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(generated from captions) to Ten's Late News. Tonight - Hello, I'm Helen Kapalos and welcome isn't it? It is a big step for victory, to let him back him into Australia. Mohamed Haneef - a court rules of drowning his three little boys. On trial - the man accused of peritoneal mesothelioma The incidence rate is about one in a million. One in a million. What a superstar, eh?

Bernie's last battle - given months to live. the asbestos champion Plus - bank blunder. - and they won't give it back. Westpac gave them millions by mistake Sports Tonight with Brad McEwan. And AFL tribunal hearing headlines -

emotional scenes in Newcastle Also tonight, after popular forward Kirk Reynoldson by coach Brian Smith. was again overlooked Plus Ponting's pain - the world's best batsman. the back injury that could derail Dr Mohamed Haneef Supporters of former terror suspect are tonight celebrating a victory in the Federal Court.

shouldn't have been revoked It said his visa because the Commonwealth's appealing. but he's not getting it back yet says more detainees A refugee advocate are expected to join a protest

believe the actions taken by Mr

Andrews was correct. A deadly you

can say a final word. The minister

explained he has more information,

supporting his original decision.

That further information heightened

my suspicion in relation to Dr

Haneef. His lawyers will have

gathered information tested in

court as soon as possible. But they

and the supporters know it won't

happen quickly. They can't act for

a least three weeks. If the day

comes that he can or does return to

Australia, Queensland says the

Gold Coast hospital. doctor will be welcome back at the

says more detainees A refugee advocate are expected to join a protest against conditions at Sydney's Villawood Detention Centre.

almost a day on the facility's roof Three inmates have already spent in a protest sparked visits to family outside the centre. by the cancellation of inmates' is missing in snow country. A boy on a school excursion

through the night for Emergency crews are searching

after toboganning the 15-year-old who hasn't returned in Victoria. in the Baw Baw National Park

are below zero. Temperatures in the area

has hit the jackpot The Federal Government leaving it awash with cash. with a budget bonanza

promising The Treasurer and Prime Minister in long-term national projects. to invest the money Arriving for Cabinet, away on his Budget bonanza. the Treasurer wasn't giving anything

the results We are now beginning to see the Australian economy. of long hard work to strengthen

the future fund, $7 billion will go into for university buildings $6 billion into the education fund a new health fund. and $2.5 billion will go into It will enable us to assist in areas In just three months

up to $17.3 billion the Budget surplus has been revised of $1.7 billion thanks to a tax windfall

as more people came off welfare. and an under-spend of $2 billion $120 billion target within 13 years. The future fund will meet its

a customer $11 million richer. Now to the bank mistake that made and a whole lot more. The bank now wants it back - Over six months in 2005, $11 million Westpac bank mistakenly poured real estate agent Victor Ollis. into the accounts of North Coast It was a lottery win in property. he couldn't resist investing and his wife, Gail Shields, But now Westpac is suing Mr Ollis over the accidental windfall. getting the money back. They don't care about They care about ruining us. The Supreme Court was today told to notice the money was missing. it took seven months with a solicitor to do a deal. he went in within 24 hours over a year, He says he offered to pay it back the bank, if they didn't agree, but the court today heard he told I've got gout, "I'm on a breathing machine, "I've got two years to live. "You won't see anything." by the Crime Commission, fraudulently obtaining the money. the bank accusing them of But Mr Ollis told the court: didn't do their job properly, The couple is arguing if Westpac then it's the bank's responsibility, a responsibility themselves but they're not arguing they have to pay this money back. is just how much Westpac wants. What they're angry about with their $11 million. They're not happy They want the whole lot. and eat it too. They want to have their cake to settle many times, The couple claims they've agreed offering to repay $20 million, they bought as well. but the bank now wants the properties Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. accused of murdering his three sons. A father is on trial their mother It's alleged he wanted to punish by drowning the boys in a dam. he's a grieving father. Robert Farquharson insists But to prosecutors

guilty of a shocking betrayal. he's a man The 38-year-old is accused and exceedingly cruel act - of committing a wicked, callous the murder of his three young sons. intentionally drowned the boys It's alleged Mr Farquharson by driving them into a dam two years ago, on Fathers Day.

and an aunt were in court Their grandparents, uncles as it heard broken down a year earlier, the defendant's marriage had depressed, paranoid leaving the father-of-three and angry with his ex-wife. told a friend Mr Farquharson allegedly three months before the fatal crash on Fathers Day, that his sons would die in a dam for the rest of her life. causing their mother anguish The court heard: But Mr Farquharson claims while having a coughing fit, he passed out behind the wheel which caused the fatal plunge. that the road's design was such The jury heard veered away from the dam that Mr Farquharson's car should have if it was out of control. towards the water, Instead, the vehicle headed three times. its course allegedly corrected that presumed Mr Farquharson's lawyer, though, said helps the medicine gone down - A teaspoon of sugar more powerful. now it's making flu vaccines I certainly amazed myself that something as simple as a plant sugar could have such a dramatic effect on vaccine effectiveness.

Flinders University Researchers have discovered sugars from the endive plant give a real kick to vaccines. This is a natural plant-based sugar that when added to a vaccine dramatically improves the effectiveness of the vaccine by stimulating the immune system, so when you come across the virus, you are much better protected one in two people from getting sick - it's believed the adding the adjuvant will almost double effectiveness. If we can get 70 to 80% effectiveness that really would be a global breakthrough. While it's still in the trial stage, the adjuvant is showing plenty of promise . Researchers are recruiting healthy adults, who haven't had a flu shot to test the adjuvant

before it goes on the market in a year or two. And the Government's chief immunisation adviser wants to clear up confusion over flu vaccine levels. ar T > % &J co tracting flu Children who've had a low-dose shot are not at risk of contracting flu and do not need a booster.

Emily Rice, Ten News. on a common virus that causes colds and eye infections. The latest experiments show healthy human stem cells exposed to the Ad-36 virus turn into fat cells. This suggests that Ad-36 could be a cause for human obesity. Earlier research revealed mice infected with the virus put on weight. There are hopes for a vaccine in the future but at this stage experts say the only real cure is still eating less and exercising more. Killer Hurricane Dean is expected to hit Mexico within hours, with fears it will cause catastrophic damage. Thousands have fled as the monster weather system picks up speed to more than 250km/h.

As you head south, that is where

the big problems are. All the way

down to the police border. The

issues with this storm is it is the

night most intense storm on record

and the third most ever to make

landfall. It was one back in 1935,

it made landfall in 1988. It will

be eight hours until this works its

way across the peninsula. It will

probably enter as a category two

storm. It remains strong. A change of fortune for bad boy rocker Pete Doherty. Charges of breaching his bail were dropped tonight in a London court and he was allowed to go free.

The ugly incident that's landed Naomi Watts in the bad books with a persistent paparazzi. And how your stocks stacked up at the end of the day in CommSec's finance report. This program is captioned live. A woman accused of stealing a souvenir from the wreck of Peter Brock's car has had the charge against her dropped. 37-year-old Vinka Connelly was contracted by the Coroner to collect the racing legend's body from the crash site in Western Australia. It was alleged she took a piece of fibreglass with Peter Brock's famous number 5, but the charge was today thrown out of court. A workers' champion who brought building giant James Hardie to its knees is fighting a new battle - and one doctors say he can't win.

Bernie Banton has been stricken with an aggressive stomach cancer. He's fought for James Hardie's asbestos victims for years. And now Bernie Banton joins the most critically ill, himself diagnosed with mesothelioma. we've been through, Like other battles

we intend to face this one head on. Last Friday night, doctors confirmed what he already suspected - the cancer in his stomach is beyond any known treatment. I tell you, I put on a brave face, but I was shattered. Of course, we're all devastated but we all know what a fighter Bernie is.

And with the new diagnosis, a new claim for compensation from James Hardie. He's fighting to get compensation from the very fund that Bernie fought so hard to set up for all of the victims. What a wonderful opportunity I've had Even as doctors spoke of the gravity of his condition, his trademark humour shone through. The incidence rate of peritoneal mesothelioma is about one in a million. What a superstar, hey? One in a million. As he battles his third asbestos-related disease, tributes are flooding in from well-wishers in his new and very personal fight. Bernie Banton has enormous heart and courage.

The focus of this fight now is on prolonging Bernie Banton's life and, while he may live for a year or more, the average life expectancy is just six to nine months. Bernie is tonight resting at home as he prepares to start chemotherapy next week. Evan Batten, Ten News. There are fears Australia is about to be caught in the middle of a nuclear arms race. Pakistan and India are locked in a new round of tension over the Federal Government's decision to sell yellow cake to New Delhi.

It is a warning set to sound the alarm across Asia. The resumption of nuclear tests by India would create a serious situation, obliging Pakistan to review its position. While Pakistan and India have long been nuclear adversaries, this latest spat has Australia caught in the middle. John Howard's attempt to sell our yellow cake to New Delhi has added to Pakistan's anger. But Australia insists the Indian deal includes adequate safeguards. Those safeguards will be very important to make sure that uranium will be put to peaceful purposes. Tell that to Islamabad. Neither it nor New Delhi has signed the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. test adds to Pakistani suspicions. The risk of an Indian nuclear weapons This should be a source of concern, not just to Pakistan, but to the international community as well. The Australian deal could still fall over. It depends on a similar American agreement with New Delhi and that's now in jeopardy. US attempts to dictate safeguards have infuriated the influential Indian Communist party. If they walk, the Indian Government will be left in chaos, plunging the region into further uncertainty.

Tom, it was reassuring to see the market build on yesterday's impressive gains.

It was an LX - - excellent result,

almost surprising given yesterday

we saw the market had its biggest

one-day improvement in 10 years. one-day improvement in 10 years. It

would have been reasonable to

expect a drop today. It was looking

that way you the early part until the Asian markets came on-line

which were very strong. That helped

our market turnaround to pressure

by 1%. Looking ahead to the

European and Wall Street stations,

we have seen a very marked turnaround in the stock market.

They were showing some substantial

losses area around. They have risen

which is suggested to have been in

a spot to a meeting between the

secretary of the Treasury, the Fed

chairman at the leading bureaucrat.

There has been suggestions that

could be a precursor to another

move from the Federal Reserve. This

session is a very interesting on which Robert impact on local trade tomorrow. Naomi Watts and her partner have lashed out at the paparazzi in California. Video posted on a celebrity website shows the Australian star and her actor partner Liev Schreiber The stars had been to lunch with their 3-week-old baby son Alexander. BLEEPING Are you enjoying yourself? Are you enjoying yourself? The actress reportedly made a rude gesture at photographers as the family headed home. Welcome back to Toyota Sports Tonight. A massive suspension at the AFL tribunal - St Kilda tagger Steven Baker banned for seven weeks. This program is captioned live. Welcome back to Toyota Sports Tonight. A massive suspension at the AFL tribunal - St Kilda tagger Steven Baker banned for seven weeks. He was found to have made reckless conduct with Fremantle's Jeff Farmer, Ian Cohen has more.

Good evening. What a bizarre night

here. This case had just about

everything, everything except video

evidence. We were relying on the

players. Everyone had to work out

where Farm at Baker was. We also

had Fremantle trainers giving

evidence. It was a most unusual

evening. It went for four hours.

Steven Baker's evidence was

accepted but was handed a seven-

week suspension. Jeff Farmer was on the

the phone from Fremantle. The Melbourne-based

Melbourne-based Fremantle trainer,

Barry Kirkwood was called in. His evidence was questioned. Farmers

were a collection was said to be contradictory. Medical reports were

given by the most surprising

witness was the player manager. He

was at the game to watch another of

his players. He says he saw the

incident unfold, saying that incident unfold, saying that a

Farmer ran into the back of Baker.

Baker was found guilty at have - -

the Saints have a 40 % loading.

These seven-week ban stands at the

moment. The appointed. We will

consider our next move over the

evening. - - disappointed. We will

make a appeal but of what Maurer.

But the Saints are sleeping on an

appeal. Collingwood's Ben Johnson

has accepted his six-week ban as

well. He will be out of action

until next year. On to the rest until next year. On to the rest of

the day's news. It was a busy day

for Carlton coach Brett Ratner. His

first official day in the job. I

caught up with him at his training. He was elated about He was el ted about He was elated about being given He was elated about being given the

nod last night. It is a lifelong

dream to play for the club and the

captain having coached the club.

Cambridge champion says he is embarrassed to be breaking away

when he runs out for game 307

against Carlton on Saturday. My

first possession went to the

opposition. The second session went

to the opposition again. The end

the third one straight to the

opposition. They said, get him off!

I did not want to be part of it. Congratulations to Glen archer.

Repeating the news, it's St Hilda,

Steven Baker has been added for

seven games on a rough on that

charge. The stains are sleeping on an appeal overnight. Thanks to Ian Cohen. West Coast Eagle Mark LeCras has been named the Round 20 NAB AFL Rising Star nominee. The 20-year-old forward kicked four goals in the Eagles win against Richmond, and has kicked 28 so far this season in just 15 games.

It's the second time LeCras has been nominated for the award. The first time was also against Richmond in 2006. Emotional scenes in Newcastle today, with a rugby league hardman reduced to tears. Kirk Reynoldson missing out on selection for the Knights - meaning his time with the club is over. Victoria Murphy explains. Thanks, Brad. Kirk Reynoldson needed to play one more match for the Knights to activate a new contract option for next year. But he was overlooked again today. Reynoldson broke down when telling his team-mates the news.

It's pretty hard on a bloke like that. Reyno's one of the nice guys of rugby league and obviously he's disappointed but I'm sure he'll pull through. He's got the support of all the players. Reynoldson's legal team considering action against the Knights. Claiming the second rower is being left out for reasons other than form. It concerns me that this begaviour exists in the game. As I said earlier, I don't believe it's a true reflection of the general good will that most rugby league clubs show their employers, the players. We certainly care about the players' welfare. We've put two offers on the table which have been rejected. North Queensland considering legal action of their own following an attack on injured forward Steve Southern. Southern, already nursing a shoulder injury,

allegedly tripped after being punched outside a Townsville pizza outlet. He suffered a season-ending fractured ankle. I know Steve Southern very well and although he's a tough football player, one of the toughest in the game in my opinion, he's not one to go looking for trouble. That's not his go whatsoever. with the Rabbitoh's eyeing off Better times at South Sydney their first finals appearance since 1989 after their stunning come-from-behind upset of Manly elevated them into the top 8. A chance for Tullanulla who puts it down. The Bunnies could make the sprint Dean Widders though.

His grapple on Jamie Lyon attracting a grade two contrary conduct charge. He'll miss two weeks with an early guilty plea. The crackdown on unessecary pressure on the head and neck also hitting Liam Fulton, but he's opting to contest the charge.

And Dragons prop Jason Ryles is doing the same.

The two players will front the judiciary tomorrow night. The Sydney Roosters have today ended weeks of speculation by giving Brad Fittler the full-time coaching job - he's signed a 2-year deal. Brad.

Wallabies backrower David Lyons has been declared fit to fly after overcoming deep vein thrombosis. The veteran forward got through his first contact session since weening himself off blood thinning medication, allowing him to travel with the squad to Portugal on Thursday. Yeah, the first full-on 100% I've done, We always knew it was going to be 'no worries', but it was actually really good to finally do it. But Lyons cup preparation won't return to normal - he'll still be required to inject himself throughout the tournament, with blood thinning medication but not in the days preceding a match. Ricky Ponting's

manage a back injury conceded he'll have to carefully for the rest of his career. that hampered him last summer the World Cup He needed injections to get through

of a busy summer. and faces more uncertainty on the eve with a vitamins supplier He's just inked a new deal to help with match recovery, a back injury but Ricky Ponting's still battling his long-term future in the game. that could threaten

once we go through the rigours I think we'll know more international cricket, of day in, day out but I feel great at the moment. the first Ashes Test last season The injury flared during Chappell-Hadlee series in New Zealand and forced him out of the prior to the World Cup.

Had some injections last year

that down pretty well. that seemed to have settled

It'll be interesting to see in the next couple of years. how it stands up this summer - Ponting's first assignment next month's Twenty20 World Cup in South Africa, and he admits until now the Australians have never treated that form of the game seriously. a world championship, Now that we're playing a little bit, I think that will be lost

it's a world championship but, you know,

every game of cricket that it plays and Australia wants to win to have going into this one. and that's the attitude we need for its biggest test Ponting's leadership set

and Indians - against the touring Sri Lankans no Warne or McGrath. the rebel Indian Cricket League. Both have been linked to and Mohammad Yousuf Pakistan stars Inzamam-ul-Haq big-name signings. unveiled as the latest is a real snowballing effect, The thing I fear about it some of the bigger-name players that the minute their international careers that are not finished start leaning towards this thing, that it might attract other people. any other Australians to defect. He's not expecting Paul Cochrane, Ten News. from qualifying for The Boomers are one win away the Beijing Olympics after defeating New Zealand by 12 points last night. Russian based David Andersen shooting a game high 20 points. was the difference,

Plenty of dramas for the Kiwis last

night. Their game-plan was quickly

dismantled by the undermanned

Aussies. Ricky Patrick Mills also

ignited the home side, his

defensive pressure produced costly

kiwi areas. His defensive play just

as impressive. Anderson's 212

centimeter frame was unstoppable

inside. He hails from Melbourne but

is based in Moscow and relished a

rare home town appearance. It was

rare home town appearance. It was

great to put a bit of a show on

four of them. The exciting part is four of them. The exciting part

that we can play a lot better. They

will need to do the same or their

Beijing dream will quickly turn

into a nightmare. We know we can be

done. It has been tough for us for

years. We got one last year. We

need to get it done tomorrow. Go in

night. three is in Brisbane on Friday

worth more than $20 million a year, With salary and endorsement deals

Worth more than 20 million a year,

high-profile paid sportsman in high-profile or beg macro is one of the most

America will start his career is in

tatters after agreeing to plead

guilty to dog fighting charges that

could send him to prison. For Vick,

it is potentially a career-ending

hit. The NFL superstars agree to

play guilty for felony charges

relating to dog fighting. In a statement:

Vick has faced growing public scorn Vick has faced growing public

for his role in a dog fighting wing

called, bad news kennels. For weeks,

he denied knowing anything. By the

Kennel was based at this bridge in

the house which muddle macro own.

Investigators found dog fighting

equipment and the remains of eight

executed dogs. His three co-

defendants have pleaded guilty,

reportedly implicating him and has

agreed to against him. His contract

is worth $130 million and put up

most of the money for the gambling.

brew. For NFL players, gambling is to

brew. Players core betting potentially face a lifetime ban.

The Lea is reviewing his plea deal

statement: and his playing future, saying in a

This is a great career that is cut

short. It will never be the same.

The Michael Vick they could have The Michael Vick they could have

been will never be the same. In a prginia court

Virginia court house, he will make

his plea deal official. His maximum

sentence is five years in a federal

prison. This deal may shorten their

centres but most legal experts say

muddle macro will do time. Champion backstroker Sophie Edington

has discovered that skydiving and swimming have a bit common. reinvigorate her swimming career. She's taken to the skies to help at last year's Commonwealth Games Sophie Edington got three gold medals with the medley relay team. including a world record

for the world, After missing selection some extra inspiration. Sophie was looking for She found it 5km up. and my main event is 60 seconds. The freefall is 60 seconds that when you get up there, And also just knowing

you do what you've got to do. you have to be 100% prepared, It's the same with swimmimg. As soon as they open the door, you can hear the wind rushing by. I get a bit nervous then. You get a bit of a rush. it's an amazing feeling. When you jump out,

seems to be working - The alternative training method Sophie recently winning three gold medals in Europe. At the moment, off swimming, Sophie has Wednesday mornings of aeroplanes. so her training involves jumping out is her favourite training day? Is it any wonder that Wednesday It's a fantastic day. Sophie has set up an online swimwear company, from Brazil. importing and selling costumes turned heads One of them, a racing bikini, at the national championships. cover for my swimwear. The bikini was part of getting some and different patterns. It has bright colours to her bag of tricks. Sophie is now adding the 53 National Short-course Championships She will focus on next week's in Melbourne, then the countdown to Beijing begins along the way. with a bit of sightseeing of these planes - Well, there's no point jumping out they're already close to the ground.

has played host The Danube River in Budapest as part of the to some spectacular flying Red Bull Air Race Championships. to watch 2005 champion 500,000 fans lined the foreshore Mike Mangold under the city's famous chain bridge. attempt a 400km/h fly-by Mangold went on to win the event. He takes the lead in the Championship which concludes in Perth in November. Mick Fanning and Joel Parkinson To Surfing, and who else but

to take advantage of the remnants of some wild weather? The storms that led to beach closures and left thousands on the Gold Coast without power also brought in a solid 3 metre swell. The two local boys on hand to make the most of the conditions.

Hit the streets with great deals from Holden, and comes with 12 months free rego and CTP insurance across the range. Plus curtain airbags and alloy wheels SONG: # Baby, I'm ready to go. # So, we take the rolled oat, attach the wheat pieces, then we bind them all together with golden honey and other yummy stuff. And there we have it - a Crunchy Nut Cluster. Hey, new guy. Away you go. (All chuckle knowingly)

(Expectantly) Mmmmmmmmmmm. (Man excitedly) Oh, oh, oh, oh! (Grunts in frustration) (All cheer) (Shrieks wildly) Crunchy Nut Clusters. Well, they are irresistibly tasty. This program is captioned live. Cathy Freeman might've run a fine 400 in her spikes, but how would she go in stilettos? Its the annual Berlin Stiletto Run - a 100m sprint in the city's shopping district. There were only two rules - the stiletto heels had to be at least 7cm high, and no more than 1.5cm wide. The race was a 'shoe-in' for 24-year-old office worker, Denise Hanitzsh. She won a $17,000 shopping spree at an exclusive department store where she plans to buy... yep, more shoes. A pointy Play of the Day.

His be won a goody-two-shoes?

Obviously a race full of the world

feel. It wasn't to be out on. Thick cloud over north-east New South Wales

and south-east Queensland near an offshore low is causing rain on the coast and showers inland. Cloud further south in fresh southerly winds is only bringing light showers to the coasts. Some high cloud over South Australia in an upper trough is not causing rain. winds and showers onto the east coast. The high will generate a cold morning and sunny day over the south-east as a trough triggers isolated showers over inland Queensland. A front will cause showers to increase in southwest Western Australia later. Mostly sunny in Cairns, Canberra, Melbourne and Hobart. Showers in Brisbane and Sydney. Sunny in Adelaide, Darwin and Alice Springs. Showers increasing in Perth. Some breaking news - 22,000 homes are without power tonight in south-east Queensland. The area's been hit by a storm with winds of 100kp/h. The homes without power are in Brisbane and on the Sunshine Coast. The strong winds are roaring up the coast tonight towards Fraser Island. Those winds are forecast to continue, being a problem for another day or two. And that's the latest from Ten News. The Early news tomorrow is at 6.00am. I'm Helen Kapalos. From the late news team, goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.