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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - Opera House lockdown. shut Sydney landmarks. Protest threats The fight for survival - lashes the United States. cities flattened as wild weather I just prayed the whole time. go through the roof. And Sydney petrol prices

and Jessica Rowe. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. the fight to lead the Liberal Party Also tonight - after John Brogden's shameful exit. for Australian model Michelle Leslie. And a distressing day in jail But first this evening, in Sydney over globalisation. the scene is set for a showdown

More than 300 of the world's richest, business leaders most powerful and famous for tonight's Forbes conference, have arrived in town economic future. focused on the world's to be heard. Protesters are determined

They're descending on Circular Quay, the conference begins tonight. a stone's throw from where and concrete barricades. Bunkered down behind wire fences to a so-called medium level threat This is Sydney's response conference at the Sydney Opera House. to the controversial Forbes CEO street corner at Circular Quay. Police deployed on every

ordered to protect Over a thousand officers top company executives 350 of the world's angry about corporate greed. from protesters what their demands are, I'm not quite sure certain words like globalisation except that they're against they say. and they're for the environment - the bill for this conference. Taxpayers are footing donating $1 million each The State and Federal Governments to sponsor the three-day event. Another $300,000 for security. The protest groups want an end

is an oil-driven war in Iraq. to what they believe They want workers' rights safeguarded the concentration of global wealth. and they're opposed to

The conference's guest speaker, Rudolph Giuliani, former New York mayor says capitalism offers opportunity. is the way out of poverty. Business and capitalism

It's the ladder out of poverty. alleviate a lot of the problems It's the way in which we can of the world. on managing the fastest rate The CEOs will focus the world has ever known, of global economic expansion and India. targeting new markets in China

these economies that are expanding We can become their platform into and that are opening up. We can be their platform. be allowed to gatecrash the meeting. That's why angry demonstrators can't This is the makeshift police station

from the main protest point. set up just metres

pouring in and out of here all day. Hundreds of officers have been

vehicles and prison trucks The street outside full of police

on stand by for mass arrests.

will keep the protest peaceful. Police hope the sheer numbers Shaun Fewings, Ten News. is at the Opera House. Reporter John Hill

John, protesters are on the march.

Jess karbgs there are predictions

of up to 10,000 protesters joining

the event at the Opera House. Steve

Forbes said it was a democratic

society and they had a right to be

here. But they're gathering down

towards Circular Quay at the moment

and have been marching in from

various parts of the city. The plan

is to have something of a street

theatre event there to begin with

and then converge on the Opera

House where police have sealed the

area off. The critics said this was

probably the worst place to have an

event like this. But the police

have done a pretty good job with a

fairly large fence and certainly a

lot of police activity on the water,

on foot and in the air. The protest

is due to go on well into the night.

But the CEOs won't be here. They're

due to be feasting at a dinner at an undisclosed location nearby.

Nonetheless, tomorrow we are

expecting there will be large

protests. We understand there has

been a little bit of scuffling

around the city so far with reports

of at least one arrest. Thanks John

Hill at the Opera House.

to hit America The most destructive storm tonight. is continuing on its deadly path their lives to Hurricane Katrina, 55 people have already lost the city of New Orleans. which has devastated in America's history. It's one of the worst hurricanes and hit hard. Our Gulf Coast is getting hit it could also be the most expensive. With at least $20 billion damage, It's a major disaster. New Orleans, it was badly damaged. While the hurricane's eye missed It was beyond devastating. below sea level The city's almost entirely

the 10m storm surges. and flood barriers could not hold Hoping everybody would be alright. The water was rising. And just scared, just scared. was a deadly mistake. Ignoring evacuation orders We hope it's minimal. We believe that lives are lost. We don't know what the number is. As their homes became submerged, from rooftops. dozens had to be rescued Hundreds more were saved by boat. New Orleans Next time we're gonna leave when they say a hurricane's coming. after the storm hit, Many tried to flee roads turned into rivers. only to find I didn't see the water. with the grey of the road. It just blended in

in search of higher ground. Others waded out collapse around him. Sunny Fibre watched his home

went, then another piece went. As one piece went, another piece didn't help. Hiding in high-rise hotels The hurricane checked in too. at the football stadium, 10,000 took shelter before parts of the roof caved in. but it lost power Already overloaded emergency crews fires, sparked by fallen powerlines. were then forced to battle dozens of to stop homes and shops being looted. Authorities were too busy most powerful hurricane Katrina is the in decades. to hit the central Gulf coast killed 256 people. The last one, in 1969, It could have been much worse. before making landfall, The hurricane weakened slightly although winds still reached 230km/h. Woah, what was that? Debris flew where birds couldn't. You can't stand up. A million people are homeless

are without power and clean water. and a million more the biggest natural disaster This is going to be has ever responded to. that the Red Cross Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. In Baton Rouge, Louisiana, And Hurricane Katrina is having an impact in Sydney, with petrol prices hitting a new high. The cost of crude has shot above US$70 a barrel for the first time, and the evidence is on these signs in Victoria Road. Hurricane Katrina is pushing the price higher still,

causing production problems for oil rigs and refineries in the Gulf of Mexico.

Drivers aren't the only ones feeling the pinch. With more money going into the tanks, we're spending less at the shops.

The fight to lead the State Liberal Party is down to two men. Barry O'Farrell and Peter Debnam will spend the night trying to win the support of their colleagues for tomorrow's secret ballot. Peter Debnam has been hitting the phones hard, having given Barry O'Farrell a 24-hour head start in the Liberal leadership race. I will run, yeah. I've been very encouraged with the support from my colleagues last night. Peter Debnam and Barry O'Farrell remain the only declared candidates following the shock resignation of John Brogden yesterday. The opposition leader quit after admitting making a racial slur against the wife of former premier Bob Carr and the sexual harassment of two women during a drinking session. An embarrassed Brogden has said he'll move to the back bench,

but Peter Debnam wants him to reconsider. I'd be encouraging him to stay involved in the front bench. But that's his decision. Meanwhile, Barry O'Farrell is doing his lobbying out of the media glare. The once overweight and bearded Shadow Health Minister famously declared he'd be a leadership contender the day he lost weight and became clean-shaven. He's done both. Premier Morris Iemma is dismissive of the Liberal ballot altogether. I think the new leader, whether it's Mr O'Farrell or Mr Debnam, will take over a party that is bitterly divided and a party that is in crisis. Shadow Attorney-General Andrew Tink has declared himself a non-starter. John Brogden's resignation is a major blow to the Coalition's poll chances. It's forced the election of the fourth Liberal leader in just six years.

Paul Mullins, Ten News. A startling claim by Peter Costello tonight that he is already leading the country. The Treasurer's comment creating new tension with the Prime Minister. Most government backbenchers seem to think John Howard

is the best PM on offer. But when the Treasurer gets agitated over his future Mr Howard goes for flattery. He has been in my view, the best Treasurer that this country has produced. That isn't washing. At a meeting between the two men in May Mr Costello is believed to have told the PM

he is no longer prepared to wait indefinitely for the top job. He's now refusing to confirm or deny that but says he is ready to lead. Well look, I am the Treasurer, I am the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party so I feel in a sense that I do lead in this country. I have done 10 budgets,

I've been responsible for the economy. That's not a view shared by John Howard when he reignited the tax debate last week the PM claimed ownership of the economy. Something he also did earlier this year in Greece which infuriated Mr Costello. Liberal insiders are split over what will happen next year,

some believe Mr Howard will retire after the industrial relations changes become law, others say if Mr Costello hasn't got the message yet, he ought to, John Howard has no intention of quitting this term. Peter Costello is keeping his options open. If opportunities come along you look at them then. But you've got to wait for opportunities. So he's the Clayton's leader of the Liberal Party now, is he? The Treasurer ought to rule out a leadership challenge

or come clean on his arrangements with the PM. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News.

Tim Webster with a look ahead to sport, and the Wests Tigers in trouble with the NRL over an illegal tactic. Yes, the powers that be have put the boot into a homemade kicking tee that dramatically changes the flight of the ball. The tee was so effective it led to a complaint from Melbourne Storm players, who had trouble fielding the Tigers' kick-offs. THe club has now been fined. Later in sport, we'll show the confiscated tee and how it makes it work so well. And we'll also hear from the giant Sydney bouncer who was racially abused by South African rugby captain John Smit. How he kept his cool against the verbal attack also coming up. And the Swans skipper for the finals, Barry Hall, on why he sacrificed a chance at the Coleman Medal for the AFL's leading goal-kicker. See you a bit later.

Still to come, a teacher jailed for having sex with a student. Also tonight, a distressing day in jail for Australian model Michelle Leslie. And Liz Hurley has her say on those ridiculous rumours. I've never heard of anyone living on six raisins. That's absolute nonsense.

This program is captioned live. Sydney Water workers have walked off the job for 48 hours. About 500 maintenance officers are furious over roster changes,

including plans to contract out services. They also want more permanent staff hired to ease increasing workloads. Pipe breakages, blockages and leaks in the metropolitan area and the Illawarra won't be fixed until at least Thursday. Skeleton staff working in their own time to attend emergencies. The RTA says it won't make snap changes as motorists continue to battle confusion after the Cross City Tunnel opening. More drivers are believed to have used the new tunnel today, but many are still confused about controversial changes to surface streets. Woolloomooloo remains a particular problem, along with William Street and the westbound access to the Anzac Bridge. A once admired teacher has been jailed for two years over a sexual relationship with a student. Travis Robertson had group sex with a girl and her friend on a school trip to Gallipoli. Accompanied by the family priest, dozens of Travis Robertson's family and friends left court in silence. Robertson's victim giving an investigator this message. She's happy that it sends a loud message to people in the teaching profession of what's acceptable and what's not. The victim was just 15 when, in 2001, Robertson started his first teaching job at her school. His attention lead to a liaison in a Melbourne park, things re-igniting over a year later on a school trip to Gallipoli things re-igniting over a year later on a school trip to Gallipoli when Robertson had drunken sex with the student and her older friend. The group later met again at a hotel and the teacher's home. Robertson also had another two encounters with the student, the last when she was celebrating the end of year 12 and he was dating another teacher. His girlfriend sobbed in court as Robertson was jailed for two years. While Judge Jim Duggan described the group sex as an "aggravating and ugly" feature of the case he also said the 8-year age difference between Robertson and his victim was 'modest', especially when the former teacher's immaturity and sexual inexperience were considered. Now on Victoria's sex offenders register Robertson will never teach again and can't do voluntary work with children. It's a very sad case, it really is. There's no winners with this one. Christopher Still, Ten News.

A Sydney woman will face court on 47 charges relating to the mistreatment of dogs. RSPCA inspectors were alerted to a backyard where the 14 animals were fighting over scraps of food and sharing the one kennel. One of the dogs, a boxer, had to be put down. It had fight wounds. Unfortunately when it was presented to the vets it was in a condition where it was cruel to be kept alive,

and unfortunately it had to be euthanased. The case will be heard next month. Yet another attempted ATM ramraid, this time in Chester Hill. Thieves drove through the front of a convenience store early this morning. They damaged the cash machine inside but couldn't remove it. The bandits fled just before police arrived. A van and a four-wheel drive were found at the scene

and a dark sports car was seen speeding away. There've been at least 19 ATM thefts across Sydney in the past couple of months.

Time for the weather check. Became

Bailey, you found a spectacular

perch above Sydney this time.

Fantastic, doing it live off the

roof of the Intercontinental Hotel

where in all honesty, if the

weatherman doesn't get it right

from a view like this, he should be

sacked. So I've put myself up for

this. Tomorrow, cloudy, a little

bit of sunshine, maybe a shower and

25 degrees. I've had a crack 25 degrees. I've had a crack at

everything there. It's a brilliant

view with a view of Sydney right

around to the Sydney Opera House

and the big coat hanger there. This

is of course where Bec and Lleyton

got married and I was well away

from here on that day. And I think

that might have been the piece

deresistance. What about sky watch?

I reckon the pictures might

challenge it. It was a cloudy one,

we were six above average. Winds

hilting 50km out of the north.

Right now they're about 24 km/h in

the north-east. No problems with

pollution and we'll be back begin

in around about ten. Next in the 5:00 News - getting even. Police hunt down Douglas Wood's kidnappers. And computers becoming a real pain in the neck. It can get quite severe, to the point where they need to take time off work, take medication or even put in a workers comp claim.

This program is captioned live. Michelle Leslie has apologised if she has offended anyone by wearing a Muslim head dress. The model, facing drugs charges in Bali, is still going to extraordinary lengths to keep her face covered. Michelle Leslie is moved from one Bali cell

into a room used for taking prisoners' photographs.

Her anxiety increases when the police ask her to stop shielding her face for the cameras. OK, no face. No face in picture, OK. They photograph her fully covered. The four other suspects arrested in the same dance party raid comply with police. This morning the Adelaide-born woman was again dressed in Muslim garb and embraced her best friend in the cell. Get out of the way! Most of her nights are spent just around the corner from here in a cell packed with women. She receives special privileges during the day because she's allowed to see her friends. The cover girl's lawyers have apologised to the Australian Islamic community for any offence caused by her decision to wear Muslim head dress, saying she converted to Islam 18 months ago. Her former lawyer has denied reports he's still waiting to be paid for working on the Leslie case and he's confident that he could have got her off

with just two months jail time. Of course with her case, we are very confident before. He refused to comment on whether she did tell police she was addicted to ecstasy. In Bali, Martine Griffiths, Ten News. Justice at last for former hostage Douglas Wood. Despite claims some of his kidnappers have been hunted down and killed, Mr Wood says they've been arrested and will face trial. Douglas Wood is about to get his chance to exact revenge on his kidnappers. What I was told by the Australian Federal Police just last week is that they had caught six more - caught - of our captors. At the time they forced him to go on camera and plead for his life. Now he's agreed to go back in front of a lens to give video evidence against them. Have they given you any indication when that may be? No, not yet. Although he's been left almost legally blind by the ordeal,

it's what little he did see that helped police track the murderous gang.

They said they caught the six based on the debriefing that I gave that said where the house was and what the people looked like. It was while he was celebrating his freedom in Australia that he says police showed him the first photographs of his captors. And I identified a couple of people and rejected one and tentatively on another one, but I'd need to see a profile.

At the same time, fellow hostage Ulf Hjertstrom was contracting bounty hunters. The information I have now fellow hostage Ulf Hjertstrom was contracting bounty hunters.

The information I have now is that eight people have been captured and taken out of business.

Wood, who knows how cheap life is in Iraq, isn't surprised. If you wanted to have justice done your own way it's possible. But the 63-year-old says he prefers to see justice done the legal way.

I'm not a vigilante. I don't believe in taking justice in your own hands like Ulf apparently does, and I'm glad that the system works. Two months after being rescued, he says he's not angry nor hateful, but unlike Ulf, he's adamant he'll never return to Iraq. Douglas Wood is now spending his days here in California packing up his home, preparing to return to Australia for good in a few weeks. Then the businessman turned hostage will tell his story one last time in a book. Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. French police are investigating another deadly fire in a Paris high rise occupied by African immigrants.

The fire in a rundown apartment building began in the middle of the night. More than 130 firefighters battling to stop it spreading to adjoining buildings.

Two people died and three others were seriously injured.

The blaze comes just three days after a similar fire killed 14 children and 3 adults

in south-eastern Paris. Our growing dependence on computers is becoming, quite literally, a real pain in the neck. Up to three quarters of people who work with them are suffering from neck problems, most of them women. A novel approach to a modern-day dilemma -

office workers stretched and pummelled at their desks. Now more than ever, employers are treating staff to on-site relief. Working at computers has literally become a pain in the neck, excruciatingly bad for some. It feels stiff just to start with and then it starts to feel tender and then it really starts to burn. It can get quite severe to the point where they need to take time off work, take medication or even put in a workers comp claim. Researchers at the University of Queensland are looking at workplace habits to see why some computer users suffer and others don't feel a thing. Women are the most commonly affected. More than half the study's female participants have had to seek professional help. It's believed to be because of their dual roles - after the office they go home to more work. Sitting in the one spot for too long can actually be harmful. So no matter how user-friendly a work space is, the user has to remember to escape once in a while. To take regular breaks, that's probably the most important thing. I think what happens is we get so involved in our work we forget to move. Stretching can release muscle stress, good posture also crucial. The study won't be finished until the end of the year, but one thing they do know - prevention is the best cure. Amanda McLeay, Ten News. Still to come - more evidence we're being careful with our money. Also tonight - how the city's coping with angry protesters. And Liz Hurley sets the record straight.

Of all the things I might be, anti-fat is not one of them.

Bailey you're keeping an eye on the

protesters tonne. Yes, we can see a

line of police on horse back there.

This whole area of skee, the police

numbers is unbelievable.

Outnumbering tourists and locals.

We have choppers flying all over the

city for the Forbes dinner tonight

and also a strong police boat

presence. We have police lookouts

down below on roof tops. The whole

area is a no-go zone for the

protesters. It is also a very good

place for a weatherman to get

tomorrow night. Cloudy, 25 degrees,

6 above average and a fairly windy

one too. Let's look at the map of

NSW for you.

We'll see you again at 5:55 live

the city. from the Intercontinental Hotel in

we're following tonight - Some of the stories ever to hit America the most destructive storm is continuing on its deadly path. by Hurricane Katrina, 55 people have already been killed

the city of New Orleans. which has devastated as petrol price rises kick in. Sydney motorists slugged again bowser price to 132.9 cents a litre. Some service stations upping the And Sydney in lockdown mode of the world's top chief executives. as protesters march on a conference She's an actress and a model.

her talents to swimwear. Now Elizabeth Hurley has turned

in Sydney today, Releasing her revealing range of that gossip doing the rounds. she's set the record straight on some Growing up in rainy England, of warmer weather Elizabeth Hurley always dreamed and wearing swimwear like this. LIZ HURLEY: Obviously some of these more daring people amongst us. are for the aforementioned

packed a department store Hundreds of fans for a first glimpse of the new range.

They're delightful, actually. They were very, very nice. Oh yes, but nothing wrong with that. Shows a lot of flesh... Nothing wrong with that. Nice for the men. some pieces up to $1,200. Others put off by the price tag - I think she's fantastic. Will you be trying any on? It's quite expensive. Probably just looking. The high price in Asia and Europe. partly because the swimmers were made which was hand done for us in India, We had lots of this beading, quite special to make every sort of little bit because I think that, you know, money on clothes if people are going to spend they should be nice enough to keep. she recently said Hurley denied reports should not wear tight clothes. overweight women Of all the things I might be one of them. anti-fat is certainly not after giving birth... And as for trimming down living on six raisins. I've never heard of anyone That's absolute nonsense. knows that after a certain age, I think every woman in the world a reasonable weight if you want to maintain you just have to watch what you eat. I mean, it's not rocket science.

launch tour in Melbourne tomorrow. Elizabeth Hurley will continue her the Australian share market today. Finance, and a mixed result on at Commonwealth Securities, Craig James today. a bungy-jump on the share market

Yes, yesterday investors feared the

share worst with Katrina and sent the

share market down 50 points but the worst with Katrina and sent the

worst didn't happen and back up she

went 39 points. There were good

gains across the board and a

particularly fantastic day for

Fantastic Furniture, the share

price up 10% More evidence today

we're being careful with the money.

Why is that? There are two factors.

One is petrol prices and that is

causing people to cut back on

non-essential goods. The other causing people to cut back on

factor is that many parts of

Australia have experienced their

warmest winter on record,

including Sydney. And that means we

haven't had to buy warm clothing

and things like heat erls. And now

for the latest on the protesters

in the city. Our reporter John Hill

is in the Opera House. What can you

tell us, what's happening? Only a

few dozen protesters here at the

moment. We understand there are

several hundred more back in the

city being held at police road

blocks but they're expected this

find their way here to the Opera

House where there will be a large

protest I expect during the evening.

Not as many as I would expect

tomorrow when the 350CEOs turn up

for the meeting. But nonetheless,

police are well prepared. In the

helicopter with cameras on them,

there's a command post watching

from the air. The Opera House is

completely cut off from the water

and the two-metre high fence

surrounding the entire precinct.

Thank you John. Tim Webster with sport, with the Melbourne Storm. and the Wests Tigers aren't impressed Yes, a complaint from the Storm for an illegal kicking tee. will see the Tigers fined at the confiscated device shortly. We'll have a close-up look extra spice Plus, the comment that will add to Manly's bid for a top 8 spot. has to say And what this Sydney bouncer of South Africa's rugby captain. could end the career rival to retire from the US Open Also, what forced Nicole Pratt's in distress.

This program is captioned live. by the NRL The Wests Tigers will be fined in their game against Melbourne. for using an illegal kicking tee from the Storm The NRL acted on a complaint from down south and that led to the team by the Tigers. being labelled whingers

It's the roughest looking kicking

tee in Rugby League. And also the

most deadly. Here's the kick off

again from Richards, a deeper one.

But hangs up there a long time But

the NRL believes this sawn-off

witch's hat disguised in

electrical tape is an illegal kick

off for the Tigers. The club hit

with a bridge notice and NRL rivals

warned not to do the same. It

doesn't look markedly different

from a legal kicking tee. It does

have some differences which allows

the ball to go higher in the air.

The home made tee confiscated

after a complaint from Melbourne. I

am pretty surprised when you go

there and play in a six metre dead

ball line T is eight for everyone

else and it is six or seven shorter.

The Tigers likely semi-final

opponents also complaining about

the trainer Andrew Leads spending

too much time on the field. He was

out there treating injuries. An

elbow injury likely to keep Paten

sidelined until the semi-finals. everyone hates Manly, Canberra forward Ian Hindmarsh says could be the top 8 deciding match a comment sure to spice up what and the Sea Eagles. between the Raiders Canberra are training and playing Like Manly, with limited bodies and limbs.

today thanks to Ian Hindmarsh. Their final round showdown heating up Everyone loves to hate Manly of a tradition for that, and there's been a bit

the last couple of years, and Manly have started to go good started to happen again. so that's probably that everyone hates Manly, Yeah, I hear that around, with them. but I suppose I've got no problems Penrith and the Roosters To remain in the finals race, against Canberra on Saturday night. need Manly to crash

some guys won't. Some guys will watch it, I might watch it. I'll see how I go. I was trying to get the score last weekend in their game. Centre Paul Franze, like Ben Ross, could be playing his last match for Penrith against the Wests Tigers on Sunday. Franze lured to rugby union. London Irish paying $300,000, a season for the 23-year-old

who's hoping to represent Italy in the 2008 rugby World Cup. The thought of taking on the Wallabies one day not as fearful as it once was. I tell you what, with the form they are in at the moment, it would be good to play against them in the Italian jersey. We'd see how we would go, definitely. And Tonie Carroll and Berrick Barnes have been named in the Broncos starting side for Friday night's minor Premiership showdown with Parramatta. Rob Canning, Ten News. South African rugby captain John Smit could face the sack

for racially abusing a bouncer at a Sydney nightclub. Smit was escorted from the bar by his own team-mates, three of them coloured players. As a rugby-loving Kiwi of Samoan extraction, nightclub bouncer Alan Teli used to admire Springboks captain John Smit.

That's until he refused to leave a Kings Cross bar in the early hours of yesterday morning. It took them ages just for him to move because he kept looking at me, swearing at me. Amid the abuse, Teli says Smit called him a black 'c'. A nightclub patron had earlier complained about the South African skipper acting aggressively. Security staff on the verge of calling police when Smit was calmed down by his own team-mates. Because he refused to leave, he then grabbed on to the bar and I could just see that in his face. That's why I took a step back - just in case he took a swing at me. The allegations against Smit come just weeks after he held aloft the Nelson Mandela Plate, one of the symbols of racial harmony in South African sport. Racial abuse making headlines earlier this year

when former Wallabies forward Justin Harrison made a tearful public apology

for vilifying a black South African player. The South African Rugby Union says it won't take action against its captain unless a formal complaint is made. So that's exactly what Alan Teli is going to do. When he says things like that to simple people who look up to internationals, I don't think that's right. Leanne West, Ten News. Swans skipper Barry Hall has revealed why he sacrificed the chance of winning the prestigious Coleman medal for the AFL's leading goal-kicker. Sydney's captain for the finals intends to lead by example, starting on Friday night against the West Coast Eagles in Perth. If Swans fans are wondering what style of leadership Barry Hall will provide during the finals,

on Saturday against the Hawks they saw a good example of it who needed five goals to tie when the Swans forward continually gave the ball away. for the Coleman Medal He share it is around, well played! he doesn't want the Coalman at all. Intent to lay it off if

If guys were saying to me to hand

it off and do the team things and

not worry about individual medals

or accolades or whatever, that

everyone had to follow. as the best forward in the AFL, On current form, Hall is rated the best player full stop. and by some, about his team and in particular, But the man himself wants to talk the Swans their best chance the young players who are giving since 96 to win the flag.

I don't like to put players in

categories, but it is not our top

ten players, it's the bottom ten

that are really performing. of what the Swans hope In Melbourne, the AFL took possession of the Premiership cup. will end up in the hands the first step in the journey The Sydneysiders taking a plane for Perth this afternoon. towards winning it when they boarded exclusively here on Ten And the Swans final can be seen from 8:00 on Friday night. The Socceroos are taking no chances qualification match with Saturday's World Cup at Aussie Stadium, against the Solomon Islands naming a full strength team. of the English Premier League, Fresh from the weekend's round and their team-mates Tim Cahill, Lucas Neill

after the long flight. had a light training run to captain the side Goalkeeper Mark Schwarzer is expected injury, and no Harry Kewell either. after Craig Moore was ruled out with

You know, the desperation or the

commitment from the players is

there because for a lot of them

one. thrbgs is it. This is their last

for four months, After struggling with illness in the first round of the U.S Open. Alicia Molik has been beaten in straight sets The 14th seed went down to American wildcard Shenay Perry. Fellow Aussie Nicole Pratt amid dramatic scenes. went through to the second round

Akiko Morigami, Her Japanese opponent, retired with cramps and heat stress. Tennis doesn't often turn to tears,

in the hot and muggy conditions, but after battling Nicole Pratt Japan's Akiko Morigami could offer. that was all that

number 47 was forced to retire Clearly in distress the world at one set apiece. with the match poised fearing she could damage her heart. Trainers told her to quit, in a paper for her hyperventilation. They even made her breath she has had to quit, It's the second time in three weeks but into the second round. Pratt unforgiving with an ear complaint, After months out at her first comeback hurdle. Alicia Molik has fallen bundled out in straight sets The former world number eight by local Shenay Perry. Kuznetsova's back to back hopes Defending champion Svetlana by fellow Russian Ekaterina Bychkova, are over, knocked out in two grunted her way into the second round while Maria Sharapova

Greece's Eleni Daniilidou. with an emphatic 6-1, 6-1 win over avoiding a dog of a day. Serena Williams also won through But all eyes were on her ears boundaries with her $50,000 danglers. once again pushing the fashion

I think the earrings cost more than

your opponent made in her entire

career. Sn Well you have to have

was it! the bling. That wasn't very nice,

Andre Agassi cruised through In the mens' while former champ John MacEnroe a set of different strings. was happy to pluck with Ryan Phelan, And later in Sports Tonight the great Gorden Tallis, Rugby League's Raging Bull, chats about pertinent league issues. in the netball grand final. And meet the two schoolgirls playing

Back to the major story this

evening. The crowds are growing around skee where

around skee where protesters are evening. The crowds are growing

determined to oppose

globallisation and the gathering of

world business leaders which will

be officially opened by the Prime

Minister. Bring us up-to-date with

what's happen thrg? There is still

only a small number of protesters

here in the Opera House but we

understand there are up to a

Circular Quay. They're thousand people gathering in

Circular Quay. They're expected to thousand people gathering in

march up here soon but there are a

large number of police here. We

have the two-metre fence there in

the Opera House and the Opera House

is also circleed by water police

and in the air. This is nothing

like what is expected tomorrow when

many thousands are possibly

expected to come here and protest

against the CEOs. Thank you John

Bailey is Hill in Circular Quay And Tim

Bailey is back with the weather Hill in Circular Quay And Tim

details next. Skwhreer

and get bonus speakers.

This program is captioned live..

You're watching the 5:00 news ar

time for Bailey and his quest to

get it right. Tim Bailey really has

his heading to tonight. We must

thank the Intercontinental Hotel

for one of the best views for one of the best views tonight. thank the Intercontinental Hotel

If I can't get it right tonight, I

can't get it right. Around about 26

degrees tomorrow t will be cloudy

and blowy. And a late shower may be

on the cards. What have we got

weather photo wise. Can anybody

compete with this? It is a

sensational view and Circular Quay

is alive with police at the moment,

in the water, in the sky and on

horse back below waiting for the

Forbes dinner who are on their way

to the Opera House as we speak. But

we love the weather photographs.

You have a brilliant eye. And

tonight's winner comes from Sussex

Inlet and we dip our lids to the

local doctor who has been there 21

years, Dr Graham Morgan and he took

this photo of sunset around about

three weeks ago and we appreciate

his handywork. Right from the sea

to the snow and it is about time

that I said hello to some special

friends in Thredbo. 1, 23, hi Tim.

Now these are the kids from the

spastic centre in Alambi centre

seeing snow for the first time in

their lives. And we thank very much

Ed in the Denman Lodge and thank

you to the media centre in Thredbo

for can't yuerg these moments which

the kids will not forget and hello

to everyone in the spastic centre.

We're off down there ourselves to

broadcast live from Thredbo on

Thursday and Friday. The big news broadcast live from Thredbo on

across the mountains is snow on the

way. The first falls for around

about two weeks, possibly tonight. Around

Around about 20 to 25cm across the about two weeks, possibly tonight.

Ugg boots. Sydney tomorrow, around

about 24, 25, 26 degrees, partly

cloudy with a fair bit of wind.

Right, into the back yard and I can

see you so behave yourselves. I'm

up so high in the sky. 21 at

Gosford and 14 at Katoomba.

The satellite, widespread cloud in

the south-east near a trough which

is generating storms in western

NSW. There's good news, bring on

the precipitation. A cold front

will bring winds and a cold change to the will bring winds and a cold change to the south-west. Snow developing

on the alps. The business of the brolly, predicted precipitation,

rain across NSW, mostly on the

western slopes and they'll be

clapping that. Rain easing to

showers in Victoria and Tazmania.

By Thursday, a high will clear

Victoria and SA but westerly

showers in western Tazmania, a weak

front in WA bringing some showers in western Tazmania, a weak front in WA bringing some showers.

So the rain spreading across NSW

and we're hoping for substantial

rainfall. There will be snow in the

alps. Sydney doesn't look like it

will get much. The baisin looks

deloudy rather than showery and

that's pretty much the forecast for

the next three or four days. Let's

go interstate now.

That's it from me. Thanks to

everybody who helped to bring the

television off the top of the roof

of the Intercontinental Hotel to

your very own loungeroom. You're

spoilt tonight. See you again tomorrow. The sun came out and so did more than 1.5 million revellers, determined to enjoy the final day of London's biggest street carnival. Thousands of dancers and drummers joined floats through the streets of Notting Hill.

Although security was tight, the Underground bombings of July didn't deter the crowds, determined to enjoy the multicultural flavour of the day. Billed as Europe's biggest street party, this year's carnival featured samba schools, steel bands and food from around the world. That's the 5:00 News. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Jessica Rowe. Sandra Sully will have the Late News after 'Rove'. Goodnight.

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