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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. a 42-year-old man charged Facing court - of a Melbourne solicitor. over the murder Under pressure -

to make a decision over his future. John Howard pushed And the power of thought - paralysed people move again. the implant that could help Ten News with Jacinta Hocking. Good morning. The Victorian man of a Melbourne solicitor charged with the murder he suffers a mental illness. has told a court The 43-year-old is accused three days ago of shooting dead the lawyer but says the charge is made up. was arrested last night John Thomas Glascott was charged with one count of murder. and following hours of questioning suburban lawyer David Robinson. The 42-year-old is accused of killing out of sessions hearing, In an early morning the murder charge as fictitious the accused described and a conspiracy. detectives were tipped off. It's believed Armed officers swooping on his unit last night. in Melbourne's north-western suburbs His car taken for forensic testing. The police four-wheel drive. a bit of shouting in the background. I see flashing lights and That all I heard. Mr Robinson on Monday night Mr Glascott is accused of shooting his son to photocopy university work. after he went to his office with was shot in the laneway The 56-year-old at the back of his law firm, collapsing dead metres away. In this morning's hearing the accused has a mental illness it was revealed since a suicide attempt in 1988. and has suffered brain damage he said he wasn't, adding: When asked if he was suicidal now he does suffer depression, but said: However, he conceded has been remanded in custody. Mr Glascott Mignon Henne, Ten News. Faheem Khalid Lodhi Convicted terrorist will have to wait another month what sentence he will have to serve to find out in Australia. for planning a terrorist attack this morning, He was due to be sentenced it would be adjourned but the judge announced recent amendments to the terror laws. so he could take into account caught the Sydney architect Three years ago, Federal Police either a defence force site with plans to bomb or the national electricity grid. Lodhi is the first person convicted on Australian soil. of plotting terror attacks

from his own party John Howard is under pressure into the next election. to commit to lead them Mr Howard admits of his MPs to stay he has the overwhelming support has pleaded for a handover soon. even though Treasurer Peter Costello

to make a decision within weeks John Howard's tipped to be keeping his options open. but appears by the will of one's peers In the end these things are decided of the parliamentary Liberal Party. and my peers are those men and women JOHN LAWS: Are you still ambitious? Oh, yes. he needs to declare his intentions. Even Mr Howard's supporters say Israeli troops have invaded Lebanon For the first time in six years by Hezbollah militants. following the capture of two soldiers their kidnapping as an act of war Israel's Prime Minister has described for immediate retaliation. and has called in a fairly dramatic way. Israel is going after Lebanon For the first time in six years the border into Lebanese territory. Israeli ground forces have crossed This is why.

ambushed this Israel jeep This morning Hezbollah on the border with Lebanon. and two more captured. Several soldiers were killed which took place this morning TRANSLATION: The murderous attack it was an act of war was not a terror attack against the state of Israel by the state of Lebanon within its sovereign territory. We are already responding. Hezbollah's supporters, Israel's words haven't put off in the Lebanese capital, Beirut. here celebrating to hold on to the captured soldiers Hezbollah has promised Lebanese prisoners. until Israel releases will return soldiers. TRANSLATION: No military operation except through one way - The prisoners will not be returned

and through trade. in direct negotiations to fire shells over the border. For now Israel continues are currently missing Israeli soldiers in both Lebanon and Gaza. on two fronts. The country now finds itself fighting Dramatic scenes in Perth overnight - when a car chase turned ugly. police forced to use their guns when a known stolen car The pursuit began held up a Perth petrol station. until it crashed on a nearby highway. Police followed the vehicle The offenders then left on foot, until one officer fired a shot. police following them I heard three loud bangs "Freeze, stop." and heard someone say, was taken to hospital One of the offenders after being bitten by a police dog. A Sydney teenager has been stabbed overnight. after leaving a dance party in Punchbowl about 11:00 The 17-year-old left the venue before he became involved in a fight. in the back and right arm He was stabbed several times with an unknown object. in hospital. He's in a stable condition they've discovered human remains Northern Territory police say was taken by a crocodile. close to where a young girl eight-year-old's body will continue However, the search for the is carried out. while forensic testing in northern Arnhem Land overnight Police made the discovery on the opposite side of the waterway

was attacked. from where the young girl with her family on Saturday night The eight-year-old had been fishing from the river's edge. and was last seen collecting water is responsible. It's believed a saltwater crocodile two reptiles capable of the attack. Parks and wildlife destroying on the Government to cull numbers. The girl's family calling

will resume this morning The search for the body begins in Darwin while forensic testing are in fact human. to determine if the remains how long it will take. Police aren't sure

Kate Donnison, Ten News. may be brought in Foreign truck drivers and farmhands to plug national labour shortages. The Federal Government is considering overhauling the guest-worker program. This would allow semi-skilled workers to come to Australia, many of them to work on the land. The Opposition is concerned such a program may take jobs away from Australian workers. Queenslanders are counting the cost of Dr Jayant Patel's deadly tenure. The State's health department confirming taxpayers have paid more than $2 million for follow-up surgery, with almost 500 former patients requiring further treatment. The disgraced surgeon is yet to be extradited from the US to face at least 28 criminal charges, including four counts of manslaughter. ABC boss Mark Scott will meet staff at the broadcaster's Brisbane studios today to discuss cancer concerns.

About 90 staff members walked off the job last Friday

after another woman was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Employees claim it's the 12th case in 11 years and they're calling for the studio to be relocated.

A Queensland Health study has ruled out any link between the cancers and the building site. Coming up after the break, forensics in Mumbai discover how yesterday's terror attacks were carried out. And the implant that will bring hope to paralysed people around the world. My world vision is that no child should have to go hungry. Every child should have a chance at happiness. living in desperate poverty. That's why, by the end of August, we need 10,000 sponsors to help 10,000 children in urgent need. We went out and sponsored and the feeling has been enormous. couldn't have been easier. They gave me a range of options, including country, age, whether I wanted a boy or a girl. But I left that up to World Vision. I wanted to be surprised. I just rang the number We decided to sponsor a child through World Vision but the community, and that was important to us. The price you pay is nothing compared to what you feel inside. If you've ever thought about sponsoring a child, Sponsor online at or call 13 32 40 now.

Nose blocked from a cold or flu? Keep your Lemsip Max With Decongestant Capsules handy when you're out. Lemsip Capsules, with the added power of a decongestant. This program is captioned live. Mumbai is slowly coming to terms with yesterday's terrorist attack which killed more than 200 people. Forensic teams working on the train wreckage say the explosions were most likely detonated using timers. This is Mumbai today - a resilient city.

Commuters riding the trains through the very stations that were bombed yesterday.

Passengers looked down at the sandals and the pieces of clothing, the only remaining traces of seven bombings that cost 200 lives. There was blood all over. It made me feel nervous. Thank God at least I was saved. The seven bombed carriages have been taken to a siding for forensic examination. That type of powerful explosive has increased the suspicion that Islamic militants who oppose Indian rule in Kashmir were behind the bombings but officials are being cautious. Outside the hospitals family searched for the missing. A few held up photos. Some relatives scanned the list of the dead and injured and some discovered what they feared most. Some of the dead have been cremated.

This man lost his only son. He was 38 years old. And left behind a wife and 10-year-old boy. His father was devastated. I want my son. I can't stay without him. All over Mumbai tonight there are scenes like this -

the aftermath of a deadly attack on the city's commuters. More than 25,000 protesters have clashed with riot police

in South Korea. The demonstration turned violent when police obstructed a main thoroughfare into Seoul's main square. When farmers and students used bamboo sticks to try and break the blockade, police fought back with water cannon. The mass protest was over a proposed free trade agreement with the US. Bushfires are raging across California. More than 30 homes have been destroyed and thousands of people evacuated. Lightning strikes sparked the fires which are burning out of control. Suddenly the wind turned the fire and you're inhaling smoke and fire and you can't even describe it and the air turned to flame. In their path, the historic pioneer town where dozens of classic western movies were filmed. The homes and buildings that were once props now smouldering rubble. Ranchers were unable to save their property but they did get their stock to safety. Time to take 'em out of here. Fire is just over the hill. We could feel the heat from it already. More than 2,500 firefighters are battling the blaze with helicopters and planes attacking it from the air. These are people's homes. This is their life, this is where they live. A lot of our firefighters on this fire live here as well. With temperatures soaring above 40 degrees and more strong winds on the way, firefighters and locals are fearing the worst. At least 1,500 homes are under threat and hundreds of people are waiting out the disaster in shelters. In California, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. A medical breakthrough is heralding new hope for paralysed people around the world -

surgeons creating a brain implant

that can turn the power of thought into actions. Here's Matt during the trial. He has a robotic arm in his lap connected to his brain via a computer. He's making the hand open and close purely by thinking about it. MAN: Now close it. MATT: Now I'm closing. You can hear him speak the commands, but it's his brain controlling the hand. Close. Not bad, man. Not bad at all. The sensors are picking up the activity of neurones.

It's the language of the brain, like a form of morse code. The signals are sent down a wire to a computer, where they're decoded and turned into instructions, controlling the cursor on a screen. The patient can turn the lights off or on. So what's it like?

I can't put it into words. I use my brain... I just thought it. I said, "Cursor, go up to the top right," and it did. And now I can control it all over the screen. It's wild.

This is where the device was screwed into Matt's skull and connected to a computer. So what else did he use it for? Going to open the first email, which is congrats. It says, "You are doing a great job." And here, trying to draw a circle just by thinking about it. That's the best circle I can do. And now switching on the TV. That's channel down. Now I'm going to channel up. There's channel up. It'll be years before the device is widely available, but the director of the research program believes this is a major breakthrough. Ahead, French soccer star Zinedine Zidane talks about that headbutt for the first time, that's when ten's morning news returns. And we'll update the Aussie charge as the Tour de France starts its gruelling mountain stages. This program is captioned live. In finance news, the Australian share market is trading in negative territory. Zinedine Zidane has made a very public apology for that headbutt in the World Cup final. It comes as Football Australia asks FIFA to explain the Socceroos' latest surprising world ranking. Socceroos receiving the star treatment at home, We apologise for the break in caption transmission. Zidane said the defender insulted him. I tried to walk away and he repeated the insult. I apologise. FIFA is investigating his conduct. In AFL, the Kangaroos are set to announce later today that they'll play three home games out of the Gold Coast from next season. The new deal will mean the club will abandon Canberra as their home away from home. Desperate for the game's movement on to the Gold Coast the AFL is set to bankroll the Kangaroos' move north. The cash-strapped Melbourne club will receive as much as $500,000 for each of the three matches they play at Carrara from 2007. The Roos will announce the move this afternoon. The deal now opens the door for other Melbourne-based clubs to negotiate playing some of their home games

at Manuka Oval in Canberra. The premiers last night made their way west for their grand final re-match against the Eagles. But they've travelled minus veteran Paul Williams who today announces his official retirement. I think most of the players were shocked they expected Willo to play over the next eight weeks as the coaching staff did. But, look, it's something we can't do anything about. He's got to have an operation. Hopefully, for the players it's a bit of a reminder of how quickly it can finish. West Coast will lose suspended midfielder Daniel Kerr for Saturday night's blockbuster. But won't be out for redemption against their September nemesis. We'd love to win and get four points his week. It's not about getting one over anyone. Tim Hodges, Ten News. Rugby league and Canberra Raiders skipper Clinton Schifcofske has been keeping everyone guessing all week but today could be the day he makes the jump to rugby union. In other moves, off-contract Bulldog Nate Myles will meet with new NRL side the Gold Coast Titans this weekend after already having talks with Melbourne but he insists his focus is still with the Bulldogs. It' a bit of a spin-out but I suppose it's great to be noticed. Then again, my main focus is to take out the premiership with the Bulldogs this year and I suppose it's a big decision deciding my future but my main focus is on the Bulldogs at the moment. The Dogs play the St George Illawarra Dragons in this weekend's match of the round. The Boomers have drawn first blood in a 4-game basketball series against New Zealand, winning game one 81-79 in extra time. The NBL's most valuable player, Chris Anstey, top scored with 24 points, overshadowing Andrew Bogut's return to Australian colours, Regular time went down to the wire. Kiwi guard Mark Dickel hit a three-pointer on the buzzer... lock the scores at 67 apiece. But the visitors steadied to take the win. Game two will also be in New Zealand

before the series shifts to Hobart and Melbourne for the final two games next week. Australian cyclist Robbie McEwen has hung onto the green sprinters jersey after a gruelling stage 10 of the Tour de France. The first of two climbing days in the Pyrenees spectacular and challenging as ever. But as they headed into the mountain mist the climbers came into their own. Some surprising support for Australian Michael Rogers, who's slipped to sixth. Frenchman Cyril Dessel and Juan Miguel Mercado kept pace with each other throughout the race. The Spaniard winning on the line but Dessel claiming the leader's yellow jersey. Next in Ten News, a look at the weather around the nation. This program is captioned live. Now for a look at the national weather: And for a look at the snow fields across the country we're joined by Madeleine Hubbard in Thredbo. Morning, Madeleine. Glorious sunshine there, but has there been much fresh snow. Hi, Jacinta. Well, yes, there has. It's another beautiful blue sky day in the mountains but we had about 15cm of fresh stuff blanket the upper slopes on Tuesday and yesterday morning. Because it was quite cold overnight the firm cover has retained a nice dry upper layer and the snow-makers at all the resorts were able to make lots of fresh stuff. Looking at the NSW resorts: Fine conditions are expected for tomorrow then the snow should make a return on Saturday falling on the upper slopes. A top-up we're happy to have. See you soon. That brings you up to date with all the news. Stay with Ten for updates throughout the day

and the full details in Ten's news hour tonight.

I'm Jacinta Hocking. Good morning. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.