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(generated from captions) Yes. On this trip? that they don't find out. But we've got to make sure the most romantic couple of days. Thomas, I'm gonna help you create and that way, we both win. It's gonna blow Hope's mind, and I can enjoy my marriage Hope gets a great guy, every five seconds. without Hope bugging us OK. How is this gonna work? on this side of the resort. OK, you're gonna keep Hope on the other side of the resort. And I'm gonna keep Liam you have to sweep her off her feet. But you gotta remember, Steff, what if she's not ready? She is ready. We just have to help her see it. It's gonna happen. you're gonna be engaged to Hope. Thomas, by the time you leave here, But you just gotta go for it.

This program is captioned live.

These men and women future of put

their lives on the line every day.

Making Mills Johns, local council

record amounts they are reaping

from parking fines. Night is a joke.

Labor licks its wounds. It is a

deep, deep disappointment to me.

Qantas launches a new budget

airline in China. The Premier moves

to slash compensation payouts for

injured workers. 10,000 metres

under the sea. James Cameron's

incredible journey the ocean floor.

But first, detectives are still

trying to put together the crime

spree that ended when a man was

shot dead by police at Westfield

Parramatta late yesterday. Ashley

Brown is there. What more to we

know about Daryl Neil now? We know

he had a his industry with police

not only in Sydney but interstate.

The last year he was charged with

assaulting a police officer

enQueensland and in New South Wales

he had an arrest warrants out for

him over the bashing of his

girlfriend with also the mother of

his two children. We understand

that while police will not confirm

or deny if he was armed at the time

the con front take with the senior

police officer -- confrontation, we

understand that is what the CCTV

stranger footage shows. Darren Neil was no

stranger to the law but this run-in would

would be his last. His life ended

by a veteran police officer in one by a veteran police officer in one

of Sydney's biggest and busiest

shopping centres. It appears there

was a violent struggle, a

confrontation there. During the

struggle the police officer

discharged his weapon. It began

this when the 34-year-old tried to rob

this house using a pot plant to

smash in speeding off in a stolen

ute in front of terrified

neighbours. Specially when you have

a young family who are outside

enjoying afternoon. I was sort of,

you know, shake Jen but I did not

know hat had happened. He dumped

the ute, tried to steal a cab and

eventually stole a white sedan.

With the police hot on his tail he

reached bake-neck speeds on the M4 towards

towards Parramatta. 160 at least.

Driving so dangerously and

erraticly cops called off the chase.

The police copper then tracked him

to the Westfield shopping centre

where he was cornered. The chase

ended moments later down this

service corridor behind me.

Witnesses say they heard yelling

before the sound of gunshots

through the crowded food court. A

tragic set of circumstances but it

highlights the dangers of policing.

The defendant anyone is always a

tragedy. This is a very sad day not

only for the family but for the

police officer. His 'Last Post' on

his Facebook was "Love you all so

much" the night before his final

and fatal rampage. As for the

family they were too distraught to

comment and did not want to make a

statement as for Westfield it is

back to business t food court has reopened and detectives spent the

over day talking to witnesses an looking

over surveillance vision that will

be playing a vital role thin

investigation. Oil giant Shell has

bought up more houses as it tries

to clean up petrol leaking from up

ground service station tanks. In

January we revealed the company had

bought to contaminated homes at

Oyster Bay but the spill is so

large it has had to buy three more.

It looks like a movie set,

perfectly maintained homes, except

all of them are empty, Shell has

now been forced to purchase five

homes at Oyster Bay because of toxic

toxic chemicals leaking from old

steel tanks at a nearby service

station. They have been replaced

the but Shell has spent $4 million on

the clean up so far. Earlier this

month this home was purchased for

$740,000, last month Shell paid

$650,000 for this house. Another went

went for $t 920,000, that is on

torch do earlier purchases for $1.2

million and $850,000. The owners

disappeared quietly after signing

confidentiality agreements with the

oil company. These people here have

left, they are scared. They have

taken the money and gone. Residents

smelt petrol after test wells were

private drilled in the streets and on

private land. It may be they need

to purchase the properties to get

access so they can remove the

contamination so they might need to

pull up driveways, pull down a

barge or something like that. This

is one of the homes bought Bichel

shell 100m downhill from the

service station. The company says

it has bought the home so the

contaminated land could be properly

cleaned up but that has left

neighbours who have not been bought

out fearful about the potential

risk to their health. We have four

kids and are concerned about the

future. The EPA says there is no

health risk to homeowners or

students attending a nearby school.

Qantas wants a cut of China's

booming aviation market and will

create a new low-cost airline to

get it. Jacqui Maddock is at Sydney

Airport. What are the plans for

Jetstar Hong Kong? To flying

kangaroo plans to fly into the most

lucrative aviation market in the

word and under cut competitors on

fares by 50%. If it gets the thumb-

up from Hong Kong they will fly

south between China, Taiwan and parts of

south east air in ya as early as

next year with a small fleet of A-3

20s which represents a $100 million

investment from Qantas and China

Eastern. Currently only about 5

perfection of China's market of

some service 700 million tipped by

that the end of the decade, about 5% of

that market is claimed by low-cost

carriers so Qantas is hoping that

this investment will provide what

it desperately needs -

profitability an long-term

viability. The unions, however, say

it is Qantas simply ignoring its

problems at home. Service I say to

Alan Joyce stop sweating airline and

and start getting back to business

and having a descent Qantas that

provides the Australian community

and its Australian work force not

just for your pay packet. Now,

Qantas says it is exporting its

expertise in running a low-cots

carrier model and not exporting

jobs. China's aviation market is

growing and it is in its infancy

compared to other parts of the

world. Does not mean though

according to safety regulators that

the Chinese market is scrimping on

safety. The airline will be

established in Hong Kong so the

same regulatory authority to Cathay

Pacific is subject to. Any

suggestion there will be lower

levels of safety would need be to

very well substantiated because

there is no obvious reason why they

should be. Exporting its

maintenance workers overseas has been

been one of the main sticking

points of the ongoing industrial

dispute between Qantas and its

workers. Today we heard that the

strike in October that ended with

Qantas grounding its fleet of

aircraft, we have heard that has

been the pay and condition dispute

has been unable to be resolved and

that for the first time since 1993

Qantas has - will refer the matter

to Fair Work Australia to try to

work out a deal there with 4,000 of

its employees. Z Julia Gillard has

expressed her shock and deep

disappointment at Labor's

annihilation in the Queensland

election but is adamant she will

not modify the carbon or mining

tack those try to save her own job

at the next Federal poll.

Queensland is now being ruled by an

interim group as Campbell Newman

and two colleagues divide up the portfolios

portfolios at Government House Brisbane.

Brisbane. I will well and truly

serve the the poo stphras

Queensland. The winners grinners. A

full ministry will be sworn in next

week, Mr Newman the welcome

headache of working out who to

promote among his 78 MPs. State

Labor still leaderless. The people

of Queensland have not only spoken

a message to Queensland Labor.

Indeed they have shouted it and

that message needs to be respected.

The message she says is not a

rejection of the carbon or mining

tax owes. Tremendous staying. There

is no place in the country that

stands to better prosper in a clean

energy future than Queensland. The

Prime Minister has wax in her areas.

Well, she will pay the consequences.

You have to listen to the Australian people.. The Prime Minister

Minister says she is like forward

to working with Campbell Newman for the

the good of the people of

Queensland and Australia. Her Labor

colleagues in Brisbane and around

the country are still shell shocked and and angered by the result.

Strategiest Bruce Hawker under fire

for the disastrously negative

campaign. Nothing prepares you for

a defeat of that size. It is unprecedented in Australian

political history. I predict Kevin

Rudd will come back with a

vengeance. We have played the

desings Thames of that. The story

has surprised many including Julia

Gillard, as Paul just mentioned. He

joins us from Canberra how big a

setback is this for the Prime

Minister and how do you think she

will deal with it? It is a very big

setback. The trashing of brand

Labor in Queensland which will be a

battleground state if not the

battleground state at the next

election is bad enough. The but at

the organisational lift is a disaster because unlike New South

Wales Queensland does not have an

Upper House which means the Labor

Party only has seven state members

and their staff. There is already

talk today the organisational level

federally and in Brisbane that the

seven-state MPless have to be

supported, more staff, more

resource put their way. But there

is another fall out from the

selection and that was the rift

between Anna Bligh and the unions

over the flogging of state assets.

So big unions even campaigned for

more than year against Anna Bligh.

Organisers say they will not be

watering down the Anzac centenary

commemorations in 2015 to satisfy

migrant groups. Claims the marking

of the 100-year anniversary might

offend someone has been attacked from

from the Prime Minister down. Greg

is a proud Vietnam veteran. We were

there from the start and at the end.

He wants everyone to know what

sacrifice he made during two tours

of duty and hat his mates did to

keep us free. They should know

about our his estuary should thank

the people who have made this

country what it is today. 2015

marks 100 years since the landings

at Anzac Cove and years have been

spent making sure Australia marks

the anniversary appropriately. We

only have one chance to get this

right. But reports today that Federal Federal Government focus groups

want the commemorations weathered

down see as not the offend

multicultural Australia has caused

its own offence. It undermines and

underpin whose we are so I would be

surprised if there was any sense of

division around Anzac Day. We will

all pause to once again remember or

march to remember our fallen but on

this issue the popular view is that

Canberra is marching to its own

peculiar little beat. The concept

that would be divisive with this is

farcical. The degree of attachment

to Anzac Day is greater now by

young people been when I was a

small chueld which is fantastic.

Organisers say there is no way

political correctness will get in the

the way of the celebrations. --

child. Titanic director James

Cameron has achieved another

incredible underwater fate becoming

first person to reach the deepest

part of the ocean in a solo

submarine and engineers from Sydney

whelmed him do it. He is known for

Titanic-scale projects but even

this was ambitious for James

Cameron. One man, one small

submarine 11 long, lonely

kilometres down. Jacques Cousteau used

used to say if we knew what was

there we would not have to go so we

have to go because we do not know

what is there. The Hollywood

director-come explorer satisfied

this curiosity by travelling to the

Mariana Trench near Guam in the

Pacific then descending roughly

three kilometres deeper than Mount

Everest is tall. Just arrived at

the ocean's deepest point his

Twitter account read. Hitting

bottom never felt so good. Can't wait

wait to share what I'm seeing with

you. 5,000 kilometres away in this

humble factory they are excited to

in Sydney. We built, designed it

and went from the idea t paperwork

to the real thing. We had not

tested it until Jim went down there

so it is fabulous he got there and

back up safety. All-Australian

engineers from welders to

electronics fabricators so it

became an Australian project. Do

you Jason Fearon welcome what le

come up with next? There is a

little bit of in - interim days. It

will be interesting to see where

this goes and what other projects

Jim has up his sleeve. 40 Aussies

worked on the 'Deepsea Challenger'

here and 12 were there to see James

Cameron resurface. They are an

expensive pain for us but parking

tickets are priceless for the

councils. The we have obtained

fiction you might be surprised how

much we fork out in fines.

Stkpwhrpls last year tore the first

time City Council pulled in $150

million. The biggest revenue on

record. A joke. I recently received

one and it was because they are

difficult signs to read. Latest

figures obtained exclusively by Ten

News shows revenue has jumped $30

million in the past five years, a

23% increase. 23%, that is crazy!

Huge. The biggest finer the stiff

Sydney. In 2011 it collected almost

$40 million fining 360,000

motorists. We have a million people

in our local Government area each

day, 600,000 in the city. Serious congestion on the street which

needs to be managed. Here in

Parramatta the council raked in

$5.2 million up almost 50,000 fines.

In north Sydney the council there

collected more than $7.7 million,

up almost 68,000 fines. In Waverley

the council came close to a

whopping $9.3 million up more than

85,000 tickets. They are vipers, as

soon as they get the first

opportunity to give you a ticket

they will, that's for sure Comments

like that forced Parramatta council

the act. Last year it set up a

special panel to hear parking fine

grievances. You can often be fined

in circumstances that might be

unavoidible or there may be a

genuine reason you have a

difficulty. It has waved the fine

in a third of the 1500 cases heard.

We figure it gives people a fair

voice. Still to come t Premier mark as

as year in the job with a cost-

cutting proposal that could prove

painful. Next t clumsy criminal, a

robber trips up on the job. A

decade delay but finally work

begins on the multi-billion dollar

Green Square project. (CHEERFUL UP-BEAT MUSIC) VOICEOVER: Babies love making all kinds of mess. But with Huggies Baby Wipes, at least there's one mess that's easily cleaned. Because Huggies Baby Wipes are thicker, they get more off, to leave baby's skin cleaner and healthier, with less wipes.

This could be Sydney's most clumsy

criminal A splash mash-wielding

they have has been caught on camera

falling face first onto a footpath

then losing a shoe after a robbery

in Sydney's west. Police say he was

among three men who storage add

alcohol store last December. Strike force force detectives are investigating

when to rob bring is linked to

similar bottle shop raids in recent

months. Workers injured on the job could have their payments slashed.

The preplger says compensation is

out of control and his government

is looking at reducing benefits to

cut costs. In training as a

reluctant retailer. Barry O'Farrell

helping out at his favourite footy

team's new store but as he

celebrates one year in the job

today he has declared game on We

have over Hollywood. You now have

some one who looks like a front row

forward who has been in too many

skruplgs. Another scrum may be just

around the corner over workplace

injury compensation. The WorkCover

scheme has blown out by more than

$4 billion according to a new

report which also outlines that

employers face higher injury

premiums than any other state. His

new focus in year two of Government.

To put in plays a process to repair

this broken system. His opponents

are already poise for cuts to

workplace injury compensation. Sick and vulnerable injured workers are

at risk today. Already generous

compensation benefits for police

have been dramatically scaled back.

He needs to guarantee we are not

going to see injured workers in New

South Wales worse off. Unions are

not ruling out protest action. They

will meet with the Premier for

initial negotiations on Wednesday.

We will make clear within a month

precisely what course of action we

propose. That may well include

taking benefits with one hand and

giving back to business with the other with reduced injury insurance.

After decades of planning,

demolition has finally begun to

make way for a New Town centre at

Green Square between the city and

the airport. The $8 billion

redevelopment is Australia's

largest urban renewal project, old

buildings making way for new parks

and facilities. It may not seem

that significant a building being

demolished but this is the old

Royal South Sydney hospital site

making way for a town sent Test

future. This is a physical and

symbolic star of the green Square

project. 14 hectares will be

transforpbld by a park, library,

community and Aquatic Centres,

shops and businesses will follow.

People are moving in and want to

know where their facilities will be.

More apartments have gone up in the

day and more holes in the ground to be

be filled. 40,000 people will

eventually live around here. If you

think this has seemed a long time

coming you not wrong. This site was

first earmarked for development in

the '90s and has taken 17 years to

get to this point. Here I was a

decade ago reporting same story. No

building work will begin for

athletes 12 months and there will

be 10 years or more before the

entire project is near completion.

It was the State Government back then

then announcing New Town centre

including graphics all now trashed,

that aside, local businesss are

desperate for more infrastructure

and are thrilled it is starting.

People slowly find now that it is

not a industrial area any more but

a good mix and that is attractive

for some people. As before the line

now is building will begin within

12 months. Nice weather for it. Tim

Bailey joins with us the details a

bit of an improvement. Yes, a nice splash

splash of Monday if there is such a

thifpblgt it looks to be a fair

week waters-wise. At the moment a

north, north-east wind across the

arbour at 28 kilometres per hour,

relative humidity 29. The real good news

news is I have had an eye on next

weekend and it looks superb. Fine

and sunny, 26 to 28 degrees. Love

talking about weekend on a Monday.

Let's look at the map of New South

Wales for you today - Stick around.

Next unthe CommSec finance report

plus Hugh in South Korea as Julia

Gillard talks nuclear security.

Going, going, gone! Explosions

level this sporting arena but

something went wrong. Looking good

- the Pope's surprise dress-up

ahead of a Mexican mass. VOICEOVER: Looking for healthier health cover? At Bupa, we provide a great range of cover, whatever stage of life you're at. Call 134 135, visit or drop by your local Bupa centre. Me again...with big news from Vodafone. For the last year, we've been rolling out a new network across Australia and there's still more to come. We want you to be happy on our new network. So we're giving you a guarantee. For example, grab this Samsung Galaxy SII for just $5 per month on our $29 plan and if you're not happy within 30 days, just pay for what you've used and bring it back. Ask in-store today about the new Vodafone Network Guarantee. Power to you. Vodafone. (ROOSTER CROWS) Come on, guys. These chickens have gotta be fed. WOMAN: KFC is looking at how to improve things. So we now serve free-range chicken Tenders. OK... Whoa! It's a big deal for us, so we got sent out here to see it firsthand. Bring the chooks back in, guys!

It's all part of the goodification.

Tonight on Sydney's soapbox we ask

do you pay your parking fines? We

heard the earlier story, how much

money they are raking in from them.

Let us know using Facebook, Twitter or

or email. A traffic update now. The

trees are the hazard tonight? They

are. Right here in the southwest we

got a call that trees were

overhanging nefrpblgts wbridge Road

and the council are here to close

to lanes to get the trees sorted.

The delays are significant all the

way into the southwest of Sydney so

if you know anyone heading into

Liverpool tonight that usually take

this route they have to stick with

the motorway and they will get home

easier than sitting on Newbridge

Road. The Aussie market has kicked

off a new trading week lower

unfortunately and is one of the

quietest sessions in the past few

weeks. About 40 million passengers

travel through Hong Kong each and

every year. Julia Gillard has moved

to assure Australians there is only

a low level of dangers from a North

Korea rocket launch being aimed in

our direction next month. Hugh is

travelling with the Prime Minister

in South Korea and filed this

report from the capital. Struggling at

at home but a hit here I love you!

Julia Gillard's first act in South

Korea was flow Moating broadband

with a hook-up between a Korean

school and students in Armidale who

already have the NBN. Yeah! But the

shadow of North Korea looms even

over this. Next month the regime

will launch a rocket directly towards

towards Australia. They say it is a

satellite. The US believes they are

testing for a long-range nuclear

missile. North Korea needs to take

a step back from this proposed

launch. Experts believe any part of

rocket that reaches Australia would

burn up high above us. The advice

to me is that there is the only the

lowest potential risk that any

debris would reach Australia. The

Prime Minister says the north north

people are a long way short of

technical capacity the launch a

nuclear missile as far as Australia but

but that is not much comfort. She says

says the North Korea people must suffer

suffer consequence frost they go

ahead with the launch. President Obama

Obama is using the nuclear security

summit this week to urge China and

Russia to ramp up pressure on North

Korea. But the options are limited.

We would be talking about the

further isolation of a regime which

is already very isolated In Seoul, Hugh

Hugh Rimmington. A man has been hit

by flying debris from an I'm

ploipbgd building in Florida 230

kiloss of explosives levelled the

areason yen seconds. A man standing two

two blocks away was hit by a piece

of iron and treated for a nasty

gash. The demolition cots $2

million. Pope Benedict has wound up

his tour of Mexico and delighted

tens of thousands of believers but

putting on a huge sombero on his

way the mass. He led the open-air

service by urging drug cartels to

put aside violence and revenge.

Earlier the 84-year-old took the

Sky blessing Mexico's Christ the

king statue if a helicopter.

Princess Mary's family are bursting

with pride as their daughter

welcomes Prince Charles and Camilla

to Denmark. They spoke exclusively

to Brett Mason in the Danish

capital. 23 With Australia's own

Princess Mary enjoying a rare

Sunday morning at home with her

young family, she left it to mum

and dad to enter train the future

king of England, the prince of

Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall

attending a morning church service

here in Copenhagen and there to

meet them waiting outside the

church was Tasmanian John Donaldson

an his wife Susanne. The Royal

couple spoke about the all-

important topic of grandchildren

for several minutes this was just

at taste of hat their daughter

experience its every day here in

Denmark. She takes the role very

seriously. What does she say the

you about responsibilities of being

a Princess? She is very quiet about

it. She does not say very much. She

just gets on with it and I think

she does contribute quite a bit to

charity events. She is a dedicated

hard-working Princess actually. Is

what she does, she is Danish, not

Australian any more While they say

she is a little home sick she is

very happy here being a mum.

Gorgeous. I mean what can you say?

They are beautiful children. It is

back to work for the Crown Prince

couple tomorrow. They will spend

the next three days with the Royal

couple before dinner at Princess

Mary's mother-in-law's house, the

Queen of Denmark. Also aheed,

developments in the police shooting

at Parramatta. We go back to Ashlea

Brown. Ahead, why this young girl is

is helping raise awareness for a serious

serious health condition. Could

this to be next Susan Bijjali? The

teenager proifpbg he indeed has talent.

Breaking news, the deadly police

shooting at Westfield Parramatta.

Ashlea Brown joins us. We have

heard from Darren Neil's family now.

We V it is a very long and heartfelt message from this devastated devastated family had to share.

They did not try the shy away to

the fact that Darren was known to

police and they put that down to

mental health issues and bad

choices that he has made in life.

They said that time and time again they

they have tied to help Darren but

he is just simply refusing to be

institutionalised. They said he

also suffered mental health issues

and in the week leading up to this

fatal shooting here yesterday he

was particularly agitated and his behaviour

behaviour - he needed help. They

said they did not get it from all

the places they turned to. They

said he leaves behind two children

and six loving brothers and sisters.

They also say that while police took

took the action that they did and

they are not blaming them at this stage.

stage. They say that police will

need to reflect on whether lethal

force was warranted and if an

alternative could have been used

here. Breaking news or our top

story on the deadly police shooting

at Westfield Parramatta. Epilepsy affects

affects more than half a million

Australians which is far more than high-profile

high-profile diseases so you may be

surprised to learn it gets only a

fraction of the research money. 8-

year-old Elly Rose developed

epilepsy as a toddler, constant

small seizures every day taking a

toll on her brain function. Her

learning is not progressing at all.

She has no memory. A new report

from Epilepsy Action reveals the

condition is highly stigmatised in

Australia even among children. Do

your friends give you a hard time?

Yes, a lot. They, um t runaway from

me. I don't know why. Half of all

Australians know someone with

epilepsy but the report shows they

have almost zero knowledge

stereotyping it with classic large

con junctions when common subtle

symptoms include momentary loss of

expression, a vague-out. Like

everything is blank and they come

back to what they were doing

previously but the effect on their

learning is huge. Seizures which

some have 100 times a day are

caused by abnormal electrical

activity in the brain. Despite

treatment a third of people and

children are still not seizure-free.

Is because epilepsy is at the end

of the spectrum when it comes to

contributions for research and new

treatment and that is why doctors

and support groups ask this become

a health priority. While adults

face challenges with job security

parents battle for education

support. Britain has wondered if it

has discovered the next Susan

Bijjali. 17-year-old Jonathan

Antoine was so bullied about his

weight he had a nervous breakdown

but now the toast of 'Britain's Got

Talent' has talent. Four million

people tuned into watch this

superstar in the making. Gave me

chills. It does. Brilliant.

Parramatta, they are singing derges.

The board wants changes and we will

tell you what they are next. Tiger

Woods is back with a long-awaited

win on the US tour. Timely too,

just at fortnight out from the US

Masters. So much for relaxing in

the Caribbean P the cricket clash

that flawed two of our best.

COMMENTATOR: Ben Hilfenhaus down,

bang! That is a mean injury. Bedwetting can be embarrassing for kids and low self-esteem can often result. Thankfully, DryNites are designed

to look and feel just like underwear... help discreetly manage the bedwetting stage.

Kids often become dry in their own time. In the meantime, there's DryNites.

After the club's worst start to a

season the club is standing by

their coach and there is a push for

Jarrod Hayne for captain.

Parramatta there is not much to

celebrate. You go through stages

where you win games. Many we are

losing games. Players try to find

the answer in an honesty session

after their loss to Penrith. Good

something came out of it and

hopefully they will start to work

soon. The coach remains under

increasing pressure to keep his job

and front the Eels board tomorrow

night to explain his team's winless

start to the year. We support him

and we are right behind him and I guess

guess we have to go there and put the

the results on the board and all

the questions less start to go away

and that focus of him will go away

as well. At the board meeting it is understood

understood Kearney will be told to

shake things up by taking captaincy

off Hindmarsh and giving into Hayne.

There are questions of bringing in

a more experienced coach. Game

Murray has been mentioned. Things

so bad fans threw coins and a gold

ring at players as they left the

field last Friday night. They blue

and gold fans the the heart and are

frustrated because they want a

winning team. They are venting

their frustration at not having a

team winning for Parramatta. It is

not just the team in the firing

line. The playing surface

undergoing an inspection by the NRL

after complaint by Penrith. It has

been given conditional approval to host match against Manly.

Australia's Matthew Wade and Ben

Hilfenhaus have escaped unscathed

after a nasty collision in Australia's

Australia's 30-run win against the

West Indies. Opener David Warner

belted 69 and top-scored but it was

this moment in the field that had Australian fans gasping.

COMMENTATOR: Good catch. Is what

Australia wanted. But that is a

painful end. Chasing 282 for

victory the West Indies captain

Darren Sammy held off but Australia

levelled at 2-all. Tiger Woods has

broken a two and a half year

drought winning Arnold Palmer

invitational. The result too much

for 82-year-old Palmer who was

taken to hospital with high

pressure after watching Tiger

Woods's final round. Walking to the

18th on day four with a smile,

something we have not seen from

Tiger Woods in a very long time

COMMENTATOR: A spring in his step.

A small tap-in delivering former

world No.1 his first PGA Tour event

win since the 2009 sex scandal that

saw him plummet down the world

rankings. Come Tiger Woods the winner winner again. This has to feel

good? It does. Feels really good.

(LAUGHTER). Been a lot of hard work.

A win was far from his mind two

weeks ago when injury forced him

out of the world goal of

championship. No sign of that

injury now heading into the final 1

shot clear and produced 71 to win

by five strokes, his confidence

back in a big way. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)


right there. Attention now firmly

on next month's US masters as Tiger

Woods attempts to win his 15th

major Always fun and looking

forward to the momentum I have

built and the things I have worked

on with my game. They are coming together

together at the right time

Ferrari's Fernando Alonso has won a rain-interrupted

rain-interrupted Malaysian Grand

Prix. Australian Mark Webber

finished fourth. The drivers faced

shocking conditions at the star of

the race and it wasp stopped after

nine laps but after a lengthy delay

Fernando Alonso proofed too good

finishing ahead of Sergio Perez and Lewis Hamilton COMMENTATOR:

Fernando Alonso and Ferrari back on

top of the podium. Mark Webber just

missed the podium while vet blew a

tyre crossing line in 100th one

spot ahead of Aussie Daniel

Ricciardo. Bernard Tomic insists he

is not fighting with his dad

despite extraordinary asking the

chair umpire to eject him from a

tournament in the US. Watching from

the stands John Tomic was frustrate

would his son and the feeling was clearly

clearly mutual. He is my father but

he is annoying me I want him to

leave. What will happen? That's it?

If You see him, tell him to go. He nose already COMMENTATOR:

Unbeliever and. Bernard Tomic says

there is nothing in it claiming he

was asking his dads to get his

rackets restrung. Are you sick of

filling up your car with petrol at

$1.50 a litre? Yes, I can hear you

say it seems Nascar drivers are too. Come

Come give me a break! Geoff Gordon was

was punished for trying to beat the

bowser. He gets our play of the

day! What about Bernard Tomic?

Unbelievable. We have not ejected

Tim. He will be back after the

break. The great Sunny Field

Organisation turns 60, Annie

business to climb Everest and from

up there you always get the weather

two men in a truck nearby were also unable to escape. A cheeky stunt

playing up tech rivalry has

appeared online. The clip shows workers using a

A polyglot history For You tonight.

Didn't think you will believe your

ears. Can we have a record of

applause? Is magnificent organisation

organisation is looking after

people with disabilities for 60

years. I can't believe your life. I

love your attitude. She is the

chief financial officer at sunny

field. She is about to go and

climate Mount Everest. You are married

married with two kids. You are

studying law at night. What about

this journey? I am about to go and

climb a Mount Everest. It is the

biggest thing I have done. It is part

part of the seven summits I am on.

By the end of the EU, you will have

climbed the highest mountain, on

every continent. You will be the

first married -- Maori woman to

have done it. That is terrific. We

are raising $0.5 million for these

brilliant people. How important is

this? This money will make a

difference and it will give them

some independence in their lives.

We're hoping to build a house for

them. Any money you don't it will

be wonderful because they can go and

and make races, do things they need

to do. Live independent lives. Many

are orphans but they have a

wonderful spirit. You get up and

kissed trained for four hours a day,

their new study law, and you run

these. How many hours of sleep? And

four hours every night. You are a

legend. How can people sports you? As

As any field .org got you.

A large high editions a low-level

crawled over Neath and Wales. crawled over Neath and Wales.

Tomorrow, south-east winds onto the

eastern seaboard. Things are

unsettled. Rainfall, showers and storms. Go to

Was the warm afternoon showers Was the warm afternoon showers

tomorrow. Possible often showers.

Have a look at this brilliant

weekend! Sunshine and Saturday and Sunday.

Sally field Terence 60, and the

crews and climbs Mount Everest.

Police sponsor her. Thank you for having me.

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