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This program is captioned live. Tonight - dogged by delays - for a critical safety upgrade. Sydney ferries still waiting Lucky to be alive - in a labyrinth of underground caves. the lone adventurer who was stuck He could be dead. And home detention - tax cheat Glenn Wheatley in his palatial mansion. serves the rest of his sentence and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. on our frontline police. Also tonight, stress takes its toll controversial roo cull goes ahead. And secrecy as Canberra's But heading Ten News - has been exposed, another big transport bungle this time affecting ferry passengers. of failing to deliver The state government is accused aimed at protecting Sydney commuters. an important safety measure, is appalling. The safety record of Sydney Ferries in the past two years, There have been two deadly crashes of a safety device is a big deal. so any delay in the installing

what happens before any crash Black boxes vital in recording of Transport Safety were recommended by the Office by the end of May, to be fitted in all ferries but that deadline won't be met. commuter safety, out the window this issue seriously. for a minister not to address serious about Sydney ferries, If he was serious about safety, far earlier. these black boxes were installed for installing the black boxes, The Government has its own timetable by June 2009, and hopes it won't take that long.

have been done. 19 of the 30 or so boats in the later part of this year. The rest will be done of putting the black box sensors The estimated total cost is $750,000. in the entire Sydney Ferries fleet

for several days. Each vessel is off the water It coincides with a major service. The Opposition says but is slow to deliver. the Government talks of safety, the State Government's There is no reason why

on these black boxes. been dragging its feet all the safety recommendations The Government is still to implement

between a ferry and a cruiser. following the fatal crash last year Four people died in that crash, Morgan Innes. including ice-skating champion Kevin Wilde, Ten News. because they're so stressed out. Our frontline police are at risk, which has also found That's according to a new report the force at an alarming rate, traumatised officers are quitting a fortune. and it could cost taxpayers New research suggests from one-off large-scale emergencies it's the stress and trauma and the everyday crime scenes many senior police to quit. that are forcing bereavement messages, Suicides, cot deaths,

there's a whole range of incidents. Their report found post-traumatic stress disorder officers suffering at a disturbing rate, are leaving the force which is increasing. The survey found at all those issues now. We're looking that I've had some concerns over. It is a significant issue are at high risk of injury, 2% of serving officers The survey found

level of psychological injury. Another 10% are at a moderate to high including self-harm.

That equates to 1,800 police. and replacement The cost of compensation will top $250 million. for that many officers of former senior officers I spoke to a number post-traumatic stress disorder, who left the force after suffering not to appear on camera. but all were anxious

he nearly ended his life - One told how that day, the only thing that stopped him

it was his son's birthday. he remembered Author and former forensic officer Esther Mckay

after years of untreated stress. left the force in 2001 would have been helpful, Some sort of debriefing

'cause we all just went home. There was no outlet. and Police Commissioner tomorrow. demanding action by the Government Evan Batten, Ten News. A Wollongong court has heard of how a south coast couple. gruesome details about the murder

stuffed in barrels and set alight They were hog-tied, as an extreme case of revenge in what's been described met a grizzly death in January 2006. Gregory Hosa and Kathryn McKay in two 44-gallon drums in bush land Their bodies were found outside Nowra. and 32-year-old Andrew Wayne Flentjar Today, 37-year-old Kim Leanne Snibson

on kidnap and murder charges. faced the Supreme Court were tipped off to the crime scene The jury heard firefighters reported a fire. after a pair of mountain bike riders burnt out nearby. Gregory Hose's ute was later found The jury told,

and a third man Stacey Lea-Caton It's alleged Snibson, Flentjar to this Nowra home lured Gregory and Kathyrn performing sex acts. as revenge for video-ing Kim Snibson and gagged with a sock. The pair were beaten, hogtied while she was asphyxiated He was strangled with wire

with tape over her mouth and nose. placed in barrels, dumped Their bodies were then along with Gregory's car. and set alight After the pair were arrested, and sat silent and expressionless The two accused made no contact of their alleged crimes. as the jury heard graphic details

is already serving 22 years in jail Stacey Lea-Caton for his part in the murders against his former friend and is expected to give evidence during the 5-week trial.

Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News for more than two days, A man stuck inside a cave he recorded a farewell message was so certain he was going to die,

to his family. teams on his side, But with luck and dedicated search in hospital. the 46-year-old is now recovering and in a diabetic coma, He was freezing cold, dehydrated he was alive. but against all the odds, Trapped for 38 hours in the cave, his shoulders were pinned under a large rock and rubble. Fearing he would never get out, he recorded an emotional farewell to relatives on his digital camera. The 46-year-old was squeezing through an off-limits system in the Wombeyan Caves, when the rocks collapsed 90m underground. He was still calling for help when rescuers arrived. There were a lot of sharp edges, but it was also very slippery in there, and cold and wet at times. It took 11 dark, painful hours to bring him to the surface - twisting through tiny squeeze points. We were coming into small, tiny access holes, which meant we had to twist the patient around, as well as haul him up through those vertical extrication points. More than 70 people were involved in the rescue after fellow cavers raised the alarm. The drink bottle he desperately needed was still at the entrance to the cave. Ironically, it was the only way they knew where to look. at Liverpool Hospital say Doctors here the man is in a serious but stable condition. However, caving experts say, considering the man's reckless actions, he's lucky to be alive at all. The very cardinal rule that he broke was not to leave a flight plan and tell somebody where he'd gone.

National Park staff are furious the man entered the cave without permission - throwing conservation and his own safety out the window. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. Tax cheat Glenn Wheatley is back in the lap of luxury after serving ten months' jail. He'll spend the rest of his sentence in his palatial mansion. Four hours, a car change and a phone call from John Farnham later, Glenn Wheatley arrives home.

The end of his journey from prison cell to pristine luxury was witnessed by dozens of media and several helicopters hovering overhead. An emotional family reunion kept behind closed doors. He hugged the girls like nothing and had a couple of Mum's melting moments. He's very relieved to be back home and very relieved and happy to be back with the kids. The chase began before 5:00 this morning at Beechworth prison,

Wheatley's home for the last 10 months. Prison guards confronted the press... Do you wanna take the camera out of me face? ..before freeing the disgraced entrepreneur 4.5 hours earlier than usual.

Wheatley chased along pre-dawn country roads and city streets. Cameras capturing a first post-prison look at the music identity,

soon after having an electronic security anklet attached to his leg. A member of iconic Australian band Masters Apprentices and manager of musicians such as John Farnham, Wheatley was jailed after admitting to more than $300,000 in tax evasion. Abusive tax practices really hurt everybody else and there are consequences to that. He'll finish his sentence with five months of home detention, during which he'll be subject to random drug and alcohol tests and can't leave home without permission or speak publicly. He's going to get back to work and he's going to spend a lot of time redeeming himself. Christopher Still, Ten News. The Federal Opposition has been rocked by a leaked email wrecking Brendan Nelson's Budget reply strategy. opposing the promise to cut fuel excise, has leadership tensions at a flashpoint. Malcolm Turnbull put on the record his opposition to the five cent a litre tax cut on petrol in an email to Brendan Nelson's office just hours before the leader's Budget reply speech last Thursday. I did not disclose an email or the contents of the email to the 'Australian'. The Nelson camp simply doesn't believe the denial. The embattled leader was rocked when he learned of the leak. there was not unanimous support for Dr Nelson's petrol tax cut. I think generally speaking, my colleagues, but, more importantly, I think most Australians were quite pleased. There are even suggestions that the timing of the leak was designed to stall Dr Nelson's momentum at the end of a week that saw Mr Turnbull's performance criticised. Rubbish, according to the Turnbull camp. Look, it's our policy and that makes it a good policy and we are all supporting it. Damage control the order of the day. As far as I'm concerned there isn't any division. The Shadow Treasurer strongly supports the policy that Brendan announced. So who leaked the email? In politics you can waste a lot of time trying to guess what goes on. They simply have lost any economic credibility whatsoever and, of course, the reason is, they're so divided. The Liberal disarray comes as a second nationwide poll has found Australians are confused over last week's Budget. Essential Research says more voters think it's better for the economy than for them but 40% don't know. But a Galaxy poll finds Wayne Swan has opened up a 15-point lead over Malcolm Turnbull as an economic manager. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Let's take a look at sport now with Tim Webster, and another NRL coach gone. Yes, former NSW Origin coach Graham Murray has left the Cowboys after a poor start to the season - more shortly. Plus - NSW honours its team of the century as the Blues coach laments the annual series is causing to the NRL. And going for broke at the Irish Open -

how this shot turned out to be a real splash for cash. Also - we'll have the cricketer who went beyond the boundary - and, boy, was he lucky. Still to come - extraordinary secrecy as Canberra's kangaroo cull begins. Also - the transit crime crackdown - time's up for troublemakers on Sydney's public transport. And Royal Randwick transformed to handle half a million pilgrims. As much as I love what I do... ..I never want to lose sight of what's really important. MOBILE PHONE BEEPS So when there's a chance for all of us to catch up, I don't need a headache bringing me down. That's why I keep Panadol Rapid handy. It's absorbed twice as fast as regular Panadol tablets. Because I'd rather spend time with friends than with a headache. Panadol - it's my choice.

WOMAN: Now there's an amazing place to have fun with arts and crafts - the Digital Arts & Crafts Studio.

Just touch the magic pen to the pad and you can colour, draw, paint and make hundreds of cool things. From Fisher-Price. Computer not included. VOICEOVER: It's Holden's mid-year clearance, 60 years in the making. We're building a limited number and packed with over $7,500 of extra value, including 18-inch alloys, leather appointed seats, rear parking sensors and Bluetooth, Hurry in to your Holden dealer before this offer becomes history. This program is captioned live. Two women on trial over an alleged euthanasia murder have tried to change their pleas. They indicated they were prepared to admit to lesser offences, but the move was rejected. of her 71-year-old de facto partner Graeme Wylie,

Shirley Justins now says she is guilty of aiding and abetting his suicide.

Caren Jenning pleaded guilty to importing the euthanasia drug Nembutal, a dose of which killed Mr Wylie in March 2006. But with Mr Wylie's mental state the crucial question, the Crown has refused to end the trial, insisting the jury be allowed the charges relating to murder. Euthanasia campaigner Philip Nitschke told the court that a 2-hour meeting with Mr Wylie in November 2005 convinced him that the Alzheimer's sufferer was of sound mind as he sought an assisted suicide. But the prosecutor accused Dr Nitschke of deliberately ignoring other medical evidence that may have proved Mr Wiley had difficulty making even basic decisions. Dr Philip Nitschke denied Alzheimer's had led Graeme Wiley to be easily manipulated. The prosecution then asked if Mr Wiley maintained the mental capacity to draw up a will, considering he couldn't recognise his own daughter.

Dr Nitschke replied, "I don't know, I suppose not. Dr Nitschke has been granted immunity from any prosecution. Jacqueline Maddock, Ten News. More than 600 people have been charged and hundreds more arrested, in a 3-month crime crackdown on Sydney trains. joined forces Police and transit officers

for operation Vision 3. Synchronised patrols and security footage was used to identify hotspots in and around railway stations. Covert operations were also undertaken, with officers redeployed to the problem areas. This was a very big operation - it wasn't just a flash in the pan.

I might also indicate this is the kind of thing that we'll continue to do, because that's what the community expects of us. stage of the operation Police say it's the most successful since it started in July last year. An armed robbery suspect has been captured The man tried to escape by running through the back streets of Summer Hill after ditching his sports car on Parramatta Road. He was found hiding under a house and taken away in handcuffs. Protesters have shed tears after witnessing the killing of kangaroos on Commonwealth land in Canberra. It's part of a controversial cull which began today - and a warning, viewers may find some images in this story upsetting. This defence site is home to hundreds of eastern grey kangaroos. Today dozens of the animals were herded into a pen and then, a few at a time, They just herded them all and about 15 went in and about five have gone down and you can actually see them down on the ground. Contractors then administered a lethal drug

to each unconscious animal. The bodies placed on pallets and moved by vehicle to cold storage. People have been calling this a cull

and it's not a cull, it's an absolute slaughter. Lesley Machin is part of a wildlife rescue group. She looks after orphaned joeys and can't understand why the roos couldn't be relocated.

But moving hundreds of the animals would have cost $3.5 million and was ruled out by the Federal Government. Sick, horrified, heartbroken - it doesn't have to happen. Authorities ordered the cull, concerned the roos would begin to starve and degrade native grasslands. Animal rights activists have vowed to fight on but in reality there is now little or nothing they can do to save the kangaroos. We're still looking at as many options as we can and until there's no kangaroos left here we'll still be going. We're not looking at anything illegal. 400 kangaroos will be culled. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. World Youth Day organisers say they're ahead of schedule and ready to handle

set to descend on Sydney next month. Amid the horses and trainers, construction teams have taken over Randwick Racecourse, where 225,000 people will camp out. and already Randwick racecourse looks more like a construction site. And the biggest project is toilets. Daily, workers assemble 320 cubicles - a tenth of the total number needed for World Youth Day participants. Afterwards, all parts will be recycled. It sounds like a lot of loos, but take into account there'll be a sleep-over of 225,000 people and around 0.5 million meals eaten. On the menu are... 2 million bread rolls, 1.4 million pieces of fruit and an indeterminable number of baked beans

that will be served to pilgrims. access to the area on June 15, construction workers will continue to share the racecourse with horses and their trainers. The altar's height will be equivalent to a 4-storey building,

its length 20m, and width, 50m, all to ensure the 500,000 pilgrims at the final mass. Coordinators are convinced the turf won't be damaged, ensuring spring racing resumes 23 August. Also gearing up for the event are our roads. Clearways signs have been erected along Concord Road, adding to the 500 clearways and 300 road closures Hoping to capitalise on the event is one major department store, selling its own type of World Youth Day clothing range.

. It against all the odds are it

has turned out to be a great weekend.

You can probably described as

Greece, sunny but a little bit

chilly. Cold enough to deposit

seven centimetres of snow on the

northern table. Overnight it became

actually. Down to three degrees in

a rich man. 11 in the cities. We

got as high as 21 degrees in the

city, it was not too bad a day. We

have another of those in store for

Next, remembering the victims -

haunting images taken before China's earthquake struck. And the first glimpse of Baz Luhrmann's new Aussie epic. This program is captioned live. Don't! WOMAN: Jason, have you brushed your teeth yet? (SIGHS) (VIDEO GAME PLAYS) Jason. Mum, I just did! Yeah? And for how long? VOICEOVER: No matter how well your kids brush, there'll always be germs that are left behind. New Listerine Smart Rinse helps clean your kid's whole mouth and contains fluoride to protect against cavities. New from Listerine. That's right, for you to save money on your car insurance with AAMI. With the savings, you can buy yourself - or possibly, a favourite son - something they really want. SONG: # Lucky you're with AAMI. #

. This program is captioned A week ago, a thousand children played here. Today their school was sprayed with chemicals to prevent the children's bodies adding epidemic and disease to the death toll of the earthquake. Six days on, another body is uncovered and another mother experiences the horror of recognition.

"What did I do to deserve this," she says, "to lose my child?" the scene on the school playground was very different. These photographs were taken last Sunday, exactly 24 hours before the earthquake. Teenagers are having a day of sport before their final exams. their teachers, too. They're smiling and laughing, It's a special day - their school lives are almost over. But what the children of Beichuan high school didn't know, was that for most of them this would be their last day. On the school website survivors comment on the photos. "I wish time could have stopped right then," says one. Another writes to her dead classmates - "Make your dreams come true in heaven." In Beichuan, time has stopped. It's a city of the dead. The number of people being pulled out alive is now diminishing by the day. 160 on Friday, 60 on Saturday, here today, 1. This is more typical now - clearance and demolition. The survivor found today was freed only after his legs were amputated. Some people still alive. Some people are still alive? Yeah, but not many. Not many, and their chances in the middle of all this are slim indeed. More than 2.5 million people are at risk of starving to death in the wake of the Burma cyclone. The United Nation's top disaster official is now in the country to plead with military leaders to let in large-scale international aid. In makeshift shelters, the most vulnerable, the young and the elderly, face a daily struggle to survive. It's hell on earth for survivors down there. Now a video from British aid agency Merlin

highlights the enormous challenge to save 2.5 million people at risk from starvation and disease.

The rain just doesn't stop. When I was in Labutta it was almost non-stop. And it's very heavy monsoon rain. There's lots of standing water, there are insects breeding in that water that spread disease.

It's difficult for us to build pit latrines because there's so much rain, It's difficult for people to stay out of the rain because there's simply not enough shelter. This is what the military leadership would prefer the world to see - organised, clean and well-stocked refugee camps.

The video broadcast on state-run television also shows Burma's military leader in public for the first time since the Cyclone Nargis hit two weeks ago, and comforting the sick. handing out aid The country's suspicious rulers aren't keen to accept more help from what one official called people who will create more problems. Even though some aid, including from Australia, The UN's top disaster official is in Burma

hoping to pressure the junta to open its doors to more, and the Secretary General is also planning a visit. If their pleas are ignored,

aid agencies warn thousands of children will die from starvation. A whole generation will be lost. Only adding to a death toll already estimated at more than 130,000. Nicole Strahan, Ten News. British scientists believe they've made a major breakthrough in fighting the deadly hospital superbug, MRSA. Unlike current treatments, which only stop the bacteria multiplying, they've developed a nasal gel which kills the bug. But campaigners warn it's not a cure. It is not an antibiotic, it will not cure an infection

when a person has it or in a site wound, so I think, yes, we have to be cautious, but it is a welcoming development. Researchers say the gel can be widely used without the superbug becoming resistant to it. High profile US Senator Ted Kennedy remains in hospital

after suffering two seizures over the weekend.

As a member the Kennedy clan, the 76-year-old Democratic senator in the US. Mystery still surrounds what caused the seizures but the younger brother of assassinated President John F. Kennedy is said to be in good spirits. He was sitting up in bed, eating take-out food from Legal Seafood, wishing he could go sailing. In recent weeks,

the Senator has been campaigning hard for presidential hopeful Barack Obama after endorsing him earlier this year. Keith Urban has missed out on top honours at this year's Academy of Country Music awards. But he was still all smiles

with his pregnant wife Nicole Kidman by his side at the ceremony in Las Vegas. As the couple prepare for the birth of their first child together, Kidman has found the time to record a special message to promote her new film 'Australia'.

We can't let them win. We won't.

Down Smithfield, what is the Down Smithfield, what is the

problem? A car has broken down. We

are rich now, the car has moved

into the Horsley drive. The delay

has caused traffic. Both traffic

lanes are considerable delayed lanes are considerable delayed for

motorists. The good news, we have

no major accident or breakdown

around Sydney this evening. Very

slow getting into the airport. A

lot of traffic on the Pacific air work - Pacific Next, the Aussie dollar soars Also, paying through the nose - claims poor urban planning pushes up prices at the checkout. We depend on competition and new competitors to keep big business honest and prices down. And Cate Blanchett tells us about her evil alter ego. (FUNKY MUSIC) SONG: # Zoom, zoom, zoom... # VOICEOVER: It's got the looks and all the right moves. And now get a super choice of 5-door or 3-door. This program is captioned live. Tonight's major stories - tax cheat Glenn Wheatley in a gilded cage after serving 10 months jail. The remainder of his sentence will be served at home, a palatial mansion in Melbourne. The first person to call him after his release? Old pal John Farnham. An adventurer is lucky to be alive after being rescued from a labyrinth of caves near Sydney. The 46-year-old man was so certain he would die, he recorded a final video message to loved ones. He's now recovering in hospital. And leadership tensions in the Federal Liberal Party are at flashpoint. Malcolm Turnbull has denied leaking an email warning Brendan Nelson against cutting the excise on fuel. Mr Turnbull now says he supports the proposed tax cut, because it's Coalition policy. are being blamed for pushing up grocery prices. A report says restrictions on new supermarkets might be boosting the checkout bill by up to 20%. It's rare for anyone to defend supermarket chains Woolworths or Coles, but former consumer advocate Professor Allan Fels has done just that. We may not like or love them all the time, but they deliver lower prices. from shopping centres They shouldn't be excluded where they bring benefits to consumers. He also backs smaller players, like IGA and Aldi, saying planning laws give them all a raw deal. says consumers lose out because competition is being restricted. Supermarkets are as heavily regulated, if not more so, than mines, casinos or brothels. The report says western and south-western Sydney are worst hit - their populations are growing, the number of supermarkets they need is not. With some areas limited to just one or two, than they should be. prices could be 20% higher

Professor Fels says these planning laws play into the hands

of the large shopping centres, who aggressively oppose any new local competition and higher rents. The Minister has attacked the report as flawed, saying supermarket numbers are not capped. Our issue is about good planning, about making sure we put supermarkets where traffic can cope with it, with it and where the impacts on communities are not excessive. Retailers, though, agree planning restrictions are difficult. All retailers, regardless of size, a loosened-up marketplace here, stronger competition, and got to be good for the consumer, Eddy Meyer, Ten News. To the BankWest finance report and the Australian share market closed higher today on the back of a surging oil price. The average price of unleaded fuel in Sydney tonight is $1.46, for as low as $1.39 in Brookvale, Beacon Hill, Dee Why and Forestville. A standing ovation for the new Indiana Jones movie at the Cannes film festival. The premiere was viewed by some of the world's toughest critics. 19 years after his last crusade, the whip-cracking man in the hat is back of director Steven Spielberg. It took a long time to find the right story. George always had the idea of the crystal skull. That was something George brought to the table at the outset.

There were a couple of other possible ideas but that was the one that stuck. The movie premiered after a week of grim films at Cannes and received a 3.5-minute standing ovation - but not from this critic. They got maybe too much fun, they got a rollercoaster that didn't seem to want to stop for nearly two hours and they didn't get much story, or character, or wit or plot - the kind of things you really want to go to a movie for. But Harrison Ford isn't going to take criticism like that lying down. I fully expect it and I'm not really worried about it. I work for the people who pay to get in. They are my customers. The film's villain, Cate Blanchett, has continued to impress on the red carpet thanks to her amazing post-baby body, but it's her Russian accent in the film that's got her more worried. I apologise to the entire Russian populace in advance for my Russian, but hopefully it will be dubbed. And proving she really is a superwoman, Cate is currently jetting home to strut the red carpet at the movie's Australian premiere in Sydney on Wednesday night. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

Sport now, and Tim Graham, Murray has quit as Cowboys coach. Yes, his reaction shortly. Plus - the Blues coach is counting the costing of Origin for his club side.

And West Indies star Dwayne Bravo goes beyond the boundary. COMMENTATOR: Can't do that! Also a wet, wet winner of the Irish Open. We've seen it all now, gents. This Tuesday's Oz Lotto has jackpotted to $6 million. So you could win a truckload of cash! This program is captioned live. 12 months ago he was coaching NSW, but now Graham Murray is jobless. A woeful start to the season with the Cowboys has brought forward his finishing date, after originally being told this would be his last season. After weeks of speculation over his position, Might sound corny, but I do love the club, and I think the best way is for me to step aside and get someone else in and try and get us back up to where we were. The most successful coach in the Cowboys history denying he was forced to resign, or that he's sour. Do I sound sour? I don't think I do. I'm not bitter about it. Once upon a time, I said I wouldn't walk away, but this is about the club - it's not about an individual. On a lighter note, NSW today named their team of the century, then handed them some quirky caps. Bob Fulton, also a selector, says the Blues have the edge for Origin I. and I think you'll only have to have a look at what happens on Wednesday night.

Bellamy blasting a schedule that ripped nine players from his side that lost to the Dragons. We're going to have to do that at some stage during the Origin series but I think it's a little bit unfair we've got to do it three times. So far expectations are for just 60,000. If Sydneysiders don't start buying tickets in a hurry, it could be one of the last times NSW is given two home games. The ARL says it's under enormous commercial pressure to play more Origin games in Melbourne. That comes on the back of the successful Telstra Dome match in 2006. In recent talks, the Victorian Government has told the ARL it wants to be a permanent fixture when contracts are renewed in 2012. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Wendell Sailor says he's not quite ready to return to first grade

when the Dragons take on Manly on Friday night. While he was pleased with his 2-try effort in the Jim Beam Cup at the weekend, he wants to eliminate the mistakes from his game before making his NRL comeback. Getting the ball stripped twice and missing a one-on-one tackle is not good enough for me, so another couple of weeks and hopefully my fitness and my game should be there. Sailor says he's looking forward to turning out for Shellharbour again this weekend. There's talk of a push by NSW Rugby powerbrokers

to reinstate outgoing Waratahs coach Ewen McKenzie for next season. The about-face comes as the Waratahs prepare for a home semifinal on Saturday against the Sharks. Ewen Mckenzie was shown the door at Moore Park, but after the Waratahs' impressive rise to the Super 14 finals, New South Wales Rugby suddenly realised they want their man to stay. I've got to do something in the future. If there is an opportunity to talk about it, I'll talk about it. That's as much as I'll say. McKenzie is currently negotiating with French side Stade De Francais, with Munster and even the Crusaders, searching for a new coach in 2009. Yet despite his embarrasing mid-season axing, McKenzie wouldn't mind extending his tenure with the team he's taken to three finals campaigns in his 5-year reign.

I'm a pretty malleable sort of bloke It hasnt been the easiest season away from the field, but on it it's been great. The Tahs have suffered a setback ahead of this weekend's clash with the Sharks, losing hooker Tatafu Polota-Nau to a wrist injury. It's bad luck for New South Wales. We lose a Wallaby player - a player who's been playing really well all year. Frier will start in Polota-nau's place, with Al Manning called into the squad. including a 25-10 bonus-point win over the Sharks in Round 11. Impressive numbers that has the Tahs quietly confident ahead of Saturday night's semifinal showdown. We have the right to come out with our chests out. Scott Mackinnon, Ten News. The news on Tadhg Kennelly's injured knee is better than first thought. The Swans defender dislocated his knee cap in yesterday's win over Essendon. An MRI scan confirmed there's been no other damage. He was absent from this morning's team walk at the SCG. The Swans are hopeful he'll miss only a week. Tadhg's not the sort of guy and he's certainly got unfinished business here. And the AFL's new interchange system is still having teething problems - exposed by the mass confusion amongst Collingwood players over the weekend.

. Why it is so complicated is beyond The rule comes into force this weekend. South African paceman Makhaya Ntini has snared the the Indian Premier League's third hat-trick - only thing was, no-one knew it at the time! COMMENTATOR: And he's knocked him over with a beauty. Oh, he's knocked over David Hussey as well. What a day he's having, Ntini. But it wasn't until seven overs into Chennai's innings The game was cut short after eight overs by a dust storm, with Chennai winning under the Duckworth-Lewis system. And West Indies all-rounder Dwayne Bravo put his body on the line to guide Mumbai to victory over Deccan. He also picked up three wickets for man of the match before heading off for the Test series against Australia. Mechanical problems have made the French MotoGP one to forget for world champion Casey Stoner. The young Australian was looking good for a podium finish until the 20th lap when his engine failed. Stoner had to push his machine back to the pits to swap bikes. He eventually finished last, he's finished without points. the first time in 22 races Former world champ Valentino Rossi taking the championship lead with a milestone win. COMMENTATOR: The 29-year-old Italian wins his 90th Grand Prix Rossi finished ahead of Jorge Lorenzo and Colin Edwards. Another international win

for Australian dream horse Takeover Target. He held out Damien Oliver's fast-finishing Magnus He's rising nine, but you ask him, he probably thinks he's a 3-year-old. You know, I think he's as good as ever. Takeover Target was bought for just $1,200. With his winnings last night, he passed $5 million. Another trip to the water on the European tour,

but this was a golfer splashing his way to victory. with a tricky approach to the 18th at the Irish Open. COMMENTATOR: Goodness me, it doesn't look all that attractive, does it? Oh - he's in the water! I think we've seen it all now, gents. He could afford to see the funny side of it - Finch made the green, 3-putted for a bogey, but it was still a 2-stroke win. Picking up $680,000, he'll probably be able to buy himself some new shoes and a new set of strides. And in Sports Tonight, all the action and reaction from the Raiders-Rabbitohs match, If I had my way, I'd have more time to get ready in the morning. I could have a second cup of coffee. And there'd be no rush for the early bus. You've got it. The new ACTION.

. This program is captioned live.

The rest of the week is like the

beginning of the week, you will get

a big gold star.

Things might go a bit pear-shaped

at the and of the week. Beautiful

day to day, 21 degrees. Overnight,

we will be going below average. She

the overnight, pretty nice for this time . Some low

Over the South East. Showers in

Victoria, Tasmania and South

Australia. North-westerly winds

bring in the Aude shower tomorrow.

A broad high will result in a cold

morning. Frost and fog patches in

the south-east. Increase wins in in

Tasmania, southern Victoria and

south-east South astray. Morning

drizzle Clearing. Showers

increasing in Tasmania, Victoria,

showers and drizzle for areas in South

South East South Australia,

particularly the Adelaide Hills.

What we are showing right now, is a

shot of the foreman. It is about 99

% there. It will be full lunchtime tomorrow. Anyway behaviour tomorrow. Anyway behaviour today,

there is your excuse. - any weird

behaviour today, there is your

. You may want to give me that gold

star now so you cannot take it back

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