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over his speeding fine saga. Marcus Einfeld ordered to stand trial arresting 14 Australians. Police smash a global drugs ring, And a family's outrage to a Sydney cop killer. at the sentence handed down with that DPP. I'm just that bloody disgusted and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson from the climate conference Kevin Rudd takes time out Good evening. Also tonight -

to Bali bombing victims. to pay tribute And the hail sale - driving off with a bargain. clued-up car buyers

But heading the news at 5:00 - former judge Marcus Einfeld of the bench will find himself on the other side in the new year. when he fronts a jury A court today ruling there is enough evidence to send the 69-year-old to trial

about the speeding fines fiasco. over claims he lied 1.5 hours early for his case Marcus Einfeld arrived at court only to learn it was delayed so he had to leave again. annoyed former Federal Court judge But when the clearly shattered and left court the second time he must return in February it was with the knowledge to stand trial on 13 charges. Jesus! They include perverting the course of justice, perjury about speeding tickets, and making false statements one of which cost only $77. The magistrate also spoke at length at this restaurant about the 69-year-old's lunch which has been confirmed by independent witnesses. he was on the north coast at the time Einfeld wrote a statement saying behind the wheel of his Lexus and that's why he wasn't

through a Mosman speed camera. when it was snapped speeding He did have one minor victory - a police investigation was dismissed. a 14th charge of hindering at times Marcus Einfeld's head was bowed

as he heard He only spoke briefly inside, to three questions - saying "No, thank you" more fully, whether or not he wanted to speak give evidence or call witnesses. of the most serious charge, If he is found guilty perverting the course of justice, he faces a maximum of 14 years jail. hanging over Angela Liati, That's the same penalty a false alibi to Einfeld. who is accused of offering at that speed camera at Mosman. when it was snapped Kevin Wilde, Ten News. There's been

international drug bust a major multi-milliondollar with suspects arrested in Sydney and Melbourne.

impact on Australia's drug market. The haul so big, police say it will crystal methamphetamine and ecstasy - Almost $14 million worth of drugs -

seized here as part of an 8-nation drug investigation

based in Canada into an Asian crime syndicate that targeted drug users We believe that we were effective Australian arm of this syndicate. and have been able to dismantle the at Sydney airport in August - the first seizure hidden in unaccompanied luggage. 15 kilos of methamphetamine from shipping containers And there were more drugs seizured

that entered Australia through the ports of Sydney and Melbourne. from India and chemicals from China, importing cocaine from the US, heroin methamphetamine and ecstasy exported Japan and Taiwan. to Australia, New Zealand, kingpin as 50-year-old Yong Long Ye. Canadian police identifying the He's under arrest, and cars seized his $6 million property portfolio as proceeds of crime. the snake - We've chopped the head off we've gone to the top on this one. worth of drugs, $3 millions in cash The Canadians seizing $168 million and arresting 26 people. Police here have arrested of Chinese and Vietnamese origin. 14 Canadian and Australian nationals eight particular cells, We actually looked at investigating they'd be replaced by another cell. whereas one would be taken out, these trafficking routes enable them to have into all countries around the world. John Hill, Ten News. A man involved in the deadly shooting Glenn McEnallay of Sydney police officer behind bars. will serve just seven years outraged at the DPP deal. The constable's family Robert McEnallay is a shattered man. and now his 6-year fight for justice. He's lost his son an absolute bloody joke, It's a joke, at Castlereagh Street for that - and you can thank that mob down the DPP - of it. Senior Constable Glenn McEnallay 26-year-old in 2002 was shot dead in his police car through Sydney's south-east. after a chase Today one of the four men who ambushed him jail for manslaughter. was sentenced to just seven years

"Well, your life's worth nothing." It just says, John Taufahema could be out by 2012, found guilty of murder despite originally being and sentenced to 24 years jail. he and his brother Motekiai On appeal, quashed on a technicality. had their convictions for the crime the DPP accepted manslaughter pleas. Instead of a retrial, with that DPP. I'm just that bloody disgusted It's a legal system, it's not a justice system, no justice. because there's definitely Aside from their personal loss, what concerns them most Constable McEnallay's family says

is a slap in the face is today's decision serving police officer. for every other or the loss of Glenn's life Just no respect for Glenn in NSW. or every serving police officer

It's just a bloody disgrace.

has condemned the DPP deal, The Police Association labelling the sentence an insult. I think it does shake everybody that every day that you go to work you may be faced with something like this.

Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. for the Prime Minister - An emotional day Kevin Rudd paying special tribute of the Bali bombings. to Australian victims Talks of the future put on hold as the Prime Minister took time out to remember the past. at the Australian Consulate Mr Rudd visiting a memorial to the victims of the Bali bombings, to pay his respects for a united fight on terror. again stressing the need

that we continue and expand It is critical the fabric of our security policy in general, and specifically on counter-terrorism, with the Government of Indonesia. Talks with Asia-Pacific leaders the main priority on the final day of his historic Bali visit. Meeting the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea to discuss plans for a Pacific climate conference next year. Mr Rudd making one last appeal before he leaves Bali, bound for East Timor tomorrow. My instruction to our negotiating team has been to burn the midnight oil, roll the sleeves up and spare no efforts

making sure we negotiate an effective mandate for the future. As delegates struggle to reach consensus on a new climate treaty draft, the need for urgent action was again on display. 250 endangered turtles released to remind leaders of what's at stake. While Mr Rudd has been treated like an environmental hero here at the Bali conference, not everyone in Indonesia has been so positive. An editorial in the 'Jakarta Post' questioning the sincerity of Mr Rudd's efforts to strengthen relations between Australia and Indonesia. He's expected to meet Al Gore tonight. In Bali, Emily Rice, Ten News. Police deny there are plans to bring back the APEC 'ring of steel' for the Pope's World Youth Day celebrations in Sydney. Up to 400,000 pilgrims will take part in the July event, which includes a mass walk over the Harbour Bridge to Randwick racetrack. Streets will be shut for the Pope's motorcade, and special airspace and advertising restrictions will be enforced. I'm certainly not going to paint myself into a corner. At the end of the day, if we need extra powers because of the intelligence we are managing, I will seek them. Vatican officials have been promised a final agreement for the use of Randwick will be signed by early next week. Hail damaged cars going for a song - Sydney's wild storms left a trail of dents across many dealerships, top-of-the-range models now going for $10,000 less than their original price. Trucks are now delivering the first batch of hail-damaged cars to auction sites. Battered motor dealers are giving up hundreds of new vehicles -

this Nissan outlet already stripped bare of 150. And this is where they end up, going to the highest bidder. I've got my friend here at $12,500. At $12,500. The bargain hunters out in force today. I think it's a matter of luck and taking a chance. If they're not put up for auction, there are always the hail sales. It's pretty much first in, best dressed, so the quicker you get down here starting tomorrow morning we'll be able to work out a deal for you and move the cars out.

Savings of up to $10,000 on some new-model Fords. Insurance assessors and dent-busters have been working overtime. More than 60% of the 24,000 claims made to insurance companies are for damaged cars. Saturday is THE day if you are after a real bargain - more than 300 new cars are due to be auctioned here at Guildford alone, and all with no reserve. A lot of them are very, very rare, some of which, in the case of the current model LandCruisers, there's a 6-month waiting list on these vehicles. If I wanted one myself, I couldn't get one. If I was allowed to bid on Saturday I probably would. There are people coming from all over Australia. Up to 4,000 calls for help have been registered. Work on some Blacktown homes, though, is taking longer than expected

because of safety concerns over asbestos roofing. Frank Coletta, Ten News. Ahead in sport with Tim Webster,

a resolution in the Ray Price naming issue at Parramatta Stadium. Yes, still won't have his name on the lounge though but actually achieved a better outcome through fan power. More shortly. Plus, the biggest names in Aussie golf including US Open champ Geoff Ogilvy provide some spectacular highlights as Sydney hosts the Australian Open. And a BASE-jumper's incredible plunge off the world's tallest building. You'll be surprised how far his freefall was. Also, we'll have reaction to a proposal to play Test cricket at night. Another blow for Sydney bus travellers - details next. Plus - a warning to parents after 10 child drownings in as many weeks. And a very icy reception for a planeload of Aussie passengers. Well, the best part about being captain is when I tell the boys we're having a Backyard Bucket for tea. Then they all get exactly what they want. Yeah, Original Recipe! Whoo!

Wicked Wings! Crispy Strips! Yeah! Coleslaw! KFC's Backyard Bucket - a huge variety of our famous chicken and sides

to keep the whole team happy.

And as they say, happy team, happy captain. This program is captioned live.

A surprise reason for the dropping of charges against a man accused of running his boat aground near the Prime Minister's Sydney home. The luxury motor cruiser sparked a security scare when it wound up on rocks near Kirribilli House in May last year. 35-year-old Jamie Henderson was charged with negligent navigation and drink driving. But the charges were dropped after evidence from several witnesses that Mr Henderson's wife Deborah was at the helm when the vessel ran aground. Drownings are on the rise, with NSW recording an alarming 10 child deaths in the past ten weeks. to make sure their children can swim. It's prompted calls for parents Taking a dip is almost a birthright for young Australians, but drownings are on the rise, including the recent deaths of 10 children in as many weeks

across the State. It has lifesavers urging parents to take responsibility. In the 0-4 age group it's got nothing to do with that person, it's purely that there was no adult supervision. It takes just 10 seconds for a child to drown, no matter how well they can swim. That's why many instructors are now teaching children not only to be a strong swimmer, but a safe one too. A lot of programs don't focus on water safety, they focus on a lot of stroke correction. That's why it's really important to incorporate that water safety aspect into the actual program itself. It's also important for kids to practise all year round and in different water environments. who need the swimming and survival skills more than ever - there's been a big jump in young males drowning in the past year. In fact, overall, males account for three-quarters of all drownings every year. It seems male behaviour is usually to blame. They'll jump from rocks into the ocean,

so they're more likely to take risks, but there's also been a increase in alcohol consumption. A sobering reminder this Christmas break. James Boyce, Ten News.

Another blow tonight for weary Sydney bus passengers. The safety alert affecting services across the city has now been extended to 25 buses used by private operators. The diesel Mercedes have steering system cracks like those found in the public fleet. Some disruption to private services is expected, but the main problems remain with the STA, with delays and extra crowding to continue next week. Passports and visa applications at a Canberra tip. Police sealed off the scene before calling the contractor for a "please explain". from foreign nationals The personal papers had apparently been thrown out by accident. The documents, all of which were cancelled, have now been removed. Police claim there's little risk of identity theft. John Howard has come in for a savaging from his own ranks, as the Liberals try to work out how they lost the Federal election.

The party now attacking itself for abusing power while in government. Andrew Robb doesn't run off at the mouth lightly, the former federal director of the Liberal Party is credited with playing a huge part in John Howard's winning 1996 campaign. He says two factors turned that victory into defeat almost 12 years later. You've got to reinvent yourself and we didn't. And we didn't reinvent ourselves over the last four or five years. Besides failing to provide new leadership, the Liberal Government failed to allow the Senate its review role once it got the numbers. It meant that on some issues, particularly WorkChoices, we went further than we would have if we didn't control the Senate. We didn't have the check and balance and I think we developed a hard edge. He blames not only John Howard but the entire Cabinet for that overreach. Andrew Robb says

the way forward is to perform major surgery on the organisation so it can pull into line factional war lords to serve the broader interests of the party and the country rather than their power bases. And John Howard's decision to hold off calling the election helped contribute to his defeat in Bennelong, according to the woman who beat him. It did give me the time. it meant we could go out and we could do it literally door by door, street by street. She and her team doorknocked 26,000 houses. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A new era in Australia's Antarctic exploration, with a passenger plane making a historic landing on the frozen continent. The 'Antarctic Airlink' airbus came in on the new Wilkins Runway, which was carved out of a glacier.

It's 4km long, to allow for skidding. The Government-funded service will ferry scientists from Hobart to Australia's Casey research station, cutting their travelling time from days to hours. There are no plans to open the route to tourists.

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Ike, dies at his US home.

Tina Turner's abusive ex-husband, SONG: # Woke up this morning # I suddenly realised we're all in this together # I started smiling 'cause you were smiling

# And we're all in this together # Yeah # We're all in this # We're all in this together # In this together # We're all in this together. # You can get a Whopper Jr, regular fries, all for just $4.95. The burgers are better at Hungry Jack's. At Franklins, we love to save you money! With Christmas specials! Like... 12-pack Sorbent toilet roll varieties: 250g Moccona coffee freeze-dried Classic or 250g dark or delicate varieties: 18-pack 375ml Fanta, Sprite or Lift or 15-pack 375ml Coca-Cola soft drink can varieties: Franklins is also about what makes 'Christmas' Christmas! Like celebrating big time! So, merry Christmas from Franklins! A joy-flight almost turned to tragedy, with a light plane crash-landing on a Victorian beachside street. The accident, near a busy golf course, stunned locals, who helped free the pilot and three passengers from the wreckage. They've all been taken to hospital with minor injuries. that they all walked away. It's just a miracle. The pilot has done a mighty job. Everyone on board should be mighty thankful he was flying the plane - he's saved their lives. An investigation is now under way. And a veteran aviator who died in a plane crash last week has been farewelled. A crop-duster similar to the one Col Pay flew led the fly-over at the 75-year-old's funeral. Pilots from around the country paid tribute. Mr Pay was remembered as a kind and generous person who was happiest up in the sky.

Despite more than 50 years flying experience, he was killed during last Friday. American music legend Ike Turner has died at his home in San Diego. Often referred to as the father of rock, he'll probably be best remembered as the wife-bashing husband of Tina Turner. Like him or loathe him, he was a rock legend. Ike Turner, the man credited with creating

the world's first rock album. (Sings) # Come on, baby # # Let's get it on. # His musical career began in the '30s. That unmistakable guitar sound attracting a husky-voiced unknown by the name of Anna Mae Bullock to front his band. In 1959, the pair married and Tina Turner was born. Their hits were sporadic and the marriage didn't last, Tina later revealing the relationship was violent and abusive. (Sings) # What's love got to do Got to do with it? # Ike denied the claims of domestic violence, but his reputation was damaged. He also did a stint in jail on drugs charges. I didn't feel like I could go on without Tina - I was sad like that, so I went on a 15-year party, man. But he cleaned up his act and in 2007 won a Grammy. I got my head clean, I got my life back together, now I have my show back together, and my whole life is great now. Ike Turner died at his San Diego home. As mourners gathered to pay tribute, Tina Turner's management company released a statement saying she has not had any contact with him in 35 years. Ike Turner was 76. # Different strokes for different folks... # Gabrielle Boyle, Ten News. Princess Diana was "deeply and blissfully" in love with Dodi Fayed, according to her stepmother. Countess Spencer telling the inquest into Diana's death

it was "highly likely" the couple would have married. The countess denied the princess would have allowed herself to get pregnant outside marriage, explaining Diana was brought up in an old fashioned way. One of Prince Charles's oldest friends Nicholas Soames has also given evidence, denying he'd ever told the princess "accidents can happen". It sounds like science fiction - mutant mice with no fear of cats. Japanese researchers are turning the traditional game of cat and mouse on its head with genetically modified rodents. Mice usually freeze and play dead when they smell a predator, but the GM rodents have lost the receptors in their brains

for sensing the odour of danger. The scientists say they also chose an exceptionally docile cat for the experiment, so she wasn't tempted to taste her new best mate. They're now planning to try the technique on other mortal enemies. A doctor defends himself over performing a late-term abortion - that's next. operating between Canberra and Sydney. And from the attic to the auction house - a long-lost Australian artwork goes under the hammer.

Sydney - not just a city, it's a celebration. And right now, kids can travel with CountryLink: To book your Sydney escape, call 13 RAIL now. (People chatter) Did you have fun? Mum, what does 'spoiled' mean? Spoiled? Why? Did somebody call you that? No. Somebody called YOU that. VOICEOVER: It will spoil up to seven lucky people. It can carry your whole life. SONG: # Zoom, zoom, zoom! # (Sings) # We wish you

# We wish you a merry Christmas # And a happy new year. # VOICEOVER: Share the spirit of giving this Christmas with 'The Sunday Telegraph's free 'Annabelle's Wish' DVD - a timeless family movie that celebrates friendship and kindness. It's yours this weekend only with 'The Sunday Telegraph'. ALL: Merry Christmas, Santa.

G'day. I'm Tim Fischer. So don't beat about the bush. If you're feeling down or depressed, have a yarn with your local doc. They can really help get you back on track. You and your rural doctor - a great team for your physical and mental health. And remember, you can contact beyondblue for more information about depression or call Lifeline for urgent counselling. This program is captioned live. The top stories this news hour - former judge Marcus Einfeld will find himself on the other side of the bench when he fronts a jury in the new year. A court today ruled there is enough evidence to send the 69-year-old to trial over claims he lied about the speeding fines fiasco. Outrage tonight from the family of slain Sydney policeman Glen McEnally. A man involved in the fatal shooting will serve just seven years behind bars. His parents are angry over the DPP's deal to accept a manslaughter plea. And a major international drug ring has been smashed - more than 40 people arrested, including 14 in Australia. They're accused of bringing in millions of dollars worth of ice and ecstasy from Canada. And NSW police have busted a major ice syndicate operating between Sydney and Canberra. Heavily armed officers arrested two men and a woman near Gundagai, seizing around $200,000 worth of drugs from a car. They also raided five homes in Young and the ACT, finding more drugs and taking another nine people into custody. All 12 are facing a string of drug supply charges. on a suicidal woman who was 32 weeks pregnant has broken his silence. He's now calling for wide-ranging reform of abortion laws. After a 7-year gag associate professor Lachlan de Crespy has outed himself as one of the doctors who performed an abortion on a woman almost eight months into her pregnancy. He says she was threatening to kill herself if they allowed her child, who'd been given a dwarfism diagnosis, to be born. If the patient had died, had committed suicide, then obviously that would be the most horrific event. Six doctors were suspended by the Royal Women's Hospital even though they were given approval to perform the abortion by the then head of obstetrics. On my mind pretty much all of the time. Not the case itself but the improper handling of the case by public institutions. to abortion laws. I want in the abortion law reform discussions for women who are having diagnosis at 20 weeks and beyond 20 weeks of terrible abnormalities to be better cared for than what they are today. They're being neglected. Right to life groups are outraged by his public stand. That's just a joke. That's ridiculous. Unfortunately in this whole scenario about doctors' rights.

A hospital spokeswoman says it has a moral obligation to respect the woman's wishes for anonymity

and therefore won't be speaking about the professor's allegations. All the doctors involved have since resigned. Martine Griffiths, Ten News. over $30 million in gambling losses. Gold Coast property developer he lost the money playing baccarat in a 14-month gambling spree. claims The 40-year-old multi-millionaire he banned himself from the casino. But he says he was lured back by chief operating officer John Williams, who flew him to Melbourne 30 times on Crown's VIP jet. operator error causing Orica stocks to plunge from just over $31 to 8 cents,

wiping $10 billion off the company's value. The mistake made the whole index plunge more than 100 points for a short time, before brokers quickly realised what happened. Onto the final, correct figures: And the price of petrol around Sydney - $1.28 is the lowest we could find, and that was in Fairfield. An Australian artwork found hidden in an attic has sold for more than $1.5 million. The Frederick McCubbin painting the big-ticket item

of the first full Australian collection to be auctioned in London. Never before has an Australian collection this valuable and this varied gone under the hammer in Europe. The Christie's collection netted almost $8 million in less than two hours. The big-ticket item was Frederick McCubbin's 'Sawing Timber', painted 100 years ago. He gave it to a friend in Melbourne, who brought it to Britain and passed it down the generations of his family. Long forgotten, it was recently unearthed from an attic and put on the market, much to the delight of collectors worldwide. The frenzied bidding pushed the hammer price past all expectations. ?185,000. At ?635,000, thank you very much. ?635,000 to 810. Thank you very much. Sold for more than $1.5 million. Aussie collector Ricky Anderson flew in two days ago from Sydney. He will fly home tomorrow with a contemporary, Howard Arkley. It's just going to go home, hang on the wall,

enjoy it for a while and see what happens from there.

And plenty more Australian bidders took part without making the journey to London. Instead, they logged on live through the Internet. and joined the auction they are sitting at home, probably in their PJs, in Australia, having a cup of tea and an Iced Vo Vo and bidding. That makes it easier to remain anonymous,

like the mysterious new owner of the long-lost McCubbin.

I would think that it's because it's such an iconic picture, it's probably a good guess that it will end up back in Australia In London, Danielle Isdale, Ten News.

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Sport now with Tim Webster,

and Eels fan power saves Ray Price.

Yes, we'll tell you shortly why Ray's now finished an even bigger winner.

Yes, we'll tell you shortly Also, the celebrations weren't at the Australian Open's new party hole, as the stars partied on some super shots around the course. just how far this BASE-jumper plunged for a world record. This program is captioned live. Cricket Australia is close to changing the game like never before. Under a radical plan,

day-night Test cricket will be introduced, the 2010 Ashes series. perhaps as soon as And when it happens, there'll also be coloured clothing and a white ball. Another day, another form of the game. But it is cricket's most traditional bastion that is next set for a major upheaval. If the game becomes more appealing by virtue of being played at an hour where more people can come and watch and more people can watch it on TV, then that's got to be good for cricket. in its formative stages, While admitting it's only much work has been put in to day-night Test cricket proposal. TV audiences could be four times greater in the evening. And when - not if - it's trialled, Tests will be played with a white ball and coloured clothing. The traditions of cricket are a matter for people to interpret each to their own. The real thing that we're talking about here is ensuring cricket remains contemporary. I would prefer it stay the same but I understand there is nothing wrong with trying to market the game and make the game better and more exciting. Australia's stop-and-start summer hits 50-over gear tomorrow in Adelaide. Andrew Symonds today trained gingerly on a sore ankle, but speedster Brett Lee missed the session. He has a virus and is a doubtful starter for game one of the Chappell-Hadlee series. We'll give him till to tomorrow morning, see how he wakes up. Otherwise, everything else is pretty well sorted. James Hopes and Brad Haddin remain on stand-by for the pair. And India has named its 16-man touring squad for the Australian 4-Test series. After missing earlier selection, opener Virender Sehwag has made the cut. Tim Hodges, Ten News. Aussie fast bowler Shaun Tait's suggestions that New Zealand batsmen are scared of him has ignited a trans-Tasman row over his action. The Kiwis today refused to give a direct answer when asked about the issue. Coach John Bracewell turned down the opportunity to douse the flames, letting his media manager do the talking.

Bracers isn't in a position to comment on it at the moment. it's an issue for the match referee, not an issue for the coach. No signs of bother on Tait's face as he trained in the Adelaide nets, though. His action will be on show when the sides face off in tomorrow's first Chappell-Hadlee match. The board of the ARU has been meeting this afternoon to discuss the Wallabies coaching position. Adam Hawse is at rugby headquarters. Adam, do we officially have a new coach yet?

Not quite yes. I just saw a whole

load of sandwiches and drinks do

taken inside so the board could be

settling in for a long night. They

had been used since 2pm, so newly

four hours they have been four hours they have been there deliberating over who will take over as Wallabies coach. The

feeling is Robbie Deans will get

the job - the key way. He will be

the first foreigner to hold the

position. We will the losing candidates find out? candidates find out? Broadcaster Alan Jones and be told to expect a

phone call this afternoon so that

would indicate they would expect a decision

decision shortly. If Robbie Deans

is announced tonight, he won't be

there? Yes, he is in Christ Church

where he held a training day with

the Crusaders. He has won titles

for the Crusaders which is why the

ARU wants him. We would just wait

and see what happens but hopefully

we will have details soon and

details in Sports Tonight.

New Australian coach Pim Verbeek has started his tenure

with plenty of Dutch courage, has started his tenure with plenty of Dutch courage, giving an assurance

the Socceroos will qualify for the opening stage of the 2010 World Cup campaign. We are Australian and we don't have to be afraid at all for whatever team. Like I said last week, we have to respect because they are difficult teams to beat but we will qualify. All European-based Socceroos have committed to the new boss, except the ageing Mark Viduka. Party pooper Robert Allenby has set himself a date with the 11th pub hole crowd tomorrow afternoon after he fired to the lead during Round 1 of the Australian Open today. He was joined on top by tour journeyman Andrew Bonhomme. is three shots off the pace. The opening round of Australia's most coveted tournament and Geoff Ogilvy, still yet to win at home, had a keen eye on the Stonehaven Cup, the other on the pin. COMMENTATOR: Oh, that almost sucked back in the hole. Ogilvy joined by Scott Hend with a round of 68 to be 4 under par.

But the man taking the early lead was 2005 Australian triple crown champ Robert Allenby, shooting a 67 5-under par. Overall I'm pretty happy with the way I started. You know, I played pretty solid. So everyone was chasing Allenby on top. and Andrew Bonhomme joined him While 2-time Open winner Peter Lonard found some early rhythm. Stephen Leaney was on a mission and working magic with the flatstick to sit at 3-under par. Open favourite Aaron Baddeley was also enjoying the greens, 3-under par after just three holes. But as the afternoon got going the wind picked up. Stuart Appleby with shaken confidence after missing last week's cut but restoring lost pride today. The crowd at the controversial 11th had little impact on play - the party hole set to fire up in conjunction with the end of the working week. CHEERS Heckling usually comes after a few pots or schooners, so we'll see tomorrow afternoon but I think it will be alright. Rob Canning, Ten News. Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner has broken his own world record for the highest BASE-jump, leaping off the world's tallest building. Under slate-grey skies in Chinese Taipei, Baumgartner plummeted most of the 509m to ground level before opening his parachute, surpassing his old record of 451m achieved at Malaysia's Petronas Towers. I did it. Biggest building in the world, number one. This thrill-seeker's motto is, "Everyone has limits. Not everyone accepts them." Fan power has won out for Ray Price. The Eels legend will now be immortalised in bronze

after the Parramatta Stadium Trust responded to the outcry over their decision to remove Price's name from the ground's main lounge. The dual-international is already offering potential poses for his bronze statue, replicating his 'praying mantis' stance from the '70s and '80s. Price will be offered a choice of two prominent locations for the statue,

and construction is expected to begin immediately. In breaking news, Parramatta half Tim Smith could have his contract torn up, with reports he was caught drinking. Parramatta officials will make no comment until they meet with Smith tomorrow. The allegation comes just five days after Smith swore off alcohol.

Stay with us - Tim Bailey's weekend weather is next. It is bumper-to-bumper on the Ring Road. In a hurry, mate? How are ya? Apia could save you up to 20% on your comprehensive car insurance premium. So, if you're over 50 and not working full-time, Apia. # It's not going to be over 50 but if you are and not working full-time we're your insurance specialist. Call 13 50 50. This program is captioned live. Three of Australia's best quarantine dogs have been unleashed into the world of retirement. The trio cleared Customs one last time before sniffing out their new lives. After 20 combined years of sniffing, it's finally time for these old dogs to do some serious celebrating. Go, go, go, go, go! Three of Australia's best in the business lapping up their retirement cake and some well-deserved attention. Atta boy! Milo, Charlie Brown and Windsor have shared plenty of tall tales over the years, the interception of live bees just one of them. It was just a real buzz, pardon the pun, to find something like that. Every day you're finding things. Today, they hit the beat for the last time. What's here, mate? Good boy. Good sniffing. Their service loyal to the end. It's always a pleasure to come to work and work with your best friend. out there, it's always fun to get out there. And also know on a serious note, that we are protecting Australia. You'd have to say they're certainly high-performing and top top operators. Just like for their handlers, working in the quarantine department's been an around-the-clock operation. Now the hardest lesson for these departing pooches will be learning to keep their noses out of trouble. I have had a story about Windsor, delivered to the front door when we had a package and she ran straight to it and started sniffing it. She thought she was back at work. They'll spend their days taking long walks on the beach with loving families. Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News.

We should hear the way if Debra

goes Kuggar about those puppies.

See if you cannot arrange something

with Santa Clause 4 Christmas. Ron Wilson

Wilson once a puppy for Deborah. Oh I'll

I'll have to do my best. If he has

been good light you, Tim, will see

what we can do. We don't like fibs

on the 5 o'clock News. We are here

at Ho, ho, ho! Homebush. We're at

carols by the cauldron. Part of the

Carroll component is African music

- Edis East African Gospel, aka

Kahler, is these ladies.

All seemed in African language. Or

Up I told you there was special.

There was beautiful. Along with

those guys, don't say we're not

quarterly diverse - we will have

Auburn and the chipmunks here as

well. These are the style dancers.

Totally free and starting at 6pm,

carols by the cauldron. I've never

been ill to work out what they

called you Rudolph the red-nosed

reindeer. We will lose their with the viewers.

Petit cloud forming over Queensland

and the Western interior as storm

clouds develop create an clouds develop create an unstable

and the sphere. Storm clouds across

the East Coast bring showers while high

high cloud drifts over South

Australia and Victoria without rain.

Of course utterly changed tomorrow

in South Australia and WA. Cork

onshore winds will maintain showers

on the north-east. But trough will

trigger thunderstorms across

western Queensland and the Top End.

Trust will generate storms over WA and

and South Australia. Saturday at

6:00pm is for ALL: Carols by the

cauldron! Row and have a pause for

Santa Clause! It is going to be

great. Food and beverage and wine

everywhere, beautiful music, both

African and Australian - you can

tell Eddie's Queen's Christmas tell Eddie's Queen's Christmas from

the smiles from the ladies. It's going to stay: For

Last night I asked you, Centre -

all one is Sandra's phone number. Finally, a treat for fans of the TV series 'Sex and the City', with a sneak peek at the trailer for the big-screen version of the hit show. 'SEX AND THE CITY' THEME PLAYS Beautiful, fabulous. 'SEX AND THE CITY' THEME PLAYS

The movie opens in the US in May 30. No word yet on when we'll see it here. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Stay with us here on Ten for updates throughout the evening with the Late News with Sports Tonight along at 10:30. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia.