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(generated from captions) Good morning. I'm Belinda Heggen.

Welcome to Ten's Morning news.

Today - the terror attack that's

rocked the world of cricket. We

look at claims the shooting in

Pakistan may have been a bungled

team. Finally, relief for exhausted attempt to kidnap the Sri Lankan

needed fire crews as Victoria gets a much-

needed drenching And figures are

about to be released which will show just how much show just how much trouble the

Australian economy is in.

The Sri Lankan team's coach was

heading down Lahore's main

boulevard with its police escort

and an umpire's minibus. As they

reached the Liberty roundabout at

entered the roundabout. about 8.40am local time, two cars

entered the roundabout. Gunmen got

out and shot at the coach's wheels,

and fired a rocket at it, but

missed. More gunmen appeared, some

in motorised rickshaws, and opened

fire on the police escort car,

killing the six policemen. They

threw a grenade under the coach,

meanwhile shooting at the umpire's

bus. The coach driver somehow

managed to drive the team from the

scene. The attack had lasted 15

minutes. The gunmen ran off into a

nearby shopping centre. The nearby shopping centre. The driver

headed to the Gadaffi stadium,

where the test was due to be where the test was due to be played.

Instead, a scrambled Pakistani

airforce helicopter was waiting to

fly the team to safety.

A Test cricket pitch used as an

evacuation platform for terrified

Sri Lankan players. They may be the

Pakistan for years. last visiting team to go to

They didn't want to go anywhere

else - they didn't want to go to

the Emirates. They felt safe coming to Pakistan.

That all changed when at least a

dozen heavily armed gunmen ambushed

the Sri Lankan team bus outside

Lahore's Gaddafi Stadium. A 15-

minute firefight followed.

Someone just said, "Hit the deck

because someone's shooting," and we

just hit the floor of the bus and stayed there.

Six security guards travelling with

the team and two civilians were

killed. Seven cricketers, including Captain Mahela Jayawardene were

with shots. injured as their bus was peppered

One man was hit right behind me. He

was hit in the chest, and the one

in front, in the shoulder and the

back of his head, and I had some

bits into my arm.

Sri Lankan coach Australian Trevor

Bayliss and both Australian umpires

controlling the Test match, Simon

Taufel and Steve Davis, escaped

injury. The game's reserve umpire,

a Pakistani, was critically wounded.

I think this was one of the most tragic incidents in Pakistan's

sports history. To see the type of

security provided to the Sri Lankan

cricket team was totally shameful.

Pakistan's hopes of co-hosting

cricket's World Cup in two years

are now in ruins. Its isolation

from international competition

could be much longer.

No teams are going to come here for

a long time now and it's such a shame.

The Australian team was heavily

criticised last year when its tour

security fears. to Pakistan was cancelled over

I guess we feel we made the right

decision last year and today I feel

we made the right decisions.

Five people are being interrogated

in connection with the massacre.

Tim Collits, Ten News. And with

more on what effect the attack will

have on the Australian cricket team,

I am joined by a cricket Australia executive James Sutherland. Will

our cricketers still play Pakistan

in Dubai in a few weeks' time? We

are due to play some one day

matches in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. At

this stage, the tour will go ahead as planned. We were always

as planned. We were always reserved

judgement and make assessments

based on the latest security advice.

This talk will be no different This talk will be no different and

over the coming weeks, we will be

receiving information from our independent security advisers in

government and other sources. What

circumstances would cause you to

change your mind? It really comes

down to a judgement based on all of

the relevant information as to

to whether we believe that it is safe

to proceed or not. At this stage we

would be comfortable with the tour

going ahead in the United Arab

Emirates, but we would reserve

judgement based on the latest

security advice. The team is in

South Africa at the moment. What

contact Tabby had with them and

what has been their response to the

attacks? We have been in touch with

them, but like us they are all

numbed and shocked. This is really

the first time that a cricket team

has been targeted. We have been in

and around random bombings in the

past, but this is the first time

that a cricket team has been that a cricket team has

targeted and that obviously leaves

a completely different feeling and

a different concern and we had

before. Ricky Ponting has sent his

condolences and some former players

have suggested the cricketing world

could boycott playing in Pakistan

for ever. Could you see that

happening? The last time an

Australian team played in Pakistan

was 1998. I think there has been

about five instances since then

when we have been Scheduled to tour

and we have postponed a cancel the

tour to due to security concerns.

Those concerns have been with us

for a long time and with this

latest incident it is clear there

is not going to be a lot of

international cricket played in

Pakistan for some time. Pakistan is

due to host the 2011 Cricket World

Cup. Surely that is now under

threat. I think with a big

significant event like a World Cup,

an the scale of the planning for such

an event is really significant and

really important. We are only two

Mackie is out now from the 2011

World Cup. I would have thought the

ICC would be needing to make a

decision on who the hosts are. I

would have thought that Pakistan

would have been on shaky ground. He

would certainly thinks so. Thank you James

The head of our players'

association says this vindicate

Australia's decision not to tour of

Pakistan. We have to see what

transpires in the next six to 12

months. The need to make sure

security is up to scratch where the

ute tour in the world. That thought

go out to the families that are

affected and at the Players'

Association will make sure the

have. security is good where have we to

Keep Foreign Minister says all of

these trillions caught up in the

attack had escaped and injured. The

umpires, the Reserve umpires, the

left Pakistan yesterday and fully

to the United Arab Emirates where they

they were met by consular officials.

The Australians associated with the

coaching staff as we speak a

Scheduled to arrive in Colombo,

together with the Sri Lankan

cricket team, on a Sri Lankan

government jet. All of those

Australians are unharmed. While

they are obviously shocked and

shaken, they are physically and

injured. We will continue to update

the situation in Pakistan

throughout the morning news hour.

Two other news now and Australia's economy

economy looks like defying the

world when new figures are released

shortly. While the national

accounts are expected to remain

positive, many economists believe a

recession is inevitable.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd greeted

the chief of the World Trade

Organization ahead of the release

of Australia's national accounts.

Our economy, so reliant on trade,

is starting to feel the effects of

the wider global economic downturn.

That big slump in 8 of our top 10

trading partners will impact our

exports dramatically over the next

6 to 12 months, and that will drag our economy into recession.

What we will see in the national

accounts is the impact from those

other factors I have been

other factors I have been talking

about - the very sharp global

contraction, the impact upon

confidence, the consequent impact

upon investment, and so on.

Despite the dire situation in other developed nations, some economists

are still tipping a positive growth

rate in the December quarter. It's

thought Australia's annual economic thought Australia's annual economic

growth for 2008 could be in the

order of 1.2%, the strongest in the

developed world. The Rudd

Government is pinning its hopes on the stimulus spending, which began

flowing through the economy late

last year.

Things would have been a lot worse

for us if we had not acted early and acted decisively.

There is no evidence that the

stimulus package - if you mean stimulus package - if you mean the

cash splash - from December has had any effect.

The Reserve Bank board yesterday kept the official cash interest

rate on hold, leaving it room to

move in the case of a sharp

contraction of the Australian

economy. But the decision not to

cut the rate and inject more

stimulus into the economy has been criticised.

And I think next month and the

month after we'll see the Reserve Bank cutting interest rates again

as unemployment rises and the

Australian economy continues to

slow down.

Murray McCloskey, Ten News. We will

cross to political editor Paul

Bongiorno in Canberra as soon as

those figures are released. those figures are released.Melbourne's weather has

eased today allowing fire crews to

clean up. Our reporter is in

Melbourne. Some overnight rain has

helped the situation? The rain

which has dampened much of the

state has also renewed the

confidence of Victoria's emergency

services chiefs. They are feeling

optimistic enough to declare the

extreme weather conditions to be

over. They say people can now take

the chance to relax and return to

their homes if need be. The

optimism comes from 20 millimetres

of rain which has fallen over fire

affected regions. It has dampened

the fires, although not extinguish

them. Containment lines held up in

the face of extreme winds today.

There are four fires still burning

throughout the state, but they

should be extinguished within a

couple of weeks. Does this give exhaustive

exhaustive fire crews a real chance

of a break? More than 2000

firefighters were on duty overnight.

As of this morning, many crews have

been stood down. 150 police from

NSW who had been on duty here NSW who had been on duty here in

Victoria in the past fortnight will Victoria in the past fortnight will

be heading home. The cool and calm

the conditions are seen as an opportunity for some hard-working crew

crew is to get a break after an

intense month-long campaign. The

intent is to give them a spell.

They have been going hard They have been going hard these

last few weeks. We will be

deploying and releasing a lot of

Crees especially volunteers, to let

them go home. The state has been

whipped by some wild wins, though.

What has the damage being? It has

been extraordinary. There have been

dust storms, extreme Windsmack,

rain and fire. The winds hit some

areas with the speed of 124 km/h.

Some homes have been destroyed by

trees toppling on to them. There

were hundreds of incidents of power

lines igniting and minor damage to

homes. There is one extraordinary

survival story involving a

firefighter, who in the space of

two weeks has managed to survive

two death-defying experiences after two death-defying experiences after

a tree fell on to his home. I was a tree fell on to his home. I was

on the firetrap that went down last

week. You are

week. You are having a bit of a run

of luck here? Yes, I am a very lucky

lucky person. Hopefully mark, along

with his fellow firefighters will

have a chance to take a well and

spell. We hope things settle down very this scene.

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This program is captioned live.

Returning to the day's top story - the

the attack on the Sri Lankan cricket team in Pakistan. It's

believed the militants behind the

Lahore ambush could also be linked

to the Mumbai terror attack. The

gunmen were well organised, well

trained and extremely well armed.

The Pakistani government says it's

humiliated and in a state of war.

It is an image of a country in

crisis. It is an ambush aimed at

tipping it into chaos. Militants tipping it into chaos. Militants

roaming freely, police firing back

- this shot narrowly missing the

gunman. But no question who had the

upper hand. Working in pairs, all

the gunmen escaped to fight again.

Pakistan says it is in a state of

war. These scenes underline that. The attack was well planned and copied the tactics Pakistani

militants used in Mumbai three months months ago.

There, like today, working in twos,

a dozen or so heavily armed men attacked soft targets. 170 were

killed, many Western tourists. All

the gunmen but one were shot dead

after a long siege. This attack in

Lahore lasted minutes, not days,

but like Mumbai, this had been planned

planned for months. A massacre was

narrowly avoided, but the shock narrowly avoided, but the shock

waves are powerful. The security

Pakistan provided for the Sri Lankan cricketers clearly did Lankan cricketers clearly did not

work. But that is not the view of

Pakistan's man in Britain. So yes,

people say the security lapse people say the security lapse was

there, but I don't think we

provided first-class security.

First-class security this was not. provided first-class security. First-class security this was not.

But who are these gunmen? First-class security this was not.

But who are these gunmen? Where are

they from? Fingers are pointing at

this group - Lashkar-e-Toiba,

Islamist militants once trained by

the state to fight India, based in

Lahore, and responsible for the

Mumbai massacre. Whoever did it,

Pakistan is now reeling from

terrorist attacks. 50 dead in this

hotel in the capital last year, 60

suicide bombings every year. Benazir Bhutto assassinated within

months of her return from exile. A

whole province now under virtual

Taliban control. It is a divided

and violent land, and American

attacks on suspected militants in

Pakistan are fuelling the fires of

further conflict.

The police victims of this latest

attack have already been buried, an

attack that puts not just Pakistan attack that puts not just Pakistan

in danger - cricket and world sport

is threatened when a national team

abroad is the target for mass

murder. With this ambush comes a

global shudder. Bill Neely, Ten News.

Now to what's making news in the

United States. And we're joined by

Ten's US bureau chief, Nicole Strahan. Good morning, Nicole.

British Prime Minister Gordon Brown

has become the first European

leader to meet US President Barack

Obama at the White House? The two

men have spoken in the past but this was Gordon Brown's first

opportunity to speak to Barack

Obama since he has been sworn in.

The global economic crisis was

toppled the agenda. Obama also

pointed out that the relationship

between the two countries is as

strong as it has always been. The

new face of Gordon Brown - a prime

minister in search of a makeover.

He has to look his best here, and

it was with not a hair out of place

that he made his way down the steps

on to American soil. He'll be

delighted that he is the first

European leader to make it into the

Obama White House. But before they

were pictured together, there was

some suggestion that for the Americans the relationship wasn't Americans the relationship wasn't

quite so special anymore. The

President was quick to address that. Rest

Rest assured that the relationship

is not only special and strong, is not only special and strong, but

will only get stronger as time goes

on. An awful lot of ink is used

describing the individual

relationships between prime

ministers and presidents. But could

I just ask you to describe how, at

this point, you find working with

each other? Well, I will say that

this is my third meeting with Prime

Minister Brown, and I'd like to

think that the relationship is

terrific. I'm sure he won't dispute

me - in front of me, anyway. I've enjoyed every conversation that

we've had, both on the telephone

and when we've met. I don't think I

could ever compete with you at

basketball. Perhaps tennis - basketball. Perhaps tennis - maybe

we could have a shot. I think you'd

be better. But there we are. The

Prime Minister could hardly have

looked more pleased to be anywhere.

There wasn't quite the fanfare that

we associated with Tony Blair's

visits here, but perhaps on this occasion words spoke louder occasion words spoke louder than

actions. John Irvine, Ten News.

After the terrible day on Wall

Street yesterday, how have stocks fared today?

fared today?

It was not as volatile as yesterday

on US market. Yesterday the Dow

Jones dropped below 7,000.. There

were early gains when the market

were early gains when the market

opened, but by the end of trading

it was backing the red as investors

remained nervous.- back in the red.

The downward slide slowed, but the

Dow Jones is still in shaky

territory. People think, if I buy

this on sale today at $10, next

week it might be on sale for $8.

And in the wake of yesterday's 12-

year low, it just might. Trying to

sound confident about the future of

the American economy, the US President suggested bargain prices present an opportunity for investors. Buying stocks is a

potentially good deal if you've got

a long-term perspective. Critics of

the Obama Administration are the Obama Administration are

wondering if the US taxpayers are

getting a good deal, especially with the Government forking out with the Government forking out

billions to prop up banks and

stimulate the economy. We are better off moving aggressively

today to solve our economic

problems. The alternative could be

a prolonged episode of stagnation.

Speaking at a Senate Budget

Committee hearing, the US Federal

Reserve chairman was also forced to

defend Washington's latest

expensive bail-out for insurance

giant AIG. I share your anger -

it's a terrible situation. We're

not doing it to bail out AIG, but

to protect our financial system and

the global economy. And he couldn't the global economy. And he couldn't

rule out further intervention in

the troubled banking system.

In these times of rising

unemployment, many people are

looking for ways to make a buck and

across several US states they're

pinning their hopes on luck?

Wood and this helped the bank

balance? 212 million US dollars is

up for grabs in the lotto

competition. These pictures are

from Ohio, where people line-up to from Ohio, where people line-up to

get their tickets. In Australian

dollars, it is about $338 million.

It would help the situation

certainly. At a yearly sum, it certainly. At a yearly sum, it

would be about $12 million per year.

Unfortunately not every US State

participate, when they tore off.

California is one of them and I

will have to buy me to go after this. this.

And finally, one of the world's

biggest bands, U2, is lending its

name to a street with no name?

Depend is in New York to promote

its new album and the mayor could

not help but bestow a not help but bestow a special

honour on the ground. For U2, it's

a no-holds-barred promotion. With

the release of its new album, 'No

Line on the Horizon', the Irish rockers are going to unprecedented

heights. Jamming on the top of BBC

headquarters in London... To headquarters in London... To

performing five straight nights on

'The Late Show With David

Letterman'... They'll be here all

week! ..the first time that has ever been done.

And now New York's mayor has gotten

caught up in all the hype. As fans

know, one of U2's hits is called

'Where the Streets Have No Name'.

Well, this one does now. ALL: Three,

two, one! New York's West 53rd is

now U2 Way. Everyone in this city,

including me, considers these four

Dubliners honorary New Yorkers. It

is only for a week, but it is still

good enough for lead singer Bono.

The Beatles had Penny Lane... Elvis

lived on the end of Lonely Street... So we're somewhere between 10th

Avenue and funky, funky Broadway.

And fans couldn't think of a better

place. They've always been a part

of the city. The new CD is getting

mixed reviews. In fact, 'Time'

magazine gave it a sour note, calling

calling it unsatisfying. But

nothing about this day was

unsatisfying. In fact, quoting U2,

it's a beautiful day. In New York,

Drew Levinson, Ten News.

We may not see you next week if

you're sunning yourself in the

Bahamas. Thanks for your time.

Coming up -

This program is captioned live. The

single most important report card

on Australia's economy is about to

be released. The national accounts

will reveal the impact of the

global economic crisis on our

economy. There is some respite in

Victoria after the State received a

Victoria after the State received a much needed drenching. 20

millimetres fell in fire ravaged

areas. Yesterday's it terror attack

on the Sri Lankan cricket team in

Pakistan - it has now emerged the

gunmen may have been attempting to

abduct the team. The attack happened as the Israeli desert to

host the ICC women's World Cup.

When this happened yesterday, beat

Sri Lankan team were playing

another warm up match. Team

management pull them in and told

them what had happened as a group. The Sri Lankan cricket community The Sri Lankan cricket community is

very close. For the time being, it

is business at usual. Flags are at

full mast. There is no sign of a

tribute to the players, but there

is total sadness within the team.

One of their former players who

finished at the end of the 2007

World Cup is here in Sydney. Let us

hear what he had to say. Everybody

comes together at for cricket.

Everybody's did everything for

cricket. It is the common language

and now it will be different. This

has taken the ICC by total shock as

well. They understood there were

some security concerns in Pakistan,

but insisted all along that players

would not become a target. This has

certainly taken them by shock certainly taken them by shock and

caught them off guard. Overnight

this is what they had to say. On

many occasions we have been told

that cricketers would never be

targeted in Pakistan. This targeted in Pakistan. This

morning's event had proved that

incorrect. The world is a dangerous place,

place, but cricket must dawn. It

will go on. It is a great game and

a great solace to so many people.

This is a sport in damage control

at the moment. The ICC insist that

Pakistan is thickly playing

stakeholder, but whether the sport

can continue to be played in that

country itself and not on neutral

ground remains to be seen.

An international terror expert says of

of the attack may have been an

attempt to abduct the team. He says

it is an evidence of major

intelligence failure. Professor Williams, do you think

the terrorists achieved what they

set out to do?

No, I don't think that they did. I

think that the aim possibly was to

take hostages. The police in Lahore

are saying they recovered quite a

large quantity of ammunition and

other weapons, which makes them

think that perhaps the aim was to

take hostages rather than kill the

cricketers. In fact, if you'd

wanted to kill the cricketers, then

the obvious way to do that would be

to use a vehicle bomb against their coach.

Who was behind this attack, do you think?

The most likely would be elements

of Pakistan Taliban or, I think,

Lashkar-e-Taiba, possibly, who were

responsible for the Mumbai attacks.

Another possibility is the Harakat-

ul-Majuhideen, which has links with

the Tamil Tiger group in Sri Lanka.

The terrorists certainly had the

element of surprise with them. How

embarrassing is this for the Pakistani security forces?

Well, it was an intelligence

failure, obviously, to allow 12

people to get into a central area

in Lahore and mount an attack like

this. So I think they will be

embarrassed. I think the response

of the police that were in the

escort, though, was escort, though, was very

praiseworthy. Apparently they

prevented the attack from

succeeding, so they did a good job.

But I think the overall security in Lahore wasn't very good.

Do you think the Australians were specific targets?

I don't think the Australians were

being targeted in this instance.

But as long as we have troops in

Afghanistan, I think that

Australians need to be very wary

about going to Pakistan. What

What are the implications of this

attack for security in the wider region?

Well, Pakistan is far more pivotal

to the security of South Asia than Afghanistan is.

Afghanistan is. And we put all that

effort into Afghanistan and tended

to take our eye off Pakistan.

to take our eye off Pakistan. I

think if you look at Pakistan's

role in terrorism more generally role in terrorism more generally

since 9/11, it's been much more of

a problem than Afghanistan has, and

that's where we should be putting

more of our efforts.

So is this attack a victory or a defeat for the terrorists?

Well, in the sense of getting

publicity, of course it is a

success, but if it was their aim to

take hostages, then they have

obviously failed in that. Had they

taken hostages, they could have

strung it out for perhaps several

days and made demands on the Government, like releasing

prisoners from jail and that sort

of thing. So in that sense,

probably not as satisfactory from

their point of view as it could have been.

In finance news, the Australian

share market opened in the red.

Now for a look at the national weather,

weather, and for the rest of the day:

When we come back, an interview no

couple should miss. Sex therapist

Bettina Arndt on the crisis in

desire within Australian bedrooms.

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Welcome back to Ten's Morning News.

Sex therapist Bettina Arndt has

certainly set tongues wagging, certainly set tongues wagging, with

her latest book on the sexual

politics of the bedroom. Released

this week, 'The Sex Diaries'

details the real-life joys and

traumas of Australian couples who,

over the years, have kept detailed

accounts of their sex accounts of their sex lives.

Bettina Arndt joins me now. Thank

you for joining me, Bettina. What

were the main findings of your

research? Well, as I expected, the main

main finding is the other great

Australian drought, which is Australian drought, which is the

problem of sex-starved men. And

I've been listening to this problem

for an awfully long time. They've

been complaining to me that they

are constantly rejected sexually in

their relationships. But equally,

I've heard from the women saying,

"God, do I have to? I've had enough

of this sex. I don't want it

anymore." And that is the problem.

We have this mismatched desire. And

it's the problem that is filling

the waiting rooms of sex therapists

across the country. Were you

surprised just by the level of this

mismatched libido between men and women? Not really. What surprised

me were the men, because men never

talk about this. Most men who wrote

to me said, "I've never really

discussed this with anyone." discussed this with anyone." And

when I gave them the chance, it

just poured out of them - their anger and how upset they are anger and how upset they are about

this. And what they are saying is

it's not just sex. They know

perfectly well if it was just

sexual relief they can go and

masturbate, they could visit a

prostitute, whatever. But what they

want is the woman they love to want

them, and to constantly be rejected

by her is just gruelling and

degrading to them. In your book you

degrading to them. In your book you

suggest that even if wives don't

feel like sex, they should offer it

up as a quasi-gift to their

husbands. As a gift, but I'm also

saying... I'm not saying suffer,

I'm not saying lie back and think

of England and endure this. I'm

saying what we now know - a really

important discovery about sex - is

you actually don't need desire to

enjoy it. And if you put the canoe

in the water and start paddling,

and you're with a man who knows how

to pleasure you and knows how to

press the right buttons and you can

get your head in the right place to

be receptive, you will reach orgasm,

you will have fun. So I am saying

have more fun, women, by doing it

more. Don't think you just have to

have sex when this elusive desire

descends from the clouds, because descends from the clouds, because

it often doesn't. And that's the

problem, that women have a libido

that get very easily wrapped up in

the garbage of the day and distracted by everything, by

tiredness, by fatigue, by tiredness, by fatigue, by the

mother-in-law in the next room, by

the fact that you are cross with

him for not taking the garbage out.

Women take all that and take it to

bed with them. And the problem is

that it is very hard to feel like

sex when you allow all those other

things to intrude. But many women

would say it is very hard to feel

like sex when you've been looking

after the kids all day, when you've

been doing the housework, often

juggling their careers. I mean,

some women are exhausted. Yes, and

there is a huge list of reasons why

you don't want sex. We can all produce them. And I'm saying

produce them. And I'm saying forget

about the wanting sex, just do about the wanting sex, just do it,

because then you will still enjoy.

Don't think you have to want it to

start off with to enjoy it. And that is the big difference. There

are lots of women who actually know

that and lots of women who say it

is not a big deal. I'm not

is not a big deal. I'm not saying

you have to go and clean an oven or do something really ghastly and do something really ghastly and

arduous here. We're talking about

10 minutes of your day, and

everyone can find that 10 minutes. everyone can find that 10 minutes.

Give up the ironing tea-towels,

give up cooking these gourmet meals.

You will give much more pleasure to your partner, pleasure to yourself,

and cement that relationship by

putting sex on your to-do list instead of some of instead of some of those other

crazy things we all do. Some crazy things we all do. Some would

suggest this sets back years of

campaigning, you've set back the feminist movement 40 years by

telling women just to lie back. No,

think of themselves. I have lots of

women diarists in my book who know

this, who know that if they just do

it they actually have a good time.

And they're very funny writing

about this, because they will say,

"I could just kick myself. That was

just terrific," they wrote the next

day, "And I don't know why I don't

do it more often, but somehow do it more often, but somehow I have this resentment, somehow I

feel I shouldn't do it if I don't

feel like it, but I know when I do

do it, it is great." And I was

getting all these emails yesterday

from women saying exactly that to

me, women who know that it can

really work for them, but they just

don't understand why they put up

such a resistance to it. And part

of that is that ideology, that

sense if we don't have desire we

shouldn't do it. And that is just

crazy thinking. Bettina, I am sure

this will certainly set tongues

wagging and create a lot of controversy around the country.

Bettina Arndt, author of 'The Sex

Diaries', Thank you for joining us. Thank you.

More on the Pakistan terrorist

attack. And the Sea Eagles return

from their rugby league World

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This program is captioned live. And

in breaking news, the December

quarter economic growth figures have

have just been released in have just been released in Canberra. Ten's Political Editor Paul

Bongiorno joins us live from

Canberra. And Paul, some very bad

news in those figures?

The Estonian economy has contracted

for the first time in nine years,

growth going down by 0.5%, the

biggest fall we have seen in a

decade. It is the result of a decade. It is the result of a

manufacturing industry slowing down.

We have seen examples of that in

the news, especially the auto the news, especially the auto

industry with playoffs. Economies - industry with playoffs. Economies -

industry is not making anything new,

just selling in the tree. The good

news is that we're doing better

than most of our trading partners.

Economists say there is no doubt

that without the interest rate cuts

against the government's stimulus

package, this result would have

been much worse. The outlook for

the year is that the next quarter

will also be negative, so we are

heading into recession, if we are not

not already there.

Further to our story on the

terrorist attack in Pakistan, and

the country is unlikely to host any

more cricket tours for the

foreseeable future. Eight players

were injured, and the cricket world

is worried that its stars have now is worried that its stars have now become direct targets.

Cricket is a religion on the

Subcontinent, and while tours have

been disrupted before by violence, been disrupted before by violence,

it's long been a belief players

wouldn't be targets. I was feeling

very safe about cricket right now.

In that part of the world, lots of differences, but everybody comes together for cricket. Everybody

stops everything for cricket. It's stops everything for cricket. It's

the common language. And now it's

going to be different. The ex-Test

batsman's former team-mates are still

still struggling to take in what's

happened. Coming to terms with it,

just talking to each other and

going through the all the details

of the whole episode over and over

again. I think the enormity of it

will probably start sinking in in a few days.

few days. Ricky Ponting has issued

a statement condemning the attacks

and issuing condolences to the

victims. The Aussies play Pakistan

in a one-day series in the United

Arab Emirates next month. That will

go ahead, but security has now

become an even bigger priority. We

won't in any way be stepping down.

We'll only be stepping up in that

regard. Australia twice postponed

tours to the troubled country last

year. It's never a nice thing to be

saying, "I told you so," and we're

not about that. But I guess we feel

as though we made the right

as though we made the right

decision last year. And I think

once again today we still feel

we've made the right decisions. Glen Glen Lauder, Ten News.

Australia's cricket selectors have

sent another player to South Africa as a standby measure. as a standby measure. West Australian paceman Steve Magoffin

is en route to Durban in the lead-

up to the second Test. It comes as

fast bowler Peter Siddle complains

of foot soreness and fellow

speedster Ben Hilfenhaus a lower-

back complaint. Meanwhile, Philip

Hughes says his first-innings duck

on debut has already been removed

from his memory. I was very

thrilled to get 75 in the from his memory. I was very thrilled to get 75 in the second

innings, and to get a duck on debut, it

it doesn't really bother me. That's

cricket and that can happen. It was

great to get a win and now I'm just

looking forward to the second game

now. The Tests starts on Friday.

Essendon looks set to rest a host

of key players for its NAB Cup semifinal against Collingwood.

While claiming an already-

concerning injury toll, the concerning injury toll, the Bombers

will rest their oldest player, even

though he's fit and ready.Duston

Fletcher will not play this week.

Neither will and to love it. He has played

played a game against Adelaide -

Andrew Marr that. Collingwood start

hot favourites for the match. More money dramas for Manly rugby

league co-owner Max Delmege, who's

been ordered to face court by the

Australian Tax Office for failing

to pay a $220,000 bill. The news

comes as the Eagles returned home from Britain after their 28-20 win

over Leeds in the World Club Challenge. Manly's other co-owner,

Scott Penn, says his boardroom rift

with Delmege is the last thing with Delmege is the last thing the

players need dragging on. Can it be

repaired? He is a matter of the

willingness of all parties. We need

to find a solution, that is the

bottom line. There's speculation

the Penn family may now try to buy

out Delmege in a deal that could

cost up to $4 million.

Former Cronulla five-eighth Greg

Bird has been handed a lifeline by

French club Catalan Dragons. The

25-year-old was released from the

Sharks after being charged with

allegedly causing grievous bodily

harm against his girlfriend last

year. He's since been searching for

an English Super League club to

play for but hit a hurdle after

being refused a visa by Great being refused a visa by Great

Britain. The Dragons have announced

on their website Bird could make

his debut as early as this weekend.

Football Australia's appeals board

has revoked both red cards handed

out during Melbourne's 1-0 league

grand final win over Adelaide. -A- League. grand final win over Adelaide. -A-

League. Reds striker Cristiano was

sent off after just 10 minutes for

violent conduct after an elbow left

defender Rody Vargas bloody, but

that was deemed accidental.

Victory's Danny Allsopp's red card for headbutting defender Robert Cornthwaite was also rescinded.

Despite the fiery clash the five

Reds and four Victory players in Pim Verbeek's 21-man Socceroos

squad say there's no hard feelings.

They'll line up against Kuwait in

an Asian Cup qualifier in Canberra tomorrow night.

In the English Premier league,

Chelsea has handed temporary

manager Guus Hiddink his fourth straight victory in terrible

conditions as the Blues close the

gap on league leaders Manchester

United. Didier Drogba with the

winner 11 minutes from time to down

Portsmouth 1-0. COMMENTATOR: It is Didier

Didier Drogba with his second goal

of the campaign. While Nicklas

Bendtner scored a double in

Arsenal's 3-1 win over West Brom. The national weather details when the Morning News returns.

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This program is captioned live.

Now for a look at the weather.

One of Taronga Zoo's newest and

cutest residents has ventured out

in public for the very first cutest residents has ventured out in public for the very first time. in public for the very first time.

It may have been his debut, but

Pemba the red panda cub certainly

wasn't one to shy away from all the

attention. After a bit of coaxing

from his keeper, and some breakfast

treats, he put on quite a show for

onlookers. Pemba is yet another

success for the zoo's red panda

breeding program, which aims to

boost the population of the endangered species.

That brings you up-to-date with all

the news. In Ten News tomorrow -

why Jennifer Aniston wants to be

the next Bond girl. I'm Belinda Heggen. Good morning.

but it's a very important machine for people who have 'un-healing' wounds, people who have carbon monoxide poisoning. Jim, are you claustrophobic in there? Not really. It's tight but it's comfortable. even though he knows it could change his life forever. Today, our plan is to change all of that. because he thought he had the common cold. Little did he know he would have to have half his face removed. MAN: It's going on four years since I've looked in the mirror. And the new machine that will help him rebuild his face. The chamber offers him hope. Right here, right now, do you see yourself making these changes?