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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - An inquiry ordered a Sydney hospital after a father blames

for his daughter's death. Ian Thorpe breaks his silence, because of the critics. saying he almost quit Partygoers sprayed with poison on a nightclub dance floor. in an attack as their amazing comeback rolls on. And the Eels pay a heavy price

with Chris Bath. VO: This is Seven News Good evening. into the death of a Sydney teenager An inquiry has been launched to meningococcal disease. who lost her life

and the ambulance service Her father blames a Sydney hospital for giving bad medical advice with the infection. when she was coming down Jehan Nassif died Friday morning 18-year-old trainee teacher from meningococcal disease. she died needlessly Her father says and blames a serious of failures by the hospital system. like my daughter. I don't want any kids get hurt and I lost her. Only one daugher I got, Last Monday, returned from holidays in Europe. Jehan's boyfriend George Later that night, cousin Elias, one of his travelling partners, diagnosed with meningococcal. ended up at Bankstown Hospital George was called in The next day, antibiotics, to be given precautionary asking hospital staff... but he was worried about Jehan, Should Jehan be treated for three hours on Monday night? because I'd made contact with her and didn't need to be treated. She told me that Jehan was safe

Later, cousin in his hospital room, when the couple visited George's

he was vomiting. she didn't need to wear a mask Why was Jehan told when she asked if it was necessary? By Friday morning, and was vomiting. Jehan had diarrhoea An ambulance was called. if they took her to hospital, Her family claims officers said as long as two hours. the wait could be in the hospital to see someone. She can't wait two hours to see your local doctor." He said, "Go in the morning and discussion with the family, After an examination that patient refused transport. The officers were unaware to meningococcal, of her possible exposure when Jehan's condition worsened, but a few hours later, they were called a second time. but died later that morning. She made hospital, Now an inquiry has been called. her death should never happened. Her family and friends say and that's it. They told us a few symptoms and "Go home". Gave us a few tablets,

locked up in our rooms. We should have been isolated, at his critics, Ian Thorpe has hit back to swimming for Australia saying he's committed at the Beijing Olympics. admits to being hurt But the Thorpedo he's become fat and lazy by accusations to Los Angeles. since moving from Sydney Ian Thorpe says proves he's not fat. These are the photos most successful Olympian, Despite being Australia's about his weight and training a barrage of media attacks throwing in the towel. has left him thinking of in your head is How you rationalise it "Stop swimming, it goes away," and it's a solution even think about, that I don't really want to like, it's in my head every day, but over the last couple of months, I can make this stop. that that's the way Strong words from a man do the talking who's let his swimming at just 14. since he burst into the spotlight won nine Olympic medals, He's smashed 18 world records, out of the pool, and had a stellar career but critics still hound him,

their most vicious attacks. recently unleashing I was in hospital in LA. I broke my hand - you know, are really detrimental like, all of these things that, to someone's swimming career at a very wrong part of my career. have kind of happened at least 40 hours a week. Thorpe says he's training I wouldn't be here. the amount of time and energy I wouldn't be spending so much crap and putting up with, you know, how I used to be able to swim. if I wanted to swim

will be at the Beijing Olympics The big test for Ian Thorpe in two years. But already critics are wondering

to remain the best when he's 25? will he have what it takes his own expectations I'm sure he can live up to

than everybody else's. which is probably more important

Thorpe has what it takes. Grant Hackett believes more than anything. I want him on the relay team So we need him there. Police will take no further action Ivan Milat against backpacker killer after raiding his family home. last Thursday They searched the Guildford house

in response to a tip-off. A squad of 20 officers out of a pit in the garage, reportedly pumped water in an unsolved murder. searching for evidence and the investigation is complete. Police say they found nothing seven life sentences. Milat is serving kicked out of a Melbourne nightclub Two men and set off a toxic spray bomb. have returned Pepper fumes filled the dance floor and ran for the exits. as 500 patrons panicked

with oxygen. Several had to be treated outside Eve nightclub in Southbank The drama cleared the popular around 3:00 this morning. The first arriving trucks encountered pandemonium, really. on the street, There was a number of people

people collapsed on the footpath. at the scene. Paramedics treated 9 people of sore throat, shortness of breath, The patients mainly complained

difficulty breathing, sore eyes. It burnt my eyes and I had a runny nose. I just got out of there. at the entrance to the nightclub The trouble began face with mace or capsicum spray, when a bouncer was sprayed in the other than police to carry. which is illegal for anyone of spray on the dance floor. A second man let off a canister

The guy on the door got sprayed and it just went through the whole club. It went through the garden bar where the smokers are, like I said, and then the whole club got affected. Absolute panic. Everyone just started running. Absolutely terrified. Police say it may be possible that an earlier incident were asked to leave where a group of people may be related. It was certainly a very distressing scene for the people inside the nightclub because initially they didn't know what was going on and they received quite a fright when a strange gas substance was released into the air. Kim Beazley is being likened to his failed predecessor in an extraordinary attack by the Government. The Health Minister made the comparison

in an interview this morning, resurrecting the ghost of Mark Latham for some early electioneering. It's not unusual for politics to get personal but as next year's election approaches, the Coalition is stepping up its attack on Kim Beazley. I think what people are starting to see now is a kind of mini version of Mark Latham in Kim Beazley. Everyone in the Government seems to be jumping on board. If Mark Latham were the current Prime Minister things would be much worse in Australia. Even the Prime Minister can't resist taking a dig, bringing up Latham's ladder of opportunity. It's alright if you get on the bottom rung of the ladder. Who does that remind you of? (laughs) Dear me, I'd almost forgotten! The Government is also drawing comparisons between Mark Latham's infamous handshake

and Mr Beazley's recent confrontation with Liberal MP Wilson Tuckey. Why don't you take your weak, worthless self in there with the weak, worthless legislation. Don't you call me weak! I think there is this sense he needs to muscle up. But it's Tony Abbott under attack from the Opposition. The Health Minister is being accused of deliberately misleading voters on the issue of stem-cell research. The experts have recommended a whole lot of things including the potential creation of human-animal hybrids. I think Tony Abbott as Health Minister has actually got an obligation to keep the debate calm and keep it focused on the facts.

Loti Tuqiri has been suspended up

till 7 November. It was ugly till 7 November. It was ugly and could have been a lot worse for the

skipper. His team-mates left him

behind this morning to defend his

tackle. In slow motion, it makes you

cringe. But the Wallabies say he

shouldn't cop there the blame. It

was an unfortunate situation where

Ritchie lost the ball and twisted in

the tackle, and fell awkwardly.

Certainly what the tackled player

does has han effect. He wasn't

injured, just shocked. Got

injured, just shocked. Got a bit of

a fright. He gave me a tackle-up. I

managed to stay out there, so

all right. The judges didn't managed to stay out there, so it was

all right. The judges didn't pick it up in the match, but the fans let

him know they didn't miss it. The

winger has been suspended until

winger has been suspended until 2 November. He only misses the one

Test. Tukiery was suspended in 2005

for a shoulder charge in the Super

12 final. This time, he'll be out

for over two months. I'll be back

later with golf tricks you have to

see to believe. Stick around.

SONG: # I don't want you to be my slave # Fancy clothes I do not crave # Don't need no lover to see me through # There's just one thing

# You can do # And that's the last thing I'll ever want from you

# Want from you. #

Man A man has been shot dead in Punchbowl

Punchbowl around 1am. Police found

the body of the 23-year-old in the

driveway. A woman inside wasn't

injured. A 49-year-old man was

arrested at the scene and has been

charged with murder. A bondy family

could only

could only look on last night as a

blaze almost destroyed their home.

Everyone inside escaped unharmed,

but the building may have to be

demolished. The cause hasn't demolished. The cause hasn't been revealed. The suspected killer of child beauty queen JonBenet Ramsey is tonight believed to be on his way to the US from Thailand. John Karr has been on suicide watch in a Bangkok prison as doubts grow about his confession. American police are now comparing the handwriting of a ransom note for JonBenet, and Karr's entry in a school yearbook. I don't think there is a case yet. What they have is probable cause. JonBenet's father is avoiding the media gathered in his hometown of Boulder, Colorado. The United Nations says Israel has violated the Middle East ceasefire by carrying out a commando raid inside Lebanon.

The Israeli military is calling it a defensive move to stop Hezbollah smuggling weapons, but Lebanon is threatening to stop deploying security forces to the border region. The new tensions coincide with the arrival of French troops in Lebanon - the first reinforcements of the UN peacekeeping force. They were calling bluffs in the buff at the first World Strip Poker Championship in London. 200 players started out with five items of clothing each, and a towel for when they lost. You could say the winner had naked ambition. But he's a good bloke, donating his $25,000 in prize money to charity. Reaching your 60s usually means

qualifying for pensions and discounts - a helping hand as we head for retirement. But when Bill Clinton turned 60 today, he asked why he should feel compelled to slow down when he, and others of the same age, have much to contribute. As one of the most controversial presidents in the history of the United States, William Jefferson Clinton has faced many challenging situations. But today's has him really worried. I will be 60 years old. I hate it. It wasn't that long ago the dreaded age that meant you were "over the hill". But now 60 is the new 40. For most of my working life I was the youngest person doing whatever I was doing. Then one day I woke up and I was the oldest person in every room. And he's not the only president to reach the milestone in 2006. This year the first of about 78 million baby boomers turn 60,

including two of my dad's favourite people - me and President Clinton. These days you can still be cool. The Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger and Keith Richards recently celebrated their 60th birthdays. Some of Hollywood's elite have also joined the club, including Sylvester Stallone. (sings) # Happy birthday to you # I hope we look that good at 60 - that's awesome. As for the theory you must slow down once reaching the big 6-0, Prime Minister John Howard has knocked that on the head, contesting the next election full of energy at the age of 67. Focus on your functional age, not on your chronological age and dare to dream just as big as you can. Now to our Sunday Flashback. The year is 1979, and five men are about to make transport history by blocking the Razorback Mountain Pass just outside Camden.

They were fighting for fair pay as the big trucking companies slashed wages. FOOTAGE: The situation worsened tonight when the men voted to block off all major roads throughout the State to heavy traffic. As far as we're concerned, negotiations are at a stalemate. The truckies' blockade of 1979. Razorback was where it started - a mountain pass on the Hume Highway, the main run between Sydney and Melbourne. The drivers were led by Ted Stevens a little bloke everyone called Greendog. He had a green truck once. And he took on Neville Wran's Government. Wran reckons I'm a little bloody Hitler and a dictator and all the other sort of garbage. I, as a man -

I'm proud of every bloody bloke that had the guts to stand up. It was just Greendog and four of his mates at first. They thought they'd be arrested after a couple of hours and that would be it, but the blockade went for nine days and brought in hundreds of trucks. I got on the CB and said "This is Greendog. "You can't come over the top of the mountain. "She's blocked. We're protesting against road tax." Road tax, weight limits and just, fair pay. Food went off, and the protest went nationwide. The radio personality John Laws arrived on the scene and talked to the men.

And that was where I met this fella who called himself Greendog - he was a real character, that one. He looked at me and said, "I thought you'd be bigger." The blockade ended when the truckers got some of what they wanted. Road tax was abolished and weight limits reviewed. it cost Ted Stevens. But years later,

I had nothing to carry. I lost me home, lost me family.

He says the Government and the big trucking companies got him. He's just started driving again for someone else for $18 an hour. Greendog's 62. This industry stood up once and hopefully it will stand up again because it's just as bad, if not worse than it ever was. Also remembered today - Vietnam Veterans from the Blue Mountains. The 40th anniversary of the Battle of Long Tan was marked by a parade through the streets of Springwood. BAGPIPES PLAY The march was followed by a service at the local war memorial. 18 Australian soldiers died at Long Tan, the bloodiest battle for Australia in the Vietnam War. Nick McArdle's back for sport and Jessicah Schipper does the double at the Pan Pacs? They can't catch her. Gold in the 100 butterfly to add to her 200 title. Highlights next. Also tonight - They're unstoppable right now. The electric Eels make it nine straight. He dummies and goes again to score underneath the black dot. And, don't try this at home - It's the World Trick Shot Championship. The Eels have made it nine in a row but it might have come at a cost with captain Nathan Cayless taken to hospital for X-rays on an injured eye socket. Elsewhere, Manly overcame a spirited Rabbitohs side at Brookvale, the Dragons belted the Tigers

and there was just no stopping the Eels at Aussie Stadium. Parramatta's defence looked solid early but Amos Roberts still managed to just sneak in to the corner

for the first try. COMMENTATOR: Look at that! as Eric Grothe juggled. The Eels quick to equalise as Eric Grothe juggled. He almost lost it. David Shillington was put on report for a shot on Glen Morrison and a few tackles later Jarrod Hayne had his 15th try, couldn't shake the Roosters. but the Eels

Drew, and passed to Ryan Cross. Eric Grothe benched for his bad defence.

Jarred Haines soared under the Jarred Haines soared under the high

ball, and o Dwyer backed up. The heat on Ricky Stuart as his Roosters became the Eels' ninth straight scalp. He dummies and goes again. Captain Trent Barrett's commitment has been questioned by Dragons legend John Raper, but St George's stars of the '60s saw the 2006 side stand up. There's a try. Centre Mark Gasnier beating plenty to get across. In full view of his famous uncle. And he did Reg proud with a double before the break. Elford has missed him again. Gasnier easily got the hat-trick

as the team ran in nine tries against the Tigers for Barrett to prove the knockers wrong.

He's intite ltd to his opinion.

That's all I'll say on that. We put

it together today, which was great,

and we can resurrect the season. Sea Eagles fullback Brett Stewart grabbed a hat-trick as Manly downed Souths.

Here's a couple of things you weren't expecting - the Knights won without Andrew Johns, and the Storm lost a match in Melbourne. from the field after the loss to the Panthers, while it was the Warriors who upset the Storm, and the Knights ended the Cowboys' season. It was Newcastle's No.7 doing all the damage, but with Andrew Johns suspended, Jarrod Mullen was the man. COMMENTATOR: It took a dozen painkilling injections to get him on the field. Then Mullen put the Cowboys' year out of its misery. He's kicked it. And that is the game Knights hooker Danny Buderus won't play in the Tri-Nations because his fiancee's pregnant. He's hoping he won't miss any more footy because of this tackle. Danny, you've hit him high. It's going on report. We'll have a look at it. The Storm finally had the loss they had to have, but few expected it would come against the Warriors. To Mannering, who scores for the Warriors! The Storm targetted Manu Vatuvai from their kick-offs and it paid off more than once, but the big winger got his own back, setting up the match-winning try. To Webb infield. Has he got the legs? They'd already dropped seven in a row but the Sharks came up with a new way of losing last night. They led 28-8 with 18 minutes to go before Penrith came home with a flurry. The Panthers are in again. Lee Hookey scored the winner. The Sharks can't make the eight. Coming through and scoring is Lee Hookey. This is the hardest one to take, I think. Certainly hard for us, so you half feel sorry for the people watching it. Now, despite the loss last night, the Storm are the minor Premiers. A massive game next week when the Eels play the Broncos. With two rounds left to go, only the Panthers can break into the eight.

Three games this afternoon to complete round 20 of the AFL. West Coast moved to the top of the ladder by smashing Brisbane, it was Richmond over Carlton by 45 points, and it was Melbourne 50-point winners over the Kangaroos. While last night, Hawthorn beat Essendon by 18 points, by 58. So West Coast replaces Adelaide at the top of the ladder. Melbourne is third. The Swans' loss to Geelong yesterday sees them slip to fifth. They play Brisbane at Telstra Stadium on Saturday night. Australia's Jessicah Schipper has completed the butterfly double at the Pan Pacific Swimming Championships in Canada. Schipper dominated today's 100 butterfly

and she just missed out ON another world record. COMMENTATOR: Schipper's trying to give it a run. She's just going to be over the top of the world record. That's a championship record for Jessica Schipper. Olympic champion Aaron Peirsol shaved almost a quarter of a second off his own world record in the 200 backstroke. And the United States broke the men's 4x100 freestyle relay world record. Canada was second

and the Australians collected the bronze medal. Aussie golfer Geoff Ogilvy is still some hope of winning his second major title, but there's one tiny problem. He's got to get past Tiger Woods to do it. Woods and Luke Donald lead at 14-under while Ogilvy overcame a dreadful start to finish the day three shots back. The worst possible start for Geoff Ogilvy - a double-bogey six at the first. But gone is the hot-head of old. His fuse is longer nowadays, and by 15 he'd rescued his round. COMMENTATOR: Ogilvy's made a terrific comeback after that double bogey to start the day. Another Aussie Adam Scott birdie at 17. He's seven off the pace. This was Mike Weir's second out of a bunker at 15. His 65 equalled the course record. Good contact.

Oh, my goodness. Can you believe this shot! Tiger showed his hand early. An indication of things to come - Tiger's putt at first. And that would be a very good sign right there.

Woods has led a major into the final round on 11 occasions and he's won all 11 tournaments. Likes the contact. Oh, my goodness. Is there anything the man can't do? Three consecutive birdies on the back nine. We've seen it before. Tiger made it look easy.

Oh, boy, it took a little dive. The double take from Tiger.

And brilliance from Luke Donald - a share of the lead, but for how long? Oh, I've never seen anything like this. And from the sublime to the ridiculous at golf's World Trick Shot Championships. 11 pros from around the world had 15 minutes to impress both judges and spectators with a variety of gravity defying and potentially lethal trick shots. The eventual winner was England's Geoff Swain, who pocketed $12,000 for his routine. And perhaps even more unbelievable was that no-one was injured in the process. Could have been very painful. And rally driving is hard enough at the best of times but even more so when things like this happen. Who's opened the bonnet? Not me.

Luckily driver Simon Evans was still able to steer safely despite the bonnet flying open at 100km/h.

Who's opened the bonnet? Just a

casual conversation inside the car.

That was great. Thanks, Nick. We're expecting another taste of spring across Sydney tomorrow. I'll have all the weather details next in Seven News. TRAFFIC NOISE BIRD SQUAWKS Don't worry. Until Wednesday at Target get 20% off women's, men's and kids' underwear, socks and hosiery. When you see a big news story, grab your camera or video phone and start shooting. Then send your images to:

Our wonderful weekend weather continued across Sydney today, though it was a pretty chilly start in the outer suburbs. It was -1 at Richmond and Campbelltown this morning, and 8 in the city.