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(generated from captions) You tell me. Kyu... Oh, no! that both your sons won $500. The only good news is you reproduced well. Well, at least you know whip you up a wedding. Oh, Andre, I'm sorry we couldn't It's been fun playing with you.

Sorry, Tanya. Nice to be here. have come out of this. Well, four good things Jez, Nick, the lovely Kristy Lean the love of a gorgeous woman - Tanya. and of course, Oh, nice. involved than that, I think. There'll be a lot more consolation $10, eh? What do you do? guys. I hope it all goes really well. Hey, best of luck for the wedding, Good work, the two of you. Well done, fellas.

ladies and gentlemen. Thanks for being with us, 'Bye, now. See you next time in the Drome. This program is captioned live. Tonight - Christmas present for homebuyers the Reserve Bank delivers an early with a big interest rate cut.

escape their nightmare holiday Hundreds of Australian tourists in Thailand. The search takes off again for a second Sydney airport. to find the site for a showdown over new rules And Sydney pub owners prepare to control drinkers. with Ian Ross. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening.

official interest rate by a full 1% to 4.25% - the lowest in 6 years. Banks have mostly matched it. Chris Maher is at the Reserve. for homebuyers? Chris, an early Christmas gift

off an average mortgage. Yes, Ian, around $200 a month and home builders, too A gift for retailers

Australians will get out and spend. with the Reserve Bank Board hoping something extra under the tree. For Christmas, It's wonderful. on their face today. Everyone will have a smile like the Whittakers, Leaving mortgage holders, with more money to spend.

I sure am.

but we'll find something to buy. I don't know what I'm going to buy The right time of the year for it. We're coming into Christmas will be blown quickly, won't it? so all that money are hoping for. Exactly what the markets 100! 100 points - oh. of expectations. The 1% cut was at the top end I was expecting only 0.75%. I think it's an amazingly large cut. I think it signals the fact quite concerned that the Reserve Bank is indeed may indeed slip into recession. about the fact that Australia in Parliament. The Treasurer was handed the news Moments later, a second delivery. announced The Commonwealth Bank has just the RBA rate cut in full. it will be passing on Hear, hear! So too, the NAB, Westpac, a smaller cut - 0.80%. The ANZ - 0.83%. Passed on in full - you could save - today's reduction means on a $200,000 loan - $128 a month. On $300,000 - $191 and $400,000 - almost $255. More money in the pocket of 90-cent-a-litre petrol to add to the prospect

in coming weeks. they're now actually seeing prices Good news for motorists that in my lifetime. that I never thought we'd see again

So the cash rate is now 4.25% in the new year but some are tipping more big cuts and an eventual rate of around 2.5%. Ian. Thanks, Chris. Chris Maher at the Reserve Bank. David Koch. Now to Seven's finance expert 0.8% of that 1% cut - And David, Westpac's only passed on ANZ - 0.83% is there any excuse for that? Ian, absolutely not. The money markets have settled

If you're a customer of Westpac or

ANZ you should call them and tell

them how angry you are. The Mandaric

de Were - the money markets have

stabilised over the last few weeks,

that is the excuse they used last

time not to pass on the cut. The

banks are awash with money, they are

the beneficiaries of this federal

government deposit guarantee. They

have so much money they don't know

have so much money they don't know

what to do with debt, I will tell

them what to do, pass it on. People

get the mortgage rates but are there

get the mortgage rates but are there

other rates we expect to come down

as well? The banks know we worry other rates we expect to come down

about the home loans so they try to about the home loans so they try to

do something about that. The credit

cards are still on average an

extortionate 22%. Also, overdraft

rates, and small business loans.

They have not been passed on either. They have not been passed on either.

The banks have to do the right The banks have to do the right

thing. The Reserve Bank government thing. The Reserve Bank government

today said in his statement the

banks should be passing it all along -- governor. at how the market closed. Taking a look failed to entice investors. The Reserve Bank's rate cut BHP Billiton dropped 9% Telstra added 9 cents. The ASX 200 dived 153 points. After nearly a week trapped in the Bangkok airport stand-off are finally arriving home Australian tourists from alternative airports. with mercy flights now operating is in Phuket.

And Sarah, has the chaos eased? Not for everyone, Ian. Seven busloads of Australian tourists travelled here to Phuket to Singapore. to board a Qantas flight in Bangkok But many others are still stranded before all foreigners make it home. with fears it could be a month Frustrated and exhausted - nearly 300 Australian tourists who were rescued overnight. They drove 14 hours to Phuket. (ALL CHEER) Sydney businessman Geoff Crane for five days. was stranded in Bangkok Concerned about when we were going to get out. during the mad scramble Tempers flared on the Qantas-chartered jet. to secure seats the morning here at Phuket airport, It's now just after 1:00 in and some of these passengers

for 14 hours, have already been travelling a seat on the flight. but not everyone has been guaranteed for Trevor Harding. Not the ideal honeymoon I'm pretty p---ed off. I think we can broadcast that. for the Herdman family... The stress was too much on this flight? Can you guarantee we'll be with 1-year-old Jec. ..forced to wait Everyone was desperate to get home. Exhausted, tired, frustrated - kind of angry. It took four hours to check in... ..but, finally, smiles. We got boarding passes! They're escaping the holiday from hell. A bomb blast this morning at Bangkok's domestic airport killed one person and injured 22 more - hundreds of Aussies are still stuck there.

These backpackers can't leave for five days, their insurance won't cover civil unrest. I'm not really sure what we're gonna do yet. Peter Sarky was only meant to be in Bangkok for one night. Five days later, finally got a boarding pass so... get back home.

Back in Sydney, emotional reunions after a family holiday they'd rather forget. Ah, hell. But happy to be home. Home, sweet home. 350,000 foreigners are still stranded here. And tonight there are fears of more violence after Thailand's Supreme Court ruled the Government should be dissolved, Ian.

Thanks, Sarah. Sarah Cumming in Phuket. The Sydney woman shot by terrorists in Mumbai is home safely, and tonight, recovering from surgery. Katie Anstee is being treated at Royal North Shore Private Hospital

and expected to make a full recovery. Carried to Sydney on a stretcher, this was Katie Anstee's homecoming. She was carefully taken from the back of the aircraft, then lowered to a waiting van. Last week Katie was shot through the leg by gunmen in Mumbai -

last night she was taken to Royal North Shore Private Hospital for more surgery to put in a pin.

She'll be recovering there for several days. The flight from Mumbai also bringing home survivors like David Jacobs. Trapped in the Oberoi Hotel he feared he'd never make it back to his wife Jenny. Hi. How are you? His sons - Adam and Tim. We need the world to have a greater understanding of what are the concerns that we each have and we've got to stop killing each other. And talk about double trouble - Peter and Phylis Graham had been on separate holidays when he became stranded in Bangkok while she was in Mumbai, at the Oberoi. They were reunited last night. Didn't you get my text to say that we'd been bombed? I got your text that said you'd been bombed but I didn't know you'd been sitting outside on your window balcony. Oh well, my hand was shaking too much to put that in. Phylis was in Mumbai for meditation.

I thought I was going to die and then once I'd confronted that it was not... ..I just had to be with whatever was happening. Daughter Justine has done enough worrying to last a lifetime. Are they allowed to travel again? No, no. They've been grounded - it's official. All five of us have said they're not allowed out of the country for the next little bit.

This makes up for all the bloody time the kids give you a hard time. But they're more trouble than our adolescents - they truly are. The search for Sydney's second airport is on again, and this time, it's serious. The Federal Government says flights will double in 20 years and if Sydney expects to remain a major destination we'd better find somewhere to land extra planes - fast. As Bankstown Airport crews train for a serious emergency, Sydney is facing a real aviation crisis. The simple fact is that while Sydney Airport is coping with growth at the moment, it is nearing capacity. They've been talking about a second airport for 60 years. The Government even bought land at Badgerys Creek, but the process stalled. Now the hunt is on again for a suitable site. We support a second Sydney airport outside the basin. We have ruled out, for example, Bankstown Airport as an option. Badgerys Creek has been dropped, too. Possible sites now include Camden, Richmond, Williamtown's RAAF base and Canberra. Any airport would need a fast train service to the city. The Premier says the airforce site looks good. I think Williamstown is the ideal location. I'd like to see the Hunter Region pumped up very significantly. Camden residents are known for clinging to their semi-rural lifestyle.

They've already won a fight against a proposed Muslim school, and they don't want any new suburbs in the area, so they're unlikely to welcome a second airport. I can't believe this has been given serious consideration. 90,000 families over the next 20 years - we don't want another airport, we're not going to have another fight about an airport at Camden. Some Sydney pub owners fear bar staff could get knocked out if they're forced to impose time-out periods for drinkers. The 10-minute breaks are part of the Government's tough new drinking laws

which the Premier is refusing to water down.

Tony Hasbani wouldn't mind having a beer with the Premier to explain why new alcohol laws applying to 48 of the State's most violent pubs are so flawed. The publican from Parramatta's Albion Hotel, one of Nathan Rees's locals, doesn't mind measures like plastic cups after midnight.

But he says 10-minute service bans and 2am lock-ins will only see hotels lose money and customers lose their temper. People lining up and not knowing

when these 10-minute time-outs are gonna take place at the bar is just gonna frustrate the patron a lot more. The Albion is one of nine pubs challenging the laws, which were introduced to Parliament this afternoon to curb alcohol-related violence. The Premier's message to them was typically blunt. Stop being so precious. The community's fed up with alcohol-related violence...fed up. But the hoteliers say the violence will only worsen - especially on the streets when 2am lock-ins come into force. Well, they would say that. The Hotels Association is angry no pubs were consulted about the laws. Essentially, we say this process is flawed and counter-productive. And there are some absurdities in the law. For example, if 2am lock-ins force patrons out of Darling Harbour's Cargo Bar, they can simply toddle 200m up the wharf to Bungalow 8 - it isn't on the Government's list. One of Australia's most popular television programs, 'Thank God You're Here' is changing channels. The show's been a hit on the Ten network attracting around 2 million viewers but next year the fourth season will be seen on Seven. It's made by Working Dog Productions the people behind top Australian films 'The Castle' and 'The Dish' And they're promising more new shows for Seven. Still to come - Australian tourists caught in a pirate attack on a cruise ship. Also, the Sydney streets to be transformed into cycleways. And why Venice is struggling with more water than it can handle. That's next. Sydney City Council will spend $70 million building cycleways from next year. They'll separate bicycles from other vehicles. and some special lanes will be painted green. They'll stretch 55km including along College and King Streets in the city and some roadside car parking will be removed. The city council is calling on Canberra to spend nearly $300 million across 15 council areas. Former Whitlam government minister Frank Crean has died at the age of 92. He was treasurer and deputy prime minister in the 1970s. A statement from the office of his son, Trade Minister Simon Crean, says he died in a Melbourne hospital this afternoon after a short illness.

His family was by his side. US President-elect Barack Obama has appointed his Democrat rival Hillary Clinton to the highly prized position of Secretary of State. They're trying to put months of campaign insults behind them - promising to rebuild America's international standing. From fierce rival... Shame on you, Barack Obama. top aide. Barack Obama is keeping his friends close, his former enemy even closer. Hillary's appointment is a sign to friend and foe of the seriousness of my commitment to renew American diplomacy and restore our alliances. Today, the President-elect and Hillary Clinton stood side by side as he named the former first lady as his new Secretary of State.

We must pursue vigorous diplomacy using all the tools we can muster to build a future with more partners and fewer adversaries. In Europe, on her final tour as Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice congratulated her successor. I know that she will bring enormous energy and intellect and skill to the position. Barack Obama's recruitment of his rival is seen by some as a masterstroke. The question now is whether they can put their differences aside. The President-elect is looking forward to a vigorous debate, but he's also made it clear who's boss.

As Harry Truman said "The buck will stop with me." ABC foreign correspondent Peter Lloyd has been jailed for 10 months in Singapore for possessing drugs. Lloyd looked composed as he arrived at court with his ex-wife to learn his fate. He was sentenced to eight months for drug possession and another two for having drug utensils.

An earlier charge of drug trafficking was dropped. It had carried a possible 20-year jail term and 15 strokes of the cane.

Pirates have fired shots at a luxury cruise ship in the Gulf of Aden between Yemen and Somalia. Almost 700 passengers, including 50 Australians, were ordered by the captain to lock themselves in their cabins. The nautica managed to outrun its attackers before they could get on board. Pirates have seized six vessels in the region in the past two weeks. Tourists visiting the Italian city of Venice are experiencing more water than they expected. Its famous waterways are overflowing in the worst flooding to swamp the area in 20 years. 90% of Venice is now under water, including St Marks Square. The government has now allocated more money for a floodgate project. Santa Claus came to town for some very special kids in Sydney today. Children's Charity Variety hosted its Annual Kids' Christmas Party, at the Sydney Entertainment Centre. The day's activities included jumping castles, rides,

an animal farm, face-painting and a 3-hour stage show. SINGS: # Christmas morning, Christmas Day, # lots of toys and games to play. #

Best of all, all 5,000 kids went home with a Christmas present. Time for sport with Ben Damon and the 'Wild Thing' is heading to Sydney.

Anything can happen when John Daly plays golf.

More on his surprise visit shortly. Also tonight - we'll tell you who the Wallabies will play in the next World Cup. And V8 star Jamie Whincup as you've never seen him before.

The Gold Coast Titans are set to offer Tigers hooker Robbie Farah a 3-year-deal worth $1 million. Farah has flown to Queensland for talks after the Titans withdrew a bid for the Storm's Test star Cameron Smith. The Tigers have given Farah permission to negotiate even though he has a year to run on his deal with the club. It's sometimes better for the player to get it out of the way before the season starts. And Queensland will press for Mal Maninga to coach both the Maroons and Kangaroos if Ricky Stuart is sacked. The Wallabies chances of winning the next World Cup have improved after the draw for the 2011 tournament was announced. Australia will face Ireland and Italy in Pool C with two teams yet to be decided. It means they should avoid South Africa and hosts New Zealand until the final. Captain Stirling Mortlock believes the All Blacks will start favourites but coach Robbie Deans says anyone could win it. That's the one thing that I believe is really evident is that this next World Cup will be the most competitive World Cup that there's been to date. Meanwhile, Deans has named Waratah Brett Sheehan at halfback

for Thursday's game against the Barbarians at Wembley. Golfing bad boy John Daly has changed his schedule and will play at the Australian Open in Sydney. The 'Wild Thing' was back at Coolum today - six years after being disqualified from the PGA Championship for throwing his putter in a lake. He's hoping for a happier time at Royal Sydney next week. It's crazy for me to be all the way over here, and I love playing in Australia,

and it's hopefully that other chance to hopefully play well. Adam Scott will miss the PGA after injuring his knee surfing but should be right to for the Open. But no surfing dramas for Australia's Stephanie Gilmore who has retained her world title with victory in the Roxy Pro in Hawaii. She now has an unassailable lead over Sofia Mulanovich

in the world rankings.

It feels really good to come out on top and, obviously, to win another battle with Sofia Mulanovich is always a good feeling.

7-time Tour de France winner Lance Armstrong has confirmed he will compete in next year's race. The 37-year-old hasn't ridden in cycling's premier event since his last victory in 2005. He isn't expecting to win next year and thinks Australia's Cadel Evans will take the yellow jersey. He does two things that you need to do to win the Tour - you need to climb and you need to time trial and he does them both very well, far better than most people.

Armstrong will return to elite racing in next year's Tour Down Under in Adelaide. Only a major disaster can prevent Jamie Whincup winning his first V8 Supercar Championship in Sydney this weekend. But rather than taking things easy ahead of the biggest race of his life, the Ford driver has been indulging his need for speed. He could break a leg and blow the championship but Jamie Whincup just can't help himself. I can't sit still for more than 10 minutes. You have to live your life in the fast lane - you can't be expected to sit at home on the couch and read books for three weeks and then get in a race car and do 300km. Whincup is on the verge of winning the V8 Supercar series at Oran Park this weekend. He needs just 67 points from the 300 on offer. The 25-year-old has won 9 of the past 10 races and 6 rounds in the season. Well, I've just got massive self-confidence and no-one backed me to win the championship, not one single person said that I had any chance of winning. If you think Jamie Whincup's living life in the fast lane now just wait until he wins the V8 Supercar championship because with that will come unprecedented fame and fortune. And maybe a girlfriend. Yes, ladies, he's still single. There's no woman in my life at the moment apart from my mum and my sister. But you'll have to get between him and his new speedboat - they're pretty inseparable.

We will see if he can stay on the

track and win it this weekend. Sydney's weather forecast is after the break and the celestial smile that pleased Sydney stargazers. (MUSIC BOX PLAYS MELODY) Hmm? Oooh! Oh! (BOTH LAUGH) BOTH: Wow! ('POLKA' BY YVES KLEIN BLUE PLAYS) # Brother, hold your head this way # And bustle to the front of the line # 'Cause if they catch your eyes before you get inside # Well, you'll never be allowed # But if you feel that way now # Or if you ever feel so inclined bor g@40-somethings and rise # Skip past the doors of boring 40-somethings and rise

# Oh, and if you wanna lose your frown # Or your name or even your face... # Pack more into life in a Lancer Sportback, the all-new hatch. Love that car. FLY ON TWO-WAY RADIO: I can see lots of green natural-looking stuff, Louie. You beauty! That's gotta mean no fly spray. Let's get 'em, boys. There's a fly spray that controls flies with a powerful plant-based active ingredient. (FLIES SCREAM) Mortein NaturGard! So you can protect your family from pests in a more natural way with Mortein NaturGard, now also available as an Automatic Insect Control System. Sara is not with us tonight so she entrusted the weather to me - so here we go. It was another pleasant summer's day in Sydney. The early cloud made way for a fine and mostly sunny day. The temperature peaked at 24 degrees before the afternoon seabreeze moved in. Right now, in town it's 22. The mercury climbed to 29 at Campbelltown and Liverpool this afternoon. 30 at Penrith. A little cooler in Katoomba - 24 degrees. Clouds over WA are bringing a few showers while a weak trough is producing some storm clouds over the north-eastern parts of the State. It's expected to move south in the next 24 hours, while a high forming over South Australia will bring a weak southerly change along our coast late tomorrow. A look around the country. Showers are forecast for Hobart and Melbourne. Brisbane and Darwin can expect a late storm. On Sydney's waterways tomorrow - It will be warm and a mostly sunny day

in Sydney tomorrow with some high cloud building later in the day ahead of that southerly change.

We're heading for a top temperature of 28 along Sydney's coast. 29 at Homebush and Parramatta. Penrith is heading for 31 degrees. The wet weather looks set to return on Thursday and Friday. It should clear by Saturday with showers returning on Sunday and Monday. Sydney's cloudy skies frustrated stargazers last night trying to catch a glimpse of an unusual star pattern in the shape of a smiley face. formed the pattern with a 3-day old crescent moon. And that's Seven News to now but we'll have updates during the evening. I'm Ian Ross. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Hello. I'm Samantha Armytage. Tonight, the great home auction rip-off. A whistleblower reveals the shocking truth - it could cost you thousands. And the diet that makes wrinkles and acne just disappear. We begin with Channel 7's costly decision to bring back 'The Rich List' program. A quiz show that was axed earlier this year, to the outrage of two contestants who won the main prize. But under the rules of TV wouldn't get a cent until their winning show went to air. Their fortune lay in the hands of Seven management, as Clare Brady reports. 'THE RICH LIST': So listen, you're now a team. For those of you who've not seen the show before, they've never met before, but will be relying upon each other to take the crown from our champs. Best of luck, challengers. Thank you. Thank you. To the pod. For contestants, it's nail-biting, nerve-racking stuff. The list is:

Digging deep into memory hoping the right answer will trigger a win and a cash prize, tax free. It's the classic dream but what sometimes gets overlooked is the fine print. It was stressful. It WAS stressful and I sort of had to put it in the back of my mind and hope, really. 'Two Strong Hearts'. 'Chain Reaction'.

'You're The Voice'. 'Touch Of Paradise'. 'Every Time You Cry'. 'Every Time You Cry'. 'Take The Pressure Down'. Guess what? You got yourselves a list. They'd teamed up as total strangers and blitzed it. Absolutely magnificent. Rebecca Waisman and Craig Wilkins ticked all the boxes on 'The Rich List' showering themselves in glory to the tune of $250,000. $250,000. How are you? Good. But for almost a year there's been no champagne, no celebrations

not a single winning cent. How frustrating was it for you that you knew you'd won this money and you couldn't touch a cent? Oh, yeah, I was convinced I was cursed, that...that, you know,

that somebody was out to get me for some reason.

'The Rich List' episode had been recorded in January, but as all game show contracts state,

if it's not shown on television there's no prize money, no pay-out - despite a win. When I saw that it was axed, I was devastated. It's not the first time game-show winners have felt the sting of fine print. VOICEOVER: Welcome to National Bingo Night.