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(generated from captions) clogged ports. A $700 million

injection for roads. Black spots

will be targeted for improvements. Brisbane's Ipswich Motorway

Brisbane's Ipswich Motorway and the Brisbane's Ipswich Motorway and the

road from Perth to Bunbury will

receive a funding boost. Long-

awaited improvements, too, for the

Hume and Pacific Highways.

This package, I think, will add or

boost GDP by about a quarter to one

half of a percent, and it will

create up to 32,000 jobs.

I welcome these initiatives. I have I welcome these initiatives. I I welcome these initiatives. I have

to say that the bulk of them are

initiatives of the government. initiatives of the previous

$6 billion for universities, TAFE

Colleges and research, and tax

breaks to ease cash flow problems

for business. They will receive a

for business. They will receive a

20% reduction in this quarter's

pay-as-you-go instalment. And until

June next year, there will be an

additional 10% tax deduction for

$10,000 to new assets costing more than

equipment. equipment. $10,000 to encourage investment in

That will provide a much needed

shot in the arm for business

investment in Australia.

Around half of this newest spending Around half of this newest spending

spree was already budgeted for.

$2.5 billion is new money, sure to

budget surplus. eat away at the already dwindling


There was some employment figures

out this week. What's expected on out this week. What's expected

the job front in 2009. And for the

details, CommSec's Steven Daghlian.

Firstly Internet and newspaper

numbers actually dropped for t numbers actually dropped for the

7th consecutive month this month.

Also the unemployment rate rose

from 4.3 to 4.4%. 15,000 less jobs

in November compared to the

previous month and a few companies

looking to cut their

Firstly, looking to cut their workforces.

Firstly, Rio Tinto looking to cut

theirs by around 14,000 and

internationally Sony corps, the internationally Sony corps, the

electron skwreubgs giant looking to

cut a similar amount. Looking ahead

to 2009, unemployment rate to rise

to 5%. But it is Friday and we

should finish on a positive note.

first half of the year. Interest rates should be cut in the Interest rates should be cut in the

To the market in detail now and the

All Ordinaries was down more than

2% at the close of the bell. Rio

Tinto was down almost 10%. Westpac

took the hardest hit among the big took the hardest hit among the big

stronger. stronger. banks, but the goldminers were banks, but the goldminers were

The Australian dollar:

Police say they shot dead a 15- year-old boy because he

year-old boy because he was going

it attack an officer, even after

being wounded twice in the leg and

being hit with capsicum spray. The

knife-weeding police told -- knife- knife-weeding police told -- knife-

wielding teen told police to shoot

or he would attack them. Three of

four police firing on Tyler Cassidy

who threatened them with two knives.

The young man had the

The young man had the knives and

was saying, "I'm going to kill me.

I'm going to kill you."

One warning shot was fired when he

came at police.

He was walking holding the knives,

Ten News then understand police

then shot him twice in the leg, but

continued to shoot when approached

by an officer cornered by stairs.

The members have done everything

they can - tried to talk him down, deployed OC fan,

deployed OC fan, backed off. deployed OC fan, backed off.

Tyler's family claim police

overreacted to the threat posed by

the 15-year-old and have vowed to

pursue those responsible. The

officers involved spent most of the

night making statements and are

expected to undergo counselling.

I don't think the police were

trigger-pap peu, but that's why we have a coroner.

repeat of the operation, stepping New South Wales police fear a

up their campaign to have

up their campaign to have all

police vehicles to have high You voltage weapons.

You don't want to take people's

lives. You're there to protect the

community and to protect themself.

but The Tasers are in use at the moment

to them. but only the supervisor has access but only the supervisor has access

The fact is that they aren't the The fact is that they aren't the

first police on the scene. The

operational front-line police need

to be able to access these. to be able to access these.

New South Wales police have fired

during their first 10 the Tasers more than a dozen times the Tasers more than a dozen times

field. during their first 10 weeks in the

There is a grim new warning to

holiday-makers about swimming at

unPa petroled beaches. It follows

the drowning on the New South Wales

south coast of a 50-year-old man

who was trying to save his sons.

It was a holiday that turned to

tragedy in an instant. The family

from Sydney was on Mollymook Beach

swept when two sons aged 17 and 19 were

swept out in

swept out in a rip on their boogie

boards. The parents phoned for help,

but the 50-year-old father dived

into the surf to try to save them.

Police say he was hit by a wave and Police say he was hit by a wave and

went under. Two boardriders paddled

out to rescue the unconscious man.

One man entered the water and One man entered the water and

assisted the boardriders in

bringing the male person back up

the beach where it was established he wasn't breathing.

he wasn't breathing.

As his wife and daughter watched on,

rescuers tried desperately to

resuscitate the man.

The family were huddled together

with one of the police officers.

The ambulance and the police were

working on the patient. But he

never regained con iousness. The

tragedy has prompted warnings about

the need for vigilance and care at

every beach. Locals say this

every beach. Locals say this

section of Mollymook Beach can be

treacherous because of rips.

You go pretty quick. You go pretty

quick. Avenue got to be careful,

you know. I don't think a lot of

people realise that there are rips

here. This death follows the

drowning of Shane O'Neill who tried

to save his two sons when they fell

off a wharf three weeks ago. The

young boys also died. Kerryn McCann's husband young boys also died.

Kerryn McCann's husband and young

children have brought mourners to

tears, telling about her love of

the simple things in life.

Thousands farewelled the marathon

champion at a funeral service in her home town.

With their young children by his

side and clutching their baby, side and clutching their baby, 14- sids 72 z r y EE

month-old Cooper, Greg McCann came

to farewell his beloved wife,

Kerryn, telling how Australia's

marathon golden girl was there

marathon golden girl was there for

him just days before she had lost

her battle with cancer.

I just started to cry, as I had

heaps of times. She just reached up

and cupped my face in her hands.

You know, she just pulled me

together. More than 2,000 mourners

flocked to her funeral service.

Friends and family, community

leaders, schoolchildren, and fellow

leaders, schoolchildren, and fellow

sporting greats. Steve Moneghetti

and Robert De Castella. They came

to remember her greatest wins,

including that Commonwealth Games

gold in Melbourne just two years ago.

It meant more to her than four

years earlier because Greg, Ben and years earlier because Greg, Ben and

Josie were there, along with close Josie were there, along with close

friends, family and her nation.

They were lifting her home. Greg

Greg was pointing out the other day

that as you look around the family

home, you're not going it see the

trophies and the medals and a whole

lot of photos on the podium.

After one final standing ovation,

her 11-year-old son, Benton helped

carry out her coffin, her favourite running

running shoes on top. His words

were perhaps the day's most

poignant. He told the memorial he

would tell his baby brother all about her,

about her, how great she was.

Kerryn McCann was just 41.

Still to come - the e-waste crisis

- plans for a green tax on electrical goods.

And Heath Ledger's Golden Globe

salute while the epic, 'Australia' is snubbed.

A driver has had a miraculous

escape after her car was ripped

apart and exploded in flames. In a

spectacular head-on crash near

Sydney. The 60-year-old woman was

dragged from the sedan just before

it was epb tkpwul ofed. Thee is now

in hospital with serious chest and leg

leg injuries. The driver of the

other car has minor injuries.

Investigations are under way into

an explosion and fire at a Caltex

oil refinery in Brisbane. 800 workers were evacuated as bloke

smoke poured from the complex.

Throughout the day, supervisors at

the Lytton Caltex refinery had struggled to maintain diesel

production at 50% of normal

capacity. There was a problem

somewhere in the processing system.

Then critical steam supplyed to the

complex suddenly stopped.

Which has taken out one of our main

sources of energy, which is steam

system, and that means all of our

turbines have had to be shut down.

That then immediately sends us into

taking the whole place down and

putting into a safe condition.

As engineers followed the company's

emergency plan, the rest of the 800-strong workforce was evacuated

and tankers had had to sit and wait.

All people have been accounted for.

There were no injuries.

A small fire in the refinery was

extinguished by employees well

before other emergency service unit before other emergency service unit

s arrived. Caltex says it's still

assessing what impact the shutdown

will have on diesel production, but

will source supplies from elsewhere

to accommodate government fleets

and emergency vehicles. Returning

the Lytton refinery to full

production will take longer.

We can't tell what we've got to do

to bring the plant back in, at this stage.

Heath Ledger's father has told of

his family's pride and pain after

the late actor was nominated the late actor was nominated

overnight for a Golden Globe Award.

He has also revealed his son had a premonition the Batman role would

be one of the pinnacles of his career.

FILM REEL: Hello, beautiful. FILM REEL: Hello, beautiful.

Heath Ledger's wicked portrayal of

the 'The Dark Knight''s villain has

obviously haunted the foreign press Association.

Best supporting role by an actor in

a motion picture. Heath Ledger.

A bittersweet honour for his family, A bittersweet honour for his family,

sharing their joy and pain today

almost 11 months after he died from

an accidental prescription drug overdose.

Extremely elated. As a family,

we've very, very proud of Heath and his achievements.

The nomination precious for the

star's daughter, Matilda, too.

She will know in years to come what

her dad has done and that will be

really something special. His

father revealing Heath had a

premonition the Joker was a

potential winner.

He felt it was going to be some of

his best work. It is a pity he is

not here to enjoy it.

It's thought he will be nominated for an Oscar.

I think he will win that. His

His competition Philip Seymour

Hoffman for 'Doubt'. Tom Cruise and

Robert Downey Jnr for 'Tropic


There had been high expectations for There had been high expectations

for Baz Lurhmann's epic, for Baz Lurhmann's epic,

'Australia' but the film was

snubbed. Melissa George and Rachel

Griffiths have both been nominated.

Academy Awards nominees will be

announced on what happens to be the announced on what happens to be the

first anniversary of Heath's passing.

He was a very spiritual boy and maybe

maybe that's a good sign. He is

always sending us little signs, so

maybe this is another sign.

FILM REEL: You'll see, I'll show you.

Grammy nominee Alicia Keys launched

her Australian tour tonight and

before her concert in Sydney, our entertainment reporter Angela

Bishop caught up with her back stage.

Your shows were the toast of the

town when you were last here and I town when you were last here and I

think people have been hanging out

for you to come back, but you've for you to come back, but you've been quite busy?

Yes, in a great way, you know,

creating new music and being able creating new music and being a creating new music and being able

to do films as well, it has been

incredibly great, but I'm glad to

be back and it's on a whole another be back and it's on a whole another

level here now. I was glad that I

came last time and that people are

even waiting for me to come back. (sings)

I came yesterday to see Billy Joel

perform here, and I had never seen

him play before and I'm a big fan

of his, but I was sitting in that

audience and I looked around and I

was like, "Wow! I'm going to be

here tomorrow." It was such a

euphoric feeling that it gave me,

so in my wildest dreams would I

have imagined it to be to this

level? No. But have I dreamed of it? Yes.

That's amazing. You go to see Billy

Joel and we know for a fact that

Kylie Minogue went to visit you in

New Zealand. We don't think so much

of artists going to see each other

on tour, but that's nice.

Yes, it's fine because you're so

much on the road all the time and

it's always about you doing your

shows, so it's really great when

there are artists that you would

love to see. When I was in Italy,

Lenny krafsreuts was playing and I was

was so excited to go and see him,

so it was cool.


Thanks so much for talking to us. Thank you. Take care. Alright.

Next - Australia's childcare shame

- our woeful world ranking.

And the Aussie angler showing up

the men a as she makes history.

Schapelle Corby could be in for an

early Christmas present. She has

been told to expect to have another

month shaved off her 20-year

sentence for drug smuggling. With

previous concessions that would

mean the 31-year-old would be out

by the time she is 47. Bali Nine

heroin smuggler Renae Lawrence has

also been told she could get a

month's reduction as well. Other convicted

convicted drug smugglers have been

enjoying their Bali prison life

with a quick hit of tennis. with a quick hit of tennis.

Australia's wild care system has

been ranked the third worse in the

developed world, trailing even

Mexico, but the Prime Minister is

blaming the atrocious rating on blaming the atrocious rating on the

previous government's underfunding.

The collapse of ABC Learning was a

wake-up call for childcare. Now

UNICEF has given Australia a fail

in an international comparison of

early childhood services.

We need to invest and put effort

into the critical early years of children's lives.

Out of 10 benchmarks, only Sweden

ticked all the boxes, closely

followed by other scanned nave van followed by other scanned nave van

countries and France. Australia

ranked third from bottom achieving

only two benchmarks. Only Canada

and Mexico scored worse.

We've taken quick action to deliver

our promises to make a difference.

We've got to look at our system and

what parents in Australia need and

want and sometimes international

comparisons don't mean much.

But Mexico, Shroff veinia and New

Zealand rate better than Australia.

All have national plans for erld

childhood education. We also fail

on training levels for childcare

workers and our low ratio of carers

to children in sep ters which

differs from State-to-State.

None of them has a standard that is

accepted worldwide as good. One of

the key bench marks missed by

Australia is our lack of paid

parental leave. The Government has parental leave. The Government has

committed to introducing a scheme,

but won't say when or how much.

Advocates say it must be in next year's Budget.

We cannot continue with this

situation where parents are not

supported to provide the best care for their children.

The Government is expected to

finalise its plans early next year.

There are calls for a new tax on

electrical goods to pay for

recycling. Experts say Australia is

in the grip of an e-waste epidemic

that could cause a health problems.

Australia's love of modern

technology has created a mega waste

problem. Millions of electronic

items are thrown out every year and

most ends up in landfill.

Well, they contain toxic, heavy Well, they contain toxic, heavy

metals and these are dangerous to

the environment when they leach out

and if people come into contact

with them, they can also cause health problems

A new report has found Australia's

e-waste recycling rate is the

lowest in the developed world. More

than 160 million items will be

dumped in landfill by the end of

the year. Green groups want the

Government to make recycling of e-

waste compulsory nationwide

These things have been chucked out

willy-nilly and it's because people

don't have access to a convenient

and easy-to-use recovery system.

Sims is the largest e-waste

recycler. For a small charge,

anything from a plug or battery can be

be dropped off and disposed of


We can recover 98% of whatever

comes in here.

Sims needs says there needs to aben

incentive. Most people put their

electrical goods out with the hard rubbish, wrongly assuming it will

end up in a state-of-the-art recycling facility like this.

However, it's more likely the council

council will eventually dump the

goods in landfill.

Environment Minister Peter Garrett

says the states and territories are

work ing on a national policy. Well,

an Australian angler is making

history. She is the first woman to

compete in the usually all-male

American Bass Masters fishing classic.


Kim has been finetuning her

technique on Louisiana's Red River in

in preparation for this: Ah!

Next February's Bass Masters

classic, the Superbowl of bass

fishing. 30,000 spectators and telecast live nationwide.

Pressure... And a half million

dollars in prize money.

It has been my dream to compete in

the classic and now it's come true.

That dream grew with Kim from her days

days as a toddler in Brisbane. Her

competitive streak fostered by her parents.

I get more competitive with myself

and with the fish. So it's me

against you. You slimy little thing,

and who is going to come out on


More often than not it's Kim. This

year she was grand champion on the women's circuit.

You're the winner of the women's Championship.

It's Kim's goal to inspire a new

generation of young girls to take up the sport.

I want that little girl to be able

to say, "See, girls can fish, too.

Dad, I want you to take me next time."

But make no mistake.

I'm going for the win, I'm going to

do the best that I can.

Sports Tonight is next with Rob

Canning. Rob, American golfer's

time Down Under goes from bad to worse.

I don't think he will be back,

Belinda, but he will be back on

course tomorrow after his second

round was rained out. We will have round was rained out. We will have

more on the American. Australian

Open coming up.

And Aussie young gunfires to the

top of the leaderboard. Cousins'

comeback gathers momentum, and Brad

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To the weather details now and a

deep low will generate strong winds

across a large area of the south-

east. The low will cause rain in

Tassie and frequent showers in

Victoria, southern New South Wales

and SA. A trough will trigger rain

and storms in northern New South

Wales, Queensland, the Northern

Territory and Kimberley. A high Territory and Kimberley. A high

will keep WA mostly sunny. Mostly

cloudy in Cairns:

And that's the latest from Ten News.

Sports Tonight with Rob Canning is

next. I'm Belinda Heggen. Enjoy your weekend.

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Tonight - Round 2 - the Australian Open.

Go get 'em Tiger - Cousins to sign with with Richmond.

And Matt Hayden's warning for the Proteas.

Hello, I'm Rob Canning, welcome to

Toyota's Sports Tonight. We will

bring you the best of the sporting bring you the best of the sporting

world over the next half an hour.

So open your eyes, prick your ears and enjoy.

Also tonight - the people of sport.

Chris Munce returns. George Smith

grabs a gong and Jamie Whincup fires off.

Haven't been keen to get involved.

We will preview the weekend ahead

in the A-League and National

Basketball League, also NBA, NLL,

F1's main man, and a whole lot of F1's main man, and a wh le lot other goodness.

Thanks everyone. I'm not too good Thanks everyone. I'm not too good at this.

Check it out. Sports Tonight. There

has been more controversy

surrounding John Daly's actions

with a fan.. Golf bosses say

they've taken action against Daly

but won't say what that penalty is.

He's 16 shots behind leader young

Stephen Dartnall of WA.

Stephen Dartnall almost on the

bull's eye at Royal Sydney.


300/1 long shot on track for his

biggest ever payday, finishing

Round 2 in front for the first time

in his professional career.

Obviously you know where you are,

what position you're in, but I mean, what position you're in, but I mean,

just try to take it like any other tournament. Overnight co-leader Matthew Goggin

the best of the early challengers.

He finished two off the pace, while

He finished two off the pace, while

Rod Pampling and two-time winner Rod Pampling and two-time winner

Peter Lonard continued their steady assault.

COMMENTATOR: Players can go straight at it.

But it was wild man John Daly who

attracted the bulk of attention.

He was in no mood to talk about

yesterday's brain snap, instead,

taking his frustrations out on the ball.

His expression, though, told the

story, on the tee and on the green. story, on the tee and on the green.

He could have done with a lesson

from South Australia's Adam Bland. from South Australia's Adam Bland.

COMMENTATOR: Around it comes. Oh,

don't tell me. What a putt from Adam Bland!

Last week's winner, Geoff Ogilvy

then showed how to do it in the wet and with an iron.

Oh, wow!

As Robert Allenby continued to

drain birdies in the downpour.

Yes, a wonderful putt!

Not exactly beach weather, but Daly

did manage a mid-round rally. Well done.

He mustered two birdies in three

holes before Sydney's wet weather

forced out the sweepers and then

the suspension of play.

So, Dartnall out by two shots after

that round of 68, but poor old Daly

can't take a trick. Sure can smoke,

though. He looks certain to miss

the cut when play resumes tomorrow

morning at 6.45am.

Richmond has confirmed the club met

with Ben Cousins this morning, but

the deal to get him to Tiger Town regularly hinges on an AFL

Commission meeting again on Monday. It

It took 48 hours, but the Tigers

finally put away their claws.

President Gary March breaking the club's silence.

Look, I can confirm Richmond

Football Club has spoken to Ben

Cousins, but at this stage we

haven't made any decision on

whether we will take Ben. It's

understood Richmond officials met

with Cousins this morning, but the

fallen star won't be taken at picks

6 in Tuesday's pre-season draft. He

will be praying the AFL Commission

agrees to place Graham Polak on the rookie list. Pretty

Pretty basic. We've said all along

we will be taking junior with pick 6 and I.

I don't want to pre-empt what the

commission may or may not decide. I

understand that a tkreu an Anderson

has received a submission. It will

get due consideration on Monday and

I can't say anymore.

And neither could coach Terry Wallace.

REPORTER: Have you met with Ben at all.

It's emerged the Tigers' turnaround

was instigated by club chairman Kevin Sheedy.

It's interesting, Sheeds, he has a

record of giving guys a second

chance. He is fairly active behind

the scenes, encouraging all clubs

to give Ben another go and that doesn't surprise me. .

Western Sydney remains the biggest

hurdle, but they're convinced it

remains a massive gamble,

especially in the current financial climate.


The AFL has said, "Yes, why not go to

to the Gold Coast? Why not go to

West Sydney. Make it hard for

yourself, guys. Really make it hard for yw 9 vsWEE

for yourself. The league boss

remains adamant Sydney must have a remains adamant Sydney must have a

second side, despite labelling

Tassie's bid as first-class.

Ticked all the boxes when they look

at revenues, membership, corporate

support, the sorts of revenues that

are required to support a football club.

Australian Open. Australian opener Australian Open. Australian opener

Matthew Hayden has warned the South

Africans he is due for a big score.

The Queenslander says he is itching

to take on the much hyped Proteas' pace pace attack.

It's been a lean and frustrating

summer so far for Matthew Hayden.

He averaged just over 10 against

the Black Caps in their two-match

coming. series, but he says the runs are

I've sat around dressing rooms,

reading a lot of fishing magazines,

talking an absolute pile of

tkreufle most of the time and I'm

ready to play good cricket.

To make matters worse, the South

Africans have fired up the 37-year-

aging team. old over comments about Australia's

No, I don't like that sort of stuff.


Take it all on board and run away

from it.

No trash talk from Brad Haddin.

I haven't given the time of day to

be perfectly honest. They can say

be perfectly honest. They can say

what they have to say. We will

start talking on the 17th.

The men refused to get drawn into a

sledging match. He was in too good

a mood after being named the

holder. Canberra Raiders No. 1 ticket

Morne Morkel has been cleared of

any serious ankle damage after

rolling it yesterday. However,

Graeme Smith's first bat on

Australian soil was short-lived.

The skipper was out for just 12.

Better luck for AB De Villiers and

Neil McKenzie, both hitting half- centuries against Western Australia

in their final warm-up match.

The Red backs have snared another

international recruit for the

upcoming domestic Twenty20

competition. Sohail Tanvir has

played both Test and one-day

cricket for Pakistan. He is a

bowler with a wrong-footed action

who dominated the IPL tournament who dominated the IPL tournament

earlier this year. Tanvir played

for Shane Warne's victorious Rajasthan Royals.

He is a guy who knows his yorkers,

bowls a confusing slower ball and bowls a confusing slower ball and bowls a confusing slower ball

had a wonderful success being named

bowler of the IPL.

Younus Khan must fulfil obligations

in Pakistan. He hasn't blown the

Red backs' budget.

This guy is coming really for the

opportunity. It is a very, very

cheap deal for us.

Tanvir turned 24 today. Happy

birthday. He will play in a game

against WA in December on the 28th.

Time for a short break, but coming

around right up, we will take a trip

around the nation.

Whincup serves it up.

I never got any Ford support

through my career.

Adelaide unites and advances in the Club World Cup.

Plus, we'll salute George Smith.

Chris Munce has made his return to

Australian racing, albeit on a

beaten favourite, but nothing was

going to wipe the smile off the

jockey who spent almost 2 years in

jail over Hong Kong's tips-for-bets

scandal. Munce rode Ambassador in

the second at Randwick, but finished 5th.

I don't realise how much I missed

it until now. No, fantastic. He had

a good run throughout the race.

Just wasn't fit enough to run the

1800 out on the track.

New South Wales Racing's decision

to allow Munce's return despite

fresh charges as angered the hock

cong Jockey Club.

Wallaby George Smith has capped off

another brilliant season by

claiming the rugby union Players

Association Player of the Year

Award. Unfortunately for many of

so the guests, the winner was absent,

so accepting the award on his

mate, Tyrone. behalf, brother and Brumby team-

Thanks for... LAUGHTER.

Thanks for everyone for all of...

I'm not real good at this sort of

stuff. Oh, Tyrone! 2008 has been a

year to remember for George Smith. year to remember for George Smith.

He was named 2008 Player of the

Year, John Eales medallist and the

Brumbies' best and fairest for a

6th consecutive season.

Adelaide United is on a Japanese

bullet train headed for Nagoya and

their quarterfinal showdown with

Gamba Osaka in the FIFA World Cup.

They were fortunate not to bail out

after falling down 1-0 to Waitakere

early in the first half. Facing the early in the first half. Facing the

media as they left the stadium, the

Reds were well aware they had

pulled off a lucky escape. After

dominating most of the play for the

first 30 years, an error from

Eugene Galekovic gave Waitakere the opening. opening.

It goes through the back of your

mind that we might be going out of this tournament.

Shocked into action, the Reds

responded, Daniel Mullen connecting

corner kick. crisply with a perfectly placed


I think we scored our equaliser at

a crucial time. If they had gone in

1-0 at half-time, obvious ly they

would have gone into the second

half with more confidence, but a

great header from Daniel Mullen.

They took the pressure of Aurelio They took the pressure of Aurelio

Vidmar and his men into the brick,

allowing them to regroup.

We had too many people upfront to

start with and no real movement in

mid-field, so made it easy for them

to defend. We had to get the ball

wide and hit drawing them out. It

was nice for two set pieces, I guess.

Showed patience, creating more

opportunities and eventually the head

head of Dodd produced the much

needed goal. The Reds maintained

their buffer and left the pitch

relieved they hadn't slipped up. relieved they hadn't slipped up.

It was a banana skin game for us.

Nice to get through and concentrate

on a game on Monday which I think

will suit us much better. will suit us much better.

They now play the Gamba Osaka. The

Reds are confident of a better

showing this time. Diego is still

strain. battling to shrug off a groin


The last four A-League clashes The last four r03: EE

between rivals Sydney an the

Central Coast have yielded 25 goals,

24 yellow cards and three red cards.

Now, tomorrow's latest instalment

of one of the game's fiercest

rivalries has some extra spice. rivalries has some extra spice.

John Aloisi knows a thing or two

about the F3 derby, but he is

swapping hero for villain in his

Stadium. first trip back to Bluetongue

I don't know. Maybe a few angry

people behind the goals.

He scored for the Mariners in an

epic 5-4 loss last season. While

Aloisi was on the losing side that

repeats. time around, he is hoping history

Everyone knows what games are like,

you know wrbgts Mariners against

Sydney, and let's hope that 5-4

again to us.

At the other end of the scale,

Brendan Gan will make his starting

debut after scoring as a subin last

week's win over Newcastle. No

bigger stage for the 20-year-old,

and he will be lining up opposite

his former Sutherland Sharks State

league team-mate.

Play against him, make a few

tackles on him as well.

Another ex-Shark is Dean Heffernan

who has endured 12 months' rehab

after breaking his leg in last

finally year's 9-goal thriller. He is

finally ready for a return.

I'm definitely putting my hand up.

I feel as though I I feel as though EE

I feel as though I can, you know,

contribute something-to-the team at

the moment, and you know, if they

need me, yeah, I will be ready. If

not, another week for the youth

team. Perth seems to have turned a

corner. The Glory has lost just one

of its past 5 and has climbed off

the bottom of the ladder, but coach

Dave Mitchell insists last week's

win over Melbourne would count for

nothing if they can't back it up

with victory over Wellington,

themselves coming off the back of a 6-1 hammering.

Last week the result was a slap in

the face for them, so we've just

got to be cautious - it's a big

game for them. They want to get

into the top 4 as well as we do.

Queensland will have available for

Sunday's clash with Newcastle

despite suffering a back injury

last week, while Charlie Miller is

likely to miss the clash, Frank likely to miss the clash, Frank

Farina is promising fans a fighting effort.

For our supporters, we haven't

given them enough this year, as

simple as that.

The Suncorp stadium surface has

again had to be relayed this week

after a Andre Rieu concert. Despite

dramas in the past, officials are

confident accident it will hold up.

V8 Supercar champion Jamie Whincup

has taken a final swipe at departing manufacturer Ford.

Whincup was back in Brisbane at his

team's brand new workshop today, a

week after wrapping up the title.

The 25-year-old says he can't wait

to start fresh after Ford

controversially severed ties.

I'm a little bit bitter, so to

speak, that I never got any Ford

support at all through my career,

and I've been able to deliver Ford

results in the past and they

haven't been keen to get involved. Whincup is confident another manufacturer will come on board next year.

The South Dragons are claiming

bragging rights over the Melbourne

Tigers before their grudge match

tomorrow night. With the Dragons

the top of the ladder and the

Tigers third, the sellout clash

could set up the run to the finals.

The rivalry is growing. The Dragons

are breathing fire after a 20-point

thrashing of the Tigers last time thrashing of the Tigers last time

they met, but while the cross-town

slash is building, both teams

acknowledge it is still very much

the contender and the pretender.

For the team like the Dragons to

win a Szer by game, it like a Grand

Final. Whatever happens, the goal

is still to win, but this would be

a nice little step along the way. a nice little step along the way.

If we could hold a championship at

the end of the day, that would be

the ultimate but at this point of

time, they have the bragging rights. time, they have the bragging rights. The off-court rivalry is ready to

boil over. More space needed as the

skippers get set for a no-holds- bared clash.

A few of them, we have a history, A few of them, we have a history,

the ones who have had a bit of suck sets. I

I think a little rivalry and

competition is good for the league. A

A home truth from the much-

travelled Dragons coach. Well,

Well, I haven't been affiliated

with a team yet that hasn't folded.

How's that for you?

Everyone says they keep jumping

ship. What am I supposed to do? I

got ran out of town.

The match tips off at 67.30

tomorrow night at the The Cage.

The international segment is still The international segment is still

to come. We'll hang out with

Hamilton and head to the States for

the NBA.

England takes on India. Plus, security on high alert as

Honours are even on day one of the

First Test between England and

India in Chennai. The series is

finally under way amid tight

security following the recent

SIREN WAILS terrorist attacks in Mumbai.

Sirens, roads closed, soldiers with

automatic weapons running alongside

the team bus. Today this is how a

cricket match begins. England's cricket match begins. England's

players say they hardly noticed

this now. They are trying to shut

out the tension and anxiety that

follow them everywhere in India.

The cricket side of things hasn't

seemed that as important, but the

last few days leading up to the

Test match, there was, I suppose, a

bit of a relief just to be

concentrating on the cricket again.

After all, this is the security

England demanded as the price England demanded as the price of

coming back to India after the

horrors of Mumbai. Their fans will horrors of Mumbai. Their fans will

tell you the importance of this

game and those demands had to be met.

I think some people would look at I think some people would look at

it as standing up to terror.

India loves cricket, but the

enthusiasm couldn't behind the fact

this match has been far from a

sellout. Some here are saying the sellout. Some here are saying the sellout. Some here are saying

security is designed to make

English men feel safe has made

Indians feel afraid. English men feel safe has made

Always in the back of their minds.

Maybe some people think something

might happen because this is one

place they can target, can be targeted. targeted.

And some will worry that when this

is normal, the game of cricket will

have changed. So the first day of the have changed. So the first day of

the First Test is over and it has

passed off without incident. Many

these measures worthwhile. of that say alone makes all of

NBA, and the Boston Celtics have

strolled to a 13th straight victory,

crushing Washington by 3 had points.

The NBA's greatest ever franchise

the Celts have a win. Ryan and Paul.

Did Ray Allen and Paul pierce had Did Ray Allen and Paul pierce had 22 a piece.

Botton stepped up a gear with a 33-

14 final quarter. Tkal Hasse also

kept up an impressive record,

registering their 10th win from

their past 12 games, with a 5-point

win over Charlotte today.

Dirk Nowitsky finished with 23 points, including this from the

remaining. land of plenty, with just seconds

remaining. In

In Salt Lake City, Mehmet Okur

scored 21 first-half points and

found time to chime in with three assists

assists in Utah's win over Portland.

points. He finished with a team high 27

Formula One now and Lewis Hamilton

is still coming to terms with his is still coming to terms with his

stopped World Championship and that hasn't

stopped the 23-year-old on setting

his sights on going back-to-back next year.

I want to win all races. I wan I want to win all races. I want to

I want to win all races. I want to

work with the team championship.

I feel they deserve it.

He just wants to win. Hamilton says

along with winning, his aim is to along with winning, his aim is to

shake off the pressure of being the

defending champ and enjoy himself.

Johanna Head has a two-shot lead

heading into the second round of

the & c 9r09 V 7 EE the LPGA

the LPGA season-ending event in

Dubai. It was supposed to be a

celebration for Annika Sorenstam as

she teed off in her final

tournament before retirement, but

she has plenty of work to do after

a 2 under opening round to be four

off the lead.