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(generated from captions) Happy birthday, sis. how much I appreciate this. Thank you so much. I can't tell you Thank you all so much. before this place burns down. You'd better blow those out It's all wood. I know what my wish for you is. Don't forget to make a wish. (MOANS) God! Katie! Katie! Katie? Katie? (ALL CALL OUT) Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight, mortgage relief - gives hope to Sydney families. a small cut in interest rates

after voting for a full day strike. Teachers under fire Out of touch and irresponsible, students and parents all they're doing is penalising after being stranded in Phuket. And Aussies home We just got to lie in the sun. Good evening, I'm Ron Wilson and I'm Deborah Knight.

braced for ferocious floods. Also, New Orleans one of Aussie TV's biggest stars. And pneumonia claims

I'll have that one too. What is it? I'm a police officer.

But heading the 5:00 News, in almost seven years. our first interest rate cut 0.25% off its cash rate, The Reserve Bank has sliced the major banks quick to announce to struggling home owners. they'll pass it on it may not end there, And the good news is decision went up on the internet, Minutes after the Reserve Bank's to anxious Government leaders. the good news was delivered has just announced The Reserve Bank of Australia it will cut interest rates by 0.25%. since December 2001 It's the first cut to 7%. and brings the official rate down on a $200,000 loan, It's a saving of $35 a month

for a $500,000 mortgage. rising to $87 Not everyone impressed. pay for this cut with their job? Is the Government having Australians that the leader of the Opposition I find it remarkable

this cut in interest rates. does not welcome from the Treasurer, And under heavy pressure passing on the cut. the major banks wasted no time by the end of the week. The NAB and Westpac by next Monday. The ANZ and the Commonwealth with a 0.3% cut. St George going even further that working families deserve. This is certainly a decision it's still concerned about inflation The Reserve Bank says into next year. and forecasts prices to keep rising about the slowing economy It's also worried is not the last one. which could mean today's cut

The Bank says,

Is this the slowdown we had to have? rate rises under the Coalition. The Government blames 10 interest some relief has arrived. Business just happy both consumer and business sentiment It will improve so that will definitely help the overall impact of unemployment. in terms of reducing Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. for struggling home-buyers. Today's news is a relief But with family budgets still being squeezed,

many say 0.25% just isn't enough. Like 750,000 Australians, Cameron and Belinda Patterson took out their first mortgage in the last 7 years. They've never known a rate cut, until today. one more increase for sure, It's better than having

as opposed to a raise, is great. a turn around of having a cut

to one or two more Hopefully will lead with rising repayments, But also, like many others budgets have been tight won't make a big difference. and today's cut a larger cut than that. We really need

given the outlook. And that's a real possibility in the Australian economy, 0.25% won't cause an immediate boom before we start moving again. it's going to take a long time will remain pretty soft The next few months will cut rates again in November and the reserve the first half of next year, and then through two or three interest rate cuts. I think we'll see For the most part, the big banks say come down on variable mortgages loan repayments will automatically where you'll have to make a call except at the Commonwealth Bank to request the change. or go into a branch by surging mortgages and rents, With families hit have welcomed the cut, welfare agencies not to take advantage. but urge landlords unit or their home will go down. The mortgage that they have on their

to pass that onto the families There will be a real call for them an increase in inquiries - Agents report feel buying is more of an alternative among them, renters who o among them, renters who now

to high rents. it will help everyone, As long as it keeps going down, no-one's going to buy. so, if it keeps going up, in mortgage belt suburbs And some hope for homeowners who've struggled through tough times. A few thinking of selling - they said no way, might hold onto it for the people which is very very good point

and it's a good relief. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. the school system Teachers are threatening to shut down meets their pay demands. unless the Government and voted to strike in the next term. They stopped work briefly today will escalate further next year The industrial action if the dispute isn't settled. Schools were mostly deserted as teachers stopped work for two hours this morning to attend union meetings. Teachers want a 5% pay rise, to more than 2.5% the Government won't agree without productivity trade-offs changes to the transfer system. and there's more argument over industrial action in term four There's likely to be more

with the Government and if we haven't settled then we are saying won't open in the normal way that the schools and TAFE colleges in 2009. was totally unjustified. The Premier said today's strike Out of touch and irresponsible, is penalising students and parents, all they're doing there's no case for this, of just over 4% in January. they got a pay rise Some parents agreed with him.

I think it's just a waste of time - I don't see the point of it, what about people that work? But others were backing the teachers. Teachers are our kids' futures and they need it and teachers do need a fair go. Children headed back to class as teachers announced an overwhelming statewide vote of 99.8% to strike again. The Government should be supporting us to do our job well

and keep a fair system in place. With half the State's teachers due to retire over the next eight years, the Teachers Federation says it's important to lift salaries in order to attract new people to the profession. And when the acting minister accused teachers of holding students hostage, the union hit back saying they'd rather be dealing with John Della Bosca.

John Hill, Ten News.

Health Minister Reba Meagher has been slammed as a charlatan, accused of fudging figures to make it look like the hospital system has improved. In fact, the data proves many areas have become worse. The report card is in are performing better than ever. and NSW hospitals A beaming Reba Meagher is spruking the performance of the hospital system, distributing selective data to the media.

But a more detailed look at the hospital performance report

actually shows: Also, one in four patients

spent more than half an hour in an ambulance waiting outside emergency. She's a charlatan, she's a quack - she'd be struck off by the medical tribunal. This is a person who's incompetent in health, she's incompetent in reading results and she doesn't deserve to be in this job. The minister claims she's slashed the number of patients waiting more than a year for elective surgery from 10,000 in 2005, to just 41. But the Opposition claims there is in fact a waiting list

for the waiting list. As this letter shows, in for surgery within 12 months, if a hospital can't fit a patient in for surgery within 12 mont they're simply not placed on the list. Do you give the health department a good report card? No, I do not, and as for a health department being transparent that's not the case,

Graeme Reeves is the answer to that. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. New Orleans seems to have escaped the brunt of Hurricane Gustav, but the worst may not yet be over. Heavy rain is putting pressure on the city's levees raising fears of major floods. Ten's bureau chief Nicole Strahan joins us from New Orleans. Nicole, it looks very calm where you are at the moment? What is Gustav up to at the moment? Good evening, Ron. It is quite calm at the moment, that is a different situation to what we saw earlier in the day.

The storm has been downgraded to a tropical storm as it has moved across central Louisiana. While the storm did not pack the punch that was expected, it has nevertheless claimed at least seven lives. Authorities are warning that as the front moves across Louisiana, heavy rainfall is expected and that could put pressure on the fragile levees system.

Hurricane Gustav pushed New Orleans' levee system to the limit. The water spilling over the top of the same barriers that failed in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. This time they're holding, for now. REPORTER: This is probably not the most encouraging video - you can see how high the water is.

The hurricane slammed into the coast of Louisiana, about 110km south-west of New Orleans with winds of up to 170km/h. But as it moved inland it lost power, sparing New Orleans the mother of all storms. The city's mayor has now dubbed Gustav "the mother-in-law" or "ugly sister" of all storms. The fierce gusts, however, did blow two ships and a barge off their moorings. But there were no reports of extensive flooding, just downed trees and powerlines, which left more than a million people without electricity. It's areas such as this that engineers will be watching very carefully over the coming days. Until the water levels drop to pre-storm levels there's still a significant threat of flooding. I don't want to say we are out of it yet but we are cautiously optimistic and we're breathing a little bit of a sigh of relief this afternoon. Locals who decided to ride out the storm

are taking the warnings in their stride. I think that it's a lot of talk really. The levees have been rebuilt to a degree but our pump system has been completely redone since Katrina. You got to take it as it lies. If it floods, it floods. If it don't, it don't. The two million people who evacuated the region are now waiting for a decision on when they can return. Nicole, with millions of people evacuated, when will they be able to go home? At this stage, the Mayor is saying that the first 24 hours after a hurricane is not the time for these evacuees to be returning to the city. There still needs to be damage assessment and authorities want to make sure that electricity is restored to all homes and businesses. Some good news, the Mayor says it will be days not weeks before people are able to return home. Thank you, Nicole. Ahead in Sport with Brad - and the Bunnies show off their new home base. Yes, everything but the grass at the moment - we'll see how it looks shortly plus, the Titans furious with Manly. at Brookvale oval It comes after a heated night with the Gold Coast now claiming the Sea Eagles aren't good enough to win the Premiership.

The player in the middle of this stoush has his say... And Olympic fallout as Jess Schipper talks about the split from her coach after he sold her training programmes to Chinese rivals. Also, Ron and Deb, Rafael Nadal's hurdle at the US Open. Next, the problem that's costing cabbies dearly

while leaving customers stranded.

Plus, the travellers who were stuck in Phuket arrive home wondering what the fuss was about. Ha Ha we just got to lay in the sun! And the girls go head over heels in Sydney's big stiletto stack.

Oh, look. Oh, Damo, you shouldn't have. Damo. It's about time you did, though. (LAUGHS) Well done. Treat your mates to a Double Beef & Cheese Burger. Great value at just $1.95 on the new Value Picks menu at McDonald's. (McDONALD'S THEME) VOICEOVER: Stunner Deals are back at Hungry Jack's. all for just $4.95. Drive in for stunning value. The burgers are better at Hungry Jack's. (GRUNTS) (RUMBLING) (ALL SCREAM) VOICEOVER: With over 40 pieces in each pack, Extra in a bottle is perfect for the car, the home, or the office. Now available in Melon and Strawberry flavours. This program is captioned live. Hundreds of Australians are finally back home after being caught up in the violent political turmoil in Thailand. Airport shut-downs had stopped tourists flying out

including one man whose father died. They've been stuck in paradise, but it's still good to be home. 200 Aussie tourists arrived back in Sydney this morning, aboard a specially chartered Jetstar flight from Phuket. Their holidays extended after political turmoil closed three of Thailand's airports. Of course we were concerned for our safety, we'd had enough of our holiday, we wanted to go home. Everybody's distressed - a riot at the airport last night because our flight kept getting delayed. And it caused more pain for a couple already dealing with a family tragedy. We wanted to get home because his dad died so, and there was just no communication, there was nothing. Jetstar said we've got your number, we'll ring you, we'll message you and we didn't get anything. Jetstar says it offered passengers $150 per night towards accommodation. Four days holiday for nothing - wish we could have had longer. My daughter's supposed to be at school today and yesterday, but other than that, no dramas. But most of the Australians were staying near Phuket, away from the real trouble in Bangkok where police have been clashing with pro and anti-government protesters. Dozens have been injured, at least one man has died and the Prime Minister has declared a state of emergency. Australian visitors are being warned to exercise a high degree of caution. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. Taxi drivers have staged a second protest over a failing computer system that's costing them fares and leaving passengers in the lurch. this morning Up to 50 drivers stopped work to the Newcastle Cabcharge office. and drove their cabs They're angry at problems with a new despatch system called Catapult which has been riddled with bugs in its four months of operation. There's been problems where multiple taxis have turned up to the one address, passengers have been left stranded for hours, taxis not turning up at all. Some drivers have quit because they haven't had a decent wage in weeks. Newcastle Taxis refused to comment on what it's doing to solve the problems. Police have recovered the body of a man killed while paragliding on the Central Coast. After searching bushland through the night an SES volunteer found the 52-year-old's body

on a rock-shelf at the base of a cliff, but they're yet to find his equipment. Witnesses have confirmed that he did land safely on the rock platform and that was the last time he was seen. Police believe the man suffered a number of medical conditions including diabetes and kidney disease.

Two men have been dramatically arrested at gunpoint and charged over a string of armed hold-ups.

Police allege the suspects fired shots during a robbery at Newtown last week which sparked a major operation by the State Protection Group. The men have now been arrested - a 26-year-old charged with four counts of robbery and firing a gun in public. A 30-year-old man has been charged

with robbery armed with a dangerous weapon. If you witness a breaking story and would like to see your pictures on Ten News, email them to: and vide . We're interested in both photos and video. We've been given our first look inside a newly renovated house

destroyed by a falling crane. The photos show just how close the owners came to being killed. When a crane falls on your home it's not a pretty sight. Photos reveal a lounge room and study smashed along with furniture, electrical goods and personal possessions. Owners Jacqueline and Graham were watching as the crane delivering their new spa toppled and split their dream home in two. Neighbours recall an almighty 'bang'. It just slowly went, it just toppled. It took more than four hours to remove the crane, spa bath still attached. There's no official word on how the accident happened, but there are theories. It should not have been parked side on, it should have been. You quite often think that something might be dangerous, but you think people have got it under control, they're the experts. And now, on the side of the road sits a spa

it survived a 10m fall without a single scratch. The crane company refused to talk on camera, a written statement saying instead they issued they are devastated by what has happened and are cooperating with work cover to find out how the accident happened. Insurers have assessed the damage, the clean-up continues. Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. beautiful day in a Sydney.

As we said yesterday, you need to

take a little bit of winter with

the summertime. When you got out of

bed this morning in the west it was

one degree. The cold as September

morning in around four years.

Airline tomorrow gets turned in its

head, around 16 degrees, it will head, around 16 deg ees, it wi head, around 16 degrees, it will be

as high as it goes in cine anywhere.

Showers all over as world. That will

will stick for Thursday and Friday.

We are looking at guide dogs. We

are doing it at plc Next, the pregnant teenager who's left some republicans red-faced. And pneumonia claims one of Aussie TV's biggest stars.

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This program is captioned live. You

are watching the five o'clock news

time to check the traffic. Airline a time to check the traffic. Airline

a truck causing all sorts of grief on the M4?

At a truck jack-knifed in the

Western Suburbs at St Mary's. The

M4 was closed for 45 minutes. They

have reopened it after they

cleaving the accident. I'm zooming

in on the backlog of traffic at

Eastern Klee - Creek. Look how far

the traffic goes back. All the way

back to Chris Tarrant and

Parramatta. You can see how severe

it is heading home to the Western

Suburbs. We will look at

alternatives out of a church at St Virgin Blue is expanding its operations in Sydney establishing a new Jet base, creating 1,000 new jobs and generating $10 million for the State. The base will be the central maintenance centre for its domestic fleet and will also be used for staff training. It will include jobs in relation to cabin crew, pilots and engineering roles and they have already begun, even before the signing of this document. The airline was offered an incentive package by the State Government

to move its operations here. To the Bankwest finance report and a lacklustre day on the Australian share market, closing slightly weaker. The average price of petrol in Sydney tonight is $1.47 but we've seen it for $1.40 but we've seen it for $1 4 at Forestville and North Ryde. Australian soldiers have outraged Muslim leaders over their treatment of Taliban fighters captured in Afghanistan. The Defence Department has found detainees have been kept in dog cages.

were captured during a raid The suspected Taliban militants by Australian special forces troops in response to the shooting of Commando Jason Marks in April. But while an army investigation has rejected claims of mistreatment, admissions that accommodation used for the prisoners had previously been used for dogs

has drawn criticism. In Afghanistan, they are not allowed in the living area so when we put a prisoner with the dog it is considered an insult. It's the same as any hygiene concern that we would have as normal Australians. Haset Sali acknowledges frontline conditions are extreme. The RSL says the soldiers were stuck in a hard situation. They either had to detain them or let them go. Letting Taliban go is not an option in Afghanistan. The Australian Government needs to give the soldiers in Afghanistan the wherewithal to do better than that. Defence Minister Joel Fitzgibbon refused to comment on camera. He denied the actions of the troops breached the Geneva Convention.

But Afghanistan's Ambassador to Australia warns the incident could provide valuable propaganda to the Taliban, a notion dismissed by defence experts. Let's keep this in perspective. The people we're fighting behead people and blow up bombs in marketplaces, killing small children. Brad Hodson, Ten News. People power is challenging the might of the Russian army. Some surprise baby news has caused a media storm John McCain's pick for Vice-President Sarah Palin has revealed her 17-year-old unmarried daughter is pregnant. The pro-hunting, anti-abortion Alaskan governor says daughter Bristol will marry the baby's father. People's families are off-limits. And people's children are especially off-limits. This shouldn't be part of our politics. The Republicans chose to confirm

the high school student was pregnant to stop persistent rumours Mrs Palin's fifth child Trig, was really her daughter's baby. Actress Helen Mirren has sparked outrage after claiming women can't expect men to be charged for date rape. The Oscar has also raised eyebrows after admitting she used to love snorting cocaine. Dame Helen Mirren is considered one of the world's finest actresses. In her birthplace of Britain she's practically royalty, winning plenty of praise and countless awards for her work. But now the 63-year-old is under attack. We think it's very disappointing that someone who is held so highly in public esteem, particularly by women, would make comments like these. In a candid interview to be published in a UK men's magazine later this week, Dame Mirren reveals her controversial opinion on date rape. Recounting her own experience, the actress says she'd been a victim in her youth. She didn't report it to police. But what's angered anti-rape campaigners was her comment that if a woman says "no" at the last minute: Her views certainly seem to be a little confused. But the law isn't confused, the law is crystal clear. the Sexual Offences Act 2003 states that sexual intercourse without the woman's consent is rape criminal offence. and that's a very serious The Oscar-winning actress is also quoted in the magazine as saying she used to love cocaine, but she gave it up in the early '80s, disgusted after realising a captured Nazi war criminal had been living off the proceeds of being a drug baron. The star says she hasn't touched cocaine since. In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Pneumonia has claimed the life of legendary Australian actor, writer and director Michael Pate. He appeared in hundreds of television shows across the globe, in a career spanning 70 years. Michael Pate was one of Australia's true trailblazers.

By the time he was a favourite on our TV screens in shows like 'Matlock Police' in the 70s, he'd already become one of the few Australians to conquer Hollywood. He starred in 50 movies and more than 300 TV shows - appearing in shows like 'Get Smart', 'Batman' and 'Rawhide'. In westerns, he was often cast as an Indian - something he played again opposite his son in the Australian film 'Official Dismissal' in 1994. But he was also a writer - in 1979 he wrote, directed and produced 'Tim' starring Mel Gibson. He met his wife Felippa on the set of 'Thunder on the Hill' - a Hollywood movie based on a play he'd written. They were married 57 years. She didn't want to leave marriage. Michael's death has come as a shock to family and close friends, until he became ill with pneumonia a little over a week ago, he'd been busy working on another screenplay and doing voiceover work.

. We are again to remember him as a movie-maker, director, actor,

writer, stories, he has written books. He is survived by wife Felippa, son Christopher,

five grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. Michael Pate was 88. Still to come - a new attempt to revive interest in big Aussie cars. Also, a high-tech toy - modern know-how brings a little dinosaur to life. And Sydney girls go head over high heels -

all in the name of charity.

(PETROL PUMP RUMBLES) (UPBEAT PERCUSSION MUSIC PLAYS) You'll always find great value at McDonald's. Introducing the new Value Picks menu. With eight delicious items for less than $2.50, there's something for everyone to love. (McDONALD'S THEME) This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - 260 Australians arrive home from Phuket after political unrest left them stranded for four days. Most took it all in their stride, saying they felt safe and enjoyed the extra time in the sun. More industrial turmoil on the way in our public schools. Teachers voted overwhelmingly today to escalate their campaign for higher pay. They'll go on strike next term if the dispute isn't settled and if that doesn't work shut down the school system entirely next year. And the Reserve Bank delivers interest rate relief for the first time in seven years. The major banks have already agreed to pass on the 0.25% reduction which amounts to $17 a month per $100,000 owed. Car sales battle lines have been dramatically redrawn with an unprecedented offer from Holden. The company has capped fuel costs for private buyers on all its models. Between now and the end of October they'll pay 99 cents a litre for fuel for two years or 20,000km. We've never seen this before. Holden has reacted

to some of the big issues in the market place for clients and they're trying to make a difference.

It will drive a lot of people into showrooms. A Holden debit card deducts the cheap fuel payments from your bank account.

. Team if you are a deal's school?

This is the mob from a peak Elise

Sibley. On Saturday they have the

world famous... Pet to show. It

raises something like the $26,000.

What that does is Turner one of

these, twelvemonth year-old Barbie

into a fully trained guide dog. - party.

Some good girls as we've raised money for guide Artificial intelligence has brought the dinosaur back to life. It's taken the form of a hi-tech toy which will soon be roaming Sydney homes. It's the prehistoric toy of the future. A robotic baby dinosaur called Pleo He's really enjoying the tickles. Beneath the skin there're dozens of sound, light and touch sensors, including infra-red cameras - making Pleo the most advanced toy on the market, capable of spontaneous emotions. Might have to go to the poo. I don't think it can do that.

With some nurturing,

it can be encouraged to lay down, cuddle, sit and sing. But just like any pet, there are certain things that you do to Pleo that he won't like. if you continually pulled his tail, For instance, over time he becomes sad, withdrawn and frightened. He's loving, smart and cute. He may be cute, but at $450 each Pleo is capable of striking fear into the heart of every parent. They're too dear, Mum says. Still, kids today are smart. It would make a good pet if people live in an apartment or if they have no pets. And they know big kids like toys too. You want to say hello to me, yes, hello. I think it's in love. Ali Donaldson, Ten News. A world record attempt very nearly fell flat in Sydney today. 265 women, jostling for honours in the three-inch Stiletto Sprint, went head over high heels just metres into the race.

They say no pain, no gain - the ladies dusting themselves off to finish the 80m dash and enter the Guinness Book of Records, ahead of Holland, as the largest group of women to run the distance in heels.

Canberra's Brittney McGlone bagged $5,000 for winning - more than enough to replace those broken stilettos. Sport now with Brad, and the Gold Coast ruffle the Sea Eagles feathers after a spiteful match. Manly might be on the verge of the Minor Premiership, but according to the Gold Coast they're not good enough to be champions.

But the Titans were on the watch out for Watmough

with the Manly forward smashing the Gold Coast. He's in trouble, he's in trouble. And it's all over as Jessica Schipper and her coach split after the disappointment of Beijing.

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Award-winning service at no extra cost. Make a wise move. Use your onkaparingas. Get in the old dog and bone. Well, 14, if you count the one I just ate. Sorry about that. Pedigree. Really good food for dogs. There's been a lot of talk about rising fuel prices, So instead of waiting for someone to do something, We've capped the price of fuel at 99 cents a litre for up to 20,000 k's sold and delivered before the end of October. is to lower them. This program is captioned live. Serious fallout from Manly's spiteful win over the Gold Coast last night with centre Steve Mattai facing a one-game ban for a high shot.

The Titans now claiming the Sea Eagles aren't good enough to win the title. Gold Coast players today checking to see if their heads were still attached. They accused Manly of using intimidation to try and prove they were superior to the Titans. They're no different to us and they were trying to stamp some authority. I don't know what authority they had, but they were trying to do that and as you say

when you see a fellow team-mate get a high shot you don't just stand there. has him facing a one-match ban. Friend's attack on Josh Perry at Manly's credentials He also took aim

when asked if the Eagles are better than last year's grand final team. I don't think so mate. I really don't think they had much to offer last night. Probably about 10 out from halftime they were buggered, they had nothing to offer.

I dare say they've got a few things to work on if they want to be in contention for the grand final. The Titans say the Sea Eagles were affected by the emotion of Steve Menzies' farewell to Brookvale. Maybe they forgot to stick to their game plan a bit with the Menzies thing. and got a bit reckless there Things so brutal Josh Graham feared his eye had popped out of his head during the first half. He told Ten News he spent the next few seconds searching for it on the turf. It's feared the Titans centre It's feared the Titans cent has a fractured eyesocket. Meanwhile Souths have shown off the new-look Redfern Oval where they will train from early next year. They'll also play a trial there in February. The Souths hierarchy say this is proof that they're in Sydney to stay. That's despite years of rumours that they were candidates for relocation. Swans defender Craig Bolton isn't paying any attention to North Melbourne's claims

he and fellow defender Leo Barry use unfair defensive tactics. Sydney set to be boosted for the Finals showdown with the Kangaroos by the return of stars Adam Goodes and Ryan O'Keefe.

Are before last weekend's

commanding win, this forms just

took two of the last eight matches. took two of the last eight mat

The difference in securing a home

final and an improved state of mind.

We were all wondering what was

going on. Trying to get back to the

way we pat - play our best football.

We are many players on the Swan's

list on the twilight of their

careers, the captain is a realistic

about how much time in the current

group have together. There is never group have together. There is never

an exact date, I think it is a

natural progression that the share

will be the end for some. One

player has announce today - the

share will be his last after

playing 197 . The fact that it is going to be a

part of my future for a long period

of time. I am exception excited

about that. Brisbane's Butterfly queen Jessicah Schipper has split with her long-time coach Ken Wood. She says it's not because he sold her training programme to Chinese competitors

but the coach says his overseas interests were a factor. With family by her side, the 21-year-old laughed off all the speculation, announcing a split with long-time coach Ken Wood.

After 10 years of swimming with Ken I just feel it's time for a change. Jess took home Beijing bronze in the 200m butterfly, but gold - and her world record - went to the Chinese competitor, who bought Schipper's training regime from coach Ken Wood. The Chinese have nothing to do with this. They were just worried about me coaching overseas swimmers. Look, I didn't want to finish in any other way but an amicable situation. Wolfgang Schipper says

Wood should never have trained a direct competitor. But Jess knew all along and the split is her decision. I probably want to put that issue to bed. I think we've spoken about it a fair bit of time. I gave him a hug and he wished me all the best. Schipper is now in talks Stephanie Rice and Libby Trickett. with the top coaches for And they'll need to start soon. Jess is already focused on the World Championships in March, determined to snatch back that world record. It probably was time it was broken. It's just sad it wasn't me. A fresh start may be the springboard to gold in 2012. Emma Dallimore, Ten News. Australian all rounder Shane Watson

It was a struggle, but Rafael Nadal got there in the end. The world number one through to the US Open quarter-finals in four sets. He'll now take on American Mardy Fish. The Williams sisters are set to meet again, while Amelie Mauresmo had a crushing fourth round exit. Nadal breezed through the first set of his match with local hope Sam Querrey. on a stunning run late in the second But the American went to level the match at one set apiece. Nadal eventually closing it out in four.

Later in Sports Tonight the V8 Supercar drivers begin their build up to Bathurst and we'll hear from the Socceroos who are preparing to take on the Netherlands this weekend.

Some problems on the Great Western Highway?

Highway? I thought I would find the

right way home for my address in

the west, we have spotted the Great Western

Western Harbour, but there is no

good news. A serious accident

avoiding the M4 is heading along the Great Western Another glorious spring day, but will this sensational weather last? Tim Bailey's forecast is next.

It's really going off up here! You ought to buy yourself

The This program is captioned live. Time The This program is captioned live. Time for the weather.

Time for the weather. He seems to be

be stuck with it some puppy love be stuck with it some puppy love this evening.

This is a very good cause. The

Gills happen to come from he Elise

Sydney. Every year they have a bit

show. That pet show raises around

$26,000. Why do they do it? It has

something to do with turning this a

little blurred into one of these

fine guide dogs. - this little bloke.

How long has the school been doing

this? About 55 years. A great

heritage. How much money heritage. How much m ney have heritage. How much money have you

raise? Just a little bit over

$348,000. A round of applause

please. This dog is 12 weeks. After

12 months it will turn her into one

of these. There is a fully trained

guide dog. If you would like to do

the same thing, go to the website

and get your organisation to raise

$26,000 and then you get a fully 2 ,000 and then you g t a ful

grown guide dog changing some but

a's flight. Round of applause. If

you do not mind, as a round of you do not mind, as a round of

applause for the only male member

of the school and the weather man.

Two in a road full spring term, can

Two in a road full spring term, can

he do a third? No way, it is going to he do a third? No way, it is going

to be told tomorrow. 16 degrees

also on Thursday and Friday. It is

going to intensify up and it is

going to feel like winter again for

the next 72

. Cloud is spreading over the

interior was an upper trough

generating patchy rain and storms. generating patchy rain and storms.

Rain tomorrow, a south-easterly

causing showers. Inland trots are

generating rain and thunderstorms

over the eastern interior. In terms

of precipitation, a few showers

of precipitation, a few showers

along new South Pars and his then

Viktoria. Chance of isolated falls.

Dogs waiting their tails, they are

happy to be dyed doves. It cost

$26,000 to go one. They love it.

Look at that. He is a happy dog. P

L C Sydney, 55 years of doing it,

round of L C Sydney, 55 years of doing it,

round of applause. I have not seen

a dog wake its Dow like that in a long time. a dog wake its Dow like that in a long time.

, and the guide dogs whether he , and the guide dogs whether he

paged police adhere to it. Round of paged police adhere to it. Round of

applause. See you tomorrow That brings you up to date on the 5:00 News, I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight, thanks for your company. The Late News with Sports Tonight is our next bulletin along at 10:30. Enjoy your evening. Goodnight. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. Well, our first six semifinalists have sung for the nation. If you missed them, here's a reminder of the performances and the numbers. # Big wheel keep on turning, proud Mary keep on burning # # and we're rolling (rolling), rolling (rolling)... # # Yeah, life is a highway I wanna ride it all night long... # # Oh, no, no, finally it has happened to me # # right in front of my face, my feelings can't describe it... # # Well, I know that it's a wonderful world # from the sky down to the sea #

# but I can only see it when you're here... # # If you're not really here then I don't want to be either # # I wanna be next to you black and gold... # # It's times like these you learn to live again #