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live. Tonight - critical condition

- the plan to fix our health system.

This is a once in a generation

response. Sydney's rising food

prices. I can't get away without

eating. N D eating. N D brave Australian

swimmer competing for her country

after her brother dies. Also -

police have wrapped up their

industrial campaign, refusing to

issue fines. And a new name for

- a Sydney's baby elephants. But first

- a landmark report into or out ailing health system has

recommended the biggest shake-up

since the introduction of Medicare.

But many reforms would have until

after the next election. Why is

this overhaul going to take so

long? For there are 123

recommendations in the report. The

blueprint Prime Minister says it is a

blueprint but it will take at least blueprint but it will take at least

six months to get it right. Kevin

Rudd says a hospital takeover was Rudd says a hospital takeover was

always a last resort. The problem always a last resort. The problem

is the expectation many voters have.

They expect him to take a loss

because by now. Liver transplant

patient Reiner Lenz has been patient Reiner Lenz has been

His waiting almost 50 days for surgery.

His last operation was cancelled at

the last minute. Considering the

nature of the surgery it is

terrible. He is people like Mr Lenz

who had been most to benefit from

Kevin Rudd's election promises.

After a year of hearings Mr Rudd's

health and health and hospital Reform

Commission has finally outlined how

to fix the system but the Prime

Minister says Labor will have to

wait till after the next election.

The implementation of this has

massive implications for all

Australians. The government wants

to get this right. This is an

amazing break off an election

promise. It

promise. It would mean a 100 per

cent takeover offer hospitals.

The Government will consult with

the community over the next six

months before taking his final plan

next year. to a special meeting of Coke early

next year. If the stakes don't

election. agree it will go to another

That means hard decisions on rising

raising tensions on raising taxes

or cutting budgets. How has the

State Government reacted? Amber State Government reacted? Amber

Muir joins us. The Muir joins us. The Nathan Rees Muir joins us. The Nathan Rees

government knows South Alciston has

problems. He's at welcoming this

plan? It certainly use. It has

called it a once in a generation

opportunity to fix our health

system. It has applauded the

introduction of a universal dental

care program. But academics and

doctors remain unconvinced at this stage that the plan

stage that the plan will fix our

hospital crisis. Rule doctors point

out there are no measures to entice

doctors back to the Bush where life

expectancy for and we shall

communities are much lower. Also

there. Found it it does not matter

who pays if there is no one to do

the work. Back in the City the

doctors are worried the

doctors are worried the reform

might contribute recommendations to

limit bureaucratic processes. We

are very concerned that it will not

just be dollars coming to NSW

health but a lot of paperwork and

bureaucracy. This once in a generation opportunity generation opportunity is a

response to long-term neglect by

the Howard government which reduced

funding to new suppliers public

hospitals from a fifty-fifty

partnership to just 60-40. The

opposition is very critical of the

State Government in recent years

on but he was unavailable for response

on today's latest development. Food

prices are again causing pain, with

the cost at the checkout rising

faster than most other things. In

fact, prices have doubled in 20

years - and a lack of competition

is being blamed. Tough times or not,

there's one topic sure to draw an

angry response - the price of fresh

food and groceries. Once when you

more than went in with $50. Now it's a lot

more than $50. For once, families

and statisticians agree - it's

harder to budget, simply because of

the rising cost of the basics. I

try to do a fortnightly shop and

then often I find I have to do a then often I find I have to do a

top-up of milk and bread, and you top-up of milk and bread, and you

walk out of Coles or Woolworths,

$40, $60 - it's frightening. We

can't get away without laundry, we can't get away without laundry, we

can't get away without eating, so,

yeah, it's getting harder. Still

angry over the Government

abandoning its Grocery Watch website, Choice says the website, Choice says the

stranglehold by Coles and

Woolworths remains the biggest

issue for food prices in Australia.

You can't control for drought, or

climatic issues or international

demand, but competition you can

focus resources to make it better.

In the last year food prices rose

by 4.75% - almost 4 times higher

by 4.75% - almost 4 times higher than other items.

than other items. It's a similar

story over the past 5 years - but in two decades,

in two decades, the cost of food

has almost doubled. The better news

is that food prices actually fell

in the last 3 months thanks to the global financial crisis and should

keep them lower over the next few

months as well. But it is

inevitable that prices will rise

again, once the global economy

improves. Choice says it is

possible to find savings.

Supermarkets are not the only

source of fresh produce - there are

some very good fruitologists,

butchers, fishmongers, independents. People

People need to check them out

because if the independents aren't

there in a vibrant sense, you can

be sure we'd be paying even more

for this fresh produce. Eddy Meyer,

Ten News. Shoppers are rushing to a

new grocery store, which

specialises in selling food that's

past its best before date. The

Grocery Club buys older stock,

discontinued lines, and damaged

goods, and sells them for half

little later price. We'll have that story a

little later this newshour. A wheel

has fallen off a loaded Virgin Blue

jet just before take-off. The

incident was revealed, as the

airline announced plans to raise

$231 million to prop up its shaky

balance sheet. It's been a

turbulent ride for airlines in 2009

and Virgin Blue hasn't been spared

the plunge. And now it's CEO Brett

Godfrey has announced he's jumping

off next year. I've certainly given

my full amount of blood sweat my full amount of blood sweat and

tears and I'd probably just like to

have discussion around our dinner table

table other than airplanes. The

airline predicts its short haul

business has made a $30 million

profit in the 2009 financial year,

but V Australia lost $100 million

on the US route. ?All up, Virgin

Blue recorded a $165 million loss.

To boost cash Blue recorded a $165 million loss. To boost cash flow

To boost cash flow the carrier now

plans to raise $231 million through

a 20 cent share offer - that's a

31% discount on the current market

price. Mr Godfrey says the money

will help fund new aircraft - not

to cover up any debts. For the

forseeable future it's just that,

it is shoring up the balance sheet.

While the wheels may not be falling

off Virgin's overall operations the

same can't be said for some of it's

aircraft. It's been revealed a wheel ripped

wheel ripped off one of its 737s in

Melbourne as it prepared to take-

off on Saturday. The Aircraft

Engineers Association believes if

the nose wheel had fallen off mid-

flight the aircraft could have been

destroyed. For a long time the ALAA

have for a long time called for

virgin to carry out full safety

checks before every flight, but

virgin choose not to carry out

those safety checks I don't believe

for one second it was a safety

issue. It was an axle sheer and the

early indication is it was from

corrosion. Virgin Blue says all

similar 737s were inspected the

night of the incident and were

cleared for take-off.

Making defied heartbreak to swim a

relay heat for her country. Her

brother's death is the second car

crash tragedy to strike her family.

Her swimmer was just four when her

father died 16 years ago at the age

of 37. I wish he was here and

sometimes I get sad but other times

I've got my own mother. While she

headed home to quiz than for her

brother's funeral her relay colics

went on to win a bronze medal for

their devastated team mate as the

sports swimsuit controversy raged.

Some of the big names will struggle

to make it through the final if

they have chosen the wrong said.

Six world records tumbled on the first night.

first night. Ian Thorpe's 100 metre

freestyle record was claimed by an

obscure German. Thorpe sent a

message of congratulations.

Stephanie Rice's record was

demolished. We will have more of

the records in sport plus Trent

Barrett's season is over. Back home

and heading for deep moat prefer it

the minor premiership, but do not

dare tell the Dragons. Plus pit-

lane pandemonium. Another aqua but

malfunction informal one. Plus a

wild wipe-out for a young

Australian surfer in Bali. Police

will stop issuing fines again as

they step up their industrial

dispute. Also - a man in hospital

after being attacked by a dog that

jumped his back fence. And the

great scene part rip-off. Anger at

new food rules designed to make us

spend more.

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This program is captioned live.

Frustrated police will again refuse

to issue fines next week, but this

time it's indefinite.

time it's indefinite. As part of their ongoing industrial dispute

with the state government, their

protest could cost millions.

Police officers have voted not to

collect traffic fines from next

Monday as their pay dispute with

the government worsens. Both sides

are now deadlocked with the

government offering a 2.5% pay rise,

increasing to 4% if police agree to

give up benefits for injured

officers. It costs the government about $2

about $2 million a week if no fines

are written. Police out there are

angry, we will deal with people

that commit serious crime but we

will show the government we mean

business. The dispute goes to the

Industrial Relations Commission in

December but unless it's resolved,

the government stands to lose up to

$25 million in fine revenue. And

police will march on State

Parliament when it resumes in

September. If they cannot come to

the table in good faith, we'll take down the government and the

spineless backroom politicians who

are pulling the strings of the

puppet Premier. The union accuses

the government of failing to honour

an election promise to employ and

extra 750 officers. But the Premier

says that's wrong. But we do make

specific allowances in those

numbers for people who work part

time, people on maternity leave, time, people on maternity leave,

people on other forms of leave as

well. But the union says police are

injured at a rate seven times higher

higher than other workers and

deserve proper compensation. A dog

has savaged a Western Sydney man,

putting him in hospital.

The cross-breed scaled a two-metre

fence and attacked the man in his

own back-yard. He was bitten on his

arms and legs, before neighbours

pinned the dog down. An animal

control officer was brought in to

remove the dog but it was easier

said than done. It's unclear if the

animal will be destroyed.

DNA has been taken from the

surviving members of the family

murdered in their home at Epping.

The grandparents and aunt and uncle

gave samples today, as a matter of

routine. So far no suspects have

been identified in the case and no

murder weapon found. 15-year-old

Brenda Lin, who was out of the

country at the time of the murders,

remains in hiding and according to

reports Is not fearful of the killer.

A Melbourne man who survived an

avalanche in New Zealand has given

evidence at an inquest into another

deadly snow disaster. John Castran,

who was entombed in snow, says his

life has changed forever.

72 hours after being buried alive

in an avalanche, John Castran was

back at work. It's wonderful to be

back. Most of the staff have gone

on stress leave, I think, but I'm

still here. The real estate identity says the near-death

experience has given him a new

lease on life. It's amazing how you

can be up there just having the

greatest fun of all time, bouncing

off powder snow and then bang, the

earth opens up and takes you. John

and his 23-year-old son Angus,

returned home last night.

returned home last night. The pair

was heli-skiing on the South

Island's Ragged Range when an

avalanche struck. Gus dug for 15

minutes through 2 metres of snow to

rescue his father. I just did what

anyone else would do, the guides

trained us well, they were there, without

without them we wouldn't be here

today, a big thanks to them and our

hearts go out to Lynden's family.

I'm very proud of you, puppy.

You're an absolute hero. Rescuers

did reach their skiing companion

Lynden Riethmuller, but not in time.

Just three days after the avalanche

accident, John had to re-count

another snow disaster, giving

evidence into a Mount Hotham plane

crash, which killed three of his

friends. Gold Coast multi-

millionaire Brian Ray, his wife

Kathy and their pilot Russell Lee

died instantly when their light

plane crashed in July, 2005. It's

very, very sad when you see the

pilot's wife there and you think to

yourself, gosh, this could have

been me and a coronial inquiry into my life.

Theme parks are under fire over a

new policy banning people from

bringing their own food and drink.

Angry visitors are now being

subjected to bag searches and say

it's nothing more than a cash grab.

Meet the food police. Security

guards employed to search the bags

of tourists entering Sea World and

Movie World, looking for contraband

- a cut lunch. Tracy Shaw was caught

caught out. Couple of rolls, couple

of packets of chips, a muesli bar

and I've got a bar of chocolate and

a bottle of water. She packed a

lunch to save money But had to take

it back to the car. Fair enough

that you can't bring in like a

pizza from Pizza Hut or something

like that, that somebody else has

made but I think if you've made

your own picnic type lunch you

should be able to take it in. The

theme park food policy was introduced this month. Water

bottles and fruit are allowed,

everything else is out. I think

it's a bit wrong cause you pay a

lot of money for the tickets,

you've got to save money where you

can. It's all designed around

spending more money, obviously want

to capture more revenue. There are

some exceptions - people with

allergies, infants and babies or

pre booked education groups can

take food in. The George family did

just that. He's allergic to cows

milk, egg and nuts so we're taking

food in cause we can't be

guaranteed that the food in there's

going to be free of those. Others

opted to eat lunch in the car park.

Warner Village management refused

to comment on the new policy,

instead issuing a statement saying

it was working on making its theme

park food healthier and more affordable.

affordable. Dreamworld has a

similar policy but doesn't search bags.

We are making things easy for you?

Or are a ripping day today and

plenty more in the store as a high

pressure system suits across

Australia and delivers perfect blue

skies. Fine and sunny and 19

tomorrow and right through to

Sunday. Some may might be a little

bit grey, a coastal showers, but

then a small blue-sky after that.

It could be two weeks of fine

conditions. This has not done much

at all to our dams. We received 54%

of our monthly waterfall for the

dams. That looks like all there

will be for the mother of July. We

have not seen as a lot of cloud. He

comes today's winning photograph.

We give away a cam mack every

Friday. Send us your photographs.

Fine and sunny, is all she wrote.

19 degrees for the next week and a

half. How well is your super fund

doing? We'll have the best and worst next.

Also, saying goodbye - what next

for the gun-toting, hockey-mum, who

could have been America's vice- president.

And from Absolutely Fabulous to

Gurkha goddess - Joanna Lumley

finds new star status. All I want

to say is time honoured, cheers.

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(OVEN BELL DINGS) My scone recipe calls for flour, butter, sugar, and milk. It doesn't say anything about fancy packaging. I've never been one for fancy packaging.

This program is captioned live. A

major shake-up is planned for

superannuation, after retirement

savings suffered a record loss.

Traffic is all bad news. A bad

smash on the M4. We have just been

over the M4 and from the start that

snore Stratfield to Penrith it used

very bad. Three traffic lanes

barely moving. You can see all barely moving. You can see all the brake

brake lights. You would not want to

be sitting in that heading home on

a Monday. The best news is that all

planes have reopened but it will

take quite some time for this

traffic to clear up. A major shake-

up his plan for superannuation

after retirement savings suffered after retirement savings suffered a

record loss. But there are signs

the industry is on the rebound with

a strong start to the new financial

year. A century on from the

pension's introduction, there's an

urgent need to ween workers off the

public purse. The Australian aged

pension is 100 years old today, and

that means its time for it to be

reviewed and for changes to be made.

But Budget changes to

superannuation contributions caps

may not be the answer. The problem is

is it's sending mixed messages,

they're saying, "We want you to

fund your own retirement but we're

going to put a limit on what you

can put away." Whether 9% of income

is enough to put into super is

under review as part of an industry

shake-up. There is a view from some

that 9% is adequate, but we need to

make a decision as a nation whether

adequate is good enough. Despite

positive long-term returns, there's

nothing good about super returns

for the past financial year, due to

the worst sharemarket plunge in 25 years. The average superannuation

fund lost about 13%. The worst

performers, those with the highest

exposure to listed property assets. performers, those with the highest exposure to listed property assets.

While the best returning funds....

While there's no escaping from the

worse super returns we've seen

since the compulsory scheme began, worse super returns we've seen since the compulsory scheme began,

losses were limited by a

sharemarket rally in the final

quarter. And so far the signs are

there on the sharemarket that the

new financial year is off to a

stellar start. So far this month,

the local market has gained 5%, or

more than $forty billion. I think

it's unlikely that we'll see a

third year of negative returns. And

Jacqueline Maddock joins us now

with the ING Dfirect finance report.

And Jacqui, Virgin Blue's capital

raising was the talk of the

sharemarket today? It was Deb, and

it's not surpring given the competition between the major

carriers is intensifying. Qantas

has launched a multi-million dollar

ad campaign to claw back lost

customers. That's as a leading

Chinese newspaper labelled the ticketing

ticketing war between the dozens of

airlines in the lucrative Pacific

route between Australian and the US

as the biggest in 15 years. Despite

that report, Qantas shares ended

firmer as the resource and

financial stocks drove the market

to a new nine month high. RIO was

the best of the big miners, and

Minara was a stand-out adding 4%. the best of the big miners, and Minara was a stand-out adding 4%.

On the currency front the AUD is

buying 82 US cents and almost 50

pence. Gold is a little weaker

while oil has surged to nearly $69

US a barrel. while oil has surged to nearly $69

US a barrel. And the average price

US a barrel. And the average price of petrol tonight in

of petrol tonight in Sydney is

$1.17 a litre. And that's the day

in finance. Tonight in the US,

investors are awaiting mixed

results on Wall Street as the

heaviest weak of company reports

season kicks off. The gun-toting

hockey mum, who could have been

America's vice-president has spent

her last day as Alaska's Governor.

Sarah Palin has quit 16 months

early, and is keeping everyone early, and is keeping everyone

guessing about what she'll do next.

After a morning dishing up hotdogs,

Sarah Palin couldn't resist one

final serve. Our new governor has a

very nice family, too, so leave his

kids alone. Just a year ago,

Alaska's now most famous ex-Govenor

was a relative unknown. Then

Republican Presedential candidate

evangelical Christian John McCain chose the gun-toting

evangelical Christian as his

surprise running mate. You know

they say the difference between a

hockey mom and a pitt bull?

Lipstick. Controversy plagued her.

From the $200,000 wardrobe to a pregnant 17-year-old daughter.

Comedians loved her. I can see

Russia from my house! But not everyone

everyone was laughing. Her office

was forced to defend more than a

dozen costly ethics complaints

which she feared damaged the office.

It is my duty to avoid the unproductive, typical, politics as

usual, lame-duck session in one's

last year in office. But will it be

the last? While there's a book deal

in the wings and plans to continue

campaigning for the Republican

party, the 45-year-old's keeping

mum on her future. Boy, I don't

think we've seen the last of Sarah

Palin. She excites an awful lot of

members of my party and they're

anxious to see what she's going to

do next and so am I. They're still

hopeful she'll return to the

spotlight.. For a run at the

President's job in 2012. God bless

Alaska and God bless America! In

the United States, Emma the United States, Emma

Dallimore,Ten News. British actress

Joanna Lumley has received an absolutely fabulous welcome during

a trip to Nepal. She was greeted by a trip to Nepal. She was greeted by

hundreds of Gurkha veterans. The

actress helped the Nepalese

soldiers win the right to settle in

the UK. Cheered on by supporters,

she shouted the Gurkha's

traditional battle cry. I want to

say in the time-honoured cry, "Ayo Gorkhali!"

Gorkhali!" The Gurkhas have fought

for the British army for nearly 200

years. Former Hardie directors to

face penalties which could end

their corporate careers - details

next. Also - the new supermarket

slashing prices by selling out-of-

bit over, no date stock. If it's just a little date stock. If it's just a little

bit over, no - no worries at all.

And a new name for Sydney's biggest

baby. He's got a lot of attitude

and I can see that we're going to

be in for a bit of fun in the years

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The top stories this newshour - a

landmark report into our ailing

health system has recommended the

biggest shake-up since the

introduction of Medicare. But any

reforms have been put on hold until

after the next election. Virgin

Blue is facing turbulent times. A

wheel fell off one of its loaded

jets just before take-off. The jets just before take-off. The

incident came as the airline incident came as the airline

announced plans to raise cash to

prop up its shaky balance sheet.

And the price of food has soared in And the price of food has soared in

Sydney, doubling in the past two

decades. The cost of groceries has

risen faster than any other product

and a lack of competition is being

blamed. Shoppers are flocking to a

new grocery store which specialises

in food most others won't sell. The

Grocery Club buys older stock and

damaged goods, selling them at half

price. Curiosity brought hundreds

through the new Grocery Club at

Beenleigh this morning, lured by

claims their shopping bill would be

cut in half. But would they be

willing to buy food that is past

its best before date? If it's just

a little bit over, no a little bit over, no - no worries

at all. From when we were growing

up as children, you know we didn't

have a best-by date, we just had to

eat what we were given. The owners

say the food is safe, and most

products last well after the best

before date. You can imagine cake

mixes and things which are

basically flour would last a lot basically flour would last a lot

longer than say a biscuit that

might go stale in three or four

months. Health authorities says

food is OK to eat after the best- food is OK to eat after the best-

before date provided it's safe. But

food should not be eaten after the

use-by date. A lot of the

supermarkets they get rid of their

product and it's quite edible, it's

fine. The store picks up the older

items, discontinued lines and

damaged goods from suppliers who

need to offload it quickly. The

result is some popular items aren't

always available. It may not be

here this week, we may have it next

week, it's a little bit week, it's a little bit of feast or

famine on some of the lines. famine on some of the lines.

Shoppers are reserving their

judgement, but willing to give it a

go because of the cheaper prices.

Don't know yet, it looks like you

can get a mix and match of

everything. Yeah, a lot cheaper

with, like, the chips and that that

we go through, 10 litres of ice

cream for $10. The new store cream for $10. The new store

replaces the previous independent

supermarket chain which closed its

doors after Woolworths opened just

across the road. The founder of ABC Learning Centres Eddie Learning Centres Eddie Groves has

faced court, defending claims he is

using an alter ego to protect his

assets. ASIC said it had grave

concerns about properties placed in

the name of a trust fund. In court,

the funds directors agreed to freeze assets, including luxury

Queensland properties. The case

returns to court tomorrow. Career-

ending penalties could be levelled

against the disgraced former board

of James Hardie. Anti-asbestos

campaigners were in court to hear the corruption watchdog ask campaigners were in court to hear

the corruption watchdog ask for

fines of up to $1.8 million for the

ten directors. ASIC also wants them

banned from managing a company for

at least five years. In April, they

were found to have deceived the

public over Hardie's ability to pay

compensation. A decision on their

future is still weeks away. The

first baby elephant born in

Australia now has a name. After

receiving a mammoth $32,000 suggestions, keepers took a receiving a mammoth $32,000

traditional Thai title for the

boisterous calf. Australia's

favourite little elephant stepped

up to mark another milestone. Three

weeks after his historic arrival,

his official name was finally

revealed. Australia's first

elephant calf will be named Luk

Chai, which means 'son' or 'male

child' in the Thai language. From more more than 30,000 entrants in Taronga's naming competition, ten

actually came up with the same

title - Luk Chai. But Kate and

Tessa Blayney from Sydney's south

were the official winners, because

of the time and research they put

into their submission. We were

looking on the Internet and found

Luk Chai - it means 'son' and

'trumph'. The family's reward - a

trip to an elephant conservation

park in Thailand. We wanted to go

with a name that would sound quite

different for the guy so that he

wouldn't be confused when the

keepers are call other elephants.

When it comes to describing Luk

Chai visitors are in chorus. It

looked cute. He's really cute. It's

pretty cute. And fans are showing pretty cute. And fans are showing

their devotion to Luk Chai in the

souvenir shop. Here you can buy

everything from baby elephant baby

booties to hangbags, but the most

popular item is the Luk Cha plush

toy. It is hoped there will be a

stampede of calves next year with stampede of calves next year with

another four elephants in Australia

now pregnant. Emily Rice, Ten News.

Sport is next with Brad, and just

when it couldn't get any worse for

the Sharks... It's season over for

Trent Barrett, details next, and

why the table-topping Dragons are

refusing to say this is their year.

Plus - fast or a farce? Records

fall in Rome including Ian Thorpe's fall in Rome including Ian Thorpe's

400m mark.. And frantic attempts to

rescue a driver in a pit lane fire.

He knows right away, see how quick

he got his wheel off.

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This program is captioned live.

It's season over for Cronulla's

Trent Barrett after he suffered a

fractured eye socket and broken

cheekbone against the Storm. But

while his year has ended, Barrett

believes his former club, St George

Illawarra, is set to finally end a

30-year premiership drought.

30-year premiership drought.

The Dragons home after success in

Auckland. The competition leaders

toying with the Warriors yesterday,

putting them 4 points clear of the

second-placed Bulldogs. Definitely

takes a bit of pressure off, but

there's no trophy won in July and

still a long way to go. Memories of

their 2005 finals failure is

helping the Dragons keep a lid on

the excitement. They're ready for

the inevitable pressure of 'Is this

the year of the Dragon?' We're used

to it that's for sure. Because it

happened in 05 when we were

favourites and equal minor premiers

and still didn't win the grand

final. It just goes to show we

haven't done anything yet and we

haven't won anything yet. So we're

not getting ahead of ourselves. The

Red V have been losers in the

club's past five grand finals. But

a former Dragon can't see them

getting the end of year staggers this time around.

this time around. No, no. There's

no pressure on them at the moment.

They should comfortably win the

minor premiership and that's great

for the joint. But Barrett's season

is over. This attempted tackle in

the 4th minute on Storm prop Brett

White leaving him with a fractured

eye socket and a broken cheekbone.

He bravely played on, only to be KO

again, and again by White. Another

injury for the depleted Sharks. IOM

are shattered. I am disappointed,

because it puts more pressure on

our side. We have had a lot of

injuries and not a lot of luck.

It's a 6 to 8 week injury but the

Blues' five-eighth and the Sharks

say he's not available for

Australia's end of year 4-Nations

campaign. I'm not going to campaign. I'm not going to put him

at risk for the club next season.

As you may have seen earlier in the bulletin swimming's fast suit

controversy has been reignited at

the World Titles in Italy. ONE-HD

commentator Nicole Livingstone has

more from the pool deck.

The opening day of the semi

chairmanship in the Ryman got off

to a record-breaking start. No

fewer than the six world records

not only broken but smashed,

including one at to the local hero.

This is the last major laid before

the ban on the full-body suit.

Records were expected tumble, but

few would have predicted six in the

opening event. Stephanie rise

settle for second place in the

individual medley and saw her as a

record low led by almost 1.5

seconds. There is a part of me

which is disappointment. To go to

someone like her, she is a

fantastic goal and I am happy for

her. Ian Thorpe's a year of 400

metre freestyle to bed said. --

better. The 15 Iran's wish it -- a

Swedish swimmer and lowered the

record in the 100 metre butterfly.

Australia made it to the podium are

just once. Bronze in the women and

4x100 metres freestyle has remade.

Michael Phelps getting his first

gold. The biggest cheer of the

night was left for an Italian,

Federica Pellegrini becoming the

first one and to go some four minutes.

Day Two actions is plenty of

Australians race for golf. The

Sydney Swans are still gunning for

finals footy and they're even

confident of beating the unbeaten St Kilda this weekend. St Kilda this weekend. The Swans

today took a leisurely stroll and

claim there's no reason why they

can't snap the Saints amazing 17

game winning streak. Yeah, look, I

think 2004 they had won 12 in a row

they came here and we beat them, so

we've done it before. We're going

out there to win that's for sure.

It'd be the upset of the season

after Sydney just beat the bottom

placed side Melbourne in Canberra yesterday.


Andrew McDonald may have played

himself into contention for the 3rd

ashes test after leading Australia

to a 135 run win over Northamptonshire.

Northamptonshire. McDonald hit 75

runs and took 4 for 15 with the

ball, while Mitchell Johnson

struggled again with match figures

of just 1 for 107. Shane Watson

also impressed with a half century

off 28 balls.

Mark Webber's third placing at Mark Webber's third placing at the

Hungarian GP has lifted him into

second spot on the Formula One

driver's championship, his highest

ever position. Lewis Hamilton

snared his first win of the year.

The run to turn one at Budapest was

a fast and frenetic place to be.

That was oh so close, wasn't it?

Sebastien Vettel came off second

best. It left pole sitter Fernando Alonso to street Alonso to street away but his race

came unstuck when his wheel came

unstuck. Oh my word, look at the

wheel, it's come completely off!

That left Lewis Hamilton in front.

After a title defence to forget,

the British world champion

dominated. He took his first win of

the year. With his team mate in

hospital, Kimi Raikkonen gave his

Ferrari team some good news with a

second place finish. Mark Webber

was third. He now

was third. He now leap frogs his

team mate to second place in the

championship. I am pretty happy to championship. I am pretty happy

championship. I am pretty happy to

get the result we got.

He A frightening moment in the Indy

Cars this morning in Canada. Fuel

was spilled in Tony Kanaan's pit

stop. It ignited in the cockpit, burning

burning his face and hands. But his

humour remained. I wanted to come

back and set the world on fire.

Queenslander Will Power led from

start to finish to take the win.

Round ten of the Moto GP season was

hard work for some. Hore-hay

Lorenzo stacking while leading.

Even the great Valentino Rossi came

to grief while in front. Surviving

the elements - Honda rider Andrea

Dovizioso. He took his maiden win.

Casey Stoner had a shocker. He

finished a lap down, way down in 14th.

Spain's Alberto Contador has

cruised to his 2nd overall win in

the world's biggest bike race, the

Tour de France. The 2007 champion

took things easy on the 21st stage

while the sprint stars went for

glory down the Champs Elysee. Britain's Mark Cavendish recording

his 6th stage win of the event.

Then there is that nobody that can

match the speed. Contador finished

4 minutes 11 clear of Andy Schleck

with 7-time winner Lance Armstrong

3rd in his 1st tour since 2005.

Last year's runner up Cadel Evens finished 30th.

Australia's Dean Bowen has taken

out the final of the Billabong out the final of the Billabong Pro

Junior in Bali. Bowen's powerful

backhand surfing proved too strong

for fellow Aussie Teale Vanner in a

one sided final. His combined two

wave total of 14.5 eclipsing Vanner

by seven points. Gold Coast surfer

Eli Jacobs fell victim to the Eli Jacobs fell victim to the

perfect two metre swell. I did not

feel my board until I hit the

bottom. Bowen's win sees him jump

from 10th to 2nd place on the Pro

Junior ratings. In Sports Tonight

at 9:30 on ONE we'll see the Melbourne Vixens celebrations after

they won netball's ANZ Championship.

Positive signs for Massa.

This program is captioned live. If

it is going to be a Manou, it may

as well a day like today. Plenty of sunshine.

It will stretch all the way till

next weekend. We may get a grey one

on Sunday. The chance of fine and

sunny and 19 degrees for the next

five to six days. And beyond that,

another five to six days. It does

not have done much for the rain

gauge. 54% of our average for the

month. With four days ago, it will

not do much better than that. Young

had 12 millimetres and that was the

best in at World years. Tomorrow,

Sunday, temperatures down to two in

at the outer West. A big week on

the weather. Tomorrow is a national

Tree Day, there is also the Sydney

Boat Show and a big farm run. -- fun around.

Cloud over Tasmania and Victoria.

Cool southwestern Ms Bruni shower

and Alpine us know. The high

keeping it clear that everywhere

else. Tomorrow: Colt was the least

maintaining showers in SA.

Increasing showers in the West.

Showers over southern and eastern

coastlines. The rest of the country

will be miserly drive. A few

showers and a light snow falls over

NSW, the rest will be a blue sky

story. If you are ever going to

have a wee car, it might be these

next fortnight. -- a week off.

What a duty. Any chance of taking

that fine and sunny and 19, and I

can had the week off.

That's Ten News for now, I'm

Deborah Knight, I'm Bill Woods,

thanks for your company. We'll have

updates throughout the evening

before the late news with sports tonight at 10:40. Goodnight.

Captions by Red Bee Media Australia. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia D-OHH! ( SCREAMS )