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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Good morning. has shocked Finland. A school shooting rampage including the student gunman, Nine people are dead, who shot himself in the head. his planned massacre on the internet The teenager posted a video about

just hours before he opened fire. Finland, not America, a familiar and terrible pattern. but this school shooting followed an 18-year-old student at the school, The gunman, moved through Jokela High, shooting into classrooms

of the revolution." and shouting, "This is the start Hours earlier, as Pekka Eric Auvinen, the teenager, named by police on the internet had posted this video with today's date. publicising the massacre and one woman teacher. He shot dead five boys, two girls Well, we had heard some shots. with a pistol in his hand. The shooter was running towards me Well, I fled immediately. classroom and the door was closed I knew that my pupils were in the what's going to happen, so I didn't have any time to wait so I just fled.

(Speaks Finnish) TRANSLATOR: Everyone was crying. on the internal radio The headmaster announced that we should stay there. as fast as possible. When we could we ran out (Speaks Finnish) on the classroom door. Someone knocked and stayed there for 1.5 hours They lay on the floor afraid we might die. We were terrified,

of internet postings In the killer's series of his state of mind, he reveals something praising Hitler, Stalin in the United States. and the killers at Columbine High

he alone is responsible. But he also says

practising with a hand gun, Another scene shows the killer

which he calls Katherine, before waving at the camera - shooting an apple images now removed from the website. aged between 12 and 18, Most of the 400 pupils, did manage to escape, and jumping to safety. many by climbing through windows the whole of Finland, But the town of Tuusula, in the country's history. is now confronting a shocking first during an aggravated burglary Police have opened fire south of Melbourne overnight. Police arrived at a home allegedly threatening five occupants, where four armed intruders were a shot was fired at the house, As two fled in a car a gun at police. before one offender allegedly aimed but they escaped. An officer discharged a shot

has just taken the stand One of Victoria's top cops at a corruption hearing in Melbourne. is among several police Assistant Commissioner Noel Ashby Office of Police Integrity hearing. testifying at the

is at the hearing in Melbourne. Reporter Martine Griffiths as a future chief commissioner, Regarded by many put to the test his reputation is being as I speak to you. for about an hour He has been giving evidence now and he has told the inquiry have been very stressful. that the criticisms he's attracted

are very serious. Now these allegations

called to testify He is one of several senior members and abuse of public office. over alleged corruption about police links It's alleged top-secret details of a male prostitute to an underworld hit were leaked from the highest level. Now Assistant Commissioner Ashby on proceedings was reluctant to speculate when he arrived here this morning, had to say. but here is some of what he briefly called here today? Mr Ashby, do you know why you've been

Look, I can't make any comment. is due to reappear here tomorrow The force's media director leaking any information and he has strenuously denied as has police union boss. They all proclaim their innocence, are at risk here. but certainly careers

to review their budgets Households are being urged after yesterday's interest rate rise, to most mortages. likely to add between $30 and $80 It's the sixth rate rise promised to keep them at record lows since PM John Howard famously during the last election campaign. is travelling with the PM. Ten's political reporter James Boyce what's been the fallout so far? James,

There has been a pretty interesting

reaction. It seems to be the rate

rise everyone was expecting so

there has not been a lot of the

anger. A lot of people say to them

other it did not sway them one way or the

vote other which way they were going to

vote they had already sided. The

Prime Minister is he giving a

speech. That speech is about

economic management and having a

look through the script he is

hamming the message that the

commission wants to do here - they

are the ones to run the country.

They will keep inflation in check They will keep inflation in check

and ensure that there are less rate

rises then if there was a Labor

government. Also this morning we

have been hearing from some of the

other members of the party

including the treasure. He seems to

be keeping up the tried and true

path of saying I am sorry to all

mortgage. the people out there with a

mortgage. the people out there with a

mortgage. I know that for many

families this will be very tight

and very difficult. I do not like and very difficult. I do not like

that. They do not that like that.

It is not in anybody's interest and

for that I am sorry.The key point

here is that people did not

apologise for misleading people at

that the the last election because knowing

that the Independent - - Reserve

Bank independently set right the Bank independently set right

Prime Minister should not have pot

- - promised that he had - - promised that he had control

over rates. Kevin Rudd is feeling

the effects of a long stint on the

road?Yes he had

road?Yes he had flu and his wife

lost her voice for a while. He said

he is fighting fit and will be fine he is fighting fit and will be fine

to go and ready to go for the rest

to go and ready to go for the rest of their campaign.

of their campaign. Mr Howard took

over lots slower at the beginning

you have to of the can paint maybe he knew that

you have to be slow and steady. the death of a newborn baby A Queensland coroner investigating sleeping with their infants. has warned of the dangers of mothers where the baby suffocated. The family may now sue the hospital Yumiko Huber lost her child two years ago and is still grieving. Clearly this has been a long and difficult two years for the parents of Arisa Huber. Yumiko had a 30-hour labor at Brisbane's Mater Hospital and fell asleep exhausted with her newborn. When she woke baby Arisa was blue.

A coroner has found that hospital staff didn't check on the pair for nearly two hours despite a policy that it be done more often. The implications of her finding are that there's a possibility this could've been prevented with proper resourcing and proper training. The coroner has recommended better education about the risks of accidental suffocation. The parents may sue the hospital. They believe mother and baby were allowed to co-sleep,

encouraged by a policy to count them as one patient. Given the findings of the inquest I believe there would be strong grounds for compensation claims. Mater Hospital has since changed procedures. Mark Suleau, Ten News. A 23-year-old man has been sentenced to life in jail for the murder of an 8-year-old girl in a Perth shopping centre toilet. Dante Wyndham Arthurs won't be eligible for parole

for at least 13 years. Sophia Rodriguez-Urrutia-Shu was strangled to death in a disabled toilet in a suburban shopping centre last year. It was a crime that stunned the community. Dante Wyndham Arthurs was originally charged with Sophia's murder, sexual penetration and kidnapping. While the sex charges were later dropped, he admitted murdering the 8-year-old. the 23-year-old killer The court heard

couldn't remember everything that happened but he did recall having his hands around the victim's throat. And in a sinister discovery at the young man's house police found a bag containing a knife, handcuffs and pictures of other girls, indicating he may have been targeting more victims. In sentencing Arthurs was told there were crimes so evil they shocked the public conscience and the death of Sophia was one of them.

There was also evidence of a bungle by police looking into an attack on a girl by Arthurs four years ago. An inquiry's been launched into why officers failed to test his clothing which is now being linked to blood stains of his earlier victim. can learn something from the tragedy. Sophia's family hope the community We cannot bring Sophia back, but we believe it is possible to save other Sophias in the future.

Jamie Freestone, Ten News. All eyes will be on the ladies when the Spring Carnival continues at Flemington today.

Reporter Rakhal Ebeli joins us now from Oaks Day. Rakhal, it's time for the fillies to take centre stage.

First I can say that Melbourne has turned

turned on a beautiful spring day. A

sunny top of 24 degrees. As I speak

a bunker - - bumper crowd is

flocking to the racecourse. The

fashions on the field is fashions on the field is expected

to steal the spotlight even if only fleetingly.

fleetingly.Who other main

favourites at this stage question markIt is shaping to markIt is shaping to be a big day

as all the fellows and the fillies

look for that winning combination. How a regular bed time is helping kids fight obesity - that's next. And communicating through art - helping the disabled find their voice.

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QUIRKY MUSIC (Barks questioningly) Hmm! (Blows whistle) FANFARE QUIRKY MUSIC (Blows whistle) SONG: # Live a Lotto life. #

This program is captioned live. Prosecutors have spared the life of an Australian More clashes on the streets of Pakistan. Police swinging batons and firing tear gas at supporters of Benazir Bhutto in Islamabad. The former premier has called for mass demonstrations against a state of emergency, and says if President Pervez Musharraf

doesn't reinstate Pakistan's constitution demonstrators will hold a sit-in protest in Islamabad. There are good reasons to get kids to bed early with new research finding sleep helps fight childhood obesity. Junk food and a lack of exercise are often blamed for making kids overweight,

but the new study says lack of sleep should be added to the list.

28. Third grader North Vincent is wide awake when it comes to his morning Math facts, What is 5 X 7? 35. Still his parents are now wondering if he's getting enough sleep. We don't quite always get them to bed when we want to. Their fears come on the heels of a new university study that shows children North's age need sleep to ward off obesity.

For every hour of sleep that you get in third grade, every additional hour,

your risk of obesity in sixth grade decreases by 40%.

Researchers looked at third graders across the US and found that of the children who slept 10-12 hours a night, about 13% were obese by sixth grade. Compare that with children who slept less than nine hours,

a whopping 22% or about 1 in 5 were obese by the sixth grade.

To keep the fat off, researchers have come up with a magic number for third graders, those are kids that are eight or nine. They should be getting 9.5 hours of sleep a night. Tired kids face a host of problems. Kids who suffer from sleepiness during the day can become hyperactive and can have difficulty attending to things.

North's parents are always looking to do what's best for their sons. This is perfect ammunition to tell them they have to go to bed earlier. Some hope for smokers trying to quit. the pleasure of smoking A vaccine that takes away

in clinical trials. is showing some promising results who want to stop smoking Miliions of Americans

a new tool to kick the habit. could be a step closer to having It's not gum, patches or pills that delivers a nicotine vaccine. but a shot in the arm the vaccine in relation to a placebo is three times more likely to work. testing the vaccine called NicVax. Albert Glover is one of the doctors of a clinical trial show Results in the latest phase of the vaccine 16% taking the highest doses remained smoke-free after one year. I don't have that willpower. I'd love to quit, Ali Duvarri volunteered for the study. He is still lighting up but he doesn't know whether he got the vaccine or the placebo. My intention was, even if it couldn't help me, but if it helps others I'll be happy to do it. Smokers wanting to quit using products that they can currently find at the pharmacy, like nicotine gum and the patch, often tend to not follow the recommended dosage and even forget to use them. With NicVax a nurse administers the series of vaccine shots. that attach to nicotine It works by producing antibodies and stop it from entering the brain. If nicotine doesn't reach the brain they get from smoking. people lose the pleasurable sensation

One of the good things no side effects. is there were virtually are promising, If more clinical trials

in a year or two. NicVax could be on the market in California. An impressive display of waterworks erupting from a fire hydrant A powerful stream of water and shooting metres into the air. put on a spectacular show for locals, The giant fountain for firefighters but it was frustrating struggling to control the gushing geyser.

It's not clear why the hydrant blew its top. A record price for a Matisse masterpiece - that's next. And Jacko set to be evicted from Neverland.

This program is captioned live. A school shooting rampage has shocked Finland. Nine people are dead including the student gunman, who shot himself in the head. The teenager posted a video about his planned massacre on the internet just hours before he opened fire. More reasons to get kids to bed early new research revealing sleep helps fight childhood obesity. A new study finding a lack of sleep junk food and no exercise. is just as bad as Michael Jackson, The one time King of Pop,

defaulting on a $25 million loan. could be left homeless after The singer has been given 90 days to repay the full amount

or he will lose his Neverland ranch.

share market has opened lower today. In finance news the Australian

sold at auction for over $30 million. A masterpiece by Matisse has 'L'Odalisque, Harmonie Bleue' The 1937 painting

favourite models. features one of the artist's expected the artwork to do well The auction house Christies but the final selling price of $36 million shocked everyone.

Now for a look at the national weather and for the rest of the day. 14 Queenslanders with speech and physical disabilities are now communicating and expressing their feelings through art.

for family and friends And it's been a revelation as they watch their characters develop. How do you express yourself when it's so hard? How do you say what you want to say when you can't?

forms of cerebral palsy A group of Queenslanders suffering have found the key. Is that you? (Laughs)

'Chris On The Ride On-Mower' Chris Townsley's work is so much more than a painting. in him. Oh, there's a an incredible change doing this sort of stuff. He just absolutely adores Sara Wyatt sells her works. understanding the concept Last year she was not quite and that really upset her of the paintings were getting sold and this year she's changed to, will like my paintings this year." "I hope that people

but art about Pop. It's not pop art 'Cause Pop died. through your art? So you're remembering him

Yeah. is coming through. Her own individual personality It's just amazing to watch her develop.

at Cascade Place, They're all painting stimulating creativity. a respite centre Today it launched its 11th show. 55 paintings expressing a world of feeling and thought.

he likes tenpin bowling and doesn't mind a beverage either. 'Beer and Skittles'. You've called one of them I occasionally have a beer. You don't like beer do you? He paints with his best mate, Bevan. since we were at school in New Farm. I've been mates with Bevan a visual art coordinator, And they all have a teacher, who learns as much as she imparts. and I'm' learning lateral thought I'm learning creative thought

as opposed to disability. and I'm learning about ability, getting a message across? Who says they have trouble Mark Suleau, Ten News. entertainment report Josh Murphy is next with our about Sir Paul's new love. including all the details Stay with us.

If you asked someone to paint you a picture of a very special place to live, you would describe open parklands, with space to entertain the kids amongst beautiful, natural surroundings. There would be a real sense of community, with a lively place nearby for great shopping and stylish cafes for you to visit with neighbours you'd call friends.

This picture would be Bridgewater at Franklin - a place of your own.

stars on the verge of bankruptcy? Josh, one of the world's highest-paid Michael Jackson, The one-time King of Pop, defaulting on a $25 million loan. could be left homeless after in a series of financial woes It's the latest that have dogged the eccentric star. to repay the full amount The singer has been given 90 days

or he will lose Neverland ranch. have finally run out of patience The 49-year-old's lenders in mortgage repayments. after he failed to make $250,000 to rebuild his career Jackson has struggled child abuse charges two years ago. following his acquittal for is rumoured to be in the works. A new album A children's book 'Animalia' has been turned into a TV series.

is poised to set a new standard in children's television. From the pages of a childhood favourite the world of 'Animalia' comes to life.

Why do I talk to myself? These are the actions of a crazy lizard.

A make-believe place of intelligent animals for more than 18 months. that's been in production (All sing) # ..Animalia 'cause Animalia, you're sure swell # From the blue... # by Australian author Graeme Base The book 'Animalia' was first published in the mid-80s over 2 million copies worldwide. and has since sold was born seven years ago The idea for a series to screen has had its challenges. but the transformation from paper that is really spectacular It's about something like this. and you don't find many shows I presented it to here In fact, one of the networks

we are doing, too spectacular." said it was "maybe too good for what Over 40 episodes humans Alex and Zoe embark on an adventure into Animalia,

powerful core has become unstable. a magical place in peril because its we ask the public to remain calm, As responsible news mice run for your lives! but it's the end of the world -

In each episode something breaks down or very comical and it's usually very dramatic the other members of the cast, and the kids need to work with the animals in Animalia, to correct this problem or the whole place will just go kapooey. While the voices were recorded in the US, animators created the creatures in Queensland and Melbourne using the latest computer technology.

some creative challenges. For the voice actors that presented sound like if it could talk? After all, what would an iguana (Talks in high-pitched voice) at the obvious whenever possible. I know, but I love to pound away an imagination. You definitely have to have (Talks in normal voice)

this character in the room. You have to try and picture they're inspired by humans they know. Although some admit I love to tease my husband. I hope he never sees this interview.

I like to tease him and just say kind of talks. (Laughs) that I'm talking like his family viewers are likely to recognise. And there's one accent Australian Two buckets of hog slop, seven years working in Los Angeles, Peta Johnson, who's spent the past a career highlight. considers 'Animalia' I have reached my pinnacle of this magnitude as far as being part of a production and the fact it is Australian is just a bonus.

It tugs at my heart strings to know that I am at the start of something that is going to be huge. The series premieres on Ten this Sunday. In Hollywood... And now I must bid you a fond adieu! ..Nicole Strahan, Ten News. Heather Mills has declared herself the champion of beleagured celebrities. Despite her insistence that she just wants the media to leave her alone,

by appearing in the UK issue of 'Hello'. Ms Mills said she felt the need to speak out on behalf of all those subject to paparazzi abuse, adding Paula Yates to the list of stars she has likened herself to. Mills also launched another attack on Sir Paul McCartney in the piece, claiming he's mean with money.

But Macca seems to be putting it all behind him, with the help of a married woman. The former Beatle has been linked to American millionairess Nancy Shevell. The pair photographed smooching on the cover of a British tabloid, after they spent last weekend together in the exclusive Hamptons area. Sources claiming the couple have been spotted on several occasions over the past few months.

But Sir Paul doesn't need to worry about being confronted by a disgruntled spouse.

47-year-old Shevell is legally separated from her husband. It's news that's likely to break a thousand teenage girls hearts, but it appears Daniel Radcliffe has found a girlfriend. The multimillionaire 'Harry Potter' star has been spending an increasing amount of time with actress Laura O'Toole. Radcliffe has been bombarded with offers from female admirers at film premiers, eager to take him up on this request.

Radcliffe met 22-year old O'Toole after appearing opposite her in Peter Schaeffer's controversial play 'Equis'. Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe will return to our screens in the upcoming film 'American Gangster'. Washington already tipped for an Oscar for his portrayal of a cold-blooded heroin kingpin.

The bad guy has all the fun. Yeah, you can say anything and get away with anything. Talk about this character a little bit. Vietnam era, Harlem. We need a flashback, This guy had grown up in the streets, had been an underling for someone. For Bobby Johnson who was like the biggest gangster in Harlem, you know, the French Connection bust, when that happened it dried up the heroin business.

In fact some corrupt policemen helped to sell the French Connection drugs. Then there was no heroin to be found, or not enough. Frank Lucas decided to go to Vietnam and Thailand to make a connection there and he bought heroin at such a low price that the profit was unbelievable and he was making $1-$2 million a day.

At one point he was providing 85% of the heroin in a Tri-State area. This movie is bleak, it's dark, it tells that story. It's comedy. Bring the whole family. Those whacky drug dealers! But it's interesting because it's these two characters, Richie Roberts who Russell plays is a cop who's a straight shooter,

that has some personal... ..things aren't going too well in his personal life. Frank Lucas is a career criminal who has an idyllic family life, so it's interesting and these two guys are actually still friends. I met the lawyer. You met Richie? He's a character. Because this is a story that's been kicked around, people in New York know about this story,

the fact that it's true make it even more bizarre. Yeah, it's crazy, crazy. When you're playing a guy like this, sociopathic, who is so powerful, so ruthless, you play him so well.

as I'm watching the film. I tended to like him in some ways

Well, as he would say, "There was no place for nice guys." "Denzel, I was in a dirty business.

you told people things once. And he learned early on I didn't tell you twice." He said, "I told them once. He said, "I told you once." "What does that mean, Frank?" I was like, He told me once. I don't need to tell you twice. very very bright, He's just a complex man, no formal education. Yeah, yeah. He's out now. He's been out 20 or 30 years now, he did about 15 years. He gave up a bunch of corrupt cops and got a reduced sentence as a result. There's a scene in the church - unbelievable. Such a great cast, a lot of really good people not the least of whom is the woman who plays... She steals the movie. ..Ruby D. She steals the movie. She comes in and just steals it. I'm going to play a clip now because it becomes clear to her not going well in your life that things are really and you're about to do some things want you to do. that she really doesn't Let's take a look. I'm not going to shoot you. MOVIE CLIP: Alright, Mama, where all this came from I never asked you I didn't want to hear you lie. because about it now. Because I don't want you to worry Now, come on, I got to go.

Please don't lie to me!

for your family that they leave you? Do you want to make thing so bad 'Cause they will. No. I will leave you! She will leave you You can feel the Oscar nomination going on.

Yeah, for her, I convinced her to slap me. She didn't want to do it. It was twice I've done that now and with good results actually. In 'Gloria' I had to convince Morgan Freeman to do that. I said, "The only way in the case of this film, "the only way this guy was going to stop would be his mother." like he's eating lunch, The guy who kills people of course it would be his mother.

And I said, "You have to somehow physically stop me, Ruby. "You gotta stop me." Because she was actually, a little trouble with her lines she was having and kept her going. so I just kept talking

Stole the movie. I don't know about that. nomination for this one yourself. You'll probably get an Oscar

You've got five already. I think that's a nice number. Six is good. is about to take a leap of faith. And Denzel's co-star Russel Crowe he's planning on being baptised. The 43-year-old told a men's magazine left the decision up to him. that his parents had always to have his children christened Crowe believes if he's going he too should also take the plunge. The actor will be baptised with his 1-year-old son Tennyson

at the chapel on his northern NSW property later this year. Well, from rehab to heart surgery, it hasn't been an easy few years for Jimmy Barnes. But now the legendary rocker is drawing on the dark side of his past as inspiration for a new album. He talks to Ten News reporter Daniel Sutton about the low-points in life, AFL star Ben Cousins, and writing songs from his hospital bed.

I got to the point where I looked in the mirror to myself, and really was just thinking before you cark it?" "How long is it going to be to kill you?" "What's it going to take You know,

for me. And they were pretty low points He's been sober for five years. on his life, When Jimmy Barnes looks back he's not proud of. there are plenty of things From booze to bankruptcy,

with his family. and at times a rocky relationship I got to the point where I just, anymore what they were looking at. because I knew they didn't like it was open heart surgery. And this year A long recovery in hospital gave him time to reflect and write a new album.

He says it was therapeutic. There's a song on this album that I wrote called "Water wash all over me" which I wrote looking over a part of the harbour like this. Where I wasn't suicidal, but at times I just wished

it would be great if a big wave just swept me away it would've been easier than dealing with the torment I was putting myself through. Jimmy is a very different man, At 51 days are gone the hard drinking and wild womanising and his crowd has mellowed. with death. Perhaps he's had one too many brushes people have been saying, The cover of the album is actually -

like, a sexy shot?" "Oh, is it supposed to be, I'm lying down on a marble slab from my open-heart surgery and baring the scar and that's significant. It signifies being near death and having a second chance. for that second chance, He thanks wife Jane also deserve a fair go. like AFL star Ben Cousins, People are very quick to judge and very quick to point the finger, we all make mistakes and I just hope for Ben's sake that he can get on top of it, I know he's making the effort which is all you can do. If you make the effort then you'll get through it. what Barnsey is doing. And that's exactly He's touring the country to sold-out shows and is already planning another album, something exploring Australia's musical roots.

Daniel Sutton, Ten News. Just finally Tarsh, without the latest news Thursday's wouldn't be complete on Britney Spears. debate over the troubled star, Julia Roberts has weighed in on the

her guest house and take care of her. saying she'd like to move Brit into Ahead in sport, the Bulldogs turmoil for NRL star Willie Mason, turns into a frenzied bidding Ten's Morning News returns. that's when And basket-brawl, as tempers boil over in the NBL.

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Sri Lanka has won the toss and sent Australia into bat in the first cricket Test in Brisbane. Overnight rain delayed the start by 15 minutes. It gave the Aussies time to present Mitchell Johnson with his first Test cap. The baggy green handed to him Glenn McGrath. by the man he's replacing, on the phone. I actually spoke to him yesterday He gave me a phone call and receive it from him, so to see him here today it's a very proud moment for me. Sri Lanka springing a surprise, Lasith Malinga. leaving out flamboyant paceman cricket for opener Phil Jaques. The Test a return to international It was short-lived though, just one over bowled before the rain returned

were back in the dressing rooms. and the players match against New South Wales South Australia's Ford Ranger Cup went right down to the wire. A well made 83 to Matthew Elliot guiding the Redbacks to a thrilling 5 wicket win at the Adelaide Oval. Darren Lehmann brought up his 4000th domestic one-day run in style. Ohh, that's magnificent! Lehmann at his best! Straight over square leg for six. That is a class act, D Lehmann. Graham Manou providing the winning runs on the last ball of the match. Rugby league's human headline is officially on the open market. Willie Mason cut loose by the Bulldogs after a fortnight of feuding.

holidayed in Melbourne, While Willie Mason a sign of respect from his team-mates,

the meeting of the Bulldogs board. turning out in force for that's it. Just here to support our team-mate,

making a case for Mason Three players fronted the board, to the team, as a major on-field contributor that has the board bothered. but it's Mason's off-field attitude

to give permission to Willie Mason The board has resolved with other clubs, to formally negotiate both in England and the NRL. since the club refused him permission Mason wanted out of the Dogs to take part in a big-money professional boxing bout. Club management accused the giant second rower of failing to turn up to promotional events. Willie Mason will be asked to come before the board and he will be given the chance to put his case forward re the breaking of any club rules. That opportunity will be afforded to Willie Mason

when he returns from Melbourne some time next week. But it seems increasingly likely that Mason won't bother, the Cronulla Sharks firming and North Queensland also interested. the Roosters, the Dragons Leanne West, Ten News.

league encounter with Rangers Barcelona have won their Champions this morning. off to an ideal start. Thierry Henry getting the home side been a bit lucky. Although replays show he may have the elbow of Thierry Henry. You just see there, just before half time, Lionel Messi with Barca's second the score finishing two-nil. Manchester United to a 4-nil routing Meanwhile, Carlos Tevez has led of Dinnamo Kiev.

The win guarantees the Red Devils of the tournament. a place in the knockout stages nail into the coffin Christiano Ronaldo driving the final two minutes from time. Efficient Connections of Melbourne Cup winner assault on the race. are already preparing for another Owner Lloyd Williams set to ease back on the 4-year-old with a view to next year's Cup. As Efficient nurses some sore joints, his connections are already plotting another assault

on Australia's richest race. They'll ignore invitations to take the horse overseas next year. I cross my fingers and hope that nothing goes wrong him and give him another chance. but I'd like to get him back The prospect of another Cup win of jockey Michael Rodd, is far from the mind who's still celebrating a dream come true. And in just a matter hours the Cup carnival's back on again. Hundreds of revellers have already warmed up for Ladies' Day

with a lunch that combined class and farce. (Sings) # What's love got to do, got to do with it? # Tomorrow's a day for the ladies, both on and off the track, although there'll be plenty of blokes among the crowd at Flemington, expected to top 100,000, but the main race of the day will be a female-only affair, the David Hayes-trained El Daana among the favourites

for the million-dollar VRC Oaks. Adam McNicol, Ten News. The Sydney Kings have recorded their second victory this season over defending NBL champions the Brisbane Bullets. It was 114-109, the Bullets' fourth loss in five games. Passion, hatred, violence - a nice concoction for one rough game of hoops.

COMMENTATOR: It's erupted here at the Sydney Entertainment Centre! and Brisbane's Mick Hill wrestling to the ground,

even the Kings' mascot wanted in. Sam Mackinnon wanted out, although he did hit 17 first-half points and Brisbane lead by two at the main break, former King C.J. Bruton doing his share of the damage. Another former King Ebi Ere brought the house down...

Oh! Ebi Ere, upstairs with one hand, flushes it in style! ..but Sydney stayed in touch, Worthington taking care of that. So, too, Glen Saville, making good in the third quarter. It was a quality game - at times NBA quality. ..against Hinder - no whistle forthcoming. Mackinnon keeps it alive, Bruton for the long three - the long three from C.J.! Brisbane by one heading into the fourth quarter before Sydney went on a 10-and-0 run. Ere came up big for the Bullets, draining consecutive 3-pointers to tie it up at 102 a piece. He couldn't win the match, though, the Kings beating Brisbane for the second time this season. Rob Canning, Ten News. Mick Fanning may already be surfing's world champion, but he'll be aiming for more success when Hawaii's Triple Crown gets under way on Tuesday.

Standing in his way, though, will be local surfer Sunny Garcia, who's won the event a record six times. It's the 25th anniversary of the famous competition which finishes with the Pipeline Masters from December 9. It's at pipeline where 8-time world champion Kelly Slater made a name for himself with five victories stretching back to the early '90s. The national weather details when the Morning News returns.

Oh, you're so busted. Franklins has price busted 2-litre Coca-Cola soft drink varieties:

Look for this and other Price Busters, only at Franklins. Just like in the movie, 'Barbie as the Island Princess'.

Let's get ready! Yeah! BARBIE: Let's get ready for the royal ball. Rosella, you look absolutely lovely! And now we can sing! With a real microphone! (Sings) # Here on my island the sea says hello # There's so much to be seen

# Having an adventure is our daily routine... #

I wanna sing too! # Here on our island the fun never ends. #

Styling Head sings three songs and has a microphone for you.

This program is captioned live. has shocked Finland. A school shooting rampage Nine people are dead including the student gunman, who shot himself in the head.

The teenager posted a video about his planned massacre on the internet just hours before he opened fire. More reasons to get kids to bed early new research revealing sleep helps fight childhood obesity. A new study finding a lack of sleep is just as bad as junk food and no exercise.

The one-time King of Pop, Michael Jackson,

could be left homeless after defaulting on a $25 million loan. The singer has been given 90 days to repay the full amount or he will lose his Neverland ranch. Now national weather tomorrow:

Japanese inventors have developed an eco-friendly chopstick bra A New York restaurant has created the world's most expensive dessert, worth $27,000. An official from the 'Guinness Book of Records' was on hand to confirm its status. It's the ultimate indulgence for chocoholics

with 28 blends of chocolate poured into a glass lined with edible gold leaf and topped with truffle shavings. The price tag includes the diamond-encrusted gold spoon. The lucky few who got to try the dessert say it tasted really rich. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight.

We leave you with pictures landing in Florida. of the space shuttle 'Discovery's I'm Natarsha Belling, good morning. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia.