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(generated from captions) From Kate and Glen. Glen. This program is captioned live. Good

morning, everyone. I am Ron Wilson.

Welcome to Ten's Morning News.

Today, the nation's welfare rort.

Crooks and tax cheats steal more

hand half a million dollars from

the Government's books. New in u

new campaigns for the State's top

job hits a roadblock after he's

blamed for a toll hike on blamed for a toll hike on a tunnel.

The old favourites and rising stars

nominations. of television celebrate their Logie

Also today, the shocking rise in

sexting. New research has found

growing numbers of teenagers are

using their mobile phones to send

inappropriate and explicit images

of themselves, or others, without

serious knowing they could be facing very

serious criminal charges. We will

tell you the signs to look out for

and how to protect your children a

little later the Morning News. Here

today: is a brief look at the weather for

A tropical cyclone is expected to

drop off the WA coast this morning,

it will pass the coast near Broome and reach Port and reach Port Hedland tomorrow. More than half-a-billion-dollars is

being skimmed off the Government's

books, according to the Criminology

Institue. A report claims more than

600 million dollars is being ripped

off by crooked public servants, as

well as welfare and tax cheats. The

institute says more than 800,000

incidents of fraud were recorded by

government agencys in the financial

off year to June 2009. Those ripping

off the most include social

security fraudsters, such as young

people rorting the doll system and

single mums receiving parental

payments. Less than a quarter of

the money has been recovered.

Police have found the body of a 16-

year-old boy who was swept into the

ocean while fishing? WA's far south.

The Afghan refugee was washed off

rocks at Salmon Holes near Albany

during an outing with his brother. Onlookers

Onlookers threw life buoys into the

water, but were unable to save the

teenager. His body was recovered

after an extensive air-and-sea

search. The former Brisbane - he's

been pre-selected to stand for the

party in the seat of ash grieve,

but in the meantime he may have to

get another job to pay the bills. get another job to pay the bills.

The faithful are already smelling

the roses after Campbell Newman

officially resigned as Brisbane

Lord Mayor. The State LNP president

played down the drama. I don't

think it has been any different to

any other pre-selection to get here.

Support also from the parliamentary

leaders who didn't want to discuss


lingering questions about who

voters decide can do and can't do.

Happy to talk about that another

day, but not today. He's officially

become can-do Queensland. This is a

historic moment, I pledge to be a

great local member and if given the

tune, to be a great premier of

Queensland. Thank you, indeed,

today. There is something Can-Do, can't do.

can't do. He's proven he can really

fix so many problems with computers.

He might need to use these skills.

There is no commitment from the LNP

to pay him, so we might Friday to

have to consider part-time

employment if the election isn't

held this year. And, let's go live

to Jessica Turner now in our

Brisbane newsroom. Jessica, a built

of a speed hump apparently for of a speed hump apparently for

Campbell Newman because he's been

linked to this big toll rise on the

Clem 7? That's right, Ron. The

controversy just continues for this

can-do team. Campbell Newman is

currently being blamed for the toll

rise on Brisbane's infamous Clem 7

tunnel. Frankly, not many people

are using the tunnel now. So it

will be interesting to see how many

people will actually use it after

these toll increases. So 25% is these toll increases. So 25% is the

increase, which makes it $3.95 to

use this tunnel once and even more

for commercial vehicles and for

trucks. Of course the Labour Party

is saying it is another broken

promise by the Lord Mayor Campbell

Newman and now the LNP candidate

Campbell Newman. He promised it

would be $2 to use the tunnel and

will hurt then $3.30. Any further incretion

will hurt Queensland voters at this

stage. It is not the best start for

Campbell Newman who today, it is

his first day as the official LNP

candidate for the Brisbane seat of

Ashgrove, Ron. Jess, thank you very

much. Jessica Turner there,

reporting for us live from Brisbane.

The new Government in NSW will roll

up its slaoes this morning for its

first official day of work, but

premier Barry O'Farrell is already

under fire for the make-up of his

new ministry.

new ministry. Reverse smiles for

Barry O'Farrell's new ministry. The

Premier's chief opponent says the

line-up is the Government's first

broken prom. Three shadow ministers

dumped. The Independent Speaker

axed and the portfolios of water

and climate change disappear. Mr

O'Farrell has said he would bring

in the same team, which made up his

Shadow Ministry. That was so long

as there were no as there were no electoral

accidents. One of the happy

accidents that we had last weekend

was the overwhelming numbers of lib

ras and nationals coming into the

lower house. The Nationals lose

influence. The country party

dropping one member from the

Cabinet in favour of the Libs. The

electoral reality is that there was

a massive swing to the Liberal

Party. There are huge numbers of

newly Liberals now in the Parliament. Two

newly elected MPs have been

appointed to the Government'sle

elite. Robyn Parker coming in as

Environment Minister. I am a Environment Minister. I am a

recycled minister member. I was in

the upper house and now I am in the

lower house. Perhaps not

surprisingly Graham Annesley picks

up sport. At this stage I am not

even the Member for Moran da until

they declare the ballot on Tuesday.

Closer to the head of the table, Closer to the head of the table,

Gillian Skinner keeps health,

State's new Education Minister. aiddary yaoen Pecolli is the

Only four of the 22 are women.

Women are in some of the post

senior portfolios in the Cabinet.

And an anti-Christian rock concert

planned for good Friday could be banned by the Victorian Government.

Advertising for the event, which

calls itself a

calls itself a "mass service" features Christian-hating heavy

metal bans. The Victorian

Government says the event may

breach licensing laws. Gratuitous

offence, racial vilification in

this State is not going to be

acceptable to anybody. Religious

groups are expected to stage a

protest at the concert. If you

thought banana prices couldn't get

any higher, well, you better think

the fruit will again. Analysts warn the cost of

the fruit will continue to climb as

the colder mosts set in. Cyclone

Yasi wiped out 95% of the banana

production when it tore through

north Queensland in February. The

major supermarkets and food shops

are now selling bananas up to $15 a

kilo. However, prices are expected

to return to normal by the end of

the year. Australian TV talent

shone brightly in Sydney last night

for the announcement of this year's

league write nomination. Ten News

has been recognised for the

nomination for most outstanding

news coverage. Leisa Roles was

reporting from Oruzgan Province in

Afghanistan when the base came

under attack from rocket fire. TV:

The gunfire has stopped for now. It The gunfire has stopped for now. It

appears to have been quiet for 30

seconds or so. It's just happened again. Some of the words again. Some of the words there were

not scripted and another 10 chose

even personalitys have been

nominated for Logies. In fact, Ten

has scored the most nods of any

network. It was all smiles at the

who's who of the small screen

gathered to hear who was up for

gongs at this year's Logies. Among

those up for the big one, the Gold

Logie, 'Packed to the Rafters'

stars Rebecca Gibney and Jessica Marais,

Marais, 'Spicks & Specks' host Adam

Hills, Asher Keddie from Ten drama

'Offspring' and the surprise of the

night, Chrissie Swan from The

Circle. I still cannot believe it.

It is just so unexpected and so

exciting. The former 'The Biggest

Loser' star turned chat show co-

host, the talking point of the

night with a swag of nominations,

including Silver Logie for most including Silver Logie for most

popular presenter and Most Popular

New Talent. The first-timeer

getting some support from fellow

nominees. What felt really lovely

is being able to talk Chrissie Swan

through it. We had a photo shoot.

She was saying, "I am really

nervous. Do we have to speak?"

"Don't worry, you will be fine." I

said I would holz her hand. She

said she is nervous and I said she is nervous and I said I am

always nervous. We will hold each

other's hands. Ten scored the most

of any other network I doubt there

will be any other networks. There

will just be like Channel Ten. No

other networks. Lifestyle programs

dominating. I love it. A great

night. I like the limo bit. Getting

out of a car and facing people skraoeing your

skraoeing your name is an odd

experience. The Logies Will be held

on May 1st. This is my hot new boy

friend, Logie. Oh, Chrissie, I am

jealous. Next up in Morning News,

more radioactive water is leaking

from the power plant into the

Pacific Ocean. And fears the murder

of a young police officer of a young police officer could

derail the peace process in Northern Ireland.

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You are watching the Morning News

on Ten. Wayne Swan is warning of a

tough Federal Budget next month, following a summer of natural

disasters that is adding up to a $9

billion hit for the Australian

economy. We are joined by national editor

editor now Paul Bongiorno live from

Canberra. Paul, as the bills

continue to roll in, it is becoming

obvious that the deficit is going

to be much bigger than initially

forecast? Ron, the revised forecast

was $41.5 billion. All of the signs

are we are going to have a much

bigger deficit than that this year.

The Premier points to damage done

by Cyclone Yasi and of course the

floods principally in Queensland,

but also NSW

but also NSW and Victoria. That has

cost agricultural production and a

lot of the open-cut coal mines are

not back in full production. Even

if they were, one of our biggest

customers, Japan, has been hit so

bad from the tsunami, it is not

buying as much as it usually does.

A renowned economist says that he

doubts that Wayne Swan will bring

in a really tough budget. He had

some interesting definition on some interesting definition on

"tough budget", it is the Treasurer

huring Labor voters. Here he is.

Wayne Swan as Treasurer and Kevin

Rudd, now Julia Gillard as Finance

Minister, haven't taken the kind of

tough decisions that inflict pain

on what are likely to be their own

supporters. Paul, the other issue

bumping along over the weekend was

of course the carbon tax. Big

rallies. There has been a bit of rallies. There has been a bit of

good news for Julia Gillard coming

from, of all places, Western

Australia? This is a very surprised

quarter, Ron. No doubt about it.

The West Australian Nationals, they

run their own show pretty much and

they have decided at this point of

time not to take the absolutely

negative view of a carbon tax that

the federal coalition colleagues

did, both the Nationals and the

Liberals. Tony Crook,

Liberals. Tony Crook, the WA

National, who sits on the cross

benchs here in Canberra and 1349s

votes not with the Coalition, but

the Government, says they had a

heated discussion on the weekend in

WA, but common sense prevailed,

unlike the debate that we see in

the eastern states. Very

interesting stuff. Scott Morrison,

senior Liberal, was on 'Meet the

Press' yesterday and he was

definitely running the party definitely running the party line.

They are introducing a tax on

pretty much everything that moves.

This is a tax which by its own

figures that they tried to hide

from the Australian people is going

to put at least $860 ,000-odd a

year on people's bills -- $860-odd

a year on people's bills. You can

bet your bottom dollar it won't be that. Put

that. Put your money on it now. Our

national affairs minister Paul

Bongiorno live from Canberra. Thank

you very much. A leak of

radioactive water has not been

stopped as a second attempt to plug

water from the Pacific Ocean. The

compound mixed with sawdust and

newspaper into a cracked concrete

pit at the No. 2 reactor. But,

after testing, they admitted it had not had any impact not had any impact on the leak.

They will have another go at

plugging it today. Northern

Ireland's police chief insists the

murder of a young officer will not

be - derail the peace process.

Ronan Kerr was killed by a car bomb

outside his home. This constable

had been with the Northern Ireland

police officer for less than a year.

He was part of a new crop of

officers, officers who had helped

the Catholic population on the

force grow to 30%. It almost

certainly cost him his life.

Tonight Ronan's sisters and

brothers stood alongside his mother

and spoke of him. He had all of the

attributes of a great police

officer. He was fair and apathetic,

a great communicator and I usual

all Catholic members

all Catholic members not to be

deterred by this. We need to stand

up and be counted, as we strive for

equality for all. His former

colleagues are examining where he

was killed. It is here a bomb debt

nayed under his care outside his

home. I do need vigilance. I do

need information. It is information

that will bring people to justice and will

and will bring some degree of

reassurance to the family. No,

group has claimed responsibility

for the killing, but dissident

Republicans, like the Real IRA and

the Continuity IRA, are being

blamed. Small in number, but armed

and dangerous. Once again, they are

being condemned by Unionists and

Republicans. If you point to Republicans. If you point to it, if

you merit it, they should stop and

stop now. With Northern Ireland

Assembly elections just weeks away,

it is unlikely the timing of this

attack was a coincidence, but that

is not to say it was an isolated

incident. In recent years, dozens

of booby-trapped bombs have been

placed under cars belong belonging

to police officers. Many fail to

detonate, but they all have the aim

of destabilising Northern Ireland.

Constable Kerr's death has brought

tragedy back to the town of Omagh.

In 1998, a car bomb killed 29

people here, including Michael

Gallagher's son. These people have

come back into this town after a

visit of 12.5 years ago and having

the largest atrocity of the

troubles. Also on a Saturday afternoon.

afternoon. I think it just plunges

everybody back. In churches there,

were services of remembrance. In

the last two years, two police

officers and two soldiers have been

killed here. It is a reminder that

Northern Ireland may have a peace

process, but it doesn't yet enjoy

peace. The Libyan civil war shows

no sign of abating. The US has

begun to step back begun to step back from the front-

line role, while rebels are still

struggling to gain control of

cities. Chaos in rebel lines has

been a huge problem from the

beginning, both for the few

commanders who are military

professionals and for NATO pilots.

On Friday, near the front-line, at

least six people are said to have

been killed and 25 injured,

including children. In an explosion

after a NATO air strike hit an

ammunition struck. NATO says it is

investigating. Over the past few

days, rebel fighters discipline has

improved and they have apparently

received supplies, including crucial communications equipment.

Still, Colonel Gadaffi's military

forces remain well dug in to the co

oil port of Brega and fighting is

at a stalemate. Yesterday, under UN

pressure, the rebels in Benghazi

offer add ceasefire on condition

that Gaddafi's military withdraw

from Libyan cities. No way, says

the Government's spokesman. To

withdraw from our own cities and

open our cities to people who are

holding up arms, who are tribal,

violent lead ship, al-Qaeda links and

and no-one knows who they are. If

this is not mad, then I don't know

what it is. Meanwhile, although the

violence around Tripoli has been

over for more than three weeks,

life is nowhere near normal. Slowly

but surely, Libya's economy is

grinding to a halt. Coming up next

on the Morning News, tribute tobs

Martin Luther King. He was gunned

down 43 years ago today.

down 43 years ago today. And we

will take you live to the US for

the verdict on Charlie Sheen's wild roadshow.

(FRENETIC MUSIC) WOMAN: For simple credit solutions, online or instore:

Finance news now and we are joined

by James Rosenberg from Macquarie

Private Wealth. James, good morning

to you. Well, the Reserve Bank is

widely tipped to leave interest rates on

rates on hold when it meets

tomorrow. Do you prescribe to that

idea? I certainly do, Ron. I think

the effect of both the cyclones and

the floods and various things that

have happened across, in particular

the Eastern Seaboard, have really

knocked any chance of a rate rise

at all. What will be interesting

will be the language that comes out

of the Reserve Bank when they make

the announcement tomorrow and the

market will certainly be watching for

for the sort of language that might

indicate a rise is coming in either

May or June. It is probable that

the next move will be up, but the

question is on the timing, so

language will be the key tomorrow.

What about the ASX? You have had

plenty of good indicators there? We

have. The results in America

leading in on the weekend were

pretty good. Commodity markets are

a bit mixed, but a bit mixed, but generally there is

an increased feeling of optimism

around the world, particularly

coming out of the US. The futures coming out of the US. The futures

are pointing to a rise of around 30

points, so we could see the All

Ords head up to around the 5,000

mark, that it hasn't been at for mark, that it hasn't been at for

around six weeks. Unless something

major happens, we are hoping for a

good start to the day. I like to

see a finance man with a smile on

his face. Thank you. Thanks, his face. Thank you. Thanks, Ron.

Let me run things a bit more ordinary: Charlie Sheen has Charlie Sheen has been booed off

stage in the US on the opening

night of his 'Torpedo of Truth'

tour. Ten's US correspondent Daniel

Sutton joins us now live from Los

Angeles. Dan, can the freak show

get any more freakish? Ron, there

were 4, 500 people in the audience

for this show, which was in Detroit

last night. The opening show on

this tour. The 178 consensus

appears to be it was an appears to be it was an unmitigated

disaster. The audience hayed the warm-up comic. Charlie Sheen,

basically sat down on stage for

most of the show and that is where

he stayed. He set shis 'Two and a

Half Men' shirt on stage and

encouraged two lady performers to encouraged two lady performers to

passionately kiss on stage. There

was a Q and amount session and he

talked about porn stars and drugs.

It was just awful. It was just awful. It didn't go

down well with the audience one bit.

They say she wasn't on stage for

long enough. Other acts that

brought on stage to back him up

were boring. Look at the response from inside the theatre. (CROWD BOOS)

I figured Detroit was a good place. I figured Detroit was a good place.... place.... (CROWD (CROWD BOOS)

It was all over in about 70 minutes.

Lots of people left the theatre

early, others say they want refunds.

All in all, the audience say they

hated the show. Have a listen.

Charlie was (inaudible) Boo, Charlie was (inaudible) Boo, boo,

boo. Charlie stunk. Charlie stunk.

M He didn't know what to do next.

Dan, it is absolutely crazy. It is

one of those thing tas are so bad,

people will end up going along to

see how bad it really can be. It is

almost like that. He's got another

20 shows still to go. 20 shows still to go. Chicago is

tonight his security team is well

aware this could be another

disaster at the same time. Are

holding a special meeting today in

case the crowd turns ugly. At this

stage, it is still on and there are

some fine print when it comes to

those cancellations. People paid

about $70 for the full price of the

ticket. There is fine print from

Ticketek, people are only entitled

to a refund after 12 months if the show show is not brought back. It could

be a long wait for those who want

their money back. Our US

correspondent Daniel Sutton in Los

Angeles, thank you very much.

Martin Luther King was gunned down

in Memphis. Those who remember that

terrible day remember the long

months hunt fogger the killer and

the year-long effort to understand

the mine Seth of the man who pulled


the trigger. The year, 1968 - a

turning point in the story of

America. A time when the country

seemed to be spinning out of

control. Divided by race, by

generation and by politics. And so

much of that turmoil bled from a

single terrible day.

single terrible day. April 4th,

1968 when a sniper's bullet took

the life of civil right's leader the life of civil right's leader

Martin Luther King Junior. Martin

Luther King 20 minutes ago died.

For the next 4 hours, the nation

burned. Riots hit 168 cities. Washington,

Washington, Detroit, Boston, New

York, these are just a few of the

cities in which the Negro anguish

over Mr King's murder presumably by

a white man has caused disaster.

Troops were called in to guard the

ghettos and to guard the capital in

Washington DC. So far 19 people

have been killed. The annual award of the Oscars in of the Oscars in Hollywood has been

postponed as well as the opening of

the national league and Arab League.

The person at the centre of it all

was making a quiet getaway. A young

white man was seen running for the

scene. It took two months and the

largest man-hunt in US history to track down the killer, track down the killer, James Earl,

Ray. Even now, the motives of the

man behind the assassination remain

a mystery which is probably how Ray

would want it. I describe Ray like

a squid. He puts out this ink cloud

around him of all of this

complexity of personality and by

the time you figure out where he is

he's actually gone. This is the

hotel where King and his entourage hotel where King and his entourage

were staying. Author Hampton Sides

spent more than two years compiling

a detailed portrait of Ray,

untangling the Web of fast

identities and conflicting claims

spun by a man who spent most of his

adult life behind prison bars.

Although he plead guilty to King's

murder, hoping to avoid the death

penalty, Ray changed his story

almost immediately. For the rest of his life he professed his life he professed his innocence,

as he did in the 1977 interview

with Dan Rathran. You wanted

publicity. Killing someone pr

publicity. I can't conceive anyone

wanting to kill machine for

publicity. There are people like

that. And you didn't do it? No, that. And you didn't do it? No, I

didn't do it. Is there any doubt

that he killed Martin Luther King?

No doubt. He went to his grave with

a lot of secrets and half secrets

and lies and half lies all muddled

up together. James Earl Ray was

born and raised in poverty along

the banks of the Mississippi river.

He was considered the brightest of

nine siblings, but devoted himself to a life

to a life of petty crime. Winding

up in Missouri State Prison for

armed robbery. That is until early

one morning in 1967 when Ray made a

daring escape, hiding in a shipment

of bred from the prison bakery.

Using a series of aliases, Ray

embarked on a restless journey

across Mexico and the United States.

Although by nature, a loner, in

1968 the fugitive Ray became an

active volume fear for George

Wallace's bid for the presidency.

The former governor of Alabama, a

die hard segregationist appealed to

many like Ray for whom racism was a

simple fact of life. I think they

often fail to understand what their

poison does. They created an

environment where lost souls environment where lost souls can

feel like they are empowered to do

something like this, a cultural

smile on their crime. In early

spring 1968 James Ray began to

shadow King's movements across the

south. While King led rallies, Ray

preparer for the crim. He brought a

rifle with a magnifying scope. The

night of April 3rd, King spoke

words that echo to this day. And I have

have seen the promised land. I may

not get there with ya, but I want

you to know the night that we the

people will get to the promised

land. (CHEERING)

The next day, armed with

information, he raid in local

newspapers, Ray found a cheap

rooming house directly across an

alley from King's Memphis hotel.

Just 200ft from King's hotel door.

While King and his entourage rang

for a permit to stage a march, Ray

spied on them with binoculars and a

little before 6pm, Ray saw his

chance. He looked out the back of

his window and there was King

standing there completely exposed.

I think a lot of people don't

understand he had no bodyguards or

detail. He didn't want any of those

things because it sort of violated

his sense of Gandhi and ethics to

have someone in his entourage with

a weapon or anything like that.

People ask how could someone so

powerful be killed in that way. He

had no protection whatsoever. It

took just one shot. While witnesses

pointed towards the rooming house

window, Ray wrapped the rifle and

his belongings in a blanket and

dashed for the doctor. When he

spotted police nearby, Ray spotted police nearby, Ray dropped

his bundle and fled. Memphis police

lieutenant James Papia was on the

skaen within minutes. He believes

that Ray who served in the Army

could easily have targeted King. REPORTER: How difficult of a shot

was that, given the distance? Not

hard at all for somebody who can

shoot a rifle. It would be an easy shot. While Ray

shot. While Ray seemed to have made

a clean getaway, he had left behind

all of the evidence that would

later convince him to take a guilty

plea. Wrapped in that blanket was

not only the murder weapon with

Ray's fingerprints, but underwear

with laundry tags that could be

linked to him and a transitor radio,

personalised with his ID number

from the from the Missouri penitentiary.

Field agents continued to hunt

desperately for the man. James Earl

Ray escaped prisoner and prime

suspect of the murder. He was the

most-wanted man in America. This

guy who craved anonymity all of his

life suddenly got all of the

attention he can handle. Ray made

it to Canada where he managed to

obtain a fraudulent passport. From there,

there, he travelled to Britain and

Portugal, hoping to find passage to

the white-dominated African nation

of Rhodesia. Hampton Sides

speculates he hoped to collect a

bouncety that racists has put on

the life of Dr King. After two

months on the run his luck ran out.

He had been desperate for money and

robbed a bank.

robbed a bank. He was caught riding

to board a plane with a pistol. The

man-hunt was then over N the year

that followed, conspiracy theories

followed about Ray's motives,

whether he had been hired by others,

although Ray pointedly deny head

was a contract killer That is out

of my league. I don't think I have

a Constitution to all of that stuff


Don't say that as a virtue. Still,

he offered no credible explanation

for his actions after King's murder

and he repeatedly attempted to

break out of prison. James Earl Ray

serving 99 years for the

assassination of king Junior died

today. James Earl Ray died of liver failure

failure in 1988 maintaining his

innocence until the end. Some

sceptics still cling to other

theories, but Hampton Sides

believes the truth behind the

murder of Martin Luther King is far

simpler. I think we want to believe

it will take some kind of massive

conspiracy of hundreds of people to

bring down one person, but it is

not the case. Still ahead in Ten's

Morning News - we have all of the

headlines. Plus, the alarming rise

of sexting among teenagers. We will

have the expert advice you need to

protect your children from serious criminal

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Updating our main stories on Ten's

Morning News - the Criminology

Institue has found more than 600

million dollars is being skimmed

off the Government's books by

crooked public servants, as well as welfare

welfare and tracks cheats. Former

Brisbane mayor Campbell Newman's

campaign to become the State's next

premier has hit a roadblock. He's

yellowBeing blamed for a toll hike

on a major city tunnel. And Network

Ten leads the Logie nominations

this year. A host of TV shows and

personalities are up for the gangs,

including The Circle host Chrissie

Swan who is up for a Gold Logie. Teenagers

Teenagers are sending naked

pictures mobile phone messages to

each other at an alarming rate T

practice of course is known as

sexting and what many teens do not

realise is this seemingly innocent

flirting can actually lead to

criminal conviction. We have a

social researcher on the author of

upcoming book and she joins us live

in the studio. Neena, good morning to

to you. As a father of three

younger people, it is a subject I

am dying to know more about. What

are some of the more troubling

aspects that has turned up in your

research in What I have found

concerning is just how quickly

reputations can be ruined for

something they perceive as innocent

flirting. On the weekend I heard

another story about a teenage girl

who photographed her breast and

sent it on to her by friend who

then distributed it to the entire

then distributed it to the entire

school. She was so badly harassed

and shamed and humiliated she was

driven out and forced to change

school. They also face legal

ramifications to this. Teenagers

are not really aware of this. Let's

deal with the reasons for it first

of all. For a girl to do that, and

given that this is such a

widespread phenomenon, people foe

what some of the consequences are.

They must know. What drives them to

do it? There is a general

perception that it is in response

to peer pressure from boys. That

can be the case. But a lot of the

time it is actually just girls

deciding to do it to explore their

sexuality and to be flirtatious and

do something that they perceive to

be more sexy and adult. You talk

about the criminal charges there.

What is the criminal element of

what is going on? Basically, if

these teenagers are under the age

of 18, what they are doing is

constitutes child pornography. Say

a girl photographs herself, she can

be charged with production of child

pornography and anyone she sends it

on can be charged with possession

of child pornography. If they send

it further, that is distribution.

There are huge legal ramifications

that teens are not aware of because

to them they perceive it as

harmless flirting, really. Is this

is problem with a law? Is there a

is problem with a law? Is there a

loophole that needs to be tidying

up or something that people have to

be aware of? I think there are

problem was the law. These laws

were put in place to protect

children and not to criminalise

teenager sexuality. There is a big

difference between teenagers doing

this versus a convicted paedophile

doing this. Of course. These kids

are charged and they are put on a

sex offender registry for the rest

of their lives, which it might not

be the smartest thing in the world to do, but

to do, but we shouldn't be looping

them in with convicted paedophiles.

The thing that gets me, if someone

photographs their own body, to

charge them with production of child pornography, it is pretty

rough. Are there cases where this

has happened? There are, actually.

Back in 2007, as many as 37 kids in

Victoria were charged under these

laws. And have interesting sideline

to what you do is you talk to NRL

to what you do is you talk to NRL

player whose are constant lit

embroiled in cases involving this

sort of thing of sexual images

being sent by electronic means.

What is the implication, as far as

these older people are concerned

and children? OK. Obviously, the

there are the legal ramifications

around the child pornography tough,

but when you are dealing with NRL

players there are going be a set of

risks to do with their profession

and their career, but reel y this

tough, if it gets on your this

tough, if it gets on your you, just

want to delete it straight away. It

is not a good idea, is it? No.

People forget, it could never

happen to me, how would people find

out I have got it? Mobile phones

get left in the back of taxis or it

could be get stolen and principals

go through stuff or parents. That

is how it gets out. A parent bubbling

bubbling to the surface again - how

do I fix it? What do I do? Open up

dialogue with your kids. Talk to

them about the risks and get them them about the risks and get them

to think through the possible

ramifications, not just legally,

but socially as well. That is a

hard thing to do for some parents.

You are not a parent, are you? No.

Neena, thank you very much. Ahead

in sport, Michael Clarke leads his

team off to Bangladesh.

team off to Bangladesh. A loss for


Rob Canning has all of the sports

news now. When I turned 30 it was

so long ago, I can't remember what

I did, but when you are Michael

Clarke it is a different story. Did

he say what happened? It appeared that he had

that he had a fair crack over the

weekend on his 30th birthday

celebrations. The new cricket

captain has shrugged off the media surrounding those celebrations. surrounding those celebrations.

They have left for the Bangladesh

tour this morning. Clarke's

birthday antics was a distant

memory. I had a great date. It was

enjoyable. For me it is about

getting on with it. I want to focus

and play some good cricket.

and play some good cricket. The

tour begin was a one-dayer on

Saturday night. In the AFL,

Hawthorn claimed its first win of

the season with an emphatic

comeback against Melbourne at the

MCG. The Hawke are coming from 19

points down at half-time to run out

45-point winners. The Hawke

dominated possession in the first -

- the Hawkes dominated possession

in the hirs half but couldn't make

a mark on the

a mark on the score board. They

took a 19-point lead into half-time, did Melbourne.

COMMENTATOR: He will climb over the

top. Oh, boy, wowee. The Hawkes

turned that deficit into a 33-point

lead by three-quarter time. Big

forwards Jarryd Rough head and

Buddy Franklin turning it on. While

star recruit Shaun Burgoyne

finished with four goals. Essendon

coach James Hird tasted his first

defeat as coach as his Bombers went

down in a thriller against the

Swans. I think they performed

admirably today but not well enough.

You don't want to perform well but

not well muff too often because the

season slip ace way from you. And

pressure continues to to grow on

Brisbane coach Michael Voss, as the Bulls

Bulls smash the Lions by 78.

Brisbane's next task, Melbourne at

the MCG next week. NRL and the

Sydney Roosters return to their

winning ways with victory over the

understrength Wests Tigers. The

band dye boys are impressive in

their 24-6 win. He was showing his

Dally M Medal winning form as the

Dally M Medal winning form as the

Roosters cored a victory over an injury-defeated injury-defeated Tigers.

COMMENTATOR: He is around the

referee and scores. The guy is

fantastic. Shanu Kenny-Dowall

provided first points for the Bondi

club. Talk about a professional

try-scorer. The Roosters were in

demolition mode and the Tigers

weren't the only ones feeling it.

The referee is over. Tony

The referee is over. Tony Archer.

The try seal ago 24-6 victory for

the red, white and blue. The

Newcastle '1001 Nights' were unable

to provide a fairytale finish to

their momentous week with St George

Illawarra holding on for a 20-18

win. And the New Zealand Warriors

notched up their first win of the

season. James Maloney scored a try

season. James Maloney scored a try

and kicked five goals in the team's 26-18 victory against Cronulla.

Emily Seebohm will sit out the rest

of the Australian Swimming

Championships after collapsing at

the pool last night. The 18-year-

old who has been struggling to

overcome a bout of swine flu and

blacked out shortly after finishing

second in the 100-metres backstroke.

I wasn't really up for anything and

I guess I just put so much on the

line tonight that I had nothing

left. In other results, Leissel

Jones claimed her 10th national

100-metres breaststroke final to

book a spot at next year's World

Champs. Australian Casey Stoner has

lost - after winning the season

opener in Qatar, Stoner started in

poll and was leading with 20 laps

to go million nemesis Valentino

Rossi attempted to pass.

COMMENTATOR: He's taken down Stoner.

Valentino Rossi has come from a

long way back and he's taken out

Casey Stoner. That was from a long

way back. Stoner was unable to

continue leaving Spaniard Jorge

Lorenzo to take out the race.

Djokovic remains undefeated after

winning another tournament

overnight. The Serbian squared off

against world No. 1 Rafael Nadal in

the final of to my yamy Masters.

Nadal took the opening set before

Djokovic staged a remarkable

comeback to win the match in a

third-set tie break. (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE)

The world No. 2 has won 26 matches

in a row this year. It is the best

start to his season since Ivan

Lendl in 1986. American Phil

Mickelson has risen to third in the

world golf rankings after taking

out the Houston Open. He outlasted

to shoot a final round of 657 and

claim his first title since last

year's Masters. Compatriot Jobe

stole the show. Very nice. After

coming within one shot of lead,

Australian Aaron Badly fell away

badly to finish 7 shots off the

pace. Excuse the pun. A reminder

that the US masters is live

that the US masters is live on Ten

and ONE so check your local guides

for times on that one. That will be

sport on the Canning. Rob Canning,

thank you. National weather details when the Morning News returns.

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10pm this evening. I am Ron Wilson.

A lot of people have been saying

they are surprised how many Logie

nominations the girls at The Circle

have picked up this year. I am not

surprised. I think you are a breath

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