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(generated from captions) and stir up more suspicion. I'll do the publicity for it. I will provide the venue, You choose the day and the time. that's a Tuesday, If we do it on the 7th, that's the best time to do it. on the 7th of July, I think may be very controversial, Programmes like this in the police service but hopefully there will be people and in government and in the security service conspiracy theories are. who will realise how important and prevent further atrocities, And how important it is to try to try and counter-act them. that every attempt is made THEME MUSIC Closed Captions by CSI .

This program is captioned live. THEME MUSIC that if you shaved him, In fact Dan's so hirsute for a hair suit. you might have enough The latest Hot Look from Ksubi.

I'm Jonathan Holmes. Welcome to Media Watch. Channel Ten's Scott MacKinnon On Wednesday night,

South African athlete Caster Semenya. reported on the gender problems of Man I don't know what to say, and bring it home. its pretty good to win a gold medal a testosterone level Preliminary results have revealed three times that of a normal female. confusion of his own... But Scott got into some gender is concerned there is no doubt. But as far as Winnie Nelson how proud we are. We are here to tell the whole world that's Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. Winnie Nelson? Scott, Africa's patriarch, Nelson Mandela. She used to be married to South with Willie Nelson - Or maybe you're confusing her he's an American singer. of the battle of Trafalgar. Or Lord Nelson, the victor a bear of very little brain. Or even Winnie the Pooh, Who knows? Ah well, we all make mistakes. But this isn't a mistake.

ratings-chasing This is all too deliberate last Monday morning. by Seven's Sunrise the murder of little Jamie Bulger, Tomorrow, 16 years on from now living in Australia? are his killers We will separate fact from fiction. An hour later, David Koch chimed in. That was at a quarter past six.

the murder of little Jamie Bulger, Tomorrow, 16 years on from now living in Australia? are his killers We'll separate fact from fiction. Seven was running promos And right through the show, of City Homicide. for that night's episode This is not Liverpool in 1993. It's here, now. you'll be captured. From the first moment, How many are involved? Watch the family. You are in for a classic. He will kill me. These say yes. New City Homicide, tonight. Amazing co-incidence, isn't it?

that explicitly references A City Homicide story of little James Bulger the abduction and murder in Liverpool, England, 16 ago. by two ten-year-old kids It is Melbourne here and now. This is not Liverpool in 1993.

appalled that images of her son James Bulger's mother was reportedly an Australian TV drama. were used to advertise was every bit as shameless. But Sunrise episode on Monday night, At the climax of the City Homicide Mel and Kochie popped up again. the Murder of little Jamie Bulger, Tomorrow, 16 years on from now living in Australia? are his killers from fiction Tuesday on Sunrise. We'll separate fact

to tell fact from fiction Koch and Doyle teased their ability twice more the next morning. after all this hype, what did we get? But when the item finally arrived, Eighteen minutes to eight. to the killers Well, whatever happened of British toddler Jamie Bulger? of City Homicide Last night's episode brought up memories of that case. Seven made very sure of that. Indeed it did. that two ten-year-olds Kochie reminded us murder in 1993. were convicted of little James's And that...

now live under protected identities. They were released in 2001 and emails go around the net Now, every now and then have been relocated to Australia. saying that Jamie's killers the Immigration Department Well, we spoke to and here's what they told us: have assured them A spokesman says British authorities that is not under consideration. are now free, not in Australia. So there you go, Jamie's killers Lasted a minute and seven seconds. And that was it.

have been relocated to Australia The rumour that Bulger's killers government three years ago. was quashed by the Howard executive producer Adam Boland, But according to Sunrise it lives on on the internet. to scotch the rumour. Well, fair enough remorselessly asked this question, But for two days, Sunrise as if it might be true: in Australia? Are his killers now living We'll separate fact from fiction. for cross-promotion. Using a gruesome murder case performance, Mel and Kochie: Yuk. There's only one word for that

in promotion disguised as journalism: And here's another exercise Sun-Herald two weekends ago That four-page feature in Sydney's by named journalists. contained eight stories or the merits of yoga. None dealt with low-carb diets kind of weight-loss surgery Six of them dealt with a specific known as gastric banding. would have noticed this little par Only a tiny number of readers of page 2: in the bottom left hand corner And who or what is Allergan? that manufactures this: Well, it's the company Banding System The Lap-Band Adjustable Gastric sustained weight loss. is a tool to help you achieve banding market in Australia. ...and that dominates the gastric is on an American website. But that video Lap-Band direct to consumers In Australia, any advertising of with restrictions and cautions. would be ringed around

The Sun-Herald's journalists Much better to pay for to its readers. to promote gastric banding surgery

a "Strategic Feature". It's what Fairfax Media calls Strategic Features Division It even has it's own Sales Development Manager. with its own has found its way to Media Watch. His email to a prospective client in this power-point presentation on: The execrable English continues And paid for by Fairfax Client. Though naturally... Normally, the Sales Manager explains to his potential client, special features have 60% editorial, 40% advertising. But the special report on obesity doesn't have any ads at all. Allergan wouldn't tell us whether it still paid $60,000, but the company certainly gave a lot of help to the relevant and credible Sun-Herald editorial team. For example, where did the paper find that personal trainer? Well, go to Allergan's Gastric Banding Surgery website and what do we find? We understand both the other success stories featured in the report - were supplied to The Sun-Herald by Allergan's PR company. As were the names of some of the doctors quoted. Nowhere in the feature are the risks that accompany gastric banding surgery mentioned, though they're listed, by law, on Allergan's American website: Not to mention... And so on, for page after page. Well, no doubt your surgeon will warn you about all that, if you ever get that far. But as Sales Manager, John Gavin, assured his potential client, in a Fairfax Special Feature... In the light of those emails, it's baffling that this morning Media Watch received this response from The Sun-Herald's chief honcho, Lloyd Whish-Wilson. Well, Mr Whish-Wilson, looks like you should have a chat to the Strategic Features Division, which reckon that they... There seems to be a fundamental policy confusion. To put it mildly. Now, this is what the Tweed Daily News clearly reckoned was a great front page yarn. The paper censored the man's genitals. It didn't blur his face, as we've done. In the community on the Queensland- New South Wales border, he was on the front page for all to recognise. And on page two was this thrilling personal account by reporter, Kristy Martin. Kristy and her equally bold photographer, Crystal Spencer, had gone to the Tweed River bank... An accompanying news report explained that police were alerted by three men in a house boat... But as Kristy and Crystal discovered, he was very much alive. Kristy ended her breathless account with...

She and Crystal raced back to their wretched little rag, whose editor, Brad Ricks, thought fit to slap the photograph on the front page. Yet, in the main news story, which carries no by-line, the Daily News plainly says that the man wasn't taken into custody, but: In fact the man suffers from a serious mental illness. It seems he'd gone swimming and forgot where he'd put his clothes. His father, Robert, has told Media Watch that his son was approaching the two reporters: But when his son saw the story and the photograph in the Tweed Daily News next morning, he became a lot more upset. The young man was eventually located four days later. He's been in hospital since. His father continues: The Media Alliance Code of Ethics says: Never exploit a person's vulnerability or ignorance of media practice. We asked the Tweed Daily News if that wasn't exactly what they'd done. We received no response. Just time to admire the work of Nine News's New South Wales political reporter, Kevin Wilde. On Wednesday, he was ahead of the pack on the big breaking story. I've been told by a senior cabinet minister that the deal has been done and we will have a new Premier as early as Monday, or possibly Tuesday. But the next morning's Daily Telegraph featured a defiant Nathan Rees. And it now looks as if he'll be around for a while longer. But Kevin Wilde was unapologetic, at least, I think he was...

Well Peter, I'm no sucker, my sources are impeachable. And I've no doubt Nathan Rees will be trying to impeach them any day now. That's it from us. 'Til next week, goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI This Program is Captioned Live.

Good evening, the search for

the Victorian Water the Victorian Water Minister

Tim Holding is being scaled

back for the night. He's been

missing on Mount Feathertop in

the Victorian Alps for two

days, he tried to phone his

father last night but the

connection was broken. Rescue

crews will camp out overnight

and begin searching in the

morning. A New Zealand man

charged with causing the death

of a woman in the Northern

Territory has been allowed to

return home. Helicopter return home. Helicopter pilot

Edward John Lee was arrested Edward John Lee was arrested at

Sydney Airport earlier this

month. He's been charged with

committing a dangerous act

causing death while intoxicated

and he's been granted bail on

condition he stays in

Wellington. In 2004 Canadian

tourist Cynthia Ching died

after suffering severe burns

when sprayed with aviation fuel. The Immigration fuel. The Immigration Minister

Chris Evans is planning an

overhaul of Australia's

temporary residency policy. The

changes will see the residency

requirement reduced from four

years to two. The new rules

will make it easier for elite

athletes to represent

Australia. Many find it hard to

qualify for citizenship because

they travel too much to meet

the current requirements. Dry

for most of the capitals

tomorrow, showers in Perth and

Hobart. More news in Lateline

at 10:30.

This program is not subtitled # Huh! Soldier is turni-i-ing # See him through white li-i-ight # Running from strangers # See you in the valley... # Suicide. What makes you think that? Well, I wouldn't expect to get up and dance a fandango if I jumped from up there. No ID in his wallet, guv. Who said he jumped? OK. Accident. Pissed up, doing a tightrope act to impress his girlfriend, or off his noddle on acid, thinks he's Superman. There's blood up there and scuff marks. A struggle? Seems so. That wasn't caused by the fall. What was it caused by? I can't say until I've done a full post mortem. You must have a bloody good idea, Harvey. Spit it out. Something hard, pointed and heavy. In addition, there are green wool fibres beneath his nails. As there might be... If he grabbed somebody's clothing to stop himself from falling. Murder, then. His diary's got entries every week for RWF. Find out what that is. Could be a mugging. If you're gonna mug somebody, you'd use a knife or a gun, not a hammer. He didn't say it was a hammer. An unidentified blunt instrument. Anyway, he wasn't there for a stroll. He was meeting someone? It could just be some random nutter. Great(!) The hammer-killer of South London! He didn't say it was... I know he didn't say it was a hammer! What is that? It was folded up in the back of the diary. It's random numbers and letters. What about the other items on the body? The envelope? There's nothing in it, guv. I've checked it. PHONE RINGS AT END OF LINE PHONE RINGS IN THE ROOM GIRL'S VOICE: 9460 549. Hello? Price house. Boo! PHONE RINGS AT END OF LINE Is this absolutely necessary? I just wanted to be sure we haven't missed anything. Where's the body? Coroner just came and took it. What? Your lot. Our lot?