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(generated from captions) PHOEBE: I'm fine. (Sobs) (Taylor sobs) Taylor? Hey. Mr Forrester. Yeah, it's a terrible thing, loss should be another man's gain. It's a terrible thing that one man's

come tomorrow... But I'll tell you something,'s payday for me. the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by

This program is captioned live. the Labor leadership showdown. Tonight - as Kevin Rudd does the numbers. Kim Beazley puts his neck on the line

lost in the Black Hawk tragedy. A widow's tears for her husband

and he still is my rock. He was my rock John Lewthwaite back in court, And convicted child killer charged with acts of indecency. Good evening. Also tonight - into the death of private Jake Kovco. the military hands down its report

And the bizarre drunken rant journalism's night of nights. that stole the show at Australian the battle for the Labor leadership. But first this evening - Kim Beazley's days could be numbered in a party vote on Monday. with Kevin Rudd going head-to-head have the numbers to topple Mr Beazley Mr Rudd's backers are confident they at the next election. and take on John Howard

an ALP national executive meeting Kim Beazley arrived for and a surprise up his sleeve. with a smile on his face Today I announce there will be a ballot that on Monday morning for the Labor Party leadership. I will contest Obviously it is a ballot and it is a ballot I intend to win. tapped on the shoulder, Earlier, Mr Beazley had been Shadow Foreign Minister, Kevin Rudd. challenged by his that that judgement I have formed The reason I have done this is

election for Labor in a generation. is that this is the most important of leadership speculation The challenge ends several weeks

and destabilisation in the polls, over Kim Beazley's recent performance to reshuffle his front bench. public gaffes, and refusal the hard way. Now he may get to have that reshuffle In a strategic move, positions at Monday's Caucus meeting, he'll throw open all frontbench

including his own. her deputy leader spot, Jenny Macklin will try to retain against Julia Gillard deputy in a new dream team. who's trying to be Kevin Rudd's of the imminent challenge There seemed no firm knowledge for a factional dinner in Canberra as Kim Beazley arrived last night. This the leader Australia! my opinion, my opinion is back Kim. If anyone is interested in

I have said to you in Queensland. that I think Kevin is a vote-winner I have never hidden that. the weekend to make a decision Federal Labor MPs now have at next year's election. that will determine their fate It's a tough call for them -

another Mark Latham experience, opt for the new, and risk already lost to John Howard twice. or stick with Kim Beazley, who's As one Beazley supporter put it... of its own destiny. Caucus is now in control I am just a little bit mystified once again tearing itself to pieces. as to why the Labor Party is

out for a new style of leadership. I believe the country is calling winning the next election Mate, I am concerned about and making sure after that

this nation needs. I am the best prime minister Greg Turnbull, Ten News.

in the Black Hawk crash off Fiji Seven Australian soldiers injured are heading home tonight. on an air force Hercules, They're about to leave Noumea bound for Townsville. will also, The body of pilot Mark Bingley in her husband. his widow speaking of her pride and resilient Melissa Bingley wanted to be tough

husband Mark. just like the man she's so proud of, and accidents do happen. But Mark was human everything possible for his crew, In my heart, I know Mark did to keep them all safe. his passengers and his aircraft, their 3.5-year-old son, Mitchel. She's drawing inspiration from to have Mitchel We waited a very long time of his father and he's a spitting image I can't help smiling. and every time I look at him

Melissa was quick to point out in a Black Hawk that her husband felt safer than ny other military chopper.

he'd prefer the Black Hawk If there was a choice, and he talked about the armour. because of the safety aspects and family And she says his many friends will help keep his memory alive. He was a very lovable rogue. Mark was a bit of a rogue. and he still is my rock. He was my rock The video of the accident by military investigators. has been viewed for the first time television camera It's shot from a closed-circuit of the inquiry. and will form a major part continues The agonising wait for any news Josh Porter, for the family of SAS officer who was also onboard the chopper. Coast is sharing the family's pain. His home town on the NSW Central around here are thinking about him, I'd say so. I know a lot of people It is horrible. The search continues for him. It wasn't murder or suicide. Jake Kovco has just been released The report into the death of private

from a self-inflicted accident. concluding the young soldier died the Kovco family, In a ruling which has angered shot himself in Baghdad, the board has found the young sniper while misusing his pistol.

have been shot by a fellow soldier. The inquiry had heard reports he may rejecting the family's claim Defence Chief Angus Houston the Army is protecting its own. was a good one. I think that the process I think it stands close scrutiny

of any form of cover-up. and I reject any suggestion all 29 recommendations Defence force cheifs have accepted

soldiers with the Browning pistol. including better training for child killer John Lewthwaite - Another major setback for notorious of obscene exposure, just four days after being convicted with committing indecent acts he's been charged

of release on parole. further reducing his chances

He claims he should be a free man, chances of that but John David Lewthwaite's have just suffered a big setback. The convicted child killer

indecency on two 43-year-old women. charged with committing an act of at Kogarah Bay in January It's alleged to have happened close to St George Leagues club. Lewthwaite was taken from his cell at Silverwater jail this morning and charged at lunchtime but chose not to appear in the dock at Penrith Court as his lawyer entered not guilty pleas. The 51-year-old spent 2.5 decades behind bars

for the stabbing murder of 5-year-old Nicole Harris. He was let out on parole but that was revoked when he was caught frolicking nude at Wanda Beach.

His punishment for that crime was a $1,000 fine. The charges do not bode well for Lewthwaite's chance of release

when he faces the parole authority next Friday. One of the major things they'll be looking at is his behaviour on the outside. Lewthwaite will be back in his jail cell tonight. The matter will be back in court in two weeks. Daniel Sutton, Ten News.

Cracks are beginning to appear in the evidence of a key mystery witness at the Dianne Brimble inquest. Under cross-examination today, he's admitted some of his information is second-hand. Peter Pantic was once reluctant to take part in the inquest,

but he strode into court today of his own accord,

infuriated by the allegations being made by the witness dubbed Mr White. The informant had described Pantic as a drug dealer from the Adelaide club scene,

but under cross-examination today, Mr White was forced to concede he'd never actually seen Pantic selling or taking drugs.

Mr White claims he didn't need to see it to know Pantic had.

That caused Pantic's lawyer to query: Mr White replied: Pantic looked pleased when the witness clarified his claims

but left the comments to his legal team. Would you describe Mr White as a liar? Clearly. The witness was also forced to admit his allegation about a nightclub being owned and run by police was based on hearsay. We are going to look further into the claims that are being made but at this stage, I'm saying to you - and I repeat - there has been nothing produced at the inquest. Mr White says he came forward out of moral obligation, but he leaves with a fear of what will happen to him when he returns to Adelaide. The coroner acknowledged the inconvenience the case has caused him but warned she may yet recall him later in the case.

Dianne Brimble's family and loved ones left court exhausted but it will be some time before the inquest ends. It's set to continue until at least September next year. Amber Muir, Ten News. The fun police were a welcome no show on the opening day of the second Ashes Test in Adelaide.

Fans didn't have to put up with a repeat of the Brisbane debacle but one man wasn't allowed in no matter how much noise he made.

The diehards were determined not to miss a second. I got here at 1:00 this morning, pretty much. I was really, really excited and thought,

"I can't sleep, I'll come on down." At 7am, still four hours from the first ball, thousands stood in line. Couldn't believe it. Could not believe it. Entry was a surprisingly streamlined operation. Unlike Brisbane, where many missed the first ball

due to security hold-ups,

fans poured through Adelaide's gates with ease. Bag checks taking just seconds, some guards even left a little idle. Yeah, really good. No, they were organised. Very well organised so far. The dress code was strictly patriotic.

The Barmy boys on song early. (All sing) # We are the Army. # But their most famous comrade, Billy the trumpeter, could only perform outside the gates. 'LAST POST'

Cricket Australia's entry rules remain rigid, despite plenty of support for his horn to be heard in the stands. It's sad, isn't it?

It's a major international issue now, isn't it? There's been a steady stream of fans through the gates all morning

but certainly no congestion. And while there's plenty of rivalry, it's all been in good fun.

(All sings) # It's a long day for the Poms # If you wanna have a bowl. # By first ball, the Oval was near capacity. The Festival State certainly earning its title. 2-nil, 2-nil, 2-nil! Emily Rice, Ten News. Rob Canning with a look at sport and slow going at the Adelaide Oval? Yes, England are going along slow and steady. But once again, Stuart Clark's had an impact with the ball. He's taken the only two wickets to have fallen so far. Glenn McGrath was cleared to play. And don't worry about the drop shots at the Davis Cup final.

It's a Russian player feigning to drop shorts at Argentina and it's causing a stir.

Also - what a winter in the gym has done for our some of our leading female swimmers. And the latest on Mat Rogers's future in union. A man found guilty of ordering a vicious acid attack which killed a Sydney accountant. The details next. Also tonight - the new push to ban parents smoking around children in cars. You, you, you... And men behaving badly - the bizarre drunken rant

that stole the show at Australian journalism's night of nights.

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The mastermind of an horrific acid attack which killed a Sydney accountant has been found guilty of murder. But the two men who carried out his orders, pouring acid over the face of Dominic Li, have been aquitted. Mr Li died in hospital three weeks after he was set upon at gunpoint in his family home. A jury today finding Yonky Tan guilty after hearing evidence he hired the men to attack in a bid to flush out Mr Li's brother-in-law over gambling debts. A new safe sex blitz is on the horizon following a dramatic surge in HIV cases. There's been a 40% jump in infections in the past five years forcing an overhaul of government policy. The Grim Reaper ads shocked but made sure AIDS couldn't be ignored.

TV ADVERTISEMENT: Always use condoms. Always use condoms.

20 years later, on World AIDS day, concern the more recent, gentler safe-sex campaigns have failed to hit home. In the past five years, HIV infection rates in Australia have jumped 41%. Mother of one, Dr Susan Paxton found out she was HIV positive 15 years ago. She says the increase in new cases can't be ignored.

From 656 to 930 last year.

Australia was a world leader in HIV prevention. We are going backwards. 900 or so new notifications

is a public health problem of the first magnitude. Actress Naomi Watts now lending her support to the fight. We cannot afford to let our guards down.

We have to keep talking about HIV/AIDS. Gay men are still most at risk. Robert Mitchell tested positive at 23.

I've had people deliberately go out of their way to avoid walking on the same side of the street because they've known. The Federal Government has now appointed a panel of experts to look at what sort of public education campaign is now needed

and Tony Abbott today announced Australia will hold an international AIDS conference next July,

hoping to find a solution to this growing problem. Experts warn complacency can be lethal. The risk doesn't change because you're in a relationship. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. Smoking in cars carrying children is on the fast track to being outlawed. The Federal Government is pressuring the states to start fining motorists amid claims it's like putting children in a gas chamber.

Lighting up behind the wheel with children on the back-seat could soon cost you $75 or more, if the Federal Government gets its way. Children are 20 times more likely to ingest poisons from smoking in cars than they are even at home, so parents have a responsibility not to expose their children to those kinds of risk. Cancer experts agree. Special laws are needed to protect younger ones. Children are more of a concern because they don't have a lot of choice about where they are, who they're spending their time with and their bodies are still developing so the health impact on their body is greater than say, on an adult. This mother is a smoker who feels the laws go too far. I think Australia is over-regulated as it is. We've got laws for this and laws for that. Others say tougher regulations are required. I think it's not a bad thing because a lot of people seem to not have common sense. The issue will come to a head at the Federal Ministerial Drug Strategy. The State Government, so far, resisting the changes.

We think it's probably a boutique initiative whose effect is more illusory than real. We don't know if it will make a big difference. The Federal Government is promising to apply a lot of pressure to the State's health and police ministers

when they meet in a fortnight.

to bring in the new laws, If they refuse to keep up the pressure. the Federal Government is vowing

in South Australia. A trial is already under way Tasmania looks likely to follow suit. agree to the ban, And if all the other states won't stand in the way. New South Wales Evan Batten, Ten News. Despite their notoriety, are being hailed a huge success P&O's schoolies cruises by teenagers and parents alike. Many now calling on the company next year's trips. to reconsider cancelling of some bad behaviour on board, There will still signs but as the P&O 'Pacific Sun' schoolies South Pacific cruise, returned from its 10-day to end. most teenagers didn't want the party relieved it was over. Their parents, though, I'm excited. I've missed her. looked a little worse for wear. The class of 2006 No sleep. So much alcohol. We were so sea sick yesterday. at 5:00 in the morning. Party at nights and go to bed

Freaking awesome. Loved it, every second of it. It was really a lot of fun. Drunk way too much though - down the drain. $750 worth of alcohol by drunken behaviour - The schoolies cruise was marred

earlier this week. five teenagers were sent home of indecent exposure. I just heard there was a bit Urinating in the back pool. and they got sent off. Some threw life jackets overboard I think. One was swearing at security guard, Following the Dianne Brimble case, P&O stepped up its security, and installing more cameras. hiring extra staff And teenagers say it showed, security presence on board. saying there was a strong with safety no longer an issue, Many schoolies say next year's cruises. P&O should not cancel

There was security everywhere up on deck, in, like, all along the cabins, around the food area, everywhere. So no worries at all. and straightaway security were... One girl was pushed

is scheduled next week. The very last one They were onto it straightaway.

set sail today. Another schoolies cruise Catherine Kennedy, Ten News.

That southerly wind is giving year

are a cocky crest. What d'you

think? Address November since 2002.

It is still 28 degrees in the CBD.

The North East Sea breeze bringing

relief to coastal suburbs. A

showery Saturday and Sunday. Right

photographs. now you're brilliant weather

The you would not one-bed

And a pink digital camera. Who is

that awarded to?

If you would like to be involved,

There was Friday. The first day of

summer. I'll see you again in about 10 minutes. Keeping it green - could help prevent skin cancer. why leafy vegetables Details next.

And happy birthday Bob - with a party at Australia Zoo. Steve Irwin's son celebrates

OMINOUS WILD WEST MUSIC I just don't. (Southern US accent) Your Deli Choices roll, sir. to fill in time Daydreaming is a great way while we freshly make

from Channel Nine Wally Lewis is on medical leave last night's sports bulletin after he was incapable of reading in Brisbane. The rugby league legend of today's second Ashes Test began introducing a preview and was unable to continue. but stopped mid-sentence Good evening. Despite the... ..the ah... Lewis has had trouble reading, It's the second time in two weeks

return to the screen until next year. He consulted doctors today and won't The deadline military demands and avert a coup for the Fijian Government to meet has been extended to Monday. Commodore Frank Bainimarama the government this morning, had threatened to overthrow in Suva. but it's been a relatively quiet day

There was some action in Suva today but certainly not the kind was expecting. the international community hold over an annual game of rugby Threats of a military coup put on and the police. held between the military of his midday deadline, Right on the stroke was at the football Commander Bainimarama casual and laughing. where he spent most of the afternoon, He did make an announcement though, the community's day that he would not spoil by launching a military takeover.

While the tension builds, Australian Andrew Hughes, Fiji's Police Commissioner, remains on leave in Cairns. He fronted a media conference today threats to his family, where he revealed that despite direct he will not resign from his position as much leave as he can but he will seek from Cairns. and intends to run Fiji's police

criminal threats, We're geared to tackle terrorist threats, we're geared to tackle the military. but we're not geared to take on out of Australia today And there's been more reaction ministers in Sydney. with a high-level meeting of Pacific

declaring war on Fiji. We would rule out we're not going to do that. Of course

as to what will happen on Monday. There's some anxiety But we don't take things lightly. on local radio This afternoon we heard the PM has been extended saying the commander's deadline

until midday on Monday, but so far all we're hearing is completely rejecting that. is the commander reasonably calm, So while today has been tomorrow may be a different story.

drug courier Van Nguyen Family and friends of hanged at least three times a week Eating green vegetables by as much as half. can reduce the risk of skin cancer to be the most effective Scientists finding spinach

against harmful UV rays. at boosting the skin's defence the surgeon's knife. Ken Farrow is used to on top of my head. I've had skin cancers in my ear, has slowed the risk. But a decade of dieting on greens Institute of Medical Research study Ken was part of a Queensland

dined on leafy vegetables, which ensured its 1,000 participants particularly spinach,

three times a week or more. is actually a reduction of 55%. The reduction we found Researcher Dr Jolieke van der Pols says it's the second most dangerous form of cancer, squamous cell carcinoma, greens fight off, particularly effective for those already battling the disease. It is independent of the amount of time people have spent outdoors or whether they used sunscreen or not. Green leafy vegetables are good sources of folic acid, vitamins A, C and E and other components that all help boost the skin's natural defence against harmful UV rays. It sounds too easy, really. Yes, I love spinach - I like the flavour of it and also I think I can feel the goodness in it. Skin cancer kills at least two Australians every day and accounts for 80% of all new cancers diagnosed.

Really, the message is keep on eating a variety of fruit and vegetables every day but include green leafy vegetables. Of course, slip, slop, slap is still a must.

Generous helpings of greens are now another proven line of defence. You just have to find ways you like eating them, you know, find new recipes. Lexy Hamilton-Smith, Ten News. Steve Irwin's son Bob has today celebrated his third birthday

with a special party at Australia Zoo. Mum, Terri, and sister, Bindi were close by his side as a packed Crocoseum sang happy birthday to the mini wildlife warrior. (All sing) # Happy birthday dear Robert. # 3-year-old Bob seemed to be loving all the attention. He topped off the celebrations with a special train cake.

A medical scare for league legend Wally Lewis. Details next. Also, tempers flare at Australian journalism's night of nights with a bizarre on-stage outburst. And beating the heat - how some of our biggest attractions are keeping cool this summer.

The top stories this newshour - another major setback for notorious child killer John Lewthwaite. Just four days after being convicted of obscene exposure, he's been charged with committing indecent acts. It further reduces his chances of release on parole. The seven soldiers injured in the Black Hawk crash off Fiji

are about to leave Noumea on an air force Hercules, bound for Townsville. They'll bring with them the body of pilot Mark Bingley who's widow today spoke of her loss. And Kim Beazley's days as Federal Labor Leader could be numbered as he faces a leadership challenge. Kevin Rudd will go head-to-head in a party vote on Monday. Mr Rudd's backers are confident they have the numbers to topple Mr Beazley and take on John Howard at the next election. Political reporter Glenn Milne has blamed a toxic mix of medication and alcohol for an on-stage stoush at a journalism awards night. A stunned audience watched

as Milne shoved and abused another journalist at the Walkleys. I think we have a very... an absolute disgrace. You, you, you are

Newspaper man Glenn Milne Stephen Mayne angrily confronts 'Crikey' founder prestigious awards ceremony. at journalism's

You are a disgrace. You say it without substantiation. Milne wasn't backing down. Even while being forcibly removed, and continued the war of words. Mayne quickly regained his composure Ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of Rupert Murdoch. I have an announcement to make That is the former political correspondent Glenn Milne, 'Sunday Telegraph'

sponsored by Foster's. Milne was far less fiery. Arriving back in Canberra, to Stephen Mayne unreservedly. First of all I want to apologise

but I was out of line. He and I have some history The News Ltd employee of migraine medication and alcohol blamed a mixture for his behaviour. It turned out to be a toxic mix, but also for me. not only for Stephen Mayne, from his fall on stage, Suffering a sore ankle

no intention of pursuing charges. the Internet reporter says he has I was just staggered quite violently off the stage. when he actually pushed me on the Crikey website in the past Mayne admits he's criticised Milne should be able to take the heat. but believes those who dish it out an incredibly thin skin. Glenn Milne has obviously got

on the incident. News Ltd wouldn't comment Nicole Strahan, Ten News.

The banks dragged down the Australian share market today.

We're in for a long hot summer animals at our biggest outback zoo. and no-one will feel it more than the around the clock, Keepers are already working the main attractions. trying to cool down the unpredictably dangerous For the freakishly tall, and the simply enormous, to air-conditioned comfort. there's no retreating inside who live at the Western Plains Zoo It's outside only for those

they need help cooling down. and in the scorching heat, regularly during the hotter months It's something we do fairly

they really enjoy it. um, for a couple of reasons, It's thirsty work standing in the sun

are well rewarded. and these three ladies

for an elephant. So this is like an ice cream They'll eat it later. is much more fun. For now, the camera lens

Cuddles, blow!

You got him. of course, been gorging, Hungry, hungry hippos have, now they're paying for it. when it's 40 degrees. Being this fat is no fun but worth it. The road to relief is slow for signs of heat stress. Keepers are watching out off their food, Any lethargic animals, sweating up we'll pick it up straight away. so anything like that,

that really aren't too worried And then there are those animals whatever the weather. The Galapagos tortoise in its lifetime will see around 150 hot summers and wise enough to know and these guys are old are still to come. that this year's really hot days By Christmas... 44s, 45s on a real bad day. don't know what they're in for. Some of the zoo's new babies morning and have a run around. He just loves to get out in the

and if needs a spell in the shade, So does the baby rhino, there's always mum's massive shadow. In Dubbo, Danielle Isdale, Ten News.

You're lucky there are water

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We thought we would have a beach

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Why wouldn't you have a beach

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That's the talent, I may carry on,

summer. warned it, it is their day one of

they won't lose Mat Rogers? Sport now and the Waratahs believe Waratah team-mates Yes, he's spoken to and Wallabies coach John Connolly he'll honour his contract. and they've been assured again with the ball. Ahead - Stuart Clark stars COMMENTATOR: You are a beauty!

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SONG: # If it makes you happy... # at the Adelaide Oval. It's been slow going England grinding out a score their Ashes campaign. as they look to resurrect for most of the day The tourists crawling at snail pace bashed them past 200. until Kevin Pietersen

With Glenn McGrath ruled fit, went in unchanged. Australia, as expected, Surprisingly, England did too, to play two spinners resisting the temptation batsman's paradise. on a traditional Adelaide Oval we've got right, I think the combination a little bit better. we just need to perform The toss going Flintoff's way, gave him a solid start he decided to bat and his openers with the score on 32. until Strauss self-destructed

That is the end of Andrew Strauss. COMMENTATOR: That's out.

Ponting's go-to man. Stuart Clark again when Cook edged him to Gilchrist. He had two Stuart Clark, you're a beauty! Oh, yes! nothing more than a crawl. The morning session attack bowled impeccable lines. Just 58 runs scored as Australia's after the lunch break. Collingwood showed a bit more intent So it's taken a while.

He got into gear square of the wicket. courtesy of the short boundaries But at the other end, Ian Bell still had the handbrake on. 100 balls he faced, Just 25 coming off the first snap him out of his afternoon siesta. Lee with this wake-up call to

I'm outta here! Collingwood pass 50 He returned in time to watch in the last over before tea.

Next ball - he got there himself. That's his half century as well. But three hours of labour undone straight after tea. The pull shot the nemesis of yet another English batsman. He's gone unless they muck it up. No, they don't. Exit the turtle, enter the hare. The run rate given a turbo boost with Kevin Pietersen's arrival. He's gone for it and he's played it beautifully. Bang, he goes. What a good cricketer. A six over one of world cricket's longest boundaries

highlighting Pietersen's intent on a day when batting in this form of the game stepped back in time. Paul Cochrane, Ten News.

Word tonight that Mat Rogers has assured Wallabies coach John Connolly he won't be bailing out on the World Cup year. Team-mates also getting the thumbs up from Rogers. For Mat Rogers, today was about honouring the memory of his late mother and father, hosting a charity golf day in their memory.

While others pondered what his future plans were, the man himself was giving little away. This is sort of hitting me from left field as much as anyone else. So I'm just going to play golf and enjoy the day in memory of two great people. But one team-mate who has spoken to Rogers says he's not going anywhere. I gave him a text, sort of a "what's doing?",

and he got back to me straightaway

and it was actually quite comic in what we were talking about and he said it was very left-field and completely false. Rogers is upset at being axed from fly-half on the Wallabies' European tour, but would need a release from the ARU and Waratahs if he's to join the Titans a year early.

The Waratahs are so convinced Rogers will be with them next year, they're even considering him for a place in their leadership group. Ewen McKenzie still searching for a replacement

for former captain Chris Whitaker. As far as I'm concerned, he's got a contract here, he's coming back and he's looking forward to it. George Gregan can understand why Rogers isn't happy with life at the Wallabies, contradicting coach John Connolly's claim it was a negative-free tour. I think the team would have been frustrated, just because they would have gone over with higher expectations of a better team performance. The Titans can fit Rogers in under the salary cap next year but aren't about to drop off Steve Turner.

No, no, no. There's still a negotiation we have there. From our point of view this doesn't preclude an obligation to come to a resolution there. Adam Hawse, Ten News. A-League and Sydney FC are out for revenge in this Sunday's round 15 showdown with the Central Coast in Gosford. The Mariners smashed Sydney 3-1 in their last encounter. A loss that had coach Terry Butchers job on the line. is now a thing of the past But that saga their 4th successive victory. as the A-League champions chase Yeah, can't wait. against the Central Coast. It's always a good game still hurts a little 3-1 loss down there last time for the weekend. so definitely the boys are up Sydney has scored 9 goals in the last three games. and conceded just one best female swimmers. Ominous signs for the world's

in Brisbane, On the eve of the National Titles and Leisel Jones star duo Libby Lenton a solid winter in the gym. are showing the benefits of than they've ever been. Both say they're stronger Obviously being a sprinter than other people you need a lot of more raw power in really good stead and I think that's going to stand because it's come up in training bests in different areas. that I've already done some personal freestyle world record Lenton hopes to reclaim the 100m Britta Steffan. currently held by German Championship selection trials. The titles doubling as the World

from South Australian Wade Ormsby A super round of the lead at the New Zealand Open. has launched him into a share with a record-breaking 8-under par 63 Ormsby lighting up the course with Englishman Nick Dougherty. to be level back after shooting a 6-under 65. Local hero Michael Campbell a shot galleries cheering The former US Open champ had the to set up birdie. with this chip shot at the 17th Oh, this is looking good. COMMENTATOR: Oh! But the day belonged to Ormsby, the last to claim the course record who needed to sink this putt at and a share of the lead. The birdie, his 9th of the day.

a part of sport, Sledging has long been ahead of this weeks Davis Cup final. but it's been taken to new levels

igniting the rivalry Russia player, Dimitri Tursoonov to his Argentinian competitors with this bare bottom salute during their final preparations. It's a gesture, that no doubt, to have done some Aussies would have liked to make the final. after Argentina beat Australia selections for Randwick tomorrow. To the tips and Michael Sullivan's of day one of the second Test. In 'Sports Tonight' - a full wrap the main players. We'll also hear from A-league showdown Plus, highlights of tonight's

between Adelaide and Melbourne. He can't wait to unveil it. with his Thongometer next. Tim Bailey's back

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weatherman has let you down a bit.

weatherman has let you down a bit.

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has wowed a massive crowd Pop bad boy Robbie Williams of his Australian tour. on the opening night delighted the audience last night The superstar showman with his cheeky style, never shy of showing some skin. Perth's Subiaco Oval Close to 50,000 screaming fans packed sold millions of albums world-wide. to catch a glimpse of the man who's

to be the biggest stadium shows The massive production is believed ever to hit the country. shows at Aussie Stadium next weekend. Robbie Wiiliams will perform two I'm Ron Wilson. That's the news at 5:00. Thanks for your company. And I'm Deborah Knight.

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