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(generated from captions) You haven't been trying that long. that you're pregnant. So I doubt very much If Nick really is committed to you, I can do about that. there's not much But if he still has feelings for me, which you and I both know he does, it just comes down to well, then, I guess who Nick really wants to be with - you or me. And I'm confident about the answer. How about you?

I don't think so. the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. a woman's frenzied stabbing attack Tonight - Scientology blamed for on her own family. cases because of one simple mistake. An urgent review of all criminal I'm very disappointed about it all - can cause all this. to think that a staple And Sydney cops a soaking - in just 24 hours. nearly a month's rain Good evening. secret recordings Also tonight - police reveal its final stages. as the Diane Brimble inquest enters And - Boeing's secret weapon - about to hit our skies. the new Dreamliner But first this evening - in last week's deadly stabbing frenzy a sensational religious twist at Revesby.

with murdering members of her family A court told a woman charged by her parents was refused psychiatric help because of their Scientology beliefs.

to death by his daughter, A father allegedly stabbed and his wife were Scientologists a court now told both the victim and opposed to psychiatric treatment. in court today The 25-year-old daughter appeared

and her 15-year-old sister charged with the murder of her father and the wounding of her mother. The law prevents them from being identified.

The court was told -

psychiatry harms patients. The religious sect believes from her evangelical Christian church Members of the family and friends to support the 25-year-old. were in court depression, panic attacks The court told she suffered paranoia, She had sought medical help when her parents objected. but stopped taking her medication When she came into the court, fearful and fragile. the young woman looked withdrawn, on her psychiatric medication She's now back treatment at a prison hospital. and has been ordered to continue suffered multiple stab wounds. Detectives revealed the victims The alleged killer slashed her wrists she'd butchered her family. and told police She allegedly said - for our family member We all want the best that's happened today. and we're satisfied has to say at the moment That's all the family to keep moving on. and we'd appreciate a bit of space Every criminal file in the State after an embarrassing blunder is being reviewed most notorious murder cases. in one of the State's Janine Balding Two men who raped and killed to a High Court challenge winning the right from their court papers. because a staple was missing of Janine Balding in 1988 The abduction, rape and murder was so brutal the papers of the three killers, that the judge marked "never to be released." But now, sloppy bookkeeping Registry in the Court of Criminal Appeal on severity of sentence, has allowed a High Court appeal, by two of those convicted, of the Balding family. adding to the ongoing pain that they would pick up You wouldn't believe just some little legal technicality over this. and take it to the High Court I think it's totally wrong. by Mrs Balding and her family. I keenly feel the distress felt An earlier appeal by the two men, and a juvenile codenamed 'B', Matthew Elliott Stephen Jamieson, along with the third killer, was rejected in 1992. As bizarre as it might seem, this latest appeal is partly due to a missing staple from a court file. their cases were never completed Lawyers for the two men argue because a crown indictment was never physically attached by staple as required by law. to the court file The files are dynamite - properly if you don't look after them you get these consequences. to close the loophole. The Government is now pledging

criminal file in the Supreme Court A full review of every single to avoid any repeat of this issue. is currently being carried out I am very disappointed about it all. could cause all this trouble. To think that a staple

Paul Mullins, Ten News. Sydney is soaking up in years, one of the biggest July downpours of rain in the past two days. almost an entire month's worth is at the weather bureau - Ten reporter James Boyce James, just how much has fallen?

Good evening Ron. We have had a 71

mm to be precise as which has fallen as a hint yesterday across

the great as any city region. In

July, we normally expect 59 mm so

we have had two-thirds of the month

rainfall in 30 hours. What we rainfall in 30 hours. What we have

seen over the last 12 hours or so

it is gale-force winds. We have had

some small hail as the heavy rain

began to fall. Thing is West did

not receive a much rain and

according to the bureau they are

not going to see much more of it. according to the bureau they are not going to see much more of it.

This is another low for most Sydney

regions but it has not come as

close to the coast as in the past.

coastal We have had showers affecting the

We have had showers affecting the

coastal areas mainly. He's any of

the rain getting into the dance? the rain getting into the dance? coastal areas mainly. He's any of the rain getting into the dance?

the rain getting into the dance?

Unfortunately, not enough of it. We

have only seen one that took four

mm in at the entire catchment. We

have about 55 % of water in out

dans overall. Sweep would need 20 dans overall. Sweep would need 20

mm of rain at day for five days for

it to it get to 70 %. For it to be

completely full, we would need 40

mm per day for five days. Last week

we had a problem where a wall fell

down in the one of the canals that

brings water into Sydney from one brings water into Sydney from one

of our southern dance. This has

been repaired. The algal bloom that

that was in Warragamba Dam is that was in Warragamba Dam is still

there, but authorities say it is

safe and will only become a concern

again if we have heavy rain, or

wind gusts. Both of these look unlikely. Surprise evidence at the Dianne Brimble inquest, police revealing they've secretly recorded eight men linked to the Brisbane mother's tragic death aboard a cruise ship. Armed with luggage to see them through another three weeks, Dianne Brimble's loved ones arrive for the latest round of witnesses at her inquest. In the months that have passed since the court last sat investigations have continued and uncovered a huge amount of fresh information. Of particular interest, secret recordings

made of conversations by the eight men of interest. The men also discuss the capacity of the court's inquiry

and the coroner's potential findings. The tapes will be played at the inquest later this week. Three more of the Adelaide men are also scheduled to appear in the coming weeks, Witnesses have previously told the court he was the one who gave Mrs Brimble the drug that killed her - GHB. But before moving on with the list of witnesses, the coroner took the time to offer her condolences to the Brimble family over the recent death of Dianne's mother, Betty. She'd previously been a fixture at the hearings, committed to finding out what happened to her daughter. The recognition of Dianne's mother being at the coronial inquest by the coroner was very nice. I know the family appreciated it. The latest stage of the inquest will include several night court sessions to accommodate witnesses overseas who will give evidence by videolink. who examined Mrs Brimble's body The first will be a doctor on the ship and had a conversation with Mark Wilhelm. The case resumes tomorrow. Amber Muir, Ten News. Federal Police are currently in a closed hearing before a magistrate over the future of Gold Coast terror suspect Doctor Mohamed Haneef. Today police and bomb dogs descended on the hospital where the doctor worked. Another raid, a new fear - police lead a sniffer dog into the Gold Coast Hospital, believed to be hunting for explosives. Staff told Ten News the dog swept through staff locker rooms and change rooms - areas Dr Mohamed Haneef may have used.

They also brought in a portable forensic lab.

Some of the staff have been interviewed. on Dr Haneef's apartment. It follows another night of raids Police seized more items, paying close attention to a vacuum cleaner. My missus said it was, like, heaps of people around between afternoon to night-time - really noisy. Officers say warrants were to gather extra information, denying they missed evidence in the first raids.

Haneef's lawyer says by law details of the case against his client stay secret until charges are laid. and a little bit more balance built into it it would be, perhaps, a little bit more fairer. If the laws turn out to be inadequate then the Government will look at making them more adequate. It's thought Dr Haneef made contact with his wife in India today, as this photo emerged of the couple hamming it up at Sydney's Aquarium. Innocent times - Emma Dallimore, Ten News. a long way from a Brisbane jail cell.

Emma Dallimore, Ten News. The Prime Minister has defended his government's decision to reissue a travel warning for Australians intending to travel to Indonesia. John Howard says there is "sufficiently firm intelligence'' to warn of another possible terror attack against Westerners. We don't change these things, we don't upgrade them, we don't make statements unless there is sufficient reason. Jemaah Islamiah is still alive and well in South-East Asia, and this is a continuing challenge for Australia. The travel warnings state terrorists are actively planning attacks and one could be imminent. A look at sport now with Tim Webster and a nasty end to the season for young Bulldogs forward Kane Cleal? Yes, he's out for three months with a broken jaw, and Shark Ben Ross has been charged with a reckless high tackle. Remarkably, Cleal was able to talk today after three hours of surgery

on what the veteran club doctor described as one of the worst broken jaws he'd ever seen. We'll hear from Kane shortly. And what a moment it was when Roger Federer claimed his fifth-straight Wimbledon crown, equalling the record of the great Bjorn Borg - all the highlights shortly. Also later - thank God for Tim Cahill in the Socceroos' 1-all draw with Oman. See you later. Tag time on the Harbour tunnel - how Sydney coped with going cashless. Also tonight - solving the housing affordability crisis - the new plans to ease the buying burden. And changing the way we work - families at the forefront of new employment policies.

(Man shouts joyfully) Well, seems I've discovered No. I... It's not what you think. You liar. You said we couldn't get FOXTEL because we'd spend too much time watching telly. so you can totally control what you watch and when. (Sighs) Nothin'. Good.

This program is captioned live. The new cashless Harbour Tunnel seems to have passed its first peak-hour test. The big question now - can the Harbour Bridge cope with compulsory e-TAGs as well? Wet roads and new toll arrangements - a perfect recipe for a traffic nightmare

approaching the Harbour Tunnel. But on the first weekday of cashless tolling, you could almost say things went smoothly. To the great credit of the people of Sydney, they have got the message and they've got a tag! There were some minor traffic snarls but 92% of motorists using the tunnel today had an e-TAG installed. they'll have 48 hours to pay before hefty administration fees kick in - $5 after a week, $10 dollars after two weeks, then you'll pay a fine. This is about improving traffic flow. It's about getting people through that tunnel more easily, more quickly. But after today's success, the question remains - how long will it take for all of northern Sydney's motorists to become e-TAG fans, allowing Sydney's original tollway, the Sydney Harbour Bridge, to become cash-free as well?

I can't put a timeframe on it at this point, but certainly it is part of our longer-term plan. We need the tag on the Harbour Bridge as well, on the deck. I think it's probably a good thing, speeds things up, speeds up the traffic across the bridge. And with hundreds of drivers without tags diverting onto the bridge this morning, the coathanger probably needs all the help it can get. The harbour crossings will face another big test next week when school holidays come to an end. Daniel Sutton, Ten News. A bold new plan to make renting more affordable

has won the support of industry. The Labor Party is proposing tax incentives for investors to provide cheaper housing for those unable to even begin buying their own homes. Turning the housing field of dreams into a reality is becoming more of a mirage as land prices skyrocket out of more people's reach,

and even renting is no easy solution. Eddy Bourke lived with his parents into his 20s. When he moved out it was to the edges of the city. I found myself living in the outer suburbs of Canberra but it wasn't very good when you couldn't afford a car. from community housing at 75% market rates. The problem is that Australia-wide there simply isn't enough of it.

This is a 61-lot land division. State governments do subsidise non-profit housing providers. Now Kevin Rudd is proposing to boost their stocks by offering tax credits to private developers and superannuation funds to invest. the Commonwealth Government, after 11 years in office, has not thought of doing something similar to assist with the housing affordability crisis in this country. The industry welcomes the suggestion. It is a scheme that's operated successfully in the US. The Prime Minister says the best thing a government can do generally for home-buyers is keep interest rates low, and Mr Howard is urging the States to join the Commonwealth to releasing more on to the market, in auditing their land with a view though he seems unconvinced it's the solution. We've got to be careful we don't simply increase demand and make houses more expensive. The Housing Industry Association is unimpressed. The Federal Government is bound by its own act which requires it to sell surplus land to the highest bidder. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A warning tonight that parental leave rules need to be changed, of Australia's future generations or the well-being will be put at risk. Experts revealing plans to let workers spend more time with their kids.

A quick glance here and there's no doubt there are more stay-at-home dads. If I can I'll be 100% with my kids. But many working parents complain they're not getting enough support from governments to allow them to spend more time with their children. being able to find some way Being able to find a balance, to be able to pay the bills and spend time with my family and if a government can do that for me, that's going to get my vote. Pushing parents' cause is a group of researchers who've released recommendations, including: It's time for a comprehensive catch-up on work and family policy - women have changed, men have changed and we need to improve our arrangements to support working carers. They're also proposing workers be able to ask bosses if they can change from full- to part-time arrangements without fearing they'll be sacked. It needs to be an integrated program that acknowledges both the industrial regime and the care regime and develop policy initiatives that are based on good practice and support and facilitate Australian families. And that also includes better pay and entitlements for casual workers. At the heart of this issue is the welfare of children. Studies have shown how much time, or lack thereof, a parent spend with their child impacts into their adulthood.

We have one window of opportunity to provide children with strong foundations that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. Catherine Kennedy, Ten News.

For its time to check whether. Kim

Bailey is running his hand with a

bleak. And the weather will come in

48 hours slicers and they 48 hours slicers and they will

differ a lot. Thursday Friday will

see sunny conditions and there will

be showers on Saturday and Sunday. It was our

It was our wettest 48 hour period

in July in 19 years. Eastern areas

of the catchment received between of the catchment received between

15 mm and 20 mm. The good news is

that the soil is very wet after

good rain threw out the month so

did run-off is expected to be

substantial. Warragamba Dam received six mm today.

received six mm today. It is about

14 degrees right received six mm today. It is about

14 degrees right now. It was a

cracker of a day as far as rainfall

was concerned. We put a Green on someone's someone's face was concerned. We put a Green on someone's face despite the great

and the balloon. Kate has won a

video camera for this photo. and the balloon. Kate has won a video camera for this photo. I will

see you all again in 10 minutes. Out of control - next, the deadly bushfires sweeping America. And running for their lives - two Aussies in hospital after being gored in Pamplona.

Time now to cross to Vic Lorusso in

the Traffic Helicopter.. It is not

a good recipe for the traffic. We

have a series of accident that

occurred just before 5pm. This used

D m five which is now closed. Deep

rot a at diverting traffic onto

King Georges Road. You can see

traffic banked into Revesby for

traffic heading to the city. A Mort

have opted for motorists to take

Canterbury Road but there is a five kilometres to six kilometres of traffic.

traffic. It is a very slow run of

four motorist heading to the south-

west. We will try to find a better

way and show you soon. A Sydney mother of three is fighting for her life after her car slammed into a minibus in New Zealand. The 41-year-old is in a critical condition with serious head injuries. She was with her family on a skiing holiday and was leaving the resort town of Mount Hutt when the accident happened. The woman's husband and three children escaped with minor injuries. were also unhurt. The nine bus passengers The Human Rights Commissioner has attacked federal laws for discriminating against same sex couples.

The recent tabling of a report in Parliament sparking emotional reactions. Embracing the challenge of raising their 21-month-old daughter, Mabel, Sacha Peterson and Anna Russell describe their family life as normal and are saddened their union is not treated as such under the law. A new report identifies 58 federal laws as denying same-sex couples - and their children -

basic financial benefits. We are not running around being political people, we are just ordinary, everyday people... ..and so it's tough when that's questioned. Ms Peterson became emotional when confronted by a representative of the Family Council. They are claiming single parent benefits, which married couples are not entitled to. I claim student benefits

and I would gladly give them up if I didn't have to pay double tax. The Human Rights Commissioner claims Australia's 20,000 same-sex couples are being cheated of a long line of entitlements. Employment workers' compensation, veterans, aged care, superannuation, health benefits. Mr Innes is calling for the definition of de facto to be broadened to include gay and lesbian couples. Treated, in that sense, as first-class taxpayers, but second-class citizens. As the non-biological mother, when I fill out my tax return, I have to tick 'No' to the question, "Do you have any children?"

Just to deny the existence of these two is just heartbreaking. The Government says it is against discrimination. Veronica Buck, Ten News. One person is dead and at least two firefighters have been injured in bushfires ravaging parts of America. in South Dakota At least 30 homes have been destroyed as scorching temperatures fuel a string of blazes across 10 states. In Utah, a wall of flame is threatening homes forcing the evacuation of hundreds of residents. The blaze has already burnt out an estimated 64,000 hectares. Conditions are expected to worsen

with temperatures tipped to hit record highs for the next few days. Two Australians are still recovering after being gored during Spain's annual running of the bulls. Thousands of daredevil tourists took to the streets for a second day, dodging the out-of-control animals through the narrow streets. as they wound their way of the bulls turned on spectators. 12 people were hurt when two in the annual event since 1924, At least 13 people have died an American tourist in 1995. the last fatality A reading and writing revolution -

helping thousands of schoolchildren. next, the new literacy program weapon in the battle for our skies. Also - Boeing unveils its latest with Crowded House - And an exclusive chat their plans for the future. back on stage and revealing rain down on me... # (Sings) # And you let your tears

If you need staff, I can help. that can never find enough staff, Hospitality is one industry which is why they turn to us. for an interview. They sent Pam along had the right attitude. She was 56,

some on-the-job training. She just needed

a lot of experience to a job. Mature-aged workers can bring very reliable. And I find them to be and efficient. She's very competent full-time. She's now working for me important part of the team. And, yeah, she's an

by what's out there. Employers are often surprised not to pigeonhole people. The trick is If you need staff, call the Employer Hotline on: Or visit Monday. 'EVERYDAY PEOPLE' PLAYS ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT'S Mondays can be uphill. Mondays are hard work. You start a diet on a Monday. we organise passports, At Australia Post and foreign currency. traveller's cheques, and pay bills before you go, You can do your personal banking so you'll enjoy more of every day.

If you need staff, I can help. of people looking for work. We've got access to thousands

If you need staff, call the Employer Hotline on: Or visit This program is captioned live. The top stories this news hour - the biggest July downpours in years. Sydney is soaking up one of of rain has fallen Almost an entire month's worth in the past two days. much of the torrential downpours. But our dams have missed is being reviewed, Every criminal file in the State

after an embarrassing blunder. Janine Balding have won Two men, who raped and killed

the right to a High Court challenge from their court papers. because a staple was missing in last week's deadly stabbing frenzy And a sensational religious twist at Revesby. A court has been told members of her own family a woman charged with murdering

was denied psychiatric help in Scientology. because of her parents' belief on Aboriginal communities The Prime Minister's crackdown across the Tasman, has sparked an angry reaction a Maori Party MP letting fly intervention at the Federal Government during a TV interview.

inposing racist policies John Howard is a racist bastard in a position to fight back. on a people who are not to the invasion of Iraq, Hone Harawira compared the plan labelling it poorly thought out. the government action Protests against across Australia and New Zealand have been planned for cities this Saturday. breakthrough in teaching - There's been a remarkable

make a 5-year literacy improvement a new program has seen some students in just 12 months. are signing up Now hundreds of teachers to learn how it's done. is the literacy guru, Dr Carol Christensen sweeping schools across the country. the brains behind a program to find out why. so that I can help those children I'm hoping to get some more skills without really high reading skills. who come to school

The main principle - at which they will succeed. every student works at a level What we do is we assess everybody, of literacy we identify their current level and then we design a program that is going to work for them. pronouncing every word correctly. Students are taught to read out loud,

the word out loud at the same time, When writing, they're urged to say big amounts of text, and when comprehending sentence by sentence. students learn to break it down, But it has to be fun. addicted to reading - We kind of try and get them without taking their book. they can't go to bed at night is helping more than 50,000 students The Whole School Literacy Program than lifting literacy levels. and there's more to this program Teachers already using it say in student behavioural problems they've seen a dramatic reduction and higher motivation when it comes to school work.

are engaged in their learning - I think when children getting them excited about reading - and that's what this is about, less of a problem. then behaviour becomes come true, but... Sounds like a teacher's dream of hard work. It's just a phenomenal amount Amelia Charlton, Ten News. for the Australian stock market A new record thanks to the mining sector. at Beacon Hill, Frenchs Forest Best price for petrol today was $1.11 and Forestville. one cent And Qantas shares have fallen is going to buy after news the airline most advanced passenger aircraft. another 20 of the world's at the Boeing Dreamliner. Today the world got its first look all-new commercial jetliner The 787 Dreamliner is Boeing's first in more than a decade it's like nothing you've ever seen. and the company is promising MAN: The Boeing 787 Dreamliner! to turn the dream into a reality - It's taken the company six years carbon fibre and reinforced plastic. an aircraft constructed from The composite material helps make it less expensive to maintain

by using 20% less fuel, and cheaper to fly for those living near airports, and Boeing says on take-off and landing. the jet is quieter the most fuel efficient, By producing low-noise, low-emission aeroplane, the natural resources of the planet. we are helping to preserve Boeing's biggest customers, Qantas is one of on the eve of plane's unveiling. increasing its order by 20 aircraft expects to take delivery The Flying Kangaroo of the first 15 by next July Jetstar. for use by its low-cost carrier Budget-savvy passengers will notice a difference - larger seats, wider aisles, bigger windows and a lighting system to mimic sunrise and sunset on long flights.

And for nervous flyers, some additional comfort - a special system to smooth out turbulence.

This plane is particularly good for long, thin routes, and that means that passengers will have a better chance of avoiding having to change planes. In all, Boeing has orders for 677 planes and the first commercial flight is still almost a year away. In the United States, Nicole Strahan, Ten News.

A leads a look at the weather. I

thought you were tempting fate

early are with your umbrella - you

certainly needed it close to hand

today. We have just had the wit

just 48 hours in Sydney in the past

17 years. We have had two thirds of the

the month's rainfall and it is

still falling. It is likely still falling. It is likely to

continue raining tomorrow mainly on

the coast. It is also the forecast

for Wednesday. We should have fine

and sunny conditions on Thursday

and Friday. For the rain is falling in the and Friday. For the rain is falling

in the catchment where we need it as well.

If you have some photos of the big

wet in the last 48 hours in Sydney

- send it to pass on 04051010. and a Sharks forward facing a ban of up to five weeks. Sport now with Tim Webster facing a ban of up to five weeks. Yes, it's over a high shot that's left young Bulldogs forward Kane Cleal with a badly broken jaw. We'll hear from Cleal shortly. Also, Tim Cahill saves the Socceroos again And Federer's five in a row at Wimbledon. COMMENTATOR: Game, set and match.

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Cronulla forward Ben Ross faces up to five weeks suspension for the high shot that left Bulldog Kane Cleal with a badly broken jaw. The son of league great Noel Crusher, Cleal won't play again this season but says he holds no ill will towards Ben Ross. That Kane Cleal looks so good That's despite three hours of surgery last night on a double jaw fracture described by the Bulldogs veteran club doctor as the worst he's ever seen. I remember getting tackled and, as I was going down, I've seen me tooth going through the air. It was almost in slow motion. and I picked it up on the way out. He was pretty rattled. you like to see on the field. It wasn't one of them type of things The hit, which went unnoticed by match officials, will cost Cleal tens of thousand of dollars in lost match payments. Sharks forward Ben Ross today hit with a grade five reckless high tackle charge and a minimum 3-match ban. He'll plead guilty but club officials say he may yet contest the severity of the grading. "You'll get a few weeks for that high shot," and he said he didn't know about it.

I find that hard to believe 'cause you know when you hit someone's head. It's different to hits on the shoulder or something. It's a toss, I think. doctors took a skin graft from the roof of his mouth to repair damage to his gums and lip. It wasn't really pretty. Not that I'm a good-looking bloke, but it didn't really help my looks. Bulldogs captain Andrew Ryan charged with a dangerous throw out of yesterday's win against the Sharks but won't miss a game should he plead guilty. Team-mate Willie Mason calling for more consistency in the way charges are laid. more than any other team. I seen some bloke get dropped on his head on the weekend, I don't know who it was, and they just let it slide. Leanne West, Ten News. Australia's first taste of Asian Cup football against Oman ended in a dramatic escape. Super sub Tim Cahill saved the Socceroos. The midfielder reproduced another get-out-of-jail similar to last year's World Cup performance with an injury-time goal and a 1-all draw for the tournament favourites. When the chips are down, call in Tim Cahill. COMMENTATOR: Tim Cahill has done it! Would you believe it? It's Germany all over again! The goal sneak turned back the clock to Kaiserslautern, scoring Australia's first Asian Cup goal in his first game back from a broken foot. It's quite an emotional night. Been out for four months now and, yeah, to come back and get a goal just puts the icing on the cake. Cahill's injury-time goal saved Australia from the ultimate embarrassment. The tournament favourites were well off the pace, falling behind in the 32nd minute, a margin that could have been tripled if it wasn't for Mark Schwarzer and his magic gloves. oh, great save by Schwarzer. Free header - As long as I could keep it down to 1-0 as much as possible, for as long as possible then there was every chance that we could get ourselves back in the game. for this effort and it started a string of dramatic dives from Oman as they tried to protect their lead by calling for the stretcher, but the greatest rescue came from Cahill, a fortunate draw that exposed the team's frailties with players losing up to 5kg in the extreme conditions. I've got to commend the players on their character. Lesser teams wouldn't have come back and Timmy Cahill showed what a great value he is to the national team. Australia now sit on equal on points in Group A after Thailand and Iraq played a 1-1 draw in Saturday's opening match. Scott Mackinnon, Ten News. Carlton Bad boy Brendan Fevola is looking to become a better team player when he makes his return from a club-imposed suspension against the Swans at the SCG on Sunday. The Swans recovered at the SCG pool this morning after yesterday's fighting 28-point win over the Dockers. I think on the weekend we really took it to Fremantle

and just our run and attack really created a lot of scoring opportunities and if we were able to kick a bit more straight it would have been an easy win. The Swans provided the perfect celebration for Michael O'Loughlin

who broke the record for most Swans games and 200-gamer Adam Goodes. Roger Federer has emulated the great Bjorn Borg

by capturing a fifth straight Wimbledon title. The world number one eventually got up in a five set thriller over his newest arch rival, Rafael Nadal.

Wimbledon's wettest championship in 25 years was happy to accommodate a tear-jerking finale, an emotional Roger Federer becoming just the second man to win five successive Wimbledon crowns. To play a champion like Rafael in the finals - of course it means even more to me, equalling Bjorn as well, so it's... APPLAUSE Earlier, the game's top two gladiators fought out a war of attrition on their sport's most famous battlefield... COMMENTATOR: Great tennis! ..Federer's class on grass providing him with the opening set, Nadal's response a little unorthodox. That's amazing! That's not possible! Federer forced to stand his ground in the third... He backed himself. ..the world's best clinching a two-sets-to-one advantage, but the Spaniard refused to lie down for a Sunday siesta... Wow! Strikes back immediately.

..and his assistance from Hawkeye had Federer frustrated. How in the world was that ball in? I mean, it's just killing me today. The defending champion eventually regained his composure to break Nadal's serve - and heart - claiming an 11th career Grand Slam title 6-2 in the final set. It's a big moment for me and, you know, then in the end, to lift a trophy, it's special memories. I'll have it for all my life. Andrew Brown, Ten News. Australian cyclist Robbie McEwen has recorded one of the most courageous victories of his career, recovering from a crash to take out stage one of the Tour De France. The stage began in spectacular fashion as the riders crossed London's Tower Bridge. for Robbie McEwen Things not so picturesque when a fall 25km from home forced him to chase the peleton down. Remarkably he stole victory in the sprint to the line.

McEwen earnt the green jersey for his efforts, while Swiss cyclist Fabian Cancellara retained the overall lead. Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen has beaten the McLarens of 2-time world champion Fernando Alonso

and local hope Lewis Hamilton

at the British Formula One Grand Prix. COMMENTATOR: It's a wonderful comeback. Two in a row there for Raikkonen who wins the British Grand Prix in Silverstone. Hamilton's third place retains his lead in the championship

ahead of team-mate Alonso, with Raikkonen quickly closing the gap in third. Australia's Mark Webber was forced to retire from the race with hydraulic problems. That's all for now. round 17 of the NRL wraps up with the Eels against the Knights. All the action and reaction from Parramatta Stadium.

3 there are still problems on and

the M5? Just to give everyone an

idea at home what motorists are

experiencing - look at that comedy

is pouring down and traffic is

trying to negotiate a D m at five.

Everyone is being diverted and in

weather like this it is very

dangerous. Please take care it

driving home tonight.

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Crowded House has been rebuilt with spectacular success,

their new album shooting up the charts to number two. The band's global renovation finally completed with their Live Earth performance. For 11 years, Crowded House fans dreamed it wasn't over - Saturday night at Live Earth, those dreams came true.

Pain now, how deep now, I don't dream it over. Before they took the stage, they reminisced about the night they said farewell to the world at the Opera House and the wardrobe choices they made.

Sadly I don't fit into that should

anymore. I think into the trousers.

I have a boulder up. You are bowled

up? Yes I have bowled up. They made the decision to regroup while working on what was going to be a Neil Finn solo album at Peter Gabriel's studios in Bath late last year.

Cast your mind back to when we were

at that house and you were in the

bath. Will work in the bath? bath. Will work in the bath? Is

that how we got pregnant. I'll try that again - we were in Bath, the tiny English town and I was interviewing them about the album that would become 'Time on Earth' which has gone straight to number two on the charts this week.

What are you going to do if you

can't decide. Are you going to ask a news crew will. The band hits the road for an Australian tour in November and they're already planning the next album - this reunion no one hit wonder. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

There are some nights you just

wouldn't swap places with a team

that Bailey and be his old one of

them. Juneau what I hate? I hate

that you are a snug as a bug in a

rug. I don't mind being cold and

miserable when 71 mm of rain have

fallen in the July. I don't mind if

my socks are whipped for a

fortnight. Eastern areas of the

catchment - already the soil is

totally saturated from last month's

falls and so these soils expect to

get substantial run off. Warragamba

Dam received six mm today. Dam received six mm today. Tomorrow

week are expecting a showery day.

That it shower activity will hang

in the pattern until Wednesday,

then fine and sunny on Thursday and in the pattern until Wednesday, then fine and sunny on Thursday and

Friday before the rain revisits on

that Saturday and Sunday.

Thick cloud is being driven on to

the NSW south coast by a Tasman

blow bringing heavy showers and the

odd storm. There is a low cloud

over eastern part of Victoria

causing light showers. Cloud is

moving into the bite with a front

causing showers to ease in southern

western and southern Australia.

There will be further showers on

the NSW coast. A front in the bite

will cause showers along the South

Australian coastline. Cool, dry

easterlies will persist over the

interior. Didn't we get some rain

in Sydney Town? Showers for the NSW

coast and adjacent Rangers, eastern

part of Tasmania and the Victoria. Showers

part of Tasmania and the Victoria.

Showers will be clearing in South

Australia and developing in Western

Australia. 18 centimetres of snow

fell in five days. There was snow

at the back of Hanworth today.

There was the most

at the back of Hanworth today. There was the most rain we have

seen in July in at 19 years in Sydney today.

Lowest temperature in the Blue Mountains will be three degrees.

Back to the desk - it snowed as a

card saying that we aren't. Rock stars and supermodels were out in force to help celebrate the 45th anniversary of Italian designer Valentino. Joan Collins, Liz Hurley and Mick Jagger among those

to fly into Rome for the star-studded ball. Even some of the designer's arch rivals, including Donatella Versace and Giorgio Armani, to join in the festivities. were on hand To mark the anniversary, the fashion veteran unveiled his winter couture collection, as well as a new fragrance appropriately called Rock 'n Rose. That's the news at five. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. We'll keep you up to date throughout the evening with the Late News with Sports Tonight along at 10:30. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.