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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Cairo crash survivors recall Tonight - their tour turned to tragedy. the moment Relief for a terrified family - parents after a 19-hour ordeal. two children returned to their red carpet premiere ends And cowboy Heath's in a water pistol shoot-out. Ten News with Tracey Spicer. Good evening. Also tonight - killed in a US air strike. Osama bin Laden's deputy reportedly And married with sharks -

under water. the brave couple who took the plunge injured in the deadly Cairo bus crash But first, Australians critically this weekend. will be airlifted to London the driver with manslaughter Egyptian police have charged

he shouldn't be made a scapegoat. but some survivors say

recalling the moment Bus crash survivor Garry Waugh his tour turned to tragedy. then go out of control I could feel the bus

off the road to the right, and I knew we were heading and then I basically hung on, Mr Waugh was sitting across the aisle George Panayiotis, from Victorian sergeant who perished. among six holiday-makers charged with manslaughter, He says the bus driver, shouldn't be blamed weren't wearing seatbelts. as most passengers and speed. He's ruled out driver fatigue has got their seatbelts on, No-one else so you feel like a bit of a wuss. sent to Egypt on a mercy dash, The Victoria police commander, has spoken to local authorities. the investigation. They are conducting this is their country. That is their role, have left hospital. Five more injured tourists 21 still need medical care. in the intensive care ward, The others, who are currently reasonable progress. appear to be making

be airlifted to London this weekend Those still on the critical list will before being repatriated. is grieving alongside a family At home, a country Victorian town and much-loved brother. that has lost its father Drew were killed in the bus crash, Mark Ritchie and his 14-year-old son the death of another son. four years after they mourned

So, the town has launched an appeal. There may be some shortfall the bodies home from Egypt, in the cost of bringing

cost of the funeral. There's the added

of bodies out of Cairo. are helping arrange the transfer And Australian embassy staff

Martine Griffiths, Ten News. of Cyclone Clare, WA is still feeling the ravages lashed by devastating floods. with parts of the State by the deluge, Two towns were cut off and farmers stranding scores of travellers

a $1 million damage bill. and leaving across thousands of hectares. Black Friday the 13th turned brown and creek beds burst their banks. Normally dry salt plans the towns of Lake Grace and Kulin. Caught in the middle - Yeah, it just kept rising. We got flooded out. from the south-east. The water's still running in I don't know. How much more we're going to get, locals grabbed their surfboards. The torrent so strong some Lake Grace and decided to catch a few waves. Found some nice rapids through the streets early yesterday, Flood waters started surging leaving a devastating trail. to keep the tide out. Businesses fighting houses and a retirement home. Rescue workers forced to sandbag Half a dozen homes were swamped of carpets and furniture. damaging thousands of dollars worth the carpets will have to come up. Floorboards will have to come up,

so we're trying to help out. A lot of damage to furniture

are stranded in the town. Up to 100 travellers at a makeshift refuge centre. They've been put up by locals nowhere to stay, We had nowhere to sleep, we didn't think there was any food. The floor was hard. we went to bed to numb the pain. We had a couple of beers before it's been a double blow - For many farmers wiped out crops in the district. barely three months since hail We can't do anything else. We'll survive. getting out while the going's good. A lot of people are thinking of is simply a lake. Much of the Lake Grace Shire

250mm of rain in a fortnight. The district swamped with almost That's cut nearly a dozen rail lines to the south of here. and also cut the main Highway 1 In Lake Grace, Nick Way, Ten News. for parents of two young children A happy ending to a 19-hour ordeal who went missing last night. brought back safe and well The brother and sister who mistakenly took the children. by a relative and his 5-year-old sister Veatris Safe and sound, 3-year-old Luas back with mum Manu. with applause. Neighbours welcomed the happy ending

Man: How you feeling, alright? rushed to be with their dad. But it got better as the pair

We thought the worst. We thank everybody for their help. We really thank everybody. the children were returned Only a few minutes before the ordeal was taking its toll. at all but picked up by a cousin In the end, the pair weren't missing was asleep. as their mother, a shift worker, a note was left. We understand there was at this stage. That note hasn't been located that the note was misplaced. It may have been the case I was very worried, very upset. I got upset with the police. I know they've done a lot of work. to search for the children. A large operation was launched Service volunteers were involved. 40 police and 40 State Emergency It's certainly strange, we are certainly happy but at the end of the day, they've been located safe and well.

the children The cousin who had been baby-sitting lives several kilometres away the massive search for the children so she didn't know about this morning. until she returned to the street it is a blessing that we found them It is a great thing - or something. without no body else killing them Kevin Wilde, Ten News. on low-to-middle incomes Singles and childless couples in the current tax system, are the biggest losers by the Federal Opposition. according to new research on average incomes Labor says childless Australians will pay $30 to $40 per week more tax than they did in 2001, for families. effectively paying for tax benefits The Opposition blames bracket creep. That is the effects of inflation, taking lower- and middle-income earners into higher and higher income tax brackets and getting no tax relief. Mr Emerson has called on Peter Costello

to deliver tax cuts to those without children, saying the system is very unfair. A body has been found in thick bushland west of Sydney. Police fear it is 26-year-old Jody Galante, seen here with daughter Zayla. She disappeared a week ago and is three months pregnant. Her husband Mark dropped her off last Saturday at a popular market, but she never returned. Homicide are involved. It is being treated as suspicious, because it is unidentified at this stage and it is at an unusual location. The body was found this morning by the police chopper. A positive identification may be made by as early as tomorrow. A coastal community is devastated tonight after fire gutted its heritage-listed primary school building. The blaze caused more than $1 million damage. and investigators aren't ruling out arson. Residents of a small town on SA's Yorke Peninsula woke in shock as more than 125 years of history went up in flames. Wallaroo students and parents emotional at the sight of their herigate-listed primary school destroyed. I'm really upset because my school has burnt down and that school has been there 129 years.

To come here and see it for yourself is, sum... pretty horrific, I can't believe it. As this amateur vision shows, it didn't take long for the fire to spread, the roof collapsing under the intense heat. The damage more than $1 million. More importantly than that - we've lost lots of memories and history associated with the building. But there was some good news - Firefighters managed to cut the fire off and save the IT room - and that's a major save. Police reported that overnight there was an unusually high level of vandalism. A shop, the local football, sailing and Lions club all falling victim,

raising questions as to how this fire started. To think that somebody got their kicks out of starting it does leave a sick feeling in your stomach. Despite the set-back, staff say the new school year will begin as scheduled in two weeks' time. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News. A red carpet premiere in Sydney has ended abruptly in a water pistol shoot-out.

The cowboy caught empty-handed was Heath Ledger, copping payback from paparazzi who claim the actor spat on them. In town to promote his controversial new film 'Brokeback Mountain',

Heath Ledger was lapping up the media attention along the red carpet with co-star and girlfriend Michelle Williams. PHOTOGRAPHER: Michelle, over here, please! But as the actor was having questions fired at him a group of fed-up photographers who claim Ledger spat on them decided to fire back. Why don't you spit something else at us? It was a sudden and soggy end to the red carpet walk, a visibly angry Ledger told to keep his cool and get inside. Outside, it was a mad dash to chase down the culprits. This is they guy that did the water pistol! Peter Carette, who's been a photographer for 35 years,

accuses Ledger of spitting on one of his employees and assaulting another outside a popular Bondi restaurant. The group deciding to retaliate. Who does he think he is? What is this? People doing their day job to be spat at?

Just yesterday Ledger admitted to having made peace with the local gossip columns. It's more just for my family, 'cos they have to live their lives, and their friends, unfortunately believe what they read. It affects their lives. Today the star wasn't in the mood to front the media. especially when one of his attackers delivered a peace offering to his beachside home. It's to apologise to Michelle and to Heath. What we did last night, the five photographers, was bang out of order. But desperate times call for desperate measures. Ledger and Williams are believed to have left Sydney for L.A. late this afternoon. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News. Still to come in Ten News - a US air strike reportedly kills Osama bin Laden's deputy. That story when Ten News returns. And the Sydney Swans find new fame in Hollywood.

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This program is captioned live. Parents of the Bali Nine have written to the PM in a desperate bid to save their children from execution. The plea for immediate intervention comes just days before Indonesia decides whether the accused drug mules will face a firing squad. It also follows revelations Australian Federal Police officers were present when the group was arrested. The parents are calling on the government to ensure the prosecution doesn't seek the death penalty. Osama bin Laden's deputy may have been killed in a US air strike on Pakistan. It's thought al-Qa'ida number two Ayman al-Zawahri

was staying in a village in the country's east when US forces launched a missile attack, killing up to 18 people. While authorities are yet to identify the bodies, Pakistan's military says it's certain at least five of those killed were high-level al-Qa'ida figures. The chief judge in Saddam Hussein's trial has announced he will quit at the end of the month. While Judge Rizgar Amin is yet to confirm his reasons for withdrawing, it's thought security concerns are behind the decision. The Kurdish judge has allowed himself to be seen on camera since day one of Saddam's trial, making his face one of the most recognised, not only in Iraq, but around the world. His resignation follows the killing of two defence lawyers.

Angelina Jolie has been showing off her baby bump in Haiti. The Hollywood actress and her co-star Brad Pitt are visiting the Caribbean nation as part of their latest effort to promote humanitarian aid in the region.

The couple is expecting a baby later this year. The Sydney Swans have found new fame in Hollywood. Two players handing out awards to some of America's finest soapie stars. A glamorous Hollywood ceremony to honour the American soapie stars Australians like the best. It's an amazing feeling to know that people halfway around the world care. Making their way down the red carpet - the smart, the sophisticated and the Sydney Swans. Feel OK in a tuxedo.

Have you thought about a career in

Have you thought about a career in acting? No. The Boomerangs are voted on exclusively by Australian readers of magazine 'TV Soap'. I love the Aussies and I'm thrilled they enjoy 'Passions' so much. It just shows what good taste you all have. 'The Bold and the Beautiful' scored the most awards,

with Jack Wagner named the most popular male star.

One of my favourite places in the

One of my favourite places in the world, I love the Australian people. Ronn Moss's attempt to win Australian of the Year took a dramatic plunge.

I'm their likely choice. Name our

last three prime ministers. Anyway... 17-year-old Sydneysider Angelica scored a walk-on role in 'The Bold and the Beautiful'. The Golden Boomerangs come three days before the better known Golden Globes. But if you believe these fine actors, this ceremony is much more fun.

We are all like, "Did you get your

We are all like, "Did you get your

We are all like, "Did you get your zf boomerang invitation yet?" In Los Angeles, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. The council plan to stop motorists smoking in their own cars. Details when Ten News returns. And not even a great white could stop this brave couple from taking the plunge.

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This program is captioned live. Calls for a nation-wide ban on smoking while driving. This program is captioned live. A NSW town devastated by bushfires says it's paid too high a price for the ignorance of smokers flicking their butts out the window. Farm after farm, thousands of stock and a handful of homes - all lost in a blaze sparked by a cigarette flicked from a car. Junee was declared a natural disaster area on New Year's Day. A compelling reason, says the local shire council, for a nationwide ban on smoking while driving. A lot of farmers have suffered and there will be a lot of people will lose their livelihoods because of the inadvertent disposal of butts. Anti-smoking groups say the drastic action is necessary and could be policed as easily as mobile phone usage behind the wheel. You either leave large tracts of the country at risk of fire, and people's lives put at risk, for the benefit of a privilege of smoking in a car. Fire authorities estimate cigarettes are responsible for 4,500 fires in Australia each year. With not many places left to light up legally, a car ban would frustrate some smokers further. I don't think that's fair because I'm one of the smokers. Don't flick butts out the window. Increase the fines for that. Those campaigning for the ban say that wouldn't work and... ..I think anybody who drove along that road in Junee and who may have thrown out the cigarette that caused the fire has really not got much of an individual liberty argument. The cost, Junee residents say, is too great. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. An escaped prisoner is back behind bars after being captured by police. Todd Ellis broke out of a western Sydney jail with fellow inmate Todd Carr on Thursday. The pair allegedly scaled the perimeter fence of Silverwater correctional facility before stealing a van.

The 33-year-old was apprehended in south Sydney last night and will face court on Monday. He's facing charges relating to the escape and possession of an offensive weapon. 27-year-old Carr remains at large. Police in Brisbane's west have door-knocked residents near a park where a man was murdered last week. Safik Mohammed was robbed and killed on his morning walk. Police and family believe it was a crime of opportunity, and may have been committed by a local.

We got a good community here. People are good in Brisbane. If someone knows anything, we need their information. Mr Mohammed was found dead in the park on January 5. 500 angry Queenslanders have protested over the State's health crisis

and the imminent closure of some hospital emergency wards. The residents of Caboolture, north of Brisbane, will be first affected. From Monday, 130,000 Caboolture residents effectively won't have an emergency department at their local hospital. Trauma patients will be transported to hospitals at least half an hour away. Today they rallied, claiming that will cost lives. And I can't ever recall seeing a situation as serious as the one we are now confronted with. Several other hospitals may soon be affected. Seven are operating with as little as half emergency staff. The Queensland Government says it's because of a national doctor shortage. The State Opposition disagrees. This has nothing to do with a national shortage of doctors. This has to do with a mass exodus of emergency department doctors out of this State because their concerns were never met. Some doctors are seeking better pay, less stress, interstate. You must pay people properly. You've got to allow them to have a life. Caboolture locals say they're now paying for Queensland Health's failures. What angers residents most is the Government's repeated denials of a closure. preferring the word "downgrading". They're hoping the emergency ward will eventually be upgraded again. Mark Suleau, Ten News. The weather's next and then it's 'Sports Tonight' with Rob Canning. And Ricky Ponting is questioning the Sri Lankans' one-day tactics?

Tracey, Ponting is particularly critical of the tourists' batting line-up and execution. We'll bring you the latest, as Australia roll Sri Lanka by 116 runs. On-court finals fever as the Aussie Open draws closer. And 'L.A. Story' -

AFL hits Tinsletown.

This program is captioned live. Looking at weather around the nation now. Thick cloud across the northern tropics along a deepening monsoon trough is causing heavy rain and storms. Cloud building over northern NSW and southern Queensland in a broad trough is generating showers and storms. Cloud drifting over southern Australia along a jetstream is bringing moderate rain. Monsoonal showers and storms will continue across the tropics with heavy falls in many areas. Moist northerly winds feeding troughs over NSW and South Australia will generate showers and afternoon thunderstorms. A trough in the west will trigger isolated showers and storms over inland WA. Looking at tomorrow - An adventurous couple has taken the plunge, tying the knot in a shark tank. Matt Kay and Caroline Novak wanted a wedding with a difference after getting engaged under Sydney's Harbour Bridge. They took to the water wearing special scuba gear - that allowed them to exchange vows underwater. BRIDE: So here I place this ring on your finger. Family and friends stood on the other side of the glass to witness the underwater nuptials.

But the couple had to come up for air before Matt could kiss the bride.

That brings you up to date with the latest news. Stay around for Sports Tonight with Rob Canning. I'm Tracey Spicer, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

This program is captioned live. Hello. I'm Rob Canning. This is Sports Tonight and you're in the box seat for all the latest from here and around the world. The summer of sport is hotting up. The Aussie cricketers are cleaning up. While the Australian Open is building up. Today - the final countdown. The climax to the Sydney International and the Kooyong Classic. We'll check in with AFL in LA. Brisbane cop a King-size bullet - from their coach! Newcastle Knights - that's Newcastle versus the Knights. Appleby's Hawaiian hot streak continues.