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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. I'm Tracey Spicer. Hello and welcome to Ten's 5:00 News. Tonight - a community divided. was against Christ as well, Every political voice and crucify him. and they wanted to kill him a permanent preaching ban The Sheik facing

the end of Ramadan. as Muslims celebrate

chaplains in Australian schools. The Prime Minister's plan to provide It is not designed to discriminate religious faith. in favour of a particular Elvis comeback - arrives for the bushfire season. the giant water-bomber ahead of her Australian tour. Showgirl Kylie shows off her new-look gets ready to rock at the ARIAs. And the music industry over the future of Sheik al-Hilali. But first - a cloud continues to hang was lying low today, The Muslim cleric at a religious festival in Sydney. cancelling an appearance in the Islamic community And deep divisions have emerged comparing women to meat. over his controversial comments the end of Ramadan While thousands of Muslims celebrate at a fair in Sydney's south-west, kept a much lower profile. the man at the centre of the storm

I spoke to him today - the reaction to this, he really can't believe he can't wait for us to move on. like all of us, he will have to wait for. But that's something the Lebanese Muslim Association says The president of is in damage control, the Islamic community and many want him to go. the situation is divided. Quite frankly, The matter is undecided.

there are deep divisions - I don't think are fair-minded enough I think that most people to give him a fair go. grew louder today. But calls for him to stand down with this bloke's views - We couldn't disagree more we couldn't disagree more. And it's very important action on this, that the Islamic community takes and he should go. of all persuasions, With pressure from politicians to Jesus Christ. supporters today compared him was against Christ as well Every political voice and crucify him and they wanted to kill him he was trying to improve society. but he stood his ground because a meeting of at least 12 elders It all comes down to from the Lebanese Muslim Association. ban here at the Lakemba mosque. The Sheik faces a permanent preaching office space he has here as well. He may also lose some he'll be stripped of any titles. But they won't be deciding on whether ruled out for tonight anyway. A meeting of the association has been has been banned from giving sermons In the meantime, the mufti for at least three months. Evan Batten, Ten News. a controversial plan The Prime Minister has unveiled to counsel students. for chaplains in Australian schools private and public schools Mr Howard says government-approved spiritual adviser will be given up to $20,000 for a from the mainstream religious faiths.

will be expected to provide The chaplains and support, comfort, pastoral care and spiritual guidance breakdown situations, advice in family obviously, support for students by the loss of friends. grief-stricken Scientologists and Falun Gong from the voluntary program. are expected to be excluded

has expressed caution, The teachers' union welcomed the plan. but school groups have largely

in our schools today There are a lot of issues that we are in at present, in the society people in there working as we need, and I think we should have as many says they want it. especially if the school The Prime Minister denies the program between church and state. blurs the lines over interest rates, Labor is taking off the gloves just days before an expected rise. The Prime Minister is unfazed though, the Opposition's own record. pointing to is still some time off, While the federal election campaign for thinking otherwise. you'd be forgiven in election mode, The Opposition Leader clearly

where it hurts - on interest rates. with plans to hit the Government interest rates the week after next. We're gonna start campaigning on

out there. We're gonna have billboards to the Australian people We're gonna be pointing out his promises. how John Howard has breached before an expected announcement That campaign due just days to lift rates again, from the Reserve Bank board by Labor's tactics. The Prime Minister unfazed let me say let this - Good, good. I'm going to put up - I have got a billboard for you - Howard and Costello 7.75%. Beazley and Keating 17%, Working against the PM this time, and other analysts, according to CommSec is that the pain felt by borrowers as it was under Labor 20 years ago. is as great now for the Government - And another concern in the minimum wage. last week's big rise happens with interest rates - I think in terms of whatever the Reserve Bank - and that's a matter for subsequently one thing we wouldn't be happy about of inflation in Australia. is if there was some outbreak is still extremely low. Inflation by historic standards So are interest rates. to Paul Keating A former economic advisor is certain, agreeing a rate rise next month but after that, rates may hold. see another one in February. I'm not sure whether we're gonna I think not. Murray McCloskey, Ten News. Julian Moti Disgraced Australian lawyer to ruin him for political reasons. has accused the Government of trying Moti was to have been of the Solomon Islands, the attorney-general

to face child sex abuse charges. but Australia want him extradited I was told ultimately that it had to do with the fact by the Australian Government that I was considered

for their liking. to be too independent

a huge diplomatic stoush, The issue has caused with neighbouring Pacific nations has handled the matter. attacking the way Australia for his quick thinking, A Melbourne boy has been praised when a fire broke out at his house. calling for help The 11-year-old was home alone when the blaze took hold in the garage just after midnight, his quick action possibly saving lives and the house. Oh, when people stopped and said, "The car's on fire" and that, we were praying for the fire brigade to come. Fire crews were able to contain the blaze, which started in a barbecue, destroying a car and furniture. Kylie Minogue has unveiled a glamorous new look ahead of her return to Australia. The pop princess has turned cover girl for December's 'Vogue', acting as guest editor for the fashion magazine. A 10-page shoot features the singer striking a confident pose in designs by Chanel and Dolce & Gabbana.

A selection of candid backstage and family snaps also feature. Kylie will be back in Australia soon for her fragrance launch, and her Showgirl tour. That kicks off in Sydney on November 11. The who's who of Australian music has turned out for tonight's ARIAs in Sydney. Ten's entertainment reporter Angela Bishop is there. Ange, how's the night shaping up?

It is shaping up It is shaping up as something that

started early in the day especially

for the rock and roll crowd. There

are some bright sunshine as they are some bright sunshine as they will

got the red carpet. We have a delayed

telecast for safety's sake. Where

that had inside and kick off the

festivities. Huge number of festivities. Huge number of fancied

to greet this Daz. The red carpet is

always fun to always fun to check out what people

are wearing and we are looking

forward to the performances

particularly silver chair. It's all

bound me - it's all about will

smother. It's probably more

exciting than we thought - it is too

much. The show when will - much. The show when will - there

were a couple of touchdowns. were a couple of touchdowns. It's

good to come back and have a net

relaxing night. Bernard Fanning relaxing night. Bernard Fanning is

up there along with will smother and

Eskimo drove. We're all Eskimo drove. We're all looking

forward to that special are rare

moment - that might be Silver Chair

performing a midnight oil song performing a midnight oil song as

they are inducted into the they are inducted into the Hall of fame. Thank you. Angela Bishop at the ARIAs. The deadly riots causing chaos on the streets of the Bangladeshi capital -

that's next. And the Elvis comeback - our favourite water-bombing helicopter arrives for the bushfire season and this time, he's bringing a mate.

This program is captioned live. around Brisbane and the Gold Coast. Firefighters are battling bushfires A number of large blazes are being fanned by strong, hot winds - this one in the Gold Coast hinterland. Weather conditions have eased today, but some of the fires are still burning and some new fronts have erupted. So far, no property has been destroyed, but residents in many suburbs have been affected by smoke. And the firebombing helicopter 'Elvis' has rocked into Sydney just in time for bushfire season. But this time, the high-capacity chopper

is accompanied by the sky-crane 'Shania'. The aircraft will both be used to battle blazes across the nation

during what's expected to be a long, hot summer.

The pair are part of a larger fleet of 27 firefighting aircraft that can be moved around the country as needed. Australia's most prominent tobacco case may return to the courts, following fresh allegations of dirty tricks. Two lawyers for British American Tobacco have come under fire, accused of potentially committing pejury in the Rolah McCabe case. Anti-smoking campaigners are calling for a full investigation. That would be called as soon as possible to test the tobacco companies and their lawyers about what they knew and when. The Victorian Premier not ruling out a return to the courts. That would have to be determined on the basis of evidence, of course. If the evidence is there, we'd have every capacity to go back. Rolah McCabe was the first Australian to win a compensation case, which was later overturned. Riots sparked by political turmoil in Bangladesh have left at least 11 people dead and hundreds injured. Running battles broke out between rival political activists in the capital, Dhaka. Riot police fired tear gas and warning shots into the air to try to break up the crowd. One official was hacked to death. The trouble started after about 10,000 protesters tried to hold a banned rally. The owner and some staff at the Greek hotel

where two British children died

will be charged with manslaughter. Authorities have confirmed the brother and sister were overcome by carbon monoxide fumes as they slept.

She came to see where her children had passed away. Sharon Woods was so distraught, she needed constant support from her second husband throughout the half-hour visit to the bungalow. Before she left, a pause to look at the unit housing the boiler. The appliance is now at the centre of the investigation as the probable source of the poisoning. It's now been confirmed, Mrs Woods's children, 6-year-old Robert and 7-year-old Christianne, died from carbon monoxide poisoning as they slept. They had been enjoying a half-term break with the father, Neil, and his partner, Ruth. They are both recovering in hospital.

Prosecutors believe the boiler - housed behind this door - was leaking - that caused it to overwork

and it's believed the excess fumes were then drawn into the bungalow

through the airconditioning unit. Guests at the Hotel are clear that those responsible should be held to account. If it's carbon monoxide that's killed them, then someone's gotta pay, haven't they? But it's not gonna bring the children back, unfortunately. Guests we spoke to at the hotel have chosen to stay on after being relocated from the bungalows to the main building. They'll all be leaving in the next two days anyway, because the hotel's due to close for winter. Former world heavyweight boxing champion Trevor Berbick has been murdered in Jamaica. Police say the 51-year-old was attacked with a machete. In 1981, Berbick became the last boxer to beat Muhammad Ali. He returned to Jamaica three years ago after being deported from the United States, where he had several run-ins with the law and served a prison sentence. Tribute to a legend - next, the life-size statue honouring one of our greatest racehorses. Also, hundreds line up for a look inside the PM's house. Just to have a bit of a stickybeak, a little look around to see how Johnny lives.

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VOICEOVER: Want to fill your home up? Buy $5 worth of any Instant Scratchies and you'll get a free chance to win one of 20 prizes of $15,000 each to spend however you like at Harvey Norman in the Spending Spree promotion. So where do you want it? Here... Um, oh... Do you reckon you could...? SONG: # Scratch me happy! # (Both grunt) Let's get it. every part of you can say... OK. Let's get it. and make it yours from only $36.95 a month. This program is captioned live. Queensland police are investigating what part an off-duty officer played in a fatal crash south of Brisbane. Rescuers found two men on the footpath, thrown from a sedan that careered into a power pole shortly after midnight. A 29-year-old man was dead

and the 31-year-old off-duty officer was injured. Police have yet to establish who was driving. Speed and every other issue associated with these sort of things will be investigated.

The Queensland Police Ethical Standards Command is investigating. Melbourne's best-known bookmaker says he feared for his life while being held up at gunpoint. Michael Eskander was ambushed, bound and threatened with a handgun at his home on Friday. The bookie says he's hardly slept since the 20-minute ordeal. At one stage, I suppose, I thought, "I couldn't care less. "If you're gonna do it, bloody hell, just go ahead and finish it off."

Mr Eskander says the incident highlights the need for better protection for bookmakers by the racing industry. A flotilla of protesters took to Melbourne's Yarra River today, A tribute to one of our greatest racehorses. The life-size statue of Makybe Diva is about to be unveiled in SA.

Tightly wrapped in plastic,

the bronze statue is bolted to its base. The model Makybe Diva standing tall on Port Lincoln's foreshore -

home of owner Tony Santic and sculptor Ken Martin - two men who know her better than anyone. Her ears pricked, her left ear just slightly turned.

As though she's about to move but fully alert, with that electricity running through her body. The Diva raced her way into Australian history with three consecutive Melbourne Cups and a Cox Plate. COMMENTATOR: A champion becomes a legend. It took 1,600 hours over four months to study and recreate the legend -

dozens of photos, countless sketches and a clay model. It was covered in silicone, reproduced in wax and turned into a ceramic mould, filled with 300 kilograms of bronze.

Every muscle is in place and every vein. And there's that artistic licence in it as well that's made it more than just a statue. For me it's definitely, definitely the most exciting project I've worked on so far. Security guards will ensure no-one gets too close to the sculpture before Tony Santic unveils the tribute tomorrow. Kimberley Harper, Ten News. Controversial country music stars The Dixie Chicks are speaking out in a new film.

'Shut Up and Sing' documents the backlash over comments they made about the US President and the invasion of Iraq. It began as a documentary on America's most successful female band. SINGS: # Oh say can you see... # In 2003, the Dixie Chicks were the darlings of country music with 8 Grammys and more than 20 million album sales.

But the film's focus took a dramatic turn in the weeks before the US-led war in Iraq

when Texan-born lead singer Natalie Maines said this. Filmmakers documented the band's sudden demise as conservative country music fans abandoned them in droves. Move to France, Dixie chicks. MAN: Strap her to a bomb and just drop her over Baghdad. The women were labelled traitors, there were radio bans, public protests and death threats. It says Natalie Maines will be shot dead Sunday, July 6 in Dallas, Texas. The hardest part for me was when the Red Cross wouldn't take a million dollars from us. They shouldn't have their feelings hurt just because some people don't want to buy their records. Three and a half years on, all is still not forgiven. Two US networks are refusing to run ads for the documentary because they say it disparages the President. While the Dixie Chicks have won a new fan base with their unapologetic single, 'Not Ready to Make Nice', it's unlikely they'll ever win back the legions of fans they lost. Still, they have no regrets. I, um, am proud to be forever associated with free speech and standing up for myself and my right for that. In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. The weather's next and then it's Sports Tonight with Ryan Phelan and Fields of Omagh makes racing history. Connections have plenty of reasons to celebrate, Tracey, after one of the great fairytales of the Turf in winning a second Cox Plate. We'll take you to the party. The latest in Australia's preparation

for their must-win Champions Trophy clash. And a thrilling finish to the International Rules opener.

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This program is captioned live. Looking at the weather around the nation now.

Thousands have lined up for a look inside the Prime Minister's and Governor-General's Sydney homes, the public getting a glimpse of how our leaders live, while savouring one of the best views in the country. It was a picture perfect day in the harbour city as thousands lined up for an inside look at two of Australia's best-known homes. Just to have a bit of a stickybeak, to have a little look around and see how Johnny lives. I hope she's dusted as well before - I'm gonna check the furniture. Just a great opportunity to see one of the famous houses in Australia.

For security reasons, Kirribilli House was off limits to the cameras, but the Governor-General's home was open to all. The official Sydney residence of Major-General Michael Jeffrey has 10 bedrooms, a sitting and reception room and some pretty sensational harbour views. The stained glass windows incorporating the coat of arms for the British admirals posted to Australia.

And then there's the grand dining room, which has played host to some very famous guests. We get to represent the nation by hosting dinners, everything from presidents to kings and queens. It's a great opportunity for us to show that we are world class. At the height of the Depression, Admiralty House was closed and its contents sold at public auction. Now it's been restored to its former glory - one of the latest acquisitions - this handcrafted piano. with a bite to eat, Some visitors finishing off the day soaking in that spectacular view. Natarsha Belling, Ten News. On Ten's Early News tomorrow, ideas into award-winning businesses. ordinary Australians turning simple success stories and their secrets. We showcase three very different from the day I thought of the idea After three weeks I quit my job at that time.

had a great business idea If you've ever but failed to do something about it,

you need. this could provide the inspiration at 6am tomorrow. That's on Ten's Morning News,

with the latest news. That brings you up to date through the evening. We'll have updates with Ryan Phelan. Stay around for 'Sports Tonight' I'm Tracey Spicer. Goodnight. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext Captions

This program is captioned live. Welcome to Sports Tonight. Hello everyone. I'm Ryan Phelan. It is a stellar Sunday edition. Great stories... ..great hits... ..great goals... ..great show today. We'll check in on the Aussie camp must-win match against India ahead of tonight's in the Champions Trophy. Davis back to O'Keefe! COMMENTATOR: Chance for a goal - in the International Rules. How the Aussies fared

Fields of Omagh is lifting... to the Fields of Omagh party Get invited and marvel at the form of Tim Cahill.