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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - starts a new fight to clear his name. convicted killer Bradley John Murdoch Fears lives will be lost twist to the war on whaling. as rebel protesters add a violent to Afghanistan is being beefed up And why our troop commitment now and later. in Australia, fat, dumb and happy, Most Australians sit back here

is out there not realising the Defence Force fighting wars on their behalf. Welcome to Ten's Late News. Good evening, I'm Deborah Knight. Also tonight - the first signs of life. the Israeli Prime Minister shows his right hand and right leg. He started to move, minimally, of killing backpacker Peter Falconio First, the drug runner convicted to clear his name. tonight started a new fight have lodged an appeal Lawyers for Bradley John Murdoch shortly before the deadline. against the conviction in Darwin, haven't been disclosed. The grounds for the appeal guilty of shooting dead Last month a jury found Murdoch on the Stuart Highway in July 2001. the British tourist with a non-parole period of 28 years. He was sentenced to life in jail in violence There's been a dramatic escalation

off the Antarctic. between environmentalists and whalers a Japanese vessel, A radical group has attacked be lost if confrontations continue. prompting warnings that lives could This was no peaceful protest. The vessel 'Farely Mowat' the Japanese whale supply ship deliberately rammed designed to rip open its hull. using a specially made blade It was put there really by whaling vessels to protect us from being sideswiped too. but it works the other way around

the 'can opener'. That's why they call it is small but radical. The Sea Shepherd organisation Its journey to the Antarctic funded by private donations and indirectly, their spokesman says, the Seven television network by payments from for this video. to protest whaling. We're not down here We're down here to stop whaling. angering fellow environmentalists. The violent attack ramming of any vessels, Greenpeace doesn't support anywhere on the planet. under any circumstances

of our non-violent philosophy. It's just not part to the Japanese this week Greenpeace also muscled up but won't admit deliberate ramming. by the Sea Shepherds' tactics. The Federal Government is concerned Peaceful protest is one thing. of violent activity on any side. However, we don't condone any form raising the stakes even further The Japanese are now considering Tokyo may send police and aircraft with reports to keep an eye on protesters. into the uncomfortable position The Government may then be forced of allowing the Japanese in Australia. to base their protection operation on-shore protests We would see some of the biggest that the nation has ever seen were to allow that to happen. if the Government to respect the law of the sea Pleas for both sides are falling on deaf ears. Fenn Kemp, Ten News. committed to the war on terror. More Australian troops have been extra soldiers to Afghanistan The Federal Government will send 100 amid security concerns in the region. Partly thanks to Australian troops, no longer rules Afghanistan. the Taliban

But the war is far from won. remnants of the Taliban There are particular the legitimacy that have never accepted

of a democratic government their struggle. and are still continuing

number of our soldiers in Afghanistan Now the Government's boosting the

by 110 two Chinook helicopters. and sending over may be deployed later this year A further 200 troops reconstruction team. to form a provincial the sooner the better. Labor believes that are already in Afghanistan We think our forces are entitled to that support. Defence lobbyist Neil James says but necessary. the operation is dangerous in Australia fat, dumb and happy, Most Australians sit back here the defence force is out there not realising fighting wars on their behalf. The Defence Association says but not yet straining. the ADF is stretched stationed in the Middle East alone. Australia currently has 1,400 troops 900 of them are in Iraq.

And a meeting Condoleezza Rice in Washington with American Secretary of State they should stay there. has convinced Alexander Downer We want to leave grossly irresponsible. but we don't want to do something to thoroughly enjoy his US visit. Minister Downer seemed

in the Oval Office. I feel relaxed and comfortable And why wouldn't he be, it's fake - a replica set at the Reagan Museum in Los Angeles. you're President Downer. MAN: You can pretend And bring home a souvenir. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. The army had to call on outside help tonight. to save one of their barracks fire alarm Fire crews responding to an automatic of a building, found flames eating into the roof

the blaze from a fuel store and called for support while keeping

and other offices. to the Q store, 70 firefighters contained the blaze but couldn't save the contents. Things such as clothing, equipment, tentage, things like that. the cause of the fire. A joint inquiry will determine a close watch on a smouldering fire Brigades tonight are keeping more than 500 metres long. dump in Goulburn Methane gas has ignited at a waste where Sydney's garbage goes. in rural New South Wales but it's feared it could flare up. At this stage the blaze is no threat Tributes tonight Andy Caldecott, for champion Australian motorcyclist who was killed competing in the Dakar Rally. was a previous stage winner The 41-year-old of the gruelling long-distance event four times. and won the Australian Safari is an ever-present danger Even though death in the gruelling Dakar Rally, devastated his fellow competitors. the loss of Andy Caldecott at 150km/h, He came off his bike

the ninth stage in successive years. the second fatal crash on of today's special stage TRANSLATOR: He fell at kilometre 250 and he apparently died instantly.

Andy is from Keith in South Australia. Wife Tracey is five months pregnant. The couple has a 3-year-old daughter. She's the one I feel for because she's got to that age that Dad was the light of her life. He used to ring her from over there every day, and talk to her. If he couldn't get on his mobile he'd get on a satellite phone. And it was all, "Brrmm, brrmm Daddy." Andy was a last-minute call-up for this year's race, even though he'd hardly ridden since last year's event.

The decision was his. I was apprehensive on the fitness thing and I said to him that, but he said, "I'm OK, Dad." Speaking after last year's death, Andy made it clear he knew the dangers. To obviously ride past a scene and see a rider in trouble you don't know at that point in time but you don't like to see anybody down. We were told at the end of the stage and the atmosphere was just very solemn. Andy was in 10th place, winning an earlier stage to confirm he was one of the world's best. Arrangements will be made to bring his body home. Mark Addinall, Ten News. Heartbreaking scenes in Turkey tonight as three young children are laid to rest, the first victims of the worsening bird flu crisis. Dozens more people are suspected of contracting the deadly disease as authorities fight to stop it hitting mainland Europe. 6-year-old Ali is the one bright light in the growing bird flu disaster.

He returned home from hospital today clear of the deadly disease that killed his three siblings. His parents holding tight to their only surviving child. Later, they were overcome with grief as Ali's 11- and 14-year-old brothers and 15-year-old sister were laid to rest. Across the rest of Turkey the bird cull's been stepped up after health officials reported a spike in suspected cases.

15 people have been infected, 60 others are awaiting results. With the disease sweeping towards Europe, the European Health Commission has taken firm steps. To ban untreated feathers from Azarbygan, Armenia, Georgia, Syria, Iran and Iraq. These are the areas that neighbour obviously eastern Turkey. Germany has stepped up its border controls. Though neighbouring countries know they can do little to stop the main cause of the spread of the disease - migrating birds. Mass cull's are also under way in Japan and Indonesia, where hundreds of people may have been infected with a form of the virus. Most of the suspected victims were working at poultry farms near Tokyo. Ali Donaldson, Ten News. Severe flooding is a concern for coastal communities in north-west Australia hit hard by Cyclone Clare. The storm cut phone lines and power as winds hit almost 200km/h. The Category 3 storm pummelled the twin towns of Karratha and Dampier hard, sparking massive blackouts and cutting communications. Locals huddled in homes and the temporary evacuation centre, fearing the worst. God, I hope not. Ooh! Driving winds of almost 200km/h,

Clare stunned residents with her sheer power over 10 hours. Just the intensity of it blowing for so long, Things get weaker. And the other good side was we didn't have a lot of rain beforehand -

if we had, all the ground would be soft and the trees blown over and all that.

Rising floodwaters blanket huge areas of the Pilbara. Emergency services

now trying to scramble helicopters to outlying stations, fearing people may be stranded. Dampier was hardest hit, trees uprooted and buildings damaged. One yachting couple fearing for their lives. So they were caught in the middle of nowhere and the cyclone's come in and pushed them right in hard against the mangroves. And then about 10:00 last night they had to leave their vessel and take refuge on the island that they were getting banged up against. Two other boats were dragged 500m and hurled onto the rocks. And this is all that's left of 'Blue Destiny'. The 20m catamaran charter boat that finally met its destiny when Clare crossed the coast last night. Poor old Sean, he's lost the old 'Blue Destiny'. We just found that hard up against the causeway. Luckily, no-one appears to have been injured, but the repair and rescue operation is facing an uphill battle. One of the problems is we've lost all communications and also, a large, widespread amount of power is down, so we're running a little bit blind at the moment. In Karratha, Nick Way, Ten News. The Israeli PM shows the first signs of life. He started to move minimally his right hand and right leg. Details when Ten's Late News returns. And thousands of Australian Muslims celebrate the end of the hajj. This program is captioned live. Industry super funds appear to be the early winners

now that Australians can choose who looks after their retirement savings. But while switching funds is the name of the game,

not everyone's playing. Industry super funds blitzed our airwaves, hoping to sway people thinking of switching when they could. It seems the strategy paid off, grabbing most of the new members after Superchoice was introduced in July. If people are transferring towards industry funds,

they've got a competitive advantage on the fee side of things and, historically, they have outperformed their commercial counterparts. 9 out the 10 funds with the biggest membership increases were industry-based. That doesn't surprise researcher SuperRatings, which studies all funds and ranks them. On performance alone, industry funds dominate the ratings. The top five: Realistically, some Australians shouldn't be happy where they are because some of those funds out there are effectively duds and you really need to be sure that the fund you are in is performing well and has reasonable fees. The added competition between industry and commercial funds is benefiting consumers. Industry funds have always had more members, but now that people are choosing them not because they have to but because they want to, it's giving the commercial funds a bit of a scare, forcing them to re-evaluate how they do business, particularly on fees. 5 million Australians are eligible to choose their fund, but so far just 2% have switched, not a surprise for the industry. We also noticed that a lot of people now know more about their funds.

They may not be changing funds but they'll certainly use this time to know what their fund offers. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. The stricken Israeli PM is showing the first signs of recovery.

Doctors now believe there's a good chance Ariel Sharon will live but his condition remains critical. Yet again, Ariel Sharon is slowly proving he's a battler. Less than 24 hours after the doctors began rousing him from a 5-day coma,

the Israeli leader's shown the first signs of brain activity since his massive stroke. As a response to pain that we evoked

he started to move minimally his right hand and right leg. He has taken some small breaths on his own. His medical team saying each new response is increasingly significant. But the 77-year-old remains unconscious and on a ventilator. There is no guarantee he'll wake up. The condition of the Prime Minister is severe and critical. Tests are yet to be conducted, but already many believe the man nicknamed 'the bulldozer' has suffered too much damage to return to power. I think the loss of Mr Sharon from the prime ministership is a substantial loss in terms of the peace process. Regardless, Washington is pushing ahead without Sharon, resuming efforts to end the Middle East conflict. All the while, Sharon's official photographers reflect on his remarkable life, hoping against hope it will continue. Ali Donaldson, Ten News. Two bushwalkers have been rescued

after 48 hours lost on a treacherous mountain. They'd been hiking with friends when bad weather split the group, leaving the experienced climbers high, but not so dry, on the 1300m mountain. After two days lost on the mountain, the friends finally made it back to loving arms. Tired, dirty and hungry, Chris Jones and Glen Schulz had been stuck on Mount Barney since Sunday. We probably got caught by weather really badly and that's our own fault.

While their two hiking companions made it down, Chris and Glen where stuck on the dangerous mountain with hardly any supplies, no dry clothes and a mobile phone that wouldn't work. We found an emergency blanket in the first aid kit so we just used that to keep warm and try to stay dry. At first light, more than 60 searchers attacked Barney's steep, muddy slopes,

concerned the two former university friends may have been not only lost but injured. When it rains, coming down it would be very, very slippery, the rocks will be very slippery and very dangerous.

There was little anxious family and friends could do. The waiting, and not being able to do anything except wait is very hard.

After two anxious days of waiting a cheer from search headquarters gave the family all the news that they needed. They're waving, they're quite well. Nothing wrong with them. The pair were spotted by a helicopter high on the mountain. Even now, I actually just felt tears that had built up all day, they just started streaming down. Relief replaced two days of fear as the men arrived safely back. They're the latest hikers to fall foul of the 1,300m mountain's treacherous peaks. Both say it'll be some time before they return to the slopes.

No, not for the moment. Daniel Barty, Ten News. Australian actor Heath Ledger has thrilled fans tonight in Melbourne at the premiere of his new movie. Arriving with co-star, and girlfriend Michelle Williams, the heart-throb says playing a gay cowboy in the controversial film 'Brokeback Mountain' wasn't much of a stretch. Both actors have been nominated for Golden Globe awards for their performances in the movie, but say their best production to date is their new daughter, Matilda. She's a big hit. She had a big opening weekend and there'll probably be a sequel. American States Utah and Washington have refused to screen the film on moral grounds. After the break - thousands of Australian Muslims celebrate the end of hajj but not without incident.

And in 'Sports Tonight',

Ricky Ponting's warning about too much Twenty20 cricket.

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denouncing the violent scenes of December 11. A Muslim would never do anything like that

because a Muslim believes in Allah and fears his punishment. Their thoughts and prayers today with the Australian Muslims

who have made their personal pilgrimage to Mecca this year. Evan Batten, Ten News. The hajj passed without problems

as more than two million Muslims gathered at Islam's most sacred site in Saudi Arabia. The pilgrims packed into the grand Mosque, surrounding the holy Kaaba to offer their prayers. Saudi authorities imposed strict security throughout the hajj, from the mosque to the Holy City of Mecca several kilometres away. Two years ago, more than 200 pilgrims died in a stampede from the mosque to the site of the ritual stoning of the devil. To finance, and at Commonwealth Securities Tom Piotrowski. And why the sudden turnaround on the stock market today.

To a degree you can put it down to

the fickleness of the markets at

this time of year. Early on things

Mr Looking positive. Overnight on

Wall Street the Dow Jones hit its

highest level in about 4.5 years

highest level in about 4.5 years and the local market hit new record

and the local market hit new record highs in the first hour of trade,

providing an opportunity for

providing an opportunity for sellers to make their presence felt,

who targetted mining and resource

issues today. Coles stock suffered

as investors suffered lower

contract prices being struck for

contract prices being struck for steel meals. McArthur and

steel meals. McArthur and Wesfarmers were some of the main

casualties. It was something of a

casualties. It was something of a disappointing day fort stock market. A disappointing day on the Australian stock market. Despite the strong lead from Wall Street, the big mining and resource stocks dragged the market lower. Thanks, Tom. Tom Piotrowski at CommSec. Qantas is looking to China as a new round of cost-cutting measures. The airline's general manager says maintenance and repair costs are 20% less in China, and that's shaping up as one option as rising fuel prices threaten earnings. Talks with unions are getting under way. The weather's next and then it's 'Sports Tonight' with Rob Canning. And Rob, Roger Federer's a clear favourite for the Australian Open. Deb, Federer is the shortest-priced favourite to win the Aussie Open in the tournament's history. Roger rates his nearest rival. Well, he's definitely hot favourite because, you know, home crowd support. Twenty20 is here to stay. And the next in line - our 100m hopeful. SOPHISTICATED, SEXY MUSIC PLAYS SPLASH! (Squeals) Hahn Premium Light - some drink it 'cause they're responsible. Ah! What? Others just love the taste. Ah! Do you kids want the aircon on? Yeah. Half or full? Full. Is the cost of driving your car becoming too much? Switch to AAMI for a low price on your comprehensive car insurance. SONG: # Lucky you're with AAMI. # This program is captioned live. Now to the latest on the weather around the nation. The satellite's showing dense cloud moving into the Pilbara with Cyclone Clare. Thick cloud pushing across Queensland, and jet stream cloud sweeping across southern districts. On the synoptic chart, Cyclone Clare is easing up as she heads south and is expected to carry heavy rain as far as Perth later. A trough from the interior to the south is moving across Victoria into NSW as a high moves into the Bight. So tomorrow should see showers around Cairns and Brisbane, possible thunderstorms for Sydney and Canberra, rain clearing from Melbourne, with clearing showers in Hobart and Adelaide. Rain developing around Perth,

fine in the Alice, with late thunderstorms in the Top End. And that's the latest from Ten News. 'Sports Tonight' with Rob Canning is next. I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. From the Late News team, goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre. This program is captioned live.

Tonight - the Twenty20 cricket concept and a warning from the Australian captain. I think the game would get stale very quickly if it was played a lot. Who can stop The Fed express? That I can play at 100% again. Amelie Mauresmo out of the Sydney international. Hello. I'm Rob Canning this is Sports Tonight. It's worth the wait. Speaking of weight - Speaking of weight - Benji's beefing up. I just want to get stronger pretty much more than anything, just so I don't feel like such a lightweight anymore. The Wallabies' waiting game. Nucifora won't budge. And the next in waiting - Eamon up at Klim. I've got a lot of work ahead of me, that's for sure. Australia's first Twenty20 International on home soil was a big success. Big hits for a big crowd, ensuring big money but Australia captain Ricky Ponting has warned cricket authorities, to keep it as a minimal part of the cricket calendar. A record crowd and three hours of bash-and-dash cricket netted $500,000. But there's still questions being asked about the future of Twenty20 cricket. We'd really need to suck it and see to see how it develops. Obviously there's great enthusiasm for the game at the moment and we're looking for it as an opportunity of bringing new fans to the game. Australian captain Ricky Ponting wants bite-size chunks. I think the game would get stale very quickly if it was played a lot. Some fans disagree. We would've liked it to go Thirty30 overs rather than Twenty20. It was all over too quickly for us. Great entertainment for a family. The children had a wonderful time and so did I. The perfect place appears to be the lead-up to a one-day series - exactly where Australia versus England is scheduled next year. It's very well used as a sideshow to start a series and it's great to get people in the ground and to start off a series in a fun way. Graeme Smith experiencing a new embarrassing side to captaincy, commentating on his own blunder in the field. COMMENTATOR: What happened? SMITH: Been too many weights - my chest got too big there. Hit me straight in the chest. Ha, ha. It's a shocker. Being miked up a little kinder to the world's hottest cricketer. Oh, direct hit. That is brilliant! I had a couple of goes already tonight and missed them both, but that one was spot on the money. Damien Martyn's 96 runs off 56 balls signalling his return to international cricket. A broken finger healing quicker than the hurt of his Test axing. Just hopefully have a good VB Series. That's my only sort of goal at the moment. Not looking too far ahead or anything bigger than that. Sri Lanka is talking tough ahead of it's one-day clash with Australia at the Telstra Dome on Friday. The tourists will warm up with a 50-over match against the Bushrangers tomorrow.

But already, their number one man is feeling more comfortable in Melbourne. It didn't take long for Murali to make his mark, but the odds would be long - his first victim was Melbourne star Adem Yze. (All yell) Sri Lanka's first hit out was shared with the demons who unleashed new ruck coach Sam Newman in rare serious mode. Back in Melbourne for the first time since the tsunami match raised millions, Muralitharan may now have a different view of the country

where he was called for throwing. I think yes... and that has to be -

I mean, he's one guy who said he won't tour Australia when we toured here for the two Test matches and the tsunami game turned corners for him I think it made him think differently. Sri Lanka has been recently thrashed by both India and New Zealand and now face the world champions, Australia, at home. It's daunting, but Tom Moody says it's a challenge to be enjoyed. You just need to deal with them and adjust as quickly as possible and enjoy the experience, not be overawed by it all. Moody believes hard work will turn his team fortunes around. But in Australia hard nuts are needed as well. Sri Lanka have had those in the past and is looking to build another feisty, competitive cricket team. We've got talented cricketers, you know, we respect, Australia's obviously got those as well but, you know, why can't we win? Tomorrow they take on the Bushrangers in a one-day warm up game at Waverley. Tonight South Africa hit some form in a 50-over match against Queensland although Graeme Smith only managed six runs with the bat. Boeta Dippenaar hit 79 runs. Queensland's batting line-up crumbled, South Africa winning by 94 runs. And a big night in domestic Twenty20. NSW thrashed Tassie by 69 runs after Phil Jaques blasted 61 off 30 balls. And an easy win for the Warriors over South Australia. Ryan Campbell smashed 55, the Redbacks collapsing to be all out for 120. It was another day of upsets at the Sydney International with Amelie Mauresmo becoming the fifth seeded player to hit the second round scrap heap. The world number three swept aside by 18 year-old Serbian Ana Ivanovic. In her first match on Australian soil since splitting with Lleyton Hewitt,

The 18-year-old Serbian star

stunning Emilie Mauresmo with roar

power before sieveing the first

power before sieveing the first with grace. More of the same in the

second, Mauresmo with no answer to

the big booming forehand. That's a

deadly weapon. Ivano Vic notching

up 17 forehand winners in her

straight-sets win, a force to be

straight-sets win, a force to be reckoned with in 2006. It's very

hard to play against players like

her. If you want to be the best,

you have to beat the best. That's

what I did today. No such trouble

for top seed Kim Clijsters, it

wasn't all one-way traffic. Chinese

traffic, Chinese qualifier, Li Na

fighting hard. Well played.

Difficult shot. Superbly executed.

The world No.2 was a class above,

taking the first 6-3, and was

barely stretched in the second.

Clijsters serving out the match,

her first on Australian soil since

her break-up with Hoyte. I played

really well in Sydney, I won it

before,ing singles and doubles and

before,ing singles and doubles and the Australian Open as well. It's

great to be back, I'm looking

forward to do well. In the men's

draw. Paradoor faced strepan ek,

an opponent he's never beaten. His

break turned to breakdown, the

26-year-old calling the trainer to

attend to a leg injury, it did

little to stop his progress. The

world 17 through to round 2. I'm

hurting from last week. I tough it

out. I want to finish the match.

Carlos Moya fought back from a set

down to defeat Frenchman Sebastien grojon. Carlos Moya now faces James Blake in round two, Srichaphan made easy work of Stepanek, while Aussie wildcard Peter Luczak continued the upsets, defeating Belgian Xavier Malisse. Better luck for the Belgian girls - Clijsters and Hennin-Hardenne both cruising through to the quarters. Third seed Patty Schnyder another big gun bowing out. Roger Federer will start the Australian Open as the shortest-priced favourite in the tournament's history. The world No. 1, like bookmakers, rates Lleyton Hewitt as his nearest rival. Roger Federer has created history even before a point has been played. The world No.1 is the first player to enter the tournament as odds-on favourite - a feat not even achieved by the great Pete Sampras. You know, I'm used to it. Red-hot or hot favourite, whatever, I'm used to it. A leisurely session today for the best in the business, who's price for next week's slam is just $1.45. His nearest rival, Lleyton Hewitt, is at $8.50, followed by Andy Roddick and David Nalbandian at $12. It's good to have the odds for you, not against you. But then again, you know it's the first round for the year and we've all had our rest and everybody is looking for form. Federer was beaten in two Grand Slams last year. Marat Safin knocked him out of the Australian, Raphael Nadal upset him at the French. But with his biggest threats set to miss because of injury,

the question beckons - just who can stop the Fed-express? Last year was quite crazy. Already, you know, I'd already won the tournament before I even started to play. I already have the feeling it's pretty calm this year.

I don't know why. It's just a feeling I have. The big-name casualties also give Andy Roddick his biggest chance to win his second Grand Slam. I don't really look at my chances of the Australian Open being dependent upon whether someone pulls out or plays. But the flamboyant American is wary of a new generation

pushing through the ranks, including teenage sensation Gael Monfries. I just have to make sure to bring a walker to the courts

and back every day. Federer will open play in the traditional lead-up event at Kooyong tomorrow, against German Tommy Haas.

Serena Williams has had her first look at Rod Laver Arena since claiming last year's Australian Open. Serena and big sister Venus hit the court this morning, for their second session since arriving in Melbourne 24 hours ago. The defending champion proved she's recovered from a nagging knee injury, which last weekend forced her withdrawal from a tournament in Hong Kong.

Venus, the current Wimbledon winner also moved freely under the watchful eye of her mum,

showing no signs of a recent back complaint. Time for a break. This is Sports Tonight.

When we return, Tana's called time out. Umunga retires from International Rugby. When they perform the haka. I think that's probably when I'll miss it. Benji bulks up for League's title defence.

Just so I don't feel like such a lightweight anymore. And going for Glory in the A-league. For a real breakfast real fast, try a McDonald's Bacon And Egg deli roll SCREECHING TYRES Is that them? Yeah. All of them. Mazda2 from just $15,490. While stocks last. This program is captioned live. Sports Tonight and Vodafone are giving you the chance to be part of an ultimate beach volleyball experience. You and a friend can fly business class to Thailand attending the World Tour Beach Volleyball event in Phuket. The prize includes five night's accommodation, $500 spending money and gift packs from Vodafone, NIVEA, Herbalife and Bolle. Total prize valued at more than $13,000. To enter, SMS the answer to the question on the screen, Wests Tigers captain Scott Prince wants his future resolved by the start of the season Prince is holding out on re-signing with the premiers,

and might ask for permission to talk to other clubs. He looked a Tiger forever after leading the team to premiership glory, but with his contract up, Scott Prince is a torn man. I haven't got any family down here and all my family's back in Queensland, and I know my fiancee's pretty homesick. It's something I've got to take into account. I've got to go home of a night-time. She's got to be happy at home. One club certain to give him a home - new franchise the Gold Coast Titans. Prince prepared to ask the Tigers for permission to talk with rival clubs and sign a new deal by round one. I think that's only fair on myself and the club and the team. It's something I certainly don't want to take into the season and have it as a hindrance over the team, that's for sure. Prince's quick-stepping accomplice Benji Marshall making good progress from shoulder surgery. He's added five kilos to his frame as he targets a comeback, perhaps as early as round four. I just want to get stronger pretty much more than anything, just so I don't feel like such a lightweight anymore. Meanwhile, centre Ryan McGoldrick continues training with the team

as the Tigers and English club Castleford try to resolve a contract dispute over his services. And Cronulla are considering a proposal to build a statue of the late Steve Rogers at Toyota Park. Auckland rugby union coach David Nucifora says he hasn't had a change of heart over the Wallabies job. Despite the withdrawal of leading contender Ewen Mckenzie, Nucifora says his focus is guiding the Blues to Super 14 success. I haven't applied for the job. I haven't spoken to anyone from the Australian Rugby Union. I've got a job here that I'm really enjoying.