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(generated from captions) that's it. gonna be over, Brooke. You and I are never And the sooner you realise that, for all of us. the better off it's gonna be It's gonna happen. You and I both know... will happen. the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. the Brimble inquest resumes - Tonight - he knows little about her death. one man of interest declaring heavy rain drenches the city Sydney's soaking - but misses the catchment. on the 9/11 attacks. And five years on, the world reflects and in honour of those who survived. In memory of those who perished and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. could soon fall to $1 a litre. Also tonight, predictions petrol Another public holiday for NSW. dealt a savage blow, And Newcastle's premiership hopes a 6-match ban. with Danny Buderus facing But first this evening - a key witness has taken the stand cruise ship inquest. at the Dianne Brimble about what happened Ryan Kuchel says he knows very little

to the Brisbane mother, in another cabin because he was passed out at the time she died. Sydney real estate agent Ryan Kuchel of eight men of interest to testify is only the second six months after the hearing began, about what happened to Dianne Brimble but he claims to know very little in a neighbouring cabin because he'd passed out around the time she died in his. He told police at the time earlier that evening. he'd met her at the nightclub I decided

to go back to my room at

that time. She tried to drag me on

the dance floor. she'd come back to the cabin But he says he didn't realise until he was woken

with his room-mate Mark Wilhelm. by the noise of her having sex

Just groaning and the bed was

squeaking a bit, too. frail 73-year-old mother, Betty, Dianne Brimble's account was played to the court. watched Kuchel as his unemotional of Dianne's sister Alma. At times, she held the hand she's come to the hearing It's the first time

to check on its progress. of overlooked detail. And there were yet more tales from a former security officer Earlier, the court heard two of the Adelaide men who claims to have seen after Mrs Brimble died. taking drugs at the ship nightclub

what he had seen He says he told detectives on board followed up until July this year. but his observation wasn't and Dragan Losic, The two men were Petar Pantic later this week, who will front the court dubbed the "dancing detective", along with the police officer the death. who was sent to investigate Amber Muir, Ten News. It never rains but it pours! over the past week, Sydney's copped a soaking setting another record. has washed out to sea, But most of the downpour about stormwater recycling. raising questions Sydney Harbour into a muddy mess. It's turned the normally blue

billions of litres of storm water. Days of heavy rainfall has created and recycled, Only a tiny fraction is captured harbour and ocean. the rest simply flows into our weirs, of the water we use now. In NSW, the recycling is only 3% That is simply a disgrace. The Opposition pledging three major stormwater outlets to shut down one of Sydney's if it wins office next year. Sydney has been drenched this month, to and from work and it's making the drudge that much harder to bear. enough to hit the pounding waves Those brave - or perhaps silly - finding out it's a battle rarely won. The week-long deluge our wettest September in 11 years. has already made this in September is rare. To get these kind of figures and it's an interesting event. It doesn't happen often

Across the western suburbs, this month, Parramatta has copped 186mm the city also pelted with 184mm,

just over 100mm. the south-west getting North of city hit the hardest - a massive 217mm downpour, Gordon West recording while in the east, also received a healthy boost. Randwick, Rose Bay and Sydney Airport While the conditions look promising,

at Sydney's major dam. barely a drop of rain has fallen just 52mm of rain during the big wet. Warragamba Dam catching And it's unlikely to get any more, sunny skies ahead. with forecasters predicting become less and less frequent At this stage the showers should and it should be dry by Wednesday.

all the washing. Finally some time to dry out James Boyce, Ten News.

Tim Bailey, it's fair enough to say

Sydneysiders are sick of the rain,

it's frustrating in that none is

falling where it's needed. Indeed.

We have just had the wettest

five-day period in September. Can

you believe this? Since 1859.

Something like 176 millimetres of

rain. Look, the September average

is 69mm. It's a huge whack, but yes,

not falling, and the majority of it,

in the catchment area. It's meant

to be spring, a mix of winter and

summer. Tomorrow the word blue comes

back into the vocabulary, it will

be around 19 degrees, shower on and

off. Then sunny conditions, warm,

bone-dry, 22-24 from Wednesday

through to Monday. Let's look at

Skywatch quickly. We'll go up on a

blustery old Monday, the wind

reaching 80km at Little Bay, it is

a feature, sou-sou-Easter ripping

the ocean to shreds. Currently it's

around 15 degrees. Air pollution

didn't stand a chance, it's heading

towards Queensland, any we had, in

the roaring south-easter. Five days

the roaring south-easter. Five days

in a Roe that gathered around 176mm

of rain, but the majority missing

the catchment error. We'll update

the conditions later. the September 11 terrorist attacks, Five years on from around the world and memorials are being held the almost 3,000 lives lost that day. to remember is at Ground Zero in New York. Ten's Leisa Goddard-Roles

about this anniversary? Leisa, how are Americans feeling

No, Deb, it's a moment for

overwhelming sadness. They just say

that it's bringing back all those

memories. 30 per cent of Americans

say every day they think about 9/11.

There's a growing sense of anger,

five years on construction has only

just begun on building an official

just begun on building an official

memorial and it won't be completed

until three years time. Earlier

President Bush was down there.

Let's look at that. The President paid his respects in silence as the first wreath laid in memory of those who died sent ripples across a remembrance pond where the Twin Towers once stood. Later tonight President Bush will ask Americans to join him in another moment's silence - this time to mark the exact time al-Qa'ida's reign of terror began and the first plane hit.

Solemn services are being held across the country with prayers being said for the families of the dead, the survivors, and those who were the heroes of the day. The extraordinary acts of courage and sacrifice that we witnessed that terrible day have not paled. I vow I will never forget the lessons of that day. There's still an enemy out there that would like to inflict the same kind of damage again. And the pain is being felt across the country. In Pennsylvania, one memorial service has already been held to honour the victims of Flight 93 who fought back against hijackers

on a plane thought destined for the White House. At the Pentagon, rebuilding is complete, but the emotional wounds have not healed. As Americans stop to remember, they can't forget that the man who masterminded the attack - Osama bin Laden - is still free and they're still targets.

Adding to the anger Americans are

feeling, Osama bin Laden has

released more video, a 55-minute

documentary-style video showing him

planning 9/11 and the five year's

since, including the President's

inauguration, and he says in that

video that the hijackers were the

heroes, they wrote modern history

with their own blood. Lancs Leisa. A solemn service has been held at the US Embassy in Canberra to mark the anniversary. Debate is raging about whether we are safer now than we were five years ago. Half a decade on the Stars and Stripes was lowered as a sign of enduring grief and respect. when the world awoke to unimaginable horror that we now simply call 9/11. Among the visitors to the embassy, the Prime Minister, who was in Washington when one of the hijacked aircraft hit the Pentagon. SIRENS WAIL Terrorism is the enemy of all people of goodwill. Away from the service debate continued

on whether we've made ourselves safer by waging war on terrorism. We're safer in the sense that we are now taking precautions against something we didn't think was a threat five years ago. Kim Beazley says there's been more talk than action from the Government, and then there's Iraq. The Iraq war has not made us safer. The Prime Minister's also continued his plea to Islamic community leaders to reject radicalism.

There are a small minority, who in my view,

perhaps don't condemn it as much as they should. Labor's proposed new arrivals in Australia should have to sign up to Aussie values immediately, not just when and if they apply for citizenship. Why not include on visa forms a statement that you will uphold Australian values and laws? The statistics of September 11 illustrate what cultural mixing pots our Western democracies have become. Those killed on that day came from no fewer than 37 countries.

Greg Turnbull, Ten News. An extra public holiday for NSW next year to coincide with the APEC summit in Sydney. Friday September 7 has been added to our list of days off to avoid traffic congestion and disruption as world leaders arrive under tight security. That's the best way for APEC to proceed

as well as to ensure the security and protection for those attending as well as our citizens. The Opposition claims it's an overreaction, saying it should work around the event with city businesses instead of shutting down the whole State. Tim Webster with a look ahead to sport, and the NRL finals are seemingly over for Danny Buderus. Yes, he's facing a 6-week ban for that spear tackle. And a finals blow for the Dragons too - Mark Gasnier has been ruled out of their semifinal against Manly on Friday

with a hip injury. And the Swans finals match winner Michael O'Loughlin under the scrutiny of the AFL 's Match Review Panel

for this incident in the win over the West Coast Eagles. Also later, Roger Federer's very special guest at the US Open, and Michael Schumacher retires. A public memorial for Steve Irwin to go ahead next week - the details next. Also, the search for clues - how investigators will determine what caused Peter Brock to crash. And petrol prices set to tumble - predictions we could be paying $1 a litre by the new year. This Tuesday's Oz Lotto has jackpotted to $4 million. So you could win a truckload of cash! Don't miss Oz Lotto's $4 million CHIRPY MUSIC Every day, we use signs that manage to inform

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a daily intake counter which shows, at a glance,

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and the percentage it contributes to your daily diet. Visit to see how it can work for you and your family. It's a good sign from Kellogg's. This program is captioned live. It's still unclear when a state funeral will be held for race car legend Peter Brock. An autopsy was performed in Perth today, with Brock's family told

they'll be able to take the body back to Melbourne later in the week. Drivers raced on in the Targa West rally as a tribute to Peter Brock but, for winner Ross Dunkerton, victory is tinged with sadness. I wouldn't have won this if Brocky had have been here. While the floral tributes mount, police are still trying to find the cause of the crash. Key to their investigation, the black box recorder from the car's dashboard. Removed today, it will be sent to Melbourne for examination. While the Western Australian Coroner has performed an autopsy, when Peter Brock will be formally farewelled is still unclear. Sandown Raceway is one possible venue, where he won nine Sandown 500s. The farewell race here in '97, I was here at the time as a race official. His navigator, Mick Hone, is out of hospital. Now questions are emerging about the safety of road rallies. There is going to be more fatalities. People are racing in an environment where, if they make a mistake, which they do, the impact against the the roadside furniture is always going to exist, just like it does for the normal motorist. Former team-mates say the racing legend would have scoffed at the concerns. I think that is ridiculous. Rallying, to be honest, is an event where you don't drive cars hard and fast as you can because of the things around each corner. There are plans, too, for a lasting tribute to the driver - one idea to rename the Bathurst race in his honour. Bathurst was really where he made his name made, his fans. A Bathurst naming or something like that would certainly be appropriate. Nicole Strahan, Ten News. Fans will have their chance to celebrate the life of Steve Irwin at a public memorial service to be held early next week. It'll be an upbeat affair, in contrast to the private weekend funeral service at his beloved Australia Zoo. As everyone thought, this was Steve Irwin coming home to Australia Zoo for the last time. His dad revealing family and friends conducted a secret funeral service on Saturday just the way the Croc Hunter would've liked. With everyone telling their favourite stories about him and around a candlelit fire. Irwin was laid to rest at sunset. His family is still to decide if the public will ever be permitted to visit his grave. Today, best mate Wes Manion told of the night Steve saved him from the jaws of a croc. It latched on during a storm and Steve wrestled it away. We've always been close but that just bought us even closer. Wes intends to repay the faith his mate had in him by keeping his global conservation message alive. And it'll all start with a massive public memorial service planned for next week. It's expected to be a celebration of an amazing life. Wife Terri and children Bindi and Bob will be there. The ceremony now more than likely to be at Brisbane's Suncorp Stadium. The venue holds over 50,000 people and there are no concerns over whether they'll fill it. It's got to be an exciting and fun thing, you know, 'cause that's the sort of man he was.

Despite driving rain, people continued to turn up to Australia Zoo to pay their respects. Those touched by Steve Irwin say there will never be another.

He was like my big brother. He was my hero, yeah. Jamie Rule, Ten News. A blast for RailCorp and the RTA at the State corruption commission. Its claimed a former RTA manager helped rip off hundreds of thousands of dollars, the alleged scam undetected for years. This is the man authorities claim ripped off $750,000 of taxpayers' money. Terry Stepto allegedly scammed the RTA and RailCorp for services he never provided and products he didn't deliver. The corruption commission was told Stepto and his companies won contracts

to look after these so-called candy bars used to smooth traffic flows in peak periods. But it's claimed he only won the contracts because of a mate on the inside, a former top dog in the RTA's transport management centre, Damon Job. These two men have been close friends for 20 years. Their partners are also friends and the two families have many close links. It's alleged Stepto charged for candy bar changeovers at Mays Hill 18 months after the work ran out, and sent invoices for replacement candy bars which he had no way of manufacturing. RailCorp was also billed

for traffic management work that was never carried out. The Commission heard Job was paid $270,000 in kickbacks for his part in the scam. Job replied the money was just a helping hand from his friend and for unpaid airconditioning work done several years ago. But it's not just the conduct of the two men ICAC is investigating. The commission was told there are serious and systematic flaws within the RTA and RailCorp which stopped the scam being detected. The evidence I will lead will show that the accountability is woefully inadequate. The hearing, in front of Commissioner Jerrold Cripps QC, is expected to last two weeks.

Daniel Sutton, Ten News. Some good news at last for drivers - petrol prices are on the way down, with experts tipping it could hit $1 dollar a litre in the new year. The trend confirmed today with oil prices hitting a 5-month low. For once, it appears, Christmas has come early. Petrol doom and gloom a month ago seems a distant memory. Gone - prices peaking close to a $1.50 a litre, now, a better outlook. We were looking at $1.15 by Christmas. That forecast looks as though it's just being realised somewhat early. Craig James was criticised for making that prediction two weeks ago. But with oil hitting a 5-month low, he says it could fall further in the first half of next year. We are going to see more crude oil on the market and more refining capacity, so there's potential that the oil price could fall further, that meaning the petrol price could fall to $1.00, $1.10 a litre. The oil price is falling

because there were no major hurricanes in the US and the Middle East has calmed down. It's given a senior oil industry figure

the confidence to attack the theory that supplies are running out. There's about 3 trillion barrels of recoverable oil in the world and, to date, we've only used about a third of that. And beyond that, technology, we are confident, will continue to find more.

The concern over petrol prices continues to escalate. The latest consumer surveys show only rising interest rates worry Australians more for their impact on the family budget. But the shock of high prices may have a lasting legacy - changing Australia's love of the big family car.

Smaller, more fuel-efficient cars are easier to sell than ever before. A lot of people just can't afford to look anywhere else. They've got to look for alternatives that fit within budget, otherwise, unfortunately, they can't afford to live the lifestyle they want to live. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. The CWA sends out smoke signals calling for legal use of marijuana - that's next. Also, going nowhere fast - a slow start on the road to a cashless Harbour Tunnel. And the mid-air stunt that ended in tragedy. This program is captioned live.

Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106.5 traffic helicopter.

Vic, are we getting the hang of

driving in the rain, or is it still

causing a lot of trouble. Still

causing plenty of delace, we have

a quick weather shot with the storm

making its way towards Bankstown,

coming towards the Prospect

reservoir to the right. Panning back

a bit the traffic mess on the Great

Western Highway. If you have loved

ones or relatives heading west,

this is what they'll sit through on

the Great western. It's taking

motorists 40 minutes to get to

Mayshill, Greystanes and Eastern

Creek. The M4 is checked up. Your

answer is no. Better news hopefully later. Plans to make the Harbour Tunnel cash-free got off to a slow start this morning. The number of cash lanes scaled back, combined with the rain, saw traffic reduced to a crawl during the morning peak. The RTA says almost 5,500 motorists have switched to E-tag since an incentive was announced a week ago. That's four times the weekly average. Two out of four lanes of the Harbour Tunnel are now E-tag only. The State Government plans to make it cashless within six months. It may be better known for baking, but the Country Women's Association has a new cause. Its members are lobbying for trials of the medicinal use of marijuana. The Country Women's Association is thought to be as conventional as a sponge cake but it's raised a few eyebrows, pushing for marijuana trials. Well, we're going outside the square and we're trying to change the perception by the community, and they have the perception that we're just about tea and scones. The CWA was established in 1922 as a non-political group to support women. But at their national conference, members voted to lobby the Government to begin trials in the medicinal use of cannabis, mainly to ease pain. If it's going to help people get through a pain barrier and make their last days be perhaps a little bit easier, let's go for it. There is some limited research at the moment that suggests it can be useful as a pain reliever for some people with cancer or HIV/AIDS.

For many years the CWA has raised millions for many charities. It's also raised money for health organisations such as hospitals and palliative care units -

places where it says many people could benefit from cannabis use. But it adds there are no plans for hash cookie recipes in their famous cookbooks. Have you tried it? No way. I've got more respect for my body than that. Mignon Henne, Ten News. Two stunt planes have crashed during a competition in Malta, killing one of the pilots. They'd been performing aerial acrobatics when one of the aircraft suddenly started to lose altitude. It came down on top of one of the other competitors, both crashing into the sea. One of the pilots was rushed to hospital but died soon afterwards. The other escaped unhurt. The King of Tonga has died after a long health battle. Taufa'ahau Tupou IV has died in New Zealand at the age of 88. He ruled the South Pacific island nation for 41 years, making him the world's fourth longest-serving monarch. King Tupou will be succeeded by his eldest son. A spectacular welcome for Pope Benedict XVI during a tour of his homeland. The Pontiff celebrated mass for more than 250,000 people in Munich, urging the open-air congregation not to let their faith in modern science and technology make them deaf to God's message. But a visit to the small German town where he was born has been marred by vandals, who attacked his childhood home with blue paint. 'Jihad Jack' takes his control order appeal to a higher court - that's next. Also, finding foster families - how a shortage of carers is putting thousands at risk. And we talk to Jamie Oliver about his personal crusade down-under.

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In Sydney, when news breaks, we're there. He was the legend, the king. No-one will ever beat him.

Ten's News at 5:00. The top stories this newshour - a key witness has taken the stand at the Dianne Brimble cruise ship inquest. Ryan Kuchel says he knows very little about what happened to the Brisbane mother, because he was passed out in another cabin at the time she died. Sydney copped another soaking, with heavy rain drenching the city. The week-long deluge has already made this our wettest September in 11 years. But most of the downpour washed out to sea, missing the catchment. And five years on from the September 11 attacks, memorials are being held around the world to remember the thousands of lives lost that day. A solemn service was held at the US Embassy in Canberra. But debate's raging about whether we are safer now than we were five years ago. Terror suspect 'Jihad' Jack Thomas has taken his appeal against his control order to a higher court. An application launched by his lawyers has been approved to go to the Federal Court. The decision went unopposed by the Australian Federal Police. Despite his acquittal on terror charges, strict orders controlling his movements were imposed on Jack Thomas late last month.

A decision is expected to be made on exactly where the hearing will take place on Friday. A big push is under way to recruit more foster parents. The dwindling number of carer families and the rising number of homeless children leading to fears of a foster care crisis. 10-year-old Chris loves living in the bush. But, at one stage, he had to share this sprawling property with 10 other children. His foster mum, Jocelyn, has five of her own, but has also cared for six foster children at the same time. I just put in more potatoes, more carrots, more meat, whatever. That's OK. It's not hard. Without foster parents like Jocelyn, many children are at risk of being homeless and turning to crime. Foster carers are unsung heroes in our community. They provide love and a safe environment to thousands of children who cannot live at home. Like 20-year-old Paul - at just four years of age, Paul and his sisters were placed with the Baxter family after his parents were deemed unfit. Better life than I could have imagined. Basically been given a second chance in life. Next week I'm moving to the USA for an 18-month hotel management internship. Paul is the first member of his family to finish the HSC. He's also employee of the year at his workplace. He attributes his successes to his foster family. Kids need care.

You can't let them grow up on the streets or in an orphanage or something like that. They need to have a stable life. They need to be in a family. If you'd like to be a foster carer, phone 1800 011 110 or visit their website. It can be very hard, but it can also be very, very rewarding at the same time, and you get so much love from these kids. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. A big drop on the share market, with metal and oil prices taking their toll. $1.22 the average price of regular unleaded in Sydney tonight - that's a drop of 7 cents since Friday. Seen as high as $1.40 and as low as $1.18 at Penrith, Glenfield, Richmond, Windsor, Camden and Smithfield. The world's most famous chef has landed in Sydney, and he's already given our politicians a roasting over childhood obesity. Jamie Oliver will also stop in Melbourne to open his new restaurant but says he'd like to open one here. Still playing up to the cameras and cracking jokes... You were waiting for me to jump off then, weren't you?'s been "a mad five years", as Jamie Oliver puts it, since he visited Australia last. Thanks to a worldwide whirlwind of television and publishing success, he's now arguably the world's most popular chef. Ooh, really? I've never been given that one before. But say it again. The world's most popular chef. Oh, wow, that's nice of you. Thousands of Australians agree. His live shows here have almost sold out and the phones are ringing off the hook for reservations at his new restaurant, Fifteen, which opens next Wednesday in Melbourne. 25 disadvantaged young Australians have been trained as its junior chefs. We'd like to do one in Sydney and maybe Perth one day,

and maybe BrisVegas as well - you never know. Other than working, are you looking forward to doing anything in particular? I'd like to frequent several pubs, restaurants, clubs -

not so many clubs, but the odd one would be nice. I've got quite a few friends with me, so we're going to have a good old laugh. But he's not laughing when it comes to childhood obesity, calling on Australian politicians to address the problem. If your government doesn't, then you get in the shit like England, really - the first generation of kids expected to live shorter lives than their parents, which is a ------- disgrace, really.

He's been urged to pursue a political career in Britain,

but Jamie Oliver's 20-year plan couldn't be more different. Retire, probably in Australia, with my feet up, getting a bleeding... My legs have never been tanned. Danielle Isdale, Ten News.

He won't get tanned with this rain.

Tim, you were right when you said

the rain would set in over the

weekend, at least a little bit has

gone to the dages.

Indeed, we'll show you the

catchment levels, we had 13mm,

that's better than nothing. 32 at

Woronora. A little bit is dipping

into the dams. If you are hanging

around Jamie, you may get a tan.

The sun is coming out. Tomorrow

afternoon blue sky is back. It

looks like carry on through

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday,

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, temperatures up

22, to 24. The map of NSW - you are

sooking in - soaking in it as far

as the last 24 hours are concerned.

Congratulations to the Pennant Hill

Demons, they won the Grand Final

yesterday, Timmy Potter, you are

due back at work tomorrow.

Sport is next.

Tim, big blows for the Dragons' and Knights' finals campaigns. Ahead - a lengthy ban hangs over Danny Buderus while the Dragons are set to lose Mark Gasnier. More shortly. Also, the incident that caused anxious moments for the Swans' finals hopes. And what a dynamic duo - Tiger turns up to see Federer still dominating tennis Call now and you'll also catch free installation This program is captioned live.

Newcastle's premiership hopes have been dealt a savage blow

with Danny Buderus facing a 6-match ban for that dangerous throw on Manly's Michael Robertson.

The Knights hooker is certain to try and keep his season alive by fighting the charge at the judiciary. Dismal conditions for Newcastle training a precursor to the Match Review Committee's finding. Buderus receiving a grade three dangerous throw charge for his tackle on Michael Robertson. At an earlier gym session, the Knights hooker hiding out from the waiting media before making a hasty retreat to his car. After 192 top grade games, he's facing his first suspension. His record's outstanding. He's been a wonderful player for a long period of time now, and I hope that comes into play. The only blemish on Buderus's record, a minor high tackle charge three weeks ago against the Cowboys.

Even rivals saying he shouldn't be rubbed out of the finals. No, that would be disappointing. He's worked so hard. He's a fair player, and I think he's got a pretty good record at the judiciary, so I hope it all goes well for him. Look, Bedsy's a fair player. No-one goes out of their way to do things like that, but there's not much you can do about it. I guess Bedsy will have his fingers crossed that he can play. The Dragons with a major worry of their own 0 Mark Gasnier today ruled out of Friday's semifinal against Manly with a hip flexor injury. Before seeing a specialist, Gasnier saying he was prepared to play at less than full fitness. I'll play if I can, simple as that. If I think I can play, I'll definitely play. Gasnier has made surprise last-minute comebacks from injury before, like in Round 20 against Canberra. In the meantime, Bulldogs recruit Darrell Millard vowing to fill his shoes. I feel like I'm ready to play and confident that I can handle it so if I do get a shot, it will be good. Adam Hawse, Ten News. The NRL is standing by its video referees in the wake of Parramatta's outrage at having a try disallowed during yesterday's playoff against Melbourne. The Eels claim backrower Glen Morrisson had a case for a 4-pointer. The league today reinforced the view there was insufficient video evidence. Meanwhile, Parramatta winger Eric Grothe could miss two games of the Tri-Nations if he's found guilty of a grade 2 striking charge. And sacked Broncos halfback Brett Seymour has signed a 2-year deal with the Sharks. Swans forward Michael O'Loughlin has been cleared of eye gouging during Sydney's dramatic 1-point win over the Eagles. Coach Paul Roos also defended O'Loughlin

over his exuberant celebration after booting the match-winning goal. The premiership favourites had a few worrying moments today as the Match Review Panel put 4-goal star Michael O'Loughlin under the microscope. At issue, a hand near the eye of rival Adam Hunter. It was deemed not reportable. O'Loughlin was clearly pumped up for the game. His match-winning goal celebrated right in front of the faces of the Eagles' faithful. Commentator: O'Loughlin has got it. He's goaled, and the Swans are back in front. Fans, you know, get in player's faces. I don't think we like to see that. We probably don't like to see players get in fans' faces either but unfortunately probably the momentum of the kick sort of takes you into the crowd. The heavy hit by Daniel Chick on Nick Malceski was also judged to be not reportable because the contact was to the chest and shoulder region. The Swans today recovering from the gruelling match at the SCG pool. A week's rest priceless to a number of players, including Barry Hall, who picked up niggling injuries in the tough match. Paul Roos will try to create a match-day scenario at training on Friday to avoid a letdown after the week off. You don't want to go into the weekend and not do much at all and then find the first 20 minutes on Friday week you're five goals down, the guys are looking flat. The Swans will play the winner of the Melbourne-Fremantle match on Friday week at Telstra Stadium. In Melbourne, Magpie Brodie Holland has been offered a 5-week suspension for his cheap shot on Bulldog Brett Montgomery at the start of yesterday's elimination final at the MCG. Neil Cordy, Ten News. Wallabies skipper George Gregan will meet with coach John Connolly over the next week to decide whether he'll take part in the team's spring tour to Europe. Connolly says all other healthy players will go. Arriving home from Saturday's disappointing 8-point loss in South Africa, Gregan admitted there are benefits to taking time off. Historically, the guys that have had a good off-season, the next year they've normally played very, very well. They're looking forward to that next season

refreshed and recharged and physically ready to go, so there's some big pluses of not going. The touring squad will be named in two weeks. World tennis number one Roger Federer has claimed a ninth Grand Slam title. The 26-year-old prevailed in four sets over Andy Roddick in the final of the US Open. With golf's number one, Tiger Woods, in his support box, the tennis equivalent began in roaring form, Federer smashing 15 winners and requiring just 29 minutes to claim the opener 6-2. COMMENTATOR: That's really good. It wasn't a bad return from Roddick. The Swiss master's first-set pounding had Roddick reeling, but the great Jimmy Connors ensured his man came out swinging in the second. Well, some reflexes from Andy Roddick. And despite being run off the court, the home-town hero marched on to level the match, winning his first set off Federer since 2004. CHEERING Well, the crowd are into it. The ninth seed continuing to throw everything at Federer in the third. There's not much time to think out there. But history beckoned for Federer,

who was aiming to become the first player to win three successive Wimbledon and US Open crowns. Well, brilliant play there from Federer. His dominance of tennis not unlike Tiger Woods's reign over his game. CHEERING He promised me to come if I'm in the finals, so I had some pressure. And I'm happy I made the finals and I'm happy he came. Andrew Brown, Ten News. Michael Schumacher has celebrated his win at the Italian Grand Prix by confirming he'll retire at the end of the season. With three races to go, Schumacher is a big chance of finishing his career on the ultimate high. Michael Schumacher made his final Italian Grand Prix one to remember, not just for the fact it was his 90th Formula 1 victory... COMMENTATOR: Michael Schumacher wins the Italian Grand Prix, his fifth victory at Monza. ..but for the post-race announcement

the motor racing world had been waiting for. Ferrari's home race the ideal venue for the 37-year-old to confirm this season will be his last. I'm going to retire from racing. It has been an exceptional, really exceptional time,

what motorsport in more than 30 years has given to me. Schumacher holds all the major records in Formula 1. In his 11th season with Ferrari, it was difficult to walk away. It has been a really tough decision to decide to not work together at this level with all my friends and my engineers and everybody. I mean, they're just so great. An eighth world title well within reach for the German after championship leader Fernando Alonso retired from third after engine problems, reducing his lead over Schumacher to just two points. COMMENTATOR: That's a rare Renault mechanical failure. Second-placed Kimi Raikkonen will replace Schumacher at Ferrari

next year. Robert Kubica was third.

Aussie Mark Webber 10th. Trent Higgs, Ten News. And word through from V8 Supercars Australia - they won't re-name the Bathurst 1,000 in honour of Peter Brock.

The world through from the V8

Supercars Australia, they won't

rename the Bathurst 1000 for Peter

Brock, but there'll be another ... Problems

with traffic at Revesby. Major

problems on the M5. This accident

caused by the wet weather. There's

one lane, as you can see getting

one lane, as you can see getting through. Tow truck and ambulance in

place, take a look at the delays

for motorists on the M5, going all

the way back past kink Georges Roe.

Delays appearing from the run from

Sydney airport. Talk to you tomorrow. The rain is almost behind us. Tim Bailey's back with the latest weather information next. The best drama happens on the field and you can catch it all on Fox Sports. with the Platinum package, featuring every sports channel and more.


with the Platinum package, featuring every


Time for all the weather details.

Tim Bailey, my dog has been getting

so wet going outside, he now

refuses to go ow outside to do what

he should do outside. It's

becoming a problem.

Don't tell fibs, Ron, you know he

can't wait to get away from you.

Yes, it's been wet and windy enough

to make a clothes peg nervous, how

wet has it been. The last five days

in a row in September, the wettest

period since 1859, 176mm tumbling

from the sky. To give you an idea,

the entire average for September is

69mm, so a lot of rain, has it run

into the dam areas, in the last 24

into the dam areas, in the last 24 hours until 9 am. Just a trickle.

13mm at Warragamba Dam and

worjonora 32, a bit better.

Tomorrow afternoon, we'll be in

business, temperatures up to about

19. We'll get rid of the early

morning showers, Bailey blue sky,

Wednesday through to Sunday. Monday

and Tuesday 20-24 degrees. Take

your pick, you know that's what we

do. We love this. Mike Williams is

today's weather photograph. That is

of a storm, a sensational snap over of a storm, a sensational snap over

Cowra. Mike Will yams of emu plains,

you are in the draw for a Fuji

you are in the draw for a Fuji digital camera. We'll announce it

on Wednesday, if you have a

photograph everyone across NSW

should see, keep them of NSW if you

can. Send it to us.

Takes care of that. Let's goat into

the maps. The business of it all:

The wind got up to about 72km an

hour at Little Bay. Cloud crossing

WA with a low pressure trough

producing thundery showers, cloud

across Queensland with an upper

trough prudeing rain area. Cloud

triven to the adjacent ranges by

strong south-easter lis bringing

rain. Showers will be brought to

the NSW and southern Queensland

coastlines. The rainfall maps - the

business of the brolly, predicted

precipitation, drips and drops across rooftops. Showers clearing

from the south as the blue sky

moves back into the picture. moves back into the picture. After

tomorrow afternoon it will be fine,

dry, sunny conditions, 22-24 all

the way through to next Monday.

Brisbane tomorrow, interstate let's

have a gallop. Showers 21.

Sydney on the improve tomorrow.

Temperatures a bit more spring-like

22-24. That's it for me, thank you

for having me in your lounge room. That's the News at 5:00pm. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight, thanks for your company. Stay with us for updates throughout the evening, and I'll be back with the Late News with Sport Tonight at 10:30. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. ( bell ringing ) ( whistle blowing ) ( playing the blues )