needing extra leg space on his flight. I grew six centimetres so far this year, in the last 12 months, six centimetres. You'll be seven foot by grand final kick-off. 32-year-old Shane Webcke running off his birthday cake

as the Broncos held a late training session. Webcke's just 80 minutes from the biggest fairytale farewell since Glenn Lazarus in 1999, ironically with Melbourne.

But the big prop is wary of all the tributes flowing his way. In a lot of ways it's flattering but it's also a very large distraction for me personally and it's not something I want to invade the team. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Australian cricket umpire Darrell Hair will soon face the second day of the ICC disciplinary hearing

into the ball-tampering fiasco involving Pakistan captain Inzamam-ul-Haq. Hair was surrounded by the waiting media outside the Oval in London. Ul-Haq faces a lengthy ban if found guilty of ball tampering and bringing the game into disrepute following the incident last month. Indian officials have already called

for Hair to be left out of next month's Champions Trophy to avoid a possible backlash from fans. England striker Peter Crouch has given Liverpool a 3-2 edge over Galatasaray in the Champions League. Crouch scored two goals for the five-times European champions, including this spectacular scissors kick from a Steve Finnan cross. COMMENTATOR: And that is Peter Crouch at his absolute best. Meanwhile, English Premier League champion Chelsea

outclassed debutants Levski Sofia with a 3-1 road victory. Ivory Coast striker Didier Drogba scoring a hat-trick for the London-based club. Aussie surfers Taj Burrow and Mick Fanning have survived sudden death heats to move into round three of the Quiksilver Pro in France. World number two Burrow found some form in the 2m waves at Hossegor,

winning his second round heat against local Jean Duru. Fanning knocked out a Frenchman as well. The Gold Coast natural footer scored an easy win over Patrick Bevan. Better luck for 18-year-old French rising star Jeremy Flores, who posted the upset of the day, eliminating world number four Bobby Martinez. And later in Sports Tonight, more on the Grand Final build-up for both codes, And we'll hear from Sydney FC's new signing.

Traffic check now. Some problems on

the Gore Hill freeway. It is very

the Gore Hill freeway. It is very heavy getting into the city tonight.

People have plans. Have a look at

this. It is quite slow heading into

the city and all the way over the

bridge, equal to traffic coming out

of the city, in fact. Lots of of the city, in fact. Lots of patience no matter where you're headed tonight. Thank you. Tim Bailey's back with the latest weather next.

Then, here's one way to exercise the family pet, even if he does make you look like a goose.

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If you're caught speeding or not wearing your seatbelt this October long weekend, you'll lose at least half your licence. And if just one passenger isn't wearing theirs, that's your licence gone. Double demerits for seatbelt and speeding offences.


Visit Sydney Aquarium. It's like nothing on earth.

Time for all the weather details.

Have a look at that picture there

rb that's what were weatherman said

wasn't there. That's a cloud. I

thought he said rusted. Trusted I

said. You've been rusted on to

Network Ten for 26 yours. I've only

done 14. Tim the weatherman, Craig

the cameraman, wooo we can get it

right. That right will deliver 26

to 28 degrees on a fabulous Friday.

Swans into their second grand final

in a row. Hasn't it captured all of

Sydney's imagineination? Our footy

fan photos are fabulous. Our

winners, and I've got to say, I

didn't rig this, I'm a North

didn't rig this, I'm a North Narrabeen boy but I honestly don't

pick them. The whole class there, I

think it's kindergarten in their

red and white. It's going to be a

huge day at the MCG on Saturday as

we chase back to back premierships.

We'll broadcast live from

Federation Square tomorrow. I'm

really excited about that. Amongst

all the Sydney fans that have gone

down to Melbourne to be part of the

wonderful ride. If you have

decorated your house, your poor old

dog, your grandma, if they're

wearing the red and white of the

Swans, send it in, we'll whack it

on the TV. Tomorrow, for the grand

on the TV. Tomorrow, for the grand final parade in Melbourne, it looks

to be 18 degrees and a clearing

shower. The shower should clear for

the big clash on Saturday in

Melbourne for temperatures around

the 21 degree mark. 26 to 28

degrees tomorrow. As we have a look

in your BBCyard: -- backyard.

Skies are mostly clear across

Queensland, NSW and Victoria. Under

a ridge of high pressure. Cloud is

forming across the interior in a

broad trough, bringing isolated

showers and thunderstorms. Low

cloud is pushed across western

Tasmania by westerly winds, causing

a few showers. Tomorrow's weather map

map - a cold front will bring

scattered showers to Tassie and

isolated shower to southern

Victoria. A trough may trigger

isolated heat showers and storms in

north-east NSW and a ridge of high

pressure will keep much of the

country dry. Drips and drops across

rooftops. Isolated showers in

north-east NSW. Scattered showers

in western Tasmania. Isolated

showers in southern Victoria. Light

patchy rain over the western

interior. As we have a look at the

grand final weekend. Melbourne, for

the Sydney Swans against the West

Coast Eagles, a clearing shower and

around about 20 degrees for the big

one. Sunday, the NRL Grand Final

against that mub up north and the

mob down south. Do we care, of course

course we do, we have rugby league

in our blood? It will be 26, 27

degrees on Sunday. Getting to

around about 18 degrees for kick-off at 8 o'clock.

That's it from me. See you again

for the best day of the week -

Friday. Tomorrow live from Federation Square in Melbourne. Chicago residents are craning their necks to see a local bikie exercising his unusual pet. The only way Dutch Kaffel can help his goose get some exercise, is if he rides beside him on his motorbike. The streetwise bikie was forced to adopt Harley

after the wayward gosling wandered into his backyard four months ago.

He has been here ever since, we don't keep him penned in. He just stays with the family, he just thinks we are hs family. Dutch is preparing his family for the day Harley grows up and flies the coop.

He's going to have a big bike ride

on his hand when he decides to go. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company.

I'll have the Late News with Sports Tonight at 10:30. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.