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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - a surprise drug test Ian Thorpe gets as he prepares to reveal his future. if he wasn't around anymore. I'd be extremely disappointed Relief for investors

hits the market. as the third Telstra share offer A $660 million pledge to improve Sydney transport.

for his Rove McManus blunder. And Kim Beazley's apology And I'll be writing to Rove that I am very sorry about it. to indicate the fact with Ian Ross. VOICE-OVER: This is Seven News at home Drug testers have visited Ian Thorpe Good evening.

considers just as the Olympic champion

quitting swimming altogether. the tests were routine The anti-doping authority insists

to decide? , Has he indicated what he is likely , Has he indicated what he is likely

from his house today, No, Ian Thorpe hasn't emerged tomorrow. but will announce his future did pay him a visit, The anti-doping authority and insists it was a coincidence, process. just part of its regular screening last duty This may have been Ian Thorpe's Olympic swimmer, as Australia's most successful Australia's anti-doping authority. complying with a surprise visit from about his decision? REPORTER: Did he give any indication No comment, thanks. it was a routine random test. The agency says But the timing was extraordinary, the day before the Thorpedo is tipped to retire.

to Thorpe's waterfront home. They weren't the only visitors and a few friends. There were lots of cameras

the decision he has to make? Did he talk at all about

I don't know what decision.

Grant Hackett says National swim team captain for Australian sport. Thorpe's retirement would be a shock disappointed For me, I'd be extremely

if he wasn't around anymore. with our careers We sort of began together as athletes. and I guess evolved together

revealed yesterday Since Thorpe's coaches he was considering his future, motivation and irregular training. the talk has been about lost didn't show the 5-time Olympic champion Last week

with Australia's head coach. for a session It's not always fairytale. like that. I don't think careers work out and you think Perhaps one morning you just wake up not there to do this anymore. the passion and the desire is just

big-name sponsors over the decision. Thorpe is consulting his It's believed

it's a difficult choice. His friends and colleagues say But if he decides to go, the country's respect. he'll always have in one year of his career He's done so much in a whole career. than most people get to do The speculation ends tomorrow conference at midday in Sydney. when Ian Thorpe will hold a media

Seven News will bring you that life. have hit the stockmarket, Telstra's T3 shares for the Federal Government - pulling in more than $15 billion nearly double the initial estimate.

relieved at making strong gains. Individual investors can also feel 10 years in the making, it finally happened. and at 11:30 this morning and even less fanfare, A small crowd, Telstra went private. marked the moment shot to $2.14, In minutes, the $2 instalment price closing at $2.18. on day one. It's still a 6% or 7% profit Not too many shares do that. were already ahead. 100,000 T3 shareholders

for purchasers in T3, Obviously I'm pleased have traded up today. that the instalment receipts

The Government ahead too - T3's earned it $15.5 billion. T3's gone very well. I think generally speaking of ordinary Australians. The sell-off is a sell-out decade-long sale. It's been a sometimes excruciating on T1, T2 and T3, so... I've actually worked a success. But most analysts call today to see it finally happen It's pleasing that in terms of coming in and the market has supported and investing in the shares. share offer in Australian history. T3 marks the second biggest seven years ago. The biggest was T2 now own Telstra shares - It means 1.6 million Australians of the adult population. that's one in five buying a new car. T3 today is like someone Buyer's happy, seller's happy. Question is - in a year's time? will the buyer still be happy How will the car still be running? That's up to Sol Trujillo to prove. Australia a total $45 billion. The three-stage sell-off has earned on the sharemarket today The Seven Network also made big news joint venture announcing a $4 billion with an American investment company. a war chest worth billions to spend The deal gives Seven buying other media companies. is intensifying. Australia's media shake-up the Seven Network. Stoking the frenzy today, I've ever been about our network. This is the most excited and its American investor The network will become equal partners the Seven Media Group, in a new company called worth over $4 billion. for the network, This is in fact a win-win and for all of our shareholders. for everyone who works here is Kohlberg Kravis Roberts, The American firm to buy Coles Myer. which recently tried at Seven... There'll be no changes to staff We've made our cuts. we don't have to make cuts. They're excited ..or changes to management. It's just terrifically exciting. The market approved.

by close of trading. Shares jumped almost 12 per cent in a series of deals This is the latest in media ownership laws. since the change is what Kerry Stokes intends to do The question now with his substantial war chest. Will you buy Fairfax? on buying anything. We've made no decision Would you like to? I haven't considered Fairfax. Giving Kerry Stokes that money now, and indeed Channel Seven that money now, allows them to participate in consolidation in the media sector across Australia. But some analysts warn such deals can be risky. word for leveraged buy-out which is another word for junk bonds, and that's what ultimately brought about the crash in the '80s. Cashed-up Seven, though, says it's never been stronger. As Seven News revealed last night the State Government will spend nearly $700 million upgrading Sydney transport. The plan includes a new bridge across Iron Cove and fast-tracking a rail service for the Hills district. Morris Iemma wants to make trips like this one over the Iron Cove Bridge a little less painful. All about reducing that daily grind of getting to and from work so that commuters can spend more time with their families. He says Iron Cove will get four new lanes duplicating the existing bridge.

I think for some years now, it's been an area of concern. The new lanes will be on this side of the Iron Cove Bridge, which, as you can see, is within spitting distance of these waterfront apartments. The Government will also finish the North West Rail Link two years early, in 2015. 2017 was the due date. The community of the north-west made it pretty clear that they wanted it delivered before that. But still five years later than first expected. I'm not going to be promising anything that we can't deliver. He's also spending $100 million on traffic bottlenecks like Parramatta and Spit roads. $45 million on rail stations, car parks, 1,000 new buses and a bus interchange near Town Hall. Well, I think anyone can judge from the congestion on the streets that it's simply not going to work. The kids seemed happy enough, when the Premier dropped by. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle! LAUGHTER But the Opposition isn't.

Why should we believe something they've put out four months ahead of an election, which promises so much but won't deliver anything? An inquest has been told a young woman was the victim of a cleverly planned murder five years ago, not a random crime. The death of Rachelle Childs has been a mystery, but investigators have recently uncovered new evidence. Rachelle Childs' burned body was found in the Seven Mile Beach National Park. That was five years ago and her tormented family hope they're finally getting closer to the truth of why the 23-year-old died and who may have been responsible. The last time you spoke to me you asked me if I was confident. I said I was hopeful, but now I'm pretty well optimistic something will come out of this. Rachelle was last seen alive outside the Bargo Hotel. The inquest has been told

police may have been deliberately misinformed, possibly by the killer, that she'd gone to meet someone there.

New evidence suggests rather than random, her killing may have been planned days, or even longer, in advance. According to Counsel Assisting, Peter Singleton,

a crime that was cleverly planned and executed Before now, police had identified nine persons of interest in this case. The inquest has been told one of those is likely to have been the killer, or at the very least, covering up for the killer. As each is ruled out, evidence will mount against the killer, a process watched in court by Rachelle's family. Totally uncomfortable, but it's a journey I haven't been on. Family of a man brain damaged in a hospital blunder are suing for compensation for the effects on them. St George Hospital has settled with the victim but is challenging some relatives' claims they were left mentally ill. Sam Karout's brain damage was so bad, doctors at St George Hospital told his family he'd be better off dead. He'd checked into the psychiatric ward to beat his heroin addiction. Instead, hospital staff overdosed him on methadone and valium. The hospital settled Sam's case out of court and agreed to compensate some but not all of his family. Their lawyer Peter Semmler says the mistake: Among them, his sister Samira. saying something was wrong. Sam rang her from the hospital,

His words were slurred and he dropped the telephone. Just as his lawyer spoke about that conversation, Sam Karout filled the court with screams of anguish. After he was taken outside, Mr Semmler revealed nothing for himself, that while Sam can do absolutely he understands a great deal. During her evidence, Samira sobbed and thumped the witness box. When Sam's father tried to call the hospital, all he got was an answering machine. His son was found the next morning, not breathing. The hearing continues. Opposition leader Kim Beazley has apologised for mixing up Rove McManus's name, on the day of Belinda Emmett's funeral. He confused the TV host with former White House adviser, Karl Rove. I'm very sorry for that, and I'll be writing to Rove to indicate the fact that I am very sorry about it. Rove's manager says the comedian is not offended and there's no need for an apology. Ahead in Seven News - why Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes' Italian wedding was a sham. Also, arson suspected as fire takes hold of a Sydney club building. And a dancing penguin becomes Australia's latest Hollywood superstar. Get into your local Goodyear Auto Service Centre Buy four Goodyear branded tyres and get $75 cash back. The Goodyear $75 Christmas Cashback now on. Call 13 23 43. Police suspect a fire at a disused building in Sydney's west was deliberately lit. More than 50 firefighters battled to contain the blaze at the old Wentworthville RSL building. The building as far as we know has been unoccupied for a significant amount of time, so we didn't have to worry about any particular life risk

with inside the building when we first arrived. Fire investigators will determine, whether accelerant was used to start the fire. John Howard has become the first Australian Prime Minister to visit one of our bloodiest Vietnam battlefields. to the 18 Australians killed He has paid tribute in a rubber plantation at Long Tan. of a wretchedly long war. A searing symbol

In these shadows, lost their lives. 18 soldiers of Delta Company 6RAR

victory of the war. It was Australia's most famous

And, 40 years later, an Australian leader to visit. the Vietnamese finally allow to the men who died there It's an opportunity to pay tribute

Australians and also to the 50,000-odd in Vietnam. who served at various times and 250 Vietnamese. 18 Australians died here Mr Howard will honour them too, calls "its patriotic martyrs". at a war memorial for those Vietnam As for our own patriots... They were appallingly treated opposed the involvement in Vietnam by both people who supported and at the time. And I think it's one of the things collectively feel quite embarrassed of which this country should and ashamed. this will help heal old wounds. Some Long Tan vets say will make it easier One would hope that his visit to be able to go to the site. for veterans in the future there's really not much here at all, Away from the cross, are drawn to this plantation yet thousands of people

every year... ..not expecting to see anything - just hoping to feel something. and peace. A place to meditate on war ill in a London hospital A former Soviet spy is critically after an apparent poisoning attempt. is a former KGB agent, Alexander Litvinenko who's become a strong critic of President Vladimir Putin's government.

Russian agents tried to murder him Litvinenko and his friends believe in a Sushi bar. by poisoning his food or at least he was before this, Alexander is a very, very strong man that he will get through this. so there is a real hope Litvinenko had information It's thought of a prominent Russian journalist. about the recent murder in the United States A cruise ship has docked Tom Cruise's agent has confirmed married Katie Holmes last week the Hollywood superstar officially in Los Angeles. Scientology, Italian law doesn't recognise so their star-studded, weekend ceremony near Rome multi-million dollar wasn't legally binding. in the Maldives, As the couple begin their honeymoon many commentators have noted his bride in their official photo, that Cruise appears taller than when he's actually 5cm shorter. about a performing penguin An Australian-made movie has out-gunned James Bond in American cinemas. on their opening weekend a flightless bird who can't sing 'Happy Feet' is about is a big hit with families. but his dancing '007' has finally met his match, and it's a penguin. What's wrong with his feet? feature film produced in Australia the first full-length animated 'Happy Feet',

to the top of the US box office. has danced its way totalled more than $55 million. Ticket sales this weekend George Miller says The film's Australian director for the local movie industry. making number one is a triumph that gives audience satisfaction The big, big thing is trying to tell a good story and seeing if an audience respond. That's what gives you, you know, keeps you stimulated. who can't carry a tune, The tale of an Antarctic penguin

'Happy Feet' features characters Jackman and the late Steve Irwin. voiced by Nicole Kidman, Hugh Made for more than $130 million,

hyped Bond adventure Casino Royale. it's not only overshadowed the much at the top. It also ended Borat's reign I new in town. Hello, my name is Borat, targets a wide audience US film critics say 'Happy Feet' the same success and is likely to have on Boxing Day. when it opens in Australia Time for sport, with Matthew White, for the Wallabies. and another depressing result in almost 30 years For only the second time we've been beaten by the Irish. More shortly. Also tonight, for the first Test. Shane Watson's race to be fit from his burning car. And a driver's lucky escape BRIGHT, QUIRKY MUSIC Until Wednesday, Australian all-rounder Shane Watson The waiting game continues for making his Ashes debut who remains upbeat about at the Gabba on Thursday. today Watson had a light training session on whether he'll play. but there's still no official word It's hardly ideal preparation

this country's seen. for the most anticipated Test Series Walking, then jogging a few laps off five paces, before rolling his arm over then off for more scans. It's hard to put a number on it. how it pulls up tonight Just depends on after doing a bit today - a bit of running and that. train at 60% today - The coach had hoped Watson would it was more like 6%. today. No, wasn't going to stretch out since I tweaked it. It's only been three days Probably test it out tomorrow. is still spinning. On stand-by, Michael Clarke's head from Hobart. A 4am wake-up call to join the squad

A great mate of Waston's, to be back in the squad, isn't it? Obviously worth getting up at 4am

the three quicks vying for one spot. More anxious waits for auditioned today, Gabba local Mitchell Johnson bowling to the Australian captain.

Wouldn't mind coming off long run. to him. Yeah, had a few warm-up balls

It's good to have a bowl to him early. All have compelling arguments. People like comparing me to Glen. Glen's got 570 wickets at 20. having two of him floating around. Wouldn't be bad thing Brett and I being in the same side. I don't see a problem with We've done it before. A pretty good combination, I think - is usually pretty potent. two blokes bowling around 150ks tomorrow, England will do their talking they arrive in Brisbane tonight. travelling from Adelaide has gone from bad to worse The Wallabies' World Cup build-up a rare defeat to Ireland. with Australia suffering the wet and windy conditions Coach John Connolly has blamed for the 21-6 loss. in 27 years It's only the second time we've been beaten by the Irish. With a gale at their backs from the boot of Stirling Mortlock. the Wallabies claimed first points But despite the advantage it was the Irish who dominated from then on. Jordan Murphy went within centimetres. COMMENTATOR: Did they finish it off?

Oh, I don't know.

Soon enough the Wallabies lost their tenuous grip on the match as Ronan O'Gara laid on the home side's first try. Steps back inside, Denis Hickey - oh, wonderful feet. Is he there? Yes, he is. Latham, Rathbone, Tuquiri and Larkham all had a shot at the try-scorer that time - but no-one was a hope of stopping Ireland's second. He'll be so keen, after all this possession, to round it off with a try, and maybe Shane Horgan can oblige - Jordan Murphy can. The Wallabies never looked a chance of scoring. They got another penalty goal, but the Test was gone when Phil Waugh found his way to the sin bin. Mat Rogers went with him, as the coach and captain went looking for excuses. I think the obvious thing was that Ireland certainly played in better conditions

than what we did. The damage was done in the first half, wasn't it? They were just so good in the conditions and they're a great team. The Wallabies play Scotland next week. The Kiwis are predicting a get-square from Kangaroos prop Willie Mason in Saturday night's Tri-nations final. Mason was knocked senseless in the series opener in Auckland. He missed the win against Great Britain through suspension and says he won't hold back in the final. I think it's better because it's a final. You can't get suspended, I don't think. Winger Matt King is hopeful of overcoming a calf injury to play in the final. And finally tonight, a lucky escape in a NASCAR race in the US for ex-Formula One driver Juan Pablo Montoya. His car was engulfed in flame

when the fuel tank exploded after colliding with the concrete wall. It was the Colombian's debut in the NASCAR series and the race was halted for 20 minutes while the debris was cleared. Montoya wasn't hurt.

I don't know how but he walked away.

The Rugby League golden boot award

is on tonight. I tip Darren Lockyer

to win. That is one of the worst

kept secrets. Checking finance now. And the share market closed lower. All the top stocks slipped. Commonwealth Bank down more than 2%, Telstra down 12%. Shares in Ord River Resources skyrocketed 65% after the firm announced one of the biggest discoveries in Australian copper mining history. Hot and hazy across much of Sydney today. Nuala has the rest of this week's forecast after the break. Do you have NRMA Comprehensive Car Insurance? Well, if you don't, I'm sorry, I've got some bad news for you. You see, you could be missing out on rewards that many of our customers enjoy, like a discount of up to 20% the longer you stay with us, and a discount on your comprehensive car insurance by combining it with an NRMA Insurance CTP Greenslip. Call now: And make sure you're getting the rewards you deserve. SONG: # By my side... # This weather report brought to you by Goodyear Auto Service Centres. CAR TOOTS The Goodyear Christmas Cashback on now. Good evening from the Sydney Opera House, what could soon be one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. Along with the The Great Wall of China and The Taj Mahal, our Opera House is one of 21 finalists in a global search for seven new wonders of the world. Our weather's a major wonder at the moment. Snow last week, this week a heatwave. Today warm north-westerly winds

sent temperature soaring in to the mid to high 30s. Cooler along the coast in the sea breeze. Skies were hazy with a combination of high cloud and smoke from the fires in the Blue Mountains.

Parts of western NSW already hit the 40s today as north-westerly winds around the high in the Tasman feed down hot and dry air. And we'll continue to swelter until the change near Tassie reaches US late Wednesday. Hot ahead of a late thundery change in Adelaide and Melbourne tomorrow. Hot and windy in Canberra. Hitting 41 in Alice Springs. A total fire ban has been issued for Sydney and most of the State tomorrow. For dry, hot and windy conditions hazy skies will seal in the heat. Close to 40 in western surubs. The sea breeze should make it a little less oppressive along the coast. More like 33 degrees. Hot again on Wednesday, aead of a late change, which could trigger a thundery shower. And then it's back to more pleasant weather for the rest of the week. Pollen levels staying high. There's going to be a party here at the Opera House from 6:00 tomorrow morning to celebrate the nomination, complete with giant lamington cake. Details on how on our website.

Giant lambing tonne for breakfast. Sounds interesting. And that's Seven News to now. I'm Ian Ross, thanks for your company. Goodnight.

Wli is he still here The million-dollar refugee. He came to Australia illegally, but he lives a life of luxury most Aussies could only dream of. Five-star hotels, catered meals, transport, and all paid for by taxpayers. Hello. I'm Naomi Robson. Tonight - the refugee treated like royalty. That exclusive investigation in a moment. Also - now you see it, now you don't. The secrets of the magazine trade exposed. Their hi-tech tricks can make anyone look beautiful, but now they're being blamed for causing a body image crisis. Plus, the sexy girls of golf. The calendar that was considered so confronting

it was taken off the printing press. Find out why a little later. And time to cast your vote of all time. for the best Australian soapie star How to make your favourite No.1. But first, is an illegal immigrant Peter Sankaran but you wouldn't know it Department is treating him. from the way our Immigration taxpayers $1 million a year, The refugee from India is costing accommodation, living in luxury hotel enjoying catered meals with a security detail and travelling around town which closely resemble tour guides.

to pretty much do what he wants. In fact, Mr Sankaran is able Nicolas Boot has this investigation.

I Don't know. Do you know what is

going on? I

going on? I don't know anything

about it. This man is an illegal

immigrant. Tonight you will see the

fancifully waste of taxpayers