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(generated from captions) (Sighs) all the pain. All we've been through, And the confusion. But it brought me back to you. for a while, you know that? You may be stuck with me God, I hope so. the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. jailed for torturing a kitten - Tonight - under new cruelty laws. the first person sentenced Um, I was on drugs. now drought-declared. The big dry - nearly 90% of NSW to frustrating E-toll queues - And no end in sight to add extra lanes. the Government refuses and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson

Good evening. Also tonight - a Ten News exclusive - breathtaking first pictures BASE jump from a mountain. of Aussies doing a record-breaking

And hanging their heads in shame - after their Origin thrashing. the Blues return home But first this evening -

for the first person prosecuted a year behind bars tough new animal cruelty laws. under the State's Stephen Clancy was high on drugs and left it to die. when he bashed a kitten his penalty sends a clear message The RSPCA saying will not be tolerated. such monstrous acts Stephen Clancy arrived at court for torturing his kitten. believing he wouldn't be sent to jail ..that you were sorry -

Wouldn't you be? Of course I'm sorry. How do you explain it? Um...quite effed up at the time. Um...I was on drugs. But as the first person sentenced for animal cruelty, under tough new penalties behind bars. he knew he faced up to five years Can you see me shaking? to one year's jail The 45-year-old was sentenced with an 8-month nonparole period to attacking his 12-week-old kitten after pleading guilty at his home in January. he bashed Katie and left her to die. On a cocktail of ice and ecstasy, a very pleasing result, It's certainly had to go through. considering what this kitten

on a number of occasions I mean it was thrown on the ground the owner attempted to drown it. and it was also, um - A year before Katie was tortured,

this horrific attack on a kitten security cameras captured in Sydney's west. at a railway station by a young policewoman. Shelley was saved that put Stephen Clancy behind bars. The case inspiring the new laws from her injuries Katie the kitten has fully recovered and has a new home with a family. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. the Dianne Brimble inquest Two families have told from their cabin what they saw and heard to where the Brisbane mother died. next door

and yelling during the night They say they heard banging several men fleeing the scene. and woke to see and teenage daughters Kevin Muller took his wife on a cruise with friends expecting a holiday to remember,

but for all the wrong reasons. and it was, next to these men, The two groups were given rooms rowdy and intimidating. who very quickly proved to be at Mr Muller's daughters They wolf-whistled

Dragan Losic and Petar Pantic and at one stage Mark Wilhelm, when they were getting undressed. walked into the girls' cabin

on the 'Pacific Sky' The family's first night was remembered as noisy, next door. with the men yelling and banging was seen running from his room When they awoke, Leo Silvestri and guards were at the door. had just been found inside. Dianne Brimble's drugged body

media to see explicit photographs Earlier today, the Coroner permitted in the men's company. taken of Mrs Brimble They show her in sexual poses, lying crumpled on their floor. then, seemingly discarded, Her family never want to see it just hearing about them. and say it was distressing enough of a different kind - And more photographs today, cruise director, Georgie Gillings. these taken of the 'Pacific Sky's The court's heard claims about the Brimble affair she told staff to keep quiet at a later date. and will be called to give evidence Amber Muir, Ten News.

a suspected methadone overdose. A baby girl is in hospital after to a home in Yagoona Police and paramedics were called swallowed the drug, after the 6-month-old girl by recovering heroin addicts. normally used She was taken to Westmead Hospital the Department of Community Services. and is now being cared for by for our drought-ravaged farmers, Grim news doing it tougher than ever tonight. is now drought-declared. Almost 90% of the State conditions are heart-breaking The Government saying and there's no end in sight. NSW cannot shake free droughts ever seen. from one of the most crippling the paddocks dry and dusty. The dams are bare, We need rain now of the farmers across the State. and that's the situation facing most have survived repeated droughts Farmers like Tony Morrison won't be enough but even some recent rain into lush pastures. to turn his fields much improvement here until spring. We're not going to see worse since the start of the year. Conditions have got dramatically was officially drought-declared. In January, 23% of the State Today, that's jumped to 89%. in Sydney Last week's drenching rain water supplies. has done little to top up just 0.2%. Figures out today show dam levels up some tough times ahead There are still for the farmers across our State rainfall at best with predictions of only average for the rest of the year. Even the Minister concedes for some farmers to bear. it could be too much on the parched land they still love. But farmers' resilience may keep them James Boyce, Ten News. is still refusing The State Government make Harbour crossings E-tag only. to honour its 2-year-old promise to won't even set a deadline The new Roads Minister of even worse congestion despite warnings when the Lane Cove Tunnel opens.

on Sydney's harbour crossings. Morning gridlock lanes the longest of all. As usual, queues on the E-tag-only

Two years ago, then roads minister Carl Scully touted cashless tolls as the answer to our Harbour-crossing problems, promising their introduction by that Christmas. We're still waiting. Now the new Roads Minister is refusing to set a deadline. I think we need to have at least 90% of drivers that come across the Harbour Bridge or through the tunnel using the tag before we can seriously look at going cashless.

The current rate is 70%. He hopes an extra E-tag lane and advertising campaign will help reach that target. With the opening of the Lane Cove Tunnel tipped to add to the congestion, the Opposition is pledging to remove all toll booths

on the Bridge and tunnel. They've got about six months. They can do it. And if Morris Iemma won't do it, I will, straight after the election. The Government says a 74-year history of paying cash to cross the Harbour Bridge is a tough habit to break.

But the Government's own Staysafe Committee and the NRMA say it's time to try. I think, for traffic flow, the cashless toll is definitely the way to go. NRMA believes it should be cashless sooner rather than later. Paul Mullins, Ten News. Claims tonight of another incident at the Lucas Heights nuclear reactor involving contamination with radioactive material. Following confirmation of a burst pipe last week, Labor now claims

a canister transported from Camperdown to the reactor yesterday morning released radioactive iodine which was ingested by a technician. What investigation and action has the Minister ordered into the cyclotron in Camperdown, the transport of radioactive materials through Sydney and at the Lucas Heights nuclear reactor? What you are trying to do is close down a medical service for cancer sufferers across Australia. It's not known if the health of the technician involved in yesterday's incident

has been affected. 300 soccer hooligans have been arrested in running street battles during the World Cup. The violence flared as Germany and Poland, countries with historic rivalries, squared off on field. It's the ugly face of the Cup. There were the scenes riot police had prepared for - wild clashes starting before the Germany-Poland match.

Attempts were made to defuse the potential for violence, police from both countries moving in on known Polish troublemakers who'd managed to cross the border. But the scuffles were inevitable. Officers caught in the crossfire of bottles, flares and flying chairs.

The battle raged through the afternoon and into the night, with more than 300 arrested. Specially trained riot police targeted the core hooligans. Overall, organisers have been happy with most soccer fans peacefully celebrating or commiserating. I think it was a very difficult day for police, but I think we handled it OK. It's feared the next trouble spot could come later today in Nuremberg, where thousands of English fans have converged on the city ahead of the clash with Trinidad and Tobago. If the crowd does get out of control, specially trained units from the German riot squad will be on hand with an arsenal of weapons, including machine guns, rubber bullets, tear gas, dog squads and water cannons. In Germany, Frank Coletta, Ten News.

There's more sport to come with Tim Webster.

And what about that Origin result? Yes, a Blues shocker

means there'll be some major selection decisions for the decider. With the Maroons squaring the series, there's also one other major question - where was Nathan Hindmarsh? We'll have the Eels star's views on being benched shortly in sport. And we'll also have the rival World Cup coaches

who won't rule out Australia beating Brazil.

The Big Brother evictee accused of punching a pub patron in the face. That's next. Also tonight - the Sydney firie killed responding to a false alarm. Mates reflect on his extraordinary acts of bravery. And - those stunning exclusive pictures. Aussie thrillseekers get an extreme experience doing a record-breaking BASE jump.

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This program is captioned live. A 'Big Brother' evictee is in hot water tonight, accused of punching a pub patron in the face. The 20-year-old says Michael McCoy attacked him

at the Eastern Hotel at Bondi Junction when he tried to stop an argument between the former housemate and his friend. The victim claims he can't open his right eye and his nose could be broken. A spokesman for McCoy's agent, Harry Miller, has confirmed he was involved, saying he reacted to a homophobic jibe made in his direction. A bid to reinstate the ACT's gay civil unions laws has failed in the Senate. Canberra Liberal Gary Humphries crossed the floor to defend the ACT's right to make its own laws but the vote was 32 to 30 in favour of the Federal Government position. The debate becoming personal at times. What is it about these gentlemen that they can't recognise and honour my relationship with my partner Paul? Marriages bloom between a bride and a groom. The ACT Government says it will try again to introduce a law recognising gay couples. There's no resolution in sight to a Federal Government backbench revolt over plans to send asylum seekers to offshore detention camps.

The Immigration Minister has inflamed the debate by admitting the changes followed Indonesia's concerns. A fog of uncertainty enshrouded Parliament House and the Government's plans to send asylum seekers arriving by boat to remote Pacific Islands. The bill failed to appear in Parliament as announced. It is now 1:20 and the Government still doesn't know if it supports the bill. The Immigration Minister further inflamed backbench rebels by admitting the changes were taking into account Indonesia's concerns. In any relationship, you simply cannot say, "Look, we expect you to do everything for us "but we're not going to take any account of your interests." Labor pounced. When Indonesia won't change its terror laws

to keep Abu Bakar Bashir in jail, he will change our immigration laws to keep Indonesians happy. The Prime Minister defended the Government by quoting Kim Beazley four years ago on how he would stop boat people. In a nutshell, in order to solve this problem, you had to have total cooperation with Indonesia. The gap between the rebels and the Government is as wide as ever. As many as 10 Liberal MPs and senators are now part of the revolt. Some of them believe the bill may not come to the parliament until after the long winter recess. Not all Liberals happy with the delay. If you think this legislation should be chucked out and you want people from all over the world living in your street, well, you tell me. With only one week left before the 6-week break, tempers were fraying in the house, the Speaker throwing out six Labor MPs, including Deputy Leader Jenny Macklin. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A District Court judge has jailed one of the Cronulla rioters,

claiming "a deterrent needs to be sent". 20-year-old Mitchell Newby admits he punched and kicked one of two Middle Eastern men on a train at Cronulla station. He said he was motivated by an earlier attack on him and his girlfriend by a group of Middle Eastern men.

Today he lost his appeal, and will spend the next seven weeks in protective custody. A funeral service with full honours will be held next week for a fireman killed responding to a call-out. Stephen Richardson's fellow officers today paying tribute to the man they remember as a great leader. 46-year-old Stephen Richardson died instantly yesterday as his tanker collided with an oncoming semitrailer,

smashing into a tree. He had only been at Macquarie Fields for a few weeks when the accident happened, filling in for a station officer who'd taken holidays. It was certainly one of our worst nightmares,

from a firefighting point of view and certainly an emergency services point of view to actually be there with one of your own whose life has been tragically taken. Some of his colleagues helped recover his body from the front passenger seat.

It was their decision to do that, and they wanted to be there with him and ensure that he was given all respects. His colleagues last night comforting his son and wife of 26 years. Initially it was just me and Karen just having a kiss and a cuddle and a cry, and then some of the boys got together and talked about the good times we've had with Steve. The station officer had helped in the Thredbo landslide recovery, earning him a special commendation. You can't explain why it was Stephen and why it wasn't somebody else. A funeral service with full fire brigade honours will be held next week. Where we can all pay homage to what a great bloke and what a great mate he was. Evan Batten, Ten News. An Australian couple has returned home triumphant after breaking a world record for BASE jumping.

They used special suits to sail off a Himalayan peak together. It took them 22 days to climb Mount Meru. The fastest way back... Ready, set, go! ..straight down. The world record-breaking 6,604m flew by in three minutes.

Australian couple Glenn Singleman and Heather Swan, both in their 40s, survived the highest altitude BASE jump ever, reaching speeds of 220km/h - terminal velocity - in their special wing suits. Incredible feeling of, "Wow! Now I'm flying!" And you jet propel away from the cliff. Just a feeling of total joy and relief. Finally home in Sydney, they're a little weaker and a lot thinner. I think I might have qualified for 'The Biggest Loser'! They trained for the jump for six years and almost didn't make it on the day. Heavy cloud blanketed the mountain, but, just when they were about to turn back, the skies cleared. It was lucky we could jump that day because I don't think I could have done it again. It was so difficult and so cold. Training for this type of jump in Australia proved difficult. Glenn and Heather could only rock climb and sky dive. For the real mountaineering and cliff jumping, they had to go to Italy. An extreme holiday they won't soon forget. I couldn't have done it without Heather. Danielle Isdale,Ten News.

I wouldn't have had the motivation

or commitment. Tim Bailey jumps

into the unknown every day and he

managed to paint the sky blue

today. It was clear. But, boy, in

certain parts of the State, was it

chilly? Did you think Bathurst was

less than tropical last night? You

were right. It got down to minus

8.5 degrees. That's the coldest

night in June for 4 1quears.

Canberra had a maximum of 5.9 today,

and their coldest June day in 23

years A bit of culture and class on

the TV. Isn't it a nice change from

the weatherman? This is St

Augustine's art for art show. It's

fabulous. We're going to raise

money with emerging and brilliant

Australian artists later in the

bulletin. It was a good-looking day

today. We were one above average at

18 degrees. Just the one pollution

problem in the north-west. Tomorrow

at your place you'll be proud of me

- blue sky, 17 degrees and your

weekend looks pretty good too. They

always do. We'll see you again in around about ten. A driver's incredible brush with death - next, the vehicle that exploded in a suburban street. And Britney's anguish - the star speaks out, claiming she really is a good mum.

I never thought of joining the police force before, but I'm glad I did. I'm back at my old job because the kids have started school. I never really left. And coming back is the best thing that I've done. Serious crime rates are lower than a decade ago. Police have tough new powers and the latest equipment.

We're continuing to lower crime rates with 750 new recruits. Shouldn't you consider a career with Australia's highest paid police force?

A motorist has escaped death after her van exploded, bursting into flames. The Melbourne woman heard the explosion while driving, and, with a decision that saved her life, stopped and ran from the vehicle.

She escaped unhurt, watching on as the van was engulfed by flames. Fire crews quick on the scene to extinguish the blaze. The Prime Minister has written to the Indonesian President expressing Australia's disgust at the release of Abu Bakar Bashir. The radical cleric telling John Howard to become a Muslim or go to hell. To his supporters, he's a hero. Just hours after his release from jail, Abu Bakar Bashir was back home. A sea of students from his Islamic boarding school staying up

to welcome their leader.

The radical cleric quick to target his critics, including John Howard. Bashir urging the Prime Minister to become a Muslim or face going to hell, and warning the West that opponents of Islam will be destroyed. His attack prompting an impassioned letter from Mr Howard to the Indonesian President. The inflammatory statements that he has made in support of extremism

since he has been released have been deeply offensive. It's time the Australian Government told Indonesia they need to listen to Australian sensitivities. Labor's calling for Bashir's Muslim boarding school to be shut down

if it promotes hatred of Australia. Attention is now turning to what influence the cleric could have on Indonesian public opinion. Terror experts say Bashir's high profile could attract new recruits to Jemaah Islamiah. That could be just the boost the group needs. It is currently in disarray after dozens of arrests. Bashir is now expected to travel across Indonesia speaking of his time behind bars

and preaching his hardline version of Islam.

In Indonesia, Amanda McLeay, Ten News. US President George W. Bush has admitted the Guantanamo Bay dentention centre is hurting America's image overseas. He said he'd like it shut down but has to wait for a court ruling about the legality of trialing its inmates at military tribunals. I'd like to close Guantanamo, but I also recognise that we're holding some people that are darn dangerous. Among the 470 inmates held there is Australian David Hicks. The British Government will begin examining his application for citizenship tomorrow. And George W. Bush has been forced to apologise for humiliating a blind reporter at a White House media conference. In high spirits after his trip to Iraq, the President openly joked with journalists. Peter, are you going to ask that question with those shades on? Mr Bush didn't realise Peter Wallsten is legally blind. The President later called him to apologise.

Britney Spears has broken down on American television, A man charged with contaminating Top Taste food products - that's next. Also, British rocker Gary Glitter launches an appeal against his sentence for being a paedophile. And the star-studded musical with a name even the performers don't want to mention.

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Tonight's major stories -

the big dry worsens, in spite of all that recent rain across Sydney. 89% of NSW is now drought-declared, up from 23% in January. Across the State, dams are bare, the paddocks dry and dusty sparking fears more farmers will be forced off the land. No end in sight to those frustrating delays for motorists using their e-tags to cross Sydney Harbour. The Government has reneged on a 2-year-old promise to make the bridge and the tunnel cashless,

insisting not enough motorists have embraced electronic tolling. And one year's jail for the first person sentenced under new animal cruelty laws. Stephen Clancy was high on the drugs ice and ecstacy when he bashed a kitten and left it to die. The RSPCA says his penalty sends a clear message such monstrous acts will not be tolerated. And in an update on our Diane Brimble story,

Police investigating the Top Taste food contamination case have arrested a man in Brisbane. The 34-year-old, who is believed to be an employee, was charged with contaminating a cake before the more recent scare where metal objects were found in several Top Taste products. The incident relates to a further incident

identified during the course of the investigation into a product that was not distributed to the public baked on 15 March. Police are yet to charge anyone over the contamination that prompted a nationwide recall. The share market is slowly clawing back territory after a week of heavy losses.

Disgraced glam rocker Gary Glitter is back in a Vietnamese court fighting for freedom. Serving 3 years for molesting girls as young as 10,

the former superstar is feeling confident about his appeal.

Hey, Gary, how ya feeling, mate? Yeah, I feel good. What do think is gonna happen? I should be released. Glitter's lawyer is hoping for a reduced sentence so the 62-year-old can be deported to England. A new musical opens in Sydney tonight that many of us can relate to. It's a comedy about water shortages, but its title is a little hard to swallow. There's no point pretending - this show has a terrible title, and 'Urinetown's all-star cast is the first to admit it. Well, firstly I thought I had to give a specimen. The title is a talking point. And, if people can get their - dare I say - their heads around that they kind of get the joke because it is in fact a pisstake. Nevertheless, the musical comedy won two Tony Awards on Broadway and has a storyline that Sydneysiders suffering water shortages can relate to. It's set in a future town where there's a drought, not unlike reality here. It's so bad that there's no water, that you have to pay to pea. Naturally, the people of the town feel the need

to rebel against the evil despot making them pay for the privilege of doing what nature intends and then they sing about it in the style of some favourite musicals. I do a couple of 'Les Mis' pieces. There's a rip-off of 'Chicago'. There's a rip-off of 'Phantom' (Sings) # A little bunny in a shoebox... # Pulling together an all-star cast like this one means that, unlike many of the musicals to visit Sydney, this one can't stay for long so five weeks of 'Urinetown' is all we get. (Sings) # You don't get stepped on... # The show opens at the Sydney Theatre tonight. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

Sport is next with Tim Webster, and we thought we had it in the bag but now the Origin hangs in the balance. Yes, a few Blues positions are shaky as well. All the fallout from the shock loss shortly. Plus, the Socceroos gather support for the showdown with Brazil.

And all the on-field drama at the World Cup. And bragging rights in the Beadman family as father rides off against son.

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(All chant enthusiastically) Let's go, Aussie, let's go! Nothing fires you up like KFC's Hot & Spicy Hot Box - three feisty pieces of Hot & Spicy with all your favourite sides.

It fires up the fired-up. (All chant) Let's go, Aussie, let's go! KFC's Hot Box. This program is captioned live. The NSW Blues returned home today, and they're still searching for answers after last night's shock thrashing by the Maroons. Second rower Nathan Hindmarsh admits he was surprised to be given so little game time. The workaholic Eel wants more in next month's decider. He's a man known for playing 80 minutes, not 46. Nathan Hindmarsh surprised at spending so much time on the bench. I suppose it was, yeah, compared to what I usually play, but you might not get that here, so.

He's hoping for a change in tactics for Origin III.

I'd like more game time, but I'm not going to whinge about it, no. Hindmarsh calling for selectors to show faith in the Blues. But Braith Anasta's anything but confident about being retained for next month's Melbourne decider. Oh, we'll find out, you know? It was a bad night last night.

If we do get another shot to make the most of it. First game hero Brett Finch last night consoled by the game's greatest number seven after crashing back to earth. Rival Craig Gower already on his mind. Any opportunity you'd love to play for your State, but it wasn't a good performance, so it would be understandable if they bring Gowy back in. The Blues in dispute over why they lost.

So you're saying it wasn't complacency? No, definitely not. You don't have complacency in Origin. Was it complacency? Mate, it had to be. It had to be attitude, it had to be something, because we came off the pace and they were a million miles an hour and we weren't. The Roosters might be struggling this season, but captain Craig Fitzgibbon wants to stick around long-term. Haven't quite had an offer from the club yet, but I love it here. I want to play for the Roosters. I love it here, everything involved with the club.

As I said, I'll be silly to turn my back on something I've worked so hard for. And John Skandalis, the most capped West Tigers, has signed a 2-year contract with English club Huddersfield. Support has been building for the Socceroos on their day off. England Coach Sven-Goran Eriksson is not writing off our chances of beating Brazil. It's even more reason to beware of Brazil. Celebrations not covering up a lacklustre performance according to one fan. Are you happy with 1-0? No, no man. We should do better man. Next game, we're going to crush them.

It's going to be 5-0. The Aussies won't hear of big scores being racked up against them. I don't think it's possible. Brazil are the world champions but we've got nothing to lose.

You've got to take one game at a time. If you talked to the four boys who got yellows

and you said, "Listen, do you want a rest against Brazil?" all four would say no. This is a chance of a lifetime,

to play against Brazil in a World Cup. The Socceroos' confidence was backed by England boss Sven Goran Eriksson, while overseeing the preparations for tomorrow's Trinidad and Tobago game.

If they can beat Brazil, yeah, why not? You have to believe it. Maybe they don't believe it in Brazil. Trinidad and Tobago's coach impressed by the Socceroos' enthusiasm. I love them. I love the way they go for it. Congratulations I love the way t

Perhaps working in Australia's favour is the guarantee from Brazil out-of-touch striker Ronaldo will start against the Socceroos. Goal-scorer John Aloisi regularly plays against Brazil's stars in Spain and is approaching the match with caution. You just have to try and be organised on the pitch, be compact, don't give them too much space, don't let them run at you too much with the ball. Perfect weather again here in southern Germany for the Socceroos, who enjoyed a rare day off the training track. The focus now on Munich four days from now when they take on the might of Brazil. Neil Cordy in Stuttgart for Ten News. Germany has become the first team

to advance to the World Cup's second round after two wins. In other matches, Saudi Arabia drew with Tunisia while Spain thumped Ukraine. Germany scored a goal in the dying seconds against Poland to get through. The history between Germany and Poland was always going to make for an emotional opening. In a physical, and at times bloody, encounter the host nation held its nerve, only to be constantly denied. Poland was reduced to 10 men for the closing stages, and in the 91st minute, the winner. COMMENTATOR: Odonkor's cross - it's there! It's the winner! In Leipzig, gain for Spain and just pain for Ukraine. Well, they have scored. Ukrainians expressed their horror at Kiev's Independence Square

by throwing smoke bombs into the crowd. The Spanish reaction - prophetic. It was the best Spanish match in all the World Cup. The 4-goal result raising hopes that their time has arrived, having never made it past the quarterfinal stage. At the stadium where the Socceroos meet Brazil, Australian referee Mark Shield laid down the law

for Saudi Arabia and Tunisia. The Tunisians conjuring up a miracle to secure a 2-2 draw. And the strongest yet indication that Wayne Rooney will turn out for England against Trinidad and Tobago tomorrow morning. Let me sleep on it. I will decide tomorrow morning. But I think he's match-fit. Kieran Toohey, Ten News. Wallabies coach John Connolly has denied

George Gregan will be dumped ahead of next year's World Cup despite starting the record-breaking skipper on the bench this Saturday. The veteran has recovered from the fever he had earlier in the week, but is still being rotated out of the top spot.

That's not a problem. I mean, I've

spoken to George right through the

super14 on a weekly basis and it

was always going to be during these

three games One World of the other

halfbacks was going to be given an opportunity. The Wallabies play England at Melbourne's Telstra Dome. Aussie golfer Rod Pampling expects the Winged Foot layout to be a tough test for players at the US Open starting tomorrow. World number one and tournament favourite Tiger Woods will make his return to the tour after the death of his father, Earl. Some players are predicting the winning score won't break par.

It's going to be depend on the

wealth. You know, if we can keep

the rain away. It's going to be a

real test out there and it really

will be - par will be a great

number come Sunday. Nathan Green also among the 11 Australians teeing up in tomorrow's opening round. 16-year-old jockey Mitchell Beadman won the family battle as father and son squared off for the first time on the track at Hawkesbury today. Mitchell easily beat his famous dad Darren, Beadman Junior continues to impress. He came close to winning race six aboard A Sweet Treat, and Mitchell left the old man in his wake and finished second in a photo behind Stormberg. Beadman Senior came home ninth on In the Attic. Thousands of self-confessed technology geeks are living their dream by playing in the World Cup finals. Well, the Robo World Cup, that is. More than 400 mechanised teams from all corners of the globe are taking part. Competition is fierce, especially in the 4-legged league. APPLAUSE Organisers are confident this is the future of the sport, Predicting that by 2005 a team of robots will be capable of beating the best human team in the world. And in Sports Tonight, we'll have the latest from the Socceroos camp

as they prepare to take on the might of Brazil. Tim Bailey's up next with all the weather info.

Vic, we were talking earlier about

toll booth problems on the Harbour

Bridge. How's the drive there? Slow

for traffic leaving the CBD. We're

over Neutral Bay to get the best

traffic shots. Great backdrop as

they leave the CBD and head to the

north. We have major problems. As

you can see there, that's traffic you can see there, that's traffic

leaving the city back into the

leaving the city back into the Western Distributor and through to

the Anzac Bridge and city bound

slow from north Sydney into the

slow from north Sydney into the eastern driblt distributor. Tim Bailey's up next with all the weather info.

This program is captioned live. Britney Spears has broken down on American television, making a desperate plea to the paparazzi to leave her alone.

The expectant mother says she's a good parent who doesn't deserve the harassment. Chewing gum and revealing plenty of her voluptuous pregnant body, Britney Spears tearfully begged for a break. I would like for them to leave me alone. Britney's known fame since she was an 11-year-old Mouseketeer. 31 million albums, two weddings, a baby and a second pregnancy later,

she says the media attention is unbearable. What do you think it will take to get the paparazzi to leave you alone? Um...I don't know. I don't know. Reports of bad mothering have plagued her since she gave birth to Sean Preston last year. First she was snapped with him unbuckled in her lap, then she strapped him in backwards in his car seat. Britney busted again! Just weeks ago, Britney nearly dropped Sean Preston in New York. The 24-year-old believes all the negative attention affected the way she was treated after her son fell out of his high chair. Most of all, Britney wants everyone to know she's just trying to do her best. You know what? I know I'm a good mom. In the US, Rahni Sadler, Ten News.

You've got account is tts bit of

sympathy for her. Tim Bailey, half

the Channel Ten newsroom seems to

have gone to school there. Have you

dredged up any secrets about Vic

Lorusso? I've dredged one up about

you. I didn't go to school there.

You didn't go to school full stop.

We know that. There is a brilliant

art for art show on here across

Saturday and Sunday. Admission is

free. We're raising money for a

brilliant school. Mental as

anything is the guest artist. Let's

go up there. That is the 1966 HR

Holden. Coincidentally, that car is

Holden. Coincidentally, that car is

the same car as Ron lost his

virginity in, way back in funnily

enough 1966. That's a fore. He was

never in the back seat of one of those.

Reg Mombassa, we've seen and worn

his art works and the drummer of the

band gets very clever. They are

drum skins that he's made art works

out of. Some 300 pieces for sale

ranging from $150 - yes, it's

affordable even to a weatherman -

to $6,000, which is affordable to a

newsreader, who lost his virginity

- no, we won't go there again.

Weatherwise, you thought it was

cold at your place the last couple

of weeks. What about Canberra? 5.9

degrees. That was the maximum - are

you kidding down there? That's the

coldest June day in 21 years.

Bathurst says they can do better

and they broke a 42-year record for

and they broke a 42-year record for a night-time temperature. Tomorrow,

around about 17, fine and sunny

with blue sky grinning at you all weekend long.

Cloud is crossing southern Victoria

and Tasmania with a cold front and

causes the odd shower. Patchy low

cloud has been pushed on to the

Queensland coast by onshore winds.

Tomorrow, fresh south westerly

winds will cause showers in the far

south-east. A high generates

another frosty morning and mostly

sunny days elsewhere. The business

of the brolly - predicted

precipitation. Isolated showers in

far south-east NSW and on the

hunter and southern mid-north coast.

There is a little bit of rainfall

and with 89% of the State in

drought, don't we need every drop

we can get. On Saturday, onshore

winds maintain isolated showers on

the Queensland coast. More is

likely in the tropics. We're putting

the finishing touches on the art

show here funny enough at St August

since. If you can get along, we're

raising up to $20,000. It's free

all weekend long. There's something

for everyone. Now, enough of the

art. Bailey is about to play with

his ding-a-link. It's the

world-famous uggometer. A little

bit of snow in the mountains,

around about 30cm worth.

Let's look at the weekend report.

We'll get around 10cm or 15cm of snow, at least 5cm.

There it is the 1966HR Holden where

Ron first worked his magic.

Please don't make the phone calls.

I'm sure it was my first drive he

meant. It's too much information for me. See you tomorrow night. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.