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Australian Caption Hello it's Guy Sweeting. Yallah Roadhouse. Wagga and the famous Raiders lock Alan Tongue, Also a profile on Canberra men from Goulburn and Crookwell, Then we meet some rugged and rural land across the other side Tralee is an area of undeveloped Canberra suburb of Chisholm. of the Monaro Highway to the stayed out of arguments Airports have in the past involving flight path noise, from Canberra Airport. we're joined by Steven Byron Thankyou. What is the issue? that has been, for forty years, Well we've got an area of land paths out of Canberra airport. because it is under the main flight term profit for the developers and this is a choice between short or long term amenity If it is developed there, where else could the flight path be? at Jerrabomberra, at Tralee, just like the aircraft noise moved. they will complain and want capital cities like Sydney, Do you look to examples to the other How do they cope there, anyway when things expand? have identified growth areas Both Canberra and Queanbeyan more than double the population for the next forty years that would there are all these claims In Queanbeyan's case, particularly, enquiry to, if you like, set up an independent don't build houses at Tralee. and it said, definitely cause aircraft noise is a problem, Don't build residential there, 25 years of new land supply. and we'll give Queanbeyan campaign to highlight these concerns You've staged a fairly massive results and so forth there. and you talk about enquiry What effective muscle can be flexed, way of describing it, for want of a better to make sure that this goes ahead goes ahead at Tralee? and no residential development the developer will all be gone but Frank Pangello, Steve Wan and has made the profit. once the developer invest in their homes And the residents who will - these are homes, not houses, can these developers say, I guess what I am saying is, I'm going to do it anyway? well I don't really say, the aircraft noise stops The developers can say, you know, to make long term solutions but governments are there thousands of people locking and we don't want where they are going to have into living under flight paths there'll be more at night, there will be more of them, as population grows. Canberra is committed to growing Certainly the whole of and doubling in size, house under a flight path. without building one in Canberra and Queanbeyan because 99.5% of residents from aircraft noise, are totally protected normally fly over them, because the planes don't to maintain a flight path as long as time goes on, time that, you know, 20, 30, 40, 50 years to have a situation eventually we will have to be the situation? where that will have forty years we will need to build We can't see that in the next flight path - in Canberra, one house under the houses under the flight path, But we don't want to see, firstly, due to aircraft noise people living in misery and having their sleep disturbed, the noise will get shared around. because the consequences are that the whole of Jerrabomberra, over the bulk of Queanbeyan, was noise sharing So back then there those areas complained - the residents of to this narrow corridor and the noise got confined that mainly is free of housing. what now, what's the next step? Have to ask, in conclusion, the logic campaign up there Well the next step is to keep and to seek to engage people. worse and the future generations it will be, when the noise gets this sort of misery. who want relief from profit, versus long term amenity about short term developer that will grow to meet the needs for residents and an airport of our community. for coming in today. and thanks very much summer games fun in Ulladulla There's been lots of great event was a highlight of the game, Last weekend a state veterans tennis Regatta on at Kings Point. but today its the Dragon Boat music star Adam Brand, But now to country centres across our region. who's about to tour several from his latest album "What a Life". in our Wollongong studio. and cities, Adam joins us Thanks Guy. the highs and lows. I bring out an album I think every time snap shot of my life, I like it to be a little writing to recording from when I started - and where was I? different directions, In previous albums you went different again? but this is something of an evolution, I guess. It is. It's been a bit journey of your life. it's a bit of a through back in that album, You see what you were going And did you plan it that way, just spilled onto the paper? or as it comes out that's how it Yeah, it just comes out. and then I just sat back worrying about a lot of things lot of great things in my life. and realised that I've got a porch with a cold beer and thought, And so I sort of sat back on the Cooma, as well as Wagga Ok, you'll be going to down near Dapto there. and the Yallah Road House Do you like going down there? Love it, yeah. for quite a few years I've been playing there a little bit like Elvis Presley. My dad was a big Elvis fan. figure somewhere in my music. So, Elvis was always going to singing 'Doggy in the Window'? Window' - is there any better song, 'How Much is that Doggy in the one of those old classics A bit like Sadie with John Farnham, Yeah.

you can't walk away from? who are some other influences And apart from Elvis Presley, when you first started off? that you sort of liked and my uncles in the band. Melancam to Elvis Presley, everyone from Cold Chisel to John I love good songs. something comes out and then hopefully We are hitting the road. been touring for ten years now I've just built a huge big tour bus, and figured it's time to do it in a different way. In the states they do it with big tour buses. So if you see a big, white tour bus going down the road, after strong community support for the project headed by local boys Ryan Wheeler and Bryce Taber. The New South Wales government will fund the construction after representations to the government The project will be transferred to the Shoalhaven City Council who will look after the development of two hectare site. In Kandos, Rylstone and the Cudgegong Valley, you're watching State Focus. Charles Sturt University has come up with a great idea whether they can set up cross campus schools of dentistry and oral health who have been keen about the idea Still ahead, something a little different for six rugged and rural men from Goulburn and Crookwell. Rugby league players are often typecast as being big, boofy, brauny but not very brainy. Raiders lock Alan Tongue breaks that stereotype but getting involved in the Canberra community. let's meet Alan Tongue, sure to be one of the stand out stars of the Canberra N.R.L. team for the upcoming season who speaks now with Phil Lynch from our State Focus team. Great to have you with us Alan. Thank's Phil, thanks for having me. Yes and that's been the plan to simply keep improving each year and it was really good to see that it all came together But your not the biggest guy playing in a big mans game, and I've had to really work on my game and really cover a lot of aspects and just do what I do well because you came to Canberra in 1999, Jersey Flegg Captain right off and then of course you were rooky of the year Yeah that's right, it's been a great little roll-a-coaster ride to be on, Mal Meninga to start off with Neil, so it's been great take another step up this year? I am really looking forward to the challenge that presents itself but there definitely is a bit more pressure, not just on myself, from Clinton and Jason and Simon who have all moved on. Yes Simon Wolford and Clinton Shifofski moving on in particular, alot of talk of you becoming the team captain this year Yeah that's right, I'm in a leadership group at the moment and there's six players that the rest of the playing group elected or whether it's shared between the leadership group, but just looking forward to playing with a new bunch of guys. It's a bit of a trendy thing in football isn't it this leadership group, they've been happening over the last few years but eventually someone's got to have the C next to their name, someone's got to lead the team out onto the field, someone's got to communicate with the the referee so there has got to be a captain somewhere. especially with the leadership group in that last couple of years I've been a part of it, but this year we've really had good input

Yeah I have. but we'll just see. and say all you do is play football and nothing else but you've shown an interest in the local community in Canberra by taking interest in the fire brigade Yeah I'm involved with sports care ACT and I jumped at the idea so just trying to get involved in that so you've got a leaning towards that, I understand? Oh definitely, I grew up in an Anglican church, which was only about 200 metres up the road from our house so moving down to Canberra it's always been a big part of my life Well congratulations on what you've done on the football field Thanks for having us. from our State Focus team. Fans of Tropfest, the world's largest short film festival, will be at Stage 88 Commonwealth Park Canberra this afternoon to see the 16 national short film finalists. One of the film finalists is Canberra's Simon Weaving we find out what six tough country men from Goulburn and Crookwell have in common with a formula one track and a calendar. Stay with us. on the Mitchell Highway, just east of Lucknow. Only a single lane of the highway is operating during working hours, unlike roadworks in heavier populated areas of the state which have roadworks done in off peak traffic use times, often in the wee small hours of the morning Well, some rugged, rural and shy farm types from Goulburn and Crookwell are giving it a go at the track Rugged and Rural. Welcome all to State Focus. Thanks Guy. Thankyou Guy. What is it all about? and one of my first meetings with Gary Williamton, of the Australian Motor Racing Series in her Magna. And he was frustrated about trying to raise her profile. So we had a chat and I thought, well, we have grid girls, why not grid guys? So, we got a couple of guys in - Stuart and Ian, from the calendar - and the response was so great from the women our photographer, I grew up in the Crookwell area. I was educated there and moved into Goulburn after I finished high school. I was out of work at the time and my mum saw it Good on your mum. Ok and Kirt, what's your story? Well I'm a bit the same, And I was sort of the same as Dave - mum saw the ad and she sent me in and it was good, good fun. Alright, that's great. Stu, you've been able to get enough time now to be able to put a calendar up for this year - Rugged and Rural, It was a bit of a rushed thing Guy. But it was the end of last year, we knew we had to do the calendar. The pressure was on us from the female fans and also it was helping Natalie Williamton, spending the weekends at the guys farms, family farms. because only then I realised the extreme drought in the region and it was great that we were finding these great young men, good healthy young men into sports, in the Rugged and Rural calendar have all been taken on these farms. And Dave, have you found that the drought has drawn a bit more attention to what you do? I mean the whole community from Crookwell and Goulburn seems to be getting behind it a lot more with the drought situation and because, I guess, a percentage of the calendar profits It's been really positive in that respect, yeah. Yeah, and Kirt, being from the rural area, what plans do you have? Yes I am. How old are you? So what is ahead for you? Well, I'm sort of glad to get the relief out to the farmers and that. I grew up on a farm and I know it's hard. No. or give this a go and see how you go? Oh, I'll give it a go, see how it goes - I think it's good fun. And Stu, where to from here? we are a pack of amateurs, none of the boys have done this before - I've worked in rugby union, motor sport and track and field, And thanks to Kylie, our great photographer from Crookwell, It is, it is, we are going to use female racing drivers like Natalie Williamton. Not only grid girls and grid guys, it's going to be female racing drivers? So the calendar for him will have hot shots and the calendar for her would have these guys. and the sports a bit more exciting this time. And all our details and names are on the website. We are young, we're new, we are just in our early days, Thanks for coming in. Thanks very much. Thankyou. Tullamore is just one of four central New South Wales towns to benefit from a local secretarial service based in Warren after the retirement of who ran the secretarial service since 1982. in Narromine and Gulargambone. Some of the secretarial services they provide are for local shows, cotton growers and jockey clubs. Almost out of time, but before we go, our viewer feedback contact details. Send us a fax on 6241 9429 or email us That's as it happened this week. Join us next week for State Focus. Normal service will resume as soon as possible.