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at Formula One history. Mark Webber loses his shot their reasons for smuggling drugs. Two members of the Bali Nine reveal the $9 million mark And Perth's telethon cracks thanks to a mystery donor. with Natalie Barr. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Early News Good morning.

short in his bid to become Australia's Mark Webber has come up champion in 30 years. Australia's first Formula One world Dhabi Grand Prix overnight, Webber finished eighth at the Abu Vettel raced into the record books. as his Red Bull team-mate Sebastian is in Abu Dhabi with the latest. Seven's Leith Mulligan in second spot for the championship Mark Webber came here to Abu Dhabi

a real contender and he was considered to walk away world champion

Red Bull Racing team-mate but that title has gone to his Sebastian Vettel in Formula One history. who has become the youngest champion up against it from the start Mark Webber, well he was and suffered an early setback. he began on fifth spot on the grid to finish 8th He fought back from 16th

his other rival, Fernando Alonso. but couldn't get past who went on to win the race Let alone Vettel, to win the word title. and therefore enough points Sebastian Vettel wins in Abu Dhabi COMMENTATOR: And now, to be drivers' champion for 2010! Unbelievable, this is unbelievable! until the last minute Amazingly, Vettel left it in the points standing to take the lead with that sensational drive. third overall, behind Alonso, As for Webber, he finishes for Red Bull, and while it's been a ripper year and drivers title winning the constructors Webber goes home without.

for Seven News. In Abu Dhabi, Leith Mulligan a full race report later in sport. And Mark Beretta will have have revealed Two members of the Bali Nine to smuggle drugs. why they risked their lives and Andrew Chan Until now, Myuran Sukumaran their involvement in the operation have never spoken about over 8kg of heroin out of Bali when they attempted to smuggle five years ago. ah, a quick payday, More or less, for me, it was just, yourself, "quick payday", that's it. that's it - you just think to all the people they were living, It's just the lifestyle, you know, like those people - you just want to be get the girls like those people. The pair are making their final bid

overturned. to have their death sentences Aung San Suu Kyi Former political prisoner has given her first news conference in Burma. calling for political change the rule of law She vowed to re-establish to do their part. and called for all Burmese she wants to reach a compromise Suu Kyi says and the ruling military government. between her party Julia Gillard is on her way home deal at the APEC meeting in Japan. after moving closer to a new trade travelling with the Prime Minister. Political editor Mark Riley has been here in Yokohama The APEC Summit has wrapped up look like much was achieved, and while on the surface it may not some important work was done Julia Gillard says in the Asia-Pacific towards a region-wide trade deal and she was eager to impress real benefits for Australia. that such a deal would have more economic opportunities Now, what that means is more trade, and more jobs for Australians.

international meeting Now, this was the fourth in as many weeks. that Julia Gillard has been at Lisbon, Portugal The fifth will be next week in A NATO

Ainate meeting.

A NATO meeting. efforts in Afghanistan. on the future of the coalition wasn't her passion Ms Gillard said foreign affairs but she is proving pretty good at it impressed President Obama was particularly at her ability to get across detail without notes. and speak on a wide array of issues this morning The Prime Minister is due home Question Time today. so she can attend Back to you. girl Zahra Baker says The mother of murdered Australian as to who killed her daughter. she's keeping an open mind in a creek bed in North Carolina. The 10-year-old's remains were found Elisa Baker, Zahra's American stepmother, for writing a fake ransom note. is already behind bars is suspected of involvement. Zahra's Aussie father to guess the anger I can't even attempt when we find out. that's going to come out of me at a shrine to Zahra Locals have laid birthday balloons which would have been tomorrow. to mark her 11th birthday, Detectives investigating in South Australia the murders of three family members the whole community. are considering DNA testing taking samples from some locals Major crime detectives have been in a process of elimination.

a DNA profile It's believed they have Chantelle Rowe of the person who killed and her parents Andrew and Rose. Police have also seized tributes rented unit. from outside the family's more than $9 million Perth's annual telethon has raised thanks in part to a mystery donor. to be identified, The person, who doesn't want donation dollar for dollar. pledged to match every personal we've never seen It unfolded with something in Telethon's four decades - a promise from a mystery donor dollar for dollar. to match every personal donation

It's an incredible generous donor

who wants to remain anonymous, this

is completely unprecedented. from a family who said, I had a call this morning actually want to make a difference." "We want to help out, but we to me, I almost fell off my chair. And when they outlined their idea personally brokered the donation. Kerry Stokes the donor's identity. But no-one is giving away I will respect their anonymity about it. but I know that's how they feel best stepped forward to help us again. A family of angels who from the Prime Minister. A massive donation too a $1.5 million donation I'm proud to announce on behalf of the Australian people. And the pledges were off to a flying start. This year's target of just over $6 million looks like being well and truly smashed, which will mean Telethon has raised more than $100 million over its 43-year history. And some stars are willing to do anything to make it happen... There was some disappointing news from one of Telethon's biggest stars. John Travolta had to rush home to be his family.

There As ayou know my wife Kelly and

I are expecting a baby but I would

loved to have stayed to be with you

in person but Kelly is telling me,

this is to time to go home. And here's something you don't normally get to see. SONG: # Doing it for the kids. # A quick behind-the-scenes tour of the phone room with 'Packed to the Rafters' star Hugh Sheridan. This is just some of the treats you, too, can have if you volunteer next year. And the boys couldn't help themselves -

another donation, another strip.

(boom, boom, boom # Anything for Telethon.

I'm George Avadis for Seven News. Australia's stars of the screen have hit the red carpet at Sydney's Inside Film Awards. Young actress Caitlin Stacey provided the biggest upset of the night, edging out veteran Jacki Weaver to the best actress gong. Her Australian box-office hit, 'Tomorrow When the War Began' did well, taking out four awards, including best film. Ben Mendelsohn picked up the best actor award for his role in 'Animal Kingdom'. 'Packed to the Rafters' star Jessica Marais was there with her fiance James Stewart. Now for your first look at Monday's weather. Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6:00am - how Facebook could change the way we email. But next on Seven Early News, Prince William visits troops in Afghanistan. And Somali pirates finally free a British couple held captive for a year - that's next. where we've just added of Lipton Ice Tea. A British couple held captive for more than a year by Somali pirates have been freed. The family of Paul and Rachel Chandler handed over

A reporter ransom fee of $

A reporter ransom fee of $1 million

was handed over for the release of

Paul and Rachel Chandler. after the couple was taken hostage while sailing off the African coast.

This was the moment that Paul and

Rachel Chandler reached relative

safety, delivered to the town of

Adodo and delivered to the men who

vowed to get their freedom. They

were exhausted after a road journey

from deep in the bush of Somalia

where they had held for over a year.

As basic medical checks were carried

out, their delight sw was obvious.

Used to be swelteringly hot. Back do

reality now. The couple were told by

pilots three days go they would be

released but didn't believe it. Keep

hope, it was difficult, you know. We

were kept separate in solitaire

confinement. For three

confinement. For three months. That

was very difficult. These are not

nice people. Paul and Rachel have

endured a terrifying ordeal, held at

gun point, moved from location to

location with only one another for

support. These previously unseen

pictures were filmed in July but can

only be broadcast now they are free.

Their family hand over half a

million dollar but the

million dollar but the pirates refused to let them go. This time, another $

another $300,000 was raised by the

transitional government Somalia. Prince William has joined British troops commemorating the country's war dead in Afghanistan. The second in line to the throne was joined by Britain's Defence Secretary at their main base in the south of the country. He laid a wreath during the service and two minutes' silence was also observed. Earlier, the 28-year-old met troops and some Afghan personnel. It's William's second visit to Helmand province. Spectators at a rodeo in Canada were forced to run for cover when this bull decided he'd had enough and jumped the fence. Four people suffered minor injuries during the incident, some jumping into the arena to escape. Luckily, a rider managed to get a rope around the bull just before he jumped over, keeping him from running riot in the stands. Your first finance this Early News: Coming up on 'Sunrise' at 6:00am - the stars of 'Harry Potter' look back at their starring roles. But next on Seven Early News, Mark Webber's Formula One world title hopes dashed. And Tim Cahill on target for Everton in the Premier League. That's next. (BRIGHT MUSIC) with the soul of a small. and I could everything online. with a discount for buying online, The stories we're following on the Early News -

Two members of the Bali Nine have revealed why they risked their lives to smuggle drugs. Until now, Myuran Sukumaran and Andrew Chan have never spoken about their involvement in the operation when they attempted to smuggle over 8kg of heroin

out of Bali five years ago.

Aung San Suu Kyi has called on the people of Burma to unite to bring about change in the country. The 65-year-old democracy campaigner told a packed news conference she wants to improve the standard of living in her homeland. And Julia Gillard is on her way home after moving closer to a new trade deal at the APEC meeting in Japan. Now it's over to Mark Beretta with all the day's sport.

Thanks, Nat. Good morning. Mark Webber's Formula One world title aspirations were crushed overnight by a battling an eighth-place finish at the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Webber's Red Bull team-mate Sebastian Vettel led from start to finish. The 23-year-old German becoming the youngest world champion in F1 history. With Mark Webber locked in a 4-way dogfight for his maiden world title, the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix promised action aplenty. The Aussie took a huge risk by pitting early and it backfired. COMMENTATOR: Mark Webber's in trouble. Championship leader Fernando Alonso also decided to pit to cover Webber but the cat-and-mouse game did the Spaniard no favours.

Oh! He's almost gone into the wall. His title chances fading fast, Alonso started feeling the strain. He has gone off the track. A little mistake.

Webber was also struggling to make an impact as Vettel tightened his grip on the title.

He currently is the world champion

leader for the first time this

season and he is heading for title glory. As the backmarkers waged a losing battle,

the 23-year-old German became the youngest champion in F1 history. And now, Sebastian Vettel wins in Abu Dhabi to be drivers' champion for 2010! Unbelievable! Thank you, I love you! Alonso finished in seventh, Webber eighth. The Aussie left to lament his poor qualifying session.

Just so hard to stay close to the

guys in front, um, we know that

anyway, so, um, it is why the car

likes being off the front. Webber will be back for another crack next year and there's no doubt his team-mate will be the man they all have to beat. Nick Markham, Seven News. Ford's Mark Winterbottom has emerged as a contender for the V8 Supercar championship following his victory in race 22 of the season at Symmons Plains. Craig Lowndes' title aspirations took a huge hit when his gearbox failed on lap four. Jamie Whincup completed a horror day for Team Vodafone when a fuelling error relegated the reigning champion to 15th.

We didn't put enough petrol in, it's

just a rookie thing which we are not

very proud of. It is one of our lowest days. James Courtney was penalised for nudging Lee Holdsworth but his 12th place finish extended his lead over Whincup to 50 points. Winterbottom's now in the third championship, 200 points behind Courtney. Australian selectors will name an extended squad today for the opening Ashes Test at the Gabba next week. Phil Hughes is likely to earn selection as cover for injured opener Simon Katich. Fellow young-gun Usman Khawaja is expected to get the nod ahead of Callum Ferguson. who was unable to hit a big score in South Australia's Tour match against England.

You could see that England really

did target him and take it to him,

with verbal stuff so they rate

Callum highly so I think he has come

away a better player because of the opportunity. Leg-spinning all-rounder Steven Smith is also set to make the squad. Queensland paceman Ryan Harris is out of contention after his knee injury flared. Robbie Fowler has almost single handedly dragged Perth Glory out of its A-league rut. The Englishman's hat-trick powered the Glory to a big win over Melbourne Victory while Brisbane edged out the Heart. Luck was on Fowler's side for his first goal after his penalty attempt was saved but the next two goals were all class as Perth finally snapped its 10-game winless run.

Glorious stuff from the Perth Glory

and they marquee man responds in the

best way! At AAMI Park, the Roar won an entertaining clash against the Heart, 2-1,

extending their unbeaten run to 10 matches. Arsenal has jumped into outright second on the Premier League ladder

with a 2-1 win over Everton at Goodison Park this morning. Tim Cahill set up a thrilling finish by finding the net in the 89th minute

but the home side was unable to find a late equaliser. In this morning's other clash, league leaders Chelsea crashed to a shock 3-0 loss at home to Sunderland. The Blues' lead at the top is now just two points. That's all for now. I'll be back with more sport a little later in 'Sunrise', Nat. Next on Seven Early News - we'll take a closer look at how the weather's shaping up in your part of the country.

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while a ridge of high pressure will bring mostly fine weather to South Australia. Around the capitals - And that's Seven Early News for this Monday. I'm Natalie Barr. Stand-by now for 'Sunrise'.

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