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Then heartbroken - the father freed from jail his little boy's body was found. and taken to the pond where from Ricky Ponting And a stern message But first tonight -

with Brad McEwan. headlines Sports Tonight has made it quite clear Sandra, the Australia cricket captain to break Shane Warne's world record he doesn't want Muttiah Muralitharan on Australian soil. who I'm never gonna see again. I just lost me son,

afternoon ahead of its 2-Test series. The Sri Lankan team touched down this Also tonight, he's Alan Jones - he should again be Wallabies coach. why Queensland Rugby Union thinks John Kosmina Plus Sydney FC's new boss the A-League crown. believes they can still win But first tonight - the government fights back of the first ever interest rate rise as fears mount during an election campaign. warning of recession and a higher GST The Howard-Costello team Labor governments. under coast to coast But Kevin Rudd says it won't happen, today's surprise inflation figures. instead targeting the Government over on the campaign trail. High fives all round for good measure. A cheer squad thrown in

for the Government But there wasn't much cheer the underlying inflation rate, with the release of another interest rate rise. which points to simply can't ignore. That is something the Reserve Bank

It looks like there is definitely going to be in early November. a 25-point rate hike on home mortgages. are working families

to change the subject The Government attempted would send rates higher. by claiming Labor's workplace policy You would unleash

in this economy such inflationary pressures as would end in recession. with the "R word". The Prime Minister also chiming in a wages breakout Because that would lead to we are now enjoying and could easily slow the growth recessionary circumstances. and produce

political strategy. This is classic Howard and Costello

pounced on comments The Government has also

who suggested by a New South Wales ALP candidate

Labor would fiddle with the GST. given that commitment Well, Wayne Swan has already the GST formula in government. to say that we will review a Labor Government at every level If you get to an increase in the GST. there will be no barrier it has a hidden GST agenda. Labor denies

Over my dead body. And mine. Two dead bodies. Murray McCloskey Ten News. campaign trail today in Queensland. The coalition hit a bump on the found herself Education Minister Julie Bishop of a Gold Coast school temporarily locked out

State Government approval because federal politicians must seek before they can enter. that the principals I think it's important

on who visits the schools. make the decisions So do the principals. to give money to students Anybody who's willing is always welcome at Southport High. The coalition claims

such obstacles Labor politicians don't face when they visit Queensland schools. the death penalty in Bali. Another Australia could face was in court today 50-year-old Barry Hess since his arrest two months ago. for the first time and that carries the death penalty. He's charged with trafficking

over Peter Brock's estate A battle of wills has gone in favour of his children. his girlfriend as a beneficiary A court ruling a will that names is invalid. a triumphant Bev Brock Emerging from court, keen to share the news with her three children.

had ruled in their favour, The Victorian Supreme Court the children were named as his heirs declaring a 2003 will in which is valid. a will made in 2006 The court also found Julie Bamford which also named Brock's girlfriend because the 9-time Bathurst winner as a beneficiary was invalid had failed to sign it. fact and I have trouble accepting the

that he hadn't signed, that he would want something enacted who had signed his signature given he was a person

on the face of this earth. more times than anyone At stake, from Peter Brock's glittering career, an estate including memorabilia along with shares superannuation. The dispute arose after it was revealed Peter Brock had three wills

when he died last September in existence isn't prepared to claim victory. A winner today, Bev Brock

to appeal against the decision. She expects Julie Bamford

there will be many claims. I can imagine and everybody's exhausted It's complex, it will be ongoing and we have a bit more to go yet. and depleted Cameron Baud, Ten News. A grim warning to schoolboy bullies to four months jail. with a teenager sentenced his victim's legs with a tree branch, The 13-year-old whipped

and urinated in his lunchbox. smeared sandwiches over his face he was one of five students A Perth court heard of prolonged, sadistic torture involved in an extreme case lasting six hours. to hear how her terrified son The victim's mother was in court by his underpants was strung up on a tree then made to lay in a shallow grave.

of murdering her four children. Freedom tonight for a mother accused collapsing The case against the 28-year-old was ruled inadmissible. after vital medical evidence from Melbourne's Supreme Court Carol Louise Matthey walked free following her big ordeal, with a small smile learning the four murder charges of four of her children she faced over the deaths had been dismissed. You must be incredibly relieved? REPORTER: in 2005 for killing her sons, The Geelong woman was charged Jacob, seven months Joshua, three months. and her daughters, and Shania, aged three. Chloe, just nine weeks old. All four died between 1998 and 2003. the only adult present in each case. She's believed to have been

to people REPORTER: What would you say that would still have their suspicions given the extraordinary case it's been? No comment. Sorry. REPORTER: Are you not guilty, Carol? No. But that may never be known, with the prosecution case After more than a month of pre-trial legal argument, the judge decided the Crown's case was too weak, with much of their evidence inadmissible. He thanked both legal teams before allowing Ms Matthey to leave the dock.

She has lost her four children and then to be charged with the murder of them is, I think, unprecedented, certainly in this State, and her loss and sadness is both profound and ongoing. Previously, coroners had found two of the children died from cot death,

another from a rare infection, and the toddler, after a fall. Ms Matthey has one surviving child.

Mignon Stewart, Ten News.

The heartbroken father of a 2-year-old boy whose body was found in a suitcase has made an emotional trip to the scene of the crime. kThe former dancer making the journey after being released from jail. liveSOFTELA week after his tiny body was discovered in a suitcase, Dean Shillingsworth's father, Paul,

finally made a pilgrimage to the spot where his son was found. Supported by his extended family,

Paul Shillingsworth had made the 5-hour-long journey from Junee, where he was released from prison this morning. It was an emotional visit for the grieving father, who had raised Dean for the first year of his life. Family members took Paul in their arms to help console his grief. I just lost my son which I'm never going to see again.

He was shown the flowers and tributes left by members of the local community, who have felt the loss of the 2-year-old almost as sharply as his own family. While his father will now be at the grave side, Dean's mother, who is accused of his murder, is unlikely to attend the funeral, which will be held next week in Brewarrina. Preparations are well under way for a community memorial service,

which will be held at the Ambarvale duck pond on Friday afternoon. The Anglican minister officiating says it will help bring the community together. this tragic event, it is not the time to panic about our community. And like the local community, the Shillingsworth clan say they'll never forget little Dean. John Hill, Ten News.

An ordeal deep underground for 54 miners. A truck engine caught alight, sending them scrambling for their emergency shelters.

The incident happened in the Kanowna Belle Gold Mine near Kalgoorlie The fire was put out quickly but the workers were told to seek refuge in safety stations until it was safe to bring them back to the surface. All miners are due back tonight. California's deadly bushfires have claimed more lives. At least five people have now been killed by the flames burning out of control across the state. 500,000 people have been forced to flee their homes.

Late News Reporter Nicole Strahan has been with some of them taking shelter near San Diego.

I told you to get out! You need to get out now!

The fury of the deadly flames is proving just too great, home after home crumbling, whole streets left in ruins, lives thrown into disarray. The number of homes and businesses destroyed stands at over 1,400 and it's rising by the hour.

It's very scary (whimpers). After more than three days fire crews still haven't been able to stop the spread of what they're calling the beast, with several of the dozen blazes burning across Southern California joining up. The persistent strong and hot Santa Ana winds have made fighting the flames from the air

at times near impossible. The winds are common for this time of year, but gusts of over 100km/h are not, sending embers across vast areas. are clearly visible from space. The huge plumes of smoke Back on earth, the President plans to visit the devastated areas. with those who've been affected and we send the help of the federal government as well. Over 500,000 people have fled the raging fires,

the largest evacuation this country has seen since Hurricane Katrina. At the football stadium,

as many as 15,000 people are waiting out the firestorm. This is just like Hurricane Katrina only more organised. The response from people around San Diego who are not affected by the fires has been quite extraordinary. There's a continual stream of people coming in here to the stadium with food, clothes and toiletries, just trying to help those less fortunate in any way they can. In San Diego, Nicole Strahan for Ten News. It took two of Australia's most celebrated actors and an Indian director to bring the story of one of England's greatest Queens to the screen. But British fans don't mind. They've given 'Elizabeth - The Golden Age' the royal thumbs-p.

Stepping onto the red carpet and onto Oscar's radar... ..but Cate Blanchett, sparkling in a sequined blue gown, has worked hard for the praise. FILM CLIP: Majesty, we have every proven reason Fear creates fear. She struggled to reprise Queen Elizabeth, a challenging role that launched her career almost a decade ago. Can I ask, was it any easier playing Elizabeth the second time around? Well, the first time I played it and I made the film with Gill Armstong and Bruce Beresford, and no-one knew me internationally so I had nothing to lose. Fellow Aussie actor winner Geoffrey Rush didn't think twice about signing up for the sequel where Elizabeth leads her country into holy war and her heart into trouble. I felt like I was in 'The Godfather: Part II', 'Part III'.

Is it true you convinced Cate to come back to the role? That story is a little blown out of proportion but, you know, if you look at Cate's career over the last 10 years, she takes on very daring, very self-challenging very unpredictable kinds of roles. Delighting fans worldwide and directors too. There's something about Australians that we Indians have also - we want to reach out.

We don't believe we live in the centre of the universe. The film's received mixed reviews an inferior follow-up. with some US critics calling it On there other hand, there are those already talking Oscars. 'Elizabeth: The Golden Age' opens in Australia next month. I fear neither him, nor his priest, nor his armies. In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. A mega cruise ship has done the limbo on Sydney Harbour. The 'Sun Princess' super-liner is the largest ship to squeeze under the Harbour Bridge. The luxury cruiser cleared the landmark with little over 2m to spare

headed to a temporary berth in Darling Harbour. Tonight the 'Sun Princess' is now on her way to Brisbane but she'll return to Sydney next month to pick up passengers for her first Australian cruise.

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and all the right moves. All-new Mazda2. It's a super little model. This program is captioned live. Industrial action by Victorian nurses is set to enter its second week

amid court action and the docking of nurses' pay.

Nurses remain defiant in their campaign for better pay

and an improvement in the ratio of nurses to patients. As they rallied outside the Monash Medical Centre hospital negotiators went to the federal court to enforce an order banning the 1,200 bed closures so far. It's an attempt by the State Government to get us to back down.

We will not back down. The court could issue heavy fines to the union and individual nurses. New hope for thousands of Australians living in silence.

Cochlear implant technology is now so advanced, deafness can be corrected in almost anyone! Meet some true golden oldies.

There's Silvia, she's 95. 91-year-old John. And Hellen, 97 years young. All three have cochlear implants and are living proof there can be sound after decades of silence. I was stone deaf. I first learnt to lip read, I'm pretty good at that but it wasn't enough and I had ordinary hearing aids. As I always say,

you ask the girls and they'll tell you I can alive again when I got it! I called it a miracle, because I am sure it was a miracle! They're part of a new Recent medical advances

mean Cochlear is now available to almost anybody, from newborn babies to the very old. And as Cochlear marks its milestone 25th birthday, it's founders look back. The technology 25 years ago was a large body-worn processor

which was a cable going up to a headset.

Now we have a small processor which is behind the ear. Today almost 5,000 Australians have a cochlear implant and it's estimated a further 15,000 people with severe hearing problems could benefit from the technology. In the future I imagine that there will be no external processor, all the functions will be inside the head, every day. you could wear it all day, I can hear now! (Laughs). Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News.

We apologise for the break in captioning. To the day in more detail. '70s singing star Marie Osmond has added drama to the US version of 'Dancing With the Stars'. After kicking off the show with a lively samba, she abruptly fainted, dropping like a sack of potatoes through the arms of her dance partner. Welcome back to the show. Just so you know, Marie is fine. You are about to see her backstage as she awaits her scores. Like a true professional, up and went on with the show. a woozy looking Osmond picked herself Sports Tonight with Brad McEwan. Brad, a world record at stake this summer? Yes, Sandra. Shane Warne's got it, Muttiah Muralitharan wants it. to ensure Murali doesn't get it. Also tonight - Irish Eyes are smiling on the Melbourne Cup. Arsenal's sensational seven in the Champions League. Plus - the long road from the Solomon Islands to Noosa. You can protect your children from getting hurt. You can detect fire with all the fire detectors. and you can secure the house from unwanted intruders with all the products we've got here at Bunnings. Window or door entry alarm, just $9.95. Electronic safe, $29. Fire extinguisher, $19.88.

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A warning today for Sri lankan spinning great Muttiah Muralitharan. The Australian cricket team will be doing all it can to stop him claiming Shane Warne's world Test wicket record in this country, this summer. Even with 700 Test wickets to his name, Australia remains a final frontier for Muttiah Muralitharan, It's probably one of the places where he has to prove he's one of the top bowlers in the world. His last Test series here was in 1995-96, when he was infamously no-balled at the MCG. Ever since, Australian crowds have taunted him over his bowling action. There might be a few "No ball" chants come his way, but, look, he'll cope with it. It's probably happened to him a number of times in his career now. He's an unbelievable bowler, with an unbelievable record. There's always idiots in every crowd, I don't know if you're ever going to stop that 100%. The Australians making it clear

they don't want Muralitharan to leave the country with the nine scalps he needs to break Warne's record. to that amount of wickets, If we keep him we should be going pretty well in the series. That's the important thing. I'm not saying it as a personal thing against Murali. I just know that's the focus we'll have to get going into the series as a batting group. The make-up of that batting group in the first Test at the Gabba is another question. The player who created the opener's vacancy, on a hiding to nothing. If I say Phil Jaques, I'm not loyal to Chris Rogers. If I say Chris Rogers, they'll say I'm biased towards my WA team-mates. If I say Brad Hodge - who I think is too good a player not to be playing Test cricket - because he has never opened before. Langer believes Jaques has the inside running, but Hodge may open for Victoria this weekend in a bid to press his claims. I guess the opening spot has come about in the last six months and, look, I'll be trying my best to get my hands on it. Whoever ends up taking the job if it's Hussey, if it's Jaques, if it's Watson, if it's Hodge - any of those guys, I'm pretty sure, is going to do a pretty good job. I think it's still up for grabs to be honest, I don't think you can come out and say it's set in stone, this is your team, at this stage. Leanne West for Sports Tonight. Rain has brought a disappointing end to the Ford Ranger Cup match

between NSW and Queensland at the SCG. after winning the toss and they struggled early, But Aaron Nye arrived at the crease to provide some much needed resistance. His assault brought to an end on 43, before rain again took centre stage with the Bulls on 4/127.

The match eventually called off. with two points. Both sides walking away

A shock development in the fallout from the Wallabies early exit from the World cup. a radical push The Queensland rugby union is behind to be recalled as coach. for Alan Jones Alan Jones says only if the ARU opens the door. he'll take the Wallabies job, but running the game If it was the view of those people a contribution to the game that I could make

was the future of the game, in what they believe then I would put my hand up. to say the least, I'd find it unusual, but one thing's for sure - it would be very interesting

back in the fold. to have someone like Alan Jones One man claims than the leading candidates Jones is simply better and Kiwi Robbie Deans. David Nucifora, Ewen McKenzie radically different Does anyone of them doing anything

is an absolutely winning formula? that's revolutionised the game and

is about. No, and that's what this thought

completely different. Let's do something South Africa's Jake White. Another possible contender - that rates itself highly, I would like to think that a country and Australia obviously does, the resources here that we would have an Australian person doing the job. and I just would like to see If that man is Jones, the 17-man coaching staff. he'd start by culling again, If ever I was to coach Australia straight away we'd be opening Centrelink

down to Centrelink. and we'd be sending a few people all these people. You simply don't need And he'd promote running rugby. Steven Larkham's alive. Poor Larkham - I mean it's a wonder been running into forwards. For years, the poor bloke's

to improve rugby - Or there's another way combine it with rugby league. and pick the best out of both codes, If you put the two games together what a magnificent game it would be. Adam Hawse for Sports Tonight. touched down to a heroes welcome The South African rugby team has in Johannesburg in France. following its World Cup victory firmly in hand, With the William Webb Ellis trophy a jubilant home crowd, the Springboks were greeted by the future of coach Jake White although speculation about has already begun.

I think I'll meet with the players players are waiting to see I think obviously a lot of the what the outcome is, I think then make a decision and when I've worked it all out

for everybody. that's in the best interests second World Cup triumph. The win was South Africa's

John Kosmina Newly appointed Sydney FC coach this year's Grand Final. believes his team can still win former Adelaide coach The controversial still to be served has four weeks of a suspension from the grandstand and will start his new job

against the Mariners on Sunday. Sydney FC's fourth coach John Kosmina will be in just over two seasons,

hasn't bothered the 51-year-old. but the lack of job security Look, if I'm successful,

in 10 years time. hopefully I'll be here In Kosmina's two years at Adelaide, and last year's grand final, he took them to the minor premiership but he also has had a host of run-ins coaches and officialdom. with opposition players, of a suspension He has four weeks still to serve for abusing referee Matthew Breeze. on the sidelines Those coaches who run around madly to good performance. are a hindrance John will have an opportunity and observe what goes on. to sit up there I think it's a good thing. are resuming a partnership Chairman Andrew Kemeny and Kosmina at Sydney City in the 1980s. which began in the old NSL Part of my responsibility as a coach the playing side of the ship, is to stabilise and we'll work it from there. for half a season, John Aloisi, The man Sydney said was too expensive for the first time trained with the Mariners at the Sydney Football Stadium. ahead of Sunday's clash I won't have, Match fitness, of course, for three months. because I haven't played

in the Asian Cup. My last game was against Japan But that will come. And at Telstra Stadium, and FFA boss Ben Buckley LA Galaxy official Tom Payne inspected the playing surface against Sydney, ahead the November 27 match play in Australia for the first time. which will see David Beckham

for the match Over 70,000 tickets have been sold tomorrow. with the final 3,000 going on sale Neil Cordy for Sports Tonight. in the Champions League Arsenal has put on a stunning display to beat a hapless Slavia Prague 7-0.

in Europe It was the Gunners best ever win in the Champions League. and equalled the biggest ever victory for the machine Gunners It look just five minutes to fire the first shot in the rout. 15-year history Only once in the Champions League's has a team been so dominant, and then a jittery keeper. even helped by an early own goal to its 12th successive win, On the way Arsenal let Theo Walcott off the leash. Just old enough to vote, he became the youngest Englishman to score a Champions League goal.

And the scoring spree continued unabated

just how classy he can be, with the outside of his right foot. bringing up number two Cesc Fabregas, The man who started the onslaught, in the demolition of Slavia Prague. notched up his second The turkey-shoot was completed finished off by Bendtner with a sublime back heel the opposition. as the Gunners mowed down Manchester United also maintained their perfect start in Group F,

too good for Dynamo Kiev. arrives for Rio Ferdinand. COMMENTATOR: And the opening goal Wayne Rooney turned 22 on his birthday to make it 2-0. with the easiest of presents for Wayne Rooney to stroke it home. And an open goal And while Kiev had some reprieve, midfield maestro Cristiano Ronaldo struck twice

within touching distance to put United first knock-out round. of the Champions League's There's the header - for Manchester United! it's three strikes Rangers and Barcelona drew 0-0, In other results, Inter Milan was too good for CSKA Moscow, 2-1, and AS Roma beat Sporting Lisbon by the same margin. Ian Cohen for Sports Tonight. Racing authorities investigating a possible link between the Mokbel crime family and a star racehorse have taken documents The horse in question, 3-year-old Pillar of Hercules, has been banned from racing until the ownership concerns are resolved.

The Group One victory at Derby is

still mine does away but the

trainer best hope has still been

scratched. Peel of Hercules has

been banned from racing after a

police investigation into its

ownership. The to the best of my

knowledge neither myself nor my

wife or my staff have had any dealings

dealings with any persons known to have

have criminal records or come all

ties. Minnies wife owns 25 % of the

horse but police a concern by he

consoled that controls the other three-quarters. Syndicate

investigators believe he Tony Moyle

bill might controls on. Our

concerns about the Rules of

racing's when - are complied with.

Who does own a horse should be

cleared up by Friday but ministers

he's now it no longer running the

horse in the Derby even if given

the all-clear. No such dramas for

the Irish contenders. This horse

has settled well after a long fight

down and out while the punters have

already better dwell on his

stablemate. He's already seven-

stone 12 which is a featherweight

and he's in good form. After

saluting in the Geelong Cup he's

won the right to contend against the the course. The Sydney Kings have recorded their sixth win of the season tonight beating Adelaide. Sydney showed no signs of fatigue, despite playing their fourth game in 11 days. The Kings with seven different 3-point shooters in the first-half alone. In the second-half, Adelaide fought back with a little help from the free throw line. But Sydney continued to sink baskets when it counted, including this allez-oop from Mark Worthington. Worthington top scored for the Kings with 25 points. Sydney won 100-82. You might see a few familiar faces from the Solomon Islands at next weekend's Noosa Triathlon. They didn't capture a medal at last year's Commonwealth Games, but they did capture our hearts.

The Ock

Stop many are learning the sport

and he's an experience from. His

number one priority is to be at

avoiding the take. At her how to

ride and how to swim because I used

to catch coconut so on a have to

swim but not as the triathlon

swimming but four diving for cover

of I can do. The she's the first

female a Solomon Islands track

athlete. He last visited castles

two years ago telling us about the

excitement of competing in the

Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.

His team-mates didn't win it but if

the most important values at him at

rates and commitment they didn't

lose either. I you parked? Are you

tired? Yes. How is it you can keep

smiling? I'm just happy. Well for

it's still as affable and

determined as ever. He wants the

Solomon Islands to be the best a triathlon in the Pacific. The Cook

Islands and another one. So it that

we try to our best to compete

against them. So they're the ones

to beat? Yes, that's my aim. to beat? Yes, that's my aim. A

guiding them every step of the way

is their coach. He spends most of

the time working for the forestry

management programme and in his

spare time he tipped as the sport

in his role as president of triathlon in the Solomon Islands.

The guys have had great personal

belief and confidence and a has given

given them something to work

towards. The high of a vision towards. The high of a vision to bring lots of people into the

triathlon whose try and get drugs

to bring them into has fought so

that they don't to do the criminal

activities. If you see the Solomon Islands

Islands crew and these are, be sure

to say hello. You'll really to say hello. You'll really enjoy

their company. Like many of you

they love to run, supple and swim.

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Play of the Day.

The weather.

He requires nine months of rehab so

it would be a disappointing end.

Yes he was a great footballer.

Thick cloud in a broad trough is causing patchy rain and thunderstorms to increase in western Queensland and NSW. Cloud over north-east SA is causing thundery showers. Cloud is reaching northern Victoria but its mostly dry. Cloud over central western WA in an upper trough is causing showers. A slow-moving trough will take widespread showers in NSW and Queensland. and thunderstorms further east Heavy falls are possible in eastern NSW. A high will keep the south of the country mostly dry. A trough in the west will trigger thundery showers over inland WA. And that's the latest from Ten News. The Early News tomorrow is at 6:00. I'm Sandra Sully, from the Late News team, goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia.