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(generated from captions) global recession. Greens leader Bob Brown joins us

from Canberra.

The figures justify the

Greens move to have Ken Henry

bought back before the

economics committee and I

will be interested to hear

from Ken Henry and his senior

from Ken Henry and his senior

advisors at Treasury about the rollout of the stimulus

package. There is no doubt as

Julia Gillard has stayed stimulus package with the Greens enabled to pass

through the Senate has

worked. The Government says

it is providing - it has

ensured 210,300 jobs and

businesses but the question certainly many small

is with interest rates going

up as well as that good news

on the jobless rate going down should we continue to

roll out the stimulus package

because it does mean debt and

it does mean further down the

line that there will be

either increased taxes or

cuts in services. When you questioned Glenn Stevens on

this a few weeks back in that same inquiry he appeared to

how be saying he was happy with

how the stimulus would be

wound back over the next year

or two. What has changed

since then? He has raised -

the Reserve Bank has raised

interest rates and we are now hearing from economists we

increases between now and can expected two more

Christmas and the

unemployment news is good.

The economy is

The economy is going

better-than-expected so I can

tell you that I and my fellow

greens were very impressed by

the evidence of Ken Henry in

February that the country

would move into a recession

certainly in 2010 if we did

not have a stimulus package

but now that we appear to be

avoiding and a lone country

avoiding and a lone country among similar developed

countries, avoiding a

recession we need to hear

from the Treasury as to why

we should not pull in the

roll out of that $42 billion

because we do not want the

country to unnecessarily have

to either increase taxes or

cut back services and we also

need to look at alternative

methods of stimulating the

economy like

economy like giving -

extending the $30 increase

that went the pensioner and

the greens campaign. And the

10,000 people out of a job

not flew their own fault but

people living below the

poverty level. The opposition

has dismissed Ken Henrys as

bound to having to toe the

believe he is independent Government line. Do you

enough to give you his own

view as to what should be

happening? I think so. Mind

you we have to take on board

all the advice not just

Treasury. He gave advice to

the last Government t Howard

Government and he is giving advice to the Rudd Government

now and it is sensible we

take note of it. I'm

surprised the Opposition did

not call Ken Henry in for a

review of his advice with the

roll-out of the stimulus

package once it passed

Parliament. That was left to

the Greens. We are doing that

by having this inquiry today.

I have no doubt there will be

a lot of attention on that

inquiry and so there should

be. It is not the only source

look of information. We have to

look at what is happening

with the economy and my

concern that is we put

unnecessarily billions of

dollars of taxpayers money

into the continuing rollout

of the stimulus package when

lit have an untoward effect

on the economy but I'm

looking forward to

questioning and to listening

the answers and to the

information coming from

Treasury. It is a primary

advice have bureau for

advice have bureau for not

just the Government but the

Parliament and the people of

Australia. The defence

advisor who worked on the Defence 'White Paper' we

believes that climate change heard this morning in

is unproven. Do you have

concerned that the Defence

Department is using someone

with those kinds of views to

write their strategy for the

next 20 or 30 years? next 20 or 30 years? If they

are actually writing strategy

yes, I'm open to all views.

But compare that with the

Pentagon which was advising

President Bush three years

ago that climate change was a

bigger threat to world order

than terrorism and you are

getting a very different

point of view there so this

is just one point of view. I

think it is wrong.

think it is wrong. I think

climate change and the

evidence coming Flinders the

world scientists that is

climate change threatens the

global environment t - we

will have 1 50,000 million on

the move to escape climate

change by mid century and it

will have a huge impact on

addressing economies and we need to be

addressing that early and

that includes recognising

that it the is going to

increase problems for

Australia in a very, very

labile world and we need to

lead the world in addressing

climate change and we

certainly are not doing that