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The Thick Of It -

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(generated from captions) The police are on their way. What? Oh, God. What have I done? I was the one who let him in. I know who it is. I don't understand... Oh, Christ, I invited him in. I have to go find her. What's happened to Olivia? Tell me. Where is she? to 39 Gaskill Lane. Tell the police to go on your own. Chris, I do not want you going there I have to find our daughter. KEYS JANGLE, DOOR OPENS TYRES SCREECH



Oh, God, no. Olivia! (BANGS ON WOOD) It's all right. (SCREAMS) I'm going to get you out. It's all right. Your dad's here. (CONTINUES TO SCREAM AND BANG) I'm almost there. Just wait. Just wait there, darling. Liv. Talk to me, darling. All right, love. (CONTINUES TO BANG) Nearly there. It's OK. It's OK. I've got it. OK. OK. (GASPS)

I've got you. Oh, darling. It's all right. (WHIMPERS) You're OK. You're OK. (CRIES) (SCREAMS) Dad! You bastard! (CRIES) (CHOKES AND SPLUTTERS) (COUGHS) (HEAVES) (COUGHS AND SPLUTTERS) (CHOKES) (COUGHS) (CHOKES)

(GASPS) (SCREAMS) Dad! Dad! (CRIES) (SCREAMS) Dad! Daddy! Dad! (SOBS) Dad...

I - am - Marian! (SOBS) Closed Captions by CSI *

Terri, is...? Oh, hello, Robyn. Oh! Morning, Mr Lover-Lover-Man. Where's Terri? Is she not...? in Westminster? Is that... ever shag anybody else Does... Does nobody else Hey! Horatio! How's it hanging? It's hanging just fine, thanks. I hear. Not all of them. Sleeping with the opposition, a tight hold on the fiscal...? What do they do? Do they keep Scrotum? What? What? would have happened in my day. Shagging the opposition! Never Levitt has gone to shadow defence, She's not my opposite number, cos so she's no longer social affairs... so she's doing shadow defence, and steal a few policy papers? Did you manage to do some good I tell you what... unsuccessful with the opposite sex. It's hard to know why you're so Did you not know? Malcolm's... Where the fuck's Terri! Oh, Terri? Malcolm's what? Binned her. She's gone. You're jo... Morning. Enjoy your walk on the wild side? Morning, stud. uninformed... Everyone knows, Ollie. How do you know? You're the most How was your dip in the wild blue? some wonderful news for you. My milkman knows. Hugh, I have Terri's gone. What? What do you mean, "gone"? Terri. Terri's gone. that went awry. Yeah. A resignation bluff No? Yeah. Yes! Oh, result! Woo-woo! All right! Come on! of State, just to let you know... High five. Good morning, Secretary Terri's father's had a stroke. What? to be gone quite a while. It's pretty serious, so she's going I'm so sorry. Oh, dear. That's awful. It was just an early-morning joke. I'm sorry. I was just shitting you. the champagne and Ritz crackers. I was that close to buying He made a joke. Sorry, it was just a stupid... Should I send her a card? Do you want to give me ?8? be completely appropriate. Yeah, of course. That would Yeah, erm... I was kidding! It was a joke... OK. OK. It's Robyn. Robyn Murdoch, isn't it? That's Robyn Murdoch? Yeah, yeah. was a bloke. No, no. I always thought Robyn Murdoch was Robyn Murdoch's secretary. I thought THAT... No, that's Robyn. whose name I didn't know. I always thought that was someone know her name after all, Oh. Turns out I didn't to someone unknown's face. but I had it attached of the loop with the factory visit. She'll be much easier to cut out of me with the fucking moustache? and not that photograph Can we send out a revised biography teacher. I can't help you with that. I look like a disgraced geography I'm off for the week. Why not? I've been seconded. you think you're going? Number 10. We beg to fucking differ. Where do I've been talent-spotted. if it's OK with you, He said I was over there for the week which he said it would be. Oh, well, obviously it is then. to make cappuccinos. Oh. They'll only want him Well, he does it very well. your finger in the milk. I think it's the way you waggle bitch. Yeah, you think it's my finger, Leicester, poor fucker. Where's Neil? a certain status, You'd think when you achieve you'd be excused visiting Leicester. NOMFuP. Eh? NOMFuP. Have you seen the whip's numbers? I like that. Do you? N-O-M-F-P. Not my fucking problem. today. I'll use it as well. I think I'll use that quite a lot Ho! Well done with fatty's profile. the enormous fucker reading it. I nearly liked What if the MoD breaks tonight? Any time. getting more brutal by the hour. What I'm hearing is the overspend's at 1, 1.5 billion. They're talking about topping off Obviously, that's a lot of nurses. robotic one, yeah? Obviously. Or one fantastically enormous He's shitting himself. And how's the minister? kissing his driver goodbye. He's practically in the Twin Towers on 9/11, you know, He said he felt like he was "Just fucking waiting." knows the lines, yeah? For fuck's sake. But everybody Oh, yeah. IT projects always overspend. cup of tea? Would that be possible? Could you manage to get me a decent Thank you. Try not to drip in it. that's worrying me. Is this dodgy? I tell you the thing was the second lowest bid. I don't know. The kid's firm What does it matter? He says they never talked. No, but you know me. I'm a man of principle. Probably a moron. to save a tosser or a moron. I like to know if I'm lying Is this yours? Is this new? Yeah, I thought I'd get it for Number 10. Has it got a camera on it? Yeah, it's on the back. Happy slap him. Go on. How do you know about happy slapping? How do YOU begin to know about...? Get off! I missed it. Do it again. That's assault. Get off! No, listen. It's all right because we can doctor the crime figures. I really like this. I'll punch you in your substantial gut! Fucking hell, Robyn! You little fucker. I got it, look. THEY LAUGH It's very good. We should take one of us so he's got something to remember us by... SHUTTER CLICKS ..because at the end of the week, you'll be head of the policy unit. Giving head to the policy unit. Hugh, can we do the prep for the factory visit now? We're gonna get there at about 12, 12.30, OK? I forgot the... Stupid boy. That WAS funny. That was funny? Yeah. I don't think it was funny. I'm an elected representative of the people. It was funny. SAM! Sam, a coffee and a fucking skinny muffin if that's possible. hat the fuck are YOU doing HERE? I thought you said today, Malcolm. Did you not say... I mean what are you doing there? Come on. Sorry. I didn't want to interrupt you. If the PM's giving me a blowjob, I always put a sign up. Right. You're the kind of guy we need in here, you really are. Terrific. You are the proverbial bright spark, eh? Thanks, Malcolm. Horace! Right. OK. Horace? What's all that stuff you've got there? This is all my social policy pitches and some funding structures I worked on for my PhD... Is that right that you shagged that shadow defence bird? Not exactly. It's complicated. Hey, Jamie. This is Ollie. What, THE Ollie? The "Stuck one up the opposition" Ollie? Good fucking man! Good to meet you. This is Jamie. He'll be looking after you. Oh, great. Another Scot, I see. Does everyone have to be in the "Caledonian Mafia" to... Hey, everybody! This is Ollie. He's the guy that fucked the opposition for us. That was...quite an introduction. Would you just nod when the big fucker talks, but DO whatever I say, OK? Actually, it's the other way around. Right, Jamie's going to put you in touch with Paul. Paul vets all the stuff that we put into the attack. Technically, you shouldn't be doing this from in here, but the mainframe's not here, right? So, technically, you're not! Sorry, stuff about Emma? About Emma, yeah. Oh. Hey, Ollie. I know that you're dead brainy, but look, I've got brains coming out of my fucking arse. What I need is political intelligence. I just feel awkward, you know, about... Oh, it's make your mind up time, Ollie! What do you want to be? Come on! Do you want to be a prick that works here for a year then goes away to join a think tank to write, "On one hand, this, but on the other hand, that," or do you want to be a soldier? Have you got your eyes on the prize? I've got my eyes on the prize. Good. Yeah, but what is the prize? I dunno. Ask the brain guys, but I'll settle for just keeping us in government instead of the wankers you're shagging! This roll in the hay, have you got something there that'll keep us working for a morning, or is this an ongoing scenario? I think I've got one pretty satisfied customer there, you know? Do you know about what's kicking off in Defence? Geoff Holhurst and his son, Christian - Iltech. Yeah. 80, 90% of it, I would say. Shall I drag Holhurst in, see if there's anything else mouldy in the cupboard? Yeah. Ollie, see anything in Defence, son, anything that just gives us another angle... I mean, just ask her. Just look around her house, find something. OK. See you, have a good day. Yes. See you, Malcolm. You can have this desk, it's free. Don't worry, she won't be coming back. Just give me a shout if you need anything, OK? Yep. Listen, don't touch the keyboard. Bob'll go fucking nuts. Just use your laptop if you've got one, aye? So, I've been given a desk in Number 10... to ring my girlfriend? Yeah, that's about the size of it. then, is it? Shagging your way to the top, got to get here somehow, haven't I? Yes, well I'm not Scottish, so I've filming our arrival, a regional news team I've confirmed that there'll be Regional news? No nationals? plus four local papers. I didn't think that... Look, Robyn. This is very much a regional event. All events are regional. has to happen somewhere, do you see? Everything that happens in the world was a regional event, Even JFK's assassination but it was also very important, hmm? Do you see that? We... Like this factory visit. Yes. No national papers? No national... Right. Not one national paper? No? No. How is that possible? How long are we supposed to hang around here? I promised. 20 minutes. We're scheduled for two hours. Yeah... Who's going to do the...thing? What thing? We do a thing with Terri where I give her a know? And she makes up some sort of excuse about having to go... ..then we've got to go. A change of arrangements... Yeah. You know about that, do you? Yeah, cabinet emergencies. Yep, yep. Absolutely. I do! Hi. Hi, Emma. Thanks, Jamie. just borrow your seat here? I just wanted to know... Can I I really like you, and... HE PRETENDS TO VOMIT ? you know... Hi, Geoff. ..and if something feels right, How are you? Here he is. Here's the man himself. stuff about me? Your fucking whips? What, they've been after you for No decency. Have these people... I think... of this MoD stuff that's going about? Speaking of which, have you heard any How much fucking shit is there on the menu, and what fucking flavour is it?! Malcolm? No, no. I'm in a Scottish restaurant and some man's complaining cos they've under-fried his Mars bar. Of course it's Malcolm. Well, Malcolm's always animated. That's him every day. It's like this furnace of shit. It's not good for my system. His firm put in the second lowest tender. Do you fancy meeting up? Maybe tomorrow night? You're worse than dead meat. You're too toxic to even feed to the vultures. you, and... I asked you out last night because I If I've got to go, I've got to go. Yeah. OK, bye. Well, here we are, Hugh. Christ. There we go. Hello. Thank you very much. Are these employees? Nice to meet you. May I say hello? Nice to meet you. Hello. Hugh Abbot. Hello. Lovely to meet you. up your own mother's piss? Do you know what it's like to clean she was in that home for 16 weeks. I'm sorry. Do you? I mean, up your own mother's piss? Do you know what it's like to clean That's very tough, isn't it? That's very, very tough, go out to you. and our hearts - all our hearts - But do you know what it's like your own mother's piss? to get down and clean up Who do I talk to? right person to talk to about this. I think that I'm probably not the are probably Urinary and affairs like that to you. What fantastic landscaping. So, if anyway... Lovely to talk when you have this relationship... enormous difference to the workplace I really do think it makes an Is that your answer? But is that your answer? case, and do what we can about it. We'll get someone to note your Nobody's noted my case so far. You'll get someone to note my case? What are you touching me for?! Stop it! Don't touch me! want to know me, do you? You don't know me! You don't even to get to know you, I do... I would like the facts? away from me?! Would you like to know but I just... Why are you walking The minister would love to know. only two of 'em. Just smile. Out of all those care assistants, There are two qualified nurses. Do you think I'm funny?! grinning at? Do you think it's funny? What you smiling at? What you Do you think my mother's piss is funny?! Well, it's not funny! She's not laughing! She's pissing herself. I'm not laughing. I'm crying. Glenn, is she still saying it? Oh, God, yes. ..Would you please give me a moment. Yes, she's banging on about it even now. The trouble is they reckon they've got some great shots. Great shots? The thing is, don't panic. Is it what you do, though, because it's disgusting! You cannot treat people like this. Can you please shut up for one fucking minute?! I'm asking nicely. Please. I'm going to have to hang up. Now, Hugh. Did you enjoy that? Did you enjoy that? I am giving you a number. I apologise. You never told him. you worked for the company. Your dad told us that he didn't know Ollie Reeder. to work out... What we're finding difficult Erm... Sorry, who is this? Well, obviously he knew, but... my own mother's piss. No, I've never cleaned up Erm, sorry. Who are you? Well, you do talk to your dad. No, you fucking don't! Yeah. Well, how did you get... Stop going on about... That is the wrong answer! The wrong fucking answer! Don't be aggressive. I will call you back. You tell your corporate affairs people, otherwise I'll come along there and fucking maim every single fucking one of them, OK? Good to see you. Yeah... All right? Well done, Christian. He's one of these fucking Popsbridge types. Won't play dumb. I think he can dumb up for us. Malcolm. What? It's Hugh... What is it?! with a question. I dunno. A woman hit him

gonna look bad on the news. NOMFuP. It's got a bit aggressive, and it's up on the woman, OK? OK. Wait, wait. Dig some stuff I'm going to sweet-talk Pam Morris, I'm on my way over to ITN right now. shit out of Mark Davies. Yeah. talk to... I could fucking kick the but I could easily just pop in and That's a good idea. That's what I'll do. be therapeutic, a bit of shouting. I could actually do that. It'd A bit of fucking yin and yang. See you later. Get somebody in there, all right? OK. Quite spiritual. Yeah. missus? Mate, how's it going with the opposition angle? Erm... Which one? What have you got for me on the What the fuck do you think? The MoD IT overspend. Fucking Tweenies tour-dates(!) you know? Well, erm, I'm tickling a few trout, You're tickling trout? Mmm-hmm. You know, tickling... Just seeing if I can... What does that mean? the vote's tonight! tomorrow night. That's no good, We're going to go for a drink she's busy? Whoa-whoa! NOMFuP. Call her now and rearrange. What if and make it happen. Just tickle the old trout Hi, Emma. I've messed up. I'm actually not free. Tomorrow night, with Dan Miller. I've got a squash game important than a squash game. Er... No, obviously, you're more tomorrow for tonight? Could we rearrange Film, fine. love to see it again. It's a classic. I have seen the original Solaris. I'd It is a classic. All right. I'll see you later...babe. All right. Yep. Bye. Thanks, funny bunny.

Right, I've got a job for you. I love these pipes. Er, Hugh. This is brilliant. Ollie. I've got him for you. Excuse me for just a second. Sorry. Thank you. Can he stop it? to go over and have a word at ITN. I managed to persuade him my man on the inside! Well done, Ollie, How does he do that? It's so spooky. He's like voodoo. He's like a bad Gandalf. be breaking. What's breaking? There's something else big that might shit over his son's IT firm Geoff Holhurst is up to his neck in getting the tender for a system that's gone two billion over. They're bricking themselves that it'll leak. Bad day for Geoff, eh? Very bad day for Geoff. I'm bumped off the news. Right. And this at least means... Geoff's up to his tits. Glenn, Glenn. for me, right? ..this is essentially good news so, yeah. You would certainly have thought Congratulate him. Glenn, talk to Ollie. is. I love this bloody factory. Oh, right. ..What a great place this Hiya, Glenn. Before you go on, can I just say thanks very much for the piss woman? She was brilliant, she was. Yeah, more of those. Don't tell me any more because I won't be able to take it in, but I will pass on what you said to the PM, cos he absolutely loves detail. Right, so, Robyn... Erm, Secretary of State, I'm sorry, but there's been a change of plans and we're actually going to have to go in the next few minutes. I'm terribly sorry. No! We're definitely going to have to go. Oh, no. That's very disappointing. It's...the cabinet. We... I'm so sorry. Why do we have to go? Erm... Important, is it? Yeah? It is quite important. That's a shame. I was hoping we could stay and have lunch. Of course. I was looking forward to that. Well, we can... No, we can. We can stay for lunch, if you'd like to. What? I just... I thought you were doing the thing. We can stay. We can definitely stay for lunch. I thought you said it was important. No, no, no. No. It's really fine, honestly. I can make any phone calls that we need to from here. Great, OK. Great. We've only been here 20 minutes, so it would be a shame to go now. Mark? Hi. Mark Davies? We've spoken on the phone. Do you mind if I pop in? I was in seeing Pam and everyone's been talking about the Hugh thing. Yes. 'Do you know what it's like to clean up your own mother's piss?' Jesus! Look at his face! Do you see what I have to work with? I know. He doesn't look great, does he? 'Who DO I talk to?' Are you going to use that? Malcolm. Sorry. Don't touch that. This isn't the package, is it? Mark? 'That's just blah, blah, blah...' You can't use that. This is dumbing down of the news that people like me and your boss's boss really object to, and I'm going to mention this to him when I see him on Friday, by the way. Malcolm, this is a traditional, old-fashioned news story, called "Minister looks a tit." Hey, everybody looks a tit, you know? Take two of these shots of him looking moronic out. Leave a couple in of him looking a little bit dim. Put one of him composed, drop it down the running order, and we've got a deal. I'm not... "Deal," what do you mean? He looks a tit, that's it. I'm sorry. But there is a difference between allowing someone's natural tittishness to come through, and just exploiting it through camerawork here. You're sticking one tit moment on top of another. That wouldn't happen in real life. And do you know about that woman? Have you made ANY enquiries into her background? I'm sure my researchers have, yes. Your researchers have? Well, I don't think they have. Excuse me a second. Malcolm. Have you got anything on the woman? I've got Frankie up there now rooting through the bins. Hang on. ..Have you got anything? Nothing. Bloody chips, bin stuff. 'Nothing, Malcolm.' Bin stuff. BNP, Mark. She's standing for the British National Party. Stamford Bridge.

For fuck's sake! Very straightforward. Basic stuff, Mark. Do your research. Standing for the British National Party. All right. What do you want, Mark? Two little bits of tit. Two titties. PHONE RINGS Jesus fucking Christ! Will it hit the One? No, I know what time it is. I can SEE what time it is!

Hold on it. Make sure they don't get it. The story is not the story. Sunita has spilled the overspend. Nobody's got the corruption angle. The BBC might not even run with it. Try to fuck up the numbers, right? Hit the phones. Everyone on the phones. We'll over-complicate. Stats, percentages, international comparisons, information. E-mail them fucking words of information. And tell them they'd better get their heads around it before they put pen to paper, or I'll be up their arses like a fucking Biafran ferret! Come on! Unleash hell! So, I give her the sign and we end up staying for lunch. How does that happen? Tell me about it. I don't know. One less rubber chicken in the wild. I'll get you out of here soon. No. What's the wait now? You don't know? an hour and 20 minutes off. she went and gave the driver As soon as she did the lunch thing, I know, he's gone AWOL. Fucking hell! now? Is she looking for him? Oh, for fuck's sake. Where is she Yep. Looking for him. Where's he gone? Fuck! Ron! that Hugh Abbot story, right? Somebody start bumping up Let him take the heat, yeah? Get it bumped up to number one. Come on. Let's go! immune? Get plugging! Eh, eh? Do you think you're fucking Can you handle that, fuckwit? Yes, I can handle it. Can you fucking handle it? MOBILE RINGS Don't even think about it! Emma, not right now. Your fucking girlfriend! Are you off your head?! You said... Don't give me any fucking static, just ring her back now. Meet her for coffee as soon as. What? Sometimes, when you meet the real... The actual people... Don't you ever, I mean, just look at the little, beady eyes and mean mouths sort of sneering, and... I mean, I know this is what they think people like me think, so I hate thinking it, but I just find myself thinking, a different fucking species." "They're from and weird trousers, and... You know, T-shirts, writing on them, Why do they wear clothes with And stupid. and why are they so fucking fat? God, I hate this place. I've got Hugh for you. Ollie, it's Glenn. Right, Ollie. doing his witchcraft? Yeah, hi. So, is Malcolm Has he sent his flying monkeys in? the fucking fax from the Standard? Bernadette. Where's Not exactly, Hugh. going to stitch me up, is he? Wait. This other story, he's not in here right now. Everything is...incredibly busy

the firing line, Ollie. I just need you to keep me out of It's slightly difficult, a pawn can't take a queen, can it? cos I'm only one pawn in this, and Yes, it can. Technically, yes, of course it can, but, you know... A queen is a lot bigger than a pawn, isn't it? I know, but if you get a pawn over to the other side of the board, Ollie, it can become a queen, or a bishop, or a senior advisor. You hear what I'm saying? Yes, yes. I understand. of the firing line. I really need you to keep me out Get the heat off me. Please, please, please help me. I'm on it, Hugh. the line we came up with. That's not it! That's not it was a difficult position, Your son knew to lose the money. He didn't lie! but he didn't want your resignation letter. You can just write OK. If you ask the people to believe... I was having a fag. What were you doing? to fuck Hugh for us. Ollie. We need you OK? to Mark Davies at ITN, right. OK. I need you to go over They're 50/50 on bumping Hugh up to the top of the bill with the piss woman, right? Can you sort that out for me? Good lad. See you later. Oh, nice. Very nice. Go, for fuck's sake, you big fucking prick! I'll cut your fucking ears off! We need it done. When I met you this morning, I thought you were the nice Scot. HUGH ON NEWS: '..In tragic cases... She's not dead! She's not dead!' Um... I'm from Number 10... Downing Street... Oh, yeah? Yeah. that you're planning on running first to take this MoD story ..and we want you bring the Hugh Abbot story right up. right down in your schedules and of Malcolm's bum-boys? Yeah. Er... Are you one Er, well, we work together. Look, it's ROMFuP, OK. What the fuck is ROMFuP? This story, this Hugh Abbot... It's... It's a Number 10 word. Or what? We need you to take this down. Well, or the public service, erm... are seriously skewed, news values of your corporation of that will be very badly served. and the public service aspect What can we get you? How can... What can we...? Your man, looking like a prat, a member of the public to fuck off. and his advisor, pretty much telling Right. Although, if that's going to run, I need a picture of the advisor. OLLIE'S PHONE RINGS Just bear with me. ..For fuck's sake! Oliver Reeder. Have you sorted it, Ollie? It's not quite sorted just yet, Malcolm. Should I send Jamie over? Would you like that? No, no. You and Jamie and a rubber truncheon locked in that fucking newsroom. No, I'm fine. Make me happy. Bring me sunshine. Right. I'll make you happy, Malcolm. (Dickwad.) OLLIE'S PHONE RINGS

Oliver Reeder. I'm just in the middle of doing it. 'All right, shitebag. Done it yet?' Well fucking hurry up! Get off the fucking phone! Fuck's sake! PHONE RINGS I'm fucking doing it. Just... Sorry, Emma. Yeah, hi. about equal pay. I'm stuck in a meeting It's gone over. But, hey. Tonight, are we still on? Yeah. Yeah, Solaris, here we come. Bye. Right. I demand... it's already been done. Fuck off. Give me the picture, We've had words upstairs. Can you get that off the phone? That's him on the left. Perfect. We can do that, can't we? Have you, though? What? Ever cleaned up your own mother's piss? No, I never knew my mother, Hugh, as you remember. Have you ever cleaned up your stepmother's piss? No. I never cleaned her piss. It wasn't that kind of relationship. No, nor me. I've done Alicia's piss, and Charlie's piss. Loads of it. It's only piss. Yeah, thanks. Yeah. She was going on of toxic waste or something. as if it was some sort What's a bit of piss? I could stay... No. Just go home. in the running order? Where do you think we'll come All right, folks, here we go. 'Tonight, dramatic pictures...' ALL CHEER AND APPLAUD is a big win. Anything other than number one had stopped running.' '..spin doctor thought our tape for one BLEEP minute?!" 'Can you please shut up

Oh! Oh! He is SO fucked! Hey. Great photo. It's a good phone. Yeah, well, you know. 'What fantastic landscaping.' you or me? Who do you think looked worse, Well, I looked bad, but you said bad. I suppose, on balance, honestly... you, really. Great. PHONE RINGS Go away. I don't know if I'll survive this, Hugh. They'll be all over me like shingles.

PHONE RINGS Oh, they ARE all over me It'll be OK. Do you think? Yeah, you'll probably be fine. of the train... So, we had the whole front OLLIE'S PHONE RINGS You not going to get that, Ollie? Microwaves. Got a tumour coming on. No, I've been on that all day. of the brain tumours as well. Think I've got a touch of a fucking soldier, is he? Not much He's a lover, not a fighter. VOICEMAIL BEEPS wanted to say thank you very much. 'Ollie, hi. It's Hugh. I just onto Glenn was quite Tucker-esque. 'The way you shifted the spotlight know what I mean? 'Really very Mal-chiavellian, 'Well done and bye-bye.' Just seen myself on the news, OK? WOMAN FROM FACTORY: 'Hello, Ollie. 'Let's get something done now, 'and I'll be phoning you every day 'until we do sort out my mother...

'and her problem. Thank you.' This Program Is Captioned

Live. Good evening, Deborah

Rice with the late news. The

Federal Opposition says almost

all the projects announced in

the Government's latest

infrastructure package are old

news. The Prime Minister said

the $4.7 billion package was

aimed at boosting the economy

through nation-building

projects. Maximise early

stimulus and maximise long-term

economic benefit. Road, rail

and education are among the big

ticket items but the Opposition

says they've already been

committed to by the previous

Government. The concern that I

have and that I think a lot of Australians have is that Mr

Rudd will not be as hard-nosed

about spending taxpayers' money

as he ought to be and that will

in effect use the current

financial crisis as a leave

pass to relax his discipline. Meanwhile, the Australian Chamber of Commerce

and Industry says the temporary

tax relief for small businesses

will help them through tough

economic times. Two Australians

are missing on New Zealand's

Mount Cook tonight. The alarm

was raise afred the two men

failed to return for climbing

gear left in a hut. Last week

one Japanese climber died of

exposure and another suffered

severe fraught bite after being

stranded on Mount Cook. The

family and friends of a

15-year-old boy shot dead by

police in Melbourne last night

say they're appall ed by the

actions of the officers

involved. Tyler Cassidy was

shot after he allegedly

threatened officers with two

large knives. This is the

15-year-old boy it took four

police officers and a dose of

lethal force to subdue. Police say Tyler Cassidy was agitated

and had been threatening people

with knives stolen from a

nearby store. When I saw them

I wondered whether they were