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bodies found in a burning house. police trying to identify four shifts to the South-East. Queensland's flood emergency a second man And US authorities looking for over the Arizona massacre. Morning News with Sally Bowrey. VOICEOVER: This is Seven Good morning. and homicide detectives Forensic investigators of a house fire in Melbourne. have spent the night at the scene and three children Four bodies, believed to be a woman the Heidelberg house late yesterday. were found inside Cameron Baud is outside the house.

about the identity of the victims Have police revealed any more Good morning, Cameron.

or how they died?

Good morning, Sally. In the past

couple of hours, control of this

from investigation has been transferred

from the homicide squad

from the homicide squad to the Arson

Squad. Police are convinced they are

dealing with a murder suicide. The

oldest is a 17-year-old girl, the

younger a girl and boy of school

age. The initial assessment is they

have died from smoke inhalation. It

is the circumstances to the

circumstances of the fire being

started. What is making this is

started. What is making this is a

tough investigation, the fire has

caused much damage to the

of the house and the state of the caused much damage to the interior

deceased which is distressing to

police. It's an horrific scene in there. find it difficult to walk in there Even hardened investigators should or have to witness and, again, it's a sight that no-one at any time. So, investigators are a long way exactly what happened? from working out

We have got a couple of days to

on the autopsy process. We have got a couple of days to run

Investigators are taking a slow and

methodical pace on this case. They

are still in the process of

contacting relatives, including the

father of the children, who lives

interstate. But detectives do not

need to search for a suspect, there

is no search here. But they are keen

to speak to anyone

to speak to anyone who was in the

area. They should call Crime

Stoppers on 1 800 33 000. are being urged Residents in Melbourne's west to stay indoors if they can

from a massive factory fire. to avoid thick smoke the textiles and recycling business The blaze started inside in Footscray early this morning. Allan Raskall has more.

Thank you you, Sally. Firefighters

continue to battle a massive

at a textile business here in fots continue to battle a massive blaze

cray in Melbourne's west. It broke

out around 4 o'clock this morning

and took Hoad of the building. The

flames so intense, the walls have

buckled and the roof collapsed. Of

particular concern is that massive

plume of smoke. Authorities warning

those in the a area, particularly

stay those with respiratory problems to

stay indoors and keep their windows shut.

All smoke is hazardous. There isn't

anything good as bad smoke. I would

completely stay out of it.

With power cut, a mum of surrounding

businesses have been affected. A

staging company has sustained smoke

and water damage. The owner of the

textile business was on holidays and

is currently on his way here.

Firefighters will be here for some

time and it's far too early to

what caused the blaze. time and it's far too early to tell whether this massive house fire And police are also investigating was deliberately lit. in Adelaide's north-west after midnight Fire crews arrived in Ridleyton completely engulfed in flames. to find the home The roof had collapsed to cut open the garage and firefighters had to use a saw to reach the flames. was inside It was feared an elderly woman but she wasn't home at the time. but the house was destroyed. No-one was injured as suspicious. Police are treating the fire is worsening by the day, Queensland's flood disaster

shifting to the South-East. with the immediate threat across the already-saturated region, Torrential rain is falling and rivers to breaking point. pushing swollen waterways Bracing for rising floodwaters, through the night Gympie's business owners worked to clear out their stock. of going under Their livelihoods in danger as the Mary River rises. on the line Hundreds of thousands of dollars so you have to get it out. fills up the street, The water just rises slowly, into Toyworld here. probably go to the roof It's a tiring task there's no other choice. but with so much on the line wasting your time doing it You don't know if you're than sorry. but it's better to be safe have been inundated Already a number of shops 19 metres later today. with waters expected to reach to be vigilant We just encourage residents

on the rise. and make certain they keep an eye waters have flooded homes, Upstream, in Maryborough, the rising destroyed cars and cut off roads. to tell you the truth. I don't want to go back there, It just makes you quite sad

is that house. when everything I own and worked for heavy downpours After being battered by some good news. residents have finally received over Maryborough. Thankfully the heavy rain has eased over the next few days, They're still going to get showers with moderate falls, a return to the torrential rain but they're not going to see over the weekend. that they did see for the residents of Dalby, There's no such relief

west of Brisbane. to the town's evacuation centre They're being moved of flash flooding. with more predictions

has received a drenching. There's no doubt the South-East 100mm fell in parts of Brisbane Over the last 24 hours more than copped more than 200mm. while parts of the Sunshine Coast to prepare for flash flooding People are being warned is getting the message. but it seems not everyone tried to cross a washed-out road. This man's ute became stuck as he just dropped down into the hole I came through and it's and that was it.

without power across the region. Almost 3,000 homes have been left

over the coming days. More wild weather is predicted have charged a 22-year-old man Police in the United States with attempted assassination over the killing of six people at a political event yesterday. US Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head and is in a critical condition in hospital.

The more we learn about the

22-year-old gunman, the more

disturbing it becomes. Jared

Loughner killed six people and left

a popular congresswoman, Gabrielle

Giffords fighting for her life.

He had a semi-automatic pistol and started firing.

This was America's first attempted

political assassination since the shooting

shooting of Ronald Reagan 30 years

ago. Glifrdz neurosurgeon says her

survival is remarkable.

This was a devastating wound that

travelled the entire length of the

brain on the left side.

The FBI director is on the scene,

taking personal charge of the investigation.

This was an attack not only against

dedicated public servants, but

against our fellow citizens, one

being a child who was there to learn

more about hour our government works.

A second man is regarded as a

possible accome replies. The

congresswoman already faced threats

and her offices were vandal iced

last year. And a Sarah Palin

sponsored image used the cross hairs showing.

showing. She deplored provocative symbols.

When they have to do that they have to realise there is

to realise there is consequences to that action.

This has political consequences. A

young girl and a senior judge are among the dead. At least two people have been killed in a gunfire fight on the streets of Baltimore in the United States. A police officer is among the dead and another was shot in the leg while responding to a disturbance

outside a nightclub. It's believed the policeman was accidentally killed in the crossfire by another officer.

A terribly rough time for the family,

for the police department as well as the city, so I ask you to keep their families in your prayers. Four people are being treated in hospital. Crown Princess Mary's royal twins may visit Australia this year, according to their proud Aussie grandfather. The princess is still resting in hospital showing off the new arrivals to family and friends. US correspondent Angela Cox is in Copenhagen.

Yes, Sally. 9 big news of the day is

that the royal couple's oldest

children finally got to meet their

younger brother and sister.

Christian and Isabella were at the

palace yesterday when the twins were

born. They were being looked after

by Mary's father. He rushed into

hospital but left the children

behind because Christian had a cold.

Today the youngsters finally came to

the hospital. They were brought in

through a secret entrance. They

wanted to shield them from the

media. Doctors did check over

Christian to make sure he wasn't too

sick and wouldn't pose a risk to the

newborns but he was given the

all-clear. They were excited to see

the twins. Twins say the little boy

looks like his older Princess. They

had a steady stream of visitors. We

saw a Baron and Baronness, a famous

jazz musician, also the Crown

Princess's stylist was here, some of

Frederik's old school chums as well

as the Crown Princess's ladies in

waiting. Now the question is when we

will get to see them. We are

will get to see them. We are told they will make a decision today are

the next day when the Crown Princess

can take the newborns home. That is

the first opportunity we are going

to get to see them. We will have to see when they will be getting out. Sally.

Thanks, Angela. Next in Seven News - business and finance. Another celebrity pregnancy.

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A Sydney woman is lucky to be alive after being rescued by a police officer from a capsized kayak, south of Perth. Beth Hull won gold for Australia in rhythmic gymnastics at the Special Olympics

but she came into trouble on the weekend

while kayaking for the first time, a kilometre offshore. A strong gust of wind tipped her craft over but a police officer raced to her rescue. I try and hold on, I was kicking so hard. When I got to her she was very upset. She was screaming, upset. Beth has thanked the officer, calling him her hero.

At least 71 people have been killed after a passenger plane crashed while making an emergency landing in north-west Iran. More than 100 people were on board the IranAir jet

when it came down in extreme weather smashing into several pieces on impact. Rescue efforts to reach survivors were hampered by heavy snow but around 30 people were pulled alive from the wreckage. Most suffered only minor injuries. The death toll is expected to rise.

To finance now and joining me is senior economist Justin Smirk from Westpac. Good morning, Matthew. Has our market followed Wall Street's weak lead?

Good morning, Sally. At first it

did, it fell 0. did, it fell 0.4%

did, it fell 0.4%. The weakness in

the US was driven by the weak jobs

number suggesting growth was number suggesting growth was going to

to be lagging. Comments from the

to be lagging. Comments from the US Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke

Federal Reserve Ben Bernanke saying the recoveryy was going to take five

years and also that mortgage

documentation wasn't correct and for

closures couldn't behave. They are

back to Friday. It was a flash in

the pan for us this morning. And there's plenty of data out this week? Today we get

Today we get the retail trades

numbers for November. October was a

dismal number. We expect a soft

bounce there. There is more with the

trade numbers, the finance approvals

and employment on Thursday. A bit of

a whip soaring around the finance

and trade numbers, will be both

positive negatives but the

unemployment numbers will be

positive. Whilst the consumption and

household sector is under pressure, the

the economy is still continue to go

grow and that is a good story. Thank you, Justin Smirk from Westpac. Checking the markets in detail: Day one of voting has closed in Sudan for the week-long ballot which is likely to produce the world's newest nation. The oil-rich south hopes to separate from the north nearly six years after a peace agreement was signed ending the latest civil war. There's a general acceptance in the north and south, that if a vote for independence should be cast. We don't know yet. Then it will be accepted peacefully.

There are five polling stations in Australia for Sudanese refugees wanting to cast their vote. Melting ice and snow, coupled with heavy rain, is causing widespread flooding in parts of Germany. The rising water has turned many streets into rivers and flooded basements along the Moselle River. Large sheets of ice have been dumped on farmland and many roads are now closed as the floodwaters continue to rise.

Around 30,000 Thai Red Shirt protesters have taken to the streets of Bangkok demanding the release of leaders who have been detained on terrorism charges. A 1,000-strong security force was on hand to control the group with only minor scuffles being reported. The anti-government demonstrators say they've learnt lessons from last year's violence which led to the deaths of around 90 people. The celebrity baby boom is continuing with Victoria Beckham announcing she's pregnant. Posh and her husband, football superstar David Beckham, are expecting their fourth child. The former pop star turned fashion designer has spoken of her desire for a baby girl. The couple already has three sons - Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz. The family are staying mum on the baby's due date. Next in Seven News - rumours of a comeback for the 'Thorpedo'. The big names in town for the Sydney International. And Chris Gayle goes ballistic in the Twenty20 Big Bash.

Some sensational power hitting from Chris Gayle and Shaun Marsh

has powered Western Australia to a 19-run win over New South Wales

in the Twenty20 Big Bash overnight. Rain cut the Blues run chase short but the Warriors were always in control at ANZ Stadium. Gun Warriors import Chris Gayle was snubbed at the recent Indian Premier League Auction. It's hard to understand why. This might be in the upper deck.

The modern-day master blaster clubbed 61 off 30 balls including 32 from one Scott Coyte over. COMMENTATOR: Don't bowl it there, Scotty. Pretty disappointing actually, trying to get the ball as forward we possibly could to him but the further we got it, the further he hit it. Gayle's explosive hitting took the focus off Shaun Marsh but only briefly. That'll go all the way as well. Marsh hammered 85 off 45 deliveries

as Western Australia amassed a stunning 5/205. I had my plans at the start of the innings and I stuck to them and it came off so I'm really happy. David Warner did his best to keep New South Wales in the contest but when he was run out for 50, it was game over. Thank you very much - danger man gone. The Blues were 4/104 when rain arrived

for the second and final time giving WA a 19-run win via the Duckworth-Lewis method. Play has just begun after a rain delay in the annual Prime Minister's XI's match against England, in Canberra. The Australian team's captain, Tim Paine, won the toss and elected to bat after some words of encouragement from Julia Gillard. I am looking forward to the day and I'm obviously looking forward to an Australian victory too for the PM's XI. Local young gun Sam Miller was a late inclusion replacing New South Wales batsman Nic Maddinson who injured his thumb in last night's Twenty20 match. Former US Open champion Juan Martin Del Potro will make his long-awaited return from injury at the Medibank International Sydney today. The Argentine was limited to a handful of appearances last year

because of an ongoing wrist injury. During that time his ranking has fallen from number 4 in the world to 258.

Aussie star Samantha Stosur is also on court against Yanina Wickmayer. And Robin Soderling will head into the Australian Open with plenty of confidence after disposing of Andy Roddick in the final of the Brisbane International yesterday. At one point Roddick threatened to walk off because of the slippery court surface before eventually going down 6-3, 7-5. The Central Coast kept its push for a top-2 finish in the A-League alive last night with a 1-0 win over Wellington at Bluetongue Stadium. Kiwi international Michael McGlinchey scored the decisive goal for the Mariners. COMMENTATOR: Well, it was on the way, wasn't it? And eventually the pressure down the left pays off. This time Josh Rose finds a target and McGlinchey finishes. At AAMI Park, Adelaide thumped Melbourne Victory 4-1, snapping a horror run of 10-straight losses against Ernie Merrick's side. Manchester United has booked a berth in the fourth round of the FA Cup this morning ith a 1-0 win over Liverpool and Old Trafford.

Fellow Premier League heavyweights Chelsea and Tottenham also progressed but Manchester City was held to a 2-all draw by second-tier outfit Lester.

City goalkeeper Joe Hart's second-half howler ensured the two sides will do it all again in a replay next week. Australian swimming legend Grant Hackett is sceptical of suggestions Ian Thorpe could make a comeback for the 2012 Olympics. The multiple Olympic champion is back in training

but Hackett says he won't believe Thorpe's planning to return to international competition until he hears it from the man himself. The 28-year-old needs to decide by March if he's planning a comeback because of drug-testing protocols. He won't be able to race for nine months after registering for drug-testing. Stay with me here on Seven's Morning News. I'll be back with all the weather details after this break.

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VOICEOVER: Yahoo!7 and Seven News bringing you Australia's number one news whenever you want it 24/7. Checking the weather now - there's a severe weather warning current across South-East Queensland

for more heavy rain which is expected to worsen the flood situation. Cloud moving through New South Wales and Victoria is also bringing showers and storms. There's some heavy, thundery rain about the tropics

in a monsoon trough. So around the country today - Rain for Brisbane.

Sydney's expecting a few showers.

Canberra, 23 degrees. Some rain and possible storms in Melbourne. Hobart, late rain. Adelaide should stay fine and warm. Sunny and hot in Perth.

Darwin, warm and humid. And that's Seven News to now. We'll keep you up to date throughout the day and in our bulletins at 4:30 and tonight at 6:00. I'm Sally Bowrey. Thanks for your company, goodbye. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia