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(generated from captions) in the Deal-a-Drome. could be the luckiest person I'll have to go the big one, then. What do you think's in 3? Well, let's pop the locks on 12. Yeah. interested in all day. That's the case we've all been Right. Your lucky number. Was it the big one? Was it the Harewood of the cases? Sharon! No! There was $200,000 in there, Good on you! making it $42,500 all up. Congratulations. Correct guess has changed. And it looks like your luck the $200,000. I really thought it was gonna be Yes. Did you? Let's see the money. Nice outcome, Shirley. Another $500! Wow! sadly relegated Here's a girl who's been in the Deal-a-Drome. to fourth-best-groomed woman Jen Guberek with your cheque. I love it! And the top three all in a row - playing with you. It has been so much fun "Hair today, gone tomorrow." $42,000, Walter. As they say, Well done. Mwah! See you tomorrow. Thanks! Nicely played. You did a great job. (LAUGHS) This program is captioned live. Tonight - and their mother a carer's grief for three children killed in a house fire. during an argument in Sydney's west. A puppy thrown out a window with a million-dollar fine A family threatened over a cubbyhouse. reach Bass Strait, And the Sydney-Hobart favourites but the race takes its toll. with Mark Ferguson. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News Good evening. Matt Golinski Relatives of celebrity chef for his family have asked people to pray killed his wife and three daughters. following the devastating fire which Matt remains in a critical condition gets under way on the Sunshine Coast as a community gathering cope with their loss. to try to help family and friends as a tribute on the Golinskis' lawn The little Santa Claus placed seemed almost cruel being together. at a time families celebrate consciousness Matt Golinski is yet to regain after life-saving surgery today. and can overcome the physical pain, If he wakes he's yet to confirm. he has to overcome the news Matt won't want to be here. He'll want to be with his girls. and husband. He was the most lovely father Sage and Willow 12-year-old disabled twins their 'fairy godmother'. called Anne McIlraith She was their carer. so, so, so, so much. And I loved them and their mother, Rachel, The twins, 10-year-old Starlia are thought to have died of the family's Sunshine Coast home. near the rear Neighbours heard their screams to beat down a door to save them. as Matt hysterically tried will feel absolutely devastated. The whole community would talk to the sisters every day. School friend Braydon Harrison not to be mean to other people. About friendship, as unique Friends describe Matt Golinski for his job. with a rare, contagious passion Little mini fritters. Like little fritters, though. His condition is not great for the family to answer than us but I think that's more and they need also a little time. Late today they did. a brief statement. Matt's uncle offered in your prayers Please keep our Matt and our family during this devastating time. as we support and care for him are being blamed. Christmas lights or candles frankly. I think people are still in shock, tonight to talk about it. The local community is gathering now from Tewantin And Carly Waters joins us is just getting underway. where that community gathering Matt Golinski's family, friends and neighbours are gathering inside the Anglican Church behind me. The Church is about 200 metres down the road from the family home. The service this afternoon is an opportunity to provide support and comfort to those who have been affected by the tragedy. Police will provide a statement about where the investigation is that and there will be prayers for his wife Rachel and three young daughters who didn't survive and prayers as well for Matt Golinski who is still listed as critical. The service will last about 30 minutes. This has rocked this community to its core. A Sydney woman out the window of a unit block accused of throwing a puppy on animal cruelty charges. has been refused bail and internal injuries The dog suffered a broken leg of a domestic dispute. after becoming the innocent victim Battered and bruised. at a Sydney vet hospital. 8-month-old Kyza is on safe ground But he's still shaken. he was in a lot of pain. When he first arrived, because he landed on his head He was disorientated so he had some head trauma. his owner had been drinking Police say and arguing with a cousin the puppy lived in. about the filthy conditions from the window Before the 24-year-old dropped Kyza flat yesterday afternoon. of her Kingswood housing commission After his fall, and rushed to help. neighbours heard Kyza yelping and patted the dog and that. I just sat down it was so much in pain. I was in tears myself, smashed teeth and a sore head. The Staffi cross has a broken leg, he didn't fracture his skull. Vets say he's lucky been charged with animal cruelty. 24-year-old Lily Maihi has The courts been told from a neighbour Maihi bought little Kyza for $30 to keep him here. but didn't have permission if convicted. She now faces years in jail today Maihi was refused bail in court for more serious, internal injuries. while vets checked Kyza They say he'll make it. because he had a will to live, The police were calling him 'Will' for him. which I guess was appropriate with the RPSCA. The little fighter's safe tonight Drivers needing to fill up on their way home tonight are in for a shock, with a big jump in petrol prices. made the leap to $1.47 a litre. Some service stations have already a litre since yesterday. That's a rise of about 13 cents The NRMA is expecting most servos to lift prices tonight or tomorrow morning. Shoppers in the suburbs were given the chance to enjoy the post-Christmas sales today. But before they could chase a bargain, they needed patience to battle the car parks. Before the shopping queue came the traffic jam. They're keen, these bargain hunters. Keen enough to spend their holiday cursing behind the wheel. 45 minutes. Is it worth it? I'm not sure yet. We'll see. Retail laws prevent suburban shopping centres opening on Boxing Day. They made up for it today. Great offers, great specials and everyone whose on holidays is out there shopping hard. In the Glue shop, there was barely room to swing a t-shirt. Got some G-Star and Hendy's. Yeah, bargain. Take his word for it. But retailers like this one needed the boost. Look, it's been challenging. It's about dragging competition back into our business. It hasn't been easy. The savings to be had were eye-popping. To make sure never come to the shops ever again. Clothes might have been popular. Chocolates weren't. People had enough chocolates for Christmas? Yes, definitely. You can tell. Buying things and taking things back, Christmas gifts either too small, too big, wrong colour or you just don't like it. Exchanges or refunds might depend on the generosity of the retailer. But if it's not working... If it's not doing what it's describe to do, then you're entitled to a refund, a replacement or a repair. Police say it's not clear how a man died after his body was found stuffed into a cupboard inside a Waterloo apartment block. Neighbours claim the man kept to himself and say they will live in fear until they find out what happened. Neighbours saw Rod Scarman on his balcony on Christmas Day. At 4am the next morning, one of them found his body. Just coming down to go to the garbage area and he saw the trickle of blood coming underneath the door. Mong Tran made the gruesome discovery. I opened the door Mr Scarman had been stuffed into a utilities cupboard under the stairs of his Waterloo apartment block. There were no loud sounds and no obvious signs of injury. At this stage we've had crime scene out yesterday, we've had pathology out yesterday and at this stage we're awaiting the results of the autopsy. The victim was a disability pensioner aged in his late 50s. Police won't reveal how the man died, what weapons were used or even if any were used. In a street where neighbours talk to each other, the unknown is frightening. He just saw the blood coming out, so what's the nature of the injury? This is what we're all concerned about - whether he's been shot, stabbed, bludgeoned, you don't know. Police say they'll know soon but if you can help, call Crime Stoppers. Wollongong Council has done a backflip on threats to fine a young family a million dollars for building an illegal cubby house in their backyard. The council now concedes don't usually need approval cubby houses so it's suspended legal action. this is the simplest of pleasures. For 9-year-old Yaan and his friends, No iPads or Xboxes, old-fashioned cubbyhouse. just a good to play in without, um, parents We love it because it's a nice place

instead of inside. and we can play outside Parents Andrew and Sonja to help build it. got neighbourhood kids We actually made it ourselves how we wanted it to be. so we got to design the cubby be destroyed, But then Wollongong Council ordered long faces. giving the kids of Longview Crescent We got a letter from council the night before Christmas saying that we have to take the cubby down. It warned of a $1.1 million fine if they failed to comply with further fines of $110,000 a day. This, from a council sacked three years ago for letting some developers do what they like. Bureaucracy's gone mad, it's very sad. I feel very upset. I just want them to go harass someone else. a number of reasons Council has given why this cubby has to come down, it's a bushfire hazard including that none of the reasons stack up. Andrew and Sonja say a statement, saying: The council's now issued they'll find in his favour. Yaan hopes want to have a cubby like this. If they were a kid, they'd probably Go away! were no-go zones for a second day A large number of Sydney beaches with waves more than 2m high. from Manly Beach. Talitha Cummins joins us dangerous conditions ease? Talitha, when will these will reopen tomorrow. Mark, hopefully most of ex-tropical Cyclone Fina We're still feeling the impact overnight. but it's moving further away kept most swimmers out of the water, While the 'beach closed' signs were plucked to safety a man and two children in big seas after their kayaks capsized off Moruya this afternoon. were declared off limits, Most beaches in Sydney's north and Bronte in the east along with Tamarama down south. and Wanda, Eloura and North Cronulla conditions should ease overnight But the weather bureau tells me and by tomorrow afternoon for beaches to reopen. should be safe enough for a swim by the weekend. It might actually be warm enough in the weather. I'll have the full details Thanks, Talitha. for the Sydney-Hobart fleet Rough seas too because of damage or injury. with four yachts pulling out from Constitution Dock in Hobart. Sophie Hull joins us Sophie, what's gone wrong? Mark, the weather's not all that bad for yachts and crew. but the pressure is on One man has a dislocated shoulder have gear or sail damage and three boats 'Wild Thing' including line honours contender 'Investec Loyal' way out in front. which leaves 'Wild Oats' and under mostly sunny skies Powering along blue water racing at its finest. into a moderate south-westerly - for line honours, It's a 2-boat race in the lead. 5-time winner 'Wild Oats XI' Co-navigator Ian Burns is happy with progress. It's pretty good. 'Investec Loyal' Coming second is rival supermaxi was optimistic. whose tactician Michael Coxon The gap's now about 30km. But that was early. third place with sail damage, 'Wild Thing' was knocked out of to have retired. one of at least four yachts 'Celestial' was the first casualty by a southerly buster. with gear busted just hear this massive crack And as we bore away, we could just giving way. which was the gooseneck are also under the weather. The young crew of 'Ella Bache' A few of us quite seasick. It's been very wet. So, it's not been easy. they're still in the race, But at least unlike 'Duende' which retired with an injured crewman and 'Yeah Baby', suffering gear failure. There are now 84 boats left in the race. Still to come - the Robin Hood thieves who stole credit cards for charity. Also, the Sydney suburbs to get new after hours GP clinics. And a rescued polar bear cub gets to know his brave new world. That's next. Honda has engineered some astounding annual clearance deals. $39,990 driveaway. Yours, from a very attractive a stylish family sedan And if you're looking for that drives like a sports car, starts at just $29,990, driveaway. the feature-packed Accord Euro So don't lounge around, take a test drive today. following a camping accident. at this South Coast caravan park The 12-year-old was staying when the incident happened. a mood flame with ethanol A family member tried to refill blew it onto the girl. when a gust of wind to 35% of her body She suffered burns to provide after hour services. to allow GPs Medicare Local is aimed hospital emergency rooms at taking pressure off but doctors say a lot more money is needed for it to have a real impact. It's long overdue boost for Australia's struggling public hospitals - more GPs staying open for longer. And if people can get a couple of stitches or get a little bit of advice on the temperatures they're running from a GP, it's much better to do that than turn up to an emergency department. have been given $100,000 An extra 63 GPs to help them cover additional costs. the first after hours services In Sydney, Ingleburn and Liverpool. that I think we can really help out. There is a grey zone has accused the new minister The Opposition of fiddling the figures. out of afterhours care Last year, Labor pulled $60 million $6.3 million of new money going in. and now they're announcing has welcomed While the Medical Association in frontline GP services, an investment more could be done it says of the changes around the country. because there are 7,000 GPs It's a lot cheaper to invest in the primary healthcare sector, in GPs, and looking after patients out of hospital than it would to do the same thing in emergency departments. The clinics will operate from next month. An international security firm has been targeted by computer hackers who describe themselves as modern-day Robin Hoods. A group called Anonymous stole details of thousands of credit cards to do good deeds, but the plan has come unstuck. on Allen Barr's credit card Hackers racked up $700 including $200 to the Red Cross. making donations to charities, they're taking it from individuals. In this instance, They could've ruined our lives. They could've ruined our Christmas. now is the time to open your eyes. Dear brothers and sisters, is an online activist group Anonymous to a string of high-profile hacks, which has been linked for Visa, MasterCard and PayPal. allegedly hitting websites This time, the group claims of credit card numbers to have accessed thousands from intelligence agency Stratfor, and the US Air Force. whose clients include Apple Anonymous has allegedly stolen a million dollars and donated it to charity - like a modern-day Robin Hood. But charities can't keep the money because it's stolen. They're actually just costing us all time and money. It's costing everybody involved. Anonymous claims Stratfor hadn't encrypted the personal details of its customers. If that's true, it'll be a huge embarrassment for the security-related firm. In a statement, Anonymous says it has: An update now we told you about last week. on the rescued baby polar bear for the first time. Siku has now opened his eyes at a Denmark wildlife park He's being raised by carers enough milk to feed him. because his mum failed to produce Now one month old, worldwide fame. the cub is fast achieving Sport now with Simon Reeve. And we can't complain too much like he did today. when Sachin Tendulkar bats for Australia's chances Mark, not great but beautiful to watch. Another classic day of cricket coming up. It was all happening at the MCG - cameramen down, mid-pitch clashes and the Little Master at his best. And the long and lonely journey home for a Sydney-Hobart favourite. Meet the new breed of energy drinks. VOICEOVER: Engineered with sport scientists, Powerade introduces a carbonated energy drink with electrolytes and a caffeine hit for energy, right from the kick-off. but Peter Siddle landed a crucial late blow for Australia on day two of the Boxing Day test. for 73 just before stumps Tendulkar was out leaving India 119 runs behind on another controversial day at the MCG. They were millimetres from more trouble this morning when Brad Haddin was caught for 27. Players can't review but umpires can for no-balls. COMMENTATOR: No, it's not. That's fine. No need for Snicko, Hot Spot or anything else when splinters fly off the edge. Little nick there, look at that. Peter Siddle made 41 and Ben Hilfenhaus threw the bat to get Australia to 333. There was drama early in the Indian innings. Oh, it may have been a chance! A real tough one. Shortly after Mike Hussey dropped Virender Sehwag, James Pattinson clipped the Indian opener mid-pitch then threatened to take it further. I think Pattinson's got a height advantage. Hilfenhaus removed Gautam Gambhir then they were interrupted by an out-of-control Joe the cameraman. Oh, no. No, Joe! Sehwag was causing his own damage - dropped by a fearless Warner then again on 58 by Haddin. Gotta catch this... ..and no. So Pattinson did it himself. And bowls him! Sehwag made way for the 'Little Master' in his 304th test innings. Tendulkar on strike. Slashes over the top as he does. That was first ball after tea for 6 as Sachin Tendulkar took apart the young Aussie attack with all the shots that have scored more than 15,000 test runs. It's a lovely straight drive. While Rahul Dravid nicked and nudged his way to 50, Tendulkar was halfway to his 100th hundred in no time. Has he got 50 more in him? Dravid cramped and was bowled by Siddle on 65 but there was another dramatic twist. It's a no-ball! Dravid survived but Siddle went one better - Tendulkar for 73 to end a thrilling day. Shane Warne's spent the day dining at Bondi Icebergs with fiancee Liz Hurley ahead of tonight's Big Bash clash at the SCG. The Sydney Sixers want him on toast and here's reporter Patrick Molihan with a special guest. Mitchell Starc, it is not Test cricket tonight but it is a good time to say to the selectors "hey, here I am". A good chance to get some game on tonight. It has all been a bit Shane Warne so far. Will you be nervous in front of Liz Hurley? I actually was on the flight home to Sydney last night. It will be a few of the young guys tonight. We've been talking about all the old guys, there are plenty of young ones who would like to be the future. You would like to say to those old blokes "hang on, we are here as well". In it will be a great show tonight on both sides. All the best. Hope we will be back in the Test team before we know it and hopefully back in Sydney next week. Supermaxi 'Wild Thing' is the first big name casualty 'Wild Oats XI' is more than 30km ahead of 'LOYAL' as the 84 yacht fleet makes their way across Bass Strait. Sail damage forced Grant Wharington's 'Wild Thing' back to Sydney, as the leaders get set to take on Tasmania's east coast. We're looking forward to breeze lightning a little bit to maybe get a little bit of rest. We're not looking forward to some of the challenges of sailing in light winds. Sydney's 'Celestial' was the first of five boats to retire. Talitha joins us from Manly again with all the weather details. When can we get back on the beach, Talitha? Mark, it's still very rough and windy but that's about to change. I'll have the details after the break. Most of Sydney's beaches, including Manly here, were no-go zones for a second day running. But things should start to ease overnight and hopefully they'll re-open tomorrow. That very strong gusty change swept through last night dropping the temperature by around 5 degrees and the south-easterlies kept it much cooler today. It was a cooler day across the board. Bankstown and Camden reached 24. It was 25 in Campbelltown. Bondi reached just 21. The cluster of cloud's almost off the Sydney coast now bringing showers and storms to the north of the state. Still plenty of cloud, thanks to ex-tropical Cyclone Grant that's bringing flooding rain to the Top End. This Tasman high will take over our weather bringing onshore winds keeping things cooler. And we'll see a wind change and warmer days closer to the weekend. Fining up around the country tomorrow. Brisbane fine, 29. Partly cloudy in Melbourne. Fine and hot in Adelaide. A scorcher in Perth - 37. As you heard - coastal conditions will ease tomorrow. On the waters: Tomorrow's looking a bit like today - a partly cloudy day with the chance of showers. 2 degrees warmer on 23. Showers possible throughout Sydney tomorrow, Parramatta and Campelltown heading for 24. Liverpool should reach 25. Our weather's much the same for the rest of the week. Possible showers Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. New Years Eve's looking good at this stage with a couple of morning showers before a fine and sunny afternoon and night then warming up from Sunday. The advice is to stay out of the beaches for now. Things will ease overnight and they should reopen tomorrow. Mark. That's Seven News for this Tuesday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Why petrol prices really go up and down. The secret the oil companies don't want you to know and how high prices are about to go. The kids' cubbyhouse eviction. The million-dollar cubby and why councils across the country are cracking down. The odometer scammers, the fake blind man. This year's greatest con artists caught. The truth and lies behind your diet. What works and what won't. Good evening. I'm Kylie Gillies. And we start with the council that's out to top the lot when it comes to playing the bully with residents. The Wollongong Council has threatened a family with a $1.1 million dollar fine, increasing by $110,000 a day, It sounds so over the top, we sent James Thomas to find out more. And he discovered a lot more than any of us bargained for. It's ridiculous. You tell me. Is this all wrong or is this alright? You tell me, arsehole. You tell me. You tell me, (BLEEP). You don't have to talk like that. It's outrageous. My name is Sonya Kelly. What on earth could possibly be causing such a stink? Best to rewind to the start. So this is what it's all about. This is the cubbyhouse causing all the fuss. This is the construction that is a so-called illegal development.