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The Falconio murder mystery of her outback ordeal. Joanne Lees returns to the scene

Australian model Michelle Leslie. Drug charges laid against

And - will she ever stop? The mother with 16 children.

murder mysteries One of Australia's most gripping once again. is about to take centre stage backpacker Peter Falconio The girlfriend of missing English early this morning arriving in Australia of his outback-murder trial. for the start of an outback murder mystery The most elusive woman at the centre where her terrifying ordeal began. returns to the Northern Territory, her story to a Darwin court Joanne Lees has come to re-tell stands accused of killing her lover. where truckdriver Bradley Murdoch Murdoch ambushed the English couple It's claimed four years ago. on a lonely outback highway but managed to escape her attacker. Lees was bound and gagged, but his body has never been found. She believes Peter Falconio was shot, A spot of blood on Lees' shirt

to be almost certainly Murdoch's, was discovered any wrongdoing. but he has consistently denied

at committal proceedings His lawyer claimed transferred to Lees that the stain could have been or days before the attack. by brushing past Murdoch in the hours to have seen Peter Falconio Various witnesses also claimed he was supposedly killed. in the days after at the murder trial The number of prosecution witnesses has almost doubled to 100

to testify - with Joanne Lees among the first her calm appearance today image she presented last year a stark contrast to the tormented went to extreme lengths when she and her court minders to shield her from the public eye.

The case gets under way on Monday. Amber Muir, Ten News. of the Bali Nine, Renae Lawrence, The only female member will front court today. is following the trials. Ten's Leonie Mellor has been suffering lately - Leonie, Renae's health be well enough to turn up? are there concerns she may not

Well, certainly there have been speculations her appearance today

could be postponed because she

hasn't been well. Earlier in the could be postponed because she

week she was allowed to go to the

dentist across the road from the

jail for a tooth ache . It is dentist across the road from the

apparent she may have had a tooth jail for a tooth ache . It is

removed. That seems to have solved

the problem. She did leave the jail removed. That seems to have solved

half an hour ago and is now at the

court where the eight others have half an hour ago and is now at the

appeared this week. Like them, she court where the eight others have appeared this week. Like them, she

involvement in heroin faces the delgt penalty for alleged appeared this week. Like them, she


Charges have been laid against

Australian model Michelle Leslie?

Yes, yesterday she was moved from Australian model Michelle Leslie?

her police cell to the maximum Yes, yesterday she was moved from

security prison, charged with

possessing ecstasy which carries a security prison, charged with security prison, charged with

possessing ecstasy which carries a

maximum penalty of 15 years. The possessing ecstasy which carries a

defence will argue she's addicted

to prescription drugs and will

serve a lesser jail term of three

months. Her lawyer is remaining

strong and is surprised how strong months. Her lawyer is remaining

she is and is pleased she's

actually been moved from a very she is and is pleased she's

small cell at the police station to actually been moved from a very

the maximum security jail. small cell at the police station to Thanks. Nicole Stahan in Bali. in the NSW city of Newcastle A funeral service is under way for two victims of the Bali bombings. dining at a Jimbaran Bay restaurant Colin and Fiona Zwolkinski had been when it was attacked. is at the service. Ten reporter Kevin Wilde

Natarsha, a sad day in Newcastle

with the funerals for Colin and Natarsha, a sad day in Newcastle

Fiona. They were on haul aadays

with their sons Ben, 14 and Isaac,

17, when they were caught up with their sons Ben, 14 and Isaac,

unfortunately in the bombing. Colin

was a business owner in Newcastle, unfortunately in the bombing. Colin

well-known in the local community. was a business owner in Newcastle,

He and Fiona, 44, were well-known

fun runners. Fiona's joggers will He and Fiona, 44, were well-known

feature as part of the service

which is taking place inside. When feature as part of the service

which is taking place inside. When

the caskets are brought out by which is taking place inside. When

their sons, a Bruce Springsteen the caskets are brought out by

their sons, a Bruce Springsteen

song will be used. Fiona was a big their sons, a Bruce Springsteen

fan of the Boss. There is another

funeral to happen for Jennifer fan of the Boss. There is another

Williamson. Her husband hoowas

seriously injured in the bomb

blasts is still being treated in

Singapore so there's no date for blasts is still being treated in

the service. This is moving closer

to providing closure with three of

their community killed in the blast

difficult time. and many injured, it is still a their community killed in the blast

has arrived on Europe's doorstep. The deadly threat of bird flu Thousands of birds are being put down in Turkey. after the discovery of the virus In the Turkish town of Kiziksa,

to take it all in. the locals are struggling 2,000 of their birds began to die. The alarm went out when came back positive. Samples sent to London is an avian flu, The virus found in Turkey H5N1 high pathogen virus. to destroy every bird, But when the call went out to hand over their livelihoods. some farmers were reluctant from Asia to Europe's doorstep The virus has been carried by migrating birds.

an army of medical experts close in. On a farm in Romania, are not yet final, While the test results are suspicious. European health experts a little closer to Europe's heart. Suddenly a distant threat has edged easily to humans, Right now it cannot transmit undergo some sort of genetic change but it's possible that it will transmitted easily among humans. and acquire the capacity to be While it's a familiar warning here, from the bird flu threat. Europeans have felt detached but the virus is sure to spread. They are being told not to panic, has dominated talks in Jakarta The bird flu crisis Alexander Downer between Foreign Minister and Indonesian President Yudhoyono. Australia has set aside $10 million to pay for rapid response teams and an upgrading of Indonesia's health system. The strength of the cooperation between our two countries in recent times has simply been outstanding, and we want to keep it that way. Three people have died of bird flu in Indonesia in recent months. Fenn Kemp, Ten News. The RSPCA will today conduct an inspection of Sea World's troubled shark bay. The chief investigator has been tipped off about injuries suffered by the theme park's star attraction,

a tiger shark, the predator's snout and tail clearly damaged. During its development and after opening,

the shark facility has been engulfed with issues. In regards to tiger sharks, Sea World does not have a good track record. At least three sharks have died and two released.

Tiger sharks are notoriously difficult to keep in captivity. Sea World says it will comment after today's inspection. Veteran race horse trainer Tommy Hughes has praised his son's efforts in fighting off a man wielding a pitchfork at the family property north-west of Melbourne. Five family members were forced to huddle in the pantry while the man tried to break into their home smashing seven windows. The ordeal ending when Tom Jr smashed a chair over the intruder's head.

When Tomsert of half-decked had him

with the chair and said, "Settle

down. Settle down," and the guy

says, "I want a drink," Tom said,

"Throw the pitch fork away and I'll

get you a drink." The attacker fled and was later captured. He's due to front court today. An investigation has been launched

This program is captioned live. The death toll from the Asian earthquake has hit 25,000 with more than a million people left homeless. Six days after the quake, aid is arriving but still not fast enough.

Every few minutes they pull another body from this school in Balakot. It seems that at least 500 children were buried alive here. Recovery teams dig out the corpses from what is now not a school but a graveyard. Relatives watch anxiously but the earth here is unstable. There are still aftershocks and suddenly there's a landslip.

Later they bring out the body of an 8-year-old girl. Her schoolbag has been dug up too. She's taken to a makeshift morgue under a tent and her father confirms it is her. Three of his children have been killed in this disaster, as well as his wife. He shows me his daughter's school books.

He says she always worked hard and got top marks. "Look", he says, "10 out of 10." But what about those in Balakot who have survived? Now somehow they have to cope without a roof over their head. It may be a long time before they get one. But these landslides mean the aid is not getting to countless villages up and down the valleys here where there is still desperate need. The Pakistani air force resort to dumping aid on a runway too small for this Hercules to land on. It's a dangerous manoeuvre but grateful and hungry people rush to grab what they can.

The UN's emergency relief coordinator says getting aid to the villages is a race against time and right now it's being lost. They will now have their sixth, seventh night out in the cold. We need more helicopters to reach them. We need helicopters. Helicopters needed to airlift casualties like these in Balakot. Tonight they had to turn away some of the wounded. There just wasn't enough space on board.

For these people, the ordeal is just beginning.

A disturbing attack in America with a woman attempting to steal her neighbour's unborn baby. Police, who are trying to piece together the horrific crime,

spent the day removing baby furniture from the attacker's home. They believe 38-year-old Peggy Jo Conner bashed her neighbour, Valerie Oskin, with a baseball bat then drove her to a dirt road where she tried to cut the baby out. It appears from investigation that this was something that was well though out. A passing teenager found the victim who's now in a critical condition in hospital. The baby has been delivered by caesearean and is said to be doing well. More than 60 people have been killed in Russia after a series of co-ordinated attacks by Chechen rebels. Most of the dead are believed to be members of a militant Islamic group. Families flee as bullets ricochet around. Once peaceful streets are turned into a battlefield. Russian troops trying to regain control of Nalchik. Violence yet again engulfing a region close to the long-running conflict in nearby Chechnya. Government buildings burned across the town as hundreds of armed extremists launched their massive assault. Many of the fighters, Chechens demanding independence. Others, Islamic radicals from the Nalchik area who have become increasingly active. Dozens were killed and injured. This attack marking the moment when Chechens proved they could join together with different groups, angry over local poverty and corruption, to increase the pressure on the government. And Russia's President, being briefed by an Interior Ministry general in Moscow did look under pressure.

Vladamir Putin insisting troops should seal off the town, killing any fighters who resist. But tonight, hours after the trouble started, there's still sporadic shooter. Today's violence comes just over a year after the same Chechen extremist group seized a school in Beslan. Over 300 children and adults were killed when the hostage-taking ended amidst explosions and gunfire. Three years ago they were also responsible for the Moscow theatre siege. Over 100 people died when Russian troops retook the building. Inside the Kremlin, the President knows each attack undermines his claim to have the Chechen crisis under control. A celebrity turn-out to salute Margaret Thatcher for her 80th birthday.

A phone call from George Bush senior

made Lady Thatcher late for her own party, but the frail looking former British Prime Minister still had time to pose for the cameras. Among the leading lady's famous guests, the Queen and Prince Philip and Prime Minister Tony Blair. Stars of stage and screen also making up the 700-strong guest list. She's the Iron Lady and I want to be just like her when I grow up. Lady Thatcher, who had a stroke three years ago, was Britain's only female Prime Minister. Forget 'Eight is Enough' - a woman has given birth to her 16th baby and says she wants more. But the 10 boys and six girls share more in common than just their parents - the birth is making headlines across the world. Take a look at this family of 16. 39-year-old Michelle Duggar and husband, Jim Bob, couldn't be happier. Little Joh-annah, born a healthy seven pounds six ounces - that's 3.4kg - is a baby sister to Joshua, John David, Janna, Jill, Jessa, Jinger, Joseph, Josiah, Joy-Anna, Jeremiah, Jedidiah, Jason, James, Justin and Jackson. Yes, all 16 children - including two sets of twins - all have names starting with 'J'. And if that isn't confusing enough - take a look at a day in the life of just meeting everyone's basic needs. There's 18 mouths to feed. The pantry costs $2,000 a month to stock. We'll go through one flat of pineapple in just a matter of 10 minutes. Just getting to the supermarket is a marathon effort - everyone piling into a 20-seat minibus.

Getting the kids off to school though is easier than you might think.

They're all home schooled, studying everything from computer science to music.

The family still lives in a cramped, three bedroom house

with just two bathrooms and one wardrobe for all of the kids' clothes. Most of which are hand-made hand-me downs. And they do a lot of laundry - up to seven loads a day. There are those moments when you just feel overwhelmed. Life is about to get easier, they're building a bigger house with room for even more children. In the US, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. Startling new images from NASA showing some of the most detailed observations ever made of the world. Using photos taken over 12 months, it's possible to watch the spread of snow and ice during the northern winter.

Special satellite cameras also show the movement of air, heating and cooling across the globe. Computers were used to stitch together the photos which were taken at regular intervals.

It reveals the movement of clouds over South America, as well as how the ocean gets warmer over summer. Ahead - jockey Danny Nikolic's latest bid to clear his name, that's when ten's morning news returns.

And an Aussie Olympian caught up in a drugs controversy.

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In finance news, the Australian share market has dipped again.

Jacqui Maddock at Commonwealth Securities - and it's been a roller-coaster ride for share market this week.

Yes, we've seen some extraordinary

ups and downs on the share market

this week and in fact already this

morning we have seen the market

spending time on both sides of the

spending time on both sides of the fence. October is traditionally a

fence. October is traditionally a fairly voltile trading month and

fairly voltile trading month and any of the corrections we have seen

any of the corrections we have seen

any of the corrections we have seen over the past two weeks after

recent strength have done little to

recent strength have done little to dampen the 12% return on average we

dampen the 12% return on average we have seen on the share market this

have seen on the share market this year. Oil production has dropped to

the lowest level since World War

II? Yes, in the gulf of Mexico

II? Yes, in the gulf of Mexico where the US produces the majority

of oil, hurricane Rita and

of oil, hurricane Rita and

of oil, hurricane Rita and trutrenea have affected production

trutrenea have affected production so much we have seen the lowest

level of production since 1943.

level of production since 1943. Minor and oil producer BHP is

Minor and oil producer BHP is feeling the pressure and has

feeling the pressure and has produced its yearly oil production

forecast by 10 million barrels.

That news pushed BHP shares down

10% and we're seeing BHP shares

10% and we're seeing BHP shares down 2% in Australia this morning. Thanks. Jacqui Maddock from CommSec. Dual Olympic silver medal kayaker Nathan Baggaley has tested positive to performance-enhancing steroids. The test was carried out by the Australian Drug Agency for Surf Lifesaving Australia on September 13, two weeks after Baggaley won his third consecutive K1 500m world title in Croatia. If his B sample confirms the results of the A sample,

Baggaley faces a 2-year ban from the sport. Australia is batting first in the Super Test after winning the toss against the ICC World XI at the SCG. Day one started with a minute's silence for earthquake victims in Pakistan and Asia. The World XI off to a great start with a third ball duck for Justin Langer. England fast bowler Steve Harmison causing plenty of problems in overcast conditions. Australia started favourites to take the Test after a clean sweep of the one-day series. It's another tough day out of the saddle for champion hoop Danny Nikolic. The controversial jockey's latest bid to clear his name has taken him to the County Court in Melbourne. He's appearing before Judge John Nixon and the Racing Appeals Board, contesting a 25-meeting suspension and a $30,000 fine. A stay of proceedings has enabled him to ride tomorrow. But it may amount to little

as his Caulfield Cup mount Mummify may be scratched. Trainer Lee Freedman and the owners are believed to be undecided as to whether to run him tomorrow or in next weeks Cox Plate. A decision is expected later today. Young Australian ace Casey Stoner will be looking to keep his world championship alive

at Phillip Island this weekend. The Aussie will headline the local contingent when practice for Sunday's race begins today. Always a favourite with the fans, the MotoGP circus has arrived at the track that is the first choice of riders as well. Runner-up in the World Superbike championship, Chris Vermuelen, gets his first shot at the big time with fellow Aussie Casey Stoner still a chance to capture the 250cc title. But at the pre-meeting press conference the home-grown favourites were bookending the real star of the show,

Valentino Rossi. The man known as the 'Doctor' returning to the place he captured last year's world championship. Also all my team is also all from Australia so Grand Prix is more motivation to make a good race. The Formula One cars return to China this weekend, the Shanghai track, to host what is now a battle for the Constructors' Championship between Renault and McLaren. Fernando Alonso has already been crowned the champion but his team have only a two point lead. If I can finish with a victory even better. If not, we will fighting for the Constructors' Championship, so we still need to do the maximum. Anthony Howard, Ten News. The weekend weather details when the morning news returns.

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