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Malcolm Turnbull gets the

thumbs up to start ETS negotiations with the Government. Queensland fire

crews prepare for a day of

difficult conditions as they

battle a large blaze near

Rockhampton. At least 30 people

Rockhampton. At least 30 people

are dead, a suicide bomber

targets a gathering of Iran's

Elite Revolutionary Guard. And

Mark Webber wins his second

Grand Prix as Jensen Button

wraps up the championship. Good

morning. It's Monday 1 #

October. I'm Joe O'Brien. And

I'm Virginia Trioli. The top

story on News Breakfast -

Malcolm Turnbull has won the

backing of the Coalition party

room to negotiate amendments to the Government's Emissions

Trading Scheme. The Federal the Government's Emissions

Opposition leader wants to permently exclude agriculture,

protect the coal industry and also try and keep electricity

prices low. The Government says

it will consider the changes

and negotiate in good faith.

Despite the outcome of last

night's meeting some Liberal

and National Party MPs say they

remain opposed to the push for

an Emissions Trading Scheme and

will vote against it. Kevin Rudd

Rudd has decided to make

Australia the largest coal

exporter in the world the most

heavily taxed coal mining

business in the world as far as

carbon goes. Now, that is a

remarkable bizarre position

that they take and so what we

have come back and said in a

nut shem is treat coal mining

is same as it will be treated

in the United States and

in the United States and

Europe. You boil it all down,

that's what we're saying.

That's common sense. Penny Wong

and Kevin Rudd have got to get

real. Are they going to try to

penalise, make themselves some

kind of environmental heroes,

out of slugging our biggest

export industry in a way that

will do absolutely nothing for

global emissions. Malcolm

Turnbull yesterday after his

party room meeting. For more on

this Hayden Cooper joins us

from Canberra. Admittedly I've

been away for a little time but

that is the most abeautifulant

that I've seen the leadership

in a very long time? I think

you're right on that. And they

have put forward what could

only be described as a

sweepling investor changes to the Emissions Trading Scheme.

The big challenge now nor Mr

Turnbull is to try and get the Government to

Government to agree to some of

those changes but broadly,

speaking, they go across a

range of areas. There's a lot

more help for the business

polluters, for heavy industry,

things like coal, aluminium and

concrete, the electricity

sector gets a lot of attention

and the Opposition is working

very hard to put forward some

amendments which would mean

that power prices don't rise by

as much as they

as much as they would under the

current scream. So there's a

locate changes, Malcolm

Turnbull did have a victory

yesterday but there's a long

way to go. The next test is to

try and see what the Government

will agree to and then he's got

to try and convince his party

room to support the ETS and

that will be the biggest

challenge and yesterday several

against MPs in the party room spoke

against the Emissions Trading

Scheme come what may. There's a

up from of hardline right

wingers who will never vote for

press conference last night so it and that was a theme in the

let's take a look. We've got

Liberal MPs saying to us "I

think we should take it oout

test them, but I'll never vote

for our..." It's a

for our..." It's a small

minority of this party room, I

know exactly who said with WA

wh and the thing that surprise

med. Carbon Competitiveness

Report they say it's not a

small minority. I've got the

numbers in my little back

Bock The names will be

remembered written down and

used against you in the future.

We started this conversation

with a sense of Malcolm Turnbull looking like it has

been a kind of triumph for him, so is

so is it a real win and what's

the Government's response going

to be to it? It's a temporary

victory and the extent of it

will be determined by what

follows. Personally I can't see

the Government agreeing to any

significant changes to its

Emissions Trading Scheme,

because that would make life

too easy for Malcolm Turnbull.

This is an issue which has

caused the Coalition so much

trouble over such a long period

trouble over such a long period

Government want to get it off of time, why would the

the table in a hurry. Let's

move on and talk about what's

happening today elsewhere in

politics. Kevin Rudd is taking

another trip overseas? He is.

He's off to Indonesia and of

course the matter of asylum

seekers will be something he

talks with the Indonesian

President about. And overnight

in fact there's been another

in fact there's been another

arrival, a group of 39 people

have been caught on a boat near

Ashmore Island and they will be

taken to Christmas Island.

Given the fairly charged

political climate on this

issue, Kevin Rudd will go to

Indonesia and seek a new

Indonesian solution, a new way

to deal with the increased flow

of people arriving and he'll

need the support of Indonesia

talk to make that happen. Good to

talk to you Hayden, thank you

so much. In other news,

firefighters in Queensland are

preparing for a difficult day

ahead as they battle a large

blaze in the Mt Archer area

near Rockhampton. Close to 80

homes were threat yepped by the

fire during the weekend. The

Rural Fire Service say has

worked to contain several

flare-ups overnight and are

preparing for bad weather

today. More than 30 people are

dead after a suicide bomber blew himself up at a

blew himself up at a meeting of Iran's Elite Revolutionary Guard. Several top commanders

were among those killed. A

Sunni rebel group has taken

responsibility for the attack.

It happened in the volatile south-east of the country. Tens

of thousands of people have

been fleeing violence in Pakistan's South Waziristan

region. Fierce clashes between

Pakistani security forces and Taliban militants have

Taliban reportedly killed up to 60

Taliban fighters. The military

is trying to take back control

of large parts of South

Waziristan from the Taliban. Australia's unemployment rate

is predicted to peak at 6.8% by

the middle of next year. The

forecast is contained in the

latest business outlook from

Access Economics and is below

the 8.5% forecast by the

Government. Access expects the

economy will return to trend

growth by

growth by early 2011. And as

Hayden mentioned there another

boat load of asylum seekers has

been intercepted off the West

Australian coast. 4 # people

have been taken to Christmas

Island for security and health

checks. The PM Kevin Rudd

leaves for Jakarta today where

he'll speak with the Indonesian

officials about people smuggling. And police believe

the balloon boy saga over

Colorado last week as in fact a hoax. They plan to

hoax. They plan to charge the

family with conspiracy and

contributing to the delinquency

of a minor. 6-year-old Falcon

Heene was feared to have been

in a weather balloon which

became roos from the family's

backyard and threw for 80

kilometre. Police say it was a

publicity stunt planned in the

hope of getting on a reality TV show. In Pakistan thousands of people are fleeing intense

fighting between the army

fighting between the army and

Taliban militants in the

country's biggest offensive for

six years. Nearly 30,000

Pakistani troops have flooded the remote South Waziristan

region, supported by air

strikes and heavy artillery.

The BBC reports Caught between

the army and the Taliban, they

have no choice but to flee.

More families are leaving South

Waziristan every day, taking whatever they

whatever they can. In the past

week, 20,000 people and counting. There's no independent information coming

from the battlefield, but there

are report of fierce fighting.

The Taliban say they're

resisting every step of the

way. This is the old territory

of South Waziristan. The army

says there's less resistance

than expected but admits troops

are advancing

are advancing slowly. They are

moving a a slow pace because

it's a mountainous terrain. We

have to be very sure footed.

The number of mines and IEDs in

the area which require

clearance so there are search

and clearance operation also

going on and we have been able

to clear the anti-aircraft gun,

six of them. Outside army

headquarters, in Rawalpindi, reminders of those killed

reminders of those killed when

militants attacked here last

weekend. This man came to mourn

a lost friend. Like many in

Pakistan, now, he's strongly

behind the military. Army has

strength to face all the

militants and all the

terrorists. They will win this

fight. But you feel the mill

about thes must be stopped

now? They must be stopped

now. The army says it

now. The army says it expects

to suffer more losses in the

coming days but both commanders

and troops are ready for that.

This operation has been a long

time coming, the military has

had months to prepare its

forces and its battle plan, but

the same is also true for the

enemy. The Taliban claim that

every part of their network

country wide will defend them. They

They say the war will no be

restricted to South Waziristan.

That's just what Pakistanis are

afraid of. Papua New Guinea can

be a difficult place for women

but a few women are breaking

down gender barriers and doors tame. They're training to

become the country's first female firefighters and they

hope to inspire other women to believe that

believe that they can do

anything. Fighting fires is a

difficult job at the best of

times. But it's even tougher

for nine women trying to break

into the all male ranks of

Papua New Guinea's fire

service. They're the first

females to take part in the

services ten week training

course. It's hot and the work is physically

is physically demanding. We

feel so tired and our joints

are aching, we can't lift our

shoulder. But these recruits

feel a responsibility to women

across Papua New Guinea to

tough it out. Women in Papua

New Guinea are less likely to

get paid jobs than men, less

likely to go to school and more

likely to suffer from poor

health and violence. It's hopes

these women will aor help

address that

address that inequality. We've

gone through the training and

we realise that what men can do

you can also do. It depends on

your commitment, and your

determination. Fire chiefs

admit it will take time for the

men to warm to their new

colleagues. There'll be a lot

of issues that we'll have to go

through but at the end of the

day we are now employing female firefighters. There are three

more weeks of training

more weeks of training to go

before these women find out if

they've successfully stormed in

staunchly male bastion. A new

report has uncovered the

nutricious secrets of our

native food. The attempt

assessment by the CSIRO has

found that most of our native

herb and spices have double the anti-oxidants and

anti-oxidants and vitamin

content some more conventional

fruit and investments The

problem is the average consumer

still finds our native produce

a huge unknown. Andrew Fielke

has been cooking with native

ingredients for almost 25

years. Superb. One of the

pioneers of indigenous food, he

admits there are still many

unknowns about our local produce. A lot of

produce. A lot of it's been due

to big lack of education about

what to do with these native

ingredients and also

accessible. But a now report by

the Federal Government has

tried to uncover the true

tastesor benefits. It assessed

16 native varieties including the Kakadu plum, quandong and

anise myrtle. The majority were

exceptionally rich sources of

anti-oxidants, some with double

that of the more conventional fruits

fruits and all the species had

high levels of folate not to

mention viet anyone E, C and

rirn. There's a nutrition bench mark that people have been

looking for particularly with

anti-oxidants and a whole lot

of our local food seems to fit

the bill. Even so native

produce is still only a niche

market. It's on the menu in

some restaurants but the key so

its popularity is making it

more available on

more available on the

supermarket shelf. There's

clearly a hole in the market,

and that will provide some

opportunities for indigenous

communities and also a whole

lot of diversification options

for farmers. Indigenous

communities are driving the

industry. Now worth around $14

million. But the export market

is yet to reach its full

potential. There's so many

wonderful flavours and textures

wonderful flavours and textures

and colours, it's like a whole

new palette pore chefs. And the

Federal Government hopes this

report will translate to more

native produce on the dinner

plate. I'm prep prepared fob

absolutely persuaded but that

but where do I get it. I

wouldn't mind trying a Kwan

dong cake. The last time I went

to the market I did

to the market I did not see

witchety grub grubs $3.99 a

kilo. Let's take a look at the

front pages of the major newspapers around the country

this morning. The 'Australian'

reports Liberal leader Malcolm

Turnbull has successfully avoided a leadership spill

after winning support to negotiate the Emissions Trading

Scheme amendments as we've been discussing this morning. The

Coalition has ended weeks of infighting to agree on

infighting to agree on those

amendments and that's on the

front page of the The 'West

Australian' says some WA

Liberal Liberaled are

threatening to vote against the

support. Small business is

bearing the brunt of tighter

credit after the global

financial crisis with big banks

giving them the worst lending

margins over the official cash

rate. That's according to the 'Financial Review' today The

'Age' says people smuggling

king pin has been found on the

boat load of Sri Lankans

interceped by Indonesian

authorities last week. The

Victorian Government will tell

sporting clubs to stamp out

violent fans and players or

risk losing funds according to

the 'Herald Sun'. Coastal

property owners in NSW will get

new rights to build barriers to

combat elotion says the 'Sydney

Morning Herald'. The 'Daily

Telegraph' reports

non-bulk-billing doctor IVF

also cost an extra $30 after

November 1. South Australian police are bracing for a flood

of cheap drugs on the night

club scene as clubbers choose

chemical highs in favour of expensive alcohol says the

Adelaide 'Advertiser'. The

'Northern Territory News' has a

front page report about a

Territory man who has died in a

motorbike crash in

Bali. Queensland has done from

boom to bust losing its title

as Australia's economic runner

says the 'Courier-Mail'. And a

spike in the number of drivers

caught using their mobiles on

the road has prommed calls for

a crack council. If you'd like

to send us your feedback on any

including Malcolm Turnbull's of the stories we're cover dag

victory in the Coalition party

room you can send emails to us.

Let's take look now at the

top stories on News Breakfast.

The Federal connection

Coalition has given moment the

green right to start anythings

with Kevin Rudd about his

Emissions Trading Scheme. But

the Coalition has not exited to

votes for scheme. The Government says lit negotiate with Malcolm Turnbull in good

faith. Fire crews are preparing

for bad weather today as they

battle a large blaze near

Rockhampton. At least 80 homes

were threatened by the fire on

the weekend. Crews worked

through the night to contain

several flare-ups. And several

top commanders in Iran's Elite

Revolutionary Guard were among

30 people killed in a suicide

woman bombing in the country's

south-east. A Sunni rebel group

has taken responsibility for

the attack. Within three years

Australia could have its very

own team competing in the

pinnacle of professional

cycling, the Tour de

France. Two Australians teams from trying to get enough

backing to make the leap from

domestic competition on to the

world stage. MUSIC

The race is on. Talk to anyone

in the know on cycling

in the know on cycling and

they'll tell you there's never

been a better time to put

together an Australian team to

mount an assault on the world's

biggest and richest bike

race. It does frustrate me that

these great bike riders are

going to US teamtor a European

team because we don't have an

Australian one but hopefully we

can change that Desperate to

coral Australia's wealth of cycling talent

cycling talent is West

Australian henk vogue whols

rode along side Stuart O'Grady

in two Tour de Francest and won

a Commonwealth Games gold

medal. After hanging00 up his

wheels last year he's now in

charge of the upand comingFully

V team. His squad up against

the might of Garmin Slipstream

which include British power house David Lawrence Kalwig, fourth in

fourth in this year's Tour de

France. So K to the first

sprint. Should be 4.5 K right

now. His outfit has enjoyed significant success in

Australia and America during

this its first year in

operation. Cycling's teams

which are all named after their

sponsors are divided up into

three levels. Fly V is a

continental level squad. The

first step on the

first step on the professional

ladder. In next is

procontinental and at the top

protour. Aside from a couple of wild-cards almost always

reserved for mid ranking French

teams, protour status is a must

for any jut fit wanting a start

in the tour. In the last few

years Victorian Cadel Evans has

carried Australia's hopes

finishing second twice. Despite finishing well off the

finishing well off the pace in

this year's tour, two weeks ago

he achieved what no Australian

ever had before - becoming road

cycling's world champion..

The man that a lot of people

say never attacks well eat your

words Voice of cycling veteran British commentator Phil

Liggett is one of those who believes the victory could be

the catalyst required ft.

People will look to him but

there are other big names in

Australian cycling, McEwen cue

and Stuart O'Grady, Jack Bob

bridge who will go places.

Australia now has the riders

spread among the teams in the

world who could come together

and make a super team While

Australian riders have proven

they have the commitment

required to succeed at the

highest level, the financial

commitment required for any

team to go from races like this

to the top flight competition

in Europe is phenomenal. And

has so far prove yep the

biggest obstacle to fielding an

Australian team. By the time

you get to be the lead of a

team that's going to ride and

win the Tour de France, it's a

big team and you need big money

but at the end of the day

you've got to start small and

grow. To run a team it's about

20 million Australian dollars a

20 million Australian dollars a

year. These two are the passion

and marketing numerous behind

Australian road cycling also

vying to be the first to

France. Realistically, very few

and perhaps know single

Australian brand, Australian

company, that can expect to

recoup an investment of $to

million Australian per year in

the Australian market. So, who

could come up with the money

needed? BothFully V and the ARC

group have the backing of airlines. It's one industry which has been singled

out. Tourism and travel linking

those kind of ideas to an

Australian pro tour team is

certainly one of the key

approaches that we're taking.

But it has to be done on a

proper commercial footing and

in a way where we can clearly

demonstrate returns of the

Australian economy. And they're

therein lies the rub, despite

the team's considerable success

in its first year,Fully V has

just postponed planned to head

to Europe naex ya into the

intermediate pro continue

nebtal ranks. The rider

explains. We decided not to go

that direction mainly because

of the races inside America. It

limbs us and it wouldn't be

exposing our sponsorsors

withFully V Australia It

certainly makes the goal of

gaping a pro tour licence by

2011 more difficult. ARC too

has recently revised it goals.

We've love to see an

Australian team rolling down the Champs Elysees and other

pro tour events in 2010, that's

not realistic. We can't now

make that happen. Even 2011 is

going to take a lot of planning

and a lot of things to fall

into place and 2012 may already

be a more realistic

prospect. Cycling's boss in

Australia says he's being asked

by the international cycling

union why it's taking so

long? It's very clear that they

would like to see a

professional team out of

Australia and it's part of the

globalsation of the sport and

particularly the United States

have just had two new teams and

Britain have got a team with

Sky so they were very

interested to hear our progress. Henk argues that

whoever does back the first

team there'll be a lasting

reward. Any number of

international companies would

benefit greatly from having a

program like us . Imagine being

the first ever professional

cycling Australian team to go

to the tour. No-one will ever

forget them, ever. In finance

news, we'll go straight to the

markets -

The first time I've got back

from overassess and I'm not

afraid to look at my credit

card bill Some of those bills

lag a bit when you come back

and it's just going up and up.

Dreadful for exporters but if

you're travelling overseas it's

terrific. Vanessa O'Hanlon will

join us shortly for a lock at

the national weather. And we'll

have a review of our find and

we'll be joined by

personern With sport and some

formula one news, Paul

Kennedy. Mark Webber has one

his second Grand Prix of the

year and Jensen Button crowned

the Formula One world champion

for 2009. Web web won the

Brazil conditions there. It's

the enultimate race of the

year. Jensen Button secured

enough points to make him

unbeatable? Brawn GP won the

constructors championship.

There were two games of English

Premier League overnight. Black

burn beat burnly 3-2 and Wigan drew with Manchester City

1-1. It's opened up for Blake.

That is stunning. Deep into

the... And Blackburn has

equalised. Dunn to deliver the

free kick.

free kick. They're struggling

here, Alexander's error, now -

he's in. And Blackburn have

scored again. And Igor surely,

he has scored. It's p-2 but

have burnly left it too late.

It's a good hit. He's not held

it and they're ahead with

it and they're ahead with the

goal. Tevez cutting it in

towards right Phillips and then

the equaliser! Martin P et rov,

the Bulgarian. Manchester City

would be disappointed with only

a draw there. Back to the A

league and Australia in Gold

Coast has shot to the top of

the table with a victory over

Perth yesterday and Melbourne

Victory had a good win over

Newcastle. Melbourne came to

Newcastle looking to avenge

last week's thumping by Sydney.

Things didn't start well. What

a finish. The first half had

few highlights. But it was a

more uptemp yes Melbourne after

the break. They drew level

thanks to Archie Thompson.. Archie Thompson, what a

goal. Carlos Hernandez hern had

a hand in all three Melbourne

goals. A goal out of nothing

again After settling up two he

finally hit the back of the net

hixs. The points are safe

now. Points were what Gold

Coast and Perth were after in

their fight for first place.

First blood was self-inflighted. It's taken a

deflection. Gold Coast in

front. The equaliser came

earlier in the second half

followed less than a minute

later by the winner. We'll go

to some tennis result numerous

and in the Shanghai open, it

was an interesting to watch DAV

den coturp back the clock

there. The Russian with no

really formidable shots just

wore down Rafael Nadal and won

that tournament. What a great

way to finish a tournament

there with an overrule on a

line call. The Shanghai open,

bring on the Australian Open I

say. We'll go to some pictures

from the cricket and the

Champions League and I'm sorry

to say that I have really

enjoyed this tournament so far

and gets to the semifinal stage

now. Why are you sorry to say

that? Look at the crowd. I'm

not sure that that many people

are into it but I really am.

There was Justin Langer's last

shot in first-class cricket.

There he is there. But Somerset bowing out to

bowing out to NSW and David

Warner smacked 40 odd in 16

ballast they chased down the

target with 8 overs to spare.

So NSW through to the

semifinals and if we just stay

with these pictures for a

second, we'll see Justin Langer

trum off the field for the

final time in his first class

career. Somerset out, Trinidad

and Tobago was the other winner

from overnight. I wonder

whether Justin Langer ever

pictured that being his last

scene walking off the ground in

a first class match and what

are they doing in the stands?

Not what you'd picture with

Justin Langer, the grat warror

from the Test arena Not what I

picture with cricket, that sort

of stuff. It's true. The reason

the crowds are a bit down there, there was no Indian team

of course in that game but the

Indian teams have flopped a bit

and the Australian teams doing

well, Victoria, NSW into the

semis but of course there was

more dra drama on the weekend

when the Victorian match was

delayed because of a bomb scare

and I actually was sitting down to watch that game and when I

heard there was a bomb scare I

just assumed that there would

be no play, woke inthe next

morning and it was a reduced

game and just a few more

game and just a few more things

to think about with the

Commonwealth Games around the

corner and they're going to

have to monitor the

situation. And the Vics

crashed in that became ga They

did enough to get through to

the semis. Wouldn't give them

much confidence? They'll be

kie. I think the two Australian

teams are good solid teams,

they don't rely on one or two

Tobago, players but Trinidad and

Tobago, we'll show you some

highlights, they've given some

hope that the West Indian players can come to Australia

in the next couple of months

and give us something to cheer

about. I really hope. I hope

that's a good, strong competition. Ihope they've

found their swagger again. That

team at least is really

smashing everyone. News

Breakfast can be watched live

on the web from anywhere ..

Which means you're not actually

chained to your television

anymore, you're chained to your

O'Hanlon with the weather and a computer! Now here's Vanessa

bit of information about what's

happening up in the Rockhampton

area with those fires? That's

right. Good morning Joe. A top

of 30 today for Rockhampton.

There is the chance of a shower

and for firefighters moderate south-easterly winds. Areas of

the Top End are also on fire

ban. We'll have more details on

the that shortly. For the rest of

the country include is pushing

into western WA that's causing

a few light showers over the

south-west. Also a few showers

for Tasmania with the cloud

that's down over eastern Tasmania and also Victoria. A

high is keeping the interior

and also South Australia mostly

clear but it's sending a few showery easterlies over the

east coast and gusty winds or

the Top End and WA. For

tropical Queensland a few storms underneath this trough

and warm northerlies for WA's

and warm northerlies for WA's

south ahead of a trough that's bringing a cool change. Around

the States -

Top story on News Breakfast - debate about the Emissions

Trading Scheme is set to

dominate another week of

Federal parliament with Malcolm

Turnbull winning the backing of

the Coalition's party room to

negotiate amendments to the

scheme.. The Federal Opposition

leader want to permanently

exclude agriculture, protect

the cull industry and keep

electricity prices low. The

Government says it will

negotiate in good faith but

some Liberal and National Party

MPs say they remain opposed to

the scheme and they'll still

vote against it. Kevin Rudd has

decided to make Australia the

largest coal exporter in the

world, the most heavily taxed

coal mining business in the

world as far as carbon goes.

Now, that is a remarkable

bizarre position that they

take. So what we have come back

and said in a nut shell is

treat coal mining the same as

it will be treated in the

United States and Europe.

That's common sense. Peeng and

Kevin Rudd have got to get

real. Are they going to try to

penalise, make themselves some

kind of environmental heroes,

out of slugging our biggest

export industry in a way that

will do absolutely nothing for

global emissions. So what do

you think about what Malcolm

Turnbull has been able to

achieve in the Coalition party

room from?

In other news this morning,

firefighters in Queensland are

preparing for a difficult day

as they battle a large braise

in the Mt Archer area near

Rockhampton. Close 80 homes

were threatened over the weekend and the Rural Fire

Service worked to contain

several flare yups overnight

and is now prepare fog more bad

weather today. More than 30

people are dead after a suicide

bomber blew himself up at a

meeting of Iran's Elite

Revolutionary Guard. Several

top commanderers were among

those killed, a Sunni rebel group has claimed

responsibility for the attack.

The bombing took place in the volatile south-east of the country. Tens of thousands of people have been fleeing

violence in Pakistan's South

Waziristan region. Fierce

clashes between Pakistani

security forces and Taliban

militants have reportedly

killed up to 60 Taliban

fighters. The military is

trying to take back control of

large parts of South Waziristan

from the Taliban. Australia's unemployment rate is predicted

to peak at 6.8% by the middle

of next year. This prediction

is contained in the latest

business outlook from Access

Economics. And it's well below

the 8.5% rate forecast by the

Government. Access expects the

economy will return to trend

growth as it's known by early

2011. Detectives are

investigating a large explosion

at a block of flats in

Melbourne late yesterday. The

force of the ground floor blast

blew a wall bout and injured

four people, two of them

seriously. People are treating

the incident as suspicious. And

police believe the balloon boy

saga over Colorado last week

wooz a hoax. They plan to

charge the family with

conspiracy, and contributing to

the delinquency of a minor. 6-year-old Falcon Heene was

feared to have been in a

weather balloon which became

loose from the family's

backyard and flew for 80

kilometres. Police say it was a

publicity stunt planned in the

hope of getting on a reality TV

show. The East Timorese

Government is hoping to lure

hundred of adventurous anglers

to a few fishing competition

next month. The message edge is

that the nation is safe and

stable. The northern coastline

of East Timor is a major

drawcard for divers seeking

whale, dolphins, duggons and

turtles and the tropical waters

north of Dili around this

island will soon host an

inaugural sport fishing

competition. The waters where

the competition will be held

haven't been commercially

finished ever so we're expecting very large fish

stocks to be caught. The

competition's being spruiked in

blaza and Singapore through

promotional campaigns such as

this one. And the East Timorese

Government has used a boat show

in Darwin to lure anglers with

the promise of 4m long sail

fish, bill fish, marlin and tuna. The East Timorese

Government says the nation's

open for tourism. A month ago

the Australian Government

downgraded its travel advisory

to East Timor although it still

specifies an uncertain security

situation there. I've been

going to Timor this time for

probably 2.5 years, my time in

Darwin and I see improvements

all the time in how Dili and

East Timor are moving ahead. No

issue at all with security

issues in Dili. The fishing

competition has come on the

heels of the Tour de Timor

mountain bike race which

attracted 2 # # riders and 500

visitors in August. Theain Augustral sport fishing

competition is being held late

next month. The marathon and

adventure race are being

planned for next

year. Beautiful looking part of

the world. Families feasting in

fireworks have become the focus

of one of the world's most

important religion festivals,

Diwali or the festival festival

of lies. It's enjoyed by Sikhs,

Buddhists, Hindus or Jains

through the worment

world Lights, fire work and

sweets. A joyous occasion for

children across India. The

festival of lights symbolising

the victory of good over evil,

light over darkness, and

knowledge over ignorance. We

are praying to goddess Lakshmi

this man says, it's believed

that on this day goddess

Lakshmi showers her blessings.

This priest says that if you

tray to goddess Lakshmi and is the unyou'll blessed with

wealth and a Price perrous

life. People clean their houses

and decorate them with candles

and earth yearn lamps believing

the goddess will press well lit

hopes. Diwali is celebrating

wherever there are Sikhs, Buddhists, Hindus or Jains.

Thousands gathered in India's

northern city of Amritsar at

the golden temple. Children

offered flowers to India's

President and received

chocolates in return. And on

the Wagah border in India's

northern poon jab Indian and

Pakistani troops exchanged


TRANSLATION: We exchange sweets

on every festival like Diwali,

independence day and Republic

day. These gestures boost ties

besides acting as a confidence

building measure. It shows that

our relations are cordial. This

family in Dubai is performing

Lakshmi Puja lack when the

Hindu goddess of wealth is

summoned to their home. They

do a lot more of course

because... It's known as the

same spirit, the joy, be fun,

all the same. It's... For a

short time, Diwali allows

people to put aside their every

day worries or concerns and celebrate. And really great

food at those festivals too.

The brush-tailed wallaby was on

the verge of extinction, that

was until a team of

conservation groups got

together with a plan to bring

it back from the brink. The

where the program starts in Adelaide

where the rare Wallabies are

pred in captivity but it ends

in Victoria's Grampians where

the marsupial once numbered in

the tens of thousands. MUSIC

This female Wallaby is about

to play a crucial role in an

ambitious program to save one

of the country's most

endangered species. You need to

go way over there. That is if

this team of highly transed

scientists manage to catch her

first. Pretty good? The aim is

to save the brush-tailed

wallaby from extinction and the

first step of that is happening

in Adelaide where these vets

and zoologists are pioneering

what's known as a cross

fostering program. Just hold

that patch down there. They do

this by taking a two week old

baby from the brush-tailed

wallaby's pouch, they then

remove a Joey from the pouch of

a more common Wallaby and put the brush-tailed wallaby baby

in its place. In this case, the

Wallaby they're using is a

yellow-footed rock wallaby

which is found in South

Australia and western NSW. In

the way we can accelerate the

breeding of each ep dangered

female from normally one young

peryear up to eight. Like the

average would probably be

somewhere between three and

four but we can get up to eight young from each female each

year which is really exciting

and a potential to increase

population numbers rapidly is

just amazing. The baby brush-tailed wallaby then grow

up in the host mother's pouch.

Once the Wallabies are about 18

months this is where they'll

end up. In Victoria's Grampians

National Park.Tony Corrigan is

an ecologist working on the

brush-tailed wallaby program. He says the brush-tailed

wallaby once numbered in this

thousands throughout the

Grampians. By 1999 the

population was down to one. The

there was something like European hunting for instance,

200,000 skins sold to a single

skin dealer in London in a 10

year period in the late 19th

century, you can mam that that

had a major contribution to bringing the numbers down.

There's been disease event that

we don't really know a lot

about but there's historical

records of disease running

through all sorts of wildlife populations. We certainly think

that that contributed to the

decline here. And then probably

the death-knell was foxes,

coming into the area. Clean and dry. That's something this

team is working on changing.

They're in the Grampians with

Wallabies that have been bred

using the cross fostering technique. Tonight they're

getting a health check and a tracking collar making them

ready for release into the

wild. Thanks to the

brush-tailed wallaby

conservation program, there are

now search Wallabies in the

Grampians. Today they're

releasing five more. She's

hiding. One man to get the

honourablor of releaseling a

Wallaby is Mervyn Jacobson.

He's the founder of genetic

technologies limited, a DNA

testing company. He wants to

make sure the genes of the

brush-tailed wallaby survive. I

think it's wonderful. What a

thrill and what an honour to be

able to release an endangered

brush-tailed wallaby back to

the wild. And to do something

for the threatened species, to

do something for nature and to

do something for Australia. Dr

Jacobson is one of the miedge

major financial supporters of

the program but he's also

supplying man power in the form

of his grandson Reagan

Milstein. The 13-year-old has

spent the week with the kons

vision team in the Grampians

and what he's learnt here could

spell the beginning of a can

rear in science and

conservation. Knowing that what

I've done here could elevate

this species to come out of

being endangered, is just

incredible. And it's really

motivated me to help them even

more. There's more to this

program than just breeding and

releasing Wallabies. Years

before the first Wallaby was

released parks authorities and

convationists had to make sure

the area was suitable. That

meant assessing the amount of

feed available and reducing the

numbers of feral predators such

as foxes and cats. Tony

Corrigan says that means this

program hasn't just helped help

out the brush-tailed

wallaby. One of the criticisms

we've had is that this is a

single species conservation

focus but it's not the case

really at all. Certainly

brush-tailed wallabies are one

of the I guess flagship species

but the number of other species

that we're starting to see

respond to the other woshs that

we've been doing is great.

Ethings like Bandy coots, seem

to be responding to that

predator control. The program

is in its early stages, but so

far it's being hailed a

success. Seven of the ten

Wallabies released last year

have survived a thrived. Wehead

a few unexpected deaths early,

one from a rock fall which

crushed an animal and we had

another animal get a disease in

the jaw, but we've had culls on

the remaining animals and we

know there's a group of them

down the end of the gorge down

hor that have stayed where

we've put them and we know

there's some other animals that

are moved up the gorge up the

this way. Now the new AWBbies

have been released a dedicated

team of volunteers will monitor their movements over the next

few weeks. The hope is they'll

get a move on and start

breeding in the wild. Tony

Corrigan says it's important

they document their successes

and failures in the that's

lessons can be used to safe future ep dangered

species. Even if it's not

success waefl end that we have

to remove the animals because

we think they're going to be

lost, there's a lot that we can

learn and I think it's very

important that we articulate

that and get that out into the

literature, but also so that

the public are aware of what

we've been trying to do do

because that informs others who

go down this path again. If

this attempt failed it wouldn't

be a last attempt by any means.

St The brush-tailed wallaby

program has been so successful

that the animal has been thrust

from obscurity and near

extinction to Victoria's voting

it their favourite animal

winning it a place on every car

registered in the state. That's

your state's most endangered

species and it's a pity trees

not more people that know about

some of the threatened fauna

that are here in Australia

because there's many of them

and they desperately need your

hope. Sweet little things. I

want to know how those babies

survive when the mums are

darting around at the speed

that they do Very well padded

pouch. You are watching News

Breakfast. Let's look at the

top stories now. The Federal Opposition has given Malcolm

Turnbull the green light to start negotiations with Kevin Rudd abhis Emissions Trading

Scheme. But the Coalition

hasn't committed yet to voting

for the scream. The Government

says lit negotiate with Malcolm

Turnbull in good faith. Fire

crews prepare fog bad weather

today as they battal bad blaze

near Rockhampton. At least 80

homes were threatened by the

fire on the weekend. The number

of people killed in a suicide

bomb attack in Iran has risen

bomb attack in Iran has risen

to 4 #. The bomber targeted a

meeting of the country's elite Elite Revolutionary Guard.

Several top commanderers are

among the dead.

We'll take a look at the

national papers and we're

lecturer Waleed Aly. Good joined now by Monash University

morning. Good morning. Look at this the 'Australian', look at

this cheerful man, can we

quickly get a look at that.

Smiling. That's Malcolm

Turnbull. With Julie Bishop and

he hasn't looked like that in

weeks.. I've never seen both of

them so happy as it happens and

there is no avoiding Malcolm

Turnbull in the papers today.

I've picked - going to contrast

the Oz and the 'Sydney Morning

Herald''s cover aage of this.

Not really contrast, just line

them up. Taylor is leading if

commentary side of it. In the

the 'Australian' Within the

'Australian' and she makes the

point that this is ultimately

now about Malcolm Turnbull's

political survival, not about

policy making. And I think it's probably best summed bap

cartoon that appears on the

front page of the the

'Australian', which I think is

just a ripper and I should just

let it speak for itself. The

thing is he shouldn't be

thing is he shouldn't be

ticking the first one off

yet? What I love about that

cartoon, just look at the state

of them. He's beat yep

up? Absolutely. That's part of

the problem that that confronts

him and I think the Coalition

generally. The point that Mrs

Taylor makes is that this a was

the Peasy part, getting the

party or the Coalition to agree

on putting forward a pro

business version of an ETS

business version of an ETS or

amendments to an sphe that

would then be the basis of

discussion. The problem is what

happen hen it comes back. What

happens when the Government responds. If the Government

rejects all the amendments,

then is Malcolm Turnbull forced

to vote against it and that

will depend largely on how other people within the

Coalition respond. It's

probably not likely they'll

reject all of the suggestions,

Penny Wong's rhetoric is clear

that we're sitting here, we're

that we're sitting here, we're

waiting for you guys to

negotiate with us, we've left

some particular areas for you,

then he'll go back to a party

room that says "no,"

anyway. Lenore Taylor is saying

that list depends on how long

that list is. If there's enough

people in the Liberal that say

they don't want any part of

this, this really raises a

question - what is Malcolm

Turnbull's decision going to

be. Because the more people

he's seen to be taking on, the

sillier he'll look and the less

commanding hi will look as a

leader which leaves I think

nicely into Peter Ha rtCher's

piece in is morgue. He says

weak Malcolm Turnbull's that this is a sign of just how

leadership has become. That his

party has now given him

permission to the talk to the

Government ch that's the extent

of it. He doesn't have any

permission to decide anything.

He's not athroud commit to anything. That's

condition. That's a significant

milestone. This is a real

problem and he says that in

fact what this has done is

affirmed just how deep the

divisions are in the Coalition

on this issue. He contrasts

Malcolm Turnbull's position to

John Howard's position and

Kevin Rudd's where John Howard

walks into the Cabinet barely

mentions WorkChoices and then

just goes off and announcing it

and ens up losing an election

on it. But his party room says

yes sir, no sir, three bags

full sir And with Kevin Rudd, the parallel that he's drawing

is with the stimulus package,

vaguely referred to in caucus

and then comes out, announces

this enormous measure and

prosecutes it. Obviously that's

much easier to do from

much easier to do from power

when you're the PM and you've

won an election, you can go to

your party and say, "Listen I'm

the person who's going to be

doing this and that is it."

Malcolm Turnbull is in a

tougher situation. Do you think

any Coalition leader would have

been in the same position as he

is now? I think post election,

yeah. The problem is... But

this is a long post election

period now? I think the post

election period lasts at least

until the next election. I

think you have to go through the identity crisis of losing

the election and then the

pragmatism kicks in after the

second election loss where

you'd better figure out how to

win. The problem that you have

in the Coalition and that I

think you have on the

conservative side of politics

also in the US, this is an

emerging trend is that the

politics of climate change just

Conservative Parties at the don't suit the politics of

moment. They're so deeply

divided about it. There's the

ib ternlal ideological spat

that can be watched away with process. That's what Malcolm

Turnbull is discovering and he

knows it. He doesn't need to

discover it any further. The

only thing Kevin Rudd has to

worry about is rising interest

rates which could become a bit

of an issue? And asylum

seekers. This is the one issue where the Coalition can

probably speak with a single

voice and it's a bit of a gift

but even then I'm not convinced

it's quite the same this time

around. Have to watch this

space but I think the politic

also play out slightly

differently. I think that

depends a lot on whether the PM

is called something of a

hypocrite for his criticism of

the Howard Government's tough

stance, then softening the laws

and wanting to claim that he

still has a tough stance. You

can hear it in the rhetoric

where humane, compassionate but

hardline and tough and these

people are scum. Wait a minute, where did I start? Exactly. Let's move back

to the front page of the the

'Australian' In is an

interesting store. If you've

been following this

development, the has to do with

shared parenting laws in the

Family Court. The family law is

discretion's jurisdiction. That

essentially means judges make

decisions that they consider to

be in the best interests of the

child when deciding who the

children's stay with arch a

divorce. Is it mum, dad, so on,

how much and all those sorts of

things. What's happened in

these amendments the Howard

Government amended it so that

there was a starting

presumption that you would have shared parenting that each

parent would get equal time.

There are now movement ace foot

with the new Government

suggesting they may move away

from that which tends to favour

women more so, so father's

rights groups are up in arms

about this. The concern has

been that shared parents has

meant that children have been

spended more time than would be desirable with particularly

fathers who have been abusive,

so this has become an emerging

discussion. It was very hot in

2006 when the amendments came

through. If you try to move to

a position that's more central,

then I think it could get hot

again although it concerns not

as many people as we might

think It was clearly stirred up

by that dreadful incident in

Victoria where a man has been

charged over the death of his

daughter and that young girl

was thrown from the top of the

bridge and the family was

locked in dispute in the court

has now just dealt with a case

where a women now started a new

relationship with someone who

had a child who died through

neglect. The court found, and

so this is one where the

absence of a shared parents

position is helping the women, sorry the men rather than the

women. It's complicated. What's

happening with rugby league? Ty

of tell you about this. This is

at the casino show in the north

coast of NSW. A group of ten

rugby players have taken on a

team of five sheep. I'm not

joking. They hadvale Co. What's

happening in that photo

there? He's tackling an

Opposition member. Apparently

there was no score kept. That's

a sheep? That's a sheep. It's

wearing a rugby jersey. It has

velcro on it so that the ball

will stick it. I'm not sure how

this happens and five beat ten

humans apparently. I'm not

surprised! Always good to see

you. Thank you so much.. Thank

you. Even with stories like

that. A reminder for you that

you can watch all News

Breakfast streamed live every

morning. With sport here is

Paul Kennedy. Thank you. I bet

those sheep were New Zealanders

by the way. Mark Webber has won

his second Grand Prix of the

year and Jensen Button has been

crowned the Formula One world

champion for 2009. Webber won

in Brazil which staged the

penultimate race of the year

and button finished fifth. To

the Crick Tate Champions League

the Twenty20 turnment over

there in India. NSW won

overnight and go through to the

semifinals to join Victoria in

the semis of that tournament

and in issueman, Caine Eckstein

won the Coolangatta Gold

yesterday on the Gok and Diego

Maradona won the women's vent.

So we'll bring us picks of that

in the next half hour Thank you

for that Paul and we should

point out that wasn't the

Eckstein boy? There's some good

Pitts and an interesting story

as well. Here's Vanessa

O'Hanlon with the

weather. Let's take a look at the satellite image where we

have cloud that is heading into

the south of Western Australia.

This will bring a cool change

through. There's also some

cloud that's sitting over the

east of Tasmania, just causing

a few showers and that's also

over parts of Victoria as well.

As part of the change in WA,

there is a trough that's

sitting over there and that

will cause a few showers as

well. There's a few storms