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(generated from captions) to come together again and to heal. I've always wanted our family ever be a part of my life again. And I never thought Dad was gonna he's willing to do for Storm... But now, seeing what and I'm not? What he's willing to do... (Whispers) Donna... ..he's your only brother. if you were in this situation. Think about what he would do Please. I love you and I know you. the right decision. And I trust that you will make (Sobs) Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live.

shark attack victim - Tonight - the North Coast while riding his bodyboard. a teenager taken It just shows me how fragile we are. He was just such a lovely kid. following the attack at Merrylands. A crackdown on school violence

follow the Olympic flame And wild protests

through the streets of Paris. and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. who pointed a laser at a helicopter. Also tonight, jail for a man that nearly cost Kylie her life. And the bungle for me to say something Listen, this is an opportunity that I've not said before. But first this evening, on our far North Coast. the deadly shark attack being mauled at a beach near Ballina. A 16-year-old boy is dead after at risk trying to save the teenager. His surfing mate put his own life Peter Edmonds and his mate Brock just off Ballina's Lighthouse Beach were surfing when the shark attacked. This afternoon, his family were drawn to photographs they say was a larrikin. remembering the gentle giant

He was such a loving boy he started becoming an adult. and just in the last few months of a teachers' strike, 16-year-old Peter was making the most doing what he loved - surfing. spending the morning off school From the beach, Brock saw Peter signal for help and ran in, despite the risk. a large, dark shape He has indicated to us that he saw close to his mate move below him in the water his friend had received and when he saw the injuries by a shark. it was obvious he had been bitten it had a couple of goes at him It looks like and then disappeared. After dragging Peter to the beach,

Brock ran to a lifeguard hut and called 000. We saw the bite in his leg it could take someone. You wouldn't think Police are amazed by Brock's bravery knowing a shark was nearby. running back into the surf And then he waent back in the shore to the mouth of the river Wet conditions and its proximity for sharks. made it a perfect hunting ground to search for the shark. It's also thwarting any effort

for helicopters to be of any use The sea's too choppy and boats can't get out. and swimmers are warned to stay away. The beaches are closed that's their foolish decision If people want to go swimming not to go swimming but we strongly encourage people until we reopen our beaches. is affecting him. and they're worried how the shock in their Christian faith The family is taking comfort with Peter. and an eerie recent conversation we were going to lose him then, When he was born, we thought better things in store for him. but we said that God had with God, and he said he was fine. And I asked him where he was Amelia Charlton, Ten News. In Ballina, from Peter's best mate, Brock, And we'll hear more later this news hour. 101 charges have been laid on Merrylands High. over yesterday's attack is vowing to increase jail terms The State Government for gangs which terrorise schools, with more trouble reported today. with police on guard Another school under lockdown and two juveniles taken into custody Special School at Liverpool after allegedly entering Mainsbridge this afternoon. Recognising acute public concern, the Government is proposing tougher laws

when gangs invade the playground. I have asked the attorney a new offence is needed to consider whether

property in company in our schools. to cover situations of damaging At Merrylands High, security guards were on duty to protect students

yesterday's attack went to court. while those arrested over Five youths faced charges including: baseball bats, a sword and a machete. They were allegedly armed with The court was told sustained and violent, the attack was premeditated, on two teachers, and included assaults Henry Yavuz and Garry Boyle. Police told the court at Merrylands Police station that while in custody here the five youths had shown no remorse, as a joke they'd treated the whole matter the school's decision The P&C is backing during yesterday's lockdown. to keep parents out a clearer communication with parents There needs to be was, about what the lockout procedure and the lockout procedure was of those young people yesterday. for the protection John Hill, Ten News. is under way at Merrylands High A high-level security review under round-the-clock surveillance. as dozens of other schools are put The policeman who talked the principal through yesterday's lockdown

about the terrifying ordeal. has told Ten News and students at Merrylands High, As an armed gang terrorised staff

on how to deal with the crisis. being given step-by-step instructions receiving that call, It was quite frantic, having the information with knives and baseball bats that some intruders were armed

in a school ground. It was quite scary. Police were there in minutes. to the actual front of the school - Trying to get the police were in a side street. the police, I believe, The principal could hear the sirens. through the phone, We could hear the sirens the police to the front gate but actually just directing the intruders were. to actually where is seconded to Senior Sergeant Tsykalas Safety and Security unit. the Education Department's for principals It runs specially designed programs to violent incidents, to teach them how to respond just like the Merrylands High School principal did.

Part of that training is to respond in the way the principal responded yesterday. She did a very good job. The retired assistant police commissioner says security at the school is now being reviewed. We've got people at the school as we speak, having a look at it and going through that sort of assessment process and evaluating the risk there. From this control room, the highest-risk schools for property damage or potential violence are monitored around the clock. So far, 73 are under surveillance.

Merrylands was not considered high-risk. There are more than 2,240 public primary and high schools across the State. Not all of them will get video monitoring. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. An industrial showdown is looming in the State's public schools. Teachers have voted to go on strike for a full day next month to protest a new recruiting policy. At meetings throughout the State, teachers gave overwhelming support for a full-day strike. On May 22, teachers will walk off the job at 2,200 public schools over plans to scrap the transfer system

in favour of principals doing their own recruiting. If the Government hasn't allowed any negotiations at all, then we will be involved in industrial action with rallies. in return for more popular placements in the future. The union fears removing it would leave many schools without enough teachers. Teachers who teach out in those areas are qualified teachers but they're not going to want to teach there anymore if they're going to be stuck there forever. Around 70 schools were shut during this morning's 2-hour stop-work. Others had minimal supervision. Were you hoping to have the day off school today?

Yes. Are you happy to go to school still? No.

Today may only have caused some minor inconvenience but next month's full-day strike won't be such a breeze. Many parents will be forced to take a full day off work

because most schools will be completely shut down.

My door and the door of the director-general remain open for further discussions in order to avert the possibility of a strike. The Government has been given a May 8 deadline. James Boyce, Ten News. A homeless man has been charged over yesterday's fire in the CBD. A 3-storey office building on Pitt Street was badly damaged and guests from the Hilton Hotel were evacuated during the blaze. It also caused traffic chaos in the morning peak. 36-year-old Aaron Gurr faced court today, He was refused bail. China's nightmare Olympic torch run could get much worse. After wild protests in London and repeatedly putting out the flame in Paris, there are now big fears about the torch's next stop, San Francisco. We want a free Tibet! the Olympic torch relay China has promoted as a worldwide journey of harmony. Definitely no harmony on the streets of Paris, though - pro-Tibet demonstrators clashing with police

as the relay began at the Eiffel Tower. Free Tibet! The situation was so volatile Chinese security stepped in. They extinguished the flame for protection, and put the torch on a bus a measure taken four times during the relay, forcing it to be cut short and the main ceremony cancelled. The demonstrators' demands for China to end its crackdown in Tibet and grant democracy to the province are again overshadowing China's hope of promoting the Beijing Games. The International Olympic Committee has called for a quick and peaceful resolution in Tibet but criticised those who've disrupted the torch relay. Mostly people don't even know what their causes are. They just take their hate out on whatever the issue is at the time, and that hate against the host country is being taken out through our torch. The violence in London and Paris has forced organisers to review security, but that won't include allowing Chinese law enforcement to follow the flame.

We, Australia, will be providing that security. What Olympic officials, the Chinese, bring to Canberra is a matter for them, but on the security front we will be providing that security. Security is now on the mind of organisers in San Francisco, the next stop on the torch's 130-day journey. Protests began even before Thursday's relay, with several people arrested after climbing onto the Golden Gate Bridge

to unfurl giant banners. Nicole Strahan, Ten News. Ahead in sport with Tim Webster, one NSW Origin contender feels insulted. Yes, this halfback can't believe he could be overlooked

by moving a hooker into that position. More shortly. Also, the hits keep on coming - this time the Panthers hit their mark against the Wests Tigers. It has one rival talking up the aggressive approach. And the Aussie who's set to capture the attention of the US Masters crowds. Can Geoff Ogilvy become the first Aussie to win at Augusta? He talks about his chances. Also, why the Swans are now warming to a second team in Sydney's west. Plus, the digger spending his nest egg to keep the Anzac legend alive. a sharp increase in the number of homeless people on our streets.

This program is captioned live. In what's believed to be a legal first,

a court has jailed a man for dazzling an aircraft with a laser. Lanfranco Baldetti shone his beam at a police helicopter, temporarily blinding the pilot. allowing ground patrols to catch him, with a cache of guns as well. He'll serve at least 10 months jail. I'm pretty happy with the sentence but I hope he learns from this. That's about it. The Federal Government plans to ban certain lasers after a surge of attacks across the country. There's been a big rise in the number of young people sleeping on the streets. A new report claims youth homelessness has doubled in 20 years, despite Australia's growing wealth. As you curl up in bed tonight, spare a thought for the 22,000 teenagers without one. A typical night is, "Where am I going to sleep? "What am I going to do? Who am I going to talk to? "Am I going to be lonely? "What can I cover myself with to keep myself warm?"

Homelessness usually starts with a breakdown in family relationships or financial hardship. But the problems quickly multiply on the streets. If you're hanging around young guys who like to have a drink or smoke pot or whatever, if you get caught up in that environment,

what are you going to do?

You're going to want to fit in. 10 years after Beau first ran away, he's finally found a place to call home. But he's one of the lucky few - a National Youth Commission report has found youth homelessness has doubled in the last 20 years.

Back then, Bob Hawke had the right intention... By 1990, no Australian child will be living in poverty. ..but somewhere along the way, it seems, we stopped caring. After 17 years of economic growth, it is simply unacceptable. One third of our homeless people are under the age of 24 and the report emphasises the need to break that cycle early, otherwise there's a risk they may never fit back into mainstream society again. to be in prison for a year, but if you add onto that the cost of ambulances, the police engagement, the court engagement,

the health system, the mental health system, drug and alcohol programs, it's a huge cost if we don't engage with these young people properly. The Government has pledged $150 million toward the problem. The old Carlton Brewery at Broadway could become Australia's greenest building project. Under plans released today, the controversial site could be transformed in a $2 billion project including large areas of parkland and world-class buildings. The 6-hectare development will also be the first in Australia to have a 6-star green rating for the entire site. And that's where the onsite generation of power and the recycling of waste water and the collection of rainwater really comes into its own when you have a precinct-scale development. The plan still has to be approved by the Minister, but 13,000 people could be living and working there within eight years. A group of teenagers hand-picked for a life-changing trip to Gallipoli might now miss out. It comes down to money, and while some have donated their life savings, it mightn't be enough to get them there for Anzac Day.

Former squadron leader Eugene Konashenko is a veteran of many battles, but this one, he says, may be his most important. 15 specially selected school students from our south-west and a trip of a lifetime to Gallipoli.

So determined is he that they make the pilgrimage ahead of Anzac Day, the 88-year-old emptied his savings account, donating all $500. I admire them.

Because of their convictions, they're staying together. And, of course, when I read that they were going all the way to Gallipoli, I thought to myself, "Hell, this is even greater." Thousands of teenagers vied for a spot on the week-long trip by writing reports for organisers. I want the young people never to forget the sacrifice that was done on their behalf. They're kids that really don't know what they're in for yet, I think, because they're about to really hit the frontier of what the Australian ethos is about and understand how important our heritage is. Only the most inspiring stories secured you a seat on the plane. My great-great-grandfather, he fought on the Macedonian front in World War I, and he was considered a real Macedonian hero back at home. It's, like, quite personal, 'cause I had a great-grandfather that fought in Gallipoli. Others are determined to bring a stirring message home to their mates. That's what all of us want to do - come back to our schools, teach our friends as youth.

You know, it's not adults telling them what to do, we're them, pretty much, and we're teaching them what we've learned. So far $100,000 has been raised, but that may not be enough. The students hope they won't be robbed of laying wreaths at what would be an emotion-charged dawn service at Lone Pine. Frank Coletta, Ten News. Pressure is mounting for a royal commission into the sinking of HMAS 'Sydney' as new pictures reveal the wreck of the German ship which sank her. The images show the 'Kormoran' blown apart by scuttling charges, from the 'Sydney'. lying about 20 kilometres

The ship's giant gun is also clearly visible. The vessel's certainly broken amidships. It's clearly in pieces and you can see that wreckage quite clearly. Researchers and relatives of Australian crewmen

are demanding more powers for the looming 'Sydney' inquiry. They say there's evidence the ship had been ordered to capture the 'Kormoran' to obtain a German coding machine called the Enigma on board the raider.

And very decent for some rain today.

The showers are moving off Botany

Bay and into the western suburbs.

Becoming less frequent over Becoming less frequent over the

next couple of days. The Blue

Mountains got about 41 mm. Where

looking for a top up in the

catchment. But let's have a look at catchment. But let's have a look at

this guy. Most suburbs of a splash

today - anywhere from five mm to 50

ml majors. A late shower tomorrow

and maybe a Stormer. Next, the republican debate flares as our PM visits the Queen. And a London jury's final verdict on the death of Diana.

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Let's check the traffic. Apart from

the rain and there are a few

smashers. As a wet weather moves

into the West the M four struggles

on a Tuesday night. We're flying

over Eastern Creek. The accident

has cleared but look at the delays

at the White Horse Inn to change.

This means traffic heading into the

western suburbs will be delayed for

30-40 minutes. Looking over towards

a Liverpool you can see the wet weather. One of the Labor Party's most influential figures, former senator John Button, has died in Melbourne at the age of 74 after a battle with cancer.

Mr Button served as industry minister and Senate leader

during his 19 years in Parliament. He was credited with tapping then ALP leader Bill Hayden on the shoulder in 1983 to make way for Bob Hawke. John Button went into politics with the reputation of being an honest man who spoke his mind, and he came out of politics an honest man who spoke his mind.

He was the architect of the Hawke government's car manufacturing plan, which many credit with saving the industry. Kevin Rudd has met the Queen for the first time as Prime Minister. The royal audience came only hours after the PM was talking up an Australian republic. The Queen holds Easter court at Windsor castle, Kevin Rudd came to visit

and she had the band play 'What a Wonderful World'.

The Prime Minister of Australia, Your Majesty. The weather, the first topic of conversation. It is better than it was yesterday morning. (Inaudible) The snow was extraordinary. The audience lasted just under an hour. Protocol dictates it remain confidential.

Therese Rein got to say hi before the couple departed. Mr Rudd had earlier ramped up his republican language. I expect that in the course of the year ahead we'll have an accelerating public debate about the republic and I welcome that. He's a republican and he intends trying to implement his party's policy in due course. Any decisions about the future

are a matter for the Australian people. Talks at 10 Downing Street lasted more than two hours, greater co-operation on climate change, trade and world poverty were agreed. Kevin Rudd now heads for China where his diplomatic and Mandarin skills are sure to be tested. In London, Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. It took more than $20 million, two investigations and a 6-month inquest and finally a London jury has delivered the last legal word on the death of Princess Diana. More than a decade after news of her death shook the world, the truth about how Diana died is finally on record. The inquest's jury forewoman placed her head in her hands as she read the verdict - the Princess of Wales and Dodi Al Fayed were unlawfully killed. They ruled the paparazzi who chased them were guilty of grossly negligent driving. So too was their chauffeur, Henri Paul - he'd had too much to drink and was speeding. Two further contributing factors - seatbelts weren't worn and the car hit a pillar head-on, not the tunnel wall. His murder conspiracy theories emphatically rejected, Mohamed Al Fayed rushed from court angrily, leaving a spokeswoman "The verdicts will come as a blow "to the many millions of people in the world who supported my struggle,

"and I thank them." There was a number of crucial players who didn't appear before the court, including the members of the French paparazzi. But the unprecedented hearing did work through an exhaustive amount of evidence, with 250 witnesses taking the stand in person or via video link from eight different countries. Ladies and lords, servants and spies, were all questioned under oath, revealing Diana's most intimate secrets, her life laid bare while 11 jurors scrutinised her death. That surely should be an end of the matter in relation to any conspiracy theories, and I would be saying,

"Let these people who have died rest in peace." Princes William and Harry have agreed with the verdict and thanked the jurors for drawing a line In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News. The number of children taken from an extreme religious sect in the US has grown to more than 400. Police are questioning the children and adults at various refuges as they hunt for the 16-year-old girl who first raised the alarm, as well as her alleged husband. The sect is a breakaway Mormon group known as the Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints. This is not about numbers. This is about children who are at imminent risk of harm, children that we believe have been abused or neglected. Police have arrested one person during raids of the sect's 6,800-hectare compound in Texas. Next, we'll hear more from the North Coast teenager who put his own life on the line to save his mate from a shark attack. Also, a win for the angry pensioner who took on the parking police. And Kylie shares her dark medical secret. Listen, this is an opportunity for me to say something that I've not said before. you're going to need a big deal. a Rooster Roll, Potato & Gravy, two Crispy Chicken Strips, Chips and a large Coke - just $9.90. This program is captioned live. Returning now to our top story, the deadly shark attack on our far North Coast. 16-year-old Peter Edmond died after being mauled at a beach near Ballina.

His surfing mate Brock Matthew risked his own life to save his friend. We were just paddling out, catching a few waves, and then I went in, came back out and he was swimming around,

and then he went back in to shore and then I thought something was up, so I went after him. And that's it. Awesome, laid-back, chilled. GIRL: Good skater. Good surfer. Good surfer. What did he love to do best? Longboard.

He was a longboard surfer, wasn't he? Best guy ever, sweetest guy ever. and may nominate him for a bravery award. This week's violent attack on Merrylands High School has put youth gangs in the spotlight. Experts are worried websites like YouTube are encouraging criminal behaviour. In the wake of the vicious attack, both Merrylands and Granville Boys High schools were under lockdown. Is the principal here at the school today?

Parents at Merrylands quick to point the finger at their neighbouring school. Another school come - kids, they're Granville Boys High School. Some claimed it's just another low point in two decades of bitter rivalry between the schools. Nearly every month something going on here, someone gets stabbed or whatever. Granville students today vented their anger. What do you think about Merrylands High School? It's a shithole. Local experts say youth gang culture is in its infancy here in Australia but it's being heavily influenced by the emergence of new media such as YouTube. Police are investigating claims the five teenagers charged over yesterday's attack It's posted several sites on YouTube, showing photos of youths carrying weapons and bragging about their crimes. But the man in charge of public school security in NSW insists school gangs are not yet a big problem. Very often, there are incidents that happen off campus, that happen away from the school, that somehow transcend into the school at a particular time. Forcing some, like this one in WA, to look more like a prison than a school. Ali Donaldson, Ten News. Some good news now on a story we brought you last night about a pensioner's parking fine battle. Shirley Crockart was fined $185 for parking in a bus zone near Newcastle on the same day she was in hospital with pneumonia 240km away. The State Debt Recovery Office refused to cancel the fine, but after viewing our story last night

they've agreed the 76-year-old can rip up her ticket. I do apologise to Mrs Crockart. The evidence that this was based on was either false in its accumulation or, alternatively, there was a mistake made in the process. Mrs Crockart says the decision is a big relief. To the BankWest finance report now. The Australian share market has closed in the red, after profit-taking ended six days of gains. The banks still have a case of the jitters. Quite a few spots where you can pick up cheaper fuel tonight, with $1.34 the best price at Dee Why, Beacon Hill, Neutral Bay, Brookvale and Forestville. Kylie Minogue has revealed her breast cancer was originally undetected by doctors. She's opened up to American talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, discussing her misdiagnosis as a warning to others. # I've only ever dreamt of this. # Kylie Minogue is trying to break into the lucrative US music market. What she's now broken in the process is a guarded secret about her breast cancer. I was misdiagnosed originally. Wow! Kylie revealed to talk show host Ellen DeGeneres that she'd had a cancer check before her 2006 Showgirl tour and was told she was fine

and that her cancer was only found because she got a second opinion. Because someone's in a white coat and using big medical instruments doesn't necessarily mean they're always right. The pop princess didn't give the exact date of her original check-up and didn't say whether it was here or in Britain. But even oncology experts agree her advice is right. If you have any doubt, go back again. Yeah, keep going back. The singer's advice comes as another Australian pop icon who survived breast cancer begins her own journey. Olivia Newton-John is raising money

to help build a cancer treatment and research centre in Melbourne by trekking the Great Wall of China. It was unusual, it was a challenge and it's an amazing idea. The 228-kilometre walk will take 21 days. Josh Murphy, Ten News.

Let us take another look at the

weather. Of into Tuesday so let's look

look into the weekend. You sit next to

to Rome or will some for a living so of course you're looking forward

to that it weekend. Showers to

become less frequent tomorrow and

Thursday. The weak yen will be fine

and sunny. Abbey in a blue sky on Sunday.

You know all the things I say a

barrier and - I mean them. He'll get his. Sport now and, Tim, a Rooster breaks the club's new booze ban. Yes, a key forward has been dropped - more shortly. Plus, the Origin halfback contender who could be bypassed for a hooker. And the Panthers pounce on the Wests Tigers. COMMENTATOR: And then took a shot from Pritchard. Also, the Aussie player who's ready to walk the walk with Tiger Woods at Augusta - why Geoff Ogilvy is primed for the US Masters.

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This program is captioned live. Manly captain Matt Orford says he's insulted NSW selectors are considering hooker Robbie Farah to fill the problem halfback position for the Blues this season. But in a twist, the Wests Tigers have today named Farah as their new number seven, after slumping to two straight defeats. Matt Orford's been waiting a long time for the Blues number seven jersey, so hearing Robbie Farah could get one first has the Eagles skipper fired up. You're out there busting your butt, all your career and then they go and throw nines up as potential sevens. with a big game

in front of Melbourne's NSW Origin coach, Craig Bellamy, and motivation's not a problem. Every halfback in this competition wants to play for their State and country, so to be taken over by a quality nine - that's where he plays his best football - yeah, I guess it is a bit of an insult to all halfbacks. Friday's match is also a selection shoot-out for the Australian fullback position between Orford's team-mate Brett Stewart and Melbourne's Billy Slater. Kangaroos incumbent Stewart knows he faces a challenge keeping his Test job. Billy's been in pretty good form the first four rounds, he's played some good football, and I guess if you want to impress the Test selectors then this is the game to do it. The Sea Eagles are ready for the NRL's wild start to continue. The latest offender, Michael Weyman, today accepted a 6-match penalty Definitely this year there's a lot more aggression in there, which is probably good, because it opens up the playing field a lot more. Everyone's coming out there trying to take someone out

and that's why everyone watches footy, to see the big hits and the big collisions, so I'm pretty sure it's just going to be better for the game. Penrith enforcer Frank Pritchard showing league at its brutal - but legal - best. COMMENTATOR: Picked it up and then took a shot from Pritchard! The Panthers eventually crushed the Wests Tigers 30-8. Adam Hawse, Ten News.

The Cronulla Sharks board will meet tonight to vote on whether to dock the pay of two suspended top players. The Sharks trained this morning

without two of their representative forwards, Ben Ross and Paul Gallen. Both have been banned and the board is looking to take action. You know, if you're a repeat offender like certain players in the old era, you'd certainly probably write it into their contract

if they were to carry on and do the same thing over and over again

they should be fined. The Sharks play Souths next Monday. Disruption at the Sydney Roosters, with the news prop David Shillington has been dropped to the NSW Cup team after breaching the club's alcohol policy. Meanwhile, Anthony Minichiello shouldn't miss more than one or two weeks after his troublesome back flared up during last Friday's win against the Bulldogs. Minichiello joins fellow Test player Willie Mason on the injured list. But he says he hopes to be back in the red, white and blue as soon as possible. It's all precautionary and I'm trying to look after my long-term playing career. Mason has a small tear in a knee ligament but should only be out for a week. NSW rookie Rob Horne has been promoted to the Waratahs' starting 15 in place of injured centre Ben Jacobs. The 18-year-old will find himself up against the in-form Ryan Cross when they take on the Western Force this Saturday.

Coach Ewen McKenzie has no doubt they'll target the youngster. Oh, I'm sure they will. We've got people we're going to target, so I'm sure they'll have some on our team, so you tend to look at the guys that maybe haven't played as much. expected to make his Waratahs debut Randwick centre Matt Carraro is from the bench. 2012 is shaping as the likely year the AFL will have a team in western Sydney. AFL boss Andrew Demitriou today met with the Sydney Swans officials to brief them on their expansion plans, which could see the new team gaining exclusive rights to recruits from the western suburbs. I think the case for the second team is quite compelling. We get it, we support it. I think if AFL is going to be truly a national code, our representation then we need to increase in two very strategic markets. The Swans face the West Coast Eagles at ANZ Stadium this Saturday night. The venue is set to host more matches in the coming years to prepare western Sydney for the launch of a new team. The NSW Swifts have won their opening game of the new trans-Tasman championship with a 53-42 victory over New Zealand's Southern Steel. The Swifts' combination up front of Catherine Cox and Susan Pratley proved the difference. It was Cox's first game as captain following the retirement of Liz Ellis.

Yeah, a little bit nerve-racking - can't you tell by my shooting stats?

But I'm glad it's out of the way for so many reasons but stoked to have a win on the board. led by powerhouse Irene Van Dyk, Earlier, Waikato, defeated Adelaide 46-42. Aussie golfer Geoff Ogilvy has firmed as one of the favourites for this week's US Masters. Form and an unflappable demeanour have him fancied to be the first Aussie to claim the famed green jacket. His swagger suggests he's a guy not in a hurry, but Geoff Ogilvy's climb up the world golf ladder is happening at a more urgent pace. I knew I was gonna move up a few - five was nice. I thought I was gonna go up to six or seven, so getting up to fifth was a bonus. I guess it's a reward - I've played quite well the last five or six weeks, so it's nice. Outside of John Senden and Richard Greenhill making their Masters debut this week here at Augusta National, Geoff Ogilvy is the least experienced of the Aussies, with just two appearances. The interesting footnote to that - he's made the top 25 both times.

In addition to that impressive record Ogilvy has rocketed to number three in the FedEx standings,

thanks to his current form. But this week he's got Georgia on his mind. I mean, you can be playing well coming here

but this is more of a mental test than a physical test, this course. If you've got any demons in there, it'll find them.

Changes to some greens and fairways at Augusta National have been a talking point, There's a couple of trees gone, I think there's pine needles under it and not grass, and a few little changes but, as I said, they change it so well here that you'd have no idea that they changed it unless they told you. And creating history this week is Gary Player, who's in his 51st Masters, surpassing Arnold Palmer's record of 50. My great dream is to just get a message through to the youth of the world that if you look after your body and you eat properly Leigh Diffey, Ten News. And you can see the Masters here on Ten starting at 5:45 this Friday morning.

Accident is causing problems on the

Great Western highway. There were

significant queues in traffic. Take

a look at the traffic delays going

past Eastern Creek. There's no gap

and no relief and you can see the

rain starting to settle in. It'll

be a long slow trip Higham. Stay with us - Tim Bailey's forecast is next. This is Kirsty... ..and a coffee bean. Kirsty is 23 and loves all things blue. On weekends, she's a pro wrestler and recently perfected the merciless Boston crab. But here's something you might not know - the coffee bean she's holding is a natural source of antioxidants. Hi, honey. How was your day?

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I like your style. How do we get

through a wet and dreary

Start talking about the weekend on

a Tuesday night. We had some heavy

showers across the metropolitan

area and into the western suburbs.

They've dodged the catchment. The

Blue mountain's got 41 mm. Avalon

got 20 mm. We had five mm in the

past four days in the catchment

area and maybe more tomorrow but

illustrate it's not gone west there has been only one millimetre in

Camden. Showers less frequently

tomorrow but Saturday and Sunday

should be fine and sunny. There's

been plenty of grey in your date so

let's lift your spirits and put

some colour in your day. And by

Lawrence is a golden guitar nominee.

I hope you're listening to the

lyrics are. It's a new single. Mr

Lawrence is on tour. Tomorrow we've

a few showers and 21 degrees but less than

Hours a heavy between Sydney and

Fraser Ryland. Unit south-easterly

winds on the eastern seaboard well

he's causing showers series as well.

Warm north-easterly winds for the

inland. Showers on the New South

Wales coast and Rangers and the

showers over south-east Queensland

and the Queensland coast and in the

tropics. The weekend is going to be

a good one - fine and sunny but

some showers before we get there. Finally tonight, emergency services have gone to extreme efforts to rescue a pussy cat in peril. This little kitten got stuck in a pipe, half a metre underground. SES VOLUNTEER: Alright, little kitty, we'll have you out soon. We're going to be making lots of noise but you just hang in tight there, mate, and we'll get you. SES crews cut open concrete to reach the pipe, before the shy adventurer was coaxed out. The cat wasn't hurt, but he had one more traumatic experience to go - a good wash. One life down, eight to go. That's Ten News for now. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. The Late News with Sports Tonight is along at 10:30. Supertext captions by Red Bee Media Australia. OH, HEY, YOU GUYS, LOOK. UGLY NAKED GUY'S PUTTING STUFF IN BOXES. HUH... I'D SAY FROM THE LOOKS OF IT OUR NAKED BUDDY IS MOVING. IRONICALLY, MOST OF THE BOXES SEEM TO BE LABELED "CLOTHES." AAH, I'M GOING TO MISS THAT BIG, OLD, SQUISHY BUTT. AND WE'RE DONE WITH THE CHICKEN FRIED RICE. HEY! HEY, IF HE'S MOVING MAYBE I SHOULD TRY TO GET HIS PLACE. OH, GOOD IDEA. YES.