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(generated from captions) in east London. and a double-decker bus Warren Street and Oval stations this time at Shepherd's Bush, three Underground trains, The bombers' targets were the same - SIRENS WAIL its worst ever terrorist attack. just two weeks after to the streets of London Panic returns SIRENS WAIL didn't set off the explosives. because their detonators to blow up three trains and a bus in their coordinated attempt The squad failed on the loose. with four suicide bombers in the grip of terror, But first - London is yet again her husband. for the woman who drugged and killed Plus - overwhelming love and support sentenced. a terrorist who targeted Australians Good evening. Also tonight - and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson at the first Ashes Test. And a bruising for Ricky Ponting with Tony Blair. near Prime Minister Howard's meeting One of the suspects attacks London spooked by attempted bombings. Tonight - terror strikes again. This program is captioned live.

now from London. Ten reporter Paul Bongiorno joins us Dan Nolan, Ten News. or out-of-date explosives. careless transportation, it could've been poor construction, Why they didn't remains a mystery - had its contents exploded. death and destruction but still capable of causing used a fortnight ago much smaller than those of the backpack found on the bus - One photo shows the size about some of these developments. so I feel very positive which may be very helpful to us at these scenes There is obviously forensic material an unexpected forensic bonanza. The unexploded devices providing is now under way. Another massive investigation neither is connected to the bombings. but police believe outside number 10 Downing Street - Two men were arrested - one of them POLICEMAN: Move back! but failed to find their targets. of the evacuated Tube stations close to one Armed police swarmed into a hospital quickly swung into action. A full-scale manhunt was looking absolutely terrified. and he ran straight past me and he up the platform extremely fast This guy was running, zigzagging past me. and the guy just sort of ran out of the way And I sort of moved "Stop him, stop him, stop him." People were screaming, further startling commuters. after the failed attacks, All fled the scene with his arms outstretched. Another laid on top of his backpack to detonate his explosives. One said a prayer before trying the bombers were intent on suicide. Witnesses say at least two of with any other intention. I mean, you don't do this must have been to kill. Clearly, the intention but only one person was injured. on the number 26 bus It was enough to shatter windows only the detonators attached to them. didn't explode - But thankfully the bombs for the bomb to go off. Everyone was just waiting before the train even stopped. the carriages Other people trying to get through just trying to get to the doors. leaving things behind them, People getting up, trying to get out. running along the platform screaming, panicking, There were panicked people

with Britain. and will remain steadfast supports Australia sympathises with, That's what I intend to do. and continue with our lives. that we just react calmly I think it is important fronted the media. 90 minutes later both leaders to assess the situation. while senior ministers gathered nearby He walked to a scheduled meeting news conference would be delayed. Mr Howard emerged saying the joint Downing Street was locked down. being pursued. with talk of a man with a rucksack in the adjacent street, Outside there was frantic activity which was constantly interrupted. and then went to lunch, They watched a news channel briefly of the incidents. aides told the British PM There the good humour was shattered - private study. They went into Mr Blair's with our guest. We should be diplomatic Australia's cricket woes. They joked about of the four failed bomb attempts. like his host blissfully unaware promptly at 1pm, John Howard arrived for lunch answers. Whoever finding it hard to come up with should be?" the authorities are generals? Is London as safe as it ask, "Is this a failure of spwhel news here - people are beginning to in the papers, the vox pops on the quiver. Talkback radio, the reports lip in Britain is beginning to got to say to you, the stiff upper here about three hours ago. I've Police forensic investigators left back to normal today, though. line. The Underground is getting still closed as is the Victoria don't know. The Tube station is don't know. The so what the police are up to we would-be suicide bombers on the run said, there that there are four street. We do now, as Dan's report corner behind me and headed up the sirens blairg, came around this or four police vehicles, their just about five minutes ago, three that it's returning to normal but, Well, Deb, I was going to tell you What's it like there this morning? the scene of panic yesterday. Tube station Paul, you're at the Warren Street

that the war against terrorism is being lost. I've got no doubt at all that in the end the values we represent are the values that will triumph. And as the two men left, there was at least better news on the cricket for Australia. REPORTER; They're winning now, though. In London, Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. And fresh from his talks with Tony Blair and US President George W. Bush, Prime Minister John Howard will talk to Network Ten's 'Meet the Press' exclusively from London this weekend. That's 'Meet the Press' with the Prime Minister, airing at 8:30am this Sunday. Emotional scenes in Germany as Amy's Gillet's husband visits the crash site for the first time. Supported by family and friends, Simon Gillett visited the site where his wife was killed training for a cycling road race. An emotional entourage as officials from the International Cycling Union pay their respects at the scene of the accident that claimed the life of 29-year-old Amy Gillett on Monday. does not mean, according to Mr Blair, in two weeks but two series of attacks London was lucky this time, proper protection of our ports. We still don't have proper security measures. certainly in regional airports - we still don't have - Four years on from September 11th technological terrorist capacity. to potentially 21st-century We have 19th-century legal responses Australia will follow. and almost certainly are being foreshadowed in Britain and the killing of innocent people who incite hatred or deporting extremists And tough laws banning, jailing are the terrorists. for terrorist attacks The people who are responsible Both leaders reject any blame. makes him especially welcome. Tony Blair on Iraq and Afghanistan John Howard's lock-step with and here, as in Washington, in many years, of an Australian PM to Downing Street It's the most dramatic visit to share their know-how. would come to Australia and announced British experts of the emergency services and police Mr Howard praised the response Messages of love and support from family and tributes to Amy. We know that, you know, amongst the Australians, they all loved her for her sense of humour and what she gave to them, not just to the sport. Close friend Natalie Bates, her sister Kate and Olivia Gollen visiting the scene of the tragedy after choosing not to ride in the first competitive stage of the tour event. It's pretty emotional and Nat and Liv are here now and I think we all just want to come on our own and talk to her and say what we need to say and say things that we think we probably should have said every day to her. Amy's husband, Simon Gillett, arrived in Germany, returning to his hotel after making a brief visit to the roadside where his wife died. Overnight, the condition of both the critically injured cyclists, Louise Yaxley and Alexis Rhodes, had not deteriorated. Lorian Graham, Katie Brown and Kate Nichols have all been moved into a room together here at the hospital so that they can support each other through their difficult recoveries. An AIS sports psychologist will be closely monitoring their progress and assisting all of the families of the victims. The pictures, the response, the flashbacks from what actually happened and what they have experienced are very vivid and very difficult to control. Coach Warren McDonald, who was on the scene of the accident, also working to support them, although the emotions still raw. I have my wife here and she's shown me terrific support. In Jena, Germany, Leah Slattery, Ten News. Tim Webster with a look at sport, and what an eventful start to the Ashes. Yes, Deb, the latest terrorist attacks have the Australian cricket team reviewing security. But after the opening day of the Ashes series, there's no talk of rescheduling matches. On the field, England set a bruising tone. Fans waited outside the historic Lord's ground just hours before the new attacks on London. Had they known what was to come, this security may have taken on new meaning. Cricket legend Richie Benaud among those being searched. And London's state of alert isn't being ignored by Australian cricket management or players. It's worrying, no doubt about that. All our security and management are looking into it and safety's our major concern. So we'll assess that and have a bit of a meeting about it tonight. But the Australians had more to be concerned about on the field. England's bowlers opening a vicious session. COMMENTATOR: Well, there you go, he's definitely hurt there. With flashbacks of the brutal bodyline series of the 1930s, Steve Harmison delivered blow after savage blow. Right on the money. Oh, right on the badge. Not even the captain escaping. Oh, another helmet has been hit. All three Australian batsmen have now been hit. He's been hit and he's been hurt. A deep gash on Ponting's cheek requiring stitches and plastic surgery today. But the news wasn't all grim. Glenn McGrath at least had something to smile about. And Glenn McGrath celebrates his 500th Test wicket. He gets it absolutely right, the first ball after tea. It took four overs but McGrath now joins just three others in the illustrious 500 club. To finish the day with it under the belt and a few extra, it's a pretty good feeling. An achievement so special, it requires its own brand of footwear. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. And also later in sport - Bulldogs and Broncos players struck down with viral infections ahead of tonight's big game. Ahead, the 'Rainbow Warrior' sails into Sydney with a new message. Plus, the man who killed with a sledgehammer in the centre of Sydney found not guilty. Mental illness is an awful, awful thing. And the morning after - we'll get the inside word on Lleyton and Bec's wedding. It was excellent.

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for Land Development Agency's Wells Station ballot, to be held on July 30th. So don't miss out, call 1800 777 952 or visit our site office on Nullabor Avenue, Gungahlin. But hurry, so you have can have it all at Wells Station. This program is captioned live. A tragic story tonight about the devastating impact of mental illness. One man who bludgeoned another to death in central Sydney was found not guilty today on psychiatric grounds. when he was attacked. He was hit repeatedly with a sledgehammer and left to die. Christopher Daniels confessed to the killing but has been found not guilty because of mental illness. Mental illness is an awful, awful thing and my brother was also mentally ill. Maybe if the mental health system actually worked, neither my brother nor Christopher Daniels would have been involved in this. She says no other verdict was possible. A day after the 2003 murder, he was treated at Manly Psychiatric Hospital. But after two days, doctors released Daniels believing he was faking his illness. During a police interview, Daniels explained that: The 31-year-old didn't actually rob the man. He also described his victim as: Daniels' poorly treated mental health was clear around the time of the murder. He wrote a cheque for $53 billion to a local doctor, and when arrested on an unrelated matter, he told police, "Fine, can I have a banana?" Daniels is still behind bars awaiting assessment of how long he will be treated for his mental illness. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. A court appearance for a teenager accused of sexually assaulting two 15-year-old girls. It's claimed 19-year-old Valentine Makakea was with three girls at a unit in Wiley Park on Wednesday night. He's alleged to have had sex with two of the teens without their consent. They were taken to hospital for treatment and later released. Makakea pleaded not guilty to the charges in Burwood court today but made no application for bail. The case was adjourned until Monday. Two teenage males have appeared in court charged over the gang rape of a 17-year-old girl in Sydney's south-west. The youths aged 16 and 18 are charged with aggravated sexual assault in company. Police have alleged one of the teenagers took his 4-year-old brother along to witness the assault. Today's arrests bring the total number of men charged over the offence to six, and police say more arrests are possible. The pair was refused bail and will appear in court next month. Accused drug smuggler Renae Lawrence has slashed her wrists in an Indonesian jail. Her self-mutilation coming as police continue their long-running investigation into the Bali Nine. It was a cry for help, says her lawyer. Renae Lawrence's suicide attempt, using the jagged edge of an aluminium drink can, came after she learned from police investigators they were still pushing for the death penalty. Miss Lawrence's wounds, though superficial, had gone untreated since last weekend, except for large pieces of sticking plaster provided by her jailers. Today the Newcastle woman paraded herself before the cameras, along with co-accused Martin Stephens, showing a sign reading "medical treatment denied". But two hours later, police decided she should be seen by a doctor, and Renae Lawrence was taken to a nearby military hospital. REPORTER: Do you have anything to say? She is now on a 24-hour suicide watch with all sharp objects removed from the cells. "Renae feels very stressed," her lawyer says. She's been trying to tell police she wasn't the organiser of the drug-trafficking operation but they don't believe her. Her wound was cleaned, her doctor prescribing antibiotics, and then she was heading back to jail. Channel Ten, Sydney. Are you feeling better? Four of the accused drug traffickers are still being held for questioning at Bali's provincial police headquarters. Today 19-year-old Scott Rush was under interrogation about his alleged involvement. With the police investigation continuing and the cases against the Bali Nine not yet in the hands of prosecutors, lawyers here believe it could be up to two months before they appear in court. In Bali, John Hill, Ten News. Greenpeace has a new clean-up challenge, and it's starting its campaign in Sydney. The 'Rainbow Warrior' sailed into Sydney Harbour sporting a message for Australia to "quit coal". Activists say climate change can never be achieved while we continue to burn coal for energy. We're one of the world's largest exporters of coal, so we're effectively exporting climate change elsewhere in the world. 80 million tonnes of coal is exported from Newcastle each year. Tim Bailey up at Thredbo, a lot of Sydneysiders are about to head in your direction. What are there in for? Put it this way, Ron - it's looking pretty good up here. The snow is up about the 1400 m mark

over the next 24 hours. The boss watches and I've just told him I've done nothing all day. But I have kept an eye on Sydney. What a Friday you had down there - 21 degrees, five above average and guess what? Your entire weekend will be exactly that? Surfers Paradise comes to Sydney town. This is Skywatch. They only make Fridays the one way and that is fabulous with a capital F. No problems with pollution levels. No problems with pollution levels. It's amazing that Sydney, as the crow flies, is only, you know, a hop, skip and jump that way - five above average and 21 toad. 100km/h wind speeds here and wind Chile of minus 19 degrees. I'd rather have been in Sydney, he lies. It's magic at Thredbo. See you in 10 minutes. Next - a judge wipes the smile off the face of the terrorist who targeted Australia. Plus, overwhelming love and support for the woman who drugged and killed her husband. Oh, you're so busted! Franklins has price busted Nestle 125g to 200g block chocolate varieties: Look for this and other Price Busters! Only at:

You're watching the five o'clock news. Time to check on the traffic with Vic Lorusso. On the main deck tonight. We sure are. What a great way to end the last day of the working week for traffic trying to proceed away from the city. We're over the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Traffic is moving well towards North Sydney as you can see by the traffic shots. Even heading into the CBD, traffic is on the light side. It builds up a little from the Western Distributor but, in all good news for the motorways, the M4 and M5 - we'll have an update - We've lost him all together. Freedom tonight for a woman who was thrust into the spotlight for killing her husband. Heather Osland served almost 10 years jail for murdering her abusive partner. Now she intends to fight for the rights of battered women. Flanked by her sons and supporters, Heather Osland, in her own words, was emerging from back-to-back nightmares. Her 9.5-year jail term followed an abusive and violent marriage to Frank Osland - a relationship she ended in 1990, drugging him and beating him with her son's help, then burying Osland in a grave they'd already dug. I'd like to say thank you to my family and friends, and hundreds of supporters who have understood the terror and the fear that I lived, and always believed that David and I acted in self defence to save our lives. Son David was acquitted, but Osland failed in legal appeals and a petition to the State Government for mercy. Her first hour of freedom spent with her children and grandchildren. I've just got to round to believing I'm actually home. It's been a long time since I left this house. Aside from reacquainting herself with her family, Heather also plans to renew her push for the Government to release details of her failed mercy application, with a hearing set down for the Civil and Administrative Tribunal on August 8. The 59-year-old will also spearhead a campaign to reform self defence laws in murder cases for women exposed to long-term violence. It doesn't provide enough protection to women and it doesn't adequately recognise the situation in which women kill. Nightmares evaporating in bright sunshine, but a fresh battle on the horizon. If there are changes to the law, it will mean my incarceration has not been in vain. Cameron Baud, Ten News. Canberra has welcomed the first prison sentence handed down over the bombing of the Australian Embassy in Jakarta. Irun Hidayat didn't seem fazed by the news he'll spend the next 3.5 years behind bars for assisting the bombers in last September's attack. Extremist supporters shouted "God is great" as the judges read out their guilty verdict. Hidayat was cleared of more serious charges of planning the blast which killed 10 people and injured 200. Ousted dictator Saddam Hussein has appeared before Iraq's War Crimes Tribunal on new charges over the oppression of Kurds. Although looking tired, the former president remained defiant as he was interrogated. Hussein challenged the legitimacy of the tribunal, and complained he didn't have enough access to his lawyer. A date for the trial on charges relating to a 1982 massacre is expected to be set within days. An elaborate drug smuggling tunnel has been found A medical breakthrough for hundreds of babies born every year with hearing difficulties. New technology means they'll be able to hear the world around them much sooner. This computer is breaking the silence for newborn children. One in every thousand experiences some degree of deafness. The new technology tells clinicians exactly what a young baby can hear. Patches placed on their head measuring the brainwaves generated in response to sounds made by a computer. COMPUTER MAKES HUMMING SOUND That allows them to correctly adjust a hearing aid or implant, something that is very difficult to do with children under nine months. Until now, people have had to basically do tests where they make sounds and watch how the baby responds. In a very young baby, you just can't do that reliably. For 4-month-old David Vane, it means doctors are confident his aid is set properly. He can hear everything his parents say. It's fantastic. It gives him, really, the best chance to go into mainstream schooling and have all the same access to opportunities that other kids have. The technology is the result of five years work by Professor Dillon at the National Acoustic Laboratories. I'm really excited by this. We come up with something which we think is going is going to be really and we plan on seeing it this used all around the world within a couple of years. Even sooner across Australia, expected in hearing centres by May next year. Evan Batten, Ten News. Thousands have honoured our women in blue, taking to the streets to mark 90 years of female policing. Hundreds of women officers, past and present, marched through Martin Place to the steps of Town Hall. Today, 3,600 women - a quarter of the State's force - walk the beat. Times have changed since the first female officers were sworn in in 1915. Since then, roles for women officers have rapidly changed. And for today's female police officer, the sky can be the limit. Next, some high finance that could have a big impact on the family budget. Also, Brad Pitt finally steps out after his health scare. And the morning after - we'll get the inside word on Lleyton and Bec's wedding. It was excellent. KISSING Plus $0 installation for Telstra full service home phone customers. Now, that's REAL six appeal. To join, call: WOLF WHISTLE

A check of the weather now. Tim Bailey, have you caused so much damage on snow that you have to tidy things up? Not quite. That's harsh. Look at the plumes of snow we're pushing around the mountain. Benny is a Snowcat driver and six of these work the mountains for around about 16 hours a day and, if they do a good job, then the skiing and boarding is perfect. Let me tell you they have been doing a beautiful swrob. They're some of the best people at it in the world and they're highly sought after in resorts across the US as well. Thanks, Benny, for the lift. He normally resides in the Hunter Valley driving tractors. It's a bit cooler at Thredbo. It's around zero degrees at the moment. What about that day? 21 degrees, five above average, a good-looking Friday. A great Saturday on the way and a carbon copy Sunday. Go out and play up. Let's look at the map of NSW. The snow is in brilliant nick. See you later. A boost for Australian exporters with China's decision to revalue its currency. China increased the rate of the yuan by 2% in what's seen as the first step towards liberalising its currency. The Chinese revaluation is actually very positive for Australia's exporters, not only on the mineral side but also for the farmers. It makes China able to buy more of our exports in the next few years. However, whitegoods and other imported goods from China may cost slightly more. Donahue D'Souza at Commonwealth Securities, how's China's revaluation going to hit you and me? The exporters, particularly the mining companies, are expected to be the major benefactors. Unfortunately, the news is not so good for consumers. You'll have to pay more for white goods. It could also drive up prices for consumers for other goods and services that are produced in China, particularly clothing, footwear and electronics. Now, I noticed our local market had a stellar day today despite the action in London overnight? Certainly, Ron. Youthful remember unfortunately that these acts of terrorism are becoming more common. Investors are now becoming somewhat desensitiseed. The All Ordinaries lost nearly 10% after September 11. The swings in the market not nearly that large today. The All Ordinaries barely reacted to the Madrid and London bombings and they hit a record high today, proving how resilient it is in the face of the latest London bombings. As Donahue said, the Australian share market has finished the week strongly. Brad Pitt is back fighting fit, making his first public appearance since being hospitalised last week. The star appeared happy and healthy as he accepted almost $330,000 from the organisers of Hollywood's annual Golden Globe Awards for film restoration. Apart from a gracious thank you, Pitt had nothing to say about his recent illness, nor his relationship with actress Angelina Jolie. The day after completing their own love match, Lleyton Hewitt and Bec Cartwright continue to lie low. No sign of the celebrity couple today but their celebrity-soaked wedding ceremony remains the talk of the town. It's been dubbed the wedding of the year, and from most accounts, the nuptials lived up to expectations. It was wonderful. Married now for just over a day, soapie star Bec Cartwright and tennis ace Lleyton Hewitt stayed behind closed doors as guests who attended the lavish event checked out of Sydney's Hotel InterContinental. No, we haven't seen them this morning. The newlyeds no doubt resting after exchanging vows yesterday afternoon at the Sydney Opera House. Following the lavish ceremony, They're absolutely madly in love Rejoining at Sydney's Taronga Zoo for the reception, Lleyton made a passionate speech about his new wife. They're absolutely madly in love and they're going to go through life together as happy as they can be. But the highlight for many was the entertainment, who Lleyton shared a song with. Lleyton said there's still more to come and we had Johnny Farnham. And while it's still not known where the newlyweds will honeymoon, it's not likely to be a long break. Lleyton is due back on court in August for the US Open. Kathryn Robinson, Ten News. Sport is next with Tim Webster, and, Tim, we meet the man whose job it is to ensure the Socceroos stop finishing as bridesmaids in World Cup qualifying. Why our imported coach says he isn't under any pressure. That's next. Also, the moment Glenn McGrath entered one of cricket's most elite clubs. COMMENTATOR: Glenn McGrath's 500th wicket. and a sick bronco's late dash to Sydney, but will he be fit to take on the Bulldogs tonight? Lotto's $19 million Super Saturday is on a roll! That's right, $19 million! So get your entries in by July 30, as $19 million is too cool to miss. SONG: # Big red ball that makes dreams come true. # This program is captioned live. Aussie skipper Ricky Ponting has had plastic surgery on a facial gash after a torrid start to the Ashes. Glenn McGrath saving the tourists as he broke the 500 wicket mark. McGrath's devastating wicket haul turned the Test, with England to resume at 7/92. He joked he'd do it first ball, but Glenn McGrath needed four overs. CHEERING COMMENTATOR: Glenn McGrath celebrates his 500th Test wicket. Marcus Trescothick the ticket to the 500 club. Founders Shane Warne, Muttiah Muralitharan and Courtney Walsh welcoming a new member. McGrath the fastest quick to the mark in 110 Tests. The 35-year-old tying England in knots, single-handedly destroying the top order. Oh, Vaughan's gone now. Off stump out of the ground. McGrath - three wickets. Australia's Lord's prayer answered with McGrath's 5/7. To finish day one with it under my belt and a few extras, it's a pretty good feeling. The biggest partnership of the day, 58 runs from Test debutant Kevin Pietersen and keeper Geraint Jones. Brett Lee joining celebrations after 19 months of carrying the drinks. It's in the air and that's gonna be the sixth wicket. Earlier, England set the tone for a bruising series. There'll be plenty of that this summer. Australia's batsmen under siege from a bodyline barrage. Justin Langer and Matthew Hayden copping savage blows from Steve Harmison. Ricky Ponting's cage rattling next. Blood spilling, with the Aussies slumping to 5/87 before lunch. Edged, gone. Third slip takes the catch. The Australian captain is out. Justin Langer top scoring with a quickfire 40. Australia struggling to last as many overs. Michael Clarke's form slump a growing concern. That's a good shout and the finger is coming. The Aussies taking day one honours after going down swinging. Tania Armstrong, Ten News. To the NRL, and both Brisbane and the Bulldogs have been disrupted with viral infections to key players ahead of tonight's match. Rob Canning joins us from Telstra Stadium, and, Rob, Broncos fullback Karmichael Hunt made a last-minute dash to Sydney today? Yeah, Tim. Hunt was struck down with a pretty bad fever yesterday. Only a short time ago, he met up with team-mates. He is no guarantee of playing in tonight's match and if he is, indeed, ruled out. Nick Parfit will take on his fullback role. His body is aching and his head spinning, but 18-year-old Karmichael Hunt says he should be good to go when Brisbane face the Bulldogs tonight. He's a lot better than he was yesterday. In fact, 100% better than he was yesterday, and obviously the coaching staff will make a decision later on tonight, but if I was a betting man, I'd say he'll be there. The Bulldogs have taken to night training in preparation for this all-important match. But the Canterbury club too have had illness. Utility Reni Maitua struck down with a viral infection, but he will start at centre. Just a little bit of food poisoning. I think he may have eaten a dodgy kebab at 6:00 in the Cross one night. After winning their previous two games, taking on the league leaders will provide a clear indication just where the 10th-placed Bulldogs really are. They are coming into form - players are back. Not only us, but a lot of other teams want to see us win on Friday night to keep them where they are on the ladder. Brisbane welcome back Brent Tate from injury. He'll play on the wing. And the 11th-placed Roosters need four wins in their last seven matches to have any chance of making it to the post-season beginning in Melbourne on Sunday. You know, we are definitely not panicking, but we realise it's a must win for us this weekend. Brett Finch there. For tonight's result and all the results over the weekend, check out none other than Sports Tonight. Football Federation Australia has unveiled the Socceroos' new coach. Dutchman Guss Hiddink the man entrusted to break our 32-year World Cup drought. Hiddink brings with him some impressive credentials after taking both Holland and South Korea to the World Cup semis. Despite admitting they'll need a miracle to make Germany 2006, he says he's not under pressure. If you feel pressure, it will kill you, the pressure, then I should have quit already 20 years ago. Dumped Socceroos coach Frank Farina met with Hiddink today and offered his ongoing support. Swans star Barry Hall believes his team are as ready as they'll ever be to topple the West Coast Eagles at the SCG on Sunday. The Swans have firmed with bookmakers and will start favourites despite the fact the West Coast have lost just one game for the year. It's gonna be a physical game 'cause of the small sort of ground, and the pressure's gonna be a real key for both sides, and, as I said before, whoever can implement that the best will probably win the game. The Swans have also been boosted by the news major sponsor QBE have extended their contract until the 2008 season. The 21-year association the second longest in Australian team sport. The boss of sport's world anti-doping body, Dick Pound, wants athletes to get pro-active and dob in suspect competitors. The call comes ahead of next week's world swimming championships in Montreal. As the Australians finalise preparations, team captain Grant Hackett believes swimming is largely clean, but with at a world meet there is always a question mark over some athletes.

I think the one thing we have to do is try and catch up to the drug cheaters, because the drug cheaters are certainly ahead of the drug testers and as long as we get money into it and get athletes behind it, we're moving in a positive direction. Lance Armstrong has taken another relentless step towards his seventh consecutive win of the Tour de France, maintaining his lead after the 18th stage. France is showing off as the race closes in on Paris and Sunday's finish. And it's not just farmers and their crop patterns seeking attention. Even the spectators are getting behind their favourite riders. A series of short, sharp climbs marked today's race. Spaniard Marcos Serrano was in a breakaway group and won his first ever stage. Australian Cadel Evans in seventh place overall. He finished in the same group as Lance Armstrong. Queensland raceway hosts Round 7 of the V8 Supercar Championships this weekend and, with Sandown and Bathurst just around the corner, this longer event is a significant pointer to the endurance races. After half a season of sprint-style races, one 280km event is what Queensland Raceway is asking this weekend. The drivers are keen to use it as a warm-up for the upcoming enduros. I mean, you've got fuel stops, you've got strategy, you've got all those elements that make up endurance racing. It's here, it's ready and it's going to prepare us. The man everyone's chasing is HRT's Todd Kelly. He's attempting a hat-trick of round wins, something that hasn't been done in two years. REPORTER: Feeling any pressure at the moment? No, it's good. There's a lot more pressure when you're coming 15th and you need to get up the front. So now that we're up the front, it's almost become a little bit more enjoyable. No pressure on this guy though. Team Australia Champ car team co-owner Derek Walker is a special spectator at Queensland Raceway. So far, he likes what he sees. It gets a lot of credit back in America. There's a lot of people think it's really stood up and showed a good formula, what it can do for the fans so it's really good. The extra distance this weekend means it's the first race since Adelaide in March they'll perform a compulsory stop for fuel and that brings with it added pressure on the teams in pit lane to perform. Leigh Diffey, Ten News. To the tips and Michael Sullivan's selections for Warwick Farm tomorrow.

And that's it for now. The usual big Friday in Sports Tonight with Bill Woods, headlined by the Dogs and the Broncos in league, St Kilda and Collingwood in the AFL and, of course, the Ashes Test at Lord's. Checking in with the traffic and it seems that everyone is heading down to the snow with Tim Bailey causing some problems on the M5. Sure is. We're monitoring traffic from Bankstown to the Southern Highlands. It is jam packed as you can see from the chopper. Both lanes heading past Campbelltown and unfortunately this picture proceeds down to Bowral and then for traffic further down to the ski fields for the weekend drive. Thank you, Vic. Tim Bailey helps us make the most of a warm weekend next. Then - remember this face? Melissa's back more than 10 years on. (Man strains) Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Who's that? I'm Derryn Hinch. That sounds like hard work. Gotta do it. Did you try the Kellogg's All-Bran with yoghurt? Yes, it was very nice. You'll soon feel the benefit of all that fibre. One 45g serve a day. Morning, Derryn. No, wait. He's having a... Oh. Ugh! I keep telling you, Derryn. Bathroom's over there. VOICEOVER: Take the Kellogg's All-Bran Two-Week Challenge. See if it changes your life.

Half of Sydney seems to be heading the snow this weekend. Tim Bailey is hanging around in Thredbo. I'm told one of these characters is a stuffed animal. I'm just trying to work out who it is. It's you're half cousin once removed. It's Erik

Echidna and Ebony. How far did you go up the mountain? Right and then I skied it right down fast. How old are you? Five. That's not bad for a five years. Jazzy, you're going to the top this weekend. Yep. How good is that. Is that your first time to the top of a mountain? I think so. Erik Echidna behind me the top of a mountain? I think so. Erik Echidna behind me and the Nelson family behind me. We're having a ball at Thredbo. If you can sneak down, beg, borrow or steal a ride because it's going to be good tomorrow. Official snow depth - 1.17m. A bit of blue sky after the winds. We didn't see a cloud from Kosciuszko to Canberra. We love that. What about Sydney? That was a Bailey special. Got the chapelies out and shined it up. You could see your face in that day. Beautiful weekend. Now, your weather photos - we are absolutely rapt with your handiwork. Send them to us here. Today's winner: What do you think of that? Good photo Yes. We couldn't see it but we liked it, folks. A minute ago, I told you 21 degrees on Saturday and Sunday. You'll be lucky to see a cloud. A cloud band is sweeping across the southern coast generating showers in as main ya but little elsewhere.

Cloud crosses south-west WA with another front causing heavy showers, patchy cloud on the Queensland coast in onshore winds bringing scattered showers. That was the satellite. This is the weather map - I know that because I'm a weather man! 4 easing south-easterly winds on the Queensland coast will cause showers to contract north. A high will keep the interior of NSW mostly dry. It's a good weekend wherever you look. The business of the brolly, predicted precipitation, drips and drops across rooftops, showers clearly from the north coast of NSW. Showers on the far southern ranges and in Victoria, as ya and SA. Showers ease in WA. By Sunday, a cold front generates strong winds and showers across Tasmania, Victoria and coastal SA. Westerly winds maintain showers in in south-west WA and keep NSW dry and mild. Dry and mild? What about dry and warm? Five above average today, 21 degrees. Same temperature across all of Sydney tomorrow. Pencil that it in for Sunday. It will be blue sky all next week to Wednesday. It's gnat far from that naps hours. Are you the talented one in the Wilson family? I thought you were. That's it from us live from Thredbo. Wave goodbye girls and thanks for being on the TV with Ron's uncle! See you, guys. I'm jealous, the snow looks great. Now to a sneak preview of something we'll be bringing you on Monday. Behind the scenes in the new series of 'Australian Idol', and it's not always pretty. (Sings tunelessly) # I have run through the fields # Only to be with you... # The tears, the tantrums, the good, bad, and the ugly - that's Monday night in the 5:00 News. That's the 5:00 News. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. I'll be back with the Late News at 11:00. And remember soapie star Melissa Tkautz? Well, she's back, and here's the first look at her new video. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.