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(generated from captions) the circus. There are 25-30-

accountable for at the moment.

That's all we know. It is very

patchy. We have ambulances,

helicopters we're doing our best at

the moment there is not much

information coming out. The is a

huge emergency response under way,

20 ambulance staff at the same,

more are being bought in from the

other side of the South Island.

Three helicopters bought to the

region and government ministers are

heading there is well to give their

hand to the emergency co-ordination

at the moment. Julia Gillard is in at the moment. Julia Gillard is in

the air - on her way to Portugal

for a NATO summit to help chart an

exit strategy for our troops in

Afghanistan. The Prime Minister is

expected to be grilled over reports

she's repeatedly turned down

requests to send in more soldiers.

Leaders of NATO countries are

beginning to arrive in Lisbon for

the summit - where much of the the summit - where much of the

focus will be on Afganistan, and

the transition of security

responsibilities in the region from

Coalition troops to local

authorities. As the biggest non Nato contributor of troops,

Australia will be represented here

by PM Julia Gillard and Def Min

Stephen Smith. Ms Gillard is on her

way now - flying in, for one night

only. When she arrives she'll face

questions over reports that the questions over reports that the

United States has repeatedly asked

for more Australian troops to be

sent to the Oruzgan province -

despite repeated denials by the PM.

The government must be open and

honest about our commitment in

Afghanistan and the government must

answer immediately the substance of

these allegations. The government

insists Australia's troop

contribution is right. We think

we've got it about right. The focus

is on training the Afghan national

army. President Barack Obama will

be among the attendees in Lisbon -

where Ms Gillard intends to

highlight Australia's position, we

shouldn't rush a withdrawal of

troops. Ten's Hugh Riminton is on troops. Ten's Hugh Riminton is on

the ground in Afghanistan, he's

filed this report on how our

soldiers feel about an exit

strategy. According to the rules,

we have set ourselves, Australia

can the Beken has done well rip

when we have trained up the fourth

that again army brigade to be.

Reckon do its job without us.

Australia's top brass say the force

is coming on strong but no-one

should be under any illusions.

There is quite a way to go. These

are armed mates, if that began

democracy has any hope it will be

down to these men. For our troops

to come time, we must make them

tougher, smarter or disciplined,

more capable than the most potent

guerrilla force in the world today.

Who are they. And his platoon i and

the aid can read and write. This

man is one of them. How long would

you like the Australians to stay

you working with you. I think the

Australians should stay until the

Taliban is defeated. He'd believes

the insurgency is strengthening. We need the Australians and Americans

now. If you leave, we live the air

support, there artillery and heavy

weapons. The fight will be much

harder. It is not difficult to see

his point. The Australian spring

armour, the Coalition irons the sky.

Afghan troops barely a protection

against their will thrown rocket

align the deadly roadside bombs.

There is not much we can teach them

about backyard cricket but much of

the military training Australia is

doing will be wasted. 80% of their

again soldiers leave the army once

the first three contract expires.

Deserters number in the thousands.

In a land with the rudimentary

banking system, just ensuring they banking system, just ensuring they

get paid as a challenge. But the

sergeant says morale among his men

is high and he has his own reasons.

He says he hates the tell a barn,

they kill Muslims. US Police have

interviewed the surviving twin

sister of that bizarre suicide pact

at a Colorado shooting range,

saying the Melbourne woman is angry

and frustrated. 29-year=old Candice

Hermeler survived with a gunshot

wound to her forehead. Her sister -

Kristin died. After several life-

saving operations, Candice told

authorities from her hospital bed -

the twins agreed to shoot

themselves but gave no clues as to

why they hatched the plan. The

Colorado tomorrow. girls' parents will arrive in

Unions have lashed out at Julia

Gillard for backtracking on equal Gillard for backtracking on equal

pay. Last year, the Prime Minister

signed a deal supporting equal

wages between mainly female and

male dominated industries. But in a

new submission, the Federal

Government says any additional

funding, more than likely, would

likely come at the expense of other

government services. What they're

now realising is that equal pay is

going to cost money, and of course

it is. We need a commitment to

bring the budget back to surplus.

If the case succeeds, more than

150,000 women could get pay rises.

Public servant Godwin Grech won't

face charges over last year's

Utegate affair. The Commonwealth

DPP has decided not to prosecute

the former Treasury official who

wrote a fake email suggesting

former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd

gave preferential treatment to a

political donor. Then Opposition

leader, Malcolm Turnbull, used the

email to call for Mr Rudd's

resignation. Mr Grech later

admitted he concocted the email.

The Director of Public Prosecutions

says in making his decision he has

taken into account Mr Grech's

physical and mental health. Still

to come, schoolies week kicks off

with a massive drugs bust. And a

newly married Glenn McGrath's

touching tribute to late wife Jane.

MAN: Mates? Yeah, I've got a few. (GENTLE PIANO MELODY) Lost a few over the years too.

There's one friend, though - He's a real mate. around the edges, Sure, he's a bit rough I love him. but when it comes down to it, I love him for just being...him.

This program is captioned live.

Royal watchers are waiting for word,

possibly tonight, of the venue for

Prince William's wedding. Let's go

to Ten's Hamish MacDonald in London.

Hamish, your background might be a

hint. It may indeed. It is

Westminster Abbey. It is the hot to

put the moment for Weather wedding

will be held. Pictures ever emerged

of cave Milton the bride to be

walking out of here a couple of

evenings ago along with some of

Prince William's minders. That has

seen speculation while that this is

where the wedding will be held next

year. We do not know the date by be.

Will be told it could be July or

August. It could be as early as

March next year. The Prime Minister,

David Cameron has offered to add an

extra public holiday to the

calendar next year. We are told

William and Kate are partial to the

idea. I'm sure plenty of British

workers would be partial to it as

well. Look at this magnificent building. Plenty of tourists

milling around at the moment.

Probably a few more when the

wedding takes place, however to

ensure that now reports on the

speculation that is running wild.

The stage is said if not yet the

date. Westminster Abbey can hold

more than 8,000 people. K Middleton

has been photographed there on a

visit that has dispelled doubts

about the location. There is not a

building in the land with more

history than Westminster Abbey. It

has been the setting for

coronations, royal weddings, royal

funerals stretching back over

hundreds of years. And for Prince

William, it has a very special

significance. William was 15 when

he made this journey to the Abbey

following the coffin of his mother,

Diana Princess of Wales for their

funeral. Tait will wear the ring of

the Princess of Wales. She will be

there in spirit. The abbey was also

the setting for the wedding of the

Queen in 1947. Cost was an issue at

that time as well. But then

Princess Elizabeth collected

clothing coupons for the wedding

dress. Today the Queen was wearing

3D glasses. She was looking at a

display of design technology but

will she be dazzled by the cost of

her grandson's wedding. The royal

family will pay but not the

estimated ?20 million for security.

The taxpayers will foot the bill

for that. Twice convicted killer

Peter Dupas has been found guilty

of his third murder - that of young

Melbourne woman Mersina Halvagis.

It's the second time a jury has

delivered a guilty verdict against

Dupas for the slaying at a

Melbourne cemetary 13 years ago.

Tears of relief from a family

seeking justice for more than a

decade. He can rot in hell is all I

want to say. I knew mercina is

always here, she was. For 13 years

we've had to endure her death. From

now on, we should be remembering

the girl while she was living, 25

fantastic years, that's what we're

going to start celebrating. Peter

Dupas is no stranger to murder

trials - this was his fourth. His

re-trial for the murder of Mersina

Halvargis has yielded the same

result as the first trial three

years ago. It does not change

anything, she is never coming back

but it does help to relieve a

little bit of pain for ask for 25-

year-old Mersina was stabbed to

death at the Fawkner cemetery in

1997 while tending her

grandmother's grave. The re-trial

was ordered by the Court of Appeal

last year. The decision came as a

devastating blow to Mersina's long

suffering family. It makes me feel

frustrated and angry. Disgraced

lawyer Andrew Fraser - who shared a

cell with Dupas while behind bars

for Cocaine trafficking - told the

jury of the killer's jailhouse

confession. Dupas has previously

tried - and failed - in appeals against two other murder

convictions for which he is serving

life sentences without parole. So,

regardless of the sentence handed

down for Mersina's murder. Peter

Dupas will die in jail. School

these week has kicked off with a

massive drive fast as the first of

35,000 partygoers descend on the

Gold Coast, police revealed they

had intercepted a haul of heroin,

cocaine and ecstasy bound for the

graduates.. They were hidden in

birthday cards, a bike frame - even

a wedding dress - almost every drug

imaginable destined for the Gold

Coast. This is 38 kilos of drugs

that our kids won't be ingesting at

schoolies next week. $10 million

worth of drugs were being peddled

through the post. A sophisticated

network of couriers in four

separate states. Including heroin,

cocaine, amphetamines and mda,

other steroids, magic mushrooms,

and 4mmc - known on the street as

miaow. Its teenage target market is

horrified. That's disgusting. Why

do you even do drugs? I don't see

the reason why. Wow, that's a lot.

No biggy to us. Yeah, we're not

into that kind of stuff. But

impressionable young minds may be

tempted. Most of us are stupid

enough to take it and the ones that

aren't - it's easy to get it

slipped into your drink and stuff.

If you have come undone and you are

in trouble, we are there to help,

we don't judge, we are there to

treat you. It's a sour start to

schoolies celebrations. But most

say it's not the drugs they're here

for, it's this. MUSIC PLAYS.

A 35,000 strong party to celebrate

the end of an era. No more school!

Yeah! Party! It's going to be epic,

pretty crazy, pretty intense.

A woman has been sentenced to 6

months jail, for lying about a

policeman, accusing him of ripping

off her Muslim head-dress. But

police video exposed Carnita

Matthews. You are racist. All cops

are racist! The mother of seven has

been bailed on appeal. Less than

24-hours after his secret wedding,

Glenn McGrath was back at work

today with no word on plans for a honeymoon with new bride Sara

Leonardi. We've also learned of the

couple's special tribute to Jane

McGrath. After a day hiding from

cameras, Glenn McGrath finally went

public. Obviously we got married we

are very happy. It was just a nice

private intimate wedding with the

media family. He married Sarah

Neale lardy at his Cronulla home

yesterday afternoon. Big sheets of

plastic Major was a private affair.

His first wife died of cancer in

2008 and was remembered during the

ceremony. Sarah carried Penrose is

an here on a. Lenore apron rose.

Glenn says there is no magazine

deal for the photos. The does great

he can move on and be happy. I'm

sure all went well for Glenn and he

is happy. At the to the surprise,

they were going to get married at

some stage it is fantastic. Tracey

Bevan was also kept in the dark. As

long as the children are happy, he

has to move on with his life. There

is no immediate honeymoon plan for

the newlyweds will stay up today

was business as usual with Glenn

attending a cricket function on the

harbour. What is sera doing today.

Have been a quiet day at home.

Business and finance news. The

Telstra AGM proved a fiery affair

today. It was good news for

shareholders when the company

reiterated its profit forecast for

the deer and also said they would

maintain a generous 20 at cent

dividend. It was not all good news.

The Future Fund voted against every

single proposal that the board

bought up including a renumeration

report. There was got through on

proxies but it was a very solid

shirt that the relationships with

the major shareholder are strained.

In terms of the overall market, it

was done a bit after a strong night

on Wall Street. Banks bore the

brunt of the selling. Resources

were down a little bit. Parky or so.

In Dhokia the funeral home provider

was up by 5% after announcing any

acquisition in New Zealand.

Next, good news for Frodo after a

sickening attack. And why Australia

might miss out on hosting the 2022 Fifa world cup. Well, I think we all blow-dry our hair and straighten it. It causes hair breakage. So I use new Pantene and I'm sticking with it. All new Pantene. My hair's really strong and the hair breakage is not a problem anymore. Pantene.

This program is captioned live.

Australia's bid to host the the

2022 FIFA World Cup has suffered a

big blow. A newspaper expose could

lead to us missing out on the

world's biggest sporting event.

Decisions worth billions of dollars

are made behind the glass walls of

FIFA's Zurich headquarters. One of

those decisions was made last night

- and it could mean the difference

between Australia winning and

losing the right to host the World

Cup. Built Elizabeth all minority

wet to the stomach of our chances. Oceania chief Reynald Temarii was

one of two FIFA executives caught

up in a hidden-camera newspaper

sting. Reporters from London's

Sunday Times posed as lobbyists

trying to buy votes. FIFA suspended

Temarii, not for accepting bribes,

but for breaching confidentiality

rules. And with Temarii gone, so is

an almost certain vote for

Australia. We're 50-50. I believe

Germany, Russia Cyprus and Turkey

are good chances of supporting our

bid. Football Federation Australia

wouldn't comment on camera, saying

it was a matter for FIFA. But

privately, they are known to be privately, they are known to be

disappointed with the decision.

FIFA also criticised the Sunday

Times report. Journalists need to

tell the truth always, etsablish

the real facts, not those that can

be in your material interests, not

those that can lead to those that can lead to

sensationalism and to selling more

newspapers. A statement that could

seriously damage England's bid for

the 2018 Cup. The decision will be announced on December 2.

Frodo the joey koala is making a

remarkable recovery at Australia

Zoo. After being sprayed with shot

gun pellets the orphan is now back

climbing trees and making friends.

With her carer's warm embrace

Frodo's now winning her fight for

life. She's a fiery little girl

which is nice to see, she's a real

fighter, she's got a good fighting

spirit in her. She's got a ravenous

appetite for soy milk and fresh

leaves and now weighs a healthy 4kg. leaves and now weighs a healthy 4kg.

It has given her enough energy to

climb trees and find companions.

She loves to play and do all the

normal things koalas do, and now

that she's been paired up with

another youngster of her age group.

Earlier this month Frodo was found

lying beside her dead mother. She

suffered a fractured skull and

massive internal injuries after her

tiny body was sprayed with shot gun

pellets. She was a very sick little

koala. Eight pellets remain lodged

inside her, they're too dangerous

to remove. Police are no closer to

finding out who did it - like

Frodo's healing, that will take

time. Pulled from your mother like

that, she's been through a massive

ordeal, she's bound to be

traumatised in a lot of ways.

Frodo's recovery remains in the

hands of her carers, if that stays

on track she'll be released back

into the wild. Around 800 sick and

injured koala's have been treated

at Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital

this year. The local population is

declining at a rapid rate, ravaged

by dog attacks and disease. Disease

and trauma are a massive problem

for koalas. Frodo can still have

joeys of her own, and that is a

miracle worth fighting for. Sports

Tonight is next with Rob Canning in Tonight is next with Rob Canning in

the lead-up to dashers Open gets

more intriguing. Set to be one

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This program is captioned live.

Wide trough will reform in the east

causing rain and storms to spread

inland from tropical screens land.

He will be a few showers and

Queensland. A high will keep most

of the interior dry is hot easterly

wind persists and WA.

And that's the latest from Ten News.

Sports Tonight with Rob Canning is next I'm Kathryn Robinson, goodnight.

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The Gold Coast Suns have been quick

to show off their young guns, selected in last night's National

Draft. 8 of the top 13 picks went

to the Suns, who now have just 3

months before their first game in the NAB Cup.

His not get any better than this a

day after he was selected as the No.

1 player in the draft he has

another milestone. My 18th birthday

today. Hopefully he will that be.

They are now real football club

having their big brother Brisbane

looking over the shoulder. We will

never be on good terms with them.

Given the rules of establishing the

list of course I would be jealous.

There is nothing I can do about it.

Go to show the publicity that the

Brisbane Lions have generated over

the last 20 years. We have been

able to get another team. After

years of planning the Gold Coast as

a complete football team with all

players presented to the fans last

night following the draft. The SES

fantastic. No second thoughts. It

will be a big challenge for us this

year. A very excited. Gary Ablett

is in a good space and is the face

of the Sun's back. He can leave a

normal existence. I saw all the

posters and it is a lot better up

here than down there. He will train

on Monday. The most intriguing

story of the draft is Carlton's

Nicholas Duigan. The 26-year-old,

who has just completed a masters

degree in psychology, had planned

to fly out for Uganda today, until

the Blues unexpectedly came knocking.

If it wasn't for... Last night I

would be in Perth now waiting for

my flight for Uganda. Some

volunteering. Then again, most

draftees don't have a Masters in

psychology. It's been a while. I

have not had an income because I

have been in the university but it

would be good to have a wage. The 26-year-old came to Carlton's

attention when he kicked the

winning goal for Norwood in this

year's SANFL preliminary final, now

he's keen to make up for lost time.

Half way through... It was not a

consideration so it is a bit of a

shock when I got the call. And

there are some emotional mums in

Perth. These four boys are all

heading to Melbourne. Alex Fasolo

as Collingwood's top pick. Yeah,

had a quick chat. I he's a good man.

He spoke to my Mum. She did not

believe that it was him on the

phone. Tom Legder is off to the

Saints. I'm happy. She'll be right.

At least he'll have Jamie Cripps

for company at St Kilda it was my

mum's. For her I guess. While it

was a different type of party for

new Hawk Angus Litherland. Finally

got called. The room went up in

lights and there was be at war over

the floor and it smelt like half an

hour. Those antics are likely to be

put on hold for pre-season. A new

era has begun at Geelong with

rookie coach Chris Scott taking his

first training session with the

Cats. Scott reiterated he won't

tinker much with the game plan that's netted two premierships.

But when asked on Cameron Ling's captaincy, he was non-committal.

Like everything we do at Geelong...

It will be a collective decision

and someone will make the final

decision but there will be a lot

more people involved and just the

coaching staff and players. More

new faces will arrive on Monday,

when the club welcomes it's

recruits from last night's draft. The Parramatta Eels build-up for

next season could suffered a blow

today with Origin forward Tim

Mannah forced out of training with

a knee injury. Our cameras were

there when Mannah reeled away in

agony from a wrestling drill.

Parra's best forward for 2010 was

immediately taken from the field

where club medicos tested his knee.

Later, Mannah was able to hobble

away but didn't want to talk on

camera until he gets the results of

scans. The Eels hope its nothing

worse than a minor medial tear.

The Wallabies have wielded the axe

for their Test against Italy with

Matt Giteau benched for the first

time in almost five years. Coach

Robbie Deans has replaced the

struggling Giteau at inside centre

with Berrick Barnes, who hasn't

started a Test since July. Prop

Benn Robinson and scrum-half. Will

Genia have also been benched. Luke

Burgess is the new number nine.

You're watching sports tonight. Up

next - we're going surfing at the

Reef Hawaiian Pro where Mick Fanning's carving up.

Eckstein fighting injury ahead of

the Ironman series opener.

Will the Wildcats be caged in Melbourne?

This program is captioned live.

Adelaide United has ended its lean

streak on the road with a hard

fought win over Melbourne Heart.

Yesterday he watched Joel Parkinson

post a perfect in. To date it was post a perfect in. To date it was

time for Mick Fanning. Just to

awesome. He bent to around five

with a day high score of 17 out of

20. Watching him yesterday going

nuts after coming back inspired me.

He stole the title from Parkinson

last year but this year the Crown

is locked away with Kelly Slater

and then in his orange of the

Triple Crown. Mick who? He is

always good like that. It is

something we all want to do win the

Triple Crown. He has won the last

two Triple crowns and he is back in

business. I felt like I needed a

little push to get back into that

level and now I feel just like I am

ready and feel like I will serve

the waves if they are there. Let's

see if he can and this one. He will

take on Tom Whittaker for a

Defending Ironman champion, Shannon

Eckstein, expects Sunday's opening

race on the Gold Coast to be his

worst of the series. The recently

crowned ironman Champion is

suffering leg injuries, hampering

his preperation for the 2hour

endurance event. A little bit

nervous just about these run legs

in this first race. If I can get

through that and get to the next

rounds. I'm pretty excited about

the whole series. Defending series

winner Alicia Marriott will start

favorite in the women's event.

The NutriGrain series is on both

Ten and One from 2pm eastern time

this Sunday with 3 hours of surf action.

Adelaide has ended its lean streak

with a win over Melbourne tonight.

A toe-poke sealed the win it.

Following the poor performance

against Newcastle, Adelaide turned

the form around on the road and

they did not have to wait long.

They scored the early opener.

Melbourne heart thought they were

hard done by. They were confused by

an errant whistle from the referee.

The Reds were lucky to have a half-

time lead with him still being on

his feet making way during the

break and within seconds of the

restart they were causing trouble.

They put a header away. Chloris

seemed to have the ball on a string.

But the defence was hard but he

eventually found uneasy path to

that goal. What a finish!

Adelaide have the second. That

should be enough. It was and the

toe-poke sank the heart in the

second straight defeat at home.

That was a sigh of relief for

parades ending the three games

losing streak on the road.

The Tigers have succumbed to the

6th straight Lock's. The champions

were far too good. The Tigers were

brimming with confidence after the

signing of Corey Williams. The

former crocodile had won a

afternoon of training.

Williams was on the board. He

helped his team mates do it the

same. The reigning champions would

not let homicide get carried away

and Perth cleat back.

The Wildcats took the lead and tensions boiled.

The visitors stepped up the tempo

in the 4th quarter.

Perth maintained the lead winning

eight times this season.

Not even homicide could change

their fortunes. The Tigers have not

won again since January. Earlier

tonight the Woolongong the Hawks

cruised to a big win against New Zealand.

The 16. When seized the the Hawks

on top of the table with a six and won a record.

Still to come the NBA showdown with

the magic and the Suns.

Australia's World Cup we were since.

This program is captioned live.

Aussie Patty Mills stuggled again

for court time again today when the Trailblazer's and Denver Nuggets

sluged it out in Portland today.

Elsewhere, the Orlando Magic easily

eclipsed the Phoenix Suns. A big blow to Phoenix before tip-off.

Steve Nash succumbing to a groin

injury, as the Suns were burnt inside the paint.

And they go inside to Howard! NBA

All Star Dwight Howard dominating

with 20 points and 12 rebounds. Oh,

what a great spin! And drops the

sledgehammer! Vince Carter giving

the Suns a defensive lesson with

some old school showtime! Take a

hard foul, trip him, do something!

Orlando leading at every change to

win by 16. While Carmelo Anthony

had the Spalding on a string in Portland.

WHOA! What a pass that time from

Carmelo! Stealing, switching,

setting up the jams for the

highlight reel. Denver going on a

17 to nothing run. Ofloro for 3 on

a quick release. Portland turning

it around with an 11 and oh blitz

to trail by 2 at the half. After

the resumption Denver were cooking

up some golden nuggets from down

town. Afflalo again! And a league

legend got in on the action. With a

long 3-pointer Chauncy Billups! But the Blazers kept firing back,

shooting to the lead. Baton for 3,

yes! Carmelo Anthony fouled out of

the game. Denver were left

scratching their heads. Portland

delivered the dagger in an epic

final quarter. Fernandez for 3, yes!

What a game! Carmelo Anthony

fouling out really hurt the Nuggets

as they lost by a basket. The Suns

need Steve Nash back on court ASAP.

In the other game Indiana beat the Clippers.

Australia's hopes of hosting the

2022 World Cup have taken a hit.

One of the bid's biggest supporters

has been stood down by FIFA, just a

month out from the announcment. Following last night's announcement,

Australia can count on one less

vote in the race to host the World Cup.

Reynald Temarii. The Fifa vice-

president. Suspended for his part

in an alleged vote-buying sting.

Temarii's vote was one Football

Federation Australia considered a sure thing.

There's no doubt. It is an almighty

whack to the stomach because he was

a certain vote for Australia It's a

knockout blow. Also stood down was

Nigerian Amos Adamu, caught on

camera by a British newspaper. 24

voters, now down to 22.

They would have been prepared for

members to be suspended until it

would have been coming to reckoning

after those allegations. The pair

weren't suspended for corruption

charges, but for breaching

confidentiality. Even without

Temarii though, there's still

plenty of support to bring the Tournament down under.

Germany, Russia, Cyprus.

Turkey also have a good chance to

support the bid and that will hold

us in good stead especially when

the first round of voting comes

into play FIFA also investigated possible vote-swapping between Portugal and Spain 2018, and

Australian rival bid Qatar 2022,

but found nothing. The hosts of the

2018 and 2022 World Cups will be

announced in Zurich on December 2nd.

There's plenty to punt on this

weekend so for all the odds and to

find out where the money is being plonked, here's

Joel Cain. Take it away Sugar.

All eyes in for the racing turn to

the West for the Railway Stakes.

He is looking for three wins on the


On Sunday it is the Sportsbet Cup.

The ad the decease the Competition

leaders Brisbane going as odds-on

favourite accounting for the fury

and the odds indicate Tottenham

Hotspur will have a tough day with

Arsenal. The Wallabies are highly

fancied to arrest a two week losing

streak. The tennis comes to the

close with the top eight players in

the finals with Roger Federer that

they are correct. Rafael Nadal has

never finished in the top two but

he is second favourite and the

Sandown challenge for the racing at

only a few points separating the

top for so there is plenty on.

This program is captioned live.

Time now to check out all the

highlights of the past seven days,

with our Toyota Plays of the Week.

One man's flying high on his Red

Bull wings. Sebastien Vettel

winning the Formula One driver's championship.

Sebastien Vettel is the world champion.


A disappointing result for Mark

Webber, finishing third overall.

Chelsea wouldn't have wanted this

either. A 3-0 smashing by

Sunderland in the EPL.

Welbeck has finished it off.

Adam Scott took out a third

Singapore Open. The Aussie's final

round 3-under 68, ended with a birdie and a million dollar winner's cheque.

Also back in the winners circle our

own Pat Rafter - winning the

Champions Downunder event, beating

the dummy spitting John McEnroe.

Don't nod your head. You screwed up.

The old saying - that I went to a

brawl and an Ice Hockey game broke

out, certainly rang true when the

Edmonton Oilers took on the New York Rangers.

They drop the gloves! Peckham jumps in.

And those crazy cats from Nitro

Circus were at again. As if sky

diving wasn't extreme enough, they

decided it was a good idea to jump

out of an aeroplane in everything

from wheelchair's to eskies!

Matt Suleau for Sports Tonight.

What a landing thank you for your

company I will see you over the weekend.

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