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(generated from captions) Tonight - Commonwealth Games weightlifters Australia's at the centre of a doping scandal. Flights of fancy an explosive Opening Ceremony. as Melbourne turns on

Two new Sydney legionnaire's cases of multiple infection sources. raise fears

Piers Ackerman And controversial columnist jostled during an angry anti-war protest. This program is LIVE captioned. This is Seven News with Ian Ross. Good evening.

but first tonight - The doping scandal in a moment,

Australia has claimed its first

medal, in weight lifing,. Needles

and viles were discovered at the

sports instute in Canberra. They

are now being tested. first chance at a medal It was Australia's delivered. and 18-year-old Erika Yamasaki in her Games debut. That lift, good enough for bronze has been overshadowed But that glittering achievement on the Australian weightlifting team. by implications of drug abuse Some vials were found, and some tablets. some injecting equipment drug paraphernalia Cleaners found the discarded in Canberra. at the Institute of Sport had gone through the rooms, After the forensic team

were found. a further number of tablets confirmed the discovery Today, the Sports Minister in a number of rooms

during pre-Games training. used by Australian lifters Last night, scientists began tests contain banned substances. to identify if the tablets and vials

Since then, it's been a waiting game. or do anything about it We can't make any approach to it,

what is actually happening, until we're told and we don't know. has seen this before. Australian sport at the AIS in Adelaide, Vials and syringes were found

in rooms used by Australian cyclists. That discovery ended careers. It could be weeks, even months, is uncovered. before the truth of this case some mud always sticks, But no matter what happens, of drug allegations and the very existence all of Australia's weightlifters. leaves a lingering question mark over

burst on to the world sporting stage The Commonwealth Games in spectacular style, behind the scenes. apart from a couple of near disasters is in Melbourne. Seven's Chris Reason as it looked on television? Chris, it wasn't as smooth Ian, spectators were hit by stray fireworks during the Opening Ceremony and there was a ticketing bungle. But most seemed to enjoy the show - of a boy and his duck. even the strange journey

One of Melbourne's most famous icons Melbourne's most famous icons - sails into one of

brought together the winged tram and the MCG in this city's history. for a moment that will live all about transport and travel, It was a night a journey into a boy's imagination - a pet duck, flying skateboards through the air. and koalas rowing thongs

Bikes and ballerinas, too. What did it mean? but they all seemed to love it. No-one seemed to know, CROWD ROARS that needed no explanation. This was the moment Dwarfed by the flag, the most emotional steps of her life. walker Jane Saville took some of

CROWD ROARS "Don't cry, Jane, again." I was trying to think,

all the time Everyone sees you crying because it's quite overwhelming.

where you got off a flight Have you ever had that feeling just to greet you? and there is one loved one with 100,000 loved ones to greet you Walking into the stadium was pretty amazing. along the Yarra, The ceremonies spilled outside, too, along the Yarra,

where the Queen's Baton relay of the AFL's finest. passed through the hands to walk on water, not through it. Legend Ron Barassi was meant Maybe the tide was in. made the final delivery. Inside, John Landy the greatest pleasure It now gives me the XVIII Commonwealth Games open. to declare Queen Elizabeth turns 80 next month, passed on their best. and 80,000 people # Happy birthday, Your Majesty... # (ALL SING) took her to turn to sing, But as Delta Goodrem they wheeled in the fireworks in burning embers. and dozens were showered

behind me, Everyone was screaming around me,

started slapping me on the arm. and the fellow next to me but the jacket's ruined. She wasn't hurt, Bitter memories, too, for 500 others to seats that didn't exist. who had tickets full of frustration - The night was just who had no idea. talking to official after official As a Melbourne native, and thought you just sort of stood there "It's embarrassing," you know? very different outcomes. And for the night's two stars,

many calls from friends REPORTER: Have you had to say, "We saw you on TV?"

with the press and stuff. (laughs) No. I've been too busy it was back to the farm. For Ping the duck,

a more controversial duck There hasn't been in his last Test in 1948. since Sir Donald Bradman scored one criticism But organisers have dismissed was too Victorian. last night's ceremony Thanks, Chris. from day one of competition, Matthew White will have highlights And later,

of tonight's swimming finals. and Grant Hackett's exclusive preview To other news now - in Sydney's north and the legionnaire's scare is spreading, suffering the disease. with two more women in hospital are linked to Chatswood, All five known cases visited the shopping area, but only four there is more than one source. raising fears legionnaire's disease - Two new cases of potentially deadly through the shopping strip. the news spread quickly walking through Myer - I've just heard something, the TV department there. are the latest to fall ill. Two women in their 80s to the shopping area, One has been linked near the Chatswood CBD the other was staying and could have been infected from a different source. Health Authorities are checking cooling towers - the most likely way the disease has spread. We don't have any evidence of an ongoing public health threat at this point, but as a precaution we are doing those extra reviews of likely sources. 50 towers have been checked. Westfield says no bacteria was found in its airconditioning. But locals feel they are being kept in the dark.

I work in a shop just here, so I would like to know what's going on. I think we'd all like to know Legionnaire's disease takes 2 to 10 days to incubate, making it hard to track where people have been.

And with so many apartments, offices and hotels in Chatswood, health authorities admit they may never be able to find the source. Symptoms are similar to pneumonia The elderly are most at risk. The Health Department says anyone who is concerned should go to their doctor. The Roads Minister has assured drivers there is no health risk from the M5 East tunnel claiming air pollution meets acceptable world standards. But the results of tests by Seven News shows the levels are far from safe.

The Roads Minister is dismissing any idea of erecting signs to warn drivers of the pollution hazards inside this hazy tunnel. The issue is use a bit of commonsense when you go into the M5 east tunnel. If there's haze, you would, naturally, wind up your windows. But he maintains emissions are in line with international guidelines. The M5 East tunnel, at all times, meets the independently set standards for emissions. Well, not exactly. The RTA's web site shows yesterday's emissions averaged 21 micrograms per cubic metre. When we commissioned an independent test levels in the late afternoon were 10 times higher. The numbers that were measured yesterday are extraordinarily high. Driving through here with pollutants at that level will put serious pressure on the respiratory system. Your nose will start running, you'll get a headache, and asthma sufferers will be reaching for their inhalers. Air safety expert Chris Winder warned the government and the RTA six years ago the tunnel was unsafe. He says pollution shouldn't be measured by international standards, but world's best practice. They're tunnel builders, they're road builders, they want traffic to move swiftly and they don't really worry about the implications to the environment and to health. The Premier was warned, too, when he was Health Minister. He said signs should be put up, but the RTA ignored the advice. He wasn't talking about it today. Five people have been arrested during a rowdy demonstration in Sydney against US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. The protesters, who oppose America's presence in Iraq, accused Dr Rice of having blood on her hands. They'd come to hear Condoleezza Rice, but there were other unscheduled speakers. Sir, do you have something you'd like to say? Iraqi blood is on your hands and you cannot wash that blood away! A diplomatic response, as the man was removed. I'm very glad to see democracy is alive and well here in the university. Protests outside turned physical when News Ltd. columnist Piers Ackerman tried to grab a microphone from the protesters, then pushed through the crowd, swinging his arms. That brought in the police, arresting five people... Get down on the ground, mate! ..including one woman on crutches. I've had it up to here with these people who are opposed to free speech. I would like to take legal action I would like to take legal action against Piers Ackerman. Iraq was also on the agenda when Condoleezza Rice met Foreign Minister Alexander Downer. Three years after the war, it seems our troops will stay there for at least another two. I think that there is a very good chance that the Iraqi people will have built the foundation for a stable and secure Iraq over the next couple of years. Dr Rice emphasised the closeness of the relationship as she and Mr Downer toured a US warship. We have no better friend and ally than Australia. Our monarchist Prime Minister has reignited the republic debate,

saying there's no certainty Prince Charles will be king of Australia. While John Howard insists there will be no change during the Queen's reign, he wouldn't guarantee the royal family's future. Even outspoken republicans have refrained from using the "r" word during the Queen's visit. But now, John Howard, a loyal monarchist, has reignited the debate with these carefully chosen words. I don't think Australia will become a republic while the Queen is on the throne. Beyond that, I don't know.

NEWS REEL: Now the country's Prime Minister has hinted to ITV News... The interview was intended for a British audience. On another network, he suggested Prince Charles may never rule Australia. REPORTER: Do you think we'll see Prince Charles as king of Australia? Well, that is a matter for the Australian people. The Queen alluded to that earlier this week, but was more candid. And I thank you, above all, for this opportunity to reaffirm my confidence in the future of this great country. A country that both the Queen and Prime Minister now acknowledge may soon be ready for a future without royalty. But monarchists, who once regarded John Howard as a defender of their cause, say such talk is premature. John Howard will, I doubt, be Prime Minister in 10 years' time. But it's most probable that the Queen will still be Queen in 10 years' time. But republicans welcome Mr Howard's change of heart. I think the Prime Minister's comments are highly significant because his language has changed. 80 years old next month,

the Queen ended her short visit tonight

with many wondering if this really was the final farewell. Ahead in Seven News - Australians arrested over an international child-pornography network. Also, fraud fears as pubs demand drinkers' licence details.

And Sydney's $100,000 footy-tipping contest. Sydney drinkers have reacted angrily to pubs demanding their driver's licence details before letting them in. to help security guards keep control The rule is supposed

but there are fears

personal information could be misused. If you'd like a beer in the night club of Manly's New Brighton Hotel you have to let the staff scan all the information on your driver's licence. None of their business. They're a pub - not an information centre. They shouldn't be scanning it. They don't need that sort of information and I wouldn't want to give it to them. The fear is that information can be misused. A growing problem in Australia is one of identity theft and fraud. And the first step in that process is often getting hold of someone's driver's licence. The minister is so worried, he has asked the Federal Privacy Commissioner for advice. I'm concerned about it in terms of what safeguards are in place, in terms of that information and where that information goes in the future. Registered clubs have been taking visitors' names and addresses for years. Some also have scanning systems. They do it because the law says they have to. But pubs have decided on this for themselves.

It's not something we want to do. It's something we're going to have to do

if we're to play our part with a safe, friendly environment. The pub's managers believe by taking this information, people will be less likely to misbehave and those that do can be easily caught. The Hotels Association thinks we're going to see a lot more of this policy in late-night drinking spots across Sydney.

The pub says the information is handled securely and if you don't trust them,

you're welcome to drink somewhere else. Sign of the times. Unfortunately, this is where we're at. Four Australians are among 29 people arrested over an international child-pornography ring. US agents infiltrated an online chat room

where images were swapped - some involving children as young as 18 months. They say the abuse is of the worst kind imaginable. Tragically and frighteningly, the kids in these images are getting younger and the images are getting more and more violent and graphic. A 30-year-old man from Newcastle

will face court next month. Six British men are critically ill in a London hospital, after clinical trials of a new drug went horribly wrong. The Australian girlfriend of one patient says he has suffered total organ failure and grotesque swelling. His face is bloated out like "Elephant Man" - like this. So he's on life support and they're telling me he could die at any moment.

The healthy volunteers were paid over $4,000 each

to be guinea pigs for the drug. Police are investigating. Time for sport with Matthew White at the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne. and Matt, first tonight - it is time to talk footy tips.

Do we have to? You love inflicting

pain. We'll talk footy then the

swimmers. but with the weekend coming up,

we thought we'd try to unravel the mystery of picking Rugby League games. We have even discovered an office tipping comp in Sydney, worth $100,000.

All over Sydney, picking the winners has become top priority. Footy tipping's very competitive.

You've got to keep what you know to yourself and don't listen to what other people are going to tell you -

you never know when they're going to want to lead you astray. The winner often struts around the office for quite a number of months after the Rugby League competition. There's big money to be won - entry fees start at a few dollars, but at Macquarie Bank, there's a competition just for the millionaire's club. There's a $1,000 entry fee and I think there's upwards of 100 people involved and immediately you've got $100,000 prize money. But is there a scientific way to win?

Always tip the home team unless there's a very good home team playing away, playing a team at the bottom.

You'll probably end up, about two-thirds of the time, getting it right. So while tipping is all just about having fun, one man from the Australian Bureau of Statistics took it so seriously he was caught rigging three office competitions

and was sacked from his $75,000-a-year job. For some female tipsters, it's not just about footy. Pretty much if they'd think of any team, they'd think of some hot guy or whatever it is. Lot of different criteria they use - colour of the eyes, colour of the hair, how tall they are. Don't take it too seriously. That's, I think, why you see the tea lady or the girl that answers the phone or the soccer expert tends to win all these competitions.

Time And if you're in an NRL tipping competition, I've taken all the home teams except the Raiders, with Newcastle to get up there. But bear in mind, I did get only two from seven last week! But here at the Commonwealth Games the sentimental tip is swimmer Craig Stevens who is on track to win gold. Stevens is the fastest qualifier for tonight's final of the 400m freestyle. Also tonight, Australia to take two spinners with South Africa. into tonight's first Test with South Africa.

Welcome back to Melbourne, where

competition is under way and the

Australian swimming team is proving

it is the the team to beat.

Craig Stevens is making the most of his call-up to replace Ian Thorpe -

qualifying fastest for tonight's final in the 400m freestyle. From zero to Commonwealth Games hero, Craig Stevens' time has come. CROWD CHEERS A fortnight ago, he wasn't even in the team, but with the withdrawal of Ian Thorpe and Grant Hackett missing, a proud tradition alive. Stevens is set to keep a proud tradition alive. Australia hasn't lost a Commonwealth Games a Commonwealth Games men's 400m freestyle since Brisbane in '82. RAY WARREN: Stevens is good. A big crowd for the heats, but the Queen managed to get a ticket to see our queen of the pool, Libby Lenton. She could be well the female swimmer of the meet. She cruised in, qualifying third fastest in the 200m freestyle.

Fellow Aussie Linda Mackenzie was second quickest. Brooke Hanson had plenty left in the tank - top qualifier for tonight's final of the 200m individual medley. Travis Nederpelt blitzed his rivals in the heats of the 200m butterfly final - a full 2.5 seconds clear of his nearest rival. And Mohammed Ali has made an appearance, for Ghana. playing table tennis did you? You didn't expect that, Australia knocking out Ghana This Mohammed Ali couldn't stop

in the teams competition.

Grant Hackett Australian swimming captain exclusively for Seven News has been following the heats Australia will be unstoppable and reckons in tonight's finals. Here are his predictions.

Thanks very much. to day one of the swimming heats. What a wonderful start qualify fastest, We saw Craig Stevens, of course, and how fitting it is of course, to see him step aside in 2004, win a gold in Athens to see Ian Thorpe stepping aside due to illness and now Ian Thorpe, unfortunately, and Craig Stevens qualifying in first position tonight. I personally think he can do the job. His best time of 3:47.99 puts him No.1 ranked in the field and I think we could see Craig Stevens on top of the medal dais tonight. Libby Lenton, going for seven gold medals at these Commonwealth Games, in the women's 200m freestyle. qualified fastest However, Linda Mackenzie about that tonight. might have something to say swimming trials We saw her at the Commonwealth Games actually upset this race away from Libby on day one and take it just by a whisker so could this happen again? Who knows?

qualified for the final, Also, Bronte Barratt tonight. so three Aussies in that one, tonight.

one, two, three. Maybe we could go who don't want to sell the club Souths supporters until the last possible moment Cricket selectors will wait to name Australia's team against South Africa. for tonight's first Test as Australia's No.4 Damien Martyn is set to return while leg-spinner Stuart MacGill alongside Shane Warne. is expected to play That would leave Michael Kasprowicz and Stuart Clark to fight out the final bowling spot. The wicket will have a little bit to do with that, but at the end of the day we've just gotta pick the four bowlers most likely

for us in the Test. to take 20 wickets on a worn Newlands pitch Play will get under way

in a little over an hour.

I know I'm hopeless at footy

tipping, but I could have picked

the rain would start to come down.

after the break, Nuala has Sydney's weather Thapgs !

but first finance.

Good evening. to the day, After a positively steamy start through from the south-west a thick band of rain began moving this afternoon cooling temperatures down. widespread, But while the rain's been it's still only very light. Here at Observatory Hill, where the weather bureau keeps the city's official rain gauge, less than 1mm has fallen. The light rain reached south-western suburbs first keeping day-time tops much cooler than the rest of Sydney where warm and moist winds sent temperatures up into the 30s. The rain cloud wraps around a low near Tassie. It will move away to the south-east leaving the trough line to push through a dryer south-westerly change. That will clear the rain and cloud

tomorrow. for a return to sunny weather Interstate - as well for the Games. showers will clear from Melbourne in Brisbane and Adelaide. Mostly fine up north. The monsoon is still active More showers in Hobart. On the waters - tonight, After a clearing shower or two the sunshine's back tomorrow.

Staying fine on Saturday, 27 again. 28 on Sunday, may bring the odd shower. but a late south-easterly change With no substantial rainfall,

this week, catchment levels dropped again down another 0.5% to 42.2.

Only 4mm have fallen so far, we

need some more. We need a down pour. And that's Seven News to now. I'm Ian Ross. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Hello, and welcome to Today Tonight. I'm Naomi Robson. Tonight - passing judgment on the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony. I didn't really get the duck. Thumbs up, or thumbs down? And how does it compare to the Sydney Olympics? That story shortly. Also, Olivia Newton-John. her comeback Our exclusive on her lost love, and Kylie's battle with cancer. she's really doing well. She's doing well, who are overweight and over 45. And the doctor who won't treat women get yourself healthy. Get real, get yourself fit, of the insurance game. Plus, the dirty tricks And the gatecrashers who did this just for the heck of it. That's it. We've reached flashpoint. But first, a question. Opening Ceremony How would you rate last night's of the Commonwealth Games? in coming out from behind the shadow And did it succeed Opening Ceremony of the Sydney Olympics going to be a hard act to follow? which, six years on, was still Well, Glenn Connley went to find out around, from some of the toughest critics the international media, whether we got it right or wrong. Picture this - you're sitting down over breakfast in Africa or you've dragged yourself out of bed in the West Indies to watch the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony - from flying trams and thongs to koalas in footy jumpers and that kid with the duck. journalists and photographers We asked a selection of visiting what they made of it all. the koala's very Australian. The tram's very Melbourne, The duck? Not a clue. so I read that - But I did read - I had a press pack,

I sort of understood it, but... Can you explain it to me? Nope. (laughs) Not a chance. I'm not from Australia - Well, the guy with the duck -