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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. A powerful monsoon hits Mackay - the city braced for the worst flood on record. Tensions high in Timor as Kevin Rudd visits the capital.

Another US school in lockdown as a gunman opens fire. Ten News with Natarsha Belling. Good morning. Residents in Mackay are being told to stay in their homes after torrential rain flooded parts of north Queensland overnight. The city is bracing for the worst flood on record as the heavy rain continues to fall. Powerful monsoonal rain moved quickly through Mackay, dumping over a 100mm of rain in 12 hours. It's an absolute downpour. I've come from England and haven't seen anything like this. It's absolutely pouring down. People are wading through water outside. Suburban streets have been turned into rivers.

It looks like the sea with housing coming out of it. The mayor telling residents not to panic. We have suggested to help people move.

Meanwhile, the autopsy results for a 36-year-old women who died in floods yesterday will be released later this morning. The family of four who were on their way to fresh start are now devastated by the loss of their brave mother. We got her back to the road and given her CPR and unfortunately by the time the ambulance arrived she was deceased. Kelly Bock, her de facto and their two sons were trapped after their 4-wheel drive aquaplaned on a flooded road. grabbed the 2-year-old toddler While her partner and made it to safety, tree, holding her 6-month-old baby. the mother clung to a A passing motorist helped pull them to safety but Kelly collapsed and died. Hours later, rescue officers found the body of 17-year-old Mackay student Reece Hines. after he slipped and fell into the local weir on Tuesday afternoon. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has touched down in East Timor to gain a first-hand briefing on the this week's attempted coup. Ten reporter Max Futcher is in Dili.

Kevin Rudd is due to meet with the

Prime Minister shortly. He was

invited here after the assassination attempts. A

Australia's ongoing military

commitment will be on the agenda.

Kevin Rudd has not ruled out

sending more troops. It is only a

short visit, about four hours, short visit, about four hours, but

security will be tight. Rebel

security will be tight. Rebel

leader funeral profession only had to

to cover a few hundred metres but

it took almost an hour.

His coffin was draped in the East

Timorese flag and reached his home

where a large grave had been dug.

As sobbing mourners went as close

as they could he was lowered into

the soil alongside a lieutenant

also killed on Monday.

In the middle of the crash a woman

claiming to be his second wife who according to

Flowers candles and tributes flowed

for the man who the government and

the best early in army says is a criminal and a from the Prime Minister to follow his example and freeze executive pay rises to help curb inflation. MPs won't receive any increase to their salaries until the middle of next year. A bittersweet end to their first week of parliamentary sitting. It's a stunt, it's a total stunt. I agree totally with what the Prime Minister has done and it sends the right message.

Kevin Rudd freezing their pay until mid-next year after record low jobless figures added to pressure for another interest rate rise. What I'm seeking to articulate is we at the level of political leadership While the Opposition Leader has supported the move, some of his troops are less than impressed. Including former ministers who had their pay halved after their election defeat. For Kevin Rudd to suggest but no-one else, that we should have a pay freeze I think, is just a populist stunt. The move is likely to cost MPs at least $6,000 a year. They currently earn $130,000. And last year they were granted a 6.8% pay rise - double inflation. But business is rejecting outright Mr Rudd's suggestion senior executives show similar restraint. If we want the best and brightest from around the world to come to Australia and to provide real value to the Australian corporate sector, then the marketplace is going to require some very large salaries to be paid from time to time. Ultimately, that's up them. their own decisions. to their shareholders but it is important that all sectors of the Australian community show restraint. Brad Hodson, Ten News. A 44-year-old man is reportedly planning to sue the Victorian Government in the State's first stolen generation claim. It comes just two days after the Prime Minister's historic apology. The man says he was taken from his mother when he was five months old. It's claimed the case could trigger legal action by indigenous people across Australia. The bodies of two men killed in a mid-air collision in Western Australia's north are expected to be retrieved today. The pair died when their light plane collided with a helicopter during a feral goat shooting program over the Kennedy Ranges.

The plane crashed but the chopper landed safely. Protest ship the 'Steve Irwin' to the Southern Ocean. is on its way back Its 32 crew members vowing to step up the fight against Japanese whaling. It was a happy but nervous occasion for family and friends being left behind. Be safe, mate. Give me a big hug you three. Their loved ones embarking on another dangerous mission I think we can stop them for another three to four weeks. I'm pretty confident we can make sure they don't get half of their quota this year and if this works then we'll be back next year with two ships and stop them completely. I think we've found to key to stopping them from whaling.

Last month the Sea Shepherd's campaign sparked a diplomatic row with Japan when two crew members boarded a whaling ship and were detained for three days. The vessel left Melbourne overnight after spending 12 days undergoing repairs and refuelling. Its 32 crew members, including 15 Australians,

aren't ruling out a similar plan of attack. The circumstances that we find ourselves in dictate the strategies and tactics that we utilise so I really don't know until we're in the situation. Ellesa Throwden, Ten News. in Victorian racing has resigned in disgrace after an investigation found he'd made more than 40 bets under a false name. It's believed Stephen Allanson made the bets over the course of a year. The Racing Victoria chief executive's apparent indiscretions first came to the attention of investigators in January through telephone monitoring. Suspicions raised when a voice with a distinctive South African accent, similar to Mr Allanson's, was detected making bets. The original investigation was into five bets placed over the Spring Carnival by Stephen under a nom de plume. The chief steward confirming the bets were made through a Melbourne bookkeeper, the largest of them for $100 each way. While he's permitted to bet, rules state that all bets must be made under a correct name.

After that investigation no action was taken against Mr Allanson. Until yesterday. Further investigations revealed that there were 37 further bets

placed under the same non de plume over a period dating back to January '07.

Mr Allanson was given no choice but to resign in disgrace, saying in a statement his actions were inappropriate and a serious mistake for which he's sorry. The fact that he said he'd had five bets

and there were further bets detected, that is the reason he tendered his resignation. Bernard Saundry has been appointed Racing Victoria's acting chief executive. Angelina Anictomatis, Ten News. A 66-year-old man has been found murdered at an inner Sydney unit. The man's family raised the alarm when they were unable to contact him.

Police discovered his body, with head wounds, at the apartment last night. Officers established a crime scene and an investigation is under way. They're interviewing neighbours and are appealing for any witnesses to come forward. A post-mortem will be conducted later today.

A scare at Bondi Beach overnight. The police bomb squad was called in after a large military flare containing explosives washed up on the shore. The beach was closed while the army collected the cylinder. It's unclear where the device came from. Mohammed Al Fayed's conspiracy theories about how Princess Diana and his son Dodi really died have been discredited at the inquest into their deaths. We cross to the UK for that story when the morning news returns. And another US school in lockdown after a gunman opens fire.

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But Listerine's antiseptic power is clinically proven to kill the germs that cause plaque. BOOM! It's dynamite... BOOM! ..against germs. (Exhales deeply) Blast your whole mouth cleaner with Listerine. A gunman has opened fire at a university in Illinois. At least 17 people were injured when the man burst into a lecture hall and started shooting, sending students and staff running for their lives. The stories and pictures Police and ambulances racing to yet another college campus. running for cover. Horrified and panicked students Today was Northern Illonois, about 60 miles from Chicago.

At about 2:45 a gunman described as tall, skinny and white kicked in the door of a lecture room with 100 students inside.

Witnesses say he pulled out a

shotgun and began firing.

shotgun and began firing. The door

opened and the gunman walked out.

He started shooting and I dropped

down to the ground and started calling

calling on the ground. Police

confirm it begun man is dead after

turning the gun on himself. My room-mate is

room-mate is locked in the library

hiding under a table. One of

student was hiding under his desk.

He grabbed his girlfriend and fled

the room. Most didn't say police

and officials responded quickly and

were on the scene within it minutes.

The university's website had a

yellow alert that was

yellow alert that was posted very

quickly. Threats were posted on a

bathroom wall earlier. The campus

was shut down for a day while university police determined there

was no immediate threat. It is not

sure whether there is A plane has crashed into a runway during take-off in Armenia. The aircraft, carrying 21 people, flipped over and burst into flames. All survived the accident. 10 passengers were taken to hospital with minor injuries. An investigation is under way. There's a growing threat overshadowed by the crisis in Darfur. this year's Beijing Olympics could be Yesterday, Steven Spielberg resigned as artistic advisor to the Games.

Now Archbishop Desmond Tutu is threatening to call for a boycott of the event. They are among the most desperate people on the planet

so-called greatest show on earth. whose plight could yet derail the

As the Darfur killings continue every day so does China's trade with the Sudanese Government, the very regime but the world holds responsible for these atrocities. The Chinese President is now being urged to bring about some peaceful resolution by a group headed by Archbishop Desmond Tutu. The former Nobel Peace Prize winner saw apartheid abolished

in his native South Africa, partly through a sporting boycott and he has exclusively told us that may have to be repeated. We hope that it would be the kind of pressure that would make the Chinese Government be amenable to reason. If not, well then of course there is the possibility of the Games. The Olympics had been used as a political protest before with the Americans boycotting the 1980 Moscow Games in response to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. But it is with his own country

that Archbishop Desmond Tutu sees the greatest parallels. If we had not had the support of the international community, especially with economic and sports boycotts, an apartheid government sitting firmly in Pretoria. Now the world awaits to see what China's reaction will be, a time for them to act is fast running out. When 15 British sailors were taken hostage by Iran last year it was humiliating for the Royal Navy

and sparked a diplomatic crisis for Britain.

They were held captive for 11 days, accused of trespassing. Now the Royal Navy is patrolling the dangerous waters again. this time with beefed-up security and new tactics. In a naval powerboat we headed into the intense stretch of sea near both Iraq and Iran the British commanders call the cauldron. We're in what's called a rib, moving at speed towards HMS 'Campbeltown', a Royal Navy frigate which is playing a key part in the operations to secure this part of the Gulf. that HMS 'Cornwall' was doing when 15 of her sailors and marines were captured by the Iranians last year. The Royal Navy invited us here is now firmly in the past. to show that that bitter memory It was just under a year ago in Teheran that I witnessed the release of the British sailors after an episode that many regarded as humiliating. Some of them had appeared on television, apologising to the Iranians.

One sailor said he'd cried himself to sleep after the Iranians stole his iPod. This week the 'Campbeltown's Royal Marines got ready for the sort of boarding operation near Iran that got the 'Cornwall's team into trouble. We want to put it behind us. nearly 12 months ago now so we want to crack on and do the job that we've been brought out here to do. The mission is to check,

and if necessary, board some fishing boats just inside the Iraqi waters. But this team will be much better protected than last year's. now accompany the marines. Two American gunboats And above is a Royal Navy helicopter with us on board. The Anglo/American team heads for its target. Our helicopter pilot spots an Iranian fast boat moving on the other side.

But it doesn't come close and the Royal Marines start to check the Iraqi fishing boat. The operation goes off peacefully. We always make sure we go away with the necessary air cover, the necessary firepower in other boats as well in support. You're correct, they weren't there last year and that's part of the review which has been undertaken

to ensure we don't get a recurrence of last year's incident. The Royal Navy makes no secret of the fact that what it is all about is oil. The 'Campbeltown' is protecting two off-shore oil platforms that are now pumping about 2 million barrels of Iraqi oil into the world economy every day. The threats are Iraqi insurgents and the looming power of Iran. And for the foreseeable future British sailors and marines will be in dangerous waters. Ten News. On HMS 'Campbeltown', Julian Manyon, at the inquest into the death of Princess Diana with Mohammed Al Fayed's right-hand man discredited on the stand. has that story and more from London. Ten's Europe correspondent Tarsh, the conspiracy theories Mohammed Al Fayed has invested so much time and money into proving have been unravelling spectacularly in court today. His head of security, John Macnamara, was forced to reveal he has little evidence of foul play. And further, he admitted to lying about a crucial part of the investigation while on the stand, leaving the jury yet again wondering who and what to believe. John Macnamara has been at Mohamed Al Fayed's side for years. The man hired and trusted to head his private investigation into the crash and today he also turned out to be the man

of the conspiracy crashing down. who could bring parts Under cross-examination by Richard Horwell, Mr Macnamara was asked whether he still believed the Duke of Edinburgh was involved in a plot to murder Diana. Into other crucial admissions Mr Macnamara also admitted he had no evidence that Diana had telephoned friends to say that she was pregnant with Dodi's child. Nor was there any evidence that her body had been embalmed to hide the fact that she was pregnant.

Then, under heavy pressure from the coroner,

he also indicated that he had lied in a television interview about the crash. The coroner then questioned him with great force: The coroner wasn't the only person to get irate.

Lord Stevens, who headed the investigation into the conspiracy theories,

demanded an apology from Mr Al Fayed's team for what he calls scurrilous allegations that he could have been persuaded to change elements of his report. Mohammed Al Fayed will be the next witness to take the stand. After today's evidence it will be interesting to see which aspects of his long-held theories even he still believes in. The search for British toddler Maddy McCann is reportedly winding down.

While parents Kate and Gerry launched a new poster drive, pleading with the public not to forget their missing daughter, Portugal's Justice Minister said the police investigation into her disappearance is coming to an end

with no new details released on the case. A young Algerian pilot wrongly accused of training the 911 terrorists wants the British Government to say sorry for ruining his life.

Lotfi Raissi today won the right to claim compensation, a payout which could run into the millions. He claims he has lost his career, his health, his reputation. No wonder he looks delighted as he left court today. He won the right to claim compensation. justice and justice is what I got. Since the day that I was in prison this day today.

But now after the judgment I will ask the Home Secretary to provide me with a widely publicised apology for the part that they played in destroying my life and my career. He spent 4.5 months in prison, finally being released after no evidence was been put forward to support claims he was a terrorist. The Algerian pilot was arrested under the Terrorism Act

10 days after the September 11 atrocities of 2001. He was accused of having trained the hijackers. He was cleared of any involvement but his subsequent claims for compensation from the Government were turned down because his detention was related to a US extradition request and therefore not eligible. Now that decision has been overturned.

Today's ruling was both critical of the police and the Crown prosecution service. Giving the judgment the judge said the public labelling of Raissi as a terrorist by the authorities has had and continues to have a devastating impact on his life. As he left court today he said that his claim could run into millions of pounds.

from working for any airline. He says he's been blacklisted The Home Office is considering whether to appeal against today's ruling. And finally - on climate change Prince Charles has stepped up the war of this global problem He says the significance should not be underestimated. Some of the effects we are witnessing now

as scientists were predicting are happening twice as fast we have learnt And it the last few months is melting so fast that the north polar ice cap

that in seven years time that some scientists are predicting in summer. it will completely disappear

Others think it will take a little longer. But the mere fact that such a development is conceivable at all is yet another wake-up call as we sleepwalk our way towards the edge of catastrophe.

time is ticking The message there, Tarsh, is simple - and the Royals expect Europe and its citizens to lead the way for other nations in tackling the issue. 40% of Australian marriages fail. In America the statistics are worse. are calling it quits later in the morning news.

Stay with us.

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This program is captioned live. to stay in their homes Residents in Mackay are being told of north Queensland overnight. after torrential rain flooded parts for the worst flood on record The city is bracing

as the heavy rain continues to fall. on the streets of Dili Tensions are still high Alfredo Reinado's funeral. after slain rebel leader has touched down in East Timor Prime Minister Kevin Rudd on the this week's attempted coup. to gain a first-hand briefing inside a Chicago university. A gunman is dead after opening fire at least 17 people He shot and wounded before turning the weapon on himself. In finance news, the Australian share market has opened in the red. Now national weather for the rest of the day: Next, our feature on divorce What's the source of her vitality? New Palmolive Aromatherapy Vitality - a shower gel with pure essential oils of bergamot, orange flower and grapefruit. New Palmolive Aromatherapy Vitality.

This program is captioned live. Residents in Mackay are being told to stay in their homes

Couples in love may have been celebrating St Valentine's yesterday but those thinking about tying the knot may wish to reconsider.

40% of all Australian marriages will end in divorce and in the US the figure is even higher. 'LOVE AND MARRIAGE' THEME SONG PLAYS First things first. About half of all couples who marry in this country... I now pronounce you husband and wife. ..actually will make good on that vow to chuff it out, for better or for worse, till death do us part. And for better or for worse 85% of us will eventually take that trip down the aisle or at the very least pay a visit to the marriage license bureau like this one in New York City. Is there anyone present here today who knows of any legal reason why this couple should not get married?

And when you ask newly-wed couples like Phillip and Nicolina about the future, things look pretty rosy. Do you Phillip, take Nicolina Despite the fact that nearly one out of every two first American marriages will fail. Why did you decide to get married? We've been together for nine years next week so we thought it would be about time. You may kiss your bride. (Laughs) Thank you. When you have been together for that long, time has decided that we are going to spend our lives together. Thank you. Thank you. But you're optimistic? I'm not coming here just to get divorced tomorrow. Laura and Chad like their chances too.

I'm in. I'm in it to the end so... I love him and I trust him. That's why I think we would not be a statistic. To begin, you will will be encouraged to learn that while the divorce rate doubled from 1960 to 1980, the days of the sexual revolution, since then the number of divorces in this country has pretty much remained steady. But one thing has changed.

There has been a fundamental shift in the way we view divorce. just absolutely stigmatised. Divorces used to be I mean, divorced women 100 years ago had to leave town in small-town America. Dr David Poponoe is co-founder of the National Marriage Project

in New Jersey. I would say marriage has changed a lot. (Laughs) Basically in the '60s and earlier

it was a sort of iron-clad institution that was held together by a law, by religion, by family pressures,

by economic dependency and all those things have withered. But some things remain the same. I bet she thinks I'm going to have girls up here. Maybe you remember the 'Seven Year Itch'... Seven years we've been married and not once have I done anything like that. Not once. ..Hollywood's classic take on temptation. Do you feel the breeze from the subway? We certainly recall Marilyn Monroe's figure but what about that seven year figure? Well, what do you think it will be fun to do now? Well, you know, the 7-year itch was a playwright's device. But then they started during studies and, sure enough, the average marriage broke up in seven years when they are going to be divorced. This man ought to know.

He's a legendary New York attorney. What is it that happens after seven years that you say I'm done?

I think probably the first few years there's magic and mystery and the next couple of years just buying a home and having children and then you stagger through to the So it's to the lawyer's office. Divorce lawyer say there are other critical times for a marriage. It's not the only spike. Another spike is at 17 and 18 years is set to go off to school. when the oldest child Ike Vanderekel is a Dallas lawyer. We have kind of a cruel joke in the business and that is that Mum gets the house and the last couple of years of high school and Dad gets his secretary. The divorce rate has even declined a bit since 1980. One of the big reasons we think is that there were fewer teen marriages in those lady years. Teen marriages, which we had an awful lot of early on, are most prone to divorce. Today the average American man marries at age 27, his average bride is 26. The experts say those extra years of making it to the finish line. We're a little older. Kerry is 35, husband to be, Jim, is 39. When you're older you do better understand who you are and what you want in life and when you have found that person who fills those gaps in your life

and completes you then you can go forward. Other factors in their favour - and statistics show that if they are well-off, it can only help. The divorce rate for these couples is significantly lower.

But watch out for those displays of affection.

The more they kiss, the more they hug, holding hands, the divorce lawyers will think there's another candidate - a future customer. Something else about divorce American-style. These days about two-thirds of all break-ups are initiated by women. Many of them are very angry. No surprise to Gilda. She's an advice columnist for

What has changed for women? Is it that they're working, they're making money, they are more independent? Two words. "Working woman". Suddenly women have buying power and tremendous capacity to be able to wheel and deal on their own. No longer are they dependent upon a man to bring home the bacon. Now if they want to go out and get something they will.

And that getting of something even moves into the arena or maybe a little partner on the side. Which brings us to yet another big change in Splitsville, USA, untying the knot can get very expensive and very ugly. It's one thing to get a really good gun. to get lots of ammo with that. It's another thing and when you have money to do something about it, that's what wars are made of. Not to mention good war stories. My favourite is Valentine's Day. Having the process server specifically told I want to make sure you get this to her on Valentine's Day and then if you really want to rub salt in,

they have them film it. Believe it or not. They have done that to where I want to be able to watch it, I want to be able to see it, the sound. I don't know that you can go any farther than that. But take heart. There may be a silver lining. getting divorced are hopeful - there are the kind of emotions injected there -

but they're hopeful.

They believe there is a better some place somewhere. And a little free advice for you to ponder. from 35 years of experience as a divorce lawyer is take your vows seriously and don't stop trying.

I would say follow your heart but get a good pre-nuptial agreement. Ahead, the Victorian racing official caught in a betting scandal. And Australian wicketkeeper Adam Gilchrist's home ground farewell.

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So, what are you waiting for? Join NIB today and claim straight away on: It's worth it! You've paid for it, why wait for it? Call 13 14 63 now. This program is captioned live. Adam Hawse with sport. Adam Gilchrist gets a Perth send-off. Australia take on Sri Lanka at the WACA today in game six of the one-day series last match on his home ground. and it will be Adam Gilchrist's Gilly to take his final curtain call

some of his best knocks. on a stage where he's played at his big-hitting best And he'll need to be during the week against India. after Sri Lanka found form fellow Western Australian Brad Hogg Coming into the Aussie side will be and all-rounder James Hopes. are Stuart Clark and Brad Haddin. Out of the side Meantime, fears continue to grow of the politically unstable Pakistan, over Australia's Test tour scheduled for next month.

There's no doubt at all there are some concerns. that in our dressing room

in a couple of weeks time, or maybe a week's time, to check things out so we'll know more about the state of Pakistan then. The result of Pakistan's elections on Monday could determine whether the tour goes ahead. More bad news for the West Coast Eagles. They've been given the results of an investigation into the club's culture.

of poor off-field behaviour, involving 13 different players. already tarnished, Its off-field image will do little yesterday's revelations of the Eagles. to improve the public perception An internal investigation revealing player links to underworld figures,

as well as drug and alcohol abuse. assaults In the period up to 2006 we had -

and processes holes in the support structures and behaviour. for managing player welfare A culture and risk-taking behaviour by the arrogant of the player leadership group. of some key members

and a betrayal of trust A club where there was a breakdown

and communication and the administrators on the board. Barnaba putting the acid back on the players to repair the club's shattered reputation, when outlining what now needs to happen.

A greater commitment amongst players to take more personal responsibility for their actions, and with that, greater empowerment among the player group

in sanctions and penalties for poor behaviour. The AFL will unveil the findings of its investigation into the Eagles next week. Roger Oldridge, Ten News. has survived a late charge Tottenham Hotspur Slavia Prague from Czech league leaders of their UEFA Cup last 32 tie. to win the first leg Spurs went ahead from the edge of the area when Dimitar Berbatov slammed home in the fourth minute, advantage on the half hour mark. before Robbie Keane doubled their were riding high after that one. You could say the Spurs from their keeper But an embarrassing blunder allowed the hosts to grab a late consolation goal.

It didn't matter though, Tottenham hanging on to win 2-1. Geoff Ogilvy is leading the Aussie contingent It didn't matter though, Tottenham hanging on to win 2-1. Geoff Ogilvy is leading the Aussie contingent after day one of the The former US Open winner is three shots off the pace after carding a 3 under par. Compatriot Aaron Baddeley is a further three strokes back at one under,

while world number Adam Scott is struggling at 2 over.

South Korean KJ Choy the man to catch - under after firing a bogey-free 65. he's one shot clear of the field at 6 will be a frustrated spectator Jana Rawlinson as the cream of Australian athletics competes in Sydney this week. Speaking at John Landy's luncheon she'll be a reluctant bystander Rawlinson admitted as she recovers from toe surgery. But she can rest easy on the Beijing Olympic team. because she's guaranteed a place

I love running. I'll be really jealous. It's what I was born to do. in this race To see all my competitors and me sitting on the sideline, it puts a real fire in my belly. Hopefully that's the way I'll think about it in the next few months to train. Headlining the international contingent - Olympic 400m champion Jeremy Wariner of the US. Now for all the week's highlights, and the occasional lowlight, here's the week in review.

Hi, folks. Welcome along to another edition of Plays of the Week. Again, great to have your company. Let's not waste any time. Sit back and relax and enjoy the Plays of the Week. The round ball features heavily in Plays of the Week.

victory at Old Trafford in 24 years. Manchester City with their first like a deer championships blow this thing and make it sound were on this week in Germany. breaking a rib after this effort. Last year's winner Back to the round ball game. And these players in Arsenal's win over Blackburn. of the Premier League table. Arsenal now clear on the top a frustrating night COMMENTATOR: He's had here. but he has finished off Blackburn about the A-League either. And we mustn't forget This goal sending the Mariners into their second Grand Final. It was a pearler. Back to the deer-calling championships. And Klaus, who also works at the circus as a sword-swallower, securing second place with this. Powell fell down some stairs at home and was forced to pull out of the Sydney Grand Prix meet. Nasty. Aussie swimmer's head to Beijing with new state-of-the-art swimsuits. Actually, sorry, that is not the right vision.

Can we just switch it? That is better. As I was saying, space-age cossies for our stars of the pool. Roofs. at the show We all love the dodgem cars are a lot harder to handle. but these little beauties surrounded by ice. A couple of Ironmen doing it tough Gee, it's cold. needed to nail this punt? Do you get the feeling he really to the deer-calling championships And finally back and this year's winner who sadly couldn't except his trophy

after suffering locked jaw At what stage do you think with my life? that's what I want to do when the morning news returns. The national weather details

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This program is captioned live. Residents in Mackay are being told to stay in their homes

of north Queensland overnight. after torrential rain flooded parts

for the worst flood on record The city is bracing as the heavy rain continues to fall. Tensions are still high on the streets of Dili after slain rebel leader Alfredo Reinado's funeral. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has touched down in East Timor to gain a first-hand briefing on the this week's attempted coup. Five people are dead after a gunman opened fire inside a Chicago university. He wounded at least 17 people before turning the weapon on himself. Protest ship the 'Steve Irwin'

is on its way back to the Southern Ocean. Its 32 crew members vowing to step up the fight against Japanese whaling.

Now national weather for the rest of the day:

up to date with all the news. That brings you for updates throughout the day Stay with Ten in Ten's news hour tonight. and the full details I'm Natarsha Belling, good morning. by Red Bee Media Australia. Supertext Captions