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Tonight - murder by starvation. The

parents convicted of killing their 7-year-old girl.

7-year-old girl. Commuter horror -

a deadly train collision in

Washington DC. It felt like an

explosion. And a new town square

for the CBD as part of Sydney's

Metro rail project. Good evening.

I'm Deborah Knight. And I'm Bill

Woods. Also, cash strapped councils

push up fees. And Sydneysiders line

up for Lotto millions, against the

odds. There's a 99.99997796 chance of losing.

But first, a mother has been found guilty of Unthinkable crime - murdering her vulnerable

Daughter by starvation.

Six people are dead and more than

70 injured in a Washington train

crash that's left one train on top

of the other. The death toll could

grow with fears there are bodies

still inside one of the flattened

carriages. The force of the

collision was so great one train

left the tracks, crashing down on

top of the other and crushing it.

Inside the wreck, dozens of trapped

passengers who were just trying to

make it home from work. The trains

were on the same tracks and heading

in the same direction but one in the same direction but one was

at a standstill when the crash

happened. We stopped, and it felt

like an explosion. But we were hit

at what seemed like full speed by

the train behind us. The train is

sitting on top of the cart that I

was on. I was kind of in the front

of it so it pushed us forward. It

felt like an earthquake. It was

peak-hour so the train was packed

with passengers. Dozens were able

to walk away but many were taken to

hospital with more serious injuries.

after hearing the Nearby residents rushed to help

after hearing the sound of the

trains colliding. She had metal

pieces in her face, then when we're

standing, they were trying to get

her calm and keep her breathing and

everything. We saw people in the

bottom train in the last car like

banging on the windows trying to

get out. As the painful task of

began, transport authorities removing bodies from the train

began, transport authorities were

still searching for the accident's

cause. They are unsure if the

trains had recording devices on

board that could shed light on what

went wrong. I don't know the reason

for the accident. I can just assure

our customers we will investigate

it. We'll find out what happened.

The FBI has also been called in to

help investigate the cause of the

crash. In the United States, Nicole crash. In the United States, Nicole

Strahan, Ten News. There is still

an active seem that he ended four

main like that for some time. The

FBI I have taken over to see what

caused this creche. They want to

know how fast the second train was

travelling to when it collided with

the first train. These trains were

travelling up on peak hour and a so

they were travelling on all toe end

that may be a

that may be a clue is too wide they

were up travelling so fast. In 1982

a train derailed end three people

were killed theme. What happened

yesterday was far worse.

yesterday was far worse. The Prime

Minister has moved to bury Malcolm

Turnbull over his role in the fake

email scandal, urging Liberals MPs

to cut down their leader. Mr

Turnbull is facing new questions

over his knowledge of the forged over his knowledge of the forged

document. Kevin Rudd went to a

construction site today but his

real purpose was to bury Malcolm

Turnbull. Most of the country would

conclude today that Mr Turnbull has

some very serious questions to

appearances, Mr Turnbull answer. In morning media

appearances, Mr Turnbull revealed

he had been dealing with Godwin

Grech before last week's explosive

senate inquiry evidence. I have

certainly spoken to Mr Grech. I

don't want to comment on dealings

between Mr Grech and the Opposition.

I have not said whether I've seen

the email or not. Everyone has been

misled, even me. An Opposition

source says only Mr Turnbull and

Senator Abetz dealt with Mr Grech. The Opposition leader revealed

today he knew what evidence the

public servant would give last

were the full Friday, before he gave it. What

were the full dealings in regard to

this forged and fake email? They've

accused us day in, day out - no

evidence. The Government is

convinced Mr Grech is closer to the

Liberal Party than it admits and

this would account for the implicit

faith Mr Turnbull placed in his

information, that miscalculation

has undermined the credibility of

the Opposition's attack on

Grech's home was Treasurer Swan. Overnight, Mr

Grech's home was attacked by egg-

throwing vandals. Mr Turnbull says

he can't be held responsible for a

fake email coming out of Mr Swan's

department. He's so desperate, he

says I'm responsible for the fake

email he has pedalled around the

country. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News.

A grand new public square is to be

the CBD built next to Town Hall as part of

the CBD Metro rail project. But

even before it's begun, it's

already hit a hurdle with a major

retailer resisting the plan. The surveyors have already moved in.

Eyeing off this prize piece of CBD

real estate opposite Town Hall. And

if the Premier has his way, those

bells will ring out on a new park.

Replacing the iconic Woolworths bells will ring out on a new park.

building with this. A station for

the Sydney Metro, adjoining open public space. Ultimately transform Sydney's heart but also overhaul

our public transport system for

Sydney. Town Hall Square will be

Central to the first stop on the 7km line from

the first stop on the 7km line from

Central to Rozelle. The total price

tag - more than $5 billion. Central to Rozelle. The total price tag - more than $5 billion. But

there's no breakdown of the cost

for these demolition plans, land

purchases and building. And what's purchases and building. And what's

happening to the anchor tenant?

We're working very closely with all

the tenants in these buildings to

see how we can keep their

businesses operating within the CBD

area. That's news to Woolworths. A

spokesman told Ten News the

company's had no contact with the

Government or Sydney Metro. company's had no contact with the Government or Sydney Metro. Saying

"it intends to fulfil its option to

lease (the Town Hall) site, until

the end of 2015." And to do so,

it's starting a $10 million the end of 2015." And to do so, it's starting

refurbishment in just weeks. I

think the Premier is simply looking

around for anything to make himself

popular and to make the Metro

popular. Nathan Rees may not have

been popular when he was speaking

this morning in the last caucus

meeting before the Winter break. He

told his MPs that those who are

choosing to destabilise him, should

start being team-player. Possibly a

similar message to the one he had

for this anti-coal protester. A

mother has been found guilty of an

unthinkable crime - murdering her

vulnerable 7-year-old daughter by

starvation. The girl's father, who

turned a blind eye as she wasted

away, has been found guilty of

manslaughter. The shocking case

sparked a review of the child

protection system. Ten News

reporter Gabrielle Boyle has been

covering their trial in Maitland. Gabi, it took the jury Gabi, it took the jury some time to

reach its decision? That is right.

It took the jury 27 hours to. Reach

the verdict. The mother is guilty

of meadow and the father is guilty

of manslaughter. The judge thanked the

the jury for their hard work end

dedications saying some of the

evidence they had listened to was

very disturbing. She was an

innocent 7-year-old girl who fell

victim to who neglectful parents.

The jury found them other guilty of

murder for stabbing her to death. The

The horrific story made headlines

in November 2007 when the body of a

7-year-old girl weighing just nine

kilograms was found in a Hawk's

nest family home. The parents were

heavy drug users. There is no doubt

the child's death was slow. She was

game M Bowen went authorities found

her and her clothing was covered in

urine and faeces. Her condition was

compared to a concerned Duration

camp or a third-world country. The

father made the distressing trouble

I recall.

She found who DAT end she was in

her for three hours trying to

resuscitate him. I does not kill my

daughter. The family lived in this

home up until two months before the

child died and this was here they to condition began to deteriorate. Whether

Whether this case could have been - -.

Expect a parking fine frenzy and

sky-rocketing fees as dozens of

councils struggle to avoid

financial collapse. And it's not

just council rangers being ordered

to bring in more cash. It's a pain

shared by drivers once every 25

seconds in New South Wales seconds in New South Wales as

council's dish out a record $134

million in parking fines. And it's

only going to get worse. Rangers

complaining they're under pressure

to hand out even more tickets as

council's struggle to stay solvent.

There are councils in New South

Wales that are on financial watch,

that are absolutely on the brink of

collapse. Of the State's top 100 councils, 37 collapse. Of the State's top 100 councils, 37 have been classified

"unsustainable". Now, draft budgets

reveal, basic fees are "unsustainable". Now, draft budgets reveal, basic fees are going up

across the board, by as much as 50%. They include:

This is a very serious situation.

Council's blame the price hike on lost investments and rate-pegging.

lost investments and rate-pegging.

But not everyone's sold on the fine

frenzy' solution. It woks out at

more than $100 per resident in

fines every year and I think that

is going way too far. Sutherland

Councillor Kent Johns says any

increase in fine revenue should be

donated to charity. I think it's a

great idea. Look at all the

charities that need the money,

especially in these times. And it's

not just Councils dishing out the tickets.

tickets. The State Government has

budgeted $329 million in fines.

That's up $34 million on last year.

State Transit and Health Inspectors

have also complained of added

pressure as they help to plug a

State deficit of $1.3 billion.

Brett Mason, Ten News. Sports Headlines now with Headlines now with Brad McEwan. Yes

they've claimed tomorrow's game at

ANZ stadium is the biggest match in

New South Wales Origin history. The

Maroons lobbed in Sydney today and

didn't waste any time piling the

pressure back on the Blues. Plus, a

couple of grand entrances on day

one of Wimbledon as both Maria

Sharapova and Roger Federer looked

super sharp and not just in the fashion stakes.

fashion stakes. At teary

announcement from Michael Cole

Lachlan when the PM pay tribute to his mum.

Still to come - a payout of nearly

$500,000 for sexual harassment,

Also tonight - rugby league players

do their bit to tackle domestic

violence. We play our footy hard

but domestic violence is not on.

And a boatie leaps for his life as

his vessel explodes.

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This program is captioned live.

A second Australian has died of

swine flu. The victim a Victorian

man who was diagnosed late last

week. The 35-year-old, who had week. The 35-year-old, who had other medical conditions, was

transferred to intensive care from

Colac in Western Victoria on Friday.

He died on Saturday evening.

Authorities say most people still have little to

have little to fear. For the vast

majority, this infection remains

mild, and most people will make a

rapid and full recovery, with no medical intervention. A West

Australian man died last Friday.

A woman sexually harassed at work

has won a major pay-out. The

Federal Court has awarded Adelaide woman Malgorzata Poniatowska

$466,000. The $466,000. The judge accepted she

was asked for sexual favours by two

sales consultants, and subjected to

lewd texts and e-mails. It shows

that the sex discrimination

legislation has serious teeth.

She's been through a very difficult

time and is pleased with the

outcome Her employer, building

company Hickinbotham Homes, will

also have to pay legal costs.

A man has been badly burned and

boats destroyed after an explosion

triggered an inferno at a Port

Stephens marina, north of Newcastle.

The damage bill is huge.

Barely a sound is heard at Soldiers

Point Marina after dark during

winter, that changed overnight when

locals awoke to a large blast. Two

boats were written off and another left needing extensive repairs,

after an 11m cruiser caught alight,

setting off a chain of events. On

either side of that looked to be

expensive boats, we tried to get

them out the end so that we'd have

a better chance of saving the other boats.

boats. Our main concern was that it

didn't snowball and catch all the

boats alight. A 40-year-old

caretaker suffered facial burns -

he had to jump from the houseboat

when his clothes caught alight. He

called for help, he was actually in

the water when we turned up and two

of my crew actually pulled him out

of the water, he apparently was on

the boat when it exploded, I

believe. A sudden wind change and

the distance the boats were from

the wharf made the job of the seven

fire crews doubly difficult. They

were forced to use portable pumps

in a 4-hour battle, during which

the burning house boat broke its

moorings and crashed into a 20m

yacht. The damage bill could exceed

$500,000. Forensic teams were back

at the scene today with Water

Police, as authorities try to work out what sparked the out what sparked the emergency.

Female political leaders have

applauded a magistrate's decision

to jail footballer Greg Bird for

attacking his girlfriend. It

coincides with a new campaign by

the Australian Rugby League to

tackle domestic violence.

Still reeling from his 16-month

jail sentence with eight months

non-parole, former Sharks star Greg

Bird is avoiding the media and hoping his conviction hoping his conviction will be

overturned on appeal. Political

leaders unanimously condemned Bird

for glassing girlfriend Katie

Milligan in the face during a

domestic dispute. Yesterday's

verdict shows that nobody is above

the law and people have to face the

full consequences of the law if

they chose to break it. The impact

of domestic violence on a family,

on a victim, on children is just terrible

terrible and we certainly want to

make sure that message gets out

very clearly - there is no place

for domestic violence in our

community. I'm not surprised he got

a jail sentence out of it, I

thought it was a bit short but I

think it was appropriate that he

did get a jail sentence. Sentencing

Bird, magistrate Roger Clisdell

said domestic violence was brutal,

cowardly and inexcusable. Rugby league and the league and the State Government are

using a series of new TV ads to

raise community awareness. We play our

our footy hard but domestic

violence is not on. We want to make

sure that we shut this down and

what better way than to use rugby

league and say, "Let's tackle this

issue". We don't want any more, "Oh,

I shouldn't talk about Greg, he's

got an appeal", but any more

incidents like that, people say,

"What are we doing about it?", this

is what we're doing about it. Bird

returns to court in August where

lawyers will try to have his

conviction overturned or his

sentence reduced. What Mother

Nature has in store for the weekend

- Tim Bailey has all the details

after the break. Warm and beautiful

- 21 degrees in the home borscht.

- 21 degrees in the home borscht.

The temperatures are eight degrees

above average and the West. Wasn't

it nice to see the sun out? You

forget what a blue sky in winter

looks. Another one tomorrow.

Increasing cloud after an early-

morning fog. We had eight days of morning fog. We had eight days of

rain in a road - 100 millimetres.

In June, Sydney has 127 millimetres,

one below the entire monthly

average. Our weather photograph

comes with a lovely tale tonight.

There is a story behind at the

Rainbow. She took the shot of a

neighbour's home. They are up from

Milton. They have lived in the

house of for 50 years. She says

that if she wins the camera it is

going to the neighbours. She loves

her neighbours that much.

Next, more than $30 Next, more than $30 billion wiped

off the Australian share market.

Also, a court punishes R&B singer

Chris Brown for assaulting Rihanna.

And Belgium's tattooed teenager

finally tells the truth.

This program is captioned live.

Time to check on the traffic. Big

problems tonight unfortunately

problems tonight unfortunately

traffic heading home to the heels.

Unfortunately it has caused dilemma

we have traffic at all the way down

Parramatta on Church Street. James

roosts a driver is down through

Rose Hill. This area has been

affected by this accident.

Former ABC journalist Peter Lloyd

has been released from Singapore's

notorious Changi prison. Lloyd had

been in jail since December for

possessing a small amount of the

drug Ice. His 10 month sentence was

cut short due to good behaviour.

The former Foreign Correspondent

blamed his drug use on post

traumatic stress disorder caused by his work.

Now to the ING Direct finance

report with Jacqueline Maddock, and

Jacqui, it's been a dire day for

the local share market? That's

right, in fact, markets right

across Asia have been hammered

today after Wall Street suffered

the biggest sell-off in two months

overnight. It was a prediction from

the World Bank of a much larger

than expected contraction of the

global economy that sparked the

billion was slide. In fact, more than $33

billion was wiped off the market

value by the closing bell.

Commodity prices took a tumble,

pressuring our mining giants today

and broker downgrades on a number

of the big banks just added to the

falls. RIO was among the day's

biggest losers, and Pacific Brands

dropped nearly 4% on reports sales

of workwear apparel have dropped by

a third.

And that's the day in finance,

although it's likely to be another

rollercoaster session in the US

this evening as investors await

Wednesday's Federal Reserve meeting

to provide some definite direction. French President

French President Nicolas Sarkozy

has attacked the Muslim burqa,

insisting it's not welcome in

France. In a major policy speech,

he said the garment, covering women

from head to toe, is a sign of

subservience and that it undermines

a woman's dignity. Sarkozy laid out

his support for the ban claiming

the burqa is not a religious issue

but a question of freedom. France

has Western Europe's largest Muslim

population. In 2004, Islamic

headscarves were banned from its

state schools.

state schools. R&B singer Chris

Brown has been spared jail despite

owning up to an assault on his

celebrity ex-girlfriend. The 20-

year-old bashed, choked and

threatened to kill Rihanna in the

February attack, but he's now just

focused on resurrecting his career.

Despite the media presence, this

was no red carpet walk for singer

Chris Brown. The

Chris Brown. The 20-year-old was

about to appear in court charged

with beating, biting and

threatening to kill his girlfriend

Rihanna - but at the last minute,

he changed his plea. How do you

plead? Guilty. A plea bargain that

saw him escape a possible 4-year

jail term and instead receive five

years' probation. He has the choice

of 180 days in jail, or 180 days of

hard labour and he must complete a year-long domestic violence

year-long domestic violence

counselling program. This is a kid

who has never been in trouble

before who wants to move pass this

and obviously wants to make sure

our that the message gets out that

these kinds of things like a

domestic violence are not

acceptable. Rihanna was also at court, fully prepared to

court, fully prepared to testify,

until hearing about the plea. She

believes this is a fair and just

resolution on this case. The judge

ordered that Chris can't go within

45 metres of Rihanna, or within 9

metres if they happen to be at the

same event. Already some domestic

violence groups have described the

sentence as inadequate. Chris Brown

is making plans for his next album.

He embraces this for an opportunity

to get his life back on track end

to get his career back on track. Cancer-stricken Charlie's Angels'

star Farrah Fawcett and her long

time love Ryan O'Neal, are to

finally be married. O'Neal proposed

to the 62-year-old actress as she

continues her battle with rectal

cancer. He's been by Fawcett's side

as she's undergone treatment in the

US and Europe. I've asked her to

marry me again and she has agreed.

Really? Yes. I swear to God.

Fawcett and O'Neal have had an on- again, off-again relationship for

29 years and have a son named

Redmond. A Belgian woman, who made

headlines after claiming her face

was tattooed with stars as she

slept, has now changed her story.

Kimberley Vlaminck now admits she

made it up and didn't doze off

after all. The 18-year-old says she

wanted the stars and was fully

alert while they were being inked

onto her face. It was only after

her father saw the bodyart' that

she lied and threatened to sue the

tattoo artist. He's now withdrawn

his offer to pay for half her laser

removal surgery. Still to come -

the disarray sweeping the Federal

Coalition. Also, Sydneysiders line

up for Lotto millions against the

odds. There's a 99.9997796 chance

of losing. And Cameron Diaz makes a

big impression on the Hollywood walk of fame. To counter the effects of global recession, the NSW Government over the next four years. is investing $62 billion and schools, and safer roads. We'll be building better hospitals to stimulate the economy It's part of our plan and support up to 160,000 jobs each year. across the state Construction will be going on as we invest in a better future. To find out more about jobs and infrastructure in your area, visit

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This program is captioned live. Top

stories this newshour - a grand new

town square is to be built in

central Sydney as part of the Metro

rail project. It will involve the

demolition of existing buildings in demolition of existing buildings in

the block opposite Town Hall. Work

should begin next year. Nine people

are dead and more than 70 injured

after a train collision in

Washington DC. Authorities believe

the death toll could grow, because

more bodies could be in one of the

flattened carriages. And a mother

has been found guilty of an

unthinkable crime - murdering her

7-year-old daughter by starvation.

The girl's father, who turned a

blind eye as she wasted away, has

been found guilty of manslaughter.

Four Coalition MPs have defied

shadow cabinet and voted against

the controversial Alcopops tax. The

Government claims it's another

example of Malcolm Turnbull losing

control of his party. With the Coalition about-face on Alcopops,

the tax hike had been expected to

pass quietly through the Lower

House without a vote. Division

required. But Opposition dissenters

demanded a vote ensuring all eyes

were on the handful of rebel MPs on

the deserted Coalition benches as

members filed in. Lock the doors.

Two Liberals and two Nationals

opposed the 70% tax hike despite

the Shadow Cabinet backflip. We

still see the party as a schemozzle,

there are divisions in all

directions and I think Mr

Turnbull's leadership is clearly

under pressure. The reality is

there was considerable concern over

that decision. And the Nationals'

senate leader is flagging another

revolt when the Upper House votes.

He, for one, refuses to support the

legislation. You don't have to

cross the floor if you don't want

to, you can just not bother turning

up for the vote. But that could be just the start of Malcolm Turnbull's problems. Ten News understands three Liberals tomorrow

plan to vote against their party's

position on asylum seeker

legislation. Russell Broadbent,

Petro Georgiou and Judy Moylan are prepared to back government amendments which abolish the

requirement for detainees to pay

for the cost of their detention.

Brad Hodson, Ten News. A record $55

million will be up for grabs in

tonight's Oz-Lotto draw. A late

surge in ticket sales has increased

the jackpot but experts have worked

out why you shouldn't get too

excited. It's hard to resist the

lure of more than $50 million.

lure of more than $50 million. Buy

a brand new car, new house, go on a

world tour, the rest, probably

donate it. The queues stretched out

the door of Sydney's luckiest Lotto

spot - Cabramatta's Mitchum news

agency. Last year it sold around

$33 million in winning tickets. I

come all the way from Balmain to

try my luck, see if I can win the

Oz Lotto." In the city, the wait

left plenty of time for day- left plenty of time for day-

dreaming. Sports car for sure.

That's the first thing I'm going to

buy, a sports car. And there might

be at least one resignation

tomorrow. Um, yes (laughs) If I win,

yes. When there's $50 million on

the line, you need to do whatever

you can to boost your luck because

the odds aren't exactly you can to boost your luck because

the odds aren't exactly crash hot.

In fact, just 1 in 45 million.

You're more likely to be hit by a

falling aircraft. And then compare

that to the chance of being struck

by lightning - just 1 in 10,000. that to the chance of being struck by lightning - just 1 in 10,000.

There's a 99.99997796 chance of

losing (laughs). 6 million people

have entered the draw, forking out

more than $75 million. They will

instantly become the richest ever

lottery winner in Australia and

they'll be winning more than $50

million, probably $55 million plus.

If there's no winners, Oz Lotto

jackpots to $60 million next week.

Tim Potter, Ten News. Actress

Cameron Diaz has cemented her place

among Hollywood's elite. The star

of the hit movie There's Something

About Mary' is the latest addition

to the Hollwood Walk of Fame. She

joins more than 2,000 other

entertainers who are honoured along

the Boulevard, including Tom Cruise,

who, with wife Katie Holmes, added

a little more star power to the

ceremony. Comic creation Bruno is

making his presence felt even

before he arrives in Sydney. There

was plenty of warning that the

Taylor Square billboard was about

to be invaded by the gay Austrian

fashionista, but it was the workman

in hot pink hot pants that sealed

the deal. The poster, reminiscent

of Mena Suvari's pose in the movie

American Beauty, is a reminder that

the latest creation of comedian

Sacha Baron Cohen is on his way.

He's busy choosing an appropriate

outfit to wear to his movie's

premiere at the State Theatre next

Monday night. Sport is next with

Brad McEwan, and the Blues are

having their final hit out right

now. They certainly are. We'll

cross live to ANZ stadium after the

break. Plus, Roger Federer and

Maria Sharapova win the opening

round Wimbledon matches and the

fashion stakes. And the player who

really did hit the wall. And he

wanted to win for his sick wife but

a gallant Phil Mickelson just

misses out at the US Open. BOY: My dad says Australia's one of the big countries. Dad says the French have the Eiffel Tower, Australians, we have big things. People think they're called big things because of their size. Dad says they were all designed by the one man - Sir Francis Big. Yeah, nice one, Dad. My mates have all been to the beach for the holidays,

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This program is captioned live.

The NSW Origin team is having its

final run tonight before it

attempts to square the series

against Queensland. Adam Hawse is

at ANZ Stadium. How are the Blues

handling the pressure ahead of

tomorrow night's do-or-die match?

It is not just do or die, there are

looking at four series defeats.

Plenty of pressure on the blues. So

far, they are coping. They are

training at ANZ Stadium. If they

are our neighbours, they are not

showing it. David Williams even had

time to die the pink out of his

beard. One man who will be feeling

the pressure it is Peter Wallis,

after reports that the coach of

Wheldrake come from the field early

epi does not get the blues off to a

flying start. White had a few chats flying start. White had a few chats

to Peter through the week, I do not

know where it those rumours come

from. Some last minute mind games

from the Maroons? You would expect

nothing less. The coach used his

last press conference to get inside

the heads of the blues. For NSW, he

said there is never been a bigger

game in the history of the game. It

puts a lot of pressure on the

football side. We have a fairly

long history in origin, I imagine

there have been as big games as

this one. Football News, the jobs

of the selectors are safe up for

next year. Let us hope for a big next year. Let us hope for a big crowd at tonight.

Incredibly, the Sharks are now an Incredibly, the Sharks are now an

outside chance for the finals after

a fourth straight win. They downed a fourth straight win. They downed

an Origin-depleted Broncos by 32

points last night, rookie winger

Blake Ferguson the star with a Blake Ferguson the star with a sensational hat-trick. No, we're

keeping him grounded, he can enjoy

it when he wants to. Bronco's

backrower Ben Te'o was suspended

for two weeks for a dangerous throw.

Wallabies flyer Lote Tuqiri remains

on the outer with coach Robbie

Deans. The winger was again left

out of Australia's best 22 to take

on France at ANZ Stadium on

Saturday night. Deans has gone for

his A-team, making nine changes to

the starting line-up.

the starting line-up. I had to hold

back an extra day and Adam was

rubbing my leg. Phil Waugh appears

to be back in Dean's plans, he'll

start from the bench alongside

teenager James O'Connor. teenager James O'Connor.

It's been an emotional day for the

Sydney Swans with Michael

O'Loughlin announcing this season

will be his last. One of the Swans'

all-time favourite players, Micky

O' paid tribute to his mum.

O'Loughlin needs just seven more

games to be the first Swan to reach

the 300-game milestone. A just

wanted to make my mother Proud of.

The is once gave me this

opportunity. To help my family live

a better life.

American Lucas Glover has won the

rain-affected US open, holding off

crowd favourite Phil Mickelson by 2

strokes. Overnight co-leader Ricky

Barnes crashed out of contention.

But it was Glover celebrating just

his second victory on the PGA tour.

Tiger Woods had an early miscue

after starting the day at even par.

COMMENTATOR: It won't do it. He

doesn't suffer mistakes gladly -

there were none at 14, the world

number one gunning for his fourth

US Open crown. But as Tiger's

charge faltered, so too did that of overnight co-leader Ricky Barnes.

Tiger's playing partner, Michael

Sim, the best of the Aussies,

finishing at 4 over. While 2003

Masters champion Mike Weir made it

look easy - he's 2-under par. But

there was no doubting the sentimental favourite, Phil

Mickelson saving par at 10, with a remarkable recovery.

Before he drew level, with eagle at

the par 5, 13th. Mickelson heading

into the final few holes, neck and

neck with countryman Lucas Glover.

The 29-year-old proving consistency

is key. This approach to 16,

setting up his only birdie of the

round. But with his first US Open

in sight, Mickelson stumbled.

Bogeys at 15 and 17 meant there

would be no fairytale win for his

wife, who's battling cancer. He's

gotta have it! Glover with a

straightforward 2-putt to clinch

victory - the first major of his career.

Both Lleyton Hewit and Samantha

Stosur begin their Wimbledon quests

tonight. Jarmila Groth is already

through for Australia. Her reward,

a round 2 clash with second seed

Serena Williams. Maria Sharapova

also a round 1 winner. While 5-time Wimbledon champion Roger Federer

cruised through his match in 1 hour

and 40 minutes.

In the absence of defending

champion Rafael Nadal, a swish-

looking Swiss Roger Federer opened

the championship on centre court

before giving his opponent a tennis

lesson. Chasing a record 15th Grand

Slam victory, a clinical Federer

put on a show for his London fans.

The Fed expressing through his

opening match in straight sets. I

think I got the respect I deserved,

it shows just how hard it can be to

play against all these guys. James

Blake learned just how hard it can

be - the American becoming the

tournament's first seeded casualty

- a straight-sets loser to Italy's

Andreas Seppi. And that is a

sensational way to wrap it up. A sensational conclusion to Novak

Djokovic's opening match too - his

opponent Julian Benneteau seriously

injuring his knee in the fourth set

before bravely contesting match- point.

In the women's draw, Maria

Sharapova unveiled her newest all-

England club best, and despite some

minor slip-ups, grunted her way to

victory. Jarmila Groth the lone

Australian in action and a winner

over good friend Lucie Safarova -

to the delight of Antipodean fans.

They really take me as an Aussie by

now, every tournament I play. Groth's next challenge - two-time Wimbledon winner Serena Williams.

Australia cricket captain Ricky

Ponting isn't protecting boom

opener Philip Hughes from

expectations in the upcoming Ashes

series. Instead he's putting an

element of pressure on the 20-year-

old. I think Hermann Simon Katich

hold the key to how our team will

perform over the next few months.

Hughes is in stunning form, scoring

three centuries for Middlesex

recently. This week Australia plays

a 4-day game against Sussex. World swimming's governing body

FINA has overruled an expert panel

and approved all of the

controversial swimsuits to be worn

at next month's world championships.

Australian coach Alan Thompson sat

on the panel, which concluded more

than 100 suits were illegal. I

think there will be a run on world

records. It's been in question

forever - and that's unfortunate.

It's a win/loss scenario for

Australia's Eamon Sullivan. He

keeps his 100m freestyle world

record after Alain Bernard's mark

was rejected. But Frederic

Bousquet's 50m freestyle world

record set in April will stand. Bousquet's 50m freestyle world

record set in April will stand. In

the Sport in sports tonight - the

young Australian hoping to be a young Australian hoping to be a

world Paul champion. Vic Lorusso is

in the traffic helicopter. As a

result of Ely accident, traffic is

not moving. All three lanes to not moving. All three lanes to

winds are wrote our congested. What

Mother Nature has in store for the


That's Ten News for now, I'm Bill

Woods. It was a lovely day today.

Some fog this morning and tomorrow.

Another nice blue Dave.

Temperatures - 19 degrees. This day

should be pretty good as well.

Northeast NSW, 24 hours of a

rainfall. 29 millimetres at Tweed

Heads and 24 hours. LNR has had 260

millimetres in 26 days. They can do

with that moving offshore. In

Sydney - 127 millimetres. That is 1

millimetres down on our entire

monthly average. Dem figures will

be on our television on Thursday. In your backyard:

Cloud over victoria mac and NSW.

Showers over SA and Tasmania and NSW.

In the south-west and slopes and

planes, 5 to 20 millimetres will

fall hopefully. A good looking day

in Sydney as we have said. Around

at 19 degrees. It will stretch

through to Thursday or Friday. A

bit of praise staff for the weekend.

See you again tomorrow. That is Ten

News. Thank you for your company.

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