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(generated from captions) when we were driving here. I realised something Whether you forgive me or not, I don't regret what I've done. Because when you love someone, Eric, the tiniest glimmer of hope, if there's even you just never give up. the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight - he's guilty! convicted of planning a terror attack Faheem Lodhi becomes the first person on Australian soil. Sydney's explosive factory fire - goes up in flames. hundreds flee as an aerosol plant

by his own weapon. And he dreamt of being killed inquiry in Sydney. Disturbing evidence at the Jake Kovco and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight - for Sydney's housing market. the gloomy outlook Plus, Australia's new sporting hero. in New York. Geoff Ogilvy wins the US Open And unfazed by Brazil's victory - for their showdown with Croatia. the Socceroos prepare But first this evening - the first person convicted a Sydney architect has become on Australian soil. of plotting terror attacks of three charges A jury finding Faheem Lodhi guilty of taking steps to wage a holy war. from Pakistan Faheem Lodhi migrated to Australia a land of opportunity. because he considered it of his life in jail But he could now spend the rest to plot a holy war. after using those opportunities making plans Federal Police caught him Defence Force site to bomb either a Sydney or the national electricity grid. after ASIO uncovered his friendship He'd come to their attention Willie Brigitte in 2003. with French terror suspect put under surveillance. The father of two was immediately A search of Lodhi's home of military locations, uncovered aerial photographs

supply network, maps of the electricity registered under false names. and mobile phone accounts In the bedroom - fanatical videos, against the West. imploring Muslims to wage jihad

more incriminating evidence - In his office, capable of creating explosives. order forms for chemicals they were for a business The defence claimed terrorism fears post-September 11 and their client the victim of and prejudice against Muslims. Obviously, the evidence being there, and the jury finding him guilty, I welcome that outcome. Melbourne's so-called Jihad Jack convicted under anti-terrorism laws may have been the first Australian from violence, but, where he was sprung profiting of actually planning it. Lodhi has been found guilty most dangerous men. That makes him one of the country's as the verdict was read out Lodhi showed no emotion into his orange prison-suit then prepared to change back reminiscent of Guantanamo Bay. will be sentenced later this month. The 36-year-old Amber Muir, Ten News. are fuelling a massive blaze Large tanks of solvents north-west of Sydney. at an aerosol factory have been evacuated Hundreds of people to other buildings. amid fears the fire could spread and thinners, Full of aerosols, paints

and began exploding. the factory burst into flames in Sydney's north west The aerosol factory in Mulgrave housed in two tanks, is home to a cocktail of solvents for firefighters. that's making it impossible of smoke pouring into the air, Massive flames and black clouds seen across neighbouring suburbs.

and is still burning. It started just before 2:00 are doing their best to attack it, More than 70 firefighters

We just looked out the window, saw

the flames and smoke, and toll

everyone to run. We were working in

the office, we heard explosions.

The oxes was rattling almost. We

all ran out to see what it was, and

John screamed out "Fire, fire". are doing their best to attack it, More than 70 firefighters but nearby businesses fear the worst. is on saving surrounding buildings. The firefighters focus have been evacuated. More than 300 local workers

Our fir fighters will be on the

scene for some time endeavouring to

contain the fire, it's by no means

under control. everyone in the factory Luckily, fire officers say and no-one has been injured. has been accounted for, Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. Disturbing evidence on day one death of Private Jake Kovco in Iraq. of the official inquiry into the It's heard

from a bullet from his own gun, the young soldier dreamed of dying came true. just a month before the premonition to unravel the mystery The military inquiry is trying of Private Jake Kovco. surrounding the death

barracks, providing a clue. His diary, found in his Baghdad just weeks before it happened. He revealed he dreamed of being shot He wrote: Key witnesses and his two room-mates including Kovco's commanding officer from Baghdad. are giving evidence by video link in the dormitory with Kovco The room-mates were both when the gun was fired. According to their evidence, music, laughing and dancing around. the three soldiers were playing loud Kovco was emailing his wife It's also been confirmed just before his death. their commanding officer: His friends told only 5cm from Private Kovco's head The hearing was told the pistol was when the shot was fired. with the weapon. No fault has been found a loaded gun back to his room. Kovco had broken army rules by taking the Australian Security Detachment Private Kovco was a soldier with in Baghdad from a single gun shot wound who died tragically not related to combat action. in circumstances sat with Jake's parents His wife Shelley, and family, during the Sydney hearing. The inquiry is yet to hear details of Jake Kovco's body. of the bungled return Kevin Wilde, Ten News. the first Australian in 11 years Geoff Ogilvy has become to win one of golf's major titles. come easily for the 29-year-old But victory in the US Open didn't final moments from the clubhouse. who had to watch the dramatic of Geoff Ogilvy's life This was the longest 10 minutes

as he watched Phil Mickelson implode. were also on the edge of their seats. Back home, mum Judy and dad Michael This shot to send the US Open into a play-off. COMMENTATOR: Geoff Ogilvy survives Winged Foot and wins the US Open. I was screaming, crying, shouting, jumping up and down, the whole nine yards. Ogilvy putting his way into Australian golfing history. There'll be a roar down-under if this falls. And it does! The 29-year-old pocketing $1.6 million and becoming the first Australian to win a major in 11 years. To finish the way I did, and to hang on, I really don't have the words. I'm pretty excited.

Ogilvy discovered his love for the sport as a toddler, hitting tennis balls around the back yard with a stick. He then learned his craft on these greens at Victoria Golf Club before turning pro at 21. Many predicting it was just a matter of time before he emerged from the shadow of his more high-profile compatriots. He said to me, "I'm going to play on the PGA tour, Mum." And I said, "Yeah, sure." And I believed him. I fully believed him. Congratulations to Geoff Ogilvy. It was a great performance and he deserves it. Mum Judy bursting with pride and itching to catch up with her son. I'll just give him a hug.

Kelli Underwood, Ten News. It's a case of down but not out. Australia still has a chance of getting through to the next round of the World Cup after last night's loss to Brazil. Ten's Frank Coletta join us live from Munich. Frank, a valiant effort by the Socceroos, but it was always going to be a big ask to beat the might of Brazil.

That's absolutely right. 66,000

people packed into the Munich arena.

There were tens of thousands at the

live sites across the country here,

live sites across the country here, and half the world's TV audience

watched the Socceroos go blow for

blow with the five-time world champions.

Two green and gold armies converged on the space-age stadium. The Aussies had an icon in their midst, the Brazilians, their version of Batman. Queuing for up to 10 hours in hot conditions, some prayed they could still get a ticket. Watching Brazil and Australia at the World Cup, I would do anything for it. How much is your husband worth, by the way? Ah, I'm not going to spend more than 200 Euro, I'm sorry. Inside, gold dominated the stands but the Socceroos were forced to wear blue. On the field the Socceroos matched it with the world champions. Both sides had their chances but by half-time, neither side could break through. That all changed shortly after the break. COMMENTATOR: Ball for Adriano! The Socceroos immediately lifted. Kewell came on, getting the best chance of the match. Oh, he oculd have been an instant hero. Bresciano tried some acrobatics. Skipper Mark Viduka within centimetres of success. Viduka's shot! The Brazilians, though, finished off strongly with a second goal. Off the field they cheered. Emotions ran high. We were robbed! Two bad decisions. The Brazilian samba beat was heard right across Munich. Not to be outdone, the Aussies gave it their best here too. Aussie! At the 50,000-strong live site the stifling heat got the better of many, sparking some unexpected shows in the nearby lake. The party right now, understandably, it's the Brazilians that are celebrating yet these Australians insist the two teams may yet meet again later in the tournament. But for now, destiny awaits in the big clash with Croatia. Fans, many of whom forked out more than $1,000, insist it was money well spent. 20-hour flight. It was torture but it was all worth it. All worth it. Fantastic. The Aussie adventure lives to fight another day with a draw or better needed against Croatia to advance to the second round.

There's no question we were robbed.

We'll go back to Frank live. As you

say in the report, the only thing

standing between the Socceroos and

the next round is Croatia. Always

the question: can we do it? We can.

In the Australian team with have

six boys of Croatian background, in

the Croatian team, three boys of

Aussie background. Yes, we can do

it. If we draw the match we are

pretty much through depending on

pretty much through depending on Japan's result against Brazil. They

have to beat Brazil by three clear

goals. If we beat Croatia we are

through to the second round. 20

million Australians banking on that one. Back home, fans turned out in their thousands to watch the match at live sites and pubs across the country. While there was some disappointment, everyone agrees there's no shame in going down to the best in the world.

For a country rich in sporting prowess any loss can be too much to bear even against the world's best, Brazil. The Socceroos' defeat silencing a stunned Aussie crowd. Some fans tried to remain upbeat, for others it was a struggle. Go Australia. I'm crying. Bye-bye. But across the city Brazilians needed no excuse to party.

Celebrations brimming with colourful beats and the dancing they do best. We may have may have given the Brazilians a scare, but at full-time with a win under their belt, their fans sure know how to rub it in. And they cherished every second of it. But it didn't take long for Australian fans to regain their World Cup confidence and take aim at our next opponent.

90 minutes 2-0, bring on Croatia. C'mon Aussie! Some already desperate for a Brazilian rematch. Australia will beat Brazil in the World Cup, we'll get through the next round, we'll meet 'em, we'll beat 'em. Can't see anything wrong with that. James Boyce, Ten News. The last remaining tickets to this summer's Ashes cricket Tests have been snapped up. Cricket nuts who missed out in the initial Internet ticket allocation desperate to secure their seat at the SCG. Bring it on! Bring it on! Some fans though, left disappointed. Yeah, I'm pretty disappointed in the fact that you couldn't buy over the counter in the first place. I think that was, like, silly. A few tickets are still available for the one-day matches. Predictions of an extended housing slump in Sydney. That's next. Plus, the Sydney drug raid that's foiled the production of amphetamines worth millions. And Nicole Kidman jets into Sydney. Her parents showing all the signs of preparing for a very big day. What are you doing? Get in and grab some of these Pirate Pearl M&M's! Oh. Sorry. KETTLE WHISTLES AND BIRDS CALL (Man sighs) This is as good as it gets.

DOG: Is it? ALL: Is it? (All sing) # Is it as good? # Bushells has the flavour (Fish sings) # Is it as good? (Choir sings) # As good as tea can be

# Is it as good as Bushells? # Is it as good # As Bushells? # (Man laughs) A Customs bust of cold and flu tablets has tested tough new drug laws for the first time. The medicine was allegedly brought into Australia to be made into $22 million worth of the popular street drug Ice. Of the millions of containers shipped into Sydney, customs officers red-flagged this one because it came from Indonesia. This time their suspicion paid off. Although the bulk of the container had furniture inside, in the rear were 139 cartons.

Inside, 2 million cold and flu tablets - that's 120kg of pseudoephedrine, enough to make 80kg of Ice. The people importing into Australia are getting smarter and smarter. But so are the law-makers. This is the first seizure targeting the importation of legal substances believed to be bound for illegal use under new anti-drug legislation. It's reasonable to suspect the distribution would have been all over Australia. The AFP intercepted the drugs at a Leichardt business and arrested a Sydney couple and two men.

They've been charged with importing offences.

The couple has been released on bail while the other men didn't apply.

If convicted, they face a maximum sentence of 25 years jail under the new laws. That's five times the previous penalty. Police claim the punishment is necessary.

Ice has never been more popular, or more dangerous. Ice rots the teeth, it causes respiratory problems, it causes loss of mental capacity. More arrests are expected. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. A Bondi man, accused of committing murder on his birthday, has been refused bail.

The body of a 30-year-old Parramatta man was found at the suspect's unit yesterday afternoon. The victim had been shot several times in the head and body. It's believed he was killed on Saturday when the accused turned 25.

A person walking past the apartment block called police after spotting a hand gun dumped in the garden. Kim Beazley's campaign to scrap AWAs appears to be gathering speed. A new poll shows many Australians agree with his plan to tear up workplace agreements, but a third are still not sure. Another day, another victim of the workplace laws - Jane Lee telling an inquiry in Sydney she was sacked without a real reason. Because my workplace employs less than 100 employees and has mainly casuals,

there is simply nowhere for me to argue the unfairness of the treatment. But the Prime Minister accuses Labor of running a scare campaign. Deliberately distorting the facts

in order to create fear and hostility in the community. He likens it to the anti-GST propaganda. I reckon they're going to fail on this as well.

Kim Beazley has some encouragement to think differently. A new AC Nielsen poll finds 38% support his vow to dump Australian workplace agreements. 26% are against it but a significant 35% aren't sure either way. Among the concerned, the Catholic Archbishop of Sydney. George Pell fears the new laws will hit the lowest paid. Will the Prime Minister guarantee Archbishop Pell

that the minimum wage will not be reduced in real terms? I do not entertain the concerns expressed by the cardinal. Mr Howard says his guarantee is his record. On the Government's other battlefront, asylum seeker laws, there's slow progress. Negotiations between rebel Liberals and the Immigration Minister continued through the day. The Prime Minister is offering time limits for boat people to be held in the Nauru detention camp. But not all of the dissidents are convinced Australian law can apply in another country. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A small farming community is in shock after the death of two young boys in a freak accident. 8-year-old Patrick Wells and his friend Caleb Graham aged 6 died instantly when heavy cattle gates fell on top of them. The tragedy happened yesterday afternoon at a dairy farm near Cobargo on the south coast.

This is a very, very sad and tragic

occasion, and we deeply regret that it happened. Children at the boys' school have been offered counselling. Some gloomy news on the property market

with Sydney's real estate slump expected to last another three years. And there's worse news for tenants

with rents likely to soar in that time. There's little doubt the boom times are over for Sydney property. Prices have slipped by up to 8%. There's less property on the market and fewer people looking and it appears that slump is here to stay. I think the reality is we've probably got to go through 3 or 4 years where there's very little improvement in prices before we start to get some stronger growth. But don't expect a quick return to a boom.

That means when the growth does return, it will be slow. The only surge - in rent. With investors having deserted, vacancy rates are down to 2%. Bidding wars among tenants are already pushing rental prices up. Our forecast would be that say, 3 or 4 years from now, rental growth could easily be up 30% or 40%. Good news for investors, bad news obviously for renters. Also holding the buyers back - a likely rise in interest rates in the next 12 months. Wanting to buy and actually doing it are two different things, particularly in Sydney where property has become much less affordable over the last decade. Less than 10 years ago, it took 40% of the average before-tax-income to service a mortgage now its at 56%. But not everyone's gloomy - a new on-line survey by the Housing Industry Association much more optimistic. The population is still growing at a reasonable rate. Here in New South Wales, it's around 0.8%

but that still adds up to a lot of people looking for housing at a time when builders aren't building and at a time when rental market's very tight. Asked about new homes, 23% of those surveyed said they intended buying. Eddy Meyer, Ten News.

Checking the weather. Tim Bailey,

just a tease of a shower or two,

are we in for more of the wet stuff.

That's good news building, it

rained across western NSW, around

about 14mm at Cobar. The news is

that system will move across to the

east of the state, getting into the

catchment area, we are thinking

10-30mm by the time the week

reaches Friday. There's good news

for a working Monday. This was a

Monday with plenty of grey, a few

little blue bits, coastal showers.

Most of the rain fell on the sand,

not much good to us. As I said,

there's good wet rain coming later

in the week. Pollution levels on

your television now. This is the

launch of Tim's Teams On 10. This

is the Mosman barracuda under12s,

tell you more been them when we see

you again in around about 10. Japan all smiles after a major victory at the whaling conference. Next, fears of a wholesale commercial slaughter.

And they're the bug detectives.

Aussie doctors on the trail of a mutant cold virus.

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Time to check on the traffic. We

carried the story in the bulletin

about a factory fire in Mulgrave in

the Windsor area, is that impacting

traffic. Unfortunately so. It's the

paint factory off Windsor road.

It's diverted at the scene. Several

fire aplainss block the road with

police and ambulances. We are at

North made, there's big traffic

delays. If you know family or

friends heading towards the

north-west, they could be home late.

We'll bring you exclusive pictures ASAP. An independent legal adviser is being appointed to speed up compensation payouts to victims of the Waterfall rail crash. The State Government admits Railcorp has taken too long to settle many of the claims. But it's denied reports of intrusive and bullying psychological tests against victims and their families. I want those cases settled quickly. 3.5 years is long enough. Seven people were killed and 40 others injured in the disaster. Japan is one step closer to resuming commercial whaling after an historic win at a world whaling summit. After 20 years of defeat, it has won majority control of the industry's governing body. It's what anti-whaling countries have feared for decades. With just one vote, pro-whaling nations gained majority control of the International Whaling Commission and threw the industry body into crisis. Today is a very sad day for whales. This is the beginning of a new time for the IWC. They want the IWC to abandon conservation and instead become a regulator of commercial whaling. It is quite natural that the people of this country,

one of these days, will want to go into whaling. Animal rights activists say it's a disaster. But Australia, which led the anti-whaling coalition, is playing it down as a symbolic victory. Japan, Iceland, Norway and the whalers have tried really hard and it is our duty to future generations,

it's our duty to the planet, to make sure they keep failing and failing even more spectacularly than they have this year. But Japan won't be able to flex its new-found muscle just yet. It will have to wait until next year's summit in Alaska before it can propose a vote on overturning the ban. Even then it will need a 75% majority. In St Kitts, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. Researchers have found a new mutant cold virus which is suspected of landing thousands of children in hospital. They hope the discovery will lead to new treatments which will protect youngsters from serious illness. Meet the bug hunters, the lab detectives who've tracked down a nasty new strain of cold virus which is a prime winter illness suspect, a culprit thought to be making so many of our children sick. We feel that it's going to be a significant contributor to illness, especially in our hospital, but, we suspect, internationally. The mutant cold bug is so new it hasn't even been named yet. It mostly affects children aged two years and under, making it hard for them to breathe because of serious lung infections. Researchers at the Sir Albert Sakzewski Virus Research Centre spent three years identifying the strain in samples from little patients at the Royal Children's Hospital. Identifying the culprit is crucial to finding the cure. By finding it, which is the first step in characterising it and developing those sorts of drugs, we think we'll be able to help kids not suffer from these sorts of respiratory tract infections quite so frequently. Researchers are also hopeful

their discovery will help them unlock the secrets of hundreds of other cold viruses which make thousands of Australian children seriously ill each year. Scientists now face the challenge

of replicating the mutant bug in the lab - not a nice job for Australia's version of Dr Gregory House, but somebody's got to do it. We believe there's a lot more to be found yet and this sort of work is important to do that. A separate team of scientists will soon get to work developing treatments and, one day, a vaccine. Sharon Marshall, Ten News. Paul McCartney turns 64. The former Beatle's birthday next. Also, Australia to spend billions on a new fleet of military choppers. And Nicole Kidman jets into town. Her excited parents preparing for a very big day. Picture this. Including favourites such as: Now, picture building a package that's all about you. Why not add some movies too? Call Foxtel Digital today on: Tonight's top stories - disturbing evidence on day one of the official inquiry into the death of Private Jake Kovco in Iraq. It's heard the young soldier had a dream about being killed by his own gun, just one month before the premonition came true. Also, Kovco had broken Army rules by taking a loaded gun back to his room. Tanks of solvents are fuelling a massive blaze at an aerosol factory at Mulgrave north-west of Sydney. Hundreds of people have been evacuated with fears the fire could spread to other buildings. And a Sydney architect has become the first person convicted of plotting terror attacks on Australian soil. A jury found Faheem Lodhi guilty of three charges of taking steps to wage a holy war. He faces the possibility of life in jail when sentenced later this month. A $2 billion commitment tonight to revitalise Australia's ageing fleet of military helicopters. The Government has reached a deal to buy 34 European designed aircraft to replace the troubled Sea King and Black Hawk choppers by 2015. and also to support special services. The twin-engine helicopters will be based at Sydney and Nowra as well as Townsville and Oakey in Queensland. After Friday's rally, a big fall on the share market today thanks to a soft lead from Wall Street.

He sang about it all those years ago

and today, Sir Paul McCartney is officially 64. The former Beatle penning the tune at the tender age of 24. (Sings) # Will you still need me when I'm 64? # Having recently separated from his second wife Heather Mills, Sir Paul spent the day with his family. His grandchildren presented him with their own version of 'When I'm 64'

recorded at London's famous Abbey Road Studios. Nicole Kidman has arrived in Sydney for her weekend wedding to country singer Keith Urban. The paparazzi close on the couple's tail, chasing what's now the most sought after photo in the world. Just before midnight, Nicole Kidman jumped off her private jet in Sydney. The bride-to-be dressed in white but without her fiance Keith Urban by her side. It wasn't long until her family was, her mum and dad among the first to visit her harbourside mansion this morning. Are you looking forward to the weekend?

Looking forward to seeing her, yes, after so long.

Is it an exciting time for the family? Very exciting. Yes, very excited. The home fires were soon burning and a flurry of activity ensued.

Then late today the megastar couple finally ended months of speculation

releasing a joint statement which said "We are very happy to be back in Australia. "We've come home to celebrate our wedding with family and friends." Are you preparing a speeches? Oh, yes, speeches, definitely, thank you, 'bye, 'bye. On her way home, Nicole spoke of their moving in together. I've moved to Tennessee for my personal life, so I'm sort of establishing my new home which is nice.

They are hoping for a much smoother visit than last time, when a photographer bugged her home. This time along with the ever present cameras, there's also a high-tech surveillance van parked outside Ms Kidman's home, keeping a watchful eye on those trying to watch her. Security staff mounted a tiny spy camera on the gate outside her home and they also brought their own bar fridge with drinks, settling in for a long week. Ali Donaldson, Ten News.

Let's take a look at the weather

with Tim Bailey, who often has to

avoid the papa razzy. We are soccer

mad at the moment, but there are

other codes out there as popular.

Tim's Teams On 10. This is the

Mosman barracudas. Rain across NSW,

it has started to rain, moving into

the Sydney basin Thursday and

Friday. How much rain? How long is

a piece of string? Maybe 10-30mm

worth. Let's have a look at the map of NSW for you:

As I throw you back to the desk,

tomorrow at your place, 18 degrees,

coastal showers, they were under

12s, they have way more ability

than Wilson, Bailey and Webster. Sport is next with Tim Webster and the Socceroos can't wait for Croatia. But, they'll have to get back on target in front of goal. We'll show you all our near-misses shortly. Plus, the Bulldogs bouyed by Sonny Bill Williams's prognosis. Also Geoff Ogilvy's amazing recovery shots to claim the US Open crown. And a crash marred Catalan Grand Prix.

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(All chant) Let's go, Aussie, let's go! KFC's Hot Box. HORN BLARES

Aussie golfer Geoff Ogilvy is celebrating a dramatic US Open victory this morning. Olgilvy is the first Australian Ogilvy is the first Australian to win one of Golf's four majors since Steve Elkington won the USPGA Championship in 1995. But he did it the hard way, forced to sweat it out in the clubhouse as his rivals imploded on the final hole. No-one could have predicted this finish. Geoff Ogilvy sinking this putt to put the pressure on. And Phil Mickelson crumbling on the final hole, needing to hole out to tie the Aussie. COMMENTATOR: And Geoff Ogilvy survives Winged Foot and wins the US Open. A dream fulfilled for the Victorian. Earlier he'd dug deep on the treacherous Winged Foot course, saving par from some miraculous positions. No Australian had won a major in more than a decade. Ogilvy conjuring magic when he needed it most. This chip-in was for par at 17 to keep his hopes alive. But with a hole to go, the 29-year-old's chances of victory had still looked slim. Colin Montgomerie had just holed this putt to join Phil Mickelson in the lead and Ogilvy trailed both of them by a shot. But the golfing gods were smiling on the Australian as both Monty and Phil imploded under the Open pressure. In an incredible finish,

both the leaders double bogeyed the last hole, handing Ogilvy the trophy. A stunned but grateful young Aussie holding one of the world's most precious pieces of silverware. I don't really have the words. I'm pretty excited. I feel for Phil. I know he was almost the home-town favourite to win, but he's won a few majors recently, so I can maybe take one away. David Hanbidge, Ten News. The Socceroos are already regrouping for the showdown with Croatia that will decide who follows Brazil into the next round of the World Cup. While Group rivals Japan and Croatia played out a 0-0 draw, the Australian morale is still high, despite the 2-0 loss to Brazil. In one of the country's most anticipated sporting events ever, the Socceroos received an early warning shot from Kaka. COMMENTATOR: Just right! Mark Viduka with Australia's first strike on target... Here's Viduka with a shot! ..before Brett Emerton had the first of his team's many run-ins with the German referee. I'm not sure if it was for the initial challenge but they may be contesting the decision. Ronaldo looked out of sorts at the other end. Ronaldo! Mark Viduka could do nothing right in the eyes of the referee but his team went to the break on level terms with the world champions. Here's Bresciano! The scoreline short-lived after half-time. Adriano blasting Brazil into the lead. Square ball for Adriano. The Socceroos' best chance falling to fresh substitute Harry Kewell when Dida made a rare mistake. He's not got that - Kewell! Kewell again firing over minutes later. Harry Kewell! Mark Schwarzer saved brilliantly

as the Socceroos went looking for the equaliser. A drop from Bresciano! Good save by Dida. The match turning into a scintillating end-to-end display. Mark Viduka's lob centimetres from providing Australia's reply. But it was Brazil who settled the match in the dying minutes. Robinho! Off the post. And Fred walks in the second goal for Brazil. The referee penalising the Australians to the end. And when he stopped the match more than a minute early, Kewell vented the Socceroos' frustrations at being heavily on the wrong side of the free kick count. I'm not a big fan of the victim mentality, but I think there was some elements against us. Even as the fans file home behind me, the focus of the Socceroos

has already turned to Stuttgart in four days time

when they take on Croatia and their World Cup fate will be decided. Neil Cordy in Munich for Ten News. Australia's Lleyton Hewitt has joined some of the greats of tennis, beating American James Blake to claim victory at the Queen's Club tournament. He joins John McEnroe and Boris Becker as the only players who've won the grasscourt event four times.

Hewitt took just one hour and six minutes to beat the world number seven. Able to break Blake's serve in the first game, Hewitt controlled the match from then on. The former world number one says it's good to get the win ahead of Wimbledon next week. Federer's obviously the favourite, but I've got as good a chance as anyone else and winning there before gives me confidence walking in the place. It's Hewitt's first title win in almost 1.5 years. St George Illawarra has fined lock Shaun Timmins after his arrest in Brisbane last weekend for sitting on a council street sweeper. Timmins has apologised for his embarrassing behaviour. Meanwhile, the Bulldogs breathed a sigh of relief today. The knee injury suffered by Sonny Bill Williams in yesterday's win over the Cowboys not as serious as first feared. The news is all good for Sonny Bill Williams. Despite a bag of ice and a slight hobble, doctors clearing the Bulldog star of another serious knee injury. Nowhere near as sore as when I did it against Souths in Round 9 last year. That's a positive thing and there's not that much swelling this morning, so that's another positive thing. Williams to be named in Friday night's blockbuster against Melbourne.

The good news delighting his coach, but Steve Folkes isn't as happy prop Roy Asotasi is set to leave because of salary cap restrictions. It's unfortunate that he gets forced out of the club because he's playing too well. I think that's a flaw in the system. Asotasi being chased by Souths, Sydney Roosters and now the Wests Tigers. Folkes is also taking a swipe at the anti-tampering deadline, calling it a farce. There are deals being done prior to the 30th of June, and it's extremely difficult to police. Bulldogs winger Matt Utai cleared of a broken hand, but facing a one-match break for a dangerous throw. I really didn't notice it until the touch judge called me out. Yeah, it can be a bit tough. Union giant the CFMEU today signing on as major sponsor to keep the Raiders in Canberra for now at least. With the club's stadium deal also expiring in 2009, relocating the Raiders outside the ACT then becoming a real option. Certainly that year leading up to it we'll be having some discussions and looking at our financial viability. Hopefully they stay on board. Hopefully they stay on board and it keeps us here. And Souths today confirming Nigel Vagana has signed for two years. Adam Hawse, Ten News. World champion Valentino Rossi has won the Catalan Moto GP in Barcelona. The race had to be restarted after a 6-bike crash

which left Italian rider Marco Melandri seriously injured. COMMENTATOR: And we may have some hurt riders here. Let's hope they're not. Australia's Casey Stoner, who got the best start each time, led the race until he fell on the eighth lap, while fellow Aussie Chris Vermeulen came sixth. Only 11 riders finished the crash-marred race. Rossi crossed first, ahead of Nicky Hayden and Kenny Roberts, claiming his third straight Catalan GP. And later in Sports Tonight - US Open champion Geoff Ogilvy predicts a brighter future for Australia's golfers.

Take a deep breath, lots of sport.

Vik, how is the drive in the

northern beaches. It's usually a

struggle off the rowsville bridge,

Warringah Road clear, no breakdowns

on Pittwater Road, a fantastic drive. Tim Bailey's back with the latest weather details next. WOMAN: To stay feeling young, MAN: New Age Perfect from L'Oreal Paris Skin looks younger and firmer.

Time for the weather. Tim Bailey

has his head around all the

football codes. I wonder why he

hangs out with under 12s, so we can

find you. Possibly the height. I

don't have the ability of half

these kids. it's called Tim's Teams

On 10. We want to get out in the

community that are running good

programs at the grassroots, with

community field. First cab off the

community field. First cab off the Rak are the magnificent, the

Barracudas from Mosman under 12s.

One, two, three.

ALL: We are the team from Mosman.

The mighty under 12s

# Across the sea

# Our boots are primed

# Mosman are in town # Mosman are in town

# Singing we will, we will thrash you

# Barracudas, barracudas, thrash

you. Graham Shaw, you are a tour

organiser. These boys are off to

Queenstown in New Zealand. It's

about personal development, not

just about football, but putting

plans in place for these guys later

in life, building great

relationships aerialy. Better boys

make better men. Two years ago we

decided to do more than play rugby.

We are going to Queensland. We

worked 12 months working on this

one-week tour. We are off on two

week's time, bungee jumping, jet

racing, you name it, we'll do it.

One question: can I come? Sounds

alright. The good thing is each and

every one of these little fellows

is paying his own way. They have to

work to get there. They all sign an

agreement before we started this

thing. They had to raise two-thirds

of all the money. We had some help

from the parents, supporters, the

Mosman club, Hookers, they want to

do whatever they can to help us.

Thank you for being on the

television. Rain across western New South Wales

ALL: Yeah. Rain coming to the

catchment area of Sydney Thursday and Friday.

ALL: Yeah. These under 12s are

going to thrash New Zealand

ALL: Yeah. Tomorrow at your place,

18 and a coastal shower. Let's get

into your backyard. Temperatures a

bit wet.

Looking at the satellite, cloud

forming over the eastern inland

ahead of a trough causing patchy

rain. Easterly winds feeding into a

trough. Inland NSW...

ALL: Yeah. A front in the west will

weaken rs causing winds to ease.

The business of the brolly, drips

and drops across NSW, patchy rain

across inland NSW and Queensland.

So, if you'd like to get your

sporting team on the television,

it's an easy one, Tim's Weather: it

will be a winner, I know that. These

guys will smash New Zealand.

ALL: Yeah. Interstate we go:

Showers across most of NSW.

Tamworth hasn't seen a drop since

about 1962. Let's hope they get some.

That's it from the Mosman barracuda

under 12s. See you tomorrow night.

Thank you, Mr Bailey. Get the Kiwi's boys. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Stay with us. We'll have updates throughout the evening