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of animal cruelty cases. Tonight - Sydney's sickening spate is so disturbing The whole nature of this not just the inspectors. to everybody at the RSPCA, A family mourns a Vietnam veteran in Far North Queensland. feared eaten by a crocodile death row warning - And the Bali bombers' deadly revenge attacks. their executions will spark Good evening - I'm Ron Wilson... ..and I'm Deborah Knight. Also - the Aussie share market surges on Bush's bailout plan. as another vote looms And - crossing the border. makes the move to Sydney. Olympic champion Libby Trickett to become a part of NSW. I'm really excited and nervous But heading the news at 5:00 - may be to blame bored children on holidays of animal cruelty - for Sydney's shocking spate

a dog hanged, another burnt slaughtered. and more than 20 chickens RSPCA officers say they've ever seen. they're some of the worst cases for the two Bankstown residents - It was a distressing find had become a killing field. their chicken coup I come back, I tell my wife, I say, A big shock. somebody killed all the chooks." "Listen, I couldn't believe it. had to be put down by the RSPCA. 21 were dead and another 3 I was crying. I was in shock, really. are suffering from shock The few that survived and may not make it. in Sydney in 24 hours. It's the third act of animal cruelty has left the RSPCA worried The timing of these attacks may be responsible. that schoolchildren of school holidays to go. We do have another 1.5 weeks no more incidences like this. We're certainly hoping that we have Last night was burnt in a barrel a 2-year-old Maltese terrier and brought to the RSPCA.

it had to be put down. Its injuries were so bad

it was no accident. Inspectors are confident to most of his body. Third-degree burns

back to the bone. His claws were burnt and inside his mouth. He had severe burns to his tongue from the owners of the dog Police have taken a formal statement laying charges. and they'll now consider deliberate acts of cruelty The RSPCA says of up to five years jail. carry a penalty are not the only ones The RSPCA and police hoping there's no more cruelty. even if they are animals - They don't deserve things -

they don't deserve to die like that. Evan Batten, Ten News. are communicating with a man Specialist police and negotiators inside a house who has barricaded himself in Sydney's inner west. to the Lewisham home Officers were called just after midday. to leave the premises The man is refusing or let anyone else in. Police have identified the man

if there is anyone else in the home. but have not established are being told not to be worried People in surrounding areas had been set up but a perimeter barrier and part of Victoria Street closed. feared taken by a crocodile The family of a Queensland man for the Vietnam veteran. have joined the search have been found Two sandals and a watch of the camper. but there's been no other sign turns to tragedy. A dream outback adventure what's happening here. None of us believe it, we find him. We're just hoping against hope Arthur Booker is feared dead 63-year-old Vietnam war veteran croc-infested waters early yesterday. after disappearing into

with wife Doris, On an outback adventure a monster croc lunged at the retiree it's feared as he pulled up crab pots. The Brisbane couple were only hours from leaving the Cooktown campground

after a month-long holiday. One of the best people ever. exhausted to speak with reporters. Arthur's daughter Jody was too in Cooktown Hospital. Her mother remains heavily sedated They were happy. They really liked it here. we will not stay here any longer, We are pretty shocked and I think but it's kind of a shock. not because we don't like it of the aggressive reptiles There have been multiple sightings from where Arthur disappeared. at nearby beaches and just metres to the beach it was in the ocean It was a little one, just coming was like four metres. and the biggest one around here the search has proved fruitless. So far, a wrist watch and two sandals. Rescue crews have only recovered prime breeding ground for crocodiles These think mangroves are of the Endeavour River. and run the entire length this time of year, So aggressive are the creatures today's search party has been warned is to come in contact with water. no part of the body they are predators Your in crocodile habitat, they do like to eat sometimes and if you're in the area... just need to be very careful. In Cooktown, Brett Mason, Ten News. Three of the Bali bombers have vowed if their executions go ahead. there will be revenge they're not asking for forgiveness, They say they have no regrets, and one of them says if he could. he'd carry out another bombing For the first time of Indonesia's Alcatraz the heavily guarded gates to the Western media. have been opened is home to the Bali bombers, The island prison of Nusakambangan

and his brother Amrozi, Imam Samudra, Mukhlas the so-called Smiling Assassin. the end of Ramadan. Prisoners were celebrating Samudra was more interested in the 2002 nightclub bombings in justifying his part including 88 Australians. which killed 202 people, what I have done. TRANSLATION: I don't regret

The three men will soon be executed there will be revenge attacks and have warned the day they are killed. TRANSLATION: People like me are ready to execute and, if it is Allah's will, ready to be executed too. I don't care how we die. Whether by injection or beheading, it is all the Devil's methods. Their defiant remarks coincide with the third anniversary of the second Bali bombings, which killed four Australians. Today, during a low-key ceremony at the Australian memorial in Denpasar, a plaque was unveiled honouring their memories. James Boyce, Ten News. Australian investors have jumped back into the stock market with gusto thanks to renewed confidence on Wall Street.

The value of local shares surged by billions, with the market clawing back two-thirds of yesterday's losses. a little relief for investors, battered by bad news and plunging portfolios. This is all about the perception of the market rather than the fundamentals. When it's all in the red for a while, when it goes back to green I'm comfortable. REPORTER: So today? Today I'm comfortable. Most of yesterday's losses were recovered as soon as the market opened and held the gains all day. Most sectors of the market are doing much better today, the major bank up by 1%-5% so we've had, for example, the major banks up by 1%-5% and the large mining stocks up by 5%-6%,

so it's a pretty good performance today. Australian shares haven't suffered the wild swings of Wall Street, suggesting greater confidence from investors. Maybe we're just starting to see

the two stock markets divorce themselves a little bit, which would be a positive sign. But the market here is still 30% lower than it was 10 months ago. Despite the wild swings and overall lower value of the stock market, our biggest super funds say they're seeing from their members. And that suggests greater financial sophistication. I'd like to believe they're educated and we've been educating them for some time about volatility in markets. Fund members should expect a negative return every five or six years, there have been 8 times given that over the last 50 years when the All Ordinaries index has dropped by 20% or more. And even at this conference of key superannuation players,

there's an admission that in times of turmoil managing members' expectations is as difficult as investing their money. Most super funds have a pretty disciplined approach to how they invest and the current volatility shouldn't dissuade them from sticking to that game plan. Eddy Meyer, Ten News.

Now for a closer look at how the stock market's bounced back. Rio Tinto rebounded $10.50 after the competition watchdog announced it won't oppose BHP's takeover bid. The average price of petrol around Sydney is $1.44 a litre, in the Strathfield and Ryde areas. but we've seen it at $1.39 The Wall Street rally followed fresh hopes that George Bush's bailout package will be salvaged. Crucial changes have been made

which are likely to see it voted into law. From the moment Wall Street opened... (BELL CLANGS) ..there were positive signs. Congress would eventually agree on some sort of bailout plan, the market rallied.

The Dow Jones finished the day 485 points higher, a stark contrast to the previous day's record fall. A great deal of relief is the mood today. Certainly, panic was in the air. The rally followed another warning from the US President, directed at politicians, as well as ordinary Americans, who don't like the idea of taxpayers' money being used to prop up Wall Street. And if our nation continues on this course the economic damage will be painful and lasting. A re-worked bailout package will now go to the US Senate first, rather than the House of Representatives. A key change - raising the bank deposit limits guaranteed by Washington from US$100,000 to US$250,000 in an attempt to ease the concerns of angry voters. Changes have already been made in Europe. Ireland has guaranteed all bank deposits for two years with no limit, while in the UK the guaranteed amount has been increased to just over $100,000. The latest rescue plan for the US economy has the backing of the presidential candidates. There will be time to punish those who set this fire, but now is the moment for us to come together and put the fire out. Bipartisanship is a tough thing, never more so when you are trying to take necessary but publicly unpopular action, but inaction is not an option. Both men will leave their campaigns to attend the Senate vote tomorrow. In the US, Nicole Strahan, Ten News. The Treasurer has been accused of surrendering to the banks over interest rates. With rates expected to drop next week he's refusing to demand they be passed on in full. (CRIES)

Cheer up, little one, cheer up, little baby. Everyone's screaming for certainty and stability after yesterday's horror ride on the share market. I'm worried about where me money's going. To help restore confidence, the Reserve Bank's now expected to cut interest rates by up to 0.5% next week. I've certainly argued very strongly over the past year, that when official rates go down, the banks should follow. But, crucially, he won't insist they pass on the cuts in full. I would encourage all of our banks

to act as responsibly and as competitively as they possibly can. Banks argue borrowing costs have blown out. I'm not confident, necessarily, that the banks can pass on those reductions. Wayne Swan seems to have run up the white flag as far as interest rates are concerned. But the Treasurer believes it's too risky to push the banks too far. It's not good for the outlook for the Australian economy to put financial institutions under a deal of pressure. And hoping to ease pressure for future homebuyers, the government today launched the first-home saver account. For the first $5,000 you deposit, the Government will contribute $850. Looking at buying my first home when I graduate from uni but I've dad a bit of trouble saving - I seem to blow my money on shoes and things like that. Money saved under the scheme can only be accessed after four years. Meggie Palmer, Ten News. In sport with Brad McEwan, the NRL grand final teams are set to cross paths tonight. Yes, and it's because of a new grand final event. League reporter Adam Hawse joins us and, Adam, you're at Luna Park, and so are the teams.

It is a new event - the first Grand

Final fan dead. It has been a bit

flat leading up to today but now it

has taken off in style. The teams

have arrived, the fans us get it

now but about five minutes to go

there all over the players. Manley

looked particularly relaxed. They

will now go into the big top and be

presented to the crowd. They will

be kept separate. A bizarre sight

on the harbour? I don't think this

one will get a start in the Sydney

to Hobart but there was a barge

carrying and replica trophy. It

made its way across the harbour. A

bizarre sight but all intended to

get the fans into Grand Final fever

and there's just be grateful it

didn't sink. I am going to get on

the tangoed train and will see you later. More on that in sport. Plus, the New Zealand Warriors' And she's now true blue - why Libby Trickett has moved to NSW to continue her swimming career. Also ahead, who's a shock selection in the Socceroos squad. A star of Aussie theatre critically ill in hospital after a stroke - we've got that story next. Also tonight - Paul Keating puts the State Government on notice over a crucial city redevelopment. And a delicate rescue operation to save two stranded dolphins. WOMAN 1: Gee, Labor are doing good things in education. WOMAN 2: I know. My daughter's class size has been reduced to just 21! And Labor are funding quality teaching so our kids are taught by the best.

That's gotta be good for learning. Yeah, and Labor are investing in early childhood education and building new state-of-the-art schools in high-demand areas. They're also refurbishing

and putting new IT equipment into every school. Hey, that's great. VOICEOVER: ACT Labor: The key to a successful relationship? Understanding, open lines of communication, and listening. Flexibility, freedom of choice... ..a sense of adventure. Trust, security, room to grow. (LAUGHS) And patience. At Community CPS we know what it takes to build relationships. That's a difference we'd like to share with you. You gonna finish that? VOICEOVER: Now there's more to love about a Quarter Pounder

at McDonald's. For a limited time, you can order your favourite with irresistible seasoned avocado. And you can even add bacon. Try one at McDonald's today. VOICEOVER: The Liberals - Brendan Smyth dumped as leader. Bill Stefaniak, dumped as leader. Richard Mulcahy, defected, saying, it doesn't matter who leads the Liberals - they're unfit to govern.

They don't trust each other. Why should you?

This program is captioned live. Veteran entertainer Rob Guest is critically ill in hospital after suffering a stroke. The stage favourite, who's currently starring in the musical 'Wicked', is on life support in a Melbourne hospital. Cast members were told today. They are very upset and very concerned and very emotional

and there are a lot of tears backstage at present.

Guest suffered a minor stroke and was rushed to hospital, where his condition deteriorated overnight. Family members are by his side and more are flying in from New Zealand. A New South Wales couple,

accused of starving their young daughter to death, has been committed to stand trial for her murder. The 7-year-old weighed just 9kg when her body was found in a room littered with faeces at the family's home, north of Newcastle, last November. Her 46-year-old father and 37-year-old mother will stand trial for murder next month. Former PM Paul Keating has weighed into the debate over the future of a major old dock site on Sydney Harbour. He says $150 million for stage one of the development must be guaranteed in the Government's mini-budget or the city will suffer. Barangaroo was in the international spotlight when it hosted the Pope and thousands of pilgrims during World Youth celebrations. Now a new look is being proposed. Former prime minister Paul Keating heads a committee which has recommended returning the foreshore to its pre-European shape. It hopes to reinstate the headland previously excavated at Millers Point and cut an inlet that was filled in to create the wharves. The opportunity that's come our way - a once in two centuries opportunity to reshape the city at the end of the period of industrial sterilisation. considers the proposal she's been forced to deny funding for the project is under threat from the mini-budget. In the current budget the $150 million is provided, so there'd have to be a decision in the mini-budget to take it away. The funding for the park does come from the development of the commercial precinct. It is not subject to the mini-budget - all that is subject is the timing of that. Half the site will be public space, the remainder sold to a single developer for a precinct of world-class office towers. Paul Keating's vision is that the office buildings in this area become Sydney's new financial hub, serviced by ferries and connected to Wynyard station by a pedestrian tunnel. The Government will make its decision after a period of public consultation.

John Hill, Ten News. The bushfire season is under way and the forecast doesn't look good. With 90% of the State still in drought we're being warned to expect a hot and dangerous summer. After last year's mild season, the Rural Fire Service is rushing to do as much hazard reduction as possible

before the days get any hotter. If we get weather similar to or worse than we saw in the recent weekend, we've got the recipe for fire and the rapid spread of fire. Winter rain has hampered their preparations. The outlook points to above-average summer temperatures, but the RFS has only managed to burn 60% of their hazard reduction target. It's an all-year-round program but, clearly, as you get into the hotter, drier months, it sometimes rules out the practicality of getting on with burning. isn't due to a lack of resources. The Government says the shortfall Their budget has increased since 1994, since this government has come to power, 400%. So it's gone from $50 million to $201 million. The RFS will have more than 70,000 volunteers in the field, as well as the fire brigade's support and a squadron of on-call water-bombing aircraft. Now is the time to prepare your home for the summer months ahead. Clearing your gutters and property of leaf litter and debris makes a big difference, in case a bushfire is headed for your back door. Have static water supplies - preferably a petrol-powered pump and hoses - that can reach each corner of your property. Tim Potter, Ten News.

A check of the weather and as we

rush towards a public holiday have

we got good reason to be excited

about the weather? If you liked

what I organised the today you will

love what I drop off across your

driveway tomorrow. Fine and hot,

33-36 degrees. That is your

Thursday. Friday will be 33-36

degrees and then it is the long

weekend - Gee I like saying that on

the television - Saturday around

29-30 degrees with a late

thunderstorm. Sunday a possible

shower for the Grand Final and 24

degrees. Monday will be just

gorgeous - no office and 24 degrees.

We will be at Bear Cottage later in

the bulletin with pet barn and the RSPCA. Next - shock tactics. The confronting images police hope will warn people off knife crime. And from rags to riches - a British barmaid becomes an instant millionaire. As I was really excited running out the door the dog came, jumped up and bit my bum. If you're caught speeding or not wearing your seatbelt over this October long weekend, you'll lose at least half your licence. And if just one of your passengers isn't wearing theirs, that's your licence gone. Remember - double demerits for seatbelt and speeding offences. Let's get it on. Let's do it. 'Cause this is your biggest chance. You have got to make it. You understand? Let's go and give it to 'em! Yeah! BOTH: Huh! (BOTH CRACK NECKS) (BOTH GRUNT) BOTH: Ahh! (MAN LAUGHS) (PEOPLE CHEER) (JAUNTY MUSIC PLAYS) New Solo Strong. With the unbeatable combo of Solo and guarana, you'll be 1 1/2 times the man. (Dog growls) Barry doesn't always make the best choices, but one of his better ones was to connect his home to natural gas. Have you got gas? SQUEAK!

This program is captioned live.

Let's take on the traffic. Down at

Ingleburn we have had a bingle?

Massive queues heading into Massive queues heading into

Campbelltown. Three cars have

collided. Take a look at the delays

for all four lanes heading for all four lanes heading past

Ingleburn. The traffic does not

stop here - it continues back onto the

the M5, inset liveable and nearly

back to the M5 toll gates. It is

worse than Friday afternoon for

traffic heading into Campbelltown.

Motorists heading to the south-west

will be far better taking Camden

Valley Way or Campbelltown Road. We will update you later. Almost a century after being killed on a battlefield thousands of kilometres from home, an Australian soldier has been honoured with a special ceremony in Belgium. The service for Private George Storey followed a scientific breakthrough. Their names liveth forever more but thousands of World War I Allied troops are buried in anonymous graves. Now there is one less unknown soldier - Private George Storey, who died in the Battle of Polygon Wood exactly 91 years ago, finally has a headstone that bears his name, and the nephews he didn't live to meet couldn't be more proud. It means everything to me because up until now he's only been a name. Nobody knew who he was, where he was. George Storey came to Europe and died here, defending his values. Private Storey's remains Australian soldiers, were unearthed by workers building a pipeline in 2006. They were reburied last year and now three of the five have been identified.

It's sensational to culminate in this. They have science to thank.

Last year it was impossible to identify Private Storey because DNA was need from his female descendants, but this year, due to a breakthrough in testing technology, samples from his male relatives could be used. I think it's important that everyone, not only him but everyone here, is known by everyone for what they did and for what they gave for us. Their sacrifice, like their names, is forever etched in history. In Belgium, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. British police have turned to shock tactics in their effort to fight knife crime. They've released startling X-rays of a teenager with a 12cm kitchen knife stuck in his head. The 16-year-old was attacked last November in London while trying to protect a friend from muggers. Almost a year later he's recovered and has enrolled in college. A 17-year-old has been found guilty of attempted murder. An American man has saved his dog from the jaws of a shark. The 1.5m predator grabbed the terrier during his daily swim. A big, dark green shape, which I realised was a big shark's head, zoomed up from under Jake. Jake screamed - oh, you don't ever want to hear it, it was such a death scream - and it sucked him under. I dove straight down like a battering ram and I drove my fists under the water into the shark. Jake's owner and his wife don't have children and say the dog is a big part of their life. about the financial crisis, While the world worries one British teenager is facing a very different dilemma. The part-time barmaid is deciding how to spend the ?7 million - or $15.5 million - she's just won in a lottery. This is how it feels to be an 18-year-old EuroMillions lottery winner. worth over ?7 million. As I was really excited running out the door the dog came, jumped up and bit my bum, and I didn't even realise until about an hour later. The ticket went all sorts of places. My grandparents looked after it in a jewellery box. It did spend a lot of time in my bra, just to keep it safe, 'cause I knew where it was. This is the sort of attention this overnight millionaire may have to get used to. Your boyfriend must feel like the luckiest boyfriend in the world, not that he didn't already. How was his reaction? He's very shocked, he's very, very shell-shocked. It still hasn't quite got into his head either. And you're happy with it being in banks, with all what's happening with the economy at the moment? Yeah, I'm very happy. You're not worried about your millions going missing? No. on a new car and a holiday, Ianthe plans to spend her winnings before starting university as the new ?7 million student. Next - why grandparents make the best babysitters. Also - what's hot for Christmas. The wraps come off this year's most wanted toys. An iPod, a PSP and a Wii. And Olivia and her new husband make their Australian red carpet debut. Nothing for breakfast but loose change? Head to Hungry Jack's for a delicious Cheesy Omelette Wrap, with fresh eggs and golden melting cheese - just $2.25. Just $2.25? That's real breakfast value. (PEOPLE CHATTER) Giving up all your cigarettes at once can seem impossible. That's because the receptor beasts in your brain will put up a fight if they don't get their hit of nicotine. New Nicabate Pre-Quit targets the receptors with therapeutic nicotine, reducing your urge to smoke. over two weeks, making you twice as likely to succeed. Ease into quitting Nicabate Pre-Quit. This program is captioned live. Top stories this news hour - horrified RSPCA workers are investigating three of the worst cases of animal cruelty they've seen. In the past 24 hours, a dog has been hanged, another burnt, and more than 20 chickens slaughtered. Bored children on school holidays may be to blame. The three Bali bombers have warned of revenge attacks on non-Muslims should their executions go ahead. They say they do not regret their actions six years ago, which claimed 202 lives. They say they'd do it again if they could. Their defiant remarks coincide which killed four Australians. And banking stocks have helped the Australian stock market regain most of yesterday's losses. The bourse finished 3.5% up, to the relief of investors. But the market is still 30% lower than it was 10 months ago. After a fortnight stranded in a small lake,

two bottlenose dolphins have been freed.

Repeated attempts to drive them through a narrow channel were thwarted Experts think they were scared by road noise but the road soon turned into their salvation - they were picked up and carried on the back of a truck. A delicate, 3km road trip followed before they were eased back into the sea. Experts say they should make a full recovery. They're older, wiser and now, it seems, they can help make your children smarter. A ground-breaking study has found grandparents are the key to unlocking a baby's potential. Life's a ball for young Poppy with doting grandparents wrapped around her little finger. They've come from England

while her mum returns to work. To be with her every day and see all the different little changes - it's so special. When you're a mother yourself you just don't have the time. it's that quality time which could help make Poppy smarter. infants who are regularly cared for by a grandparent - up to nine hours a week - have more advanced learning than those looked after exclusively by a parent or other carers. They were better at using gestures and sounds and to get grandparents' attention and to make their needs know for them. Grandparents like to focus on giving over some of their wisdom - the knowledge they've acquired during their lives. 5,000 children aged between 3 and 19 months were monitored. They were scored on their development and emotional wellbeing. The sooner grandparents can become involved, the better. as soon as children turn four The report found they develop far better in a more formal preschool environment with a structured curriculum. Derek is savouring this time of life, even though he admits toddlers can be a handful. Wearing - I'm no youngster and it wears you out. Belinda Heggen, Ten News.

Very cute. Let's check in with the

weather and Tim Bailey has queued.

You want cute, I have cute. This is

made and her bare Morris. A round of applause please! Hello everybody and

and welcomed to Bear Cottage where and welcomed to Bear Cottage where

we are having a whole heap of fun

with the R S P C A and pet Barnett.

We are going to tell you how you

can celebrate World Animal Day, how

you can support Bear Cottage and

how you can raise money for a whole

heap of good charities. Today was a g'day, wasn't it?

At your place tomorrow it will be

slip, slap, slap - very hot and

sunny. See you again later. Furry friends that talk to toddlers and interactive gadgets are topping children's wish lists for Christmas. While some old favourites remain, games which promote physical activity are also popular. The festive season may still be a few months away but children already have their eyes on Santa's loot. Tamagochi! Um, My Little Pet Shop. Bratz, Barbies, Beedos. There's too many things!

This year's top toy for tots is a magical blue TV star. Iggle Piggle! Big kids are hoping for high-tech toys... I'd like an iPod, a PSP and a Wii. ..and arachnophobes beware of these popular pests. Cabbage Patch Dolls, Lego and Barbies are a few old favourites making a comeback. There is very much a case of what was old is new again. The Fur Real Puppy, Iggle Piggle, a remote-control creepy crawly and iDog will set you back about $50. The popular Nintendo DS retails at around the $200 mark. While high-tech gizmos and gadgets are still topping Christmas lists, new trends in gaming have got us getting fit and healthy at home. A lot of this technology is very much geared towards getting kids active. Kate Creedon, Ten News. Olivia Newton-John and new husband John Easterling have made their red carpet debut in Sydney. The pair, who married in June, attended a special concert to raise money for Olivia's cancer charity. She was joined on stage by a host of stars, Melinda Schneider and Christine Anu. including Guy Sebastian, Many of the famous faces attending had joined the 60-year-old on her great walk to Beijing earlier this year. The charity hopes to raise $5 million. Sport now with Brad, and Cameron Smith's comments come back to haunt him. Yes - ahead, the interview

that shows a case of double standards by the Storm skipper. And as the Storm arrive early for the decider, some Manly fans already have their eyes on the prize, as NSW looks to reclaim supremacy. Also, look who's jumped the border - as Sydney gains an Olympic gold medallist, Libby Trickett tells why she's made the move. At Holden, we're doing something about rising fuel prices. for up to 20,000 k's on all Holdens across the range sold and delivered before the end of October. So it's the perfect time to pick up a new Captiva. on a great range of petrol or diesel models Go better. has trained Army officers with leadership qualities With just 18 months training, you too can become a leader on the world stage. This program is captioned live. It appears grand final fever has finally hit Sydney, judging by scenes at the fan day at Luna Park. Adam Hawse rejoins us and, Adam, the two grand finals teams received a big reception.

I am at Luna Park and it is the

first NRL fan dead. It was a treat

- the fans loved it and all the

players turned up. All 17 players

from each team turned up by bus and walked

walked up the red carpet and the

fans were all over them. You can

feel the buzz picking up as it has

been a bit flat up till now. Manley

looked night 10 - nice and relaxed

and a now being presented to the

fans. Melbourne arrived earlier in

the afternoon as they tried to make it back-to-back championships. The defending champions arriving in the grand final city, and who said they don't have any support in Sydney?

(SCREAMS) STORM! Someone with a slightly better voice gave her tip for the decider. Dare I say it, I'm going to go for Melbourne, for two reasons - because I live in Melbourne, and they were all on the same flight and I think they're all going to beat me up if I don't say Melbourne. The Storm is still under threat of legal action from the judiciary after Craig Bellamy's heavy criticism after Cameron Smith's suspension. There are people within the system at the moment that are hurting from those accusations. Reputation is everything in this game, and when people attack your credibility and integrity, that's when there is a problem. But there was no apology today. I probably didn't express it as well as I would have liked to but it was a bit of frustration building up. as far as I'm concerned And, as I said, it's over now and we're worrying about Sunday. REPORTER: Any regrets? No. Smith slipped unnoticed onto the team bus. The skipper's comments yesterday left him open to claims of hypocrisy. His complaint about being prejudged before his hearing... I was a little disappointed, you know, that everyone had so much of a say. ..a stunning backflip from how he felt about rival Ben Ross in Round 2. It's just a clear example of someone getting hit late and getting hit high and stamp someone out. Controversy surrounds the Grand

Final jersey of Manly? We spotted

this at training. The slogan has

been on the Joe's seat for a while

and it is helped to bring them

together. Unfortunately the end RL

has not approved it so the club

could be fine. Let's hope it

doesn't come to that. The Warriors

had a close shave in week one of

the finals but today it the finals but today it was for

real trouble stop the a and a cult

following with their facial hair -

I didn't like it - but all good

things have to come to them end.

That happened over there in

Auckland. A very sad day, I'm sure

you will agree. Not too much fairy floss, Adam. Socceroos coach Pim Verbeek is looking to the future by naming a Sydney FC bolter in an extended 35-man squad for the World Cup qualifier against Qatar in a fortnight. Free-kick specialist Shannon Cole is amongst eight potential debutants just five games into his professional career.

Just how I react to this, I think, is a learning curve. But I think once they see how the European guys are if I'm called into the camp,

then I might as well take my exercise book and pen and write down as many notes as I can.

And there's still plenty of room for big names like Harry Kewell, Mark Schwarzer and Tim Cahill. Ricky Ponting is hoping to end the bad blood

between the Australian and Indian cricket teams in the upcoming Test series which starts in Bangalore on October 9. Relations hit rock bottom earlier this year

when India toured Australia, although the skipper reckons it was all blown out of proportion. I don't think the actual tensions between the teams in Australia were probably as high as what was made out to be. As I said, we will be able to have a chat about the way we want to play the series. It's important for me and the Australian team, while we're here, to make sure we are playing the game in the right spirit and we're embracing the people and the culture. Ponting is happy with the level of security being provided for his team in the wake of recent bomb blasts across India. A massive coup today for the NSW Institute of Sport's new swimming program, with Olympic champion Libby Trickett announcing she's moving to Sydney. Trickett will join a star-studded squad as she begins the long preparation for the London Games. She's spent her whole life barracking for the Maroons in the Sunshine State, but Libby Trickett is about to enter Blues territory and call Sydney home. Obviously, Queenslanders are a very proud, passionate bunch and I'm well and truly one of them, but I know that this is the right decision for me. After six years, two Olympic gold medals and five Commonwealth golds under Brisbane-based coach Stephan Widmar,

Trickett says it's time to move on, and so does her former mentor. That's probably...the bond, that is the stuff that gets under your skin, and we had a great journey. She'll link up with fellow 50m freestyle world record holder Eamon Sullivan and his coach, Grant Stoelwinder, who's been selected to lead the elite NSWIS squad. Yeah, it's huge. It really is a big undertaking but, you know, it's about rejuvenating herself. It's no doubt been a massive decision and one that, Trickett says, has been solely motivated by her family and her future. Despite speculation, she says in no way has it been influenced by butterfly rival Jessicah Schipper's recent move to Widmar's Brisbane camp. I would have loved to have trained with Jess, I think that would have been a great challenge. It would have been extremely challenging at times, don't get me wrong, but at the end of the day I need a big change. What I realised after the Olympics want to keep swimming is the fact that I don't think I've reached my potential, and that's really what I'm after in the next four years. Victoria Murphy, Ten News. Later in Sports Tonight - out of the ring and onto the ice-skating rink for boxing champ Kostya Tszyu.

Leads the check with the traffic

chopper again. Cells and problems

in Ingleburn? The delays have not

eased after the accident. Take a

look at that - for all the way to

Campbelltown. Stay with us - Tim Bailey's weather wrap is next. WOMAN: Protecting our environment is really important. So it's great how Labor have secured over half of the ACT as protected nature reserves. MAN: That's for sure.

And it's fantastic how Labor are behind solar energy options and environmental rebates. Yeah. That really makes it easier for us to do our bit for the environment.

And taking measures to secure our water supply and combat climate change. That's important. VOICEOVER: ACT Labor: VOICEOVER: Now there's more to love about a Quarter Pounder at McDonald's. For a limited time, you can order your favourite with irresistible seasoned avocado. And you can even add bacon. Try one at McDonald's today. WOMAN 1: Labor has already reduced class sizes to 21

in the important early years. WOMAN 2: Yeah, and now they're reducing average class sizes to 21 for every single year of school! That's great!

This Thursday's Powerball jackpot is $6 million. For more chances to win, ask for a Powerball Megapick. $6 million Powerball jackpot - you could spend the rest of your life.

This program is captioned live.

Time for all the weather details

now. Tim helps out the kids where

heavy Canberra don't think people

appreciate how tiring it can be. We

have had a great day with the RSPCA

here at Bear Cottage working with

their puppies and the sick kids.

Have a look at this - this is one

puppy who is plum target out. He is

gone! Excuse me, mate! Excuse me,

mate! Not moving. Hello everybody.

mate! Not moving. Hello everybody.

Can we have a big round of applause

please for the RSPCA. For this

wonderful place called Bear Cottage

and they get by only by your

donations. They held out lots of

sick kids life shortening diseases.

Also a big round of applause for

Petbarn. Saturday is World Animal

Day. There is also the blessing of

the animals at the RSPCA shelter at

11am but pet Barne are asking you,

at every time you buy something in

one of their stores, they will give

some money to the RSPCA and held

out their puppies, their animals,

they need your support just as Bear

Cottage does. I love it when two of

my favourite charities get together

- Bear Cottage and R S P C K. A

round of applause please! You might

have noticed I am standing next to have noticed I am standing next to

a real, live, Manly supporter. Goes

the sea Eagles! Excuse me? Go with

the sea Eagles! I think I love the sea Eagles! I think I love you!

What have we got for What have we got for weather

tomorrow? Hot and sunny, 33 to tomorrow? Hot and sunny, 33 to 36

degrees. There will be Friday as

well. The long weekend - I wouldn't

dish up anything dodgy, would I? I would not try that sort of thing.

72 hours of days off for you -

Saturday, possible thunder storm. Before

Before the grand final it will be

24 degrees with showers gone early.

Monday will be just Monday will be just glorious and about 24 degrees.

Ploughed his crossing the south-

east ahead of a trough causing only

light showers. Hot dry it north-

westerly winds tomorrow's breadth

and the interior to the NSW coast.

The business of the brolly,

predicted precipitation, drips and

drops across rooftops and crops -

dry across NSW, showers in Western Australia.

Sometimes when you do this job you

meet people with very big part to

have been dealt unreasonable have been dealt unreasonable cards

but have big grins on their faces.

Meet Josh! He - and this is his

little brother, Sam, who gets

annoyed when we talk about just but

not Sam. They are enjoying Bear

Cottage and the facilities for

having a holiday with his mum, dad

and whole family. We are helping

kids who need a bit of help. The

RSPCA and PET barn are helping - I

am starting to feel good!

A monkey could get his forecast

right to - hang on, he just did!

They'd done on Friday, possible

storm on Saturday, possible shower

on Sunday - Don't panic, it is a

long weekend.

From Bear Cottage, see you later!

Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia.