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Tonight, the death of a medical

legend. Patients pay tribute to

cancer surgeon Chris O'Brien. A

compassionate. very down to earth man, very

Sent packing - cricket's Andrew

Symonds axed from the Australia

squad. As his friend and a great

disappointed for Andrew. mate, obviously I'm very

And a couple who shunned medical

guilty of manslaughter. treatment for their daughter found

Good evening, I'm Bill Woods. Also,

the bizarre incident involving a Sydney soapie star. Sydney soapie star.

And crushed cars finally removed

from their eastern suburbs grave.

Australia is mourning the loss of

one of the country's most gifted

doctors. Cancer expert Chris

O'Brien passed away last night

after a 3-year battle with brain

cancer. He was well known for his cancer. He was well known for his

work on a TV reality show, and used work on a TV reality show, and used

his own experience as a patient to

cancer victims. ensure better treatment for all

Professor Chris O'Brien - world renowned surgeon, medical pioneer,

loving husband and father. The face

of the reality TV series 'RPA'

devoted his life to treating and

researching head and neck cancer. researching head and neck cancer.

But it was his extraordinary

ability to connect with patients

that made him so special. He combined that enormous technical ability with incredible humanity, incredible compassion for his

patients with whom he shared a deep

empathy. I engaged with him

immediately. I didn't feel like a doctor-patient relationship, he was

very down to earth, very

compassionate. And he was committed

to improving medical facilities and

the experience of cancer patients.

We will seek nothing less than

world class benchmarks in treatment

and research outcomes. For years

the father of three changed the

lives of those he met. But in 2006,

his own life took a tragic turn -

he was diagnosed with an aggressive

form of brain cancer. Doctors gave

him six months to live. He decided

he was going to do everything he

could, firstly, to look after

himself, which he did. Secondly,

inspire others in that situation.

And finally, use those last few

years in a very productive way. And

this was the result - Lifehouse,

Australia's largest cancer care

centre. Construction will get under centre. Construction will get under

Lifehouse way later this year and by 2012,

Lifehouse at RPA will be a reality,

and Professor O'Brien's legacy will

live on. He single-handedly turned live on. He single-handedly turned

personal adversity into national personal adversity into national

opportunity in advocating the cause

of integrated cancer care across

Australia. Generous, humorous and

warm, he was a very, very special

person. Professor O'Brien will be

honoured with a state funeral. honoured with a state funeral.

Andrew Symonds heads home from Andrew Symonds heads home from

London tonight. Bread, Cricket London tonight. Bread, Cricket

Australia has had enough?

After a turbulent few years, this

looks like it is enough for the

talented all-rounder. The final

cricket. straw for the notorious bad boy of

After defending him time and time

again, Ricky Ponting realised even

he can't save Andrew Symonds from

himself. It was an alcohol-related

incident. I'm not going to go say

any more than that. It was, as I've

said, commitments he'd made to

himself and to the team, so as much

as anything, he's let himself down

and he's let all his team-mates

down, he's let Cricket Australia

down. It's a constant balancing act

and it's just tipped too far today. Cricket Australia sacked the

allrounder from the Twenty20 squad,

sending him home from London in

disgrace. It's understood he broke

team drinking rules on a number of team drinking rules on a number of

occasions over the course of two occasions over the course of two

days, including while watching a

broadcast of Queensland's State of

Origin win. Seen as an off-field

liability but an onfield champion,

in the past, Symonds has shown up

drunk to a one-day match in Wales,

was sent home from Darwin for going

on a fishing trip instead of to a

team meeting, and been fined over

an alcohol-fuelled radio rant. But

despite this latest fall from grace,

his team is still supportive. He's

a great player and a great mate of

mine, so it's a real shame. Their

first official match is this

weekend. The big concern now is

whether or not Andrew Symonds's

sudden departure will affect the

team's chances in the Twenty20

tournament. His team-mates say

while he'll be missed, one player

doesn't make a side. To lose a

player of his calibre, it's a big

hole in the Australian cricket team,

so it is disappointing and we hope so it is disappointing and we hope

that Andrew can be back shortly.

But that looks unlikely - this

blown chance may be his last.

And Druze Symons is as well known

for his form of the field as well as on.

hit for six. Many believe he has finally been

hit for six.

Australian cricket's joker in the

pack has been here before. Now even

his best friends say it's time

Andrew Symonds dealt with his

demons. Those kind of problems

firstly start with Andrew and I

think Andrew's gotta really ask

those questions of himself and

recognise there is a problem. This

was Symonds nine months ago When he

trip in Darwin. finally returned from that fishing

Hopefully after this next little

bit, I'll come out of it a better

person and won't make these

mistakes in the future. He was on

his last warning. Overnight,

Cricket Australia stuck to its word.

In the context of commitments that

Andrew has made to his team-mates

and Cricket Australia over the last

6 to 12 months, they are the final

straw. His contract with Cricket

Australia was due to be renewed at

the end of this month. That will

now be reviewed next week and more

than likely terminated. Andrew, in

his own self, maybe hasn't

recognised and paused for one

moment about what he wants to do

with regards to a problem that he

knows, that he's self admitted. In

any case, many believe Symonds will

walk away from national duties on

his own accord, freeing him to play

a full season with his Indian

Premier League team. I was really

proud as a coach the way he handled

himself over in South Africa for

the IPL so it's just a shock for us

all. Symonds could earn almost $2

million for the full 5-week

tournament. Playing for Australia

last month reduced his time to just

eight games, costing him almost $1 million.

We will have more later in sport.

Plus, a gallant bowing out of the

French Open. And some interesting

comments about rugby league status

as a world game.

A couple has been found guilty of

killing their baby by not seeking

conventional medical help. Instead conventional medical help. Instead

they relied on homeopathic drugs -

but she died a painful death and

now the parents are facing jail.

Shortly after they walked into

court, Manju Sam was sobbing on her

husband Thomas's chest, their arms

wrapped tightly around each other.

They'd both been found guilty of

the manslaughter of their 9-month-

old baby girl Gloria. She died

seven years ago from blood

poisoning after the couple failed

to get a common skin condition

eczema treated properly. They

instead used various homeopathic

drops. The last few months of her

life led to a painful death - her

skin would often weep, stick to her

nappy and clothing, then peel off,

allowing infection to spread.

Defence lawyers today stressed:

The couple, who now has a 3-year-

old child, have strong family ties

in India and have been forced to

surrender their passports. Although

the Crown argued against granting bail, saying they both faced

mandatory jail terms, the judge

allowed it, saying they'd been put

on notice since 2002 with police

and coronial inquiries, yet they

stayed here in Australia. Their

sentencing process begins next month.

A mother accused of killing her son

and leaving his body in a suitcase

dumped in a pond has pleaded guilty

to manslaughter but not guilty to

murder. The remains of 2-year-old

Dean Shillingsworth were found in

Sydney's south-west in 2007. The

Crown has yet to decide if it will

accept Rachel Pfitzner's

manslaughter plea. Her trial has

been set down for September.

The career of Jodie Gordon hangs in

the balance. Her boyfriend reported

the balance. Her boyfriend reported

her missing, armed police found her

in a bikie's apartment.

This Bellevue Hill bikie's

apartment is a long way from Summer

Bay. But it's where police found

24-year-old 'Home and Away' star

Jodi Gordon cowering in a bedroom,

after what they feared was a

gangland shooting. Just saw a whole

lot of cops running around with

bullet-proof vests on. Search

lights, police dogs and what have

you. Heavily armed officers shut

down streets and ordered neighbours

inside their homes after Ms

Gordon's companion reported a group

of armed men attempting to break

into his apartment. But hours later, officers reviewing security footage

found no sign of any bandits,

alleging Ms Gordon made admissions

of drug use, while her embarrassed

friend admitted the drama could

have been an hallucination. Gives

you a lot of comfort knowing it was

just a hallucination but I'm not

sure if I'd want to be in his shoes

right now. She has done absolutely

nothing wrong in this and she

shouldn't be crucified for this. shouldn't be crucified for this.

Despite complaints from neighbours,

officers say they won't be laying

charges. While a Channel Seven

spokesperson has expressed concern

for Jodi Gordon's health and safety

today, there was no comment from

the network about the future of its

rising star. The drama ends a bad

week for 'Home and Away', forced to

discipline fellow cast member

Lincoln Lewis after he admitted to

filming a sex act on a mobile phone and showing it to colleagues.

A new Defence Minister to replace

Joel Fitzgibbon - that's next.

Plus, an American admits to the

manslaughter of his wife during their Queensland honeymoon.

And Delta Goodrem joins some nuns

heading off on a marathon mission. New Mazda3 SP25 with bluetooth, 122 kilowatts of power and...satellite navigation. The government is closely monitoring the recent outbreak of human swine influenza in Australia and is taking steps to help limit its spread. You can minimise the spread of flu by covering your mouth and nose when you sneeze or cough, disposing of used tissues in the bin, washing your hands often and thoroughly.

If you are unwell, seek medical advice and try to avoid close contact with others. For further information, visit the website or call 180 2007. (GENTLE ACOUSTIC GUITAR MUSIC) KIM: There's nothing more satisfying than seeing a child come in unwell, be able to be a part of the process of making them better and being able to wave goodbye to them

when they're well enough to go home. SONG: # When trouble fills my world # You bring me peace # You calm me down... # It's a really highly skilled job these days. You're at university for three years. You learn to critically think and you learn to be able to make snap decisions. # When walls come crashing down around my feet # You light my way... # It does take an emotional toll. I've got a 7-year-old son at home myself and I do find the children that sort of tear at my heartstrings tend to be kids around my son's age. # You brought me round... # It's really great when someone says to me,

"You know, I think you're a really great nurse "and I'd like to be like you one day." # So say you'll watch over me. #

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Labor's most recent scandal. Labor's most recent scandal.

Surprise, surprise. Senator John

has been given the job of leading

the white paper reforms. He is a

man of great character. He replaces

Mr fit given after a complication

with his personal interests with

his brother. Sadly, I am not able

to look at my own ministerial

office.He says that he still faces

a steep learning curve. I had a

very high level of confidence that

the expectations will be met. The

appointment of John Falconer has been

been a clear message. Kevin Rudd

has been telling all who wants to

override his reform agenda out to

watch out. There are many

unanswered questions and I think

those questions will be asked over

the next few weeks.

The man dubbed 'Australia's

honeymoon killer' will serve just

12 months in prison after admitting

to killing his new bride on a

Queensland diving trip. American

Gabe Watson abandoned Tina as she

struggled for air. Her shattered

family has slammed our justice system as an embarrassment.

Betrayed by their son-in-law,

cheated by the justice system. Tina

Watson's family can't understand

how their duaghter's life is worth

so little. I think it's an

embararssment to Australia. It's an

embarrassment to the police here.

It's an embarassment to the police

in our country. 5.5 years ago,

Tommy Thomas sent his daughter off

on her honeymoon to Australia.

Today he wept as Gabe Watson

admitted to what they believed all

along - he killed Tina. Members of

Australia's Indian community have

also attacked the Indian media for

claiming a small number of attacks

on students amounts to racism. With

Australia's reputation being

trashed on Indian television, the trashed on Indian television, the

State Government moved to reassure Indians they're welcome here.

Violent attacks on Indian students

in Victoria have prompted a wave of

negative news stories in the Indian media, claiming students studying

here are being targeted by racists.

But Indians living in Sydney have

hit back accusing the Indian media

of sensationalism. They have gone

on the media beat up and calling

Australia racist and so forth and

we have been here 20, 30, 40 years

and let me tell you - this country

is a fair country, not racist

country. Their comments followed an

Indian community forum with Premier

Nathan Rees, who played down the problem. Very occassional, minor incidents - certainly no pattern

and nothing racially based. But

Indian students say they're facing

attacks, especially on the rail

system. Lots of Lebanese guys or

Australians, Aussie guys used to

throw bottles sometimes at the throw bottles sometimes at the

stations and have some abusing

words to Indians like, "Go back

from here." When they are working

late at night and travelling,

crimes are happening, violent acts

are happening at the railway

stations. And police are

investigating a firebomb attack

last month that left an Indian

student with serious burns. He

remains in hospital. I believe

there is a law and order problem

which needs to be dealt with, I

don't think the Indian community is

being specificaly targeted. The

Indian community's is being assured

report crimes. police will act swiftly if victims

Welcome to the land of the long

weekend. The good news is that

there is plenty of blue sky. We

will have a fine Saturday. There

will be a chance of a shower on

Sunday. On Monday it will be a

Mountains. sunny day. I am down in the snowy

Mountains. It is World Environment

machines. Day. These are the snow-making

It was a popular movie, but Sydney

has its own real 'Nuns on the Run'.

Sisters Helen Clarke and Leone

Wittmack have spent the past 11

days making the trek from Dubbo to

Darlinghurst on The Nun's Run, a

fundraiser for a new Cancer Centre

at St Vincent's Hospital. And this

morning, with some encouragement

from singer Delta Goodrem, they reached their final destination.

They may be blistered and exhausted,

but these nuns say their run was

actually a lot of fun. We were

starting to get a bit weary and

there were school children on the there were school children on the there were school children on t

side of the road saying, "Run nuns,

run nuns." The Nun's Run has raised

more than $130,000 so far. Next,

the mysterious death of a veteran

actor. Also, a senior citizen's

YouTube plea to keep a roof over

her head. And Barack Obama's (ALL CHATTER) (GASPING)



This program is captioned live.

Heartbroken staff and residents say

the closure of an aged care hostel

death. has become a matter of life and

Checking the traffic.

Friday afternoon everyone gets in

their car, heads north at the same

their car, heads north at the same

time. Have a look at the gridlock

leaving. Three traffic lanes of

is thick northbound traffic. The news

is there is though accidents or

breakdowns but the word from the

Central Coast is it is struggling

into Newcastle. Traffic at a

complete crawl here. If you are

about to leave home and head

towards the north coast, I would

say give it at least an hour. We

will go and check their Hume


Heartbroken staff and residents say Heartbroken staff and residents say

the closure of an aged care hostel

has become a matter of life and

were forced out death. The last remaining residents

were forced out today because of

financial strife.

With heavy hearts, staff and

residents say their goodbyes. The

bitter experience has taught Them

each send-off could be a final

farewell. We've lost four very

special ladies in the last four

weeks - this isn't right. One by

one, elderly and frail residents of

the Gracedale Manor Hostel

reluctantly left their home. And

then they suddenly drop the

bombshell, you know. "You've got to

get out and you've got to get out

by Friday." The Federal Government

closed the hostel today with its parent company in administration, owing more than $23

owing more than $23 million - most

of that to the Government.

Everything was done to try to find

an appropriate way of continuing

operations at the facility. 58

residents and 42 staff bearing the

burden of the collapse. It's been

found that former part-owner

Milissa Fischer directed more than

$2 million from the business to the

Altona Magic soccer club where she

is president. This heartbreaking

collapse has been years in the

making. Documents prepared by the

administrator show that the parent

company for the hostel hasn't made

a tax statement for 18 months or

lodged an annual return with ASIC

for six years. The financial fall-

out pales in comparison to the

emotional toll. Not many people get

kissed goodnight every night and

patted and told how good they are,

and it was very good morale. It was

like a big happy family and it's all been broken up.

The finance report, all eyes on the

miners. After Rio Tinto walked away

from the 25 billion dollar deal

with the Chinese firm Chinalco to

form a partnership with BHP form a partnership with BHP

Billiton. The 50-50 venture

combines the iron-ore operations of

both companies. Rio Tinto says the

merger represents more efficient merger represents more efficient

use of rail and port infrastructure

and a saving of $10 billion. It

also avoids the shareholder and

regulatory hurdles. BHP is the

world's biggest mining company and

Rio Tinto is the third-largest. To

housing and figures for May show

the construction industry saw in

decline but at its lowest rate in a decline but at its lowest rate in a

year. Lower interest rates and the

first home owner grants have eased

the downfall. The share market

peaked a mid-morning.

Britain's political crisis has

worsened. Another minister has quit

and he's publicly urged the Prime

Minister to do the same. Work and Pensions Secretary James

Pensions Secretary James Purnell

has written to Gordon Brown

claiming his continued leadership

made Labour's loss more likely at

the next election. The letter was

also sent to several newspapers.

It's the fifth front bench

resignation in recent days.

US President Barack Obama has

called for a new beginning between

the United States and the Muslim

world. In a landmark speech in

Cairo, the President touched on his

Muslim roots and vowed to help end

years of conflict.

Touring the ancient pyramids of

Egypt, Barack Obama had time to

reflect on his historic speech. To

an audience that Kyra's University,

he reached out to the Moslem world

by calling for a new era. This

cycle of suspicion and discord must

end. I have come here to Cairo to

seek a new beginning between the seek a new beginning between the

United States and Muslims around

the world. One based on mutual

interests and mutual respect. He

touched on many things Muslims touched on many things Muslims

wanted to hear. He insisted

Palestinians must have their own

State and condemned Israel's policy

on settlements. Let there be no

doubt the situation for the

Palestinian people is intolerable.

And America will not turn our backs

on the legitimate Palestinian

aspiration for dignity, opportunity

and a State of their own. But he

also called on the Palestinians to

hold violent attacks on Israelis.

It is a sign neither of courage nor

Power. To shoot rockets at sleeping

children. Or to blow up old women

on a bus. Millions of Muslims

around the world, mostly approved

of his speech but felt he offered

no new ideas on how to bring us

peace to the Middle East. We have

heard a lot about peace, we need

more than hearing. We need action.

Over the next few days, he will

visit World War II sides in Germany visit World War II sides in Germany

and France as part of his European and France as part of his European tour.

Actor David Carradine has been

found dead in Bangkok but it's not

clear if it was suicide or an

accident. The 72-year-old's body

was discovered hanging from a

curtain rope in a closet in his

luxury hotel room. Police have

ruled out foul play. Carradine

starred in the 1970s series 'Kung-

Fu'. Yes, my master. After all your

teaching I have disgraced myself.

Carradine, who was working on a new

film, appeared in more than 100 film, appeared in more than 100

movies and found a new fan base in

Quentin Tarantino's 2-part saga 'Kill Bill'.

The British Navy has blown up a

suspected pirate boat off Somalia.

The craft contained weapons including rocket-propelled grenades

and machine guns but there was no-

one on board. The crew of HMS 'Portland' had intercepted the boat

and questioned 10 suspected pirates

before letting them go. Still to

come - green fatigue. Environmental

causes struggle to maintain support.

Also, the budget travellers who

claim they got less than they paid for.

We waited for hours, everyone was

running around, it was crazy. running around, it was crazy. And crushed cars finally removed And crushed cars finally removed

from their eastern suburbs grave. Tender, juicy chicken fillets blended with herbs. Great! OK. Follow me! Original Recipe Fillets Banquet, thanks. Eight large breast fillets in the 11 secret herbs and spices - with less than 7g of fat per average piece - plus sides.

This program is captioned live.

Tonight's headlines - concerns for

the health and welfare of 'Home and

Away' star Jodi Gordon. She was

found in the Bellevue Hill

apartment of a bikie, after unsubstantiated reports armed men

were trying to break in. Police

allege she made admissions of drug

use. Andrew Symonds is expected to

fly home from London tonight after another alcohol-fuelled incidents.

And a State funeral will be held

for cancer expert Professor Chris

O'Brien. He passed away overnight

after a 3-year battle with an

aggressive brain tumour. aggressive brain tumour.

Two car owners who lost their

vehicles in the Bellevue Hill

landslide have watched their

crumpled wrecks wrenched from the

dirt. The clean-up is expected to

cost more than $1 million, but so

far nobody has agreed to pay the bill.

It's been eight days since Harry

Scott last sighted his car. Today

he got one final glimpse of what

had been his Toyota Camry. Tearing

apart like paper mache, a front-end

loader scraped and pulled at the

wreckage and then consigned it to

the tip. It's not the same

condition it went in. It was one of

two cars buried under a mountain of

dirt when the road was swallowed by

the earth at Bellevue Hill last

week. A leaking pipe is believed to

have caused the landslide, which

also destroyed the popular Cooper

Park, but publicly, Sydney Water is

still reluctant to accept full

blame. Despite the huge amount of

damage, the repair crews are

confident they can reopen the road

above in around three weeks. But

recreating this once tranquil park

is expected to take much longer.

And the clean-up won't be cheap. If

I wanted to punt I wouldn't have

thought it was much less than a

million. The mayor says he'll be

sending the entire clean-up bill

straight to Sydney Water.

Frustrated passengers say they'll

never fly Tiger Airways again after

being stranded at Canberra Airport

for up to 11 hours, waiting for a

45-minute trip to Melbourne. A

number of flights were cancelled or

delayed after a plane was grounded

following the discovery of a

suspicious package. We waited hours,

everyone was running everywhere, it

was crazy. I will never fly Tigers

again, ever. It's the latest in a

series of debacles for Tiger. Just

last week, federal police were

called in to deal with disgruntled passengers.

The 'Dawn Princess' has docked in

Sydney - without swine flu. The

ship was turned away from New

Caledonia earlier this week after several passengers reported flu-

like symptoms, with fears of a

swine flu outbreak like the one on

sister ship 'Pacific Dawn'. 16

passengers were tested for swine passengers were tested for swine

flu but all swabs came back

negative and passengers were

allowed to disembark this morning,

without incident.

Experts fear Australia is suffering

green-fatigue. They say concerns green-fatigue. They say concerns about the environment are fading because of growing financial

worries. Emily Rice has this special Environment Day report.

Over the past three years disabled Over the past three years disabled

employees at this recycling plant

worked hard refurbishing old

computers, keeping hazardous

electronic waste out of landfill.

The team was recognised with the

National Environment Award. Now the

business is on the scrapheap itself,

forced to close down because of the

financial crisis. The drop in

revenue for recycled materials and

downturn in corporate support

contributed. The 17 there were

employed there, they were all made

redundant, Sadler. The closure

means more electronic waste and

less fulfilling employment for the

workers. For them it was more than

just a job. Owner of the green

plumbers brand is another eco

business hit by the financial crash.

It has cut three directors from its

board and several executive so. The

tighter it gets, the harder it is

to collect monies. This social

analyst believes green fatigue is a

setting in. If I am worried about

my job, you're not going to get my my job, you're not going to get my

ear worrying about polar bears. But

not everyone is tired of green talk.

At this major use water conference, At this major use water conference,

hundreds of students are coming up hundreds of students are coming up

with their own green solutions.

Like it or not we needed to so Vi.

They are determined to keep the

environment or voice alive.

A replacement on the way for Andrew Symonds?

Cameron White has re -- received

the call up. We will hear from him

next. Plus the origin rocky who has

earned a 5-year deal.

Plus, true blue for Italy. Former

Kangaroo star Craig Gower gives

rugby league an international

reality check. And so long, Sam,

for now. But hear why Stosur vows

to be back even better.

Cameron White is replacing Andrew

Symonds for the next Twenty20 match.

Few cricketers could lay claim to

the title of flawed genius more

than Andrew Symonds. His latest

faux pas almost certainly forcing

Cricket Australia to call stumps on

his enigmatic career. It's a

constant balancing act which has

tipped too far today.It was a no

alcohol related incident, I will

not say any more than that. - - it

was an alcohol-related incident.

Symonds' return to the Australian

team was seen by many as premature,

but the all-rounder himself was

desperate to get back. So desperate

maybe that in fact, that Andrew in

his own self, maybe hasn't

recognised and paused for one

moment for what he wants to do in

regards to a problem that he knows

he's self admitted. What is a dark

day in Australian cricket and in

the life of Andrew Symonds, is a

bright light for Victorian captain

Cameron White. After initially

being overlooked for the Twenty20

tour, he's now on his way to

England as Roy's replacement.

What's happened, happened on the

plane tonight. It is obviously very

disappointing for the whole team.

We will get on the plane tonight

and see what we can do. While

Symonds' Cricket Australia contract

is likely to be torn up, his place

in the Indian Premier League is safe.

West Tiger coach Tim Sheens admits

his team is feeling the pressure

heading into tonights round 13

opener against Penrith. They're

hoping to end a 4-game losing

streak against a team they haven't

beaten in their last three attempts.

The Wests Tigers team mascot

terrorised at training, but it's

another big cat that has the Tigers

on edge. They play the Panthers at

Liechhart Oval tonight, and need a

win to stay in touch with the top 8.

We're not cutting our throats at

this stage, but the anxiety is

there. We've got to be able to play

under that anxiety, got to create

an opportunity to win a game. The

Tigers have certainly been close.

They lost by 2 points to the Dogs,

just 1 to the Rabbitohs, then by 2

to Brisbane in controversial

circumstances. Last week though,

they were held scoreless in New

Zealand, and it left Benji Marshall

claiming some of his team-mates

"were on holidays". Benji made a

comment he regrets making and I

think he was taken out of context.

The team was not there on a holiday

I can guarantee you of that. The

Tigers will be without second rower

Gareth Ellis. He's been ruled out

with a thumb injury. While Penrith

flyer Michael Jennings has failed

to recover from Origin. Eels

fullback Jarryd Hayne danced with

the line again today as he attempts

put his Origin no try behind him

and step up against the Knights in

Newcastle on Sunday. A team who've

won their last 9 games at home.

They're probably the form team of

the comp, so obviously it's going

to be one of the toughest games of

the season - the way they're

playing at the moment, it's going

to be hard to stop. Parramatta sit

3rd-last on the ladder, and are

coming off a 3-point loss to cellar

dwellers Cronulla. We're not

playing a good brand and we're not

winning games but our training is

strong and our attitude and

demenour here is good. Scott

MacKinnon, Ten News. Craig Gower

has given rugby league a reality

check saying his former code offers

nothing beyond australian shores.

Gower had a training run for his adopted

adopted Italy in Melbourne today

and it seems he's made quite the

rugby convert. Rugby league's rugby

league. You know, it's a fantastic

game in Australia, but that's

pretty much where it goes. Gower is

set to make his test debut against

the Wallabies tomorrow week. The

Wallabies will have to face the

Barbarians tomorrow night. I have

just had two-and-half weeks off.

The Socceroos will be sweating it

out when they face Qatar in their

World Cup Qualifier on Sunday

morning. A sweltering 44 degrees is

predicted for the match in Doha

which could see Australia qualify

for consecutive World Cup Finals

for the first time. It's much

hotter than what it is here, we're

getting used to it.It has been a

long time that we have been playing

in these conditions now. The

Socceroos will fly to Doha later

today after spending the last five

days in Dubai, acclimatising to the

Middle Eastern heat. We play that

one-on-one star Look for pull and

we will be looking at Mitchell and

Franklin and keeping an eye on them.

It will be an all-Russian women's final at It will be an all-Russian women's

final at the French Open tennis

championships. Samantha Stosur's

incredible run coming to an end

with a semi-final loss to Svetlana Kuznetsova. The 25-year-old

Queenslander took the match to

three sets, but for everything the

Aussie threw down the 7th seed had

an answer. I tried to the last

point, but it is not easy to get it


back. Kuznetsova will play world

number 1 Dinara Safina in the final

after she cruised past Dominika in

straight sets. Kobe Bryant has lead

the LA Lakers to a big win in game straight sets. Kobe Bryant has lead the LA Lakers to a big win in game

1 of the NBA Finals, downing 1 of the NBA Finals, downing

Orlando Magic 100-75. The Lakers

closed down Magic star Dwight

Howard containing him to just 12

points. Bryant on the other hand

was unstoppable, blowing the game

away in the third quarter. Kobe

racked up 18 points in the third

quarter on the way to 40 for the

quarter on the way to 40 for the

match, a personal best in the Finals.

match, a personal best in the

Finals.These are the tips for tomorrow.

Coming up in Sports Tonight, we

will have the highlights from be

AFL. The Wallabies are shaping up

as a very good side. We will see that. Have you done it before? When we get drunk we Stick master let Carrie have a

crack. go for it Belt it!

life paning out.

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No doubt you have heard of making

hay in the sunshine, we have our

reporter making us know.. hay in the sunshine, we have our reporter making us know.. The air

gets compressed as does the water

and is to send up to make snow. As

long as it is zero degrees or less.

It is a very big part of the

Australians know season. Thredbo

sent - - spent $13 million on this machine.

machine.Snow-making is across 70

hectares in Thredbo. It is the

larger space of snow-making in the

southern hemisphere. On World

Environment Day, it is a pleasure

to get lend a hand. Let us have a

look at the long weekend. We had a

fine and sunny Saturday. We have a

cloudy Sunday with a possible

shower. Monday, you will be proud

of, it will be a beautiful blue sky

and 19 degrees. We are now having a

look at the weather photograph

competition. This camera will go to

Mr Roberts. You will get the new Mr Roberts. You will get the new

camera.It is fully waterproof. It

is poorly yours. We give one away

every Friday. If you want to win it,

it is easy. All you need to do is

send your photos to last. Let it is easy. All you need to do is send your photos to last. Let us

have a look at the details across

it be right now.

Berry's cloud over SA. It will

bring patchy, thundery rain.

Tomorrow, we will see a trough and

a low Pring patchy rain to SA. The

rain patches will moved east

tomorrow through in the art - - NSW.

There will be showers in Tasmania

and along the southern coast of WA.

This is the pump house. This is

where all the snow is made. But

what his Mother Nature doing on the

snow report? We are having a lot of

snow falls Monday Tuesday and

Wednesday. The leaves will be

working by next weekend. - - the snow Leith's.

Have they won the ball long weekend.

Some very personal celebrity

memorabilia is about to go under

the hammer in New York. memorabilia is about to go under the hammer in New York. A

collection of intimate items that

once belonged to Marilyn Monroe and

Elvis Presley will be auctioned

later this month. Among the

highlights, Elvis' prescription

pill bottles - a few prescribed the

day before he died. Clothing worn

by Monroe is also up for grabs.

This white fox fur stole is

expected to fetch up to $15,000.

That is the news. We will see you

for the late news at 1030.