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(generated from captions) Good morning. and welcome to Ten's morning news. I'm Natarsha Belling

in a Melbourne hospital. is under guard was due to face court this morning Christopher Wayne Hudson and attempted murder charged with murder after turning himself in. The most wanted man in Australia was whisked into a police custody cell

after surrendering late yesterday but overnight was transferred St Vincent Hospital to a secure wing of Melbourne's

injuries resulting from self harm. for treatment to what sources say are contacted detectives Christopher Wayne Hudson's lawyer two days after the shooting in a critical condition. that left a man dead and two people negotiations today There's been some ongoing and a member of the crime department between a solicitor of those negotiations and as a result he's handed himself in peacefully.

the Wallan police station, Hudson walked into at 4:30 yesterday afternoon. 50 kilometres north of Melbourne He was very quiet. lit ooked like he was cooperating it looked like he was cooperating Basically no emotion, and walked straight into the car. when he approached police. Hudson was unarmed The 29-year-old court hearing overnight faced an out-of-sessions and was due to front of good Samaritan Brendan Keilar He's been charged with the murder

of model girlfriend Kara Douglas and the attempted murder and Dutch backpacker Paul De Waard. trial for unlawful imprisonment The Hells Angels member also faces

serious harm and intentionally causing Autumn Daly-Holt. after the alleged assault of stripper I think it's a wonderful outcome. that we could have hoped for. It's the best to come forward We'd been appealing for Mr Hudson without any real incident. and we were hoping he'd be arrested

Ben Lewis, Ten News. is due to face court today. And Christopher Wayne Hudson Ten reporter Allan Raskall is there. Allan, what's the latest?

He was a peer it was to appear at

denied them. the court this morning but they

denied them. He is on hospital

suffering an injury to his left arm. His

His lawyer has told the cup the

court he will undergo surgery on

the arm later today. Labour seas

because of the sheer number of

winners is spoken to. Two alleged winners is spoken to. Two alleged

victims have not been spoken victims have not been spoken with

an of Friday's a waiting on the

results of an autopsy. He was arrested late yesterday

arrested late yesterday after a

flurry of phone calls but when his

lawyer and please. He appeared then

charged with the number of offences.

None was allowed to attend the

session hearing due to security

concerns. He war front court in

October. The funeral will

October. The funeral will be held

for the father of three tomorrow.

He was shot dead during the

shooting on Monday. The shooting on Monday. The State

government announced a trust fund

for his family pledging $250,000.

As for the model, she has a woken

from REM medically induced coma and

is said to be stable. For the Dutch

is said to be stable. For the Dutch

backpack - he and his condition has

stable improved overnight. He isn't a

from the ALP for behaving badly, to expel another union leader a stunt. A damning video to reign in militant unionists ahead of the federal election. which has embarrassed Kevin Rudd. It's this vision an employer on a Perth worksite. Unionist Joe McDonald telling off

here's days are numbered. This (bleep) , thieving parasite dog

He'll be working at Hungry Jacks. representative. Leave this site. No you're not workers' Labor is in damage control. expulsion from the Labor Party. I've commenced procedures for his

for unlawful behaviour There will be zero tolerance in Australian workplaces. or thuggish behaviour But the Government says isn't good enough. expelling Mr McDonald from the ALP This is a meaningless stunt. to the appalling behaviour Kevin Rudd is simply responding from these officials. that has been seen the Government's claims The vision reinforces

to the construction industry. Labor will tear down reforms these tough changes will go If Labor wins the election, to building sites. and lawlessness will return and reinforce the idea that the ACTU doesn't try between you and a job. that it's a slab of beer Murdering bastards.

in reports Labor can take some comfort

that many voters are still worried workplace reforms about the Government's the Government defending the changes. because they don't see anyone but We don't need a poll to tell us penalty rates taken away, that Australians don't want their their wages and conditions slashed. that they don't want Murray McCloskey, Ten News. will return to work on the Gold Coast Queensland policeman Chris Hurley of an Aboriginal man in custody. after being cleared over the death

the case is far from over. But Indigenous groups say officer, through the civil courts. They're now considering pursuing the from his landmark trial, vindicated Chris Hurley walked away but the journey has taken a toll. There is a great sense of relief. be no celebrations. There will, however, There are no winners.

As his supporters rallied sobbed. the family of Mulrunji Doomadgee

Not the justice they'd wanted. But justice of a kind they say. But we've had a win is watching this country. because the whole world in the local watch house in 2004 The 36-year-old Palm Islander died after a scuffle with Hurley. brought a quiet anger. Back on the Island, the verdict, Shit, man. He should've went jail.

If I did it, I'd be convicted. of the damaging riots They say, there'll be no repeat

that followed Mulrunji's death. and accept it now. We gotta learn to live with it But Indigenous leaders can't. of the 1960s. This is similar to the KKK verdicts

Hurley's the white OJ Simpson so we might have to have a civil case to bring him to his knees.

is said to be considering just that. Mulrunji's family to the medical evidence The officer conceded with Doomadgee that he "must have come into contact"

and caused the fatal injuries. But says it's a grey area. parties should put it behind them. Queensland's Premier says both The rule of law has prevailed here. It's important we all accept the decision of the jury and we move on. The Senior Sergeant will return to work when he's ready. Emma Dallimore, Ten News.

stranded in the Blue Mountains after being cut off by floodwaters. Rescuers airlifted the men, aged in their 20s, from the Glenbrook Gorge early this morning. They raised the alarm last night, hemmed in by a swollen creek. Police were able to get food and supplies to the group but because of hazardous weather, the chopper rescue was put off until today. It's a shame what happened to them having to come out. We weren't too prepared and what have you, but that's just what happened.

Their ordeal comes after authorities warned bushwalkers not to venture out in poor weather following the dangerous rescue of a school group in the area at the weekend. A report into the fatal crash of a Sea King chopper on the Indonesian island of Nias will be released this afternoon. Nine Australian servicemen died in the accident while trying to deliver aid to locals affected by an earthquake.

It's believed a missing split-pin was responsible for the accident. Last month, the entire Sea King fleet was grounded after a similar problem was discovered on one of the aircraft. Australia's richest man has married his long-term fiance Erica Baxter not once, but twice on the French Riviera. The couple slipped away with immediate family for a civil ceremony

and then the bride frocked up for a second service

in front of all their friends. Reporter Peter Nugent is in the south of France. Peter, it seems as if they went to extraordinary lengths to keep the media away. Yes, that's right. Security guards and police encircled the Hotel Du Cap here in the south of France to keep prying eyes and, more importantly, prying camera lenses away from Mr Packer, his bride and their star-studded guest line-up. Almost as soon as James Packers's private yacht, the 'Arctic P'

appeared on the Mediterranean horizon that he is was in the south of France there's been speculation that he was in the south of France to marry long-term girlfriend Erica Baxter. Over the past few days, friends and family of Australia's richest man have been arriving on the Cote d'Azure, where they've been seen relaxing on the beach. Among those soaking up the rays besides the Cote's famous blue waters, Hollywood movie star and fellow Scientologist Tom Cruise,

along with wife Katie Holmes and their baby, Suri. This morning 39-year-old Mr Packer and his 29-year-old model bride were secretly wed in a French civil ceremony at the local town hall. Then this afternoon the Hotel Du Cap, one of the most exclusive hotels on the French Riviera, threw up a security screen to keep the media out.

Helicopters hovered overhead trying to get a shot. A flotilla of speedboats attempted to unbalance cameramen who'd taken to the water. Still more cameras and reporters perched on nearby rocks as a second wedding ceremony took place inside the plush hotel. Finally the media was rewarded with glimpses of some of the star guests who gathered on the hotel's balcony to admire the Cote d'Azure sunset.

And Natarsha, if the reports are correct, the party has just begun. It's expected to go for at least another two days. And the final bill at the end? Around about Australian $6 million. Global warming may not only be attacking our future but may begin to destroy our past. The frightening findings of a new study next.

And when in Rome, walking in the shoes of the Ancient Romans.

This program is captioned live. Vigils have been held around the world to remember BBC correspondent Alan Johnston who's now been in captivity for 100 days. Journalists stopped work at the time the veteran journalist is thought to have been abducted in Gaza City.

At home in Argyle Alan Johnston's parents and friends marked the moment with a quiet gesture of hope. One balloon for each day that their son has been missing. 100 days to the minute since his abduction, the vigil went global. BBC staff were joined by journalists around the world in a few minutes of silent solidarity.

In Gaza, there is a new reality. The radical Islamist party, Hamas, They've been committed to Alan Johnston's release from the beginning but does that mean they can secure his freedom? The question is unanswerable for Gaza is in new and unchartered water. George W. Bush has vetoed a bill that would have allowed scientists to use government-funded money for stem cell research.

It's the second time the President has used his powers to stop to veto a bill on stem cell research in Congress. Congress will have to go back to the drawing board on one of the Democrat's President Bush vetoed a bill that would've eased the restrictions on using federal dollars to pay for embryonic stem cell research. Mr Bush believes it's immoral to make taxpayers fund what he calls "the destruction of human life". In our conscious causes to pursue the possibilities of science

in a manner that respects human dignity and oppose our moral values. But critics say today's veto will only put the brakes on a possible breakthrough. We have to have better solutions. We have people who are suffering, people who are dying and the science is ready to move forward. Researchers and lawmakers aren't the only ones focused on this issue. The latest polls show strong support for embryonic stem cell research

and it could end up as a major issue election. in the upcoming presidential After vetoing the bill, President Bush issued an executive order directing the government to take its research in a new direction. He wants the Health and Human Services Department to take a look at other types of cells that could act like embryonic stem cells and regenerate to fight disease. Right now, federal can be used to pay for research

on stem cells that existed as of August 2001 The bill President Bush rejected would have lifted that date restriction. In Washington, Susan Roberts, Ten News. New footage has been released showing the exact moment a building in Japan exploded killing three people. A security camera captured the destruction which levelled a women's spa in Tokyo. Three others, who were inside the building at the time,

were seriously injured.

Debris fell all around nearby streets damaging cars and shattering windows. Officials say the explosion may have been caused by a methane gas leak that caught alight near one of the spa's hot springs. The shocking images of abused Iraqi orphans found by US soldiers caused shock waves around the world. Now the troops who found them have gone back to the orphanage

to see how the children are recovering. Some of the pictures in this report are distressing. Captain Ben Morales couldn't resist. It was a welcome He was back to check on the 24 boys he and his soldiers rescued over a week ago. They were literally starving to death in a government-run orphanage for special needs children. Those in charge left them naked and tied down

while piles of new clothes and food were stored right down the hallway. Thanks to these soldiers and the joint Iraqi-US patrol that found them, the boys' lives were saved. Hey, guys. When we visited them again today of a different orphanage nearby, in the safety the contrast was stunning. Look at them. They're all smiling, they're all laughing.

It's obvious how much better off these boys are here, but the problem is they are still special-needs children with no access to specialised care. Jason Smith and his wife are both special needs teachers. If he was in the US, what kind of care would he be getting? He wouldn't be sitting in this. Not in a crib? No. He'd be in a wheelchair most of the time.

But here, they are overworked, underpaid and the social workers lack specialised training. There's no education so they're going to do the same thing every day until they're not here anymore. Until they die? Yes. This little boy almost did die. he was covered in thousands of flies, When the soldiers found him unable to move.

as much as he has. They never thought he'd recover They're being fed now. They're safe. But what kind of a future do they have? This is it right here. The plight of these boys have outraged Iraqis, with excerpts of our reports aired constantly on TV for almost two days.

The public pressure forced

the Labor and Social Affairs Minister to speak out.

He lashed out at the US He lashed out at the US calling

America are Iraq's enemy. He was

telling the nation that these boys

are perfectly healthy and that

are perfectly healthy and that our

report was alive. You remember that

we took them out and who put them

in the situation. The fear here is

that they may be other of on a

board children and similar or worse conditions they have

conditions they have not yet been found. It seems NSW is not the only place receiving a record drenching. Torrential rain is causing severe flooding in several parts of England. worth of rain in just 45 minutes. One town receiving two weeks Residents could do little but watch - and film - as the waters rose with considerable speed. Such was its force that this is what it left behind. Channels burst as huge amounts of rainwater

careened downhill towards the river. Communities were cut off, roads were torn up. It was an absolute raging torrent from behind me. It actually reached the level of this house. Fortunately it didn't get inside. It destroyed all this decking? Totally destroyed the decking. How lucky do you think your parents have been? Very lucky. I mean, it's just a miracle that no-one was caught. All this here was pretty gardens of the community of retirement homes.

Just look at what the water has done - it's completely destroyed it. All that's left is this sea of mud. I can barely get around, it's so deep and such a quagmire. This shed was 100 feet in that direction. It got swept and dumped here by the water. The owner said there was a chicken shed as well, which has been totally destroyed and all the chickens killed. It could take weeks for this line to reopen.

Thing is it's part of the Seven Valley steam railway, a major tourist draw here. Nearby, holiday homes were crushed and these campers found their holiday unexpectedly extended. Now we're all trapped down here because the road's washed away, like you probably know. None of us can go anywhere until that's fixed so... it looks like we're here for a little while longer. Yeah. Thankfully there are no reports of major injuries. But the tourist industry here and householders

are counting the cost of Nature's latest show of power. Climate change is not only threatening the future, but could also threaten the past. A new international report into global warming warns some of the world's most historic monuments are being destroyed. The stress climate change can have on people

is beginning to be felt.

But a new international study has warned there may be other victims as well. This one. You can see it's leaning. From the rising waters of Venice to the ancient temples of Greece, to the archeological grandeur of Rome and to more modern wonders, global warming may hasten the destruction of some of the world's most treasured buildings and heritage sites. The building is that canary in the mine

that we can see and appreciate change. And that canary is beginning to look decidedly ill. The study concluded that higher temperatures and humidity will speed up the corrosion of the Eiffel Tower's ironwork, for example. And the warm, moist, salty air will attack the fine stonework on buildings from the Parthenon to the Tower of London,

to Westminster Abbey. So what we will get, within 100 years, is the fine detailing on buildings being lost. and other things that make these monuments what they are? Yes, yes. Absolutely. The damage, the report's authors say, may in fact go much deeper and affect the structure of the building. The point of this new study

is that climate change may not only threaten our future, it may also threaten some of the most important and inspiring touchstones of our past. And we may have to choose which of these monuments we try to preserve and which we allow to crumble and be lost forever. The notion that we can save everything, for all time, is, I think, one that we have to seriously think about, because it is unrealistic.

You think we cannot save these? We cannot. The message - see them now. that have lasted for centuries Within 50-100 years, treasures may look very different or not be there at all. Time travel is now as easy as logging onto your computer. This virtual tour of ancient Rome let's you do as the Romans did in 320 AD. You can crawl through the bowels of the Colosseum

and read inscriptions on the many historical arches. And you can spend as long as you want at the sites without fighting off other tourists. We'll head to the slopes to check the latest snow conditions next. And from the bench to the bright lights of Hollywood -

the judge in the Anna Nicole trial finds fame.

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This program is captioned live. The man accused of Victoria's triple shooting is under guard in a Melbourne hospital after attempting to harm himself.

Christopher Wayne Hudson was due to face court this morning charged with murder and attempted murder after turning himself in late yesterday. Kevin Rudd will move to expel another unionist from the ALP

for behaving badly. WA's Joe Macdonald the latest in the firing line. But the Government has labelled the move nothing more than an election stunt. Four bush walkers have spent a freezing night stranded in the New South Wales Blue Mountains

after being cut off by floodwaters. Rescuers airlifted the men, aged in their 20s, from the Glenbrook Gorge early this morning. In finance news - the Australian share market has opened weaker after a soft lead from Wall Street. Brisbane has shivered through another cold night after a record Arctic blast. The Sunshine State became the shivering State,

as Brisbane struggled to reach 13 degrees. But adding the wind chill factor parts of the capital recorded zero. In Toowoomba, they braved a bone-chilling -9. The winds knocked down trees, powerlines and even a brick wall. Gusty conditions are expected to ease again today. Temperatures in the capital expected to reach 18 degrees. Now for a look at the national weather and for the rest of the day.

And for today's ski report we cross to Simone Smith in Thredbo. Simone, what are conditions like today?

It is very chilly today. It feels

like I am standing in last night

dime. It is following on from

another might a snowfall across the

Australian resorts. The snow cover is

is looking nice and fresh. We received

received 10cm of fresh snow.

The forecast is for more smoke Clearing by at the weekend. I am

I am cold and I could be go on

forever because things are well

under way for the season. entertaimment report. Next - Angela Bishop has our weekly of the next US reality TV hit. Today she talks to the Aussie star

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if you're not entirely happy within 90 days, you can walk away I promise you'll love it.

It's Thursday on the latest entertainment news so that means it's time to catch up with Angela Bishop. Ange, another red carpet movie that's got a bit of buzz? but this time it's for an Aussie for 'Clubland' - And the reviews are excellent

Oscar nominee Brenda Blethyn. the Australian film starring Brenda and her castmates, Emma Booth and Frankie J Holden, including model turned actress in Sydney last night. were at the movie's premiere at the Sundance film festival. 'Clubland' was a hit so confident Its American distributors

on the fourth of July long weekend - they're opening it in the US the first Australian film to do that. of competition though It will be up against a little bit

and 'Die Hard 4'. including 'Transformers' office blockbuster 'Die Hard 4' And 'Clubland' will be up against box premiere in London overnight. which coincidently also had its since Bruce Willis aka John McClane It's been 12 years those international terrorists. single-handily took on

the next installment No doubt fans will flock to see a run for its money. and give 'Clubland'

very good for Steve Carell - The past couple of years have been with film hits and 'Little Miss Sunshine'. like '40-year-old Virgin'

later this year in 'Evan Almighty'. He'll return to the screen

He's talking with Julie Chen. my family and I moved to Virginia. I had been elected to congress, A big new house, big new prospects in terms of career

by Morgan Freeman playing God and that's when I am visited and am instructed to build an ark. that you got voted into office Because you say the world. because you wanted to change So God was like "OK". Yeah.

God's help to change the world, I pray, I pray because I look to how am I going to change the world? my character, not me. But I'm very misguided, I'm not misguided at all. Not at all. I am completely on track. My character's misguided. Well, he's kind of given no chance

making him build this ark because God is really whether he wants to or not. Exactly. you have issue with hair. Now, in many of your films (Laughs)

OK, the real acting scene. referring to. I don't know what you are exactly Well, I love the bearded look. and a 6-year-old daughter at home You have a 3-year-old son in real life. new look for 'Evan Almighty'? What did they think of daddy's kids. That is not a good look for your to the set They - when your kids come

beard and a white wig they... and they see you in a long, white Cry? didn't even recognise me. Well frankly, my son He did not know who I was but I wasn't dad so - he was pleasant and cordial, and then my daughter wouldn't have anything to do with me.

out by the whole thing. She knew it was me but was freaked That could work to your advantage, Yes, I'll be back in five hours

and hair after I've applied this beard so you just sit tight discipline you. and then I'm going to animals in this film. You work with so many different What was that like? Are you an animal lover? They were all fantastic. Even the tarantulas on your face? Yes, especially. I liked working with them, my favourites. I can't say that they were all on the set. Name the ones that were difficult Baboons were difficult.

Demanding, aren't they? Very! their trailers, They would not come out of they had special dietary concerns of working with them but after a few weeks that was pervasive there was a sort of a calm more used to us and us to them that the animals were so there was - it sounds stupid. They liked your beard. They did! There was a sense of harmony after a while

and when you can walk on set

and a bison and there's an elephant, a giraffe and you just "Good morning guys"

the whole experience. it was sort of remarkable,

because people have seen you... You have such great range No, no, what else? Oh yes, you're right.

But can you play a baboon? No, how about this? Don't, because I will attack you.

has just opened in London. 'Lord of the Rings - the Musical'

Using the latest special effects - with 17 built-in elevators - including a stage to the hobbit world of Middle-earth. the audience is transported were less than impressed. Despite the grand scale, some critics I'm afraid it was Borings.' the 'Lord of the Very, Very, Very I thought it was pretty terrible. cost a staggering $30 million, The lavish production

ever produced on the West End. making it the most expensive musical for 'Shrek the Third' After a worldwide publicity tour in a real kingdom of far far away Cameron Diaz has taken time out in the Peruvian Andes. an ancient city Undeterred by the altitude around the cobblestone streets. Diaz and her entourage took a look The costume worn by Christopher Reeve in the original 'Superman' film

at a London auction. has sold for nearly $20,000

yellow belt, matching tights The iconic pale blue leotard,

and red leather boots were first worn by the late actor almost 30 years ago. who presided over The famous weepy judge

"where should she be buried" trial the Anna Nicole Smith to have a crack at TV. has quit the judging business Judge Larry Seidlin will shoot a pilot for the CBS network next month for a show to air next year. A former New York cabbie, Seidlin came to fame when he cried on the bench during the televised battle over who would get the custody of Anna Nicole's body. The very latest in reality TV is about to premiere in Australia -

it's called 'Pirate Master' of 'Survivor'. and it's from the creators And hosting the plank-walking, buccaneering extravaganza is Australia's own Cameron Daddo who joins us now from Hollywood. Cam, congratulations on this gig. What sort of sneaky techniques did you use to knock out the competition? It was called make a phone call. Was that it? It was make a phone call to the Aussie mafia.

I heard about it on the Aussie grapevine - bush telegraph - and called and said, "Are you doing a show about Pirates?" And he said, "Yeah, mate. We're looking for a host, "do you want in?" I said, "I do." So that's how it worked. And it's nice that you're back on Ten where you've been once or twice before,

I'm thinking 'Models Inc' and of course 'Perfect Match'? Yeah, it all started on Ten for me. So you feel right at home. So how does 'Pirate Master' work? Basically, it's 16 Americans who are from all over the country and we drop them on to a tall ship

down on the island of Dominica, which is the very bottom of the West Indies, we give them a bit of rum and give them treasure to hunt for each episode and see what happens. is $1 million in gold. The total prize pool But each week there are increments of that $1 million and it's all based around the legend of this Captain Henry Steel

and as you'll see the pirate code is that the captain always got the lion's share of the treasure. So Henry Steel's treasure will be quite a bit more than the rest of the pirates so each week it ranges from - well, you'll see. Walking the plant, mutiny, eye-patches - are these all part of it? There is a bit of mutiny, definitely mutiny involved in it.

As far as walking the plank - no. There is only one documented case of walking the plank. We did this other thing that pirates do which is cut them adrift. Anyone who is thrown off the show has to go down off the side of the ship and they are put on a raft and the captain pulls out his sabre and off he goes.

And you had to film all this in the Caribbean - must have been tough? Dreadful. Flying fish, sea snakes, turtles, dolphins, sharks. Rum.

On the whole sounds good. We look forward to seeing it. Great talking to you. a great get for you. Congratulations, And we look forward to seeing you when 'Pirate Master' premieres on Ten tonight at 7:30pm. Fantastic. Thanks, Ange.

Just one more sleep 'Bold' fans and we'll finally see what the Forresters got up to down-under. Without giving too much away there's some pretty raunchy stuff.

They're the episodes fans have been waiting for - Brooke, Ridge, Rick and Phoebe flew to Sydney in March to open a new Forrester originals boutique and finally we get to find out what else happened.

How is it you're even more beautiful in the Southern Hemisphere? We know from our on-set spying that Rick and Phoebe were mucking around in the Botanic Gardens while not wearing much and that Brooke and Ridge share a kiss on the world's most beautiful harbour. But what we didn't know is that Brooke picked up the lingo. I figure since it's such a beaut arvo with no ankle-biters in sight that you and I could grab a sang or a stubbie and just chill.

No reason to spit the dummy, eh mate? What? There's some suggestion the cast might have picked up this strange way of speaking when they hung out with a bunch of Network Ten types at a flashy cocktail party during filming. It's been amazing. I'm so happy to be here and the Australians are amazing people, very friendly. It's just been a great experience.

The episodes begin screening tomorrow with a special 20th anniversary episode on Monday. Disgraced Fremantle star Chris Tarrant

expected to be fined by the AFL for his nightclub altercation. That's when the morning news returns.

And a last second win for current world number 1 Mick Fanning in Chile.

This program is captioned live.

To AFL and it's D-day for Fremantle's Chris Tarrant who should know today the results of a league investigation

into his behaviour at a Darwin nightclub. The star forward is being investigated for allegedly punching a Darwin football coach after baring his buttocks to a woman. It's been a nervous week and today the AFL will complete its investigation

into an incident at a Darwin nightclub last weekend.

Tarrant is alleged to have punched a local junior football coach. and it's a situation that no-one around the club's happy with. Dockers assistant Mark Harvey has also spoken after he was king-hit outside the same nightclub. Unsure. As far as I'm concerned, it was unprovoked and it was cowardly. The trouble in Darwin has heaped more pressure on Dockers coach Chris Connolly.

He's admitted he faces the sack if they don't make the finals. Oh look, it would be extremely doubtful.

I means, that's realistic. After his 5-week alcohol-related ban Bryon Pickett looks set to return to the Melbourne team for Friday night's clash against winless Richmond. He had to pull his head in, go away and do a number of things and he's ticked all the boxes. He's now played well, he's had a couple of games under his belt,

and, if he trains well today, he'll play. And the Saints will fly west today for their game against West Coast. Fraser Gehrig won't be with them.

He's out for another two weeks with a broken hand. Yeah, he won't play this week. He just sort of hurt his hand and had an operation just to fix that up. Adam McNicol, Ten News.

A chance phone call to Russell Crowe has stopped another league player switching to rugby union. Sydney Roosters hooker Craig Wing signing up with Crowe's Rabbitohs for the next four years. Craig Wing didn't think he'd be wanted by South Sydney but a call to Russell Crowe changed all that. There was a little bit of silence to come and play for South Sydney?" and I said "Craig, would you like and he said "Yes."

Wing last played with the Rabbitohs eight years ago Now, he feels like he's coming home. I found myself really passionate about my future and rugby league again and that was solely the basis of my decision. But Wings' big-dollar signing means something will have to give at South Sydney. Players like Joe Galuvao could be released from their contracts

to make room under the salary cap. No-one is being kicked out unceremoniously. No-one is being told they're unwanted. Our desire to make Souths a potent force in the future and a supremely competitive club and those are the things that we're following and some tough decisions need to be made in order to achieve that. Leanne West, Ten News. Sydney Roosters chairman Nick Politis

Former Socceroo captain Paul Okon has announced his immediate retirement from the game. The Newcastle Jets skipper had intended on seeing out this year's A-League season but says his body's no longer capable of playing at the elite level. will arrive in Singapore today Meanwhile, the Socceroos to start their preparations for the Asian Cup. The camp is designed to help the Aussie's acclimatise to the humid conditions that are expected for their group games in Bankok.

Australian cyclist Robbie McEwen has sprinted to victory in stage five of the tour of Switzerland. The Aussie conserved his energy, riding with the peleton for the majority of the spectacular 192km stage. Then he exploded from the pack with the finish line in sight. McEwen's lunge helping him to victory over Italy's Daniele Bennati and German sprint ace Erik Zabel.

The perfect confidence boost ahead of this year's tour de France. Aussie surfer Mick Fanning has continued his world title tilt, with a stunning come-from-behind win in round 1 of the Rip Curl Search event in Chile. The current ratings leader was trailing countryman Dean Morrison as the clock ticked away, before snatching victory with just 12 seconds remaining. This high-scoring barrel securing his place in round 3.

I was lucky I snuck into it. I didn't think it was going to be all that great. Just sort of sectioned off than what I thought for a little bit longer and I just got lucky. 8-time world champion Kelly Slater another big gun cruising through, but it was a day of pain for a number of the world best. Adriano De Sousa the worst hit emerging from the shallow reef with a cut and bloodied face. Andy Irons and Taj Burrow will both fight for survival in round 2

after shock defeats. The national weather details when the Morning News returns.

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This program is captioned live. Kevin Rudd will move to expel another unionist from the ALP for behaving badly. The man accused of Victoria's triple shooting is under guard in a Melbourne hospital after attempting to harm himself.

Christopher Wayne Hudson was due to face court this morning charged with murder and attempted murder Christopher Hudson's parents say they'll fly to Melbourne tomorrow to be with their son after receiving news he's in hospital. His father, Terry Hudson, made a brief statement to media on the Gold Coast a short time ago. It's a great relief for Ann and myself and, we've just got to deal with it now...

Prior to handing himself in, he was on the steps of the police station and just said, "Dad, I'm going to hand myself in and I love you." According to detectives, he's got an unspecified sickness or illness and that's all they've told us.

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It's a boys only double eviction this Sunday and you decide who stays and who goes. Last week Andrew saved himself. This week he's at your mercy.

To evict Andrew: Billy came in as Hayley's ex-mate. To make him an ex-Housemate: Beginner swimmer Joel has finally learned to float but you can sink him with your vote. To evict Joel: They say Thomas is flying under the radar, but is he about to crash into a mountain of eviction votes? To evict Thomas: