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(generated from captions) This program is LIVE captioned. This morning, Murder charges laid after the discovery of bodies inside burning barrels on the New South Wales south coast. The Prime Minister John Howard dragged into the Iraq-Wheat Board scandal.

And an emotional victory for Roger Federer crowned Australian Open champion. This is Seven's Morning News with Chris Bath. Good morning. New South Wales police have charged a man and a woman with murder following the discovery of two bodies in burning barrels. Firefighters made the grim discovery yesterday afternoon

in bushland on the State's south coast. Seven's Rob Ovadia is covering the case in Nowra.

Good morning. When did police lay

charges against this man and woman?

Good morning. Homicide police came

down from Sydney yesterday and they

charged the man and woman each

with two counts of murder last

night after a marathon interviewing

session. They have been speaking

with the male accused since 2.30H

his name I understand is Kim

Snipson. He turned himself in two

two hours after the bodies were

found. They were in the Tom rang

state forest which were burning if

two barrels before discovering the

human remains inside. Initially the

police couldn't tell what sex the

bodies were. Stacy Kelcher will

face two counts of murder What more

can you tell us about the

investigation so far? It is

certainly ongoing and homicide

certainly ongoing and homicide

detectives expect to be here

sometime. A lot of forensic

evidence has to be examined. Today

I am told police will continue a

search of a horse stud believed to

be one of the victims and looking

in the house for more evidence When

will police believe they identify

the bodies? Police know who the

bodies are. The bodies and barrels

have been taken in for

investigation. If any facts are

released, I will try to get back you to

Investigations are continuing into the stabbing death of two sisters in Melbourne. The bodies of Laura and Colleen Irwin were found in the home in Altona North on Saturday night. Both were aged in their early 20s. Police are still trying to establish a motive for the killing but it's believed they had been stalked by their killer. The funeral for a firefighter killed battling Victoria's bushfires

will be held today. 42-year-old Trevor Day died when his tanker crashed at Highlands last Monday. Rain has eased the bushfire emergency across Victoria but crews are still trying to contain two large fires

burning at Gippsland and in the Grampians.

Hundreds of interstate firefighters have now returned home. Meanwhile, WA police believe arsonists were responsible for a large blaze on Perth's northern outskirts that threatened dozens of homes. Prime Minister John Howard has dismissed claims a letter he sent to the Australian Wheat Board links the Government to the Iraq wheat scandal. Letters released by the Cole inquiry contain instructions from Mr Howard asking the AWB to keep him informed of all its dealings with Saddam Hussein's regime. The Federal Government insists it didn't know that Australia's monopoly wheat exporter was paying kickbacks to the Saddam Hussein regime but the Opposition says the letters are evidence the Government knew what AWB was doing. What these letters demonstrate, at the highest levels of the Howard Government,

The trade under lie the consistency

between the AWB and the Howard

Government in the wheat scandal. The Prime Minister says he was only doing his job when he sent letters to the wheat exporter

asking to be kept fully informed of all its dealings with the Iraqi Government. this letter embarrassing, I don't find it proves what Mr Rudd rather breathlessly says it does. The letters, to be tendered this week, have reignited calls for the inquiry to be widened to examine the Government's role in the scandal. Mr Howard says that's not necessary. If there are departmental officers called, they will attend, if there is any request for ministers to go, they will respond to those requests and attend. The inquiry hearings continue in Sydney. Rescue teams have abandoned their search for survivors after a roof collapse in Poland. Heavy lifting gear has been brought in to clear the debris.

66 people have been found dead but it's feared there are many more bodies under the rubble. The bitter cold sucks the energy of the rescue teams and any remaining hope. The wreckage of the building has become a tomb and no-one seems to know and no-one seems to know how many bodies are still inside. Those that did get out unscathed can only watch, still in shock of what happened. Suddenly we saw that the roof was coming down and it was coming near to us. At that moment, everything went very fast. In 15 seconds, everything was down. We got an iron piece on our back, so we got stuck and then our friend, he stayed with us. After 15 minutes, he was able to get us free. These pictures show what was happening inside the hall before the roof collapsed. The crowds drawn here for an international pigeon fair coming from all over Poland and across Europe. There are still paramedics here but far fewer than before. They have lost hope now. They brought the last person out alive four hours alive four hours after the roof collapsed and since then, there's been no-one for them to help. Instead, desperate relatives search the list of those who made it out. There simply aren't enough names me and some of those who are in hospital are seriously injured. It is a desperate time. This man says, "I've lost my son and I've only just discovered he's dead." Poland's leaders have declared a day of mourning. Arriving here in Katowice to offer what help they can. An investigation has already begun to try to establish what went wrong, whether the extreme cold caused devastating metal fatigue or whether the collapse was caused by snow on the roof. Marcos Baghdatis was the crowd favourite but that wasn't enough last night as world No.1 Roger Federer was crowned Australian Open champion. 20-year-old Baghdatis took the first set before the Swiss superstar stormed home to win his second Open crown. Melbourne's Federation Square was a sea of blue and white as thousands watched the game on giant screens. Passionate Cypriots, Greeks and Aussies screamed their support for the giant killer. The streets of his homeland, Cyprus, also filled with fans. They were full of pride, despite their national hero's loss, the island thrilled he didn't go down without a fight. While the Baghdatis fairytale has kept us entertained this past fortnight, Federer again has left the tennis world in awe. Seven's Heath O'Loughlin watched it all in Melbourne and joins us now. Good morning, Heath. Federer has the crown but Baghdatis threatened to upstage the world No.1 early on?

Good morning, Chris. It didn't look

too good for Federer earlier on in

the match. Baghdatis took out the

first set but like Federer does he

just seems to find another gear in

the match and ended up winning. The

highlight was the third set which

was quite amazing when he did drop

that first set. Baghdatis went down

with a cramp in his calf and

Federer was able to capitalise on

that Federer let it slip that he

hasn't stopped since last night.

What has he been up to? We had an

amazing insight into what goes on

when someone wins a championship.

He went to the press conferences

and that went for an hour and there

were several radio interviews he

had to do. He speaks three

different languages so everybody

wants their bit. He didn't get back

to Crown Casino until 3 o'clock and

he was back up on Sunrise What is

with the finger painting? What was

the significance of that That was a

bit of a fundraiser for Kids Safe

they got the Marcos Baghdatis and

Federer as well. A kind gesture He

does a lot of look for charities.

When is is all that good karma

going to come to bear? Ke take out

the grand final? First of all he

has to decide if he is going to

play Davis Cup. In the next couple

of days will he make his mind up.

That will impact on the tournaments

later in the year including the

French A few more emotional acceptance speeches coming up. And we'll have a full match report a little later in sport. Next in Seven Morning News - Chaotic scenes at Saddam Hussein's trial. And Brokeback Mountain tipped to be a winner at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Accused drug-smuggler Scott Rush is expected to make an appeal is expected to make an appeal for leniency to judges hearing his case in Bali this afternoon. The alleged Bali Nine drug mule is writing his own statement explaining he was forced to become a courier. Last week prosecutors asked that Rush spend the rest of his life behind bars. Rush's lawyer will instead ask the court to find him guilty of a secondary charge of drug possession which carries a maximum penalty of only 10 years. The trial of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has been adjourned for three days after chaos in the court. The former dictator walked out on the new chief judge after his half-brother was ejected for being rowdy. (speaks Arabic) The trial of Saddam Hussein once again descending into chaos. Moments after this argument with the new chief judge, the former Iraqi dictator and his defence team walked out in protest. The guards had to drag his half-brother out of the courtroom.

The defence say the trial is not fair. None of it was broadcast. The feed of the trial cut to a shot showing the outside of the building as this latest drama was played out. (speaks Arabic) But pictures of Saddam Hussein shouting at the newly appointed judge were transmitted. The exchanges became heated after Raouf Abdul Rahman

ordered the defendants and their representatives to stop making political statements. His authority, though, was quickly challenged with the broken Iraqi leader defiantly rebuking the judge

before he stormed out of the session. TRANSLATOR: You are an Iraqi. You should not say this to Saddam Hussein. I am your leader for 40 years. Saddam Hussein is facing war crime charges. He's accused of ordering the killing of 148 Shias in the village of Dujail, north of Baghdad. It's alleged he sanctioned the massacre after an assassination attempt was made on his life in 1982. If found guilty, he could face the death penalty.

Bird flu experts are on their way to Cyprus after the deadly H5N1 strain was detected in a chicken in the country's north. A broader strain of the virus was also found in another bird. All live animal exports from the country have been banned. In London, thousands of football fans were distracted from play as two planes soared overheard appearing to be on the same flight path. The near-miss was captured by a photographer covering the match. Both planes went on to land safely. Air Safety officials are investigating. The Screen Actors Guild Awards are being held in Los Angeles today. And with the Oscar nominations out this week, it's an exciting and busy time in Hollywood. Entertainment Reporter Nelson Aspen is on the red carpet in Los Angeles for the award's ceremony. Good morning, Nelson. Brokeback Mountain is a popular pick for some of the big awards. Do you think today will be Heath Ledger's day finally? It was a good indication last night at the Directors Guild Award. Ang Lee, the director of Brokeback Mountain, was named Best Director. The feeling of sentiment is definitely going in Heath's direction. What's nice about this is this is the Screen Actors Guild Awards so this is actors voting for actors and everybody appreciates the risk, the boldness that Heath took in his portrayal of a gay cowboy. So I think it will be reflected in the votes. I think a lot of other actors are going to applaud him by casting their ballot for him. I have been a member in good standing since 1984

but I'm not going to tell you who I voted for. Oh, come on. Till tomorrow.

You've got to give us a bit of an idea of who you voted for. I'll tell you one thing, what's interesting is movies like Cinderella Man and Crash, which didn't come out recently, were really pushed by the studios, by director Ron Howard for the nominations for all the different awards because they came out a while ago and people had forgotten them and it has certainly paid off for those two movies in particular. I'm a big fan of Crash. Why Crash in particular? It's excellent and Matt Dillon is nominated tonight for best supporting actor.

Another nice facet of the SAG Awards is they nominate ensemble,

they nominate an entire cast of a motion picture or a television show. For example, Felicity Huffman has three nominations tonight, lead actress in Transamerica, motion picture, lead actress in Desperate Housewives for series comedy, and she also has a nomination as a cast member for Desperate Housewives. So, for example, if the show were to win, all the cast members would go up on stage and get one of those handsome actor awards. I was going to ask you what they get, a little gold statuette similar to an Oscar? It's quite handsome and it means a lot coming from their other acting peers, that's real special for actors for sure, and then, of course, they get wonderful goodie bags full of gift certificates and skin treatments and vacations and all the other goodies that I don't get on my side of the velvet rope.

That's what happens when you're voting,

not one of the people on the dark side. The other awards, what are they called,

the Oscars or something like that? Any hot tips? The Oscar nominations will be announced this week and I think it's going to be a great year for Heath Ledger and for everything with Brokeback Mountain. His co-star lover Jake Gyllenhaal is nominated tonight for a SAG award. He hadn't been nominated in other award shows the way Heath had but I think it's going to be a special night for Heath tonight. Tremendous security here. We actually had to clear the carpet a little while ago for a bomb sweep. I don't think Heath and his entourage will have to worry about any pesky water pistol problems or any of those kinds of issues. It's just going to be the media who look like the media outnumber the stars at this stage. Nelson, thanks for your time this morning. To business and finance news now and joining us is Anthony Thompson from Westpac. Good morning, Anthony. How has the local market opened this morning?

Good morning. With the US S and P

up .8% our market had a solid start

with with the index up . We have

seen steel companies given a boost

such as blue steel and Rio Tinto

with higher copper prices Friday

night. We saw the finances higher

and oil prices up to $68bofted -

boosted the energy sector What is

the main focus this week? We are

waiting numbers in the local data.

The first focus is the meeting of

the suft Federal Reserve. This the

final meet thaing Greenspan heads.

A quarter per cent interest rate is

widely anticipated but all the

attention will be on the

accompanying statement. Any

suggestions that a fed pause

coming close in the cycle will be a

benefit to the Aussie dollar Thanks for that.

Sport's up next in Seven Morning News, including all the excitement from the Australian Open final. in the one-day finals series. And Australia secures its place in the one-day finals series.

As we mentioned earlier, Roger Federer is the 2006 Australian Open champion after a gripping four-set win over sentimental favourite Marcos Baghdatis. Federer lost the first set to the world No.54 but stormed to victory to claim his seventh Grand Slam title.

The prospect of an upset on Rod Laver Arena had everyone jumping out of their skin. None more so than Marcos Baghdatis who broke the world No.1 in the fifth game of the match. COMMENTATOR: That is a break.

He is the real thing. He will

rocket up the rankings and be around for a while. The blue and white army was in full The blue and white army was in full voice inside and outside the stadium and that seemed to spark the Cypriot who claimed the first set.

The Swiss maestro didn't have any answers for the enthusiastic 20-year-old but he refused to give in. As the set seemed headed for a tie breaker the umpire came up with one of the gutsiest calls of the tournament. UMPIRE: Out! Overruled and called out by Pascal Maria - the second set goes to Federer. The decision seemed to rattle Baghdatis as Federer began to assert his authority. Beautiful inside-out forehand. He took the next set 6-0 in just 24 minutes. He claimed 11 games in a row as Baghdatis succumbed to cramps, the Fed Express claiming his second Australian Open crown. The emotion of the win eventually caught up with the 24-year-old after being presented the trophy by Rod Laver.

I hope you know how much this means to me. CHEERING Baghdatis on the other hand was his usual jovial self. It's just a dream come true. I'm in the final - I played the final, I lost. It's just amazing. Thank you very much.

Australia has secured a place in this year's VB one-day final series after a stunning six-wicket win over Sri Lanka in Perth. Australia reached 4/237 from 41 overs Australia reached 4/237 from 41 overs in reply to Sri Lanka's 8/233. Adam Gilchrist bounced back to form smashing 116 from 105 balls in a 191-run partnership first-wicket stand with Simon Katich. COMMENTATOR: 13 one-day hundred for his country this time as captain, all as the opening batsman, seventh in Australia. You beauty, Gilly! Earlier Stuart Clark and Brett Lee both claimed two wickets. And Sydney FC has taken a spot in the A-League finals after a 2-1 victory over Perth.

The loss also ends the Glory's finals chances.

Australian rookie Nathan Green is in a play-off in the US PGA tour's

Buick Invitational in California.

The 30-year-old finished 10-under alongside Tiger Woods, Jose Maria Olazabal to force a sudden-death play-off. The three are heading up the 18th to see who takes the $1 million first prize. The weather from around the country up next in Seven Morning News.

Now for a look at the national weather. A cold front will spread showers and isolated storms across Tasmania, Victoria and New South Wales. There's a new web site for anybody wanting to find out just about anything about the Seven Network. Internet giant Yahoo and Seven have launched their joint venture

this morning. To take a look go to - If you go and look at the news now, you can access the Seven News, video archives and much more information about any given story when you go there. That's Seven's Morning News to now. I'm Chris Bath. Thanks for your company. Have a great day. Captioned by Seven Network Email -