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Tonight, the convicted terrorists:

Five men found guilty of planning

an explosive attack on Australia. I

don't think it will stop terrorism.

Fire-fighting reinforcements said

from Sydney as the north coast blaze spreads.

A baby somehow survives falling in

front of a train.

Ban the boy feared lost in a

runaway balloon found hiding at

home. I was in the attic. Also, Refugees stopped from entering

Australia stage a hunger strike.

And Andre Rieu entertains Sydney

with a little help from his friends.

First, five men have been convicted

of planning an explosive terror

attack on Australia. The country's

longest terrorism trial heard the

men stockpiled weapons and

chemicals to take revenge over the

wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. With

for five now facing life in jail,

outside court. the trial has ended in violence

Waving to the cameras, the five

convicted terrorists were led away

under the strictest security.

Outside court, their supporters

swung punches and spewed foul

language. I make of this verdict

that it was an unfair trial.

Because he has done nothing wrong.

It was Australia's biggest ever

terrorism trial. Abdul Rakib Hasan,

Mohammed Omar Jamal, Mohamed Ali

Elomar and Moustafa Cheikho, all

found guilty of conspiring to

commit an act or acts in

preparation for a terrorist act.

After 10 months of evidence, the

jury found that, between July 2004

and November 2005, the five devout

Muslims plotted to carry out a

violent Jihadist fact. They

stockpiled weapons and 38,000

rounds of ammunition as well as the

same chemicals used in the London

bombings and extremist literature.

They also attended training camps

in Australia and Pakistan. The

planned attack was in retaliation

for the wars in Iraq and

Afghanistan and it can now be

reported that there were four

colour cues that pleaded guilty to

related charges. If they think this

will stop terrorism, I don't think

it will. It will increase the

threat. Because the people overseas,

when they see this... Throughout

the trial, the men maintained their

innocence. Their lawyers labelled

the case propagandist.

The verdict ends more than five

years of hard work for investigators. They prepared evidence and compiled documents

filling millions of pages after

taking the terrorists into custody.

The raids came before dawn on a wet

November morning in 2005. Police

brought all their cavalry, 400

officers, choppers, robots, even a

thermal imaging camera, to find one

of the eight men arrested. It was

the culmination of 16 months' secret surveillance by detectives.

Today they got the result they were Today they got the result they were

hoping for. The jury has a long and

difficult case to examine and we

thank them for their diligence. The

detectives' workload was massive.

Australia had not seen a workload

this big. The data was enough to

fill 900 million pages. Statements

were made from more than 2000

witnesses. It cost the police

horribly expensive operations to almost $40 million. These are

run, but the better question is,

not how much it cost us, but how

much it could have cost us if we much it could have cost us if we

didn't get the result we got today.

Unprecedented security surrounded

the eventual start of proceedings,

the men transported in a tightly

guarded convoy. Outside court,

police were on patrol, so conduct

from their regular duties. So

important was security that not one

court building in the state was

deemed appropriate a house this

trial, so the State Government

spent hundreds of millions of

dollars on an entirely new complex dollars on an entirely new complex

which has played home to this case

for the best part of a year.

Described by Morris Iemma as the

Fort Knox of Australian courts, it

was equipped with the purpose built

dock. 180 days of evidence was

heard before the jury retired to consider its verdict.

In a tragic breakthrough, bones

found English land at North Head

have been confirmed as the remains

of 23-year-old Mellony Menhennitt.

Her parents has asked for anyone

with information to come forward.

She was last seen in Manly in March

2004. She was the -- a beautiful

girl. Just to lose her like that...

It was heart-wrenching. There

remains were found last month in a remains were found last month ) remains were found last month in a

shallow grave in dense bushland in

Sydney Harbour National Park.

Almost $2 million worth of narrow

one has been seized in police raids

on two Central Coast homes. --

marriage one. Four men have been

charged including two students and

an employee of Star City casino.

The casino had suspicions about

this individual's activities and we

acted on that information. It

included 300 cannabis plants.

An act of sheer desperation from

the Sri Lankan asylum seekers

prevented from entering Australia.

They have gone on a hunger strike,

desperate to find a new home.

At the centre of a multinational

row, these, more than 250 Sri

Lankan asylum seekers, remain on a

boat to know where. Refusing to get

off, claiming to be on hunger

strike and appealing still to Kevin

Rudd for sanctuary. The humanity of

all the people on the ship... But

Sri Lankan officials say the

spokesman doesn't have a Sri Lankan

accent. They believe he has lived

outside the country for many years. outside the country for many years.

Whatever the truth, Malcolm

Turnbull says the appeals are

heartbreaking. Please help us and

save our lives. Please think of us.

But it is the Rudd Government, he

says, that has reopened the people

smuggler trade. This is a

comprehensive failure in policy.

Warren Truss went further, blaming

Labor for at least 25 asylum

seekers' deaths as they attempted

the journey, a claim that outraged

the government. Warren Truss has the government. Warren Truss has

made a very vile allegation against

the government. With so much heat,

at least one former player was not

buying into it. I don't want to

talk about current politics. Sri

Lanka itself has rejected the

asylum seekers' tales of torture

and rape. The High Commissioner

told me they would be perfectly

safe to go back home. The

protection of these is being

granted to Tamils who made it here

different view. suggest the authorities take a

An experimental balloon racing

across the sky has sparked one of America's most bizarre surges.

Authorities believed a little boy

was trapped inside and feared he

had fallen out. It took them hours

to find out what really happened

and now he says it was all for show.

Back in plain sight - this little

Falcon is firmly grounded. Hiding

in a box while an extraordinary

surge played out that captivated

Americans for most of the day.

Media helicopters tracked his

father's experimental helium

balloon across Colorado after

reports the 6-year-old had crawled

inside and floated away. Almost two

hours later... It just touched the

ground. But no Falcon. Frantic

searches fearing he had fallen from

the sky. But while the sheriff the sky. But while the sheriff

briefed the media, word came

Balcombe was alive, hiding after he

was yelled that for going near the

balloon in the first place. --

Falcon. I'm really sorry I yelled

at him. I was scared that he yelled

at me. Falcon told his oldest

brother he was sneaking inside the

silver saucer in the backyard,

leaving Brad to tell the tale while

he camped upstairs. But his parents

are not averse to the attention - a

storm chasing family who have had storm chasing family who have had

two stents on a reality TV show.

They believe a family should live a

life of fun and adventure... My

parents are not very strict. Today

reality hit in a big way. This is a

relief. They deny it is a stump or

a hoax, saying they checked the

house twice. Police will talk to

the sheepish brothers, who now no

clear to Steer clear of their clear to Steer clear of their

parents' experiments. parents' experiments.

Keep away from the attic as well!

No surprises regarding the pace- No surprises regarding the pace-

setter today. Valentino Rossi, the

fastest during practice for the fastest during practice for the

Australian MotoGP. The next

quickest was Casey Stoner. Not as

good for Niccoli Canepa, who was

admitted to hospital after this

crush. We will have a full version

later in the sport. Also, is Darren

Lockyer packing his bag for his final showing?

And we chat to the only female

jockey in tomorrow's racing, and we

catch up with the Blues ahead of

their match in Hyderabad. Still to

come, fear the Sydney Metro is already billions over-budget.

Plus, a car full of teenagers slaps

a power poll in two.

And the gloves are wrong - and meet

the one and pulling no punches

another boxing ban has ended. # I'm too lost in you Baby, baby, baby! Um, this is my mum and my dad, Hey, girls. Carol-Anne, come meet Colin.

This program is captioned live.

Reinforcements are arriving in

northern NSW tonight to help adults

three bushfires. Assistant

Commissioner on rock Rogers joins

us now. There are fire France,

several of them, at the moment but

there is one that is causing the

most trouble. That fire has can see

in some 3008 days. It jumped

container nights last night and

today. They are fighting to keep

the smile as small as possible and

planning strategies to contain it.

Her reinforcements are heading to

help out, is it the conditions that

is causing it to be is so

difficult? It has been very dry. In

that region we had been fighting

fires since August. The crews are

getting tired and we need some help.

We have additional aircraft and the

next couple of days we hope to get

a containment of this fire. What is

the outlook for the weekend? The

outlook is for call temperatures

and calm at Windsor. Indications

are around Tuesday next week, or we

will return to north-westerly

conditions and the temperatures

will warm up. We want to contain

the virus before that.

The State Government has denied the

controversial Sydney metro project

will lower its budget by $2 million.

The Premier says he is committed to

building the line whether the

voters wanted or not. Touring the

Dragons home ground, at Nathan Rees

tackled claims have yet another

budget blow-out head on. We stand

by our figures. He was again forced

to defend his Sydney Metro project.

There are claims that that the cost

of twice tunnelling under it Sydney Harbour has been grossly

underestimated. It could swell from

five to $7 billion. Which believed

the figures aren't robust. We are

sticking to this contingency. All

of the advice to me is that we had

no need to ask for more money. The

three shortlisted constructed

consortia deny the proposed tunnels

are too narrow and will cost more

than a three per -- $5.3 billion.

We remain confident that the work

we have done. The Opposition is not convinced, they describe the

concept as the worst public transport decision in NSW history.

This is $1,000,000.80 of taxpayers'

money. This assertion that the

Government will continue tunnelling

from February next year. A 20-year-

old man has died after being hit by

a taxi in Sydney's inner west. It

happened around three this morning

on Stanmore Road. A taxi was

travelling towards the city, just

any mercy St a male person ran onto

the road and collided with the taxi.

He died an hour after being taken

to the hospital. The taxi driver is

being treated for shock. An L-plate

and his three passengers have

escaped with minor injuries after

their Golf snapped a power pole in

two Whitney Manly last night.

Police allege he was driving

without supervision. They are

awaiting results of a blood test.

Female boxers have hit back over

medical claims that that the sport

is more than a threat to their

health. Doctors are warning they

could be danger involving unknown

pregnancies. High up until now,

Kate Scott had kept silent,

preferring to let her glass to all

the talking as criticism mounted

against women's boxing. B25 year-

old, along with teenage opponent

Ramona Stephenson, made history

last week in the first legal boxing

match between women in almost 25

years. The addition of the women's

program to the next Olympics as the

hot topic of debate. The Australian

Medical Association is unimpressed.

There is a greater risk to women.

There is evidence that their

muscular physique is less. I do not

see why they should be a difference

between the sexes. They should be

equal opportunity. While the AMA a

insisted is not a generous share,

or female exponents have hit back.

I begin the 24th -- 21st century

and with all the to protective gear

that we years. We had headier,

mouth guards, crying ghats and for

all medical checks before each game.

We are worried about blows to the

had been rewarded. We worry about

abdominal injuries and we also

worry about the unknown pregnancy.

Far from being faced by all the

controversies surrounding women's

boxing, a week after her first bout

Kaye has kept busy preparing for

her next fight. It comes up this

weekend. It is that the NSW titles

were several other at young women

will follow in her footsteps. Tim

Bailey continues to make us jealous

of his tour around the state. Some

wonderful whether to go with the

location today? The welcome to

North's Rothbury all stop this is

one of the newest vineyards in the

Hunter Valley. It is beautiful.

That is a word you could use for That is a word you could use f/ That is a word you could use for

the way up. It was 21 degrees in

Sydney. What about a pall of cold

air that mood across NSW. It was to

allow in Sydney last night, or if

and in Penrith five below. What is

happening tomorrow at? It will be a

half half weekend. Here is your half half weekend. Here is your weather photograph.

This woman says her Sunrise is

gorgeous stuff. She weans.

If you would like to win, send us

at your photographs. Later, they at your photographs. Later, they

are the younger spines indeed

Hunter looking after the Younger's.

Next, or the competition watchdog Next, or the competition watchdog

shuts down a discount petrol scheme.

A baby it survives being hit by a

train. A night on the town for

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This program is captioned live.

We could be seeing the last gasp of

school holidays weekend activity.

It is very busy north out of Sydney

tonight. We are putting that down

to, before the kids return next

week, getting away for a couple of

days. Live pictures with this

traffic barely moving, and the news

is that the traffic extends back

onto the Pacific Highway. We have

had worked north of Dos and that it

is better into Newcastle, but that

situation could change in the next

30 minutes. Another live update

5:50pm. The security video has been

released of the moment a baby in

his pram rolled off a performance

of the part of the train. The train

driver has been praised for his quick-thinking, which probably quick-thinking, which probably

helped to save the child's life.

It was a lapse in attention for

just a moment. And it almost ended

in tragedy. The 6-year-old boy's

mother was helpless as her son

disappeared beneath the train. It

appears the mother let go of the

pram to pull up her trousers. By

the time she realised it was

rolling, it had tipped over the

edge, the frantic mother almost

going under the trained herself as

she tried to reach her son. The

train driver hit the emergency

break but was still travelling at

30 km/h. Incredibly the baby

suffered only minor injuries and

was released from the Royal

Children's Hospital with ours. A

father himself, the driver has been

praised for his quick actions. Very

heroic. From my understanding, he

has applied everything possible. It

was a very traumatising experience.

We commend his actions in

responding quickly, a prying the --

and applying the brakes. Transport

Police has dismissed the suggestion

there is need for more vigilance on

platforms. The truth is we have

near misses every day and commuters

need to remember that. Most crimes

are fitted with brakes, so we ask

that people are mindful to apply

the brakes. Something to baby's

mother is certain to do from now on.

Pakistan has been rocked by a

series of gun and bomb attacks.

Gunmen in love for targeted heavily

armed police. The killing spree

left at least 40 people dead. Some

of the attackers were reportedly

women and teenage boys. -- Lahore.

The Taliban has claimed

responsibility for the bloodshed

which were rulers are calling a civil war.

Now for the ING Direct finance

report. It was meant to begin today

but the latest discount fuel offer has been canned.

Coles' offer to save big to spend

it has been canned. It allows

shoppers to earn discounts of 40

cents a litre by spending $300 in

Coles supermarkets. Now they say

the offer could be anti-competitive

in the long-term.

That is the finance news for this week.

Prince Frederik spent some time on

lump last night as the guest of

honour at the Masters ball, but the

sailing enthusiast spoke too soon

when summing up his ability to when summing up his ability to

negotiate Sydney Harbour's choppy

waters. I stayed above water today!

Contrary to others, who had a dip.

He was given another royal bunking

this afternoon after his dinghy

capsized in the windy weather. It

was his second and scheduled swim

in three days. The prince is

competing in the over 35s' taser class.

The Prime Minister admits slapping his kids.

Also, John Howard goes public with

his hearing problems. I was accused

of not listening. Bank Andre Rieu

entertains Sydney with a little

help from his friends. MAN AND WOMAN: (SING) # From little things # Big things grow... # VOICEOVER: For anyone in construction and building, Cbus is your Industry SuperFund. To find out more, visit to have taken home more major awards in the last 12 months than any other large car? with 18-inch alloys, bluetooth, and leather-detailed seats from $36,490 drive-away?

This program is captioned live.

On Meet The Press: the opposition

Wong. meets climate change minister penny

The headlines: Five men have been

convicted of planning an explosive

terror attack or Australia. They

stockpiled weapons and chemicals to stockpiled weapons and chemicals to

take revenge over the wars in Iraq

and Afghanistan. The men could be jailed for life.

The young boy has sparked a bizarre

search in the US. Authorities

feared he was trapped in a runaway

balloon that took off from his

parents' home. It turned out he was

hiding in the attic.

And reinforcements have been sent

from Sydney to fight bushfires on

the north coast. Three fires are

burning at Crofton.

Meanwhile, a state of emergency has

been declared at the Gold Coast

where firefighters are fighting a where firefighters are fighting a

huge bushfire which threatens

around 60 properties. Some around 60 properties. Some

residents are using garden hoses

and buckets to try to douse the

flames. Others have evacuated and

fled. I need to get out of here

before it gets in the house. Power

has been cut to more than 1,000

homes and several major roads have

been closed. Firefighters are using

helicopters to water bomb the area.

The Prime Minister has admitted he The Prime Minister has admitted he

slapped his children when they were

young. But Kevin Rudd says the only

ever used his hand and never hit

his children in anger. The rule

that has been applied ever since

they were tots were, if they did

something dangerous, they will get

a whack across the knuckles. Did it

work? They are still with us! The

admission comes after a Melbourne

mother was this week threatened

with assault charges for slapping

her daughter with a wooden spoon.

John Howard has gone public about

his hearing problems. He has

revealed a lifelong struggle with

role. the impairment to explain his new

speaking openly about the This was the first for John Howard,

impairment he has coped with most

of his life. I was discovered with

a bad hearing deficiency at primary

school when I was about nine. I

limped along with it, but it packed

up badly when I went to university.

In his first public role since

leaving politics, the new

ambassador for the Deaf Forum shed

his personal battle. As I got older,

it continued to deteriorate. For

the last 15 to 20 years I have been

wearing these tiny hearing aids.

Even as Prime Minister, few new

outside politics. I was accused in

my political life of not listening!

Today they were as he helped to

launch Cap Tel, a new system which

allows the hearing-impaired to talk

on the phone. Michael Lockrey

called his son. A very happy day. A

lot of people think that he doesn't

get it. That is hard. So today is a

really good day. Around 3 million

Australians are hearing impaired

and, with our ageing population,

that figure is growing rapidly. I

think it is really exciting new

technology which will bring a lot

of happiness. 200 people are taking

part in the 2-year trial.

A promising opening day for Casey A promising opening day for Casey

Stoner at Phillip Island. He has

won the last two there, and he was

second quickest this afternoon. The

pace-setter - guess who? -

Valentino Rossi. The very happy

doctor checked in and he was the

man to catch.

Plus, the New Zealand daffodil

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This program is captioned live.

Casey Stoner has clocked the second

quickest time during practice for the Australian motorcycle from

breed. Championship leader at

Valentino Rossi was the fastest.

There was always going to be

something to celebrate today for

Casey Stoner. COMMENTATOR: happy Casey Stoner. COMMENTATOR: happy

birthday Casey Stoner. Having just

returned to competition two weeks

ago in Portugal after suffering a

mystery Elton's COMMENTATOR: who he

showed it his chances in the third

consecutive at the of Ireland win. consecutive at the of Ireland win.

Trying to conserve energy, he was

on his bike for 22 laps but managed

to clock the second-best time. The

man known as 'the Doctor' or was at

his clinical best, Valentino Rossi

showing the form that helped him

win five consecutive Australian

Grand Prix sees her on his way to

their days have passed this time.

Hope won 100 of a second faster

than Stanhope. COMMENTATOR: This is

a great way for him to start. While a great way for him to start. While

Stoner was happy with his

performance it wasn't great for her

Philippa Kennedy. He injured his Philippa Kennedy. He injured his

elbow in a fall. With three races

remaining in the championship haul

he relents -- Lorenzo will need to do better than this.

Tomorrow's qualifying coverage

begins at 1pm. History awaits

Darren Lockyer during the upcoming

four-nation. Speculation is that

this tour will be his last. His

team-mates hope that is otherwise.

All about the bus bound for Sydney airport and headed to Heathrow.

This was after a training camp

described by the players as a

punishment. We will be happy to get

out. So and we have got to the camp,

the training has been hard. A

debutants are making the tour.

There is a to fair splash of

experience, including a Darren

Lockyer. In the next Test he will

become the most capped Kangaroo of

all time. Individual achievements

are something to reflect on in the

off-season. How Lockyer also

becomes the most Test as captain.

His team-mates describe him as

invaluable. He is the most

important in their team. Earlier,

the Indigenous players eligible for

the All-Stars match was announced. the All-Stars match was announced.

There are eagerly awaiting it. It

will be equal honours to play for

your country. A lot of the

Indigenous Boys are plain for had

not only their club but their

families and people back home. The

NSW blows are preparing for a

change in pitch conditions for

tomorrow morning's Champions League

clash against Trinidad & Tobago.

After two wins on a daily wicket,

at Bay base the Indians on a far

quicker Hydra bad kit. I know being

a wicket-keeper keeper would be

nice to get a above the ankles or

ones. Bath a its NSW and Trinidad &

Tobago remain undefeated in this year's tournament.

International contenders Kirklees

and Cima de Triomphe add a taking

all the headlines for tomorrow's

Caulfield Cup. Their trainer is

hoping for some Spring join with the appropriately named Daffodil.

Kevin Gray has been training

thoroughbreds for more than 40

years. His history with losses

reaches far beyond that. I was born

on a pony. I read them to school. I

do not know anything else, it has

been my life. A Stockman with a

classy met that is one of the

favourites for tomorrow's Caulfield

Cup. He believes his AJC Oaks

winner Daffodil will challenge the

Europeans. I never thought and I

would have a horse good enough to

run in the Caulfield Cup, let alone

be one of the better chances. RB

she will be more than competitive.

The fact that Daffodil is lining up

in tomorrow's Group One race is a

blessing in itself. If they used to

go up her mum a Spring shattered a

fetlock bone in New Zealand. The

Betts worked overnight to save her

life. The immediate reaction was to

put her down. At 72, you would

expect him to be the oldest trainer

in tomorrow's race. That honour in tomorrow's race. That honour

belongs to Bart Cummings. I do not

intend to catch his record. The

trainer is her chasing his seven

4th - make Caulfield Cup. He has

allay one day in May, it with a

Michelle Payne plane to be the

first female winner of the race. It

would be fabulous. It would be a

would be fabulous. It would be a

dream for a great to, who hopes

that the deal is in full blown to

Moran a do-nothing I would be able

to explain, it would be a great thrill.

Basil Sellers is one of Australia's

most successful businessman and one

of its most generous. Fortunately

for cricket and AFL football,

particularly the Sydney Swans, they

had been the benefactors. Basil

Sellers is leaving his mark in a

lot of places but nowhere more than

in the SCG. Wherever you go you

cannot help but ran into someone

because of basil. The statues greet

you at the entrance, and there is

the demons of if fees regarding the

cricket club rackets. I could see

his demonic gaze, his hair all over

the place and him to throw a lethal

bouncer at me. I thought that would

be fabulous around the Sydney

Cricket Ground. The beautiful thing

about this got as it protect his it

marries the two things he loves,

art and sport. We had a democratic

committee of just two to choose a

who gets cast in bronze. We decided

because it was the cricket ground,

the majority would have to be

cricket. Be as it is AFL, it will

be by a vibrant discussion. Can

Paul Rose says he knows how to keep

one when he was honoured in August.

The sculptures around the SCG are

the beginning of basil Sellers

contribution to this part of the

world. If you ever visit the

offices of the Swan, you do not up

to have to look far to see where

his first love in sport lies. He is

not just a person being a good

footballer, he wants someone to

come into this club and be educated

and go out a better person. Later

on Sports Tonight on ONE, we will

clash against have the highlight over the East

The United. It would not be a

Friday afternoon with out bad

traffic. Heavy traffic heading

north and south. As you can see

from the pictures, but there is

heavy traffic towards Engelbert and

closed. St Andrew's. Cabin road could be

Apologies for the break up in at

reception, there is just heavy

traffic in north and south of

Sydney. Tim Bailey after the break.

Andre Rieu on as a game. They look cute, things that cause plaque. but they're really nasty little (GRUNTS) This is what they're doing. Dentists recommend chewing Extra Sugarfree Gum after eating and drinking. Let's see how they like this. (ALL SHOUT IN FEAR) Pretty conclusive, really.

We are going to check on the

weather with Tim Bailey of. His

tour is almost a week - make over

but he is settling in it at the

weekend and a beautiful spot. This

is the hunter, a North rock brief.

You are looking at the youngest

Great find in the Hunter Valley.

This is a good fit for a charity.

The UN is grape vines in the Hunter

Valley are teaming up with those

who look after the young lives in

our communities. Put your hands

together for this special lady. She

is the C E a love child flight.

There is a reasonable we give you a

hand because it is a great service.

Kids like this have tales to tell.

They were in a boating accident.

This boy got a badly Buster and

liver and spleen, a nurse had to

swim across to the boat and pull

him out. This little girl had bad

bruising on the brain. They got

them to cost that hospital and this

is where you came in. We rushed up

with the helicopter in Sydney and

took the boy and then came back and

got his sister. We are having a

huge a fundraiser for Telstra up

child-bride. How much money do they

need to keep this up? The need $5

million. Her many flights to do a

year? Also wanted three flights a

year. And this place is opening up

their cellar door on 28th November.

We are doing chops for choppers. We

are hoping to raise $10,000. You

invite them. We want everyone in

their home and workplace to had a

big barbecue for us, at any time

during the summer that they want to

have a barbecue. That way weekend

raise money to save a kids' lives.

Well done it you too, good to see

you up and about. Also this little

boy, was saved by this helicopter.

We are doing good things for good

people. Young vines, a young lives.

It is the weekend, what about the

blue sky? The cold air it meant blue sky? The cold air it meant

that Sydney was to below average

overnight. Perrett was five alone.

What have we got coming week and

Wise, a sunny day tomorrow. Lab

will increase. Sunday - a clearing a shower and blue skies.

Cloud been driven over the South

East and cool south westerlies are

bringing showers and Alpine snow. A

high it will age eased tomorrow.

Winners will ease and showers will

clear in the South East. Isolated

showers and a chance of thunder in

the exposed parts of the NSW coast.

Let's raise some money thought child plight.

It is Friday and I am in the Hunter

Valley. It must be the weekend. Had

a good one. Finally - there was an a good one. Finally - there was an

extra thrill for Andre Rieu friends

in Sydney last night. They were

treated to a special guest

performances by a king and a game.

Andre Rieu knows how to make a

grand entrance and more than 14,000

fans were thrilled to see him. Once

the ball was out of the way, Riyait

paid tribute to Michael Jackson

with a rendition of the end. --

'Ben' he recorded one of his

greatest fans, Sydney radio star greatest fans, Sydney radio star

Alan Jones, with a special

invitation to perform with him on

stage. There was it a very special

guest he got to make her great

entrance. Do aim Edna!. Day and a

no dazzling in a beautiful red down no dazzling in a beautiful red down

or stop so I I am late. But didn't

he filled in a beautifully. She

also reveal the pair had some big

news. We are engaged to be married.

This means Rio could be spending a

lot more time in Australia. (SINGS)

# I still call Australia home #.

His orchestra will tour around the

country in the next two months.

Dame Edna is always on note. That

is the news. Thank you for joining

us. Enjoy the weekend. Supertext

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