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Good evening, I'm Sandra Sully -

Welcome to Ten's Late News.

Jet crash miracle - a young boy

survives as 103 others are killed.

refund unfair fees. Bank attack - the law suit to

The average personal claim could be around $2000.

Media blitz - selling the budget -

as the PM promises no more splurges. Absolutely.

Facing a huge task - Britain's new

Prime Minister moves into number 10. Saved

Saved by seconds - pushed onto

tracks then rescued just in time!

Plus - Jessica Watson - how she's

inspired a new trend.

Hi, I'm Brad McEwan, in Sports Hi, I'm Brad McEwan, in Sports

Tonight, is Ben Cousins heading to

AFL headquarters?

Cousins had a crack at the league.

I had very little faith in the

people who would be making a

decision in my future.

The AFL might offer him a job.

A veteran Panther and fired up

Tiger sign new NRL deals.

And Australia into the world

Twenty20 semifinals after thumping

the West Indies.

Headlining tonight's bulletin - a

10-year-old boy is the only

survivor of a jet crash which has

claimed 103 lives in Libya.

The Afriqiyah Airways airbus from

Johannesburg was on approach to

Tripoli airport in good weather

large field. when it suddenly slammed into a

At least 61 victims were Dutch citizens.

The only survivor is in hospital

and reported to be doing well. and reported to be doing well.

The cause of the disaster is still

being investigated.

Fed-up customers are set to hit the Fed-up customers are set to hit the

big banks where it hurts, launching

legal action to force a refund of

hundreds of millions of dollars in

fees and charges. Reporter Kate

McGrath joins us now to explain how

you could be one of them - Kate?

The big four Australian Banks - ANZ,

the Commonwealth, NAB and Westpac

are the main targets of a

multimillion-dollar, landmark legal

stoush over unfair fees.

These banks - along with eight

other financial institutions, are

accused of overcharging customers

for what's known as dishonour fees

or exceptions, so for late credit

card payments, overdrawing accounts

or exceeding an overdraft agreement.

It's estimated that the banks have

pilfered as much as $5 billion in

the past six years through these

the past six years through these

fees, which can be as much as $60

per charge for the average customer,

business. and up to tens of thousands for a

The Reserve Bank has revealed that

in the 2008 financial year, banks

alone. made $1.2 billion in these fees

Leading litigation funder IMF

Australia will pay for more than 10

class actions against banks to try

and recover some of the money.

Many of them are just simply an

electronic entry on a statement and

it's very difficult to see how

few cents. those things can cost more than a

Now anyone who can prove they have

been charged an exception fee over

the past 6 years is urged to join Just head to up. That

address on your screen.

address on your screen.

IMF have a no-win, no-fee policy.

But if successful, will charge a

25% commission any money refunded.

In breaking news tonight - the

arrest of an Australian citizen

suspected of war crimes. Dragan suspected of war crimes. Dragan

Vasiljakovic - also known as Daniel

Sneddon and Captain Dragan -is in

manhunt. jail in Sydney after a global

Croatia will now apply for his

extradition to face charges of

killing Croatian citizens in the '90s.

Kevin Rudd has it admitted tonight

by his slide in the poll saying he

is only human. He claims he will

stay focused on selling the Budget.

The Treasurer says international

financial turmoil won't affect

SINGS: Sweet Caroline. Tuesday's budget.

ringing. They were singing, swinging, even

Ring the bells, ring the bells.

The frantic, post-budget blitz.

Won't even give me time for a wee.

The political wrestle over whether

balancing the books three years

early is the vote winner the

government desperately needs.

The infamous debt and deficit scare

campaign is dead - stone dead. And

what has killed it is that the

budget is heading back to surplus.

Why does the Prime Minister only

become an economic conservative at

election time.

We kept this economy out of recession.

My colleagues and I get so damned angry about the waste.

Joe, joe, joe. Joe, joe, joe.

I think the shadow treasurer should

give up karaoke and take up policy, Mr Speaker.

The Prime Minister has promised

there'll be no big new vote bribes

before the election.

But it's the big new revenue grab -

the planned new tax on mining that

remains a hard sell. The Treasurer

insisting there'll be no budging,

by miners. even amid talk of a capital strike

We much have a national regime in

choice. this area; it is not a matter of

Listening in, mining billionaire

Andrew Forrest - sitting with the

designer of the tax, Ken Henry.

Do you have any plans?

Excuse me, guys.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister

polls hurts. tonight conceded his slide in the

Look, I'm human like anyone else.

Despite shelving the Emissions

Trading Scheme, the Prime Minister

climate change. says he is passionate still about

I'll tell you what the great moral

challenge of our time - it's to get

rid of Kevin Rudd, that's our challenge.

And we are going to do it.

If so, a key step will come

tomorrow night with Tony Abbott's

budget reply.

And Hugh - the budget in reply

speech tomorrow night - how

important is it for Tony Abbott to

detail some policy there? This is a

big opportunity for him to present

himself as the equal of the Prime

Minister always an alternative

Prime Minister. He will have the

for the chamber to himself.

Traditionally the rules for a

Budget reply bar that he can talk

about anything he wants to. He will

have a go at the big new mining tax.

The backs scheme and value for

money and the new plan and schools.

He will try to chisel away at the

government's economic record. The

government looking to that record

to get them through the election,

and also looking at how far as the

voters round. way in which they seek to bring the

Taking the health benefits of the

budget to the front line.

The Government's coughed up more

than two billion in additional

health investment.

It'll create nearly 500 new or

expanded GP super clinics,

hopefully with more nurses.

This will attract nurses back to the system.

aged care. But only some of those will go to

More work to do in aged care. We're waiting!

And keep waiting for medicare

funded dental.

Just too expensive..

A key initiative is half a billion

dollars for an E-health scheme..

Giving every Australian a code containing your personal health history.

A time saver for health workers.

But not everyone's sold.

Do you have concerns?

Yes, I do because of privacy.

Much of the budget hinges on the

new mining super profits tax.

And while big miners continue to

make noise.$$NEWLINE The concern is

filtering to the streets of towns

which rely on the resource sector.

In Mount Isa, workers talk of job security. Everyone'll be affected.

Xstrata has already suspended 30

million in exploration.

We now have a situation where

Australia is considered a sovereign risk.

Western Australia's premier

believes a quarter of that's

State's mining projects will stall.

The mining industry will not grow

as quickly as it should have.

The Treasurer says when it comes to

the mining tax, there's no chance of a backdown.

Britain has woken up to a new

political era with the first

coalition government since World

War 2.

For the latest, Ten's Danielle

Isdale is in London - Dani?

Well, Sandra, a day of change here

and as far as the place behind me

goes, it's about the biggest change you could get.

The old Labour government is out, a

new government is in, and it is a

coalition between the Liberal

Democrats and the Conservatives,

who, of course, won the most votes

in a hung parliament, but not

enough for an overall majority.

The country couldn't decide for

itself, the government it wanted to

lead it, so the major political

parties have decided for them and

the solution they have come up with

is this unusual marriage between

the Lib Dems and the Conservatives,

with David Cameron at the helm as

Britain's new Prime Minister.

A short drive to Buckingham Palace

ended the long journey to being PM.

The Queen asked him at 12pm to form

a stable government from a hung Parliament.

We have deep and pressing problems,

a huge deficit and social problems

and a political system in need of reform.

Nick Clegg will be the deputy.

I hope that this is the start of

the new politics that I have always

believed in - diverse and fluid.

Where politicians of different

persuasions come together. The US

President congratulated him along with Kevin Rudd.

I had a good conversation with him

and he is looking forward to an

upgrade with our relations.

Gordon Brown was

uncharacteristically graceful as he edged out.

I loved the job and tried to make

this country more fair and more

democratic and more prosperous and

just - truly a greater Britain.

He released his grasp and held onto

the hand of his sons. Now, a new

man has moved in with a pregnant

wife, and an expectant nation.

Police have interviewed a 20-year-

old woman after two toddlers nearly

drowned in a pond in Sydney.

Police believe the woman was caring

for the children when the accident happened.

Bystanders pulled the 2-year-old

girl and 10-month-old boy from the

water - it's not known how long

they were submerged.

Both remain in hospital tonight.

The girl in a serious condition,

the young boy listed as stable.

After the break, swallowed hole - a

family lost as their house sinks.

Is he the secret son of Charles Manson?

The compelling new evidence.

Plus - three days from home -

Jessica Watson sparks a new trend. No, darling. to begin with. Barbara lives in bank world. while still being gentle A smart choice.

This program is captioned live. A

young pilot may lose the sight in

one eye after a horror crash at a

Perth airport. Fin President

intersected asylum by has been

intercepted of Australia. They have

been taken to Christmas Island. The been taken to Christmas Island. The

light plane split in two when it

slammed into the ground beside the runway as 22-year-old instructor

Chan-preet Kaur and her 34-year-old

male student practised stall

maneouvres. The woman suffered

facial injuries and multiple leg

fractures. The man's less seriously hurt.

A man has cheated death by seconds

after being attacked at a Sydney

train station. Francis Marian had train station. Francis Marian had

looked at a teenager arguing with

his girlfriend. One punch knocked

the 55-year-old onto the tracks -

and with a back problem, he

couldn't get up. The 17-year-old

pleaded guilty and is on an 18-

month good behaviour bond.

A man's search for his biological

father has delivered a horrifying

result. After a 10-year hunt it

turns out Matthew Roberts' real dad

is mass murderer Charles Manson.

You can only imagine the shock that

Matthew Roberts felt when he

realised that one of the world's

most notorious mass murderers could

potentially be his father. The 42-

year-old is hoping that he's wrong,

but all the evidence so far

suggests that he's right. The

resemblance is there, and Matthew

Roberts is convinced it's true.

Do you believe you are Charles Manson's son?

I don't know. I mean, it's so crazy.

How could you believe something so

ridiculous? But then, how could I

not given all the evidence?

The 42-year-old musician contacted

an Adoption Agency 5 years ago and

they found his birth mother, who

was 17 when she fell pregnant. She

told Matthew he was conceived

during a hippy love-in in San

Francisco and Charles Manson was


You know, I can't deny who I look

like. The other guys she sent like. The other guys she sent

pictures of - I don't look like them.

With one look his birth mother was

convinced he's the mass murderer's

son. So Matthew wrote to Manson

himself, and from the jail cell himself, and from the jail cell

where he's serving a life sentence

for seven murders came a response

that left Matthew Roberts with

little doubt. The letter was

addressed to L.Alexander -

Matthew's birth name, something

he'd never told Manson about.

That's when I said - "Oh, my God,

you've got to be kidding me!".

While he fears he's inherited the

haunting looks, Matthew says that's

where the resemblance ends.

I save bugs drowning in a pool. I'm

one of the kindest, most

compassionate people I've met in my life.

There's not even a thought of that.

Matthew will pursue a DNA test to

find out for sure, but if he is the

child of one of history's worst

monsters, this son is not sure he

ever wants to meet his dad.

A family of 4 has died after a

giant sink-hole swallowed their

house in Canada. The crater opened-

up overnight, plunging the home

almost 10-metres below ground as a

couple and their 2 children were

watching TV in the basement. Their

bodies were eventually found in mud

that had surged into the house.

Despite a negative lead from Wall

Street, how market was positive

after the Budget. Did the market

give the Budget a bit of a tick.

Investors were nervous in the days

leading into last night's Budget,

nervous because of the introduction

of the super profits taxable

resource companies, nervous about

what I have been announced last

night. We got the no-frills Budget

Wayne Swan had promised we would

get. Most investors breathe a sigh

of relief. They were relieved they

were not any nasty surprises. They

took comfort from the upgrade of

growth and unemployment numbers.

The best in the Western world. Most

of the commentary was how well the

Australian economy had done coming

out of the world financial crisis

and how quickly they had recovered.

Be dropped off a bit in the

afternoon. Some growing evidence

that high interest rates are

starting to bite home buyers. One

piece of data that did bite into

investor confidence was time loan

approvals, down 3.4%. They should approvals, down 3.4%. They should

not be a surprise, we have had

higher interest rates all year.

Investors did said the market off

the later in the day when the data

came out. Qantas announce today

that there are subsidiary jet set

was merging with a competitor to

provide stronger opposition to

Flight Centre. They say they will

have stronger revenues and good

cost control. We may get cheaper

holidays in the future.

holidays in the future.

Jessica Watson is just 3-days away Jessica Watson is just 3-days away from sailing into Sydney Harbour. The 16-year-old's around-the-world

odyssey is already inspiring others

- with sailing schools reporting a

surge in interest.

After seven months alone at sea -

Jessica Watson now knows the

homecoming won't be a quiet affair

- with 50,000 people and thousands

more boats ready to greet her.

Everyone's telling me it's going to

be big and to prepare for it, but I

think it's going to be a total shock.

A bit amazing and very scary.

Even this last stage hasn't been

trouble free - nothing, though,

that phases this determined teen.

Yeah, the engine had a problem with

a fuel pump on the engine.

It took me a few days mucking

around managed to rig up a

temporary water pump in its place.

Wasn't any big deal, but it was

good to get it fixed again.

Former Olympic sailor, Matt Hayes,

will be on the harbour with a group

of young people to mark Jessica's

of young people to mark Jessica's return.

He describes her as simply remarkable.

It's one of the great achievements

that anyone can really aspire to,

of any age, to sail around the

world on their own unassisted and world on their own unassisted and non-stop.

You know, as a sailor myself, I'm You know, as a sailor myself, I'm

in awe of her achievement.

Jessica's amazing feat aside, her

7-month adventure at sea may have a

more lasting legacy - encouraging

increasing numbers to take up sailing.

Sailing schools like Matt's have

been inundated by everyone from

children to retirees.

The really cool thing about what

Jessica's done, she's done it and

she's hopefully going to make that

dream of these people to become a

reality and they'll go off and make

that decision and go and do it.

Despite all she's looking forward

to on dry land, Jessica knows

she'll face an immediate challenge.

You know, short passages at sea I'm

normally pretty wobbly, it takes me

quite a while to get my land legs

again, so I think it's going to be

a bit entertaining when I first step off. Entertaining maybe, inspirational

certainly. And you can catch Jessica's spectacular homecoming

from 11am on Saturday. Ten and One

will have exclusive access to

Jessica and her boat, Ella's Pink

Lady. And on Sunday a Ten News

Special - Jessica Watson - Sailing into History.

It's a look back at what Jessica

has achieved, and her first 1-on-1

interview. That's 6pm Sunday - only

here on Ten. Most 16-year-old

cannot navigate their way around

the block a let alone the world. It

is amazing. Ben Cousins headlines

Sports tonight Bradley - and the

AFL believes he could have a big

off-field role to play. The league off-field role to play. The lea off-field role to play. The league

says it'd consider offering him a

job. Despite Cousins saying he

thought the AFL was out to get him.

We'll hear from both parties next.

Also tonight, the former Bomber and

Blue now in charge of the bounce.

Adelaide United continues its

Champions league campaign. And the

boldly optimistic chaps who are

trying to walk on water.

This program is captioned live.

Good evening and welcome to Toyota

Sports Tonight. The AFL has refused

to hit back at claims by troubled

tiger Ben Cousins, that the league

was out to get him, instead raising

the possibility of offering him a

job to help with drug education.

Sports Tonight's Ian Cohen joins us now.

Ian, it seems the AFL is not going

to be drawn back into the controversy.

That's Right Brad, good evening.

After so much angst between League

Headquarters and Ben Cousins over

the last three years, today it was

all about reconciliation, despite

the fact that Cousins claimed he

felt at the time that he was

targetted by the AFL on his road to recovery.

I took Ben. I took him to be sang

in hindsight that he realises that

we were not. Hopefully he realises that.

Even his old mentor joining in the

peace-keeping exercise after being in the firing line.

He can walk into this club and be welcomed tomorrow because he's a

life member. I spent my career it

trying to her realise I was relying

on recreational drugs. Ben knows

that and he is welcome back at any time.

Cousins candid about the reasons

for famously and controversially

shaving his head while awaiting a

drug test that he feared could have been positive.

Obviuosly there were some concerns

with it and I felt that the AFL was

out to get me. That was just how I

felt at the time. The 31-year-old believed at the time League Headquarters didn't

want him to return the AFL.

I had, at the time, rightly or wrongly, very little faith in

people who were making a decision on my future.

But the organisation he had in the

gun may well provide him with a post footy job.

We certainly wouldn't rule out the

opportunity to tap into his

experience in the future to assist

players across the competition.

Cousins denied he was back on the

drugs or had a problem with alcohol.

But the Brownlow Medallist rejected

suggestions the Eagles flag was

tainted because of players' drug use.

I can say categorically, that the

use of recreational drugs did not

help me play AFL football in any

way. If anything it made it a hell

off a lot harder.

And Brad, he stills gets tested

three times a week, but is adamant

he wants to play on next year. We

will wait and see how it pans out.

. Western Bulldogs forward Barry

Hall today came face to face with

an old friend - sort of. Hall and

Swans premiership team-mate Tadhg

Kennelly met via videolink, and it made for some entertaining banter.

Technology in place, all that was

missing was a terrifying, and tardy, Bulldog.

Barry Hall kept an old team-mate and plenty of others waiting,

before arriving for the video hook-

up, and immediately hitting top form.

Tadgh, Barry Hall here from the

Western Times. There are rumours in

Melbourne that you are engaged. Is

that true?

Nah, man. You beat me to it, I

didn't know what you were doing.

Still close with many from the

Swans, Hall concedes it'll be tough

to play against them on Saturday.

There's no regrets from Sydney. But

there were some incidents that

happened in the past that left me

feeling a little bit sour.

He's been a huge help. And a huge

influence. We have not really

talked about it But it's just

another game of footy for us really.

At 33, the Bulldogs prized recruit

has struggled in recent weeks. The

rigours of AFL footy, 2010 style, taking its toll.

Yeah, Im starting to feel it. The

last few weeks I have been a bit

sore. I have to take my

professionalism to another level.

It's harder to get myself up.

He's not the only one, Kangaroo

Liam Anthony this morning checked-

in for surgery, and three months on the sidelines.

Yeah, it's still pretty sore. As I

said I can't sleep now for three or four days.

The Crows are also struggling with

shoulder problems - Graham Johncock

is unlikely to face North on

Saturday night. But fellow defender

Andrew McLeod is rated better than

a 50/50 chance.

Oh, I think it's very important

Andrew comes up and gets himself

right, and fingers crossed he does

get himself right. He's a very

important part of the side.

The AFL has stepped in to

investigate the recent spate of

injuries, but hamstrings, not

shoulders, are the primary concern. A record number last season,

compounded by three serious tears this year.

I think the key thing that Hugh

points out is the speed. The

interchange. It

The likely fix is a cap on

rotations, possibly as soon as next season.

At the end of the day we need to do

what's in the best interests of the game.

Penrith captain Petero Civoniceva

says NRL players on the minimum

wage shouldn't be forgotten amid

calls for more money from some of the game's stars.

Leanne West has more.

Brad, Civoniceva signed a new two

year deal with the Panthers today,

but says looking after the game's

battlers is the biggest priority

for reform in the game.

He says it's time to lift the NRL's

minimum wage of $55,000.

It is tough in terms in terms of

trying to play a mortgage and look

after a family. It's made difficult

for those boys so that's something

that really concerns us.

Civoniceva deciding against a

return to the Brisbane Broncos, the

club where he won three premierships.

The 34-year almost followed family

ties back north, but decided he has

unfinished business with the Panthers.

Together, I think we're building a

really strong culture and I think

to walk away from that, it wouldn't

have been right.

He'll be almost 37 when this latest

contract expires. His coach hoping

his captain's new deal helps re-

write the rules on veteran players.

There has been quite a strong

philosophy in our game in the past

that you're better off letting them

go a year early than a year too

late. I've seen clubs do that, and

let their senior players go, with

consequences on and off the field.

You never know, I might be here

when I'm 45, who knows?

Civoniceva's decision means the

cashed-up Broncos are still on the

hunt for a top-class prop and

they've confirmed they're talking

with the Bulldogs Ben Hannant.

But as for a spending spree, the

Broncos are mindful of the talented youngsters they already have.

We don't think we have to go out

there and wholesale spend because

these young kids are gonna come

good in the next 12 to 18 months

and if we've used all our money up

getting people from the outside

we'd have to let them go and that

doesn't make much sense.

The Morris twins spent this morning

talking up the friday night

showdown between the Dragons and

the Bulldogs.

But we'll have to wait until then

to see if they're planning any more

family theatrics.

Who knows what might happen this

time? But I don't think there'll

ever be any punches thrown between

me and Brett.

No punches here, but this is about to hurt. ( CRUNCH ).

Wests Tigers forward Gareth Ellis

taking part in a TV commercial.

The England international extending

his stay with the club for another two years.

I didn't see any reason to look anywhere else.

Ellis's team-mate Keith Galloway

not so happy. He's out of action

for at least two weeks after having

surgery today on a hand injury. Brad. .

NSW Waratahs Coach Chris Hickey

says a threat by the top of the

table Bulls to rest up to 13

players against the Stormers could

backfire. If the Stormers beat the

Bulls, both South African sides

will get home semifinals.

That's up to them. That is their That's up to them. That is their

issue. History will show that sometimes these things backfire.

The Waratahs play the Hurricanes on

Friday for a finals spot, but a

Stormers win could cost NSW a home

semi and a $600,000 windfall.

Australia has crushed the West

Indies to move through to the semi

finals of the Twenty20 World Cup.

The slow bowlers did the trick and

there was no-one better than young spinner Steve Smith.

When you lose your main man in the opening over.

COMMENTARY: he's bowled him - it

was off the pads.

Beating the best isn't easy. Gayle

gone and the Windies semifinal dream was effectively over.

David Hussey's outfield heroics continued.

Smith haunted the host's middle

order. Great delivery!

Hussey proved as handy bowling as

catching with two scalps in his only over.

Gone! Another wicket!

Ensured the Windies barely limped past 100.

Warner looked to sprint to the target. That's been absolutely smashed!

Warner out for 25 off just 12 balls.

Where he left off, Haddin picked up.

Consecutive boundaries! He's

getting the treatment.

Clarke again struggled before he

was a victim of some Bravo brilliance.

Excellent fielding, that's

brilliant stuff!

An Aussie fan fell from the stands

chasing a cricket souvenir.

The winning runs though were risk

free as Gayle handed Australia victory.

Right! I'm just going to finish it off.

The West Indies missing a spot in

the semis after Sri Lanka produced

the big steal. Needing three runs

off the final ball - this from


Magnificently finished! What a hit this is!

A dramatic night in the Asians Champions League for Adelaide

United - there was extra time, and

five goals, and the campaign ended

for one team.

The Asian Champions League now at the knock-out stage.

United making the early running

against 2006 champion, John Book

Motors of Korea.

COMMENTARY: good return from Dodd.

Here's Mullen! He's looking for Flores.

No player would give an inch.

Adelaide winger, Cassio, was soon

in the book.

Out comes the yellow card.

But the feared John Book counter

attack was about to unleash. After

a series of slick passes, the home

team was left exposed and the Koreans capitalised.

And he buries it! Eninyo, the

Brazilian, opens the scoring for

John Book.

Plenty of niggle to start the second half.

And once again it was Adelaide on the attack.

The home fans were willing a fight back.

Their prayers answered in the form of a pinpoint corner. Cornthwaite!

But as quickly as they went up they

were back down.

Eninyo's second looking every bit the match winner.

John Book has their second.

But another twist beckoned. Deep in

injury time, a seated Sergio Van

Dyk made contact, and once again,

incredibly, the scores were level.

The sight of fans rejoicing

terrified the John Book keeper.

Tempers boiling over in extra time.

The visitors with gilt-edged opportunity to seal the match.

But before long, the Adelaide luck ran out.

Keeper Eugene Galackovich saved yet another shot.

But the John Book raid continued.

And finally, they netted their third.

United's last chance sailing just wide.

Robbie Fowler says he signed with

Perth Glory after management and

players went out of their way to entice him to Perth. Can her

Home the Korean side moves through

to it the quarterfinal.

This weekend is the AFL's umpires appreciation round, and one former

player is trying his hand as a

whistle blower. After nine seasons

with the Bombers and Blues, Jordan

Bannister is planning to return to the top level.

The sun might have set on his

playing career, but Jordan

Bannister is not yet ready to blow

the final siren on the AFL. De-

listed after 67 games over nine

seasons with Essendon and Carlton,

the 27-year-old has joined the umpiring ranks.

I didn't know what it was going to

be like. But the environment was

very similar. The banter in the

change room is exactly the same.

It's great to be a part of it.

Bannister is part of the AFL's

player-to-umpire pathway program,

aimed at fast-tracking elite level

footballers into top-line whistle blowers.

Local the first year. AFL the third year.

Before that happens though,

Bannister has plenty of new skills

to work on - one in particular.

I had a nick name. They called me

'aspirin' because after I bounced

the ball it came flying off my head.

It was quite embarrassing.

Jordan's not the only one.

$$YELOW They've got compassion.

Scott Howard has also made the

shift. They have compassion. They

understand what they go through.

They have a good mix of both and they provide a great blamed.

The AFL this week launched the

'Umpiring is Everyone's Business'

campaign, promoting better

treatment of young officials to

help boost dwindling umpire recruitment and retention rates.

They have a bit of a feel for it.

Give the umpires up their goat. The

abuse is the main reason they did

it away. The main thing is this.

It's easy for guys to have a go at

you and to yell over the fence at

the umpire, but they are just doing

a job. Every game needs us and they

enjoy it when they get out there.

So just go and have a crack at it.

Let's look back at some of last

weekend's action now, with the best

marks and best goals.

This program is captioned live.

You know when you just can't

believe something until you see it

with your own eyes? Well, there are

times when even that's not enough.

We'll let you make up your own mind

about which category the sport of

'liquid-mountaineering' belongs in.

In a curve, in a slight curve. And

by that bend, you're not allowing

yourself to actually sink into the

water, and you want to keep that

skimming sensation going as long as

you can.

It all sounds so simple!

Now, it could be a miracle. Either

that, or there's more to this

particular sport than meets the eye.

And we think even that's only

skimming the surface. Play of the Day.

Hit his pretty interesting to watch

because you just wait for that sinking feeling.

. The weather. A possible shower in

Cairns and Hobart. Mostly sunny in

Brisbane, Sydney and Darwin. A

frosty start to a sunny day in

Canberra. Showers in Melbourne, 17.

Sunny in Adelaide and Alice Springs. Thunderstorms in Perth, 19.

That's the latest from Ten News for

this Wednesday, May 12.

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I'm Sandra Sully, from the late

news team, goodnight.

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