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(generated from captions) with all my heart. I love you too, Ridge, of my life begins... Tonight, the rest ..with you. Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. Tonight, the share market sees red - retail giant will collapse. heavy losses amid fears the Centro The bittersweet victory - compensation days after he dies. a Sydney stuntman awarded He hung in there. Mark did this for others. of stealing electricity cables. Sydney criminals learn the dangers Ron Wilson and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Good evening. a terrifying shark attack Also tonight, a surfer survives on the mid-north coast.

of price fixing. The petrol inquiry finds no evidence And top of the class - school-leavers who sat the HSC. we'll meet the smartest But heading the news on Ten, on the Australian stock market, another plunge following the continuing meltdown shopping centre group. of our second largest in today's trade, Centro suffered further savage losses across the board, shaking investor confidence now feeling the pain. plenty of people It's a market on the edge, pushed it straight over - and when it opened, worried investors in danger of being repeated yesterday's $50 billion losses was tarred with a red brush. as virtually everything on the board Clearly the market has been spooked this volatility continue. and we do expect to see of yesterday's 76% plunge. losing another 50% on the back as the rest of the market. but not as much keeping a close watch. The Government and regulators is a very strong financial system, What we have in this country in a globalised economy. but, of course, we do operate is some of the fallout What we are seeing the sub-prime issues in the US. from the issues to do with but is in meltdown Centro has centres all over Australia in the United States because a huge expansion threatens to bring it undone.

The crisis for Centro in securing new loans. comes from its difficulty it is solvent for now, The company says to convince reluctant bankers but admits it has just two months in short-term debt. to refinance almost $4 billion for other vulnerable companies. And that's a lesson the rest of the market Investors are starting to rake over with regards to what other companies similar problems may potentially have over the next six months on the balance sheets. in refinancing large amounts of debt around 5% in two days, The Aussie market has fallen also down about the same. following the US, But, as only he can, his battered economy. President Bush tried to talk up Early on in my presidency, about the stock market, somebody asked me I was a financial genius, and I thought and it was a mistake. AUDIENCE LAUGHS are strong. The fundamentals of this nation Eddy Meyer, Ten News. at CommSec. For more, let's go to Craig James at the close? Craig, how did the markets fare

It was only at the start of Trade -

down up 163 points. But the good

news was bargain-hunters were out

in force in the afternoon with it

ending and the down 39 points. Some

more worrying signs of another

interest-rate hike? Yes the Reserve

Bank is concerned about inflation because

because food and fuel prices are because food and fuel prices are

soaring globally. It's also worried

about the downturn in the global

economy and interest rates forced

higher by the market. If these

market-determined rates stay higher. for a Sydney stuntman A bittersweet court victory injured during the filming 'Mission Impossible 2'. of the Tom Cruise blockbuster of his $1 million-plus pay-out Mark Connolly learned shortly before his death last Friday. and won, Mark Connolly took on Hollywood he'd won more than $1 million but three hours after finding out with pancreatic cancer. the stuntman lost his fight and he died at 2:00. We got judgment at 10:40

was a stuntman on 'MI2'. In June 1999, Mark Connolly The motorbike was supposed to jump over a bridge and over two guards. off an island, knocking him to the ground. Instead it came crashing down, He suffered shock, and a fractured arm. a broken collarbone Eight years on, he successfully sued Hollywood director Billy Burton

reasonable care. The court decision was today, on Friday. but word was rushed to Mark's bedside to have a reaction. He was too sick, really,

so that others would benefit - He was the best and he hung in there that was Mark. he was determined to fight for. Safety on film sets was something in the case The issues that were ventilated in terms of control of a movie set and will be used by the industry. are important ones and legal team say Mark Connolly's family

Billy Burton got off lightly. although this is a win, cutting short Mark Connolly's life, If it hadn't been for cancer more compensation than he got today. he would've been entitled to much Mark Connolly was 44. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. Petrol companies are off the hook over allegations of price fixing.

has found no evidence of collusion. An investigation by the ACCC to make petrol cheaper. But there's still scope Midweek and this fuel retailer drops the price of petrol

by two cents a litre. It's part of the price cycle

can be guaranteed of cheaper fuel. and about the only way motorists A 6-month inquiry has found retailers and oil companies are not to blame for inflated prices.

petrol industry in Australia The ACCC finds that the unleaded

is fundamentally competitive

of price-fixing or collusion. with no obvious evidence But tell that to motorists. I think they've stolen the market it's very confusing for customers and I think you fill up - as far as which day of the week you know, what's the best price. Thursday or Tuesday - do have control over everything. I think sometimes the big companies The NRMA also is sceptical. of collusion There is no obvious sign sophisticated methods to make sure that they price the petrol at the pumps exactly the same as their competitor. which gives companies real time information on what their competitors are charging. They can then alter their own prices to match. It's one of the points the ACCC noted, recommending consumers be given more information.

At each level there are elements of less-than-effective competition. One suggestion is adopting a scheme which requires retailers to publish their prices 24 hours in advance. The ACCC says drop by a few cents a litre. The Government has given the ACCC formal powers to continue monitoring fuel prices. It's also started the search for a petrol commissioner. When petrol is so expensive because world oil prices are high, every cent makes a difference to working families. Leonie Mellor, Ten News. Police are alarmed at a bizarre and potentially deadly new crime wave. Copper criminals bringing trains to a halt, cutting power to homes and causing heartache for new home builders.

It might be hard to believe, but copper has become one of the hottest items on the underworld hit list. And thieves are going to extraordinary lengths

just to get their hands on the metal in just about any form to sell to scrapyards. It's hard work and one would think it would be easier to get a legitimate job, yes. Security footage shows thieves stripping supplies from substations across Sydney's west and the Upper Hunter this year. The most serious case so far - one thief almost killed when he cut into this 11,000-volt power cable. He was severely electrocuted and very lucky to survive. Badly burnt, he left more than just fingerprints as his bolt-cutters locked onto the cable. Demand from India and China has boosted the value of copper over the last two years. It's worth more than $7,000 a tonne. Copper is being stolen from train lines... The trains weren't able to run. That's led to inconvenience to tens of thousands of commuters. ..from churches... They actually took the copper urns out of the cemetery, and many of our churches have suffered the last few years with copper plating being taken off their roofs. ..from homes under construction... That will add to the cost but it will also add to the delay in actually getting into your new home. ..even kilometres of telephone lines are being swiped. There was a $100,000 repair bill to get the residents back online. Police say the thieves that are targeting copper aren't particularly well organised and don't operate as part of a gang. But the thefts are becoming more common -

now reported, on average, once every week. up to five years jail. Copper criminals face Evan Batten, Ten News. Logie-winning actor Samuel Johnson has been let off for a drunken assault on a man at a wedding reception in Sydney. A court today recorded no conviction against the former 'Secret Life of Us' star, who stomped on a guest's head at the Star City Casino function in September. He'd been receiving treatment for depression at the time. I can only reiterate my apology. I behaved like a goose. I've been remorseful since the moment it happened. 29-year-old Johnson as part of a 12-month good behaviour bond. Australia is about to take a tougher stand against Japanese whalers.

An armed Customs vessel will monitor their fleet as it plunders the seas off Antarctica. In the turbulent waters of the Southern Ocean a diplomatic war is about to begin without a single naval vessel in sight. The Federal Government is tipped to send its icebreaker, the 'Oceanic Viking', to tail the Japanese whaling fleet, gathering evidence of any illegal activity for the international courts.

What the whalers are are poachers. Southern Ocean Whaling Sanctuary. They are poaching whales in the It would be the first time since Labor last held power a government vessel has backed environmental protests. Back then it was nuclear testing at Mururoa Atoll. They promised to do it in opposition. They again reiterated during the campaign that they would send a vessel, and it is the appropriate action to take. The Japanese are hunting 1,000 whales this season, including, for the first time in 40 years, humpbacks. That's got both environmentalists and tourism groups fuming. Our Prime Minister needs to pick up the phone to his counterpart in Japan

and tell him in no uncertain terms to recall the fleet. I know people say it's a cultural right to eat whale meat, but I think some of the Pacific islanders culturally used to eat each other, but I don't think that's acceptable anymore either. This man represents commercial whale watchers in five States, a $300 million industry. I always wanted to sit in this one. As far as Frank Future is concerned, whale hunting should be relegated to the history books. This is the future of whaling - watching them and celebrating their majestic beauty. The Government will announce its whale strategy later this week. Amber Muir, Ten News. Next, the illicit drug shock - disturbing evidence about how young addicts have become. Plus, a new war against illegal downloads and DVDs in central Sydney. And young achievers - we salute the HSC's best and brightest. This program is captioned live. A shocking report on substance abuse - A fatal fire this morning at Concord. after flames raced through her unit - A woman in her 50s died the blaze too fierce for neighbours, armed with a just a garden hose. Firefighters eventually got the upper hand but were unable to save the woman, who was a quadriplegic. A shocking report on substance abuse - children as young as 10 addicted to drugs and alcohol. Reporter Kevin Wilde has found alcohol is proving the biggest problem. To discuss the report in more detail, I am joined now by James Pitts, the Chief Executive of Odyssey House. Overall, a disturbing report that the average age for young people trying alcohol or drugs is now 12.5. Why is that?

Because there is more availability of drugs generally and suddenly alcohol is the drug

that is much more readily accessible to young people. Let's here now from Andrew, of starting alcohol at 11 who had his own experience and it led to him to a life of crime and to drugs. I thought it was all innocent and just fun. And then it just evolved and kept on going. Pretty much I just started off with alcohol. I thought it would be alright to just drink every now and then, but then after that it turned into pot, smoking every week and then every day, and then from that it started going into speed and amphetamines. Is his experience too common nowadays? I think so. Certainly within our population, I think what you heard Andrew say is indicative of the population that accesses services at Odyssey House. What is the solution, then? The solution is that and promote the idea that alcohol is a drug. Secondly, that is if it is misused it can cause very negative consequences for young people. that alcohol use in Australia And to keep in mind costs society much more than all the illicit drugs that are used. But given all the horror stories, particularly about violence associated with the use of ice and other amphetamines, is that taking away the focus from alcohol unnecessarily? Well, I think so. It certainly is not to say

that we should not be conscious of the effects of amphetamine-type substances like methamphetamine.

But certainly to keep in mind that alcohol causes many more problems than all the illicit drugs used in Australia. James Pitts, thanks for your time. Thank you. A surfer has almost bled to death after being attacked by a shark at a beach north of Newcastle today. It's believed he's survived due to a quick-thinking fisherman who was nearby. Reporter Dan Sutton is there.

He certainly received a nasty

injury but it was also a lucky

escape. The man was 31 and a certain to us from Western Australia.

Australia. He was that the speech

just before lunchtime engine waist-

high water when he was bitten by

the shark. He managed to make his

way to shore and was spotted by a

local fisherman and luckily end was

driven by the Fisher man to an

ambulance station. He lost a lot of

blood but was treated by paramedics

there who called in the Westpac

life-saving helicopter and flown to

trough John Hunter hospital. Up

above his right buttock there was a

big pan of bandaging and I heard

that it didn't take any of his

vital organs like kiddies or liver

but it was obviously a very major

Bight. He used it in a stable

condition end is undergoing surgery

this afternoon. As it happens

they've been a number of school

groups at this breach this

afternoon. They've been back in the

water despite the attack that happened earlier today.

A movie and music piracy ring has been smashed with Federal Police raiding an Internet cafe. It's claimed for as little as $2 an hour, customers could download pirated movies or music tracks from the Internet and burn them to disc. The raid follows an 18-month investigation by industry experts. A nervous wait for HSC students,

counting down the hours until their results are released tomorrow. But some of the State's highest achievers are already being honoured for topping their favourite subjects. (Speaks Italian) Paul Karp may have topped the State in Italian, but his toughest test - Premier, how do you think Paul's Italian is going? His Italian is bordering on perfect.

57 languages were studied this year, Greek among the most popular. (Speaks Hebrew) Dancing is always dominated by girls, but Luke Prunty of Colo High has become the first male because of the suburb's troubled image. 113 students achieved highest subject honours. Seven did it twice.

Dilip Sunder Raj is the State's best in mathematics. His school, Macquarie Fields High, almost changed its name because of the suburb's troubled image. Now two of its students have attained top place. But instead we just decided to change the impressions of society instead of hide behind a false name, and I think we've done that. because tomorrow these students will join the 66,000 fellow school-leavers Despite the excitement here today, there are still a lot of nerves too, because tomorrow these students will join the 66,000 fellow school-leavers getting their HSC results. Rest assured these bright eyes can't wait for that wake-up call. James Boyce, Ten News. Some big weather changes are on the way, the Bureau of Meteorology releasing its long-term outlook for the coming months. Forecaster Clinton Racic Clinton, two key words - hot and sticky.

Yes - we've an event assess said it

with higher than average unity. End

will be rain fall in the areas

where it's needed? Yes most of the

eastern half of this up well should

have good rainfall through summer

till March. That includes all the

catchment areas. When should we see

the rain coming? The La Nina event

will be persistent right through to

April. That includes the whole of

summer and we'll have above average

rainfall. Will we've more

destructive weather patterns?

There's no direct link between

London and an increased chance of

storms. But prepare force of the

stores because they always occur in

some way in Sydney. 1 thing more

important than sunshine during the

holiday period his blood. Enjoy a

bishop has her finger on the polls.

We need blood. It's all about red.

Santa raised red. Rudolph has a red

nose and the red stuff saves lives.

1 donation can save 3 lies. We're

here at the blood bank to drum up

business. We need 42,000 blood

donations before news. So no

mucking around - Gedding hearing

get the arm out. It's 22 degrees

right now. We only reach 23 - to below

below average. A little shower

activity overnight. If we've just 1

more Miller later we'll break the

September record for 15 years with

102 mm. Sky watchers blue in the

morning a cloud in the afternoon.

Will have more info for the rest of

the week. We'll be back in a round about 10 minutes. Next, the day an Australian soldier's family thought would never come. And NASA finds a "death star" galaxy that's blasting everything in its path. (Women speak indistinctly) Now there's something new to love at McDonald's.

Come and try our new Crispy Chicken Mini Snack Wrap and let the love affair begin.

Time to check on the traffic. The

running tracks may be faster than

the roads tonight. The delays are

heading out to what Concorde.

Broken-down garbage track on

Concord Road. You can see the

delays behind the garbage truck.

All 3 lines of Concord Road are

stalled. You can see how far the

traffic goes back over the traffic goes back over the Ryde

Bridge end up towards top ride -

could add 30 to 40 minutes to the

right home. Silverwater wrote is an

alternative and his flying much better. The remains of a fallen Australian soldier are on their way back home from Vietnam, ending a 36-year mystery. Army medic Lance Corporal John Gillespie will be given his final salute tomorrow at a special memorial service. Lance Corporal John Gillespie begins his journey back to the country he gave his life for. Killed in 1971, he left behind his wife, Carmel Hendry,

and their daughter, Fiona Pike. I just cannot believe that I am standing here ready to, with Fiona, to take John home. No, not in my wildest dreams did I ever think that this would happen, never. The army medic was on a rescue mission aboard a helicopter when it was shot down over the Long Hai mountains. Listed as missing in action, his loved ones were told his body couldn't be recovered, but it was, last month. PLAYS LAST POST John Gillespie is the third Australian soldier to be returned home since the end of the Vietnam War. Three more are yet to be found. We have waited a long time since the war for an opportunity to come back and find these missing Australians. Christine Gillespie credits Operation Aussies Home for the return of her younger brother. The problem for us, the Gillespie family, has been the difficulty of finding closure over those years but we believe we will find closure and that John will be resting in peace. A repatriation service will be held in Melbourne tomorrow. Even if it takes 36 years, it's very important that we do honour our fallen soldiers. Erin Cassar, Ten News. The death toll from America's winter storms has risen to at least eight. More than 30cm of snow has fallen in some areas, making travel on roads almost impossible. slid off the runway A US Airways plane as it came in to land on Rhode Island. All of a sudden we just kind of, like, dropped to the ground and skidded and there was snow flying everywhere and I was scared. Dozens of schools have also closed, giving students some time to enjoy the cold snap. she needed marriage "like a rash on the face" and that her relationship with Dodi Fayed the man she really loved jealous. was designed to make The claims emerged today at her London inquest. Lady Annabel Goldsmith was a family friend of the Spencers

and had known Diana since she was a child. She accepted that she had become something of a mother figure to the Princess - they met and spoke frequently. In August 1997, photographs of Diana and Dodi Fayed on their Mediterranean cruise were in all the newspapers. Lady Annabel recalled a telephone conversation with Diana on August 24, one week before the Princess's death. Lady Annabel told the inquest, "I said to her laughingly: It was their final conversation. Lady Annabel said the man the Princess loved was the heart surgeon Hasmat Khan,

seen here in dark glasses at the Princess's funeral. Lady Annabel recalled how she and her daughter Jemima had joined Diana on a visit to Pakistan, when Diana had met Hasmat Khan's parents. The love affair had ended, though, just before Diana became close to Dodi Fayed. In Lady Annabel's view, Diana's real purpose in her relationship with Dodi Fayed was to make Hasmat Khan jealous. A new addition to the royal family - Prince Edward's wife, Sophie, giving birth to their second child. The boy was delivered by caesarean section. He's the Queen's eighth grandchild. Well, he's alive and well, I'm glad to say, yes. All very well and very exciting and a huge relief. A lot calmer than last time, I'm glad to say. so that's great news. The couple has a 4-year-old daughter, Louise. There's no word yet on her new brother's name. It sounds like the plot of a sci-fi movie - a "death star" blasting away at a neighbouring galaxy. But it's something that's happening right now in deep space. And it looks like this - a powerful jet of magnetic radiation pumping out of a collapsed star at the heart of a larger galaxy, the deadly ray vapourising everything in its path. NASA astronomers say it's the first time they've witnessed this kind of galactic violence, describing the death star as a black hole bully. The actual event has been captured by a fleet of orbiting and ground telescopes. The warring galaxies are 1.4 million light years from Earth. Another Hollywood-style explosion caught on camera off the coast of Hawaii. This is an interceptor missile from a navy destroyer shooting down a mid-range ballistic missile from an American base on one of the Hawaiian islands. The milestone test is being hailed a success with both missiles exploding about 160km above the Pacific Ocean.

North Korea fired over Japan in 1998. The target was similar to a missile action to hang on to their homes - Debt-ridden people take drastic details next. Also - ready for export - that's hitting American highways. the Australian car And better late than never - that took 93 years to arrive. the Christmas card to the red carpet MAN: It's time to welcome with over $7,000 worth of extras. This limited edition is loaded at your Nissan dealer now. Meet all the superstars This program is captioned live. the petrol companies off the hook Tonight's major stories - over allegations of price fixing. has found no evidence of collusion. An investigation by the ACCC there is scope for cheaper fuel, But the commission believes to publish their prices in advance. if petrol stations are forced for the family of a Sydney stuntman. A bittersweet victory and shock Mark Connolly suffered broken bones

in 1999. on the set of 'Mission Impossible 2' The court formally awarded him today. more than $1 million compensation last Friday. Sadly, Mark died from cancer likely victory before he passed away. However, he was informed of the second largest shopping centre group And fears that Australia's will not survive. today Shares in Centro plunged further the American sub-prime loans market. because of exposure to

as investors lost confidence. The Aussie share market fell overall at the end of trade today. So let's check now on the numbers to desperate measures Families are resorting to prop up failing mortgages. There's been a surge their superannuation, in the number of people accessing

at risk. putting their long-term welfare The great Aussie dream - for thousands of families. now a never-ending nightmare That's a deeply disturbing trend on the national stage. and one that's playing out In the two years from 2004, of homes being repossessed, there's been an 80% surge in the rate failing mortgages off their books. as lenders move in to wipe of home foreclosure across Australia A new report on the rate

are the busiest. has found non-bank lenders in 2006 related to non-bank lenders Around half of all foreclosures and their market share is more like about 10%.

Equally disturbing

dipping into their superannuation is the number of battling home owners of dollars owing on their mortgages. to try to catch up on thousands for early release of funds. The applications have skyrocketed and achieving little. Up 30% in 12 months, to get ahead then They're not really able and continue on with the mortgage. that they are refinancing, Our data is showing the mortgage is doomed to fail. but in the end in continuing to approve bad loans And the worrying trend of lenders shines through in this report - refinancing of a shaky loan with the average gap between and the eventual repossession being about 18 months. In other words, may have been unaffordable some of those loans that they were written, from the very moment and that's of deep concern to us. not to hear the alarm bells. The Treasurer choosing are highly geared, There is no doubt that Australians of regulators in this country, but we have a world-class set the sub-prime issues and we are not experiencing

in the United States. that have occurred of the financial sector Increased regulation is expected by 2009. Tim Collits, Ten News. A breakthrough today for the Aussie car industry - of Pontiac G8s Holden's first shipment is on its way to the United States, the local Commodore. the vehicle based on The end of the assembly line. of the new Aussie-built muscle car The first shipment within three months. set to hit US streets from Adelaide each year. 30,000 Pontiac G8s will be exported a lot of market research, We have done so we better have it right. Fingers crossed, because it's Holden's second attempt at exporting the Pontiac. wasn't as successful as hoped. Converting the Monaro

Good news too at the Elizabeth factory, for the 3,500 workers now at full production, pumping out one car every 76 seconds, including 220 Pontiacs each day. a bit of pain here We've been through and this is a realignment, a very solid foundation but now I think we have can feel comfortable with. that everybody Morale's very, very good building a high-quality vehicle around the world and so on, that's going to be exported in the vehicle that they produce. so there's a bit of pride and joy on the price tag The car giant's tight-lipped marketing campaign early next year. until Pontiac launches its on the latest SS Commodore, The design is based

and twin-nostril grille the bonnet scoop the only cosmetic differences. is a fuel-saving system A major selling point

called "displacement on demand", where the car recognises when power's not required and converts from a V8 down to a V4. adopting the same technology Engineers are working on for Holden's Australian cars. of having the engineering here. This is one of the advantages We can launch basic engineering work we then do for the global business. The newest member of the fleet market to a 50/50 split. takes Holden's export and domestic Brett Clappis, Ten News. Sport now with Tim Webster,

Bit of a break from the wheel rain

for a few days. We had a couple of

light showers overnight and there

could be some more but the real

rain will be at the end of the week.

We'll have a few showers probably

on Christmas Day. We reach 23 - to below average. on Christmas Day. We reach 23 today

I'm here at the club lying where they're drumming up business this

Christmas season. 1 in 30 people

give blood and 1 in 3 needed. So

come on down and give blood if you

can. It doesn't heard a bit.

will be on earlier next season. and the NRL grand final It's not the old 3:00 kick-off, but it's a compromise -

more shortly. that's been axed to save $8 million. Plus, the new rugby comp finally be over? Could the Scud's career to play out his career in Europe. Also, moving on - a key Wallaby And they're here - the Indians arrive for their much vaunted showdown with the Aussie cricketers. In a lot of ways, this album is a soundtrack to my life. (Sings) # I'm a soul man # Yeah... # # Hold on... # I just had to go to Memphis to make this record. # Take me to the river... # These are some of the greatest songs of all time. # Respect yourself... # # I'm gonna wait... # Yeah, this music, it's me. VOICEOVER: Don't miss Guy with the MG's live in concert. This program is captioned live. The NRL has today bowed to public pressure and scrapped the night-time grand final.

After seven deciders under lights, including last season's Manly-Melbourne grand final, from next year the big one will be played in daylight, kicking off two hours earlier, at 5pm. Certainly there's going to be an opportunity to fire up those barbecues,

and kids can still go to bed at a reasonable hour. Those were all part of this decision. The NRL refused to go back to the traditional 3:00 start, arguing the weather is too hot at that time of year. The Cronulla Sharks say all their players have been cleared to resume training after the club was hit by the potentially fatal golden staph infection.

prop Adam Peek was struck down the hardest. He spent five days in hospital. It just started off as just a little cut on my arm and then it just actually spread and spread and I started to feel quite nauseous and headaches, and I'm usually a pretty good eater but I couldn't eat. The Sharks remain uncertain about the source of the outbreak. The Australian Rugby Championship has been scrapped after just one season. The ARU says keeping the competition afloat would be financially irresponsible, with projected losses of $8 million. Wallabies fullback Chris Latham Meanwhile, will join English club Worcester later next season. The 78-Test veteran says he would've been happy to continue playing in Australia He's certain his best years are ahead. Still, the ARU have decided Chris Latham's past his prime. Had they offered the same amount of money that I was on this year for the next few years, I would have definitely stayed. So it has been pretty disappointing. And while the Reds veteran insists it isn't about money, he has accepted a lucrative offer from English club Worcester - a deal the ARU refused to match. The offer was incentive-based. I really didn't think, given my position, I didn't think I needed incentives to play rugby. He'll play out the 2008 Super 14 season and, if required, is available for Australia's Bledisloe and Tri Nations campaigns. Obviously, they've thought and that's the line they've taken. And after just one season, the ARU has scrapped the Australian Rugby Championship competition. Deputy CEO Matt Carroll today cited last year's $4 million operating loss and a lack of cooperation from some clubs as the reasons. I believe they tagged themselves as the coalition of the unwilling. They shouldn't be gloating. The ARU says it has plans to reintroduce a similar competition in 2009. Jonathan Williams, Ten News.

The career of Mark Philippoussis appears over to be over. The Scud was attempting another comeback, but has succumbed to a knee injury. Philippoussis was due to play in the wild card quarterfinals tomorrow, but scans today revealed torn cartilage in his right knee. The verdict isn't good - the 31-year-old is facing more surgery on his troublesome knee. It will rule him out of any plans to play in the Australian Open and has torn yet another comeback into tatters. Australian selectors have picked one-day specialist Brad Hogg as Stuart MacGill's replacement for the series against India. A 12-man squad was named today. And tearaway quick Shaun Tait has also made the cut. ahead of their summer down-under, a tour that the little master has forecast as his farewell. I think, I think it might be my last tour, I don't know. I'm don't know what's in store. I'm just going to come in and enjoy my cricket. against England and Pakistan, After recent Test success an ageing Indian squad has high hopes against the best in the world. Most of the senior cricketers are probably here on their last tour So it's very important that we go back victorious. The skipper and Harbhajan Singh will spearhead the soliciting spin attack. will play right into their hands. If the wickets have spin then definitely we have the advantage. One-day specialist Brad Hogg will carry local spinning hopes. He and Shaun Tait have both made the 12. Now they'll sweat on making the 11. I hope so. I want my Christmas stocking full so I hope it'll be nice to be in the 11. Our preferred option is always been the case that we like the balance a with a spinner in the squad. Hopefully I do get selected and hopefully one day I will take the new ball with Brett Lee. The only problem is bowling with Brett Lee I'd push him to the wind. Of more immediate concern for the Australians is Thursday's Chappell-Hadlee decider against the Kiwis in Hobart - the same day the Indians play Victoria in a three-dayer. Tim Hodges, Ten News. England has unveiled their new football manager - former AC Milan and Real Madrid manager Fabio Capello stepping out to face the media in London. I'm very proud and honoured to be the England manager. I have wanted this job for a long time, but at this moment my English is not so well. But Capello has promised to learn a few key phrases of English.

Meanhwile, Brazil midfielder Kaka is FIFA's World Player of the Year, ahead of Barcelona's Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo of Manchester United.

Australia's dominace of world surfing is now complete. Aussie underdog Bede Durbidge clinched Hawaii's Triple Crown with victory at the Billabong Pipeline Masters. There was only a tiny swell but Durbidge produced a giant performance. The 24-year-old created his own slice of history - the first Aussie to win the Pipeline Masters since Jake Patterson back in 1998. All my heroes have won it. It's not ideal pipe but still get the name on the board. His double victory sealed the biggest pay day in surfing history and an American ute to boot. That's all for now. Later in Sports Tonight.

An accident ride on can be road

near Punchbowl road. But it seems

the accident has cleaned and the

traffic is improving. A little slow

in patches but a nice run out. Stay with us. Angela Bishop is back with the latest on the weather next. Nicole Kidman is treating sick kids to some Christmas cheer - the Oscar winner hosting a special screening of her new movie, 'The Golden Compass', at Fox Studios for young patients from Sydney Children's Hospital in Randwick. Families and hospital staff on Boxing Day. The film opens in cinemas

The Red Cross Blood Bank is at its

busiest time of year. They

desperately need blood. How do we

arranged to give blood? Good question, Ryan. arranged to give blood? Good question, Ryan. arranged to give blood? Good question, Ryan. arranged to give blood? Good question, Ryan. arranged to give blood? Good question, Ryan. You can telephone

them or check their website. You

can find out which centres you can

donate. It's crucial at this time

of year. We still need 42,000

donations before New year's. You

can donate on Christmas Eve and New

year's Eve. It's not just for

accident victims - it used an ongoing

ongoing made. Premature babies,

cancer victims, heart operations.

Blood is needed now. Leader as much as you can these holidays.

On the satellite there's clout

across the south-east ahead of a

trough causing patchy across the south-east ahead of a trough causing patchy rain in trough causing patchy rain in south to trough causing patchy rain in south

to Australia but little trough causing patchy rain in south to Australia but little elsewhere.

Cloud over Western Queensland and the Northern territory is

generating heavy thunderstorms.

Like showers in Western Australia.

Tomorrow warm and humid day. Australia, Victoria and will have

patchy rain and wind. Isolated

showers on the New South Wales and

Queensland coast. Storms in western New South Wales and Queensland. Mike

Mike showers in Western Australia.

1 in 30 people give blood but 1 1 in 30 people give blood but 1 in

3 will need it. It'll only take an

hour of your time to give blood.

Time to check the temperatures for tomorrow.

If you do come and give blood the

staff will put on their festive

cheer to cheer you up and you get a

free hot dog and a milkshake.

A Christmas card posted almost a century ago has finally been delivered. The greeting card was mailed from Nebraska in 1914 and addressed to a woman in Kansas. For some reason it never reached its destination and was only recently discovered in a Kansas post office. Evidently, it slid somewhere in 1914 behind something and it had been there all this time. The woman who was supposed to get the card has died, but the postie managed to track down her sister-in-law and delivered the card. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. We'll have updates throughout the evening with the Late News with Sports Tonight along at 10:30. Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia.