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(generated from captions) That is a good haul. Good on you, Andy. $30,000 is a fantastic fix, yeah. Nicely done. (LAUGHS) to the other, Steve, what's in 8? OK, from one silverback Thank you, sir. I think I've got $150. No, $15,000. has that jolly green giant. So either you or Leesh What do you think, Leesh? Who is it, do you think, Leesh? Do you? Um, I think I have the $100,000. Alright. I want to uncage the beast. You reckon the 100 grand? Let her out. Alrighty. It's... Yes, you do! $100,000 right up there, for your correct guess. making it $30,500 all up Let's see the money! Awesome. we'd see a gazelle eventually. I knew the highly athletic, The graceful, the lovely, with your cheque for $30,000. Miss Katie Mac Whoo! Congratulations, Andy. Gee, it's been a fun day.

Good on you, Leesh. What a great day of dealing. See you next time. Thanks for being with us, everyone. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by to your freedom today. Extraordinary reaction like to take this chance I'd really just that have supported us, to say thank you to the people that have stood by us. to say nothing. Lawyers instructed him It must be an enormous relief? Thank you very much. a trial pending Jeffrey, there could be but you must say, to be walking from court today? at least explain how it feels The only acknowledgement was a wave. to thank your supporters, Jeffrey? Would you even like sipping champagne at a city hotel. He took off to celebrate - with his family for Christmas. He'll be home I think that's the best part of it. enough, in the first place. The evidence was never strong A jury thought it was Jeffrey Gilham claims four years ago. when it convicted him

to find his brother, Chris, he entered his Woronora home in 1993 Steve and Helen, in a frenzy had stabbed their parents, stabbed Chris to death. before an enraged Jeffrey for half an hour, Jeffrey didn't raise the alarm on his foot, had a drop of his mother's blood from their burning home didn't try to rescue his parents smelt of petrol. and neighbours claimed he now claims But a forensic pathologist when the fire was ignited Chris might have been alive breathed into his lungs, because of fumes could have started it. suggesting Chris The jury didn't hear that evidence or possibly an acquittal. so now there will be a retrial as a spectacular failure Would you describe the prosecution in this case? My job ends in the courtroom. I've got no further comment. conviction, Margaret Cunneen, The prosecutor who secured Gilham's for this appeal. was not even briefed Jeffrey Gilham's uncle Tony is a killer. has always believed his nephew He is shattered. in New South Wales history It was one of the worst crimes on a technicality. and I don't want him getting off from the Gilhams' home at St Ives. And Robert Ovadia joins us returned there yet? Rob, has Jeffrey Gilham with family and supporters, No. He's still out celebrating to the prosecutors' office, in stark contrast where the mood is a lot darker, as they work out what went wrong, a successful prosecution and whether they can get a second time round. has used his heavy drinking, Former minister Ian Macdonald and the pressures of politics poor eyesight at his corruption hearing. to try to defend himself before the ICAC He spent the final day in return for doing favours. insisting he never accepted sex to defend himself outside the ICAC. Ian Macdonald was saying nothing No comment. the report comes down. Thank you. I'll have my comments to make when was not short of a word But the former Labor minister in the witness stand as he was grilled for the last time corruption hearing. in this explosive bottles of wine during dinner, He said he drank between 1.5 and 2 for his woes. blaming political enemies Mr Macdonald has been accused Ron Medich favours of giving property developer from a table of prostitutes. and making a selection he wasn't wearing his glasses. He said that wasn't possible because For all the pressure under in the witness stand this week the former minister was to retain a sense of humour. he still managed interrogator When asked by the commission's if he was known as 'Mr Lunchalot' he said: it's a higher title", "I think you'll find of Sir Lunch-alot. referring to his actual nickname by former premier Nathan Rees. He denied he was sacked At the time, Macdonald said minister for positive publicity. he was the number one rating by Kristina Keneally He was restored to the ministry but the headlines were far from kind over travel rorts. when he quit again last year Do you owe anyone an apology? will be handed down early next year. The commission's report Some breaking news now. thrown in his face in Sydney's west. A middle-aged man has had acid

on the 50-year-old. Police are investigating the attack Rehabilitation Centre at Putney It happened at the Royal just before 4:00 this afternoon. is in the Royal North Shore Hospital Tonight the injured man with burns to his face. An international tip-off federal police employee in Sydney has led to the arrest of a former for child pornography. with vulnerable children, The man, who's also worked calls himself Elvis Presley. of obscene pictures and videos. He's accused of having thousands Glen Alpine home of the accused man. These weapons were found in the And on these computers being molested, 30,000 images of teenage boys plus, 800 videos. examples of child pornography Police say they're some of the worst they've ever seen. The tip-off came from the US - Exploited Children, near Washington. America's Centre for Missing & That agency alerted Australian Federal Police in Canberra, who, in turn, called the New South Wales Sex Crimes Squad before Campbelltown police raided the suburban home. They arrested Michael Feuerstein, a former AFP employee. Old uniforms and badges have been seized. I am very saddened by it. The 49-year-old is known by another name, Elvis Aaron Presley. He changed by deed poll. When the magistrate was told that in court today he asked "Are you serious?" before denying bail. Recently, he'd worked in juvenile justice and for Father Chris Riley's charity which said: More charges are expected, as police search for any victims. The Labor Party's national conference has kicked off at Darling Harbour, with none of the pizzazz of previous events. Julia Gillard called for passionate debate on a range of issues but she'll have to be patient. Arriving early for her big challenge Julia Gillard's left waiting... ..waiting... ..waiting. (LAUGHS) Precision timing. As the talk goes on inside, small talk outside. About seven. And still waiting. Off you go, open them. OK. (APPLAUSE) But hardly worth waiting for - a speech of little detail or inspiration. This is the Australian way. We follow it simply because we are us. Ms Gillard hailed the carbon and mining taxes but not a word on asylum seekers, declaring next year about jobs and growth with a jab at the opponent she calls "Mr No." Labor says yes to Australia's future, thank you. When Kevin Rudd delivered the last leader's address here three years ago, Labor was riding high. It's now close to rock bottom. Julia Gillard knows if her rallying cry today isn't heard, this, her first leaders' address, may be her last. In a clear dig at Mr Rudd's leadership style, Ms Gillard tried to mark herself as different. I want us to have a fair dinkum Labor Party conference. But the same old factional deals have been done, including on gay marriage - a non-binding commitment allowing MPs a free vote. So, they can look like they're holding hands - but not really. Political editor Mark Riley joins us now. Mark, will we see any real passion at this conference Mark, there will be moments of theatre but the party will vote yes to uranium sales to India, yes to keeping the Malaysia solution and yes to gay marriage but with that compromise allowing MPs to vote no. The factional deals have all been done behind closed doors. As usual, the more Labor leaders talk about change the more it remains the same. Sir Elton John has urged the ALP conference delegates to embrace gay marriage. The entertainer, who wore red glasses and shoes, was addressing a World AIDS Day function in Sydney last night. People have a right to live a right to live with dignity. We're all treated equal and it is about time Australians got the same-sex marriage together, as well. (APPLAUSE) The issue will be debated at the conference tomorrow. One man leading the charge for gay marriage will be New South Wales Opposition leader John Robertson. The former union boss has a 19-year-old son who's openly gay and says he deserves the same rights as everyone else. For John Robertson, supporting gay marriage isn't a political decision. I've got three kids. I've got a son who's gay and I want all my kids to have the same opportunities in life. For me, I don't come at this as a politician, I come at it as a parent. Seeing his son Aidan denied the rights others enjoy inspires the Labor leader to push for change. He'll address the national Labor conference in Sydney tomorrow and hopes his family's experience will also inspire. I certainly hope my story coming at it as a parent will persuade people to think about what it's like, as a parent, because I think most parents want their kids to have the best. Deciding what to do will be one of the major issues at this weekend's Labor conference, and one of the most fiery. The left faction wants gay marriage legalised while the right, including Prime Minister Julia Gillard, supports a conscience vote giving MPs the option of voting against it in parliament. Mr Robertson agrees with the right. I think a conscience vote is really important on this because it is about when people go into vote you want them to believe in what they're voting for. A petition with more than 140,000 signatures was presented to delegates calling for immediate change. There is nothing as persistent as the desire for equality and the desire and aspiration for fairness. A vote will be held tomorrow. The battle for Sydney's V8 Supercar championship is off to a red-hot start, with rivals Jamie Whincup and Craig Lowndes Fans have also checked out the future of their sport, soon to become more than just a 2-horse race. Lighter, safer, better and cheaper. This is the V8 supercar of the future. They're certainly a game-changer. The whole car of the future platform is the next 10 years of Australian motorsport. For years, Ford and Holden have battled it out for V8 supremacy. These beasts will allow new car-makers to come out and play. From 2013 onwards, the new manufacturers are allowed to compete in this. At Olympic park today, the cars of the past were also on display. Cost me about $55,000 to restore it. Cars for him, her, racers, cruisers - even for Batman. Car lovers may have though they'd gone to heaven, and this drag-racing hearse could take them there. We're real funeral directors by trade, and what better way to advertise our company than to have a hearse? There's so much to see - but nothing more exciting than the current crop of V8s. Here comes one now. He waved at me - I think. At least someone did. Even practice was worth cheering. The day belonged to revved-up rivals Jamie Whincup and Craig Lowndes who clocked the fast times. Still to come - a TV star's apology for an attack on the air. The Army Black Hawk still down in a Sydney park, forcing the locals out. Plus, Santa arrives early for some very special Sydney children. That's next. this weekend, thanks to the army helicopter parked on its Headen Park pitch. The broken-down Black Hawk has been there for more than two days now and it's starting to look like a permanent army camp. Locals have been told it'll be tomorrow afternoon at the earliest before it flies again, and even then will need low-altitude testing before it goes back to base. Top French label Louis Vuitton has joined the growing trend of retailers opening flagship stores in Sydney. The foreign companies are cashing in on strong demand for luxury goods despite financial worries here and overseas.

As a global name they don't come much bigger than Louis Vuitton. Not just a store, they say, but an experience. Just look for the kangaroo made out of handbags in the window. The Australian clientele is one of our top 10 and Sydney really is one of the interesting cities in the middle of all Asia Pacific. Which attracts wealthy tourists. On offer here more than just expensive - everything - customers can design their own bag from eight types of leather, 26 colours, different accessories. Yours from $8,000. $40,000 if you want crocodile. The only other store that does it is in Milan. For the blokes, a chance to create your own shoes. You choose your size, style and type of leather and the craftsmen in Italy get to work. They'll even emboss your initials inside now - the alligator, the python or the ostrich. Louis Vuitton joins Gucci opening stores this week. In a world coping with financial crisis Australia's luxury market is growing and worth almost a billion dollars a year. When you have worked hard you want to treat yourself and treating yourself is really getting the best. Britain's banks have been warned to hoard cash and brace themselves for a financial shockwave from Europe. The Governor of the Bank of England, the equivalent of our Reserve Bank boss, says financial institutions need to be ready in case the European Union collapses. No-one who looks at the current position could surely deny

that it is extraordinarily serious and threatening. to ban budget deficits in European Union countries. Government debt has caused the latest financial crisis. The host of Britain's popular 'Top Gear' TV show has apologised for saying striking public servants should be shot. I would take them outside and execute them in front of their families. I mean, how dare they go on strike when they've got these pensions that are going to be guaranteed while the rest of us have to work for a living? Jeremy Clarkson later said sorry after 5,000 complaints flooded into the BBC. Hospital's not much fun when you're a kid, especially at Christmas time. So today, a little festive cheer was delivered to young patients at the Children's Hospital at Westmead. Sunrise's Melissa Doyle joined 'Home and Away' stars, a couple of Canterbury Bulldogs, and even Dorothy the Dinosaur in spreading the goodwill. The biggest star, though, was the big man in the red suit. Do you have a high-five? Yeah! Not even one of the most feared characters in the universe can compete with that. Sport now with our resident revhead Tony Squires at Sydney Olympic Park. Tony, mixed fortunes for our Aussie cricketers. Yes, Mark, Dave Warner missed out but Ricky Ponting is fighting on. It was the skipper's lucky day as Michael Clarke gets a second chance. And hold on to your helmets - the V8s roar into life at the Sydney 500.

crossing salt lakes. Some cars we show gliding over huge bridges. And some cars... ..we just show. Introducing the new Holden Cruze SRi-V Hatch. with touchscreen, Bluetooth, voice recognition The Holden Cruze SRi-V. Hatched. It's not just a small car, it's Australia's small car. Go better. Don't put it off any longer, mate. Spakfilla Squeeze & Scrape with built-in scraper. If it's Selleys, it works. but it's been a bad start for Dave Warner's test career. Australia trail the Kiwis by 141 runs after two days of the first test, with Ponting and Michael Clarke lucky to survive. The captain was ready for catches today but nobody teases fielders like Daniel Vettori. Mitchell Starc discovered test cricket is not so easy. COMMENTATOR: The fieldsman should have at least got a hand on it. Vettori reached 96 before taking on Mike Hussey. Oh, he's got to go. He's got to go! They both knew it was a game changer. From 5/254, the Kiwis made just 295. Spinner Nathan Lyon took four wickets on his first Gabba visit. Oh, that's well bowled. It left Dave Warner in the unfamiliar defensive mode with two overs to survive before lunch. Swing! Is that glove? The Kiwis think it is, so does the umpire. Out for three from three balls avoiding a long hop Warner would normally launch into the grandstand. Phil Hughes can't stop edging to slip. Knocked him over! What a catch. Fighting for his career, Ricky Ponting should have been run out for a duck. Ricky's in trouble but they miss. Then the Kiwi medium pacers started bowling him into form. The pull shot again from Ricky Ponting. With the classy Usman Khawaja they reached 2/91 at tea. But Khawaja wasn't paying attention first ball after the break. An innings wasted on 38, but Ricky's revival continued. It was classic Ponting. Gets it through. 50 for Ponting, it will be. Michael Clarke was bowled by Doug Bracewell for 23, but a no ball was spotted and the Australian skipper was called back for a second chance. The rugby league All Stars will play for the Arthur Beetson trophy in February, following yesterday's passing of one of the game's immortals. Benji Marshall will replace Darren Lockyer as captain of the NRL All Stars and they expect the Artie tribute to spur on the Indigenous side. When they come together it's family to them and they just don't let each other down Michael Ennis has been endorsed by new Bulldogs coach Des Hasler, naming the hooker as captain for next season. Known for his on-field niggle, Ennis won't be changing his game. I'll always compete hard on the field, that's the way I've always known football and I'll try and do that in the best way possible. The V8 Supercar championship is set to set to go down the wire following today's practice for the Sydney 500. Craig Lowndes continues to pressure series leader and team-mate Jamie Whincup. But Whincup was too good for his main rival, recording today's best time. The street circuit has been brutal on car suspensions. The curbs have seen several drivers going airborne around Sydney Olympic Park. Mark Winterbottom pushed his Ford to the limit with spectacular results. After some adjustments overnight the championship showdown will resume tomorrow with first of two 250km races. Michael Klim has joined our fastest swimmers for a sprint camp in Sydney this week. The 34-year-old returned to competitive swimming last weekend and believes he's on track to qualify for next year's London Olympics. Like Ian Thorpe, Klim wants a spot on the hotly contested 100m relay team. If it was easy everyone would do it. You know, I think the reward at the end of the day is the greatest. Australia's Olympic trials are in Adelaide in mid-March. Mark, I saw Michael Klim here about an hour ago getting his revhead fix. Checking finance now. The share market has just recorded its best week since November, 2008. Sarah's at Olympic Park with Sydney's weather forecast. What's in store track-side this weekend, Sarah? Mark, there's not going to be too much to complain about, here or across the rest of Sydney. I'll have the details, next.

And we had sunshine for most of the day. But temperatures were still below average. It only reached 20 degrees here at Sydney Olympic Park. And these southerlies have made it feel a lot colder after a chilly night. The city hit 21 degrees this afternoon. Overnight minimums dipped to just 10 degrees at Campelltown. Here at Homebush, a few showers drifted across Sydney this morning. Around the suburbs, tops were around 19 or 20 degrees. From the satellite, it's looking mostly clear over New Wales, With low level cloud and southerly winds along the coast. Tomorrow a strengthening high will bring fine weather to most districts with showers along the central and north coasts, contracting to the north coast during the day. Around the country tomorrow. Very hot in Perth. Sunny weather for Adelaide and Brisbane. Partly cloudy in Canberra. A shower or two in Melbourne and Hobart. On Sydney's waters - light winds tending nor-easterly during the afternoon. Tomorrow's looking pretty good for V8 fans. It'll clear into a mostly sunny day. Light winds, A top of 23 degrees. There's a small chance of a brief morning shower near the coast. But in the west, expect fine weather and sunshine. 25 degrees in Penrith. 24 at Liverpool, Parramatta and Campbelltown. Just a little cooler in coastal suburbs. To the seven day forecast. On Sunday for the big race here, the cloud will increase with isolated showers developing, with a few isolated showers hanging around into next week. Mark, I'm going to get out of this wind tunnel and I'm looking forward to calmer and slightly warmer weather tomorrow. That's Seven News for this Friday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Hope you have a great weekend. Coles doubling the difference - taking on all the major supermarket chains. Find it cheaper and double your savings. We'll show you how it works and how you win. What a joke - the businessman charged and fined for trying to stop thieves cleaning him out. He even had to make a donation to their favourite charity. Topshop Down Under - the UK's favourite chain store. Your exclusive look in their first Australian store. Plus, Jeanne Little's daughter - the new Alzheimer's test that will predict her fate. Will she inherit her mother's debilitating illness? Good Evening. Thanks for joining us. I'm Kylie Gillies. The battle between the supermarket superpowers for your dollar is heating up, with Coles taking their biggest gamble yet. the difference They'll pay back double elsewhere. to customers who find items cheaper but as Adam Marshall found out, It's great for savvy shoppers in the crossfire. suppliers worry they'll be caught

They won't be able to catch us out. It's all smokes and mirrors. put us to the test. Come on, Australia, like we've never seen before. It's a supermarket price war your cheapest at the checkout, ever. This Christmas could be they're looking for a bargain. Australian families, The Coles Christmas price promise! a pre-emptive strike - Coles has launched